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“Amber, wake up.” I heard my mother's voice pulling me from my dreams.

Coming round I gazed upon her sitting by my side stroking my long brown hair, she was wearing a fancy dress which reminded me that her and my father had gone out for the evening and had obviously just returned home. I smelt a distinct scent of wine on her breath which made me curious how much she had drunk.

“Honey, me and daddy were talking and decided that now you have turned 18, we should start teaching some of the things you need to make you a woman. Do you think you are ready to start now?”

“I guess, b...” I attempted to enquire further but was interrupted.

“You can come in now dear!” she shouted.

I let out a gasp and covered my eyes as my Dad entered the room completely naked whilst sporting a full erection.

“Don't be silly you” Mum said pulling my hand from my face “How are we supposed to teach you when you can't see anything?”

It was only now that my vision was restored that I really got a good view of my father, standing at 6' tall he made me feel small. Although he worked out regularly the alcohol had started to catch up with him forming a small belly on top of his muscles. This was the first time I'd seen his penis or any penis in that state before, from what I could see there wasn't any hair around his groin area. I estimated it to be around 7 inches long and seemed to twitch every now and then.

Pulling me from my gaze my Mum said “lets get you out of those clothes and prepped for your lessons” whilst surprising me by reaching behind my back and unclasping bra revealing my B cup breasts to the both of them.

“What are you doing?!” I argued covering them up with my arm whilst my face turned red with embarrassment. By this point Dad had climbed onto the bed and now lying my other side of me and I was finding it difficult to keep my attention diverted from his member.

“We've both seen them before” she remarked once again lowering my arm. “Now take off those panties and I will take care of your garden.” After making this request she brought into view a razor and some shaving cream.

“Here goes...” I muttered, slowly sliding my last item of modesty from my body clenching my thighs together to shield my entrance as best as possible. Before I knew it Mum's hands had moved in and were rubbing shaving cream into my bush, being curious about what it would look like not having any pubic hair I kept silent as she slowly slid the razor along my skin.

“All done” my mother gleamed as she wiped the excess shaving foam away. “Now, I think we are ready to start!”

“The first thing we want to show you is foreplay, if we start with you giving daddy a blowjob. So wrap your hand around his penis and slide it up and down.” Doing as I was told I grasped hold of it and jerked it causing a deep sigh to escape his lips. After a minute or so of that action I received my next instruction completely forgetting the embarrassment I felt moments before.

Moving her hand to the rear of my head and applying pressure she instructed. “Now alternate between licking and sucking on the tip, but Don’t try to take too much too quickly or you might choke.”

As I leant down I let the tip of my tongue glide across the slit at the end to experiment the taste before being pleasantly surprised by the slight salty but also sweet flavour I received. Satisfied, I slowly lowered further taking the head into my mouth sealing my lips around it and applying suction.

Upon sucking I felt him tense up and grunt “Oh baby!” before placing his hand on the back of my head encouraging a slow up and down movement. After a few minutes of bobbing up and down dad removed his hand allowing me to find my own rhythm spurred on by his incoherent groans. Starting to get the hang of it I decided to throw my tongue into the mix sliding it around the tip earning me a “Yes! Just like that!”

“I think we should leave that one there otherwise my husband may not be able to finish the teachings today.” Mum interrupted pulling me out of my trance and off of his penis. “Now I think it is time for daddy to return the favour!”

Not knowing what I was meant to do next my father rose up and crawled between my legs slowly pushing my thighs apart and lowering his head. It felt like a surge of electricity when he made contact with my pussy sliding his tongue up and down. Quickly the slow and delicate attention turned to ravaging my entrance, shoving his as deep as he could sucking on my clit. I felt a tightness start to build in my stomach as my breathing was laboured. I let out a scream as I felt like myself burst as my orgasm hit me, my dad was not letting up, I instinctively wrapped my thighs around his head pulling him in as I writhed around on the bed until finally the pleasure subsided.

“Wow!” was all I managed between pants, I turned to my mother who at some point had slipped out of her dress, joining us in nudity. She had a hand reached down between her legs furthering own pleasure watching on as I was being shown how things should be done.

“Now for the final part, give it to her honey” my father lifted his head from my crotch a smile on his face, he climbed up above me pausing briefly to give my breasts a squeeze and sucked on one of my nipples. “I'll warn you it will probably hurt at first doing this, but daddy is going to be really gentle with you and soon you will really enjoy it!”

With that said he started rub his cock along the folds of my tunnel offering up tingling sensations, before the he slipped in pushing about 3 inches into me. I felt a slight twinge of pain as he held still in me and whispered in my ear “Sorry” then in one motion pushed the final 4 inches into me.

I let out a shriek of pain as I was stretched open by the intruding appendage, holding still while I became accustomed to his shaft, he whispered again “Let me know when it is ok.” After about 3 minutes of just laying there the pain subsided and soon was replaced with pleasure.

I began rocking my hips to start, “Do it” was all I said and then he withdrew almost completely from me before plunging back into my depths releasing a high pitched sigh from my lungs.

“Oh yes Harold! Fuck our daughter! It feels good doesn't it Amber!” before I could answer my mum plunged her fingers deep inside of herself and threw her head back, mouth open wide and let a deep grunt experiencing her own orgasm.

By this point dad had picked up the pace and was really driving into me now generating a slapping sound as contact was made between both of our pelvises. I started to feel that familiar tightness in my stomach again, my breathing sped up as my orgasm took over. Shrieking I dug nails into his back causing him to wince slightly before pulling his head down into a passionate embrace.

“Awww, someone loves their daddy” I partially heard as our tongues danced together as I experienced what I could only describe as pure bliss. I could taste the wine he had drunk with dinner as I thrust my hips up to meet his own, I could have stayed like that forever. Through it all he didn't even miss a single thrust, a while after I finished coming his breathing got heavy.

Coming to a stop he turned to mum and asked “Can I cum inside her?” as though I had no say in the matter.

Thinking for a moment she answered “She isn't on any birth control, she could get pregnant” a feeling of relief rushed through me before she continued speaking with an unsure look in her eyes “But I suppose you can do it this time.”

What was my mother saying? I was beyond the point of arguing but she just gave my dad the green light to pump his fertile load inside of me. I was filled with a combination of feelings, fear that I might get pregnant, curiosity of what it would feel like to have him cum inside me and finally a little bit of pleasure knowing that I ran the risk of having my daddy's baby growing inside of me.

Resuming thrusting he really picked up speed, slapping into me shaking my whole body about. He started to let out quick grunts before shouting “Oh god!” Then he pushed deep inside holding me tight against his body. Then I felt it, a warm surge as his cock twitched inside of me releasing squirt after squirt of cum pumped directly into my unprotected womb. Feeling him fertilising me, his sperm swimming into my deepest depths pushed me over the edge yet again causing my pussy to clamp down on dads cock squeezing even more of his cum into me.

Soon dad's orgasm subsided and he slowly withdrew from me, allowing a little bit of his cum to leak out of my pussy. Although I knew for sure that the puddle created on the bed was only a fraction of the potent seed that my father had deposited deep within me.

“So when was your last period hunny? We don't want you getting pregnant just yet.” My mother enquired.

I thought for a second before answering “Two weeks ago”

I started working things out and realised as shock ran through me, I must ovulating right now! I noticed that both of my parents must have come to the same conclusion as they were staring at each other the colour draining from their faces before the both shouted in unison “SHIT!”

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Rating: 93%, Read 19554 times, Posted Jul 28, 2017

Fiction | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Female, First Time, Incest, Male, Old Male, Solo, Teen Female, Virginity


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