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Trapped Underground

With the tornado warning sounding the high school students were told the stand in the interior hallway as they lined the hallway the noise of the wind prevented any talking. Many of then went to the basement. They were all frightened because this loud noise and soon the roof over them was now gone and many unable to hold tightly on to something were sucked out. Eric held on the girl at his side and soon she was on top of him imprisoned by walls that came together above them just the two of them together surviving. Eric was the sun of a farmer and found Jenny both down on the floor with all of their clothing gone. There was some dim light coming from above and Eric said, “My name is Eric Jacobs” Jenny said, “I am Jenny Scott and I am pleased to be still alive to meet you.”

Jenny noticed Eric ’s arousal as she looked down to put his hand on her bare breasts. Jenny and Eric both were together in an area no larger than a phone booth with a low ceiling. Eric felt odd being here with beautiful girl now holding his penis. Jenny said, “Your arousal is my fault for being naked here.” “All I have on is some shredded panties and my tennis shoes.” Eric said, “All I have left is my shoes.” “This is almost bad dream but I love you being with me.” “I hope that dose not sound selfish.” Eric had her nipples near his face and began sucking on one of them. Jenny said, “Eric there is nothing to do but have sex.” “We may die here so lets have some fun.” Jenny struggled to guide his aroused penis inside her vagina. Eric said. “Thank you Jenny it feels good being deep inside you.” Jenny could only arch her back to move up and down slightly. Jenny said, “Eric I never thought I would be having sex with a man I just met.” “Jenny this feels real good.” “Watch out for those nails.” Jenny said, “I will keep trying to move.” Jenny worked up his face and kissed him.” Jenny said, “Right now I am last girl alive and you are the last man.” “Considering that I can say I love you.” Eric said, I can hardly see you but you feel real good.” “I love you Jenny” “There is barley room to breathe and we are having sex.” “After about an hour Jenny felt the warmth of his cum inside her but she could feel his penis was still there not being able to move much she was on top of him from the start.

It was dark and they both went to sleep. There was nothing to drink and nothing to eat. It was completely silent from where they were and they’re bodies were together to provide warmth in cool night.

In the morning it was still silent and Eric said, “I am thirsty” Jenny said, “Good morning Eric.” “I can feel you hard again inside me.” “I would love to provide you something to drink but I am thirsty too,” “ If you had something to cut me with I would let you drink my blood.” Eric said, “Jenny would you mind if I were to pee inside you?” Jenny said, “I have never been peed inside so let it go” Jenny never thought she would spend the rest of her life being fucked as she felt a little amount of urine coming out of him. Eric said, “I may never urinate again” Jenny said, “I should be ovulating today if that is case I would be having your child but we may die here.” “I am feeling a little weak.” Eric worked his hand down there and with some effort pushed her up and down an was able to ejaculate. Jenny said “I was weak but I am still alive and felt your cum inside me. Eric moved his hands to feel her breathing. “Jenny I love you dearly.” Later an hour later. Eric said, “Jenny are you still alive?” Jenny said, “I am feeling you, please hold on for longer. I can hear them above us. Jenny said, “I love you Eric.” “I can hear them too. “

They could still hear the noises of others as night came there were it continued and there was some light He was aroused again but could not do anything about this. He went to sleep still feeling her breathe.

“Is there anyone down there?” Eric said as loudly as he could. “There are two of us here!” Jenny woke up and said. “Eric there is hope now because I am nearly dead.” “I can still feel you inside me.” “I was going to ask you if you could choke me to death.” Eric said, “I don’t have ring to give you now I would like to ask if you would marry me?” Jenny said, don’t worry about the ring but I can feel the men getting close and I would love to marry you” I accept your proposal not knowing exactly how you look.” “I am five inches from your face with no room to move.”

Still feeling him inside her she kissed Eric. Eric said. “I remember seeing your face before the tornado came and you were beautiful” “I thought you were not obtainable for a farm boy like me.” “It has been an honor to be buried here with you.” Jenny said, “I thought I would be buried here forever with you but when we are free I will marry you and be with you forever.” “I feel better with hope now.” “I will be able to have your children.” “There were nails above her but she took every effort to make Eric cum inside her an hour later. Eric said, “I am senior in this high school and 17-years-old.” Jenny said, “I am just 16 but I am in your class and you have been fucking me for two days because there was no room to do anything else.”

