I Really Wanted Him More Than His Mom Part 1 by BearInMind

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My name is Bear, and I was 30 years old and my first marriage had ended. The last 4 years of a 9 year marriage had been sexless. My ex-wife had never known that I was bi. It was one of the things I was still dealing with, and had not come out yet. Since the marriage was sexless I was jerking off multiple times every day. It was all the sex I was getting for 4 years as I stayed faithful to her and my vows. I had been totally sex starved, but now I was free to go out and find pussy or cock. The idea that I would find them in the same place, the same family, never occurred to me.

In October that year, I met Lisa. She was a 42 year old nurse who knew her way around the male anatomy to please a man, and she took to me immediately. She was nothing to look at, but boy could she fuck. She broke my dry spell with a vengeance. I went from nothing to multiple times a day. At times she about wore me out. I did not care that she was a BBW, 5’2”, and 280 ponds, but with 44DD tits, she was giving me what I was starved for, sex, lots and lots of fucking sex. I am 6’4”, at the time 175 pounds, 34 inch waist, short brown hair and brown eyes, nicely shaped body, on the hairy side but not too hairy, and carrying 6 nice inches of cut cock. I was in pretty good shape so I was quite the prize for this BBW to snag and show off. What she lacked in appearance and sex appeal, she made up for between the sheets, or on the sofa, or in the kitchen. Well you get the idea. She loved to suck my dick and swallow. She loved my dick in her pussy. She had big fat titties, and loved them lubed up and fucked. She loved her ass fingered when I fucked her doggy style. That was so wild to fell my dick inside her pussy with my finger. She wanted everything my ex had been not willing to do or give me. She got me into water sports even. Never thought I would like it, but damn, that was fun with her in the shower.

She came to my apartment to see me for the first 6 months or our relationship. She would spend the night as often as she could. Then my lease ran out, and I had to make a decision to renew or move on. The amount of sex I was getting from her, and my attraction to her son and the friendship fun and more he and I were having, it was a no brainer. I moved in with her and her son. I could always get another apartment if I had to.

She had one son named Steve. He was 18 and a senior in high school. He was a good kid, sexy as fuck, descent in school, and worked a part time job as a cook. When school was finished that May, he started working there full time. I moved in late that spring, so I was around for his graduation. Steve and I had become friends as soon as I met him, and we grew close before I moved in with him and his mom. I really liked this young man. He gave off a good vibe, and was just a good person. As close as he and I became after the holidays, Steve was fully on board with me moving in and welcomed me into the house.

To my bi side, he was an absolutely fucking gorgeous young man. He was in excellent shape, worked out most days. A day without weights was not a good day for him. He did upper body one day, and lower body the next. He was in great physical shape. Steve stood 6 foot and weighed in around 170. He was well muscled, but not a big frame. He did the best he could with the size he was. His pecs were fully male and showed his time on the weights. His stomach was flat, with just a hint of wash board abs under it. He was totally smooth other than a little happy trail. He had dirty blonde medium length hair and cobalt blue eyes. His face was handsome, but still the face of a boy becoming a man. His arms and legs were muscled nicely and fully masculine. He was muscular, but he was not muscle bound and could move well and with power and strength.

At the time I was into water skiing, so I worked out regularly too. It was the winter, and I needed to maintain and grow for the spring skiing season. I was in decent shape, but not as good of shape as Steve was. About a month after meeting his mom, I started lifting with him in the basement at his mom’s house before I moved in. We both only ever wore shorts and shoes to work out. Sometime I would get bold and not wear a jock, so that when I spotted him on the bench press he could get a peek. I caught him looking a few times. Then he did the same thing and I got to peek a few times too. A few times I got him a guest pass at my gym when I could. He loved going to a real gym.

He was a cool kid. I liked getting to know him, and hanging out with him before I moved in. They came as a package. I was kind of going to be his step dad if I moved in, so I needed to know if I wanted to take that on. Starting in January, there were times that his mom was working that after we work out, he came over to my apartment for dinner with me alone, and we would get time to hang out and talk. I was hatching my plans to find out how this young man was wired. I needed to find out if he would be bi or gay or straight. I assumed he would be straight as he had a fucking beautiful girlfriend who he was fucking, but only time and my plan would tell.

