A New Day, A New You part 16 by P.O.I.

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Fiction | Black, Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex

Stuart: Back in Washington

Sleep on the flight home knowing that Guy is probably going to fire me, or kill me, or kick my head up my ass? Yeah not going to happen and I’m not the only one as Ben, Isaac and Robin are wide awake with me on the flight. We land and get picked up by Mrs. Kori driving one of their SUV’s. The whole ride is quiet until I find our first stop at an apartment building and Isaac looking to our driver confused.

“We’ll talk later Isaac, get inside and get some sleep,” Mrs. Kori tells him and looking confused.

The three of us in the back watch as Isaac slowly exits the vehicle and after grabbing his bag gives us a short wave goodbye heads into the building. Ben is next since he’s right up the road from Guy but his wife Heather is waiting for him and she seems happy to see him and when he tries to ask questions she pulls him inside. Looks like he’s getting some time at home with the wife before Guy comes to deal with him. Mrs. Kori doesn’t say anything as we pull in to the drive way to her family’s home and still nothing as we get in and I look around to figure out if Guy is waiting for me somewhere, she notices.

“Stuart are you alright,” Mrs. Kori asks confused.

“I’m just waiting for the axe to fall,” I tell her and she shakes her head at me.

“Well you two go take a shower and I’ll tell Caitlin you are home and then you need to sleep. Running around with no rest isn’t good for you,” she says like a mother would to a child.

“Okay but where is Guy,” Robin asks and Kori smiles.

“Oh he’s still back East, he said he’d be home with Natty by this afternoon,” Mrs. Kori says heading out of the entryway and towards the kitchen.

I don’t know if I can sleep but I figure a shower will be good and head down the hall with my bag as Robin follows me. We set our stuff down and after grabbing our shower gear head to the bathroom. We could fool around but we’re both too tired and worried about what Guy is going to do when he gets home so we settle for washing each other’s backs.

“Think Guy is going to be mad,” Robin asks rubbing my back with soap and her hands.

“Kori doesn’t seem like she’s worried about me and his wives care so I think we’ll be alright. Worst comes to worst he’ll fire me and we’ll figure something out for next year,” I tell her recalling how we’ve kept things under wraps for over a month,” Candice is still working on the new apartment so maybe we’ll be alright in the long run and he’ll just yell at me.”

“I am going to be right there when he does,” Robin assures me and I smile.

We hug a little in the shower before rinsing off and heading back to our room only to find Caitlin is there waiting in a sports bra and yoga pants. She sees us and rushes me wrapping her arms around my waist and whispering.

“I’m sorry Stuart, he made me tell him. I thought I could keep him from finding out but he made me tell him what you were doing,” Caitlin begins but I cut her off.

“We’ll be fine honey, just come relax with Robin and I while we catch up on sleep,” I tell my bronzed girlfriend as we get into bed.

I lie down with Robin and Caitlin to relax and wait for Guy to get back but end up falling asleep warm and safe for now. What I can only figure is hours later Robin and I get woken up by Caitlin.

“He’s back,” Caitlin informs us and waking up becomes so much easier.

Robin and I follow Caitlin from our room as Guy is having a welcome home moment with his children and taking some time to speak with his wives as we enter into the living room he’s smiling till he turns and sees us, more so me, standing there.

“Stuart, get in the car,” Guy states in a flat tone.

“Listen Guy we just want to say,” Robin starts before he cuts her off.

“I wasn’t talking to you I was talking to Stuart. Stuart, go to the garage and get in the car,” Guy orders and I nod before turning towards the garage.

Guy has two SUVs, a few motorcycles of his own but only one car. I get to his ‘Mistress’ and wait by the passenger side as he arrives a minute later wearing black leather jacket with a hood attached. We both get inside his black and red Shelby GT 500 and sit quietly as the garage opens before slowly exiting the garage and driveway. We’re cruising, not driving fast and scaring my lunch out of my ass, just slowly driving down the road to an unknown destination. Guy is quiet and looks to be calm but I’m panicking as I thought I would be yelled at or even fired but now I’m debating how I’m going to die in the next hour. We drive for about a half hour till we pull into a gas station and Guy parks the car before getting out and addressing me.

“Leave your cell phone,” he tells me flatly before walking into the woods behind the gas station.

I figure I might need to keep it but if he decides to kill me and I don’t immediately die from whatever Guy is going to do but I set it on my seat and lock the door before following him into the woods. We walk for a couple minutes and I find myself in a clearing that has stones, a big stony field and Guy keeps walking till he reaches what I figure is our final destination. He is facing away from me but glances over his shoulder and decides to address me.

“Where you’re standing right now is about the same spot my first best friend, Derek, was standing over a decade ago when I wanted to settle our differences,” Guy says with a calm tone before pointing to a spot,” He died right over there after the police shot him.”

“Okay,” I don’t have much of a response right now as I’m ready to not be killed in less time than it takes to cook a hot pocket.

“This is where things came to a head for me, I truly became the man I am today here in this field,” Guy is calm and I think a little stoic.

“Alright I’m guessing this is where I die,” I ask and he turns around fast to face me.

“Die, what do you mean die,” Guy asks confused.

“Well you brought me out to the site of your first ‘kill’,” I use air quotes,” And keep talking about how this is where you came to be.”

“Oh god you thought I brought you out here to kill you, who the fuck gave you that idea,” Guy asks confused still and a bit put off.

“Well here we are at the beginning of your greatest hits tour and after jumping over your head and going after Dylan I figured you brought me out here to finish me off or something,” I tell him and he laughs.

“You took initiative, was I pissed off that you did it? Yes, but enough to kill you? Fuck no! Hell I don’t even want to kick your ass or anything remotely violent. I brought you out here to just have a moment where you and I could talk without anyone listening in or stopping us,” Guy explains and I calm down but have to ask a question.

“Okay so why leave my cell phone in the car,” I ask and he laughs.

“Because there nearly no reception out here, it’ll drain the shit out of your battery in an hour if you try to use any data,” Guy explains and we both laugh a little.

“So we’re here because you were mad at me but want to talk to me privately, about what,” I ask and he shakes off his laughing.

“The job, I want to hear the whole plan you had going in. Not the part about getting everyone to deceive me, which is what really pissed me off mind you, I’m talking about the plan to ruin him,” Guy asks and I could go into detail but it was simple.

“Honestly there were two plans, Natsuko was going to offer him an olive branch and would have left the business to keep him from hurting you and find the happiness she thought she could have with him,” I start but Guy cuts me off.

“I heard that, can I get some details? I care about Natty’s feelings but how did that get fucked up,” he asks and I stop my explanation for the moment.

“Honestly they were getting along well after some initial hostility. Dinner and then conversation turned to you and that’s when Agent Bradley showed his real face and became a super sized asshole. Just a big ball of selfish and egotistical misogynistic bullshit came out of his mouth and Natty tried to talk to him. It just didn’t go well for him and she called him on his ‘everything is about me’ and then she left,” I explain it to Guy who nodding now as I talk.

“Sounds right so back to the plan since Natty’s plan didn’t work,” Guy says bringing me back to his original question.

“Yeah so basically I used your friend Agent Naser,” I start but he cuts me off.

“Special Agent Naser, she earned that title,” Guy corrects me and I chuckle.

“Yes but back to the plan it was simple, isolate him and make him feel useless. Then after Natsuko’s plan bombed which I’m glad it did, we put him near Natsuko and onto the trail of an Agent that actually was dirty and Special Agent Naser knew he was crooked but when he went looking for the bad Agent he saw Natsuko and then he followed Natsuko to Robin and I with my friend from college, you remember me talking about Richard,” I ask and Guy nods,” Well with help of Richard’s and his fiancé Dia’s families we just sat there and waited for him to believe that you were involved like you are with everything else in his mind. It was pretty basic after that of waiting for him to screw it up and then it was up to Naser to bring him under her wing where he would be useful to her but easily controlled.”