A half liter bottle of water rolled in from above rolling off Jenny’s back Eric struggled to move his hands to grab it moving it back above her so he could take the cap off. Eric did his best to get it to her lips and she turned her head to take some in. Eric felt the straw next to him and brought one hand in to put it in bottle making it much easy to drink for Jenny who quickly finished it. Jenny said, “I am very sorry to drink all of it because I am so thirsty. Eric said, “I managed to get a few drops in before you used the straw.”

The next morning another bottle water rolled off Jenny’s back Eric had to work hard to get it and find the straw with his arms behind her he twisted off the cap bringing it to where they shared it. Jenny was able to move enough to feel his warm ejaculate inside her. Jenny said, “I love having you inside me for 72 hours now.” “Good morning Eric.” “It seems like the sun is coming through” “I love having you under me.” “Good Morning Jenny I am pleased to have you on top of me.” “It sounds like they are getting closer.” “I wonder if there are others trapped here like us” “We have been fucking for about 84 hours.” “That is lot of sex before marriage.” Jenny said, “I am glad I am skinny with small breasts or I would be crushing you.” “Last time I weighed myself I was 132 pounds and probably are lot less than that now.” “I never dreamed of having such intimate relations for so long but I have happy love having you here with me.” “I am not sure I would be making you cum inside me because you are loosing moisture.” “I have been so close for so long I love you Eric.” Eric said, “Jenny this would be a very lonely place being buried here alone but meeting you here on top of me makes me love you.” “It is very odd place to meet a girl to have her buried with her.” “It will be an interesting story to tell the children on how we met face to face nearly naked trapped there for four days” “What color are your eyes Jenny?” Jenny said, “I have blue eyes and brown hair. Eric said, “I am blond with blue eyes and somewhat shy.”

Jenny said, “I think I remember you Eric I always wanted you to ask me out on a date because I was attracted to you.” “You were so smart and good looking.” I never thought I would fall in love before the first date.” Eric said, “Jenny will you go out with me after we come out of this hole.” Jenny said” “You proposed to me a couple of days ago of course I will go out with you.” “You have been holding me since we were here.” “I will be nice to see you again not just feel you next to me.” Eric said, “We are getting air to breathe from somewhere of we would be dead by now.” “It is sort of stuffy but we have some oxygen from somewhere.” “We are at the bottom of a four-story building but somehow are able to breathe.” Jenny said, “There is metal cylinder on my right side that has been hissing a little.” “We don’t require a lot of oxygen trapped like this unable to move” “Even having sex like we have been doing does not use much energy.” “I have lost track of when it is day or night. With water finding its way here I will do my best to relive your hard-on so you can cum inside me. Jenny moved up and down as far as she could go but finally she felt the warmth of his ejaculate.

The were sleeping when one side of the covering came loose and they woke up to see the flashlight and Jenny was lifted off him. Eric could hear conversion when he was helped to get out. Eric was in a robe as was Jenny. There was nearly a full moon as everyone watched them kiss. The next stop was the hospital where each of them was checked over and put on an IV They could barely walk as each went home with their parents There was both of them plenty to drink and eat.

Jenny said, “Mom I fell in love with Eric I could not help being trapped face to face for five days with his penis inside me for entire time.” “He never said a cross word to me.”