My plan started by sharing some straight porn with him on my VCR. Well the first time I shared porn with him it was straight porn, but I had plans. He really seemed to like that. Seeing him try to hide his boner was so cute. I opened up to him as one horny guy to another, and told him that he did not have to hide his boner. It was natural that he was getting hard watching hard cock fucking wet pussy. I pointed to my own dick, and showed him that I was hard too. He stopped hiding his boner after that. He must have been a good 7 inches and looked pretty thick too.

The next time he came over I had some 3 way porn. I wanted to see what turned him on and what turned him off. If there was a chance of getting him, I would find out by seeing what porn turned him on the most. This time I started off with a little straight porn. He got hard for that. Then I had two girls with one guy. He seemed to like seeing the girls get fucked, but the girls going down on each other did not seem to make it any hotter for him.

When one of the girls got fucked in the ass that turned him up some. He said his girlfriend would never take it in the ass. In the back of my head I thought, I will if you want to give it to me. I pushed him a little further, and told him as two healthy guys if we wanted to, we could loosen our sweats and put our hands down our own sweats. I did it to show him I was serious, and waited for his reaction. Would he take the push, or had I gone too far. He hesitated for a few moments, and then undid the draw string on his sweats. He looked to me like, are you sure about this was in his eyes. I told him to go ahead; it was just he and I. No one else would know about it. This was just between us guys. He looked down at my hand in my sweats, and then he put his hand under the elastic and reached in to grab his dick. He was a little unsure about this, but he was doing it with me. I let that porn run out, and when it was done, I put in an all guy on girl anal flick. I could see him moving his hand on his dick like I was, and fairly often he would look over at my dick to see what I was doing. I think it was just to make sure it was alright what we were doing.

His next time over, I did not plan on us watching any porn since he asked to come over for dinner, and said he needed to talk to me about something private. I was happy to see him opening up to me, so I told him to come on over and we would talk during dinner.

He wanted to talk about the porn we had been watching, and what we had been doing. He was uneasy about it, but excited too he said. He said he liked doing that with me, but thought it was not right for two guys to be hard and excited together. We were only supposed to get hard for girls otherwise we were doing gay stuff. I asked him if he knew what bi meant? He said sure they were guys who were really gay but did not want to admit it. I had to correct him on that. Bi guys love girls romantically, but like cock too. I could see the gears turning in his head. I told him I could show him porn with two guys and one girl, and they would both be hard. The guys would fuck her and then fuck and suck each other. He was surprised by this and wanted to see some after dinner, so I told him sure, we could do that.

We sat at opposite ends of the sofa so that he was comfortable when he played with his dick inside his sweats. He thought that would be fine. I did suggest to him this time that he take the towel I handed him and put it in his sweats, like I was doing, so that if we got carried away from excitement from the porn and playing with our dicks, we could cum and not have stains show up in our sweats. He thought that was a really good idea. He told me how the last time we had watched porn, when he got home he jerked off and shot the biggest load ever in his bed.

He was hard before the porn started, but he loved watching it. It was one busty blonde, and two hung mother fuckers. They were not easy on her. I did explain to Steve that they were acting. People did not actually treat a woman like this, and you did not actually fuck an asshole hard like that. You had to be gentle and kind. He looked at me like, oh that’s cool. That made sense to him.

Initially the two guys were taking care of the girl, till the girl told the boys to get in a 69 so she could watch. That then turned into the two guys fucking. The girl got on the bed in front of the bottom and made him eat her pussy while he got fucked. I could tell Steve liked this. His hand was moving more in his sweats. I decided to go for broke and made a suggestion. I told him to keep the towel covering his dick if he did not want me to see his dick, but to take his dick out of the sweats to let it stand tall. Then he could jerk off and cum in the towel. I showed him what I meant and had the towel tent over my dick and stoked away. They were thin cotton towels, and you could see through some. I held mine tight to the top of my dick as I jerked off to the porn, and my cum flowed right through the towel as I ejaculated. Steve was amazed. He had never seen another guy cum before, well other than porn.