“Alright well that was good; keep him looking for me when he can’t see you or Ben and Isaac. What was the original plan with the wrap up,” Guy asks and I shake my head.

“Yeah you fucked the wrap up pretty well,” I tell Guy who laughs.

“Consider it my payback for employees lying to me and making me want to fire or kick their asses,” Guy states and I figure he has a point.

“Well at the wrap up he was going to be face to face with Richard and us and he was going to know that now he’s part of your network whether he likes it or not,” I finish out for Guy and he smiles.

“Okay that I would have liked to see video of,” He tells me and I finally relax enough to ask a question of my own.

“So I have a question, Caitlin apologized to me because she told you what we were doing. More than that her exact words were that ‘you made her tell you’,” I see Guy’s face get a little surprised,” How exactly did you ‘make her’ tell you?”

Guy: Almost a week ago

Everyone is keeping something from my wives and I. I know it because I have lock on a couple work assignments from connections that got through to me directly and when I try to contact Jun to get some leg work done he’s busy helping Lilly. My problem is that he’s never, not in the whole time that we’ve been working together, been too busy to work on the business. Add to that Ben and Isaac aren’t really talking to me when I try to contact them and Stuart’s remaining girlfriends are nervous around me. Yeah, I’m pretty sure people are keeping shit from me and I don’t like it when that happens. Jamal took Candice down to California to meet with Wilma and Desmond on getting Stuart’s condo set up leaving me with Caitlin. I have asked my wives if they know anything about what is going on and while most think I’m going stir crazy it’s Katy who backs my paranoia up and I begin to look at a plan to get some information out of the remaining Caitlin. With Candice having been gone for a couple days now I’ve spent my time being a dad and loving husband but on the side I’m watching Caitlin. She’s not as subtle as she’d like to think she is, always keeping an eye out and whenever I talk to her she acts like she’s ready to tell me some sort of story. Katy arranges a bit of impromptu privacy by getting all the kids and wives out of the house save for Imelda who takes Esme with her to the shop to kick ass on some engine repair that her people were taking too long with leaving me alone with Caitlin and she doesn’t realize it yet. I can hear her singing to herself in the house as she listens to music and smile as she heads down to my gym to either work out or do some dancing, not sure which. I take in my target, 5’8” to 5’9”, curvy but firm with an ample ass and a pair of good sized C cup breasts all clad in tight lycra shorts that come down to her mid thigh and a sports bra styled top. I let her get down stairs and take my time changing into a pair of gym shorts that my wives bought for the sole purpose of ogling me and then mutually screwing each other’s brains out. Tape my ankles and feet for support and I quietly head down to my basement gym.

I can hear her humming to something on her iPod and doing some sort of dance aerobics. I get myself another good look at her before I begin stretching and loosening up. I’m about ten feet behind her with free weights just working on reps I don’t need as I wait for her to figure out that like all horror movies she’s not alone and the big bad thing is behind her. It takes a few songs and I’m treated to a surprised gasp to my left and Caitlin finally notices me working out.

“Mr. Guy, sir, what are you doing here,” Caitlin asks pulling her ear buds out of her ears.

“Well I live here and this is my gym so I think that answers your question,” I reply with a smirk,” are you Jazzercising or something?”

“What? Oh no, just some aerobic dance. I thought you left with your wives,” Caitlin asks me showing a little nervousness.

“I had to get some paperwork done and speak with Stuart about a job coming up,” I tell her setting the tone,” He said they were having fun in Virginia with Robin’s parents but are planning to be back soon.”

“Yeah he said their house there was nice,” she says it and that’s the hole I needed.

“House? They don’t live in Virginia they live in Maryland. Why do you think they have a house,” I ask her setting the weights down.

“Oh I heard they rented a house,” Catlin back peddles fast.

“Why are you so nervous,” I ask turning to face her and slowly move towards her.

“I’m not I’m just excited he said they were going to be back soon, I miss him,” she tells me trying to hide her fear.

“Caitlin what are you scared of? Am I threatening you,” I ask and she shakes her head no,” Is something wrong?”

“No Guy, sir, Mr. Guy, sir,” Caitlin stammers and I am about three feet away.

“Is this because you’re attracted to me,” I ask and she pauses to take a breath.

“Yes, a little. I love Stuart but you are hot but I can’t… I mean we couldn’t do that to him,” Caitlin explains backing up from me slowly.

“Well maybe we could see if we’re compatible,” I suggest moving closer a she retreats from me.

“We can’t, I mean Stuart would be crushed,” the curvy native girl whispers as she finally finds the wall behind her.

“We could keep it a secret, he’d never find out,” I tell her in a hushed tone moving in till I’m a couple inches away from her.

“Guy, please,” Caitlin begs in a whimper and I smile.

“Or you could tell me what it is that my whole team is keeping from me,” I ask in a firm tone.

“What, what are you talking about,” Caitlin asks but fakes confusion.

“My team has been missing for weeks and now when I try to find them I’m hitting walls with people who break down walls. Then we have you always watching me and reporting on me to Stuart since Candice is taking care of new accommodations in Southern California. I’ve heard you talking on your phone when you think you’re alone,” last part is a flat lie but I’m in control and have my finger firmly on the fear button,” So tell me what my team is doing Caitlin.”

“Or else what,” Caitlin asks trying to find some bravery or bravado,” You won’t hurt me, your wives made it very clear you have a code and you don’t hit women.”

“You’re right Caitlin I don’t hit women and generally try not to physically harm them,” I reply before putting my left forearm against the wall next to her head on the right side of her head trapping her in place and leaning in whisper into her ear,” I’ll just make you fuck me.”

“What,” the brilliant retort of the scared and confused.

“I know you heard me but I’ll repeat myself for posterity,” I whisper in her ear before moving my face till it’s inches from Caitlin’s,” I’ll make you… fuck…. me.”

“You can’t… you can’t make me have sex with you,” Caitlin tries to state and I smile.

“Caitlin my sweet girl, everything in your body right now is screaming for me to touch you. Your body wants me so bad I can smell you getting moist just by me being so close to you. Now you’re going to start thinking that there’s no way I could just get a woman to have sex with me but you’ll realize the scary fact,” I explain in a soft and inviting voice.

“What fact is that,” Caitlin whispers closing her eyes so she can’t see me.

“I have five wives and more than a few lovers outside of my marriage, do you think I pursued every one of them or did they come to me,” I ask her rhetorically,” I know how to do things to a woman they don’t show in porn because people don’t like internal cameras. I will make you fuck me Caitlin, not sex, not love just hard… hot… sweaty fucking.”

“Please don’t,” Caitlin begs as I move my leg in between her legs to put is very close.

“Caitlin tell me what my people are doing. If you don’t’ I’m going to press my body against yours and then you will kiss me, after that I will sexually break you. I will cum in you enough times that when you finally get me out you’ll have to adjust to the new feeling of being empty,” I tease her breathing hard next to her.

“I’m sorry,” Caitlin says quietly.

“Apologize to Stuart when you confess that you can’t live without me inside you regularly,” I almost moan.

“They went to New York to fuck with some guy named Dylan that pissed you off and insulted you,” Caitlin tells me quietly and I back off.

“They did what,” my anger is slowly boiling to the surface.

“They went after some guy you know in New York, everyone said he used to work for you but turned into an asshole,” Caitlin tells me quietly as I back away from her.