“From five inches from his face he proposed to me and I told him if we survived I would marry him.” “There was some uncertainty about surviving with no food and no water.” “Somebody found a way to get us water I was only 132 pounds before this and at the hospital I weighed only 104 pounds.” “It is amazing how well you get to know somebody to be trapped with them continuously for that long” “When I wanted to give up and die Eric seemed so brave to keep my spirits up.” “Jenny they recovered 22 dead in that school and I was so worried about you.” “That old school was in the crosshairs of class 5 tornado that tore it to pieces.” “It was a miracle that anyone survived because it was just a pile of splintered wood.” “They told me they could hear voices inside and they were able find so many students but many of them were seriously injured and you two just walked away.” “Eric like me would have been the valedictorian.” His parents were so worried about not finding him alive.” Jenny said, “We were fully dressed but ended up almost naked. I was on top of him the whole time He was feeling my breasts and became aroused and his penis just got inside me and I loved having him there. There was not much room to move around and it dark. I remember wanting him to ask me out of a date and I was there with him stark naked with only my shoes left on. I thought we would die soon so we had sex with nothing else to do. I was ovulating at that time and I may be pregnant and don’t want an abortion because I want to have his children. He is 17 and I am 16 and we were trapped in this area not much bigger than a coffin for five days. I have come to know him very well because of that I believe he saved my life by not letting me give up. He had his arms around me as if hugging me the whole time. Jenny I will trust your judgment here because I cannot imagine what you went through with him.

Jenny answered the phone and said, “Mom could you give me ride to Eric ’s house?” He wants to make dinner for me and you can come if you want.” “Jenny I trust you but I am hungry too so I will go with you.” Jenny said, “You cannot be as hungry as I am not eating in five days.

Eric opened the door before going back to the kitchen “I was hoping you would come here Mrs. Scott” “Please be seated.” Eric brought over the plates of New York steak baked potato and vegetable dish setting one in front off Jenny and her mother. He got down on one knew and said, “Jenny I have ring for you now and want to know that I really meant I wanted to someday marry you.” “He handed her the ring Jenny said, I really love you and I accept this ring to say will marry you. Jenny looked the ring and showed it to her mother.” “Jenny I am going to need your help because I will be writing book of our experience in that basement with everything collapsing around us.” “I have two publishers interested in the true story we will put on paper.” ”It could be worth millions to us and would be the way I could provide for you. “Please believe me because I am good at doing this. I went through a very deadly situation with Jenny I found out afterward that after finding so many dead they were just going to bulldoze this pile of what was our high school.” “The water bottles we had were just thrown to others who could not catch them there and some worked there way to us.” “I believe they knew of survivors there but ignored them.” “I saw photographs just after the tornado and when we came out and the mountain of building material was nearly level where some heard us talking and workers came to us to free us from what was to be our grave.” “I turned my evidence over to police are now investigating this.” “It will be good story of this.” “They recovered other people after us and are continuing to find more live people.” “They now have dogs that are trained to find people.” “This is a case of outright murder.” “While I was down there with Jenny we could hear them near and then far and it made no sense to me.”

“The reason I wanted you here Mrs. Scott is to ask your permission for me to marry your daughter. “I promise to always support her.” “I need to warn you that in the fall I will be accepting a scholarship at University of California Los Angeles.” “That area is cool and dry from the nearby ocean.” Because of the mountainous terrain they never have tornados.” “I told Jenny I would allow this and will put it in writing if you need it Eric.” “Thank you Mrs. Scott.”

“My parents were notified that I was found dead.” “There were other instances of false records I found.” “The company hired to search for victims alive and dead had little regard for the truth just to earn more money.” “My parents were devastated from this news and when I got home my mother came to me in disbelief.” “Tonight they are out celebrating me being alive.” “They did not have clue that we were together during this time until I told them.” “When I talked to them and told them how we met and how much we love each other gave their permission for me to marry because the law considers me a child.” “That corporation thought I am some dumb farmer and figured they could get away with all this is unbelievable.” “It was like being together in a coffin for five days that I had with Jenny” “That was good way to find we could get along.”

Jenny ate dinner looking at her ring and looking at Eric and smiling. She desperately wanted to have him bed unrestrained unlike before she was always severely restrained. The way they fell in love was unique being as it was. She felt lucky to be alive and able to dream without fear of death. This was biggest diamond she ever saw and she had no plans to ever take it off. She learned the straw they use was there all the time and they used it time after time. She had some small scabs on her back and butt from the nails just above her. It was so nice to be able to walk free of that confinement. Jenny was very smart being able to come so close to graduation at only 16 She would have no memory of graduation because or the tornado three days before. She was up to 102 pounds now but showed all her ribs and hips being 6 feet tall. At the hospital she and him were both had sugar water in their veins because of severe dehydration. She so hungry she ate two potatoes and some extra meat as well as two pieces of apple pie. Eric was so skinny for the same reason.

After dinner Jenny said, “I want to thank you Eric for an excellent meal.” “It is hard to realize what we went through buried in that basement with such confinement” “I am going to postpone my scholarship at UCLA because I am sure I am pregnant having Eric ’s sperm inside me when I ovulated.” “I hope you realize mom that we thought we would die and sex was the only thing to do.” “Eric I will help you as much as I can.” “I can type pretty fast and am good at spelling.” “I was there with you and know the misery we were in.” “ I will never forget the second day there when somebody called out ‘is anyone there’ that left me hopeful when you answered” “I was feeling very week from having no water or food and wanted you to choke me to death so I could die faster.” “I then realized you would not want a dead body with you.” “I looked at boards above me that acted like funnel for little water we had.” “I am good at being able to express my emotions during this time when writing about it.” “I was face to face and chest to chest with you for five days unable to only move a couple of inches before I felt the nails above me.” “I dreamed of being pregnant as I gained weight and my belly expanded I was pushed up into those nails that then killed me.” “When I woke up an realized I would not live long enough for that.” “Eric you maintained your sensibility while I began to loose it and kept me from going crazy.” ”I only once met you and wanted to know you better and never dreamed I would do that the way I did.” “Thank you for this wonderful ring and thank you Mom for letting me marry Eric because I love you so much.”

Eric looked at Jenny as beautiful woman he was grateful to have with him. Eric said, Jenny I can use your help doing what you asked and look forward having you as my wife. You are actually taller than I am but that makes me love you more. This is big house with just my parents and me. With your mother’s permission can move here so we can work together. I would like you to meet my parents because they want to meet the wonderful girl I fell in love with while I was hugging you all that time.

“Eric I normally would be more protective of Jenny but with you even at 16 I would not mind you making love.” “After all you already did that in coffin-like area you had.” “Jenny you can stay here and I will bring you some things tomorrow. “I already talked to your dad about this romance you are having and he is glad you are alive to enjoy it.” “You should have smart children with both of the parents being valedictorians.

There were about 120 people at the wedding of Jenny and Eric including family members those from the media, local neighbors and more from the publisher of the book they did together that showed signs of high sales already with all the publicity about it.

Jenny dressed in her wedding dress stood with her father waiting for the music to start. Jenny was 6 feet tall barefoot and her father was 5 feet 10 inches and her mother was 5 foot 8 inches but Jenny’s brother Edward was 6 foot 4. In her 3-inch white heels shoes she stood much taller than her father with veil over her. She had her arm through his as they walked to isle and down it to the alter where the best man Brain West was the best man and the four bride’s maids with the minister between them next to Eric waiting there. Jenny stood there with both hands facing Eric

“Dearly Beloved, we are gathered together here in the sign of and in the face of this company to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony, which is commended to be honorable among all men; and therefore is not by any to be entered into unadvisedly or lightly but reverently, discreetly, advisedly and solemnly. Into this holy estate these two persons present now come to be joined.”

“If any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together let them speak now or forever hold their peace.

“Marriage is the union of husband and wife in heart, body and mind.” “It is intended for their mutual joy and for the help and comfort given on another in prosperity and adversity.” “But more importantly it is a means through which a stable and loving environment may be attained.” “It is true that the extreme love will long after be on and off but those married will become best friends for life.” “Eric and Jenny were trapped together after a tornado destroyed the school they were in space of a coffin.” “You are both young and the challenge of staying married will last a long time but you should always remember the promises you make today.” “Through marriage, Eric and Jenny make a commitment together to face their disappointments embrace their dreams and realize their hopes and accept each other’s failures.” “Eric and Jenny will promise one another to aspire to these ideals throughout their lives together through mutual understanding, openness and sensitivity to each other.” “We are here today before God because marriage is one of His most sacred wishes to witness the joining in marriage of Eric and Jenny.” “This occasion marks the celebration of love and commitment with which this man and this woman begin their life together on a voluntary basis.” “And now through me He joins you together in one of the holiest bonds.”