Steve had his tent going and was furiously stroking his dick. He leaned back into the sofa and straightened his body out as he got close. I could see his towel was falling, so I reached over and helped hold his towel in place. He never even noticed. His eyes were closed and his hand was a blur. Then he came, and his whole body quivered. I managed to keep the towel on the head of his dick tight enough that his cum came through the towel. This kid came in buckets. He came twice maybe 3 times the volume I did. It was pure milky white and nice and thick. The towel had been soaked with his clear precum, but when he blasted that load off, I could feel his release. He slumped back down on the sofa and was exhausted. That was the most intense jerk off orgasm he had ever had. That was as good as his girlfriend’s pussy. His dick went back in his pants and he handed me the towel. I had purposely left my dick hanging out after I came so he could see it when he opened his eyes after his orgasm, he noticed alright. Steve kept looking at me every chance he got. I was pretty sure I had him hooked. He was going to be into dick as well as pussy. Now it was time to real him in. For tonight though, we were done. He told me thanks for sharing these things with him. No problem, I said. A few minutes later, he got up and left, but we made plans for him to come back in 3 days when his mom would be working again. The next two nights, I would be fucking the shit of his mom in my bed.

3 days passed, and it was time for Steve to come over for dinner. I had gotten pizza tonight so we could get right to the porn while we eat. I asked him if there was any particular type of porn he wanted to watch. He said there was. Okay care to tell me I said. I have literally all kinds of porn, straight porn, girl on girl, guys and girls, whatever you want I said. He wanted to see all guy porn tonight and wondered if I had any. I knew I had him right then and there. Yes I had guy on guy. Did he want to see oral only, oral and anal, or anal only I asked? Oral and anal as he wanted to see guys suck dick and fuck too. Coming right up was my response.

There was an air about him tonight. He was different. He was confident, and not shy. It made we wonder what he was up to. The tape went in the VCR, and he was already showing hard before the first frame played. He made no attempt to hide his erection now. We eat the pizza and watched the first porno while we eat. The drinking age at the time was 18 as this was many years ago, so I offered Steve a beer this time with the pizza. He took it and said thanks. The way he drank that first one down, he was no novice drinker. By the time he got to the third slice he was on his second beer. Some liquid courage, I figured it could not hurt.

After dinner and the first porno was done, I got up to change the tape. When I sat down on the couch, his draw string was undone and his hand was done his sweats. Commenting on him being so eager, he said he was planning on cuming for sure with me tonight. That he really enjoyed doing this with me. I asked him what made it alright for him. Steve told me he had always loved seeing other guys’ dicks even though he had never touched one. I let him know that he was not weird for that. That he was normal, and he really appreciated hearing that. I was glad I could help you out Steve I told him. Do you have our towels he asked me. They were on the table next to the pizza box, so I handed him his. It seemed a little strange, but he set it beside himself and did not put it down his pants. Okay I had to see where this was going.

The second porn started to play and it was two guys kissing and making out. He turned to me, guys really do that he asked? I said yeah some do, some don’t. Some like to see the passion of sex, others just want to have sex with no connection. Me, personally I have to have the connection to go all the way with someone. Can I share a secret with you Steve? You can never tell you mom. He said sure, go ahead. I told Steve I had always been bi my whole life. The first person I ever had sex with was a guy. That I had liked it, but had not done it with a guy for a long time. He said it was cool that I was bi, and that he kind of thought he might be too. He said he liked pussy, but he dreamed of cock too. He had been thinking about what I had been showing him, and that was convincing him that he was bi too. I told him that was totally cool with me to be bi, and real men could be bi.

We continued watching the second porno. When they were done kissing they were both naked. They were on a sofa and making out some more. I commented that this was pretty hot, and asked Steve if it was alright for me to pull my dick out without the towel covering it. He said sure, and then did the same thing. We both slid our sweats down just enough to let our raging boners stand free. His dick was beautiful. He had to be a good 7, nice and thick. He was cut and the head on his cock was magnificent. He slowly stroked his cock as we watched the porn, and I slowly stroked mine. This is pretty cool daddy stroking our cock together like this he said. Yes it is son, I agreed. Then I moved over closer so that our legs were touching. I could feel the movement of him jerking off as I knew he could feel me too. This close up I could see a couple drops of precum on the head of his dick. Nice Steve you have precum on the head of your dick. Yeah he said, I leak like that all the time when I get excited. It can be embarrassing sometimes. Is it normal he asked? I told him yes it was, but that not all guys did it. I told him to look at my cock. That I was feeling excited and really good, but no precum. He took notice.

Being bold after that exchange, I reached my hand over and said let me help you with that nice dick Steve. He took his hand off his dick and it stood there so proud, just a drop or two of precum at the slit of the head of his cock. I wrapped my hand around the shaft of his dick and started to stroke. His hard cock felt so good in my hand, feeling the texture and the strength in his young dick. He watched my hand and then looked over at my dick. As soon as I saw his hand move, I took my hand off my dick and he grabbed it. It was his first dick to touch other than his. He grabbed hold and started stroking. We both felt so nice as we stroked each other’s cocks. I think we had both stopped paying any attention to the porno on the screen. One of the guys was getting his dick sucked now, but I did not think he would be ready to actually do that yet. We just sat there and stroked for a while looking at each other’s cocks.

From the look in his face and in his eyes, I figured this was my chance, so I asked, would you like to try that with me? There was no hesitation from him. Yes daddy, he said, I feel so comfortable with you, but mom and my girlfriend must never find out. I said you got that number right, they must never ever find out, I agreed.

We faced each other on the sofa, and I put a hand on the side of his face and pulled his face to me. Our lips met and the sparks flew. I had hoped this boy would open up, but we had been stroking, and now kissing. I was so fucking hard right now, and so was he. Steve was a great kisser. He was passionate and tender. I commented that his girl must love the way he kisses. He just said yup she did.

We kissed for several minutes, then he broke the kiss. I asked what was wrong, and he said nothing was wrong at all. It had never felt so right to him. He sat up straight and took his shirt off to expose his bare chest. I took the hint and did the same thing. He was so smooth. His skin was young and soft yet totally masculine. I had worked out with him many times, and we had sweated together. I had seen his skin, but not with the glow of passion and excitement he had now. I pushed him down on the couch and got on top of him as the porn played. It was a really long porn I had put it. I laid on him and could feel his boner, and I knew he could feel mine. Lowering my lips to his, we started kissing again. He wrapped his arms around me and moaned, oh daddy. His hands ran up and down my back as we kissed. This boy knew how to make out.

Limits were being tested tonight. How far would he go? I stopped kissing his lips and started kissing his neck and then down to his nipples. He moaned when my lips hit his nipples. Ah he likes this I see, so I kept kissing first left the right, then left again. He was running his hands through my hair as we did this.

Would he let me kiss his tummy? Moving down slowly I kissed around his navel, and all over his firm muscular abs. I was right at the head of his dick that was still out of his sweats. Dare I go there? He tightened his muscles like to start a sit up as I kissed his belly. He rocked his hips as I kissed his belly. He was so ready for me. I knew he was confident that he wanted this tonight. I went just a little lower and licked and kissed the head of his dick and cleaned up his precum. He tasted so sweet, I wanted more.

I leaned back on my haunches, and said that we should take this to the bedroom, there we would be much more comfortable. Okay daddy, was all he said.

I rose to my feet, and then so did he. He was going to be my son, and I his daddy. I was going to get the one of the two of them I was most attracted to sexually. We headed to the bedroom.

Turning on the soft lights that I had in there for sexual times, I told him to lay down in the middle of the bed. He started to take his sweats off, and I stopped him by grabbing him to kiss him. That’s my job to take your pants off boy. We stood there arms wrapped around each other, bare chests touching. Boldly I reached down and grabbed that ass though his sweats. This was the ass I had been watching and dreaming of. His butt was so nice and round, firm and muscular. It was all boy butt, and I had two hands fulls of him. My hands slid up his back, and then down the inside of his sweats. The skin of his ass was so smooth and fresh. I squeezed him again, and he flexed. You like that when I flex my ass daddy. Fuck yes I do son.

With my hands inside his sweats I backed away slightly and started to lower them as I asked are you sure you want to do this son. He kissed me and said fuck yes daddy. In a moment, his sweats started going down. His dick was still sticking up above the waist band of his sweats. As I lowered them his his hips showed then the crease at his groin. He was shaved, score I thought. I was down on my knees now to lower his sweats and his naked cock was in my face. I took the head of his dick In my mouth and closed down tight around it. He moaned. My tongue worked the bottom side of the head and I bobbed up and down a couple times. Then I stopped and lowered his sweats till they were around his ankles and I helped him step out of them. Steve was entirely naked in front of me. The cock I had wanted to see, and taste and suck and get fucked by was inches from my face. I looked him up and down. You are so handsome boy, so sexy, I said. He had shaved his pubs just like I did. He was perfectly smooth now. I took his dick back in my mouth and started on him. He spread his feet to be stable, and ran his fingers through my hair. After 30 seconds I stopped and stood up.

Your turn to take my sweats off now and I stood up but gave his hard cock a firm squeeze. He grabbed hold of my sweats by the pockets and started to lower them. My hard cock bounced out and bounded up as it came free of the waist band. He laughed a little. That was really cool daddy the way your dick bounced. Now take my pants off the rest of the way son. He got down on his knees and helped me step out of them. There he was face to face with my cock. Go ahead boy, take a good look at it, hold it again, stroke it again, your daddy’s cock is all yours tonight. He grabbed my dick with his left hand and put his right on my thigh. That’s it boy, fell the hardness of another man’s cock. Feels good doesn’t it. It’s amazing daddy he said as he started to stroke it some. It is so different from mine, but feels good. Kiss the head of my dick Steve. First he gave it a light kiss, not sure about a dick in his mouth, but then he found it felt nice on his lips. The head was soft lick his lips were. He kissed it again, but a wetter bigger kiss. That’s it boy, now take the head in your mouth I encouraged him. He looked up at me with desire in those deep blue eyes as the head of my dick went in his mouth.

MMMMM he moaned as he closed his mouth around it. Tastes nice doesn’t it son? You did not know if you would like it did you? He let go and said he thought it would taste nasty that’s why girls did not suck dick, but it wasn’t. It was clean and fresh tasting and I like this daddy. Will you teach me how to suck cock the right way daddy? Of course I will son. The best way I can do that is to have you lay on your back in the middle of the bed. But how will that work daddy? I am going to give you a blow job son. I am going to suck your dick till you cum in my mouth. Really daddy, I can cum in your mouth? My girlfriend will never suck my dick, but she wants me to eat her nasty pussy all the time. I wish she would take a shower and get that thing clean first. Yeah some girls are that way son. Now I just want you to lay back and enjoy.

Steve got on his knees on the side of the bed, and stayed like that for a couple seconds. I think he was teasing me. I was beginning to think he had been planning this the same way I was. The view of his ass was so sexy. His legs were spread, and I had the perfect view of his smooth hole. I knew he would get fucked soon enough and decided this tease needed answered. I grabbed his hips just like that and put my dick on the crack of his ass and thrust my hips into his. He moaned some, is this how you will fuck me like on the video. When your time comes yes I will. I will train you first though boy. You will have work to do before you are ready for dick. Holding his hips, I dropped to my knees and his ass was right at face level. You wont see this in many videos Steve. Then I stuck my tongue out and licked right up from the base of his balls, across his asshole, and to the top of the crack of his ass. Holy fuck daddy, what was that? He asked. I went back and did it some more only this time I stopped on his hole and rimmed it with my tongue. That’s call rimming Steve. It was why I told you to make sure you had a good shower before you came over. That is sexy daddy, I like that he said as he continued into the middle of the bed and got on his back like I told him.

Is this where you fuck my mom? I had to be honest and say yes it was. He smiled and laughed. What would she think of this he said out loud. I don’t know son, but we may find out some day you never know.

I crawled up on the bed and laid down right on top of him. My knees were between his legs and our dicks were pinned between our bellies as we kissed for a moment. He was so hard and so nice and thick. This was going to be the best dick I had ever sucked. Well considering I had only sucked 3 others that was not hard to do. I had not had a dick in my mouth since I was his age, but I had been practicing on toys. I knew what I was going to do with his cock. His cock was the perfect size, the perfect diameter. It was bigger but not too big. The one toy I used all the time was just about this size. I was ready for him on both ends.

Pulling back, I got on my knees between his legs and was in just the perfect position to suck his dick. I grabbed his cock with my right hand and supported myself on my left. Opening my mouth I took the head and the first couple inches of his 7 in my mouth. He moaned, fuck my girlfriend even the one time she tried it, never felt that good. My tongue attacked the bottom side of the head of his dick as I bobbed up and down on him. He just layed back and enjoyed. Fuck daddy, this is better than pussy he said. I am just getting started boy,I told him. Prepared by what I had practiced, I lowered by head onto his cock till my nose was at the base of his cock, and his cock was deep in my throat. Oh My Gawd daddy, what are you doing that feel so fucking good. I pulled back up, it’s called deep throat baby, you like that? Fuck yes daddy give me more. I could only do that so much as I was still learning to control my gage reflex. I did if for him several more times, and then went back to what I though was a standard good blow job. Stroking the shaft of his dick, and letting my saliva flow down for a wet sloppy blow job, I worked the head of his dick in my mouth. It must have really felt good to him. After about 5 minutes of that I felt his whole body start to tense. Humming to add more stimulation, he started to curl up like a crunch. His precum was flowing freely, and then he grabbed the sheets and straightened out like a board as I took him over the edge. He pumped rope after rope of cum in my mouth. His was so sweet and tasty, I want more, lots and lots more. As he pumped my mouth full I was not able to swallow fast enough and some dribbled down his dick to my hand. Soon as he started cumming, my hand stopped and my mouth locked in on the head of his dick and let him pump his load. When he was done his whole body went limp, and I let his dick fall out of my mouth.

You like that didn’t you son? Fuck yes daddy. No one has ever given me an orgasm like that. Even fucking my girlfriend is not that good. I know what you mean son. Pussy is nice, very nice, but a good blow job from a great cock sucker can be better. And there is even one more then that is better than a blow job for us bi guys. Daddy nothing can be better than what you just did to me.

I snuggled up beside him and let him settle down till he was completely relaxed. I talked about what I had done, and how I had done it to his dick. He understood and it made sense to him. He had relaxed enough, so now it was his turn to suck my dick.

Between my legs boy like I was with you, and now do it just like I showed you and we talked about. He got between my legs, and when he took the head my dick in his mouth, it felt like he was already a pro at sucking cock. I really wanted to encourage him, so I did not try to hold back at all. I had made his mother suck my dick for 30 minutes before I would cum for here, but I did not do that to him. I let him suck for about 5 minutes and declared, here it comes boy, get ready to swallow. My body tensed and over the edge I went pumping 4 ropes of cum in his mouth. He moaned mmmmmm, as he swallowed like a good boy. Your cum is so nice daddy, kind of salty, kind of sweet. I could do this again. And you will I told him.

We snuggled together in the bed. I spooned in behind my boy and just held him. I kissed his back and his neck and shoulders, he loved it. We talked about weight lifting, and water skiing while he recovered. How I was going to teach him to ski when the weather got warmer in the spring. He liked that Idea. He asked me if I would be moving in when my lease was up here. I said I would be. At that news he pulled my arms to wrap tighter around him. We can do this in my room at our house he said. I thought that was a great idea. While we talked I had been rubbing his back, his ass, his legs. I would pass fingers and the edge of my hand over his asshole, but I did not put anything in it. He needed trained here before he would be ready to take my dick. After a while though, his dick was totally hard again, so I told him it was his time.

He asked my time for what daddy. To fuck your daddy in his ass son. Really daddy? You want me to put my hard dick in your ass, wont that be messy and dirty. No it wont be Steve. Daddy is ready for you. When I train you, you will learn what I know and you will be ready too when your time comes. Now role over and get behind me son. He did as I told him, and I reached over for the lube. I love coconut oil, and it is the only thing I will use. My ass was prelubed inside, but I put some on the outside and then slathered his dick with the stuff. Oh fuck that feel good daddy, what are you doing to me. Just lubing up your cock son. You need lube to fuck an ass. They do not naturally lubricate like a pussy does son. He was ready now.

Okay son, now take it easy, slide down the bed behind me, little further, that’s it, just right. I will guide you in, so all you have to do is push in. Push slowly, firmly but steady. I will loosen up for you and you will be inside me easily. He pushed and I bore down and the head of his dick popped right in me. That’s it boy, that’s it, Now just sit there for a moment and let me adjust. Now start to push in more,then pull back a little and push in further. I want you to get in all the way balls deep and then just park right there. He did just as I told him. The feeling of his dick sliding in and open my ass, filling me up was so right and amazing. My ass was full of 7 hard inches of my boys sweet cock. I started to rock my hips on his cock. Very small movements Steve, just an inch or two to start. Daddy this feels so good, I can’t believe how good this feels having my hard dick in your ass. And you took the whole thing. Did it hurt at all daddy? No son, it did not hurt it feels great having you in me and feeling the head of your dick moving in my ass. Start thrusting a little longer but keep it slow. Don’t worry if you don’t last very long, this is new and I know how good it feels to you, enjoy your daddy’s ass boy, I told him. Slowly he thrusted in and out of me and it felt so right. His cock had me open and I as lose now. Try a long stroke now son, pull out completely and then push right back in balls deep. Wont that be hard to do daddy. Trust me son, my ass is open for you now. He pulled out till his cock was only between my ass cheeks, and then thrust right back in. Then he did it again and again. Gawd dam that feels amazing daddy. How do you do that? I will teach you son when I do your anal training. That starts the next time you come over for porn. Just keep fucking me now son, it feel so good. You have taken the time to get me loose and opened up, now you can fuck me how ever you want to. I want you to cum in my ass, don’t pullout, bury your cock deep when you cum and let me feel the pulsing of your dick as you cum.

Steve picked up the pace of his fuck to medium, and he did not last long at all. Here it comes daddy, get ready. Yes son I said, let me have it deep boy, as deep a you can go. I could feel the energy flowing off his cock into me, and my own cock was hard again. I was stroking like mad on my own dick. As he went over and buried his cock as I told him, I clamped down on his cock and shot my own load on the bed. We were both spent now.

Keep your cock in me as you get soft Steve. I want you in me as long as possible. He cuddled in tight. He was used to that with his girlfriend, and we actually fell asleep like that for a bit. He never fell out the whole time we slept maybe 30 minutes. Then I was awakened by him fucking my ass again. This time he was just right. The speed, the hardness of his cock, the openness of my ass. I watched the clock and he fucked me for a good long time. If he came it would be his third time tonight. Her it comes daddy, and he buried deep again as I pushed back. The pulsing in his cock was strong and I felt that second load flow into my ass. That was so good son, thank you I said, and we fell off to sleep again.

An hour later he had to head home, so we showered really quickly, he got dressed, and we kissed good bye. Mom works again tomorrow night, can I come over again daddy? Of course son, would you like me to have some dinner too. He told me, he was not sure we would have time to eat. He wanted me to start his anal training.

I agreed. This boy was a kid with a new toy, cock, and he wanted to learn and experience in the privacy of my place. Who would I be to deny him. Okay son, I will get the stuff together and we will do your anal training tomorrow. Be ready to listen and do exactly as I tell you, and you will get fucked tomorrow before you leave here. Promise daddy? I promised him yes, he would be ready in a couple hours and get fucked by me. I had just the right inflatable butt plug to open him up, and I was the perfect size dick to start a young man off with.

Tomorrow he would take dick in his ass for the first time, and I would give it to him.

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