“And who the fuck told them to go do this,” I growl clenching my fists.

“Stuart did, he said you needed someone to take care of you like you do for everyone else. We’re just trying to do something for you,” Stuart’s girlfriend tries to explain but I’m over the top.

“Do I look like someone who needs other’s to go handle my fucking problems,” I ask raising my voice to a now cowering Caitlin,” Do I really seem that fucking needy that I need my employees to go around behind my back lying to me and getting involved in my personal business?”

“Stuart was just trying to help,” Caitlin almost pleads but it’s too late for pleading.

“You won’t tell anyone you told me, not a soul,” I growl bringing my rage in check.

“Guy we’re all sorry but Stuart will tell you himself,” I watch as she takes her phone/music device from her armband and tries to make a call.

I don’t hesitate slap the shit out of Caitlin’s phone and send it across the room and break it against the wall. For her part Caitlin is scared shitless of me and now I have her backed up against the wall with my hand on her face, not hard and mean but firm and in control. I slow my breathing so I can speak clearly to her.

“You won’t tell anyone that I know, you won’t contact anyone with that information and you won’t hint at it when we get you a new phone. The reason you won’t do this is because if you hint to anyone that I know and that I’m going to be getting involved I will destroy you. I will burn down everything you have ever known and loved. If there are people who look like you I will make it my personal mission in life to destroy them and if you think a reservation and their anti-white politics will stop me I can promise you they won’t,” I tell Caitlin in calm measured words,” Do you understand me girl?”

Quickly and weakly she nods her compliance and I turn from her fast and head up two flights of stairs to my room and change, I get into some jeans a black t-shirt and grab my leather jacket before heading back downstairs and into my garage. Three choices but I settle on Pale Horse and head out of the neighborhood and onto the freeway heading who knows where. I figure out I’m in Seattle on the north side after a good bit of riding and realize I don’t have my phone, wives will not be happy with me but eventually they will understand once I explain it. I get my bearings and only have one person in the area I can have message my wives letting them know I’m alright just cooling off, Tracy. Haven’t been to Tracy’s place in a good long while, not since I got her ex-husband to back the fuck off and stop trying to make money off her name. I pull Pale Horse into a visitors spot and tell the security guard in the parking lot that I’m here to see Tracy Campbell. He gives me a once over and calls it in like he’s supposed to and I can tell he’s a little surprised that I get the green light to head up after giving my name up to him. Ten floors on the building and I’m on number seven knocking on one of the three doors to the upscale condo Tracy secured for herself when she got her first big contract. She opens the door and smiles at me but looks a bit confused.

“What brings you around uninvited,” she asks in her usual blunt manner.

“Needed to get out of the house and forgot my phone, could you message my wives and let them know I’m fine and will be home after I cool off,” I ask and she nods leaving the door open but turning away to get her phone.

“If you aren’t in my living room sitting down so we can catch up or something I’m going to tell Korinna you’re being rude,” Tracy states in an expectant tone.

I figure here’s a good place if any and enter the condo closing the door. I remember she went all out for space but decided not to use any of it for a personal gym. I settle in on her couch, white leather or fake leather I think, and almost want to put my feet up. I try to decompress what I’ve learned, my team, nearly the whole team has decided to move behind my back. I have Dylan Bradley screwed and tattooed if I want and it doesn’t take anything other than an anonymous courier and his real file. I watch Tracy come back into her living room in sweat pants and a loose t shirt. She keeps her hair short and pressed flat for ease of upkeep more than fashion.

“Messaged Kori and she know but apparently the girl at home is freaking out and they are having trouble calming her down,” Tracy explains and I shrug.

“Try giving her tea, if that doesn’t work drug the second cup,” I remark not really caring about Caitlin right this second.

“Oh shit that is funny,” Tracy says typing it into her phone before setting it down,” So I’m gonna guess like when we were in high school someone pissed off the big bad man, can’t call you boy anymore.”

“Oh yeah,” I retort sighing audibly.

I explain the basics of the situation leaving out a few major details, Tracy has an idea about the business but mostly just that I do work and people are safer when I’m done. She received some help from me with her ex and she’s been grateful ever since. Now she’s sitting there as I finish and begins to talk as though she was my therapist.

“I think you need to be more of a team player, so they ran plays without you. If it works great if not remind them you’re the player/coach and get in there if you need to,” Tracy says giving me her two cents.

“Well that would be easy if I weren’t me,” I reply quickly and get a laugh.

“Okay well then I say if you gotta fuck shit up then fuck it up but don’t fuck the team up,” she tells me pushing off the couch.

“So you have a nice place at least,” I remark noting the décor, modern and in mostly white with green trimmings in places,” didn’t go all out on team colors?”

“No I have a room for some of that if I ever get die hard on the team but not after contracts came through. Took a lot of flexing but between your wife, Hanna and I we’re looking at major paydays first year she’s back after the kid if we can take the championship,” Tracy says bringing conversation into her field of expertise.

“Not an if according to Matty, you guys did a little recruiting while you were down visiting Stuart and she’s banking on her bonus money for college tuition for ‘our’ child,” I explain and Tracy laughs a little.

“Did you hear the Seattle crowd during the play offs? She’d take the court and they’d chant shit like ‘On their ass’ or ‘In the crowd,” Tracy asks and I shrug,” they were telling her where they wanted her to knock opposing players. We’re playing basketball for fuck’s sake and they treat her like a pro wrestler.”

“Yeah but she loves that crowd,” I remark and Tracy stops me.

“Not more than you and that big ass family you have going on,” she says and I smile.

“What about you and the whole family thing,” I ask and she chuckles.

“I’m a multiple time league MVP on the championship team for two years back to back, I can wait till my career begins to flag a little and get a man who doesn’t mind taking a backseat to my career and maybe I’ll marry and have a two kids, no more than that,” Tracy says and I laugh.

“Well let me know in advance so I can vet him out and run his information down,” I joke but not fully.

“Why so you can put his ass in a van and drive him out to a dam before putting a gun to his head and talk him out of screwing me over,” Tracy says knowing more about my help that I thought she did.

“Well apparently someone talked,” I say not joking and she laughs.

“Yeah, Lamont did. I thanked him for ending things peacefully and not screwing me over and he said he didn’t want to be around someone who would kill a man and throw his body into a dam turbine,” Tracy states with a chuckle.

“Well it wasn’t me, not my style,” I reply honestly.

“No it’s Ben and my little brother’s style, you just give the order. But I don’t care about that, I knew you had something to do with it and wanted to thank you at the time but you were busy with pregnancy number three,” Tracy says bringing up our past.

“Yeah well those last few months are kind of tough on me, I just really try to focus at home,” I inform her and Tracy smiles.

“Yeah well here you are in my place for the first time since I moved in and needed hands to move furniture and the only thing I can currently think about is do you want to see my bedroom or my shower,” Tracy says with a smile and that brings an entirely new mood in my mind.

“You do realize that if we do this it will be different,” I state standing up and pulling off my coat as Tracy leads me towards the back of her condo.

“Why’s that,” she asks dropping her sweats and I am treated to panties that match her skin light brown skin tone.

“We’ve never been in private before, I kept expecting someone to walk in on Johnny’s property to tell me something important,” I joke pulling my shirt off as Tracy copies me turning to face me.

“No jokes, no surprise attack, no playing games please. Just give it,” Tracy requests and I nod.

I back Tracy onto her queen sized bed and kiss her firmly on the lips as she uses her hands to get my jeans undone and off letting me kick them to the floor. Both of us only have underwear on but that doesn’t seem to stop our differing anatomy from trying to break through the fabric and make things more interesting. I feel Tracy’s hands gripping my back before her arms wrap around my back and her legs wrap around my own reminding me she’s a bit taller than I am.

“No, no no,” I state breaking the kiss and Tracy stops confused,” no games, if we’re doing this just let me do this please.”

A big smile is all I get in response and Tracy resumes our kiss but doesn’t try to keep me in place with her long well toned limbs and I kiss down her jaw to her neck before settling my body over her own and trail my lips down her chest and gently suck on her nipple. I feel her tense up as I tease and rub my hand down her flat stomach and over her panties gently cupping her mound, in response to my touch Tracy pushes her body against my hand groaning.

“No games,” she moans a little and I smile.

“This isn’t a game, it’s about time you got the proper treatment,” I remark before resuming my tender work.

Tracy’s nipples are still about the size of a half dollar but she must use some sort of body oil since I’m tasting coconut or something as I lick and suck her breasts. I feel Tracy shift and wiggle around before feeling her pull her panties off and note she’s trimmed but not shaved. It’s different for me and I smile as I kiss my way down her body and come to the second set of lips. I use my tongue to gently probe her folds and feel Tracy’s body tense up from the sensation of me licking and re exploring her womanhood. I’m taking my time licking her hole and sucking her clit in equal measure but when I begin flicking her clit Tracy grabs my hair nearly ripping it out of my head with both hands and begins groaning at me loudly.

“Right fucking there, shit fuck motherfucking cunt licking motherfucker,” is what I hear and I figure I hit the spot.

I don’t let a little pain bother me, instead I go faster in flicking her clit with my tongue and sucking on it fast and hard as Tracy’s body goes to full orgasm and she releases my head groaning and trembling. I bury my face in her legs and go all out, I hear her hitting the bed with her hands before making an odd grunt/squeak noise and finding my ears pulls me up to her face.

“You do not get to do that to me and expect to just walk away,” Tracy jokes rolling me onto my back.

Now understand I’ve learned that when you have a female who is part of professional athletic competition and she decides she’s going to have her way with you there are two options, one you can try to outdo her and go super manly attempting to claim territory and establish dominance… which usually doesn’t go over well on a first time. Or two, let the woman play. I opt for number two right now and let her lick and bite her way down my body before I feel her hand grip and massage my balls while the other pulls me, the important part, upright and takes me in her mouth slowly but deep. I was pretty hard before but I’m about to knock teeth out if Tracy isn’t careful moving her head up and down taking only letting half of me out of her mouth while keeping the rest inside warm and safe. I try to relax and let Tracy work but she keeps pinching me a little with her fingers on my scrotum, it’s distracting as all hell but her mouth keeps doing the job which helps. I have my head resting on her bed when I stop Tracy entirely pulling her up to my face and over me.

“Hey I wasn’t done,” she says smirking as I get her over me.

“Yeah well we’re not done yet either,” I growl pulling her down on top of me and kissing her again.

We press our bodies together and she straddles my hips grinding her body against mine. We don’t break our kiss as with little warning I slip inside Tracy and we grunt as we both push me deeper inside her. Grinding together is good but when I try to move so I can push into Tracy she grinds down onto me harder. It’s a long slow grinding till she breaks our kiss and sits up on her knees and rocking her hips front to back working the length of me without any of the up and down I usually get. It’s hot and I feel a little tense since I want to be a little more active and she’s not letting me but it is her place so it’s her show, for now. Tracy begins to speed up and lean forward and we buck against each other with long hard thrusts and I feel myself get close. Tracy’s face is contorted in that pre orgasm frustration when we hear it.

“Tracy where you at? Girl are you in the bedroom,” we both stop and listen before Tracy responds.

“Yes bitch I’m in the fucking bedroom, you are over two hours late and I’m having sex so sit down and make a fucking cup of tea or something,” Tracy yells and I smile up at her.

“Why not say we’re making love or fucking,” I ask pressing against her.

“Fucking is someone you don’t give a fuck about and we don’t love each other. We like each other so yeah, sex,” Tracy says pressing back against me.

Despite our quick distraction Tracy and I keep grinding against each other hard and at one point I roll us over onto her back and proceed to do more giving than taking when Tracy tenses up and with her limbs wrapped around me has her second orgasm of the afternoon. I keep going and feel her relax a little when my orgasm surprises me out of nowhere and as soon as the first shot is fired inside Tracy she tenses up again. We lie there clutching each other gasping as our orgasms ride themselves out and finally we relax enough to hold each other. We don’t even speak as I push off of Tracy and help her up before being lead by her to the shower. We scrub and rinse off with no real playing around; this was a business transaction of sorts. She needed to get off and I needed to lose some tension. Tracy redresses after the shower in loose athletic wear as I search for my jeans. I exit her bedroom jeans on but shirt in hand to find a younger version of Tracy sitting on the couch and the two of them talking about something when the girl sees me and conversation stops. I recognize the girl but not fully.

“Wow, so that’s what you keep in your bedroom,” the girl asks Tracy who notices me.

“Oh him, no he’s a loaner and a friend,” she jokes and I laugh a little.

“I know you don’t I,” I ask the girl who shakes her head,” Yes I do, you went to school with Stuart.”

“You know Stuart,” she asks and I nod,” How the fuck do you know Stuart?”

“Boss, life coach, mentor, big brother from another mother,” I use the last one as a joke that gets a laugh from Tracy.

“Wait you’re his boss, holy shit and damn,” now the girl appraises me a little more, also I still have no shirt on.

“Yes he is and he’s a good friend to me and his wife knocked you on your ass during our pickup game. Guy put a shirt on please the girl is drooling,” Tracy jokes as the girl checks herself quickly.

I get my shirt on and grab my jacket before settling down on the couch at the opposite end of the girl, her name is Trinity and I go over some of the work my people did for Stuart to remember her when a fact comes to the surface that will help me a bit.

“So you roomed with Caitlin right,” I ask and she nods,” Tracy I’m stealing her.”

I get up and put my coat on before getting a hug from Tracy and heading out of the condo and to Pale Horse. I get seated and see an unsure Trinity coming down from the condo skeptical and confused.

“Why am I going with you again,” she asks confused.

“Because your friend Caitlin is scared shitless at my house and you will need to be there to help calm her down,” I inform Trinity as she takes a seat on the back of my bike.

“What scared her that badly that I need to come down,” she asks now concerned.

“Me,” I reply one word before firing up Pale Horse and heading home.

Guy: Present

“So you were going to have sex with Caitlin,” Stuart asks and I shake my head frustrated.

“No I made her think I would and it scared her because she loves you. I wouldn’t do that to you Stuart,” I tell him and he relaxes a little.

“But she’s attracted to you,” he asks and I nod.

“It happens but I’m not interested to be honest, she’s not mine,” I explain and he nods finally.

“So you ‘sex scared’ my girlfriend into giving you the information then turned around and screwed your wife’s teammate to calm down before coming back to the house and sneaking past Jun with Wilma and Desmond,” Stuart explains and I nod with a smile.

“Nice, didn’t get to that part yet,” I state and he smiles.

“Yeah I figured out that part myself when we heard you were in New York,” Stuart explains.

“Good, I’m just curious about one thing myself really. In concerns to your plan,” I begin and Stuart seems confused I need to ask a question,” How the hell did you get Lana to agree to help you?”

“Well Jun helped me approach her and I asked,” my protégé explains but I know better.

“Yeah bullshit, Lana always wants something. Usually I have to give her information or spend a weekend in bed with her but considering your girls are less likely to share, or at least Robin is, I’m wondering how you got past the Lana payment portion,” I ask and Stuart pauses before beginning.

Stuart: Weeks earlier

“Okay honey explain to me again why you have to go alone,” Robin asks me over the phone as I sit and wait for my contact.

“Because Jun said she wanted to meet alone,” I explain but Robin isn’t caring.

“Who said she calls the shots, it’s not like we need her,” Robin is mad, pointlessly mad.

“Honey I’m meeting her for lunch, we’re not going off to a room to have sex. I’m asking for help and if the price is too much then I walk away and we try a different approach,” I state and I can hear her calming down, a little.

“I want dinner tonight, a fancy dinner and you will wear a suit,” Robin demands and I nod like she can see me.

“Yes honey I gotta go,” I say goodbye and we hang up.

I find myself sitting at a restaurant in New York City and looking over a menu that assures me I’m not going to gain a pound off anything I eat as its all vegan. Not a super fan but this woman I’m meeting said this is where she wanted to meet. I’ve only been here five minutes dressed in a sports coat and slacks which feel alright but I still wonder if I’m under dressed. I see a few people come and go but nobody for me till a woman in a blue suit with striking Persian features and a sleek build is shown to the table and takes a seat. She’s wearing stylish but formal glasses and her black hair is in a bun. She doesn’t even address me as she picks up her menu and begins to look it over.

“Have you ordered,” she asks me not looking up.

“No, I didn’t know what you’d like,” I respond politely.

“Well it’s nice that you’re being considerate, which makes me wonder if you are anything like Guy,” she says reading the menu and waving over the waiter.

We place orders and drinks are served before I’m stuck sitting at the table with a woman who clearly doesn’t want to be here with me. I figure I should just get business going.

“Mrs. Lana,” I start but she finally looks at me and stops my words.

“Mrs. Lana, Stuart I’m here because Guy is a good friend and you are looking to take care of a problem that at times taxes him yes,” she asks and I nod,” then it’s Lana and we, you and I are friends with a common goal, now drop the formalities or I will request you call me by my title.”

“You mean Special Agent Naser,” I ask and she laughs a little.

“Yes that title but Lana is just fine. You’re a lot more polite than I expected, the last apprentice I met was more hot headed and brash,” Lana informs me and I’m interested.

“So there have been more people other than Dylan and I,” I state and she laughs.

“Yes boy there have but you are the first real success story,” she says and I have to know more.

“Okay but who, I only heard about Dylan from the rest of the team. Who else has Guy trained,” I ask and she shakes her head.

“Oh I am not going to be the one to tell you that, I’ve only met three including you and you’re post training. Dylan I met after he quit Guy’s training and the other,” she pauses thinking,” I met him during training and he showed potential but I’m not going to say anymore.”

It’s frustrating to find out there was someone other than me, two of them at least, that were training to be a team leader for Guy but nobody will tell me about them. I put a pin in it for later as we are served our meal. We have light and pleasant conversation about little things in the world and after our meal I explain my plan and what I need from her.

“Basically I need you to make his life miserable then offer him a way out. Keep him from doing the job he wants to do and then lure him out so we can get him to make a mistake that will kill his career. When the FBI put him out in the wind Guy won’t have anything to worry about when it comes to Dylan Bradley,” I explain and she shakes her head.

“Except it makes him more dangerous. Right now he is in a situation where he has to use the law and procedure to do what he wants ergo if he comes after Guy and the business he will be predictable and other contacts Guy has can manage him. You take the FBI away from him and he becomes a vigilante in a sense,” Special Agent Naser explains in a formal tone,” he’ll become more unpredictable and will probably draw more attention to everyone in the process. No we need better option.”

“He needs more oversight that we control honestly. I see your point about him with less control but who can we bring in that would be aligned with a business like Guy’s and able to control Dylan,” I ask and she smiles.

“Me, we lead him out and ruin him but I’ll take over his career and work out transferring him to my team. When he’s working for me I’ll give him all the work and prestige he earns but he’ll never be able to come after Guy,” Lana explains and I smile but hesitate.

“That means instead of something easy like him getting caught with drugs or illegal weapons I need something bigger,” I state and she smiles.

“No what you need is a couple big names with a few bigger names and titles behind it, you have that already. Jun told me about your friend Mr. Abernathy and his parents, his fiancé and her family are icing on the cake. You get them to play ball and I’ll start in on the alienation of one Agent Bradley,” she says and we smile.

I pay our check; it’s a courtesy for her to meet with me so I figure paying would be the gentleman thing to do. I am about to catch a cab when Special Agent Naser motions me over to her car. I am lead to her trunk and handed a laptop.

“My payment, you will do this alone and offline from Jun. I need it decrypted and returned to me. Don’t read anything on it, don’t copy anything on it and whatever you do NEVER allow it access to the internet,” Special Agent Naser explains as I take the laptop,” I want it completed before we drop the hammer on our friend, agreed?”

I nod in agreement and watch her leave in her car before catching my cab and heading back to Richard’s apartment, my team’s base of operations. Robin is happy to see me, so happy it takes me a minute or two to get her detached from me with kissing and limbs before I get to settle in and explain what’s going on to the team. Ben and Isaac are on board along with Jun but when they ask what the price was I point at the laptop and have to inform Jun I can’t show it to him.

“I’m one of the best people when it comes to tech period and she won’t let me in on it? That’s bullshit,” Jun states over comms.

“She also doesn’t want it brought onto the internet either which is why she has me looking at it here and not delivering it to you,” I say hoping I have the guessing right.

“Regardless it looks like my mom and dad will need to be brought up to speed,” Richard says joining the conversation.

“Except its better if they aren’t. Your mom and dad will be better off just thinking we’re here for wedding preparations or something. Also I’m your college buddy visiting, we’ll just relax and when Lana says we’re good to go we’ll,” I start and am cut off.

“I’ll make my move, I hope it won’t come to you ruining his life but if he won’t listen to me then you have to do what you have to do,” Natsuko says disheartened by our talks of destroying someone she loved or loves.

“Actually either way this goes we’re neutralizing Dylan and not destroying him, but I don’t think he’s going to take your offer,” I state and while Natsuko looks relieved she’s still not happy.

“Yeah well love is complicated or whatever,” Natty grumbles before heading off to her corner.

A couple weeks pass and I get the laptop unlocked, old school programming hacks I have to do manually because any thumb drive I put in gets wiped and is unusable afterwards. It’s a tricky bit but once it’s unlocked and I have access to all the files I have Jun contact Special Agent Naser and meet with an agent, a burly black man, for pickup. I hand off the laptop and return to planning, Special Agent Naser has her payment and now we drop the boom on Agent Bradley. I requested only one thing, at the end of it all no matter what I want to meet him face to face. I want to tell him now whether he likes it or not he works for Guy. I’ll be recording it to show Guy, figure that will put a smile on his face.

Stuart: Present, still at the stone field

“Okay so what was on the laptop,” Guy asks me and I shrug.

“No clue, she said don’t get into it and I didn’t. Fucking thing took me ten days of solid cracking before I broke it,” I tell him and he smirks.

“How many men have said that about women,” he jokes and we both laugh.

“So where do we go from here,” I ask as we calm a little.

“Honestly I wanted to just talk with you privately, as I said earlier and get things settle between us. No hard feelings on either side and both of us from here on out need to be on the same page with every job there is,” he informs me and I internally agree.

“Agreed, you have some better plans but they need tweaking and also you are great at intimidation. When we were working through your Disneyland vacation you were so good it was odd to hear you without the accent. It’d be good to keep that in mind when I’m running a job and need a major distraction,” I tell Guy who nods in agreement.

“Well I’m hoping that we’ll be able to divide up the jobs going back and forth more or less,” he says and I wonder what he means,” Don’t want to do multiple jobs at the same time, just want to have a break when I need to be there for the kids.”

“That I can do but we need to discuss something important, recruiting,” I get the word out and see him grimace,” Well you’re the boss but as a team leader I know we need more team members, also need to look down the road at one or two team leaders to step in at some point.”

He agrees but doesn’t want to get into it today and I don’t blame him since I’m still tired from being awake for too long the day prior and sleeping not enough before we set out on this meeting. We return to his ‘Mistress’ and drive back to his home. Once inside everyone, his wives and my girlfriends are sitting in the living room waiting with a look of surprise and relief I grab Robin’s hand and march her ass back to our bedroom with Caitlin in tow for one reason only, sleep.

The next few days go by well, Guy makes meets with the team individually and everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief as he didn’t blow up like we all thought he would. Candice returned about two days after I got back into town and while my girls are doing well Caitlin is still worried about Guy and won’t be alone around him. It got so bad that she saw him in a hall before dinner and ran to our room. I finally had her sit down with him and he spoke with her about what his real intentions were. She admitted she found him attractive but didn’t want to do anything and Guy was honest with her, or at least I think he was, about him not forcing or manipulating her into his bed now or in the future. With only three weeks away everyone is having a big barbeque at Ben and Heather’s house, Ben’s request which is new, and everyone in Guy’s local family is there along with everyone local to the business. No major drinking is happening and I’m sitting on an outdoor wicker couch with Caitlin on my left and Candice on my right when Guy gets everyone’s attention to speak.

“This family, this big extended family has been through a lot. We’ve fought and suffered, bled and been bruised, fallen and triumphed… and then I graduated high school,” Guy jokes and we laugh but there is a truth to his joke,” A while back one of us made it a point to take another’s problem into his own hands regardless of the true wishes of the person they were doing it for. That was me to you Stuart. I ran roughshod over your life; I groomed you, educated you and molded you into something for me and this business that my family and I built. You always had a choice to take the gifts and walk away but you kept wanting to see and do more and now here we are expanding into the southwest and looking to go even further. All of this is because of you, my first great success.”

My coworkers and boss along with his family are toasting me and I nod a little embarrassed but raise my beer to him before everything goes back to talking and relaxing. In a few days I’ll be heading to my new condo, apparently it used to belong to the former Mr. Vargas but now it’s all mine. We get Robin back on track with school and Caitlin is speaking with her family but they are adamant about wanting her to come home alone to ‘talk’, no chance of that happening. Biggest concern right now is Candice; every time I catch her when she thinks I’m not around she’s humming music. Wedding music.

Months Later

Dirty warehouse, check. Three men in bad suits bound to chairs, check. Five men in more rustic cattle herding clothing with weapons and implements of torture, check. Me, Guy Donnelly walking in like I own the place and have to extract one man from the execution, check… damn it. Basically there is a niece to a very wealthy business man who has a fiancé that decided to get on the bad side of a gun buy and now there are very angry buyers and sellers who want the one under the thumb of law enforcement and don’t care what happens to the other two. My one saving grace in this whole situation is that I know the man in charge.

“Good afternoon Mr. Mulligan,” I greet the large farm and ranch owner, also he runs a good deal of illegal operations.

“Boy I don’t know why you’re here but we’re about to get your boots dirty,” Mr. Mulligan informs me as he motions for his men to lower their weapons.

“That’s part of why I’m here, one of these men is good and under my protection and another one is the reason you’re going to get your shipment back,” I explain addressing him gesturing to the three.

“And what about the third one,” Mr. Mulligan asks.

“Oh he’s the fuckball that would have got your driver killed when he put this in one of the crates,” I toss a small electrical box to Mr. Mulligan,” That right there would get your driver killed and your shipment stolen.”

“Son of a bitch kid are you serious or just fucking with me,” he asks and I watch his men look around confused at my control of the situation.

“Sadly I am sir, I need two of them for a couple reasons but first could you ask your men to wait outside,” I ask Mr. Mulligan politely.

I watch him wave his people out leaving the five of us alone in the main area of the warehouse. I’m giving the area a once over and note the drains, industrial strength for animal slaughter. Also Mr. Mulligan doesn’t own this place which means if someone asks they won’t be connected to him, smart plan. I note the tools and grab a large machete looking blade and feel the weight of it.

“So who is who,” Mr. Mulligan asks and I smile.

I know the boy on the left is one my client wants brought in alive and safe, a dirty blonde male who looks scared shitless with a cloth gag in his mouth. The other two are a pair of Hispanic males, one bald one with a full head of hair and a goatee. Problem finding the government agent and the one that set up Mr. Mulligan’s shipment.

“Well this is an interesting situation,” I speak Spanish and both men look at me confused,” so now I get to choose who lives and who loses his head.”

Both men struggle against their bonds a little and I smile, Imelda was right about scaring Latino males and using their native language. Granted she speaks it a shit ton better than I do but what can I do? I move behind the two men and continue my examination.

“I don’t know which one of you is Agent Gutierrez of the ATF, father of two but marriage is a little strained. Wife wanted a divorce but agreed to counseling after her husband the aforementioned Agent Gutierrez agreed to take time off and move to a safer department after this assignment,” I state and both men are face forward still,” So let’s play a game of who is who.”

I take my cell phone out and load up the sound gallery to find the file of Agent Gutierrez’s family and press play. The incoherent screams of two children and a woman in Spanish as loud male voices bark orders and then gunfire and silence. The bald man’s head whips over towards me and makes a case screaming into his gag about the sound while the other is confused. I smile and point to the one with hair and nod to Mr. Mulligan before taking the blade and cutting my charge and the agent free. I motion them towards me and walk out with Mr. Mulligan trailing behind as he calls his boys back in to take care of business.

“Mr. Mulligan meet Agent Gutierrez of the ATF on loan from the NSA. There were two devices in that shipment and the other one needs make it from point A to point B which is further south than your clients are located. Also I need him to die but I need it to be convincing and not real, could you help out with that,” I ask and Mr. Mulligan smiles.

He agrees and I explain to the Agent that the sound file was a ruse and hand him the device I was using to call his home. I pull my charge, Christian Ward, aside and point off down the road away from the warehouse.

“Walk down this street, don’t talk to anyone and once you hit the light a car with driver will call out your name. If you value your life get in the car, go home to your fiancé and NEVER think that the girl you want to hook up with for a little side action who has a brother into some shady shit is a good idea to put your money on. It will end badly, understand,” I ask and the boy nods.

I let him get down about twenty feet away and put my ear piece in to rally the crew, game is on.

Stuart: Across town minutes later

“So everything is to your liking sir,” I ask Mr. Jennings, the original client that hired us.

“Absolutely, it’s not that I don’t like the boy he just needs to be brought under control,” our client informs me as we sit in what I’ve learned is his office.

“Well it’s something our organization has had success with and after our mutual friend pointed us in your direction I’m glad you decided to let us take the helm of your situation. As for his wandering eye and other parts of his anatomy one of our team is making sure that won’t happen and if it does,” I stop letting the client finish.

“Then you’ll come at a simple phone call and make sure he’s gone from my daughter’s life without so much as a trace,” Mr. Jennings states and I nod,” Well I’ll let you get back to mingling with the guests.”

I nod and take my leave heading back into the party that Jennings was hosting, the future husband needs a lesson and Guy let me pick who talked to him but I’m busy dealing with a bit of a situation.

“Stuart I’d like to dance,” Anita Vargas, and old client and friend asks.

Caitlin smiles and nods as I lead my friend to the floor. We take a few spins before she begins to get into business.

“So your friends are very helpful keeping my business secure but maybe they could not look like outlaws all the time,” she asks and I laugh.

“Look like a business man expect to be robbed, look like a criminal and other criminals think twice,” I explain and she laughs.

“Very well but maybe we need a courier to do the face to face delivery. Large bearded men on motorcycles scare my upscale clients,” Anita says with a laugh,” So wedding is soon?”

“After the school year in July, I have no real clue what is going on except there will be food and I have a tuxedo,” I joke but it’s true, I have done no planning.

“Well I figure your ladies will make sure it’s a wonderful event. Be so kind to send me an invite,” she asks and I nod,” So is everything alright with current affairs.”

Isaac: back across town

Target in car and Jamal in the back seat with him making sure the boy listens to our boss’s message.

“I’m grateful that you guys got me out of there but first thing first I’m going to get me a little revenge sex on the bitch that got me into this mess,” the boy says and I shake

my head and send the signal.

We’re stopped in the transfer point and I see him coming to the back driver side door but Christian doesn’t. The door is ripped open and I watch as Desmond pulls our target out like a child and holds him up off the ground by his jacket. I kill the engine and exit the car moving to a spot where Christian can see me.

“Christian I’d like you to meet the enforcer. Some people are good at talking, others like me are good at getting into spots we’re not supposed to be and then there’s him. You will not go back to the little piece of ass that got you into this because if you do he,” I pat Desmond on the back,” will find you and then he will do things to you that you won’t like. He’s big enough to do whatever he wants and that means you won’t see the girl again, yes?”

Christian nods his head a little and Desmond puts him down before Jamal transfers him to the final vehicle where the professional driver will take him to the client with a change of clothes in the back of the limo. I get notification that Wilma is done from Jun and smile, better her than me.

Wilma: Minutes earlier

Fucking throwing up is not good for me and why the fuck is it happening now? I’ve been around blood before and this is not anything different, just more of it. The girl is in the next room with Natty who is cleaning her up before we sanitize the room. I have so many questions but mostly how does a hundred and twenty pound druggie have so much blood in his body it looks like I slaughtered a fucking cow in this bathroom.

“W we need to move, is everything ready,” Natty asks and I put my mask over my face.

I come out of the bathroom and give thumbs up as Natty pulls the girl out of the house. I do a once over and walk past the old dead furniture and out the front door to the waiting car. Natty hands me a road flare, she cares so much to let me have the fun. I pop the top and toss it into the abandoned house. We put down so much paint thinner and kerosene that the flames are green I smile and laugh a little as Natty hands me a twenty, I won the bet. I let her drive but keep the window down so that I can have the fresh air to clear my head. As for the girl in the back seat, a skinny little thing not too strung out but enough that she’ll need the care we’re going to be putting her in thanks to the boss’s mother. We get our new admission dropped off and head back to meet up with the team.

“So was that you throwing up,” she asks me and I shrug.

“Maybe, just not sure why,” I reply leaning my head back.

“When was the last time you and Des were together,” Natty asks and I think for a half second.

“About two days ago, why,” I’m curious and she laughs.

“Cause you’ve been like this for a couple months and haven’t been to a doctor. Might want to take some time off work and let the daddy know what’s going on,” Natty jokes and I come to the shocking realization.

I’m pregnant!

Guy: Hours later at the airport

Team gathered and tickets bought, good job for a rush job but considering how many people were involved and too many people delving into each other’s business it’s almost a hassle being the intermediary to straighten out all the wrinkles… almost. We’re all sitting around relaxing and keeping topics light after Wilma burst the bubble on her potential pregnancy in front of everyone. Natsuko is snickering at her excitement but for the first time ever Desmond appears to be scared shitless. I get the two on a plane their flight to northern California before walking Caitlin and Stuart to their gate.

“So Wilma pregnant,” Stuart says it and finally Natsuko laughs loud.

“She’s not pregnant,” we hear my assistant and now everyone including Isaac and Jamal who have caught up to us.

“Okay what did you do,” Stuart asks and I’m waiting for a great punch line.

“She had a headache for the past couple days and I told her I had some aspirin in my bag, so she grabs my anti-nausea medicine and has been on it for the past week,” Natty is almost rolling,” I had to keep a straight face when she starting getting into her ‘pregnancy’ plans.”

“Natsuko that ain’t funny,” Isaac says and most of my team looks very serious.

“What will be funny is when we tell Desmond and he shits himself with relief,” I state and everyone looks at me,” they’re going to get to it sooner or later but he’s not ready and besides they aren’t done with the house yet.”

The fact that I know that much about their lives is mostly due to Jun and Stuart making sure the two are living in a decent home and helping them find good contractors for the repairs. I get the other half of my California crew onto their plane and give Stuart a good hand shake with a smile let him head home to his ladies. Natsuko, Isaac and I get off our flight in the early AM and I drive while making sure Isaac gets home safe. In bed with the wives and up in less than four hours to get the kids ready for school I’m a walking zombie for most of the morning after they leave which puts Kori and Rachael in the position of putting Daddy down for a nap. Now I know there was a rush on the job for a lot of reasons but the biggest one is my girl Christy’s class play. I said I’d make it and I’m not going to break my word just for a payday. My little girl as a bumblebee in the flower garden and I just sit back and smile as she sings along horribly off key along with most of the other children in her class and afterwards it’s ice cream and home to bed for the next day. My life for the next week or so is like this, simple and filled with family and good conversations. I’ve been looking at a few pro bono jobs here and there just to pass the time and Ben made it back up from Texas with the van after taking care of a pick up for the team. We needed a hardware update and now everyone has access to some personal defense firearms, legal ones too.

Wednesday evening about five minutes into dinner there is a silence coming from Kori that screams ‘we have a problem’. I don’t know what it is but I’m not the mind reader, that’s her job. I’m looking around the table to figure things out. Kids are eating and talking, wives are engaging them but keeping them on the task of meal time, Natsuko is talking to Matty about how she’s been doing with the pregnancy. I can’t seem to pin down what is bothering Kori and finally when the children are done I watch as Mommy number one dismisses the children so that the adults can have a grown up conversation. The kids are tucked away in their rooms by Rachael and Kori, the latter who returns with her ‘Mommy is grumpy’ face.

“We have rules in this house, these rules haven’t always been followed but they are there and do help to make sure that this family is kept in an orderly fashion and running smoothly. I’ve broken one or two of these rules and cause my husband no shortage of headaches but I’m his wife and that’s kind of my job. One thing we need to establish is your role here Natty,” Kori states turning her attention to my assistant.

“My role? I’m your friend and Guy’s assistant along with being a damn good Aunt,” Natty explains a little defensive.

“No I mean your role in the family from here on out because you decided to complicate things even further,” Kori is going somewhere and I’m not the only one not liking it.

“Okay Korinna you need to slow your attitude and remember this is our friend and one of the most loyal people we know,” Katy says bouncing my son on her shoulder.

“Yeah Kori, I’m don’t like this tone and I think you need to either apologize or explain yourself,” Matty starts but Imelda stands up burning a hole through Natty like she knows something.

“You little bitch, you actually went and did it,” my fiery Mexican biker goddess barks a little loudly.

“I did what? What the fuck are we talking about,” Natsuko asks and Kori stands her up from the table.

“When did you find out you were pregnant,” Kori ask and now I’m about to spit my juice on the floor.

“She’s what,” I ask and now the wives are up in arms on both sides of the coin.

I hear people talking about turns, who was next, how far along is she, why isn’t she sick and I simply sit back and do the math. Everyone is talking when I stand up and walk into the living room. My wives take a moment and realize that I’ve left the room and have taken a position standing away from the door way in. I hear them come in and figure I should start.

“It’s mine,” I state simply and I can hear my wives thinking.

“When and how,” Kori asks and Katy chuckles.

“I think we all know how by now,” she jokes and it eases the tension.

“Last day of Stuart’s job making my life better and hurting Dylan. Natsuko was mad because she thought I killed Dylan and came to me that night. It was the best chance that it could have happened given she’s not really feeling the pregnancy yet and only my near psychic wife could figure it out,” I state the facts and now everyone is seeing it, especially Natsuko.

“I am not having a baby,” my assistant says taking a stand for herself.

“What do you mean you’re not, it’s you and Guy’s child,” Matty says showing her softer side.

“Yes but even if I am pregnant I’m not having a baby,” Natsuko says and my wives are shocked to say the least.

“Natty talk to me about this,” I try to talk to her but she’s not listening.

“No, I’m packing a bag and going to visit my mother. From there I’ll take care of my problem and that will be that,” she says and I can see steam coming out of Imelda’s ears.

“You can’t kill a baby,” Imelda says being very catholic.

“It’s not your decision and it’s not even Guy’s. It’s my body and it’s my choice,” Natsuko says finally leaving the living room and heading to her bedroom.

My wives set about doing busy work of dishes and taking care of the kids while I sit in my office as Natsuko packs her bag and calls for a cab. I don’t know what to say to her honestly. Every one of my wives wants to have my children, hell even Hanna has me on tap in case she finds a woman to settle down with and needs a donor but Natsuko walking out is unheard of. I don’t message anyone in the crew or even talk to my family about it. I simply sit and think. Well I sit and think about it while being a Dad and Husband.

Work options come and go but I’m not interested so I send Stuart with the team out. It’s been a few weeks now and my wives are concerned about Natsuko and about me. It’s having more of an effect on my psyche than one would have expected. Saturday afternoon and the wives take the kids out to get groceries and let ‘Daddy’ have an afternoon to sit and brood. I’m looking at a basic contract, considering a pro bono option to destroy a cheating husband when I hear the front door but not an army of children. Light footsteps up the hall and in the living room, I can hear the visitor walking around and they aren’t trying to steal anything. I return to my computer and focus on the task when a small form in the doorway decides to address me.

“Hey,” I look up to see Natsuko standing in front of me in a hooded sweater and jeans.

“Hello, come back for the rest of your stuff,” I ask giving her my full attention.

“No, not yet I guess. Can we talk,” she asks quietly.

“We need to talk? I thought you had made your decision,” I state being flat and honest.

“I’d like to talk with you and I know you’re angry about me walking out without listening to you, I made a bad decision on that,” she says taking a seat across my desk from me.

“You made your choice abundantly clear to me so are you coming back to work? Are you moving out,” I ask the questions and she shrugs at me.

“I don’t know okay? I was shocked and Kori attacking me like I did something wrong didn’t help matters,” Natty states and I nod in agreement.

“Yes but you didn’t stay for the aftermath and Imelda is sorry about what she said as well but again you weren’t here. I know I step away when some situations get tense and emotions run high but some of my reason for that is to calm down and come back so that I can listen to everyone involved,” I state fact for Natsuko who agrees.

“That’s what I was doing, mostly. I know you don’t want to believe it but I needed some ‘me’ time. Mom and Dad say hi by the way,” she adds and I nod,” I need to know what I have left here.”

“Depends on what you want, you would have had a place regardless. You earned that but leaving without giving me a say in what happens to what could potentially

have been OUR child puts me in a mood you don’t even want me to describe,” I state as my anger creeps into my voice.

“Yes and since I haven’t done anything serious about the situation except for talk to mother and father who are of two completely separate minds on the issue I am here to get down to business, family business,” Natty states and I shrug.

“So what do Mom and Dad say,” I have to ask considering how well I know the two of them.

“Dad says for you to marry me immediately, I thought about that one for a good while. Mom said that I should do what feels best for me and that you would understand regardless,” I nod in agreement even though I hate being out of the loop,” So I’m here to talk about what I’m going to do from here because I’m past hurting you and this family. Got that out of my system years ago.”

“It was never in your system. You did what you needed to give me a push when we were in high school and didn’t realize the cost till after it happened. You never would have done that had you known the pain it would have caused,” I tell Natsuko who nods a little.

“Okay well thanks for making me feel better about myself a little before we get into the hard stuff,” she says before asking her big question,” So what do you think I should do?”

“Stop cutting me out of the situation in your mind maybe,” I joke a little but it’s a real joke,” You keep saying what ‘you’ should do not what ‘we’ should do.”

“Okay well what do you want,” Natty asks standing up from her chair and begins pacing the room.

“I want a lot of things, mostly I want you to stop worrying and just tell me what you feel is the thing you want most and hopefully I can cope with that,” I’m scared shitless to put everything in her hands.

“I will not marry you, I don’t need it and honestly I don’t want it. I’m going to keep our baby, I’ll raise him here with our family but I will not have a ceremony and flowers and shit like that. I just want to be here where I feel safe and nested,” Natty explains and I get up and come around the desk taking a seat on the corner.

“Okay well I was hoping for something that would be comfortable for us both. I get what I want for once so… yay me,” I joke flatly as Natty gives me an odd look.

“You’re not going to scream and yell at me,” she asks and I shake my head.

“I wasn’t screaming and yelling when Kori figured out you were pregnant, I was calm and trying to let you talk to me so we could work things out. But you and I will need to be married legally, no ceremony or anything but we need to keep you covered for insurance and OUR child will be taken care of same as the rest,” I tell Natty who thinks on it and finally nods.

“Okay just the legal stuff, no parties or anything and I don’t want everyone making a big deal about it please. I won’t do that and no surprise parties either,” she states and I agree before we both smile.

A couple hours later we’re sitting on the couch talking when the rest of our family returns and we sit down to have a family meeting and lay down Natsuko and my terms. It’s not a harsh meeting and apologies are made between everyone and things begin to settle down. Kori isn’t upset and Imelda isn’t going to beat up our friend in the garage over what happened. All adults agree it was an accident but we’re moving forward on it being a happy accident. Katy has one thing she is adamant about but won’t tell me and a couple days after Natsuko’s return the she takes my assistant out for a few hours. I’m not permitted to know what is going on but with paperwork for marriage, doctor’s appointments and my family coming to terms with my life becoming more ‘complicated’ as Mom laughingly says I’m pretty busy.

I’m settling in for bed a month after Natsuko’s return and all my wives, all six of them are settling into bed when I see a dark patch on Natty’s back and pull her tank top up to see a bird on her shoulder.

“It’s me,” she says as I trace the tender skin with my finger tip,” the bird is a Komadori. A kind of robin.”

“Where’s the rest,” I ask wondering where the one for the baby is.

Natty laughs a little and pulls her pajama pants down a little to expose a cartoonish orange tiger with blue eyes. I almost laugh at the interpretation of me.

“Baby tattoo comes after he’s born,” my now sixth yet uncelebrated wife states curling up with Katy.

I lie back and let my mind wander thinking on everything that’s happened over the course of my life and look at my results. A half dozen wives who love me, five kids with numbers six and seven on the way, a business that works with criminals and police at the same time, a financial nest egg that has reaped dividends that would put every child I have through college if I were to stop, a protégé who is setting himself up to take my business to the next level and has come a long way in his own life and happiness. Most of all I have a family, a big ass family and some really good nasty people to keep my family safe and secure. Natsuko called it a nest, my wives call it a home, and I call it our lives. Now I’m the me I like seeing in the mirror every morning, the me I see in my children’s eyes and the me that I hear in my wives’ voices when they need me. Call me an angel, call me a demon, call me a madman or a messiah. I’ve been called it all but I love being called Daddy and Husband best.

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