” Who gives this woman in marriage to this man? “I am her father Brain Scott” “Her family and friends gathered here today do.” “This is a beginning and a continuation of their growth as individuals.” “With mutual care, respect, responsibility and knowledge comes the affirmation of each one’s own life happiness, growth and freedom.” “With respect for individual boundaries comes the freedom to love unconditionally.” “Within the emotional safety of a loving relationship the knowledge self-offered one another become the fertile soil for continued growth.” “With care and responsibility towards self and one another comes the potential for full and happy lives.” “By gathering together all the wishes of happiness and our fondest hopes for Eric and Jenny from all present here, we assure them that our hearts are in tune with theirs.” “These moments are so meaningful to all of us, for what greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined together to strengthen each other in all labor to minister to each other in all sorrow to share with each other in all gladness.” “This relationship stands for love, loyalty, honesty and trust, but most of all for friendship.” “Before they knew love, they were friends, and it was from this seed of friendship that is their destiny.” “Do not think that you can direct the course of love for love, if it finds you worthy, shall direct you.” “Marriage is an act of faith and a personal commitment as well as a moral and physical union between two people.”

“Marriage has been described as the best and most important relationship that can exist between them. It is the construction of their love and trust into a single growing energy of spiritual life.”

“It is a moral commitment that requires and deserves daily attention.” “Marriage should be a life long consecration of the ideal of loving kindness backed with the will to make it last.” “You will be blessed with kindness for each other and others that will continue with your children that you must set the example for them.”

“Will the best man now give the rings to Eric and Jenny.” Eric parted the Veil on Jenny to expose her face

“Eric do you agree to take Jenny and to have and to hold and cherish until death do you part and be loyal to her exclusively?” Eric said, “I promise to be loyal and hold until death drives us apart.”

Jenny do you agree to take Eric and to have and to hold and cherish until death do you we part and be loyal to him exclusively?” Jenny said, “I promise to be loyal and hold him until death drives us apart.”

“Eric and Jenny with the authority vested in me I will now pronounce you as man and wife.” “Eric you may now kiss Jenny”

They pulled together and held a kiss for about five seconds before taking hands to walk to the front where he held the door open for Jenny.

They drove to his parent’s home for the reception was to be held. They had the front table to greet others as they arrived. Jenny said, “I waited for this day for so long and I am as much in love with you as ever.” “It will be quite a honeymoon going around promoting our book.” Eric said, “There is something different in my feeling actually being married to you.” “I deeply love you but I cannot describe it.” Jenny said, “Eric you always were able to talk about anything without missing a word.” “I have to get used to now having your last name.” I am glad everyone knows about our premarital sex because I feel stiffness in my lower abdomen sticking out and I will not be my slim self for long. “I was afraid of being pregnant to the point of showing at our wedding.” “The high waist on this dress conceals it.” “It is easier to be a man and not dealing with pregnancy to complicate your life.” “I value life more after we met.”

Eric and Jenny greeted guests as they came in to reception and taking the wedding gifts taken from the wedding. They stood and thanked all for coming here hoping they would enjoy it. Eric’s mother was preparing the food later to be served. There were several pies and cakes brought here by the publisher of the book they later would be promoting on the honeymoon.

Stacy, the bride showing her skill at the piano that had everyone tapping their feet and more couples getting up to dance, provided surprise entertainment. Nobody was more surprised than Eric especially when she began to sing. This went on for nearly 30 minutes as everyone stood and applauded.

Eric said, “I did not know you were so good at that.” Jenny said, “That was my personal type of jazz the piano was easy when I was singing because using only two or three cords using the piano as percussion instrument undulating my voice to keep the beat going.” “Most of the people here are young and looked like they would enjoy that type of music.” “I can play classical music also and that is harder to do than what I did tonight.” I have Beethoven’s 5th symphony memorized. If you want I will do that after we eat.

Eric and Jenny were the first to be served being their status here as the newlyweds being the reason for all of this. They had both chocolate cake and apple pie for the deserts When Jenny was done she walked over the piano as many guests were beginning to leave but when she started all of them tuned to gather around to watch her Jenny did all 6 movements that took about 7 minutes. When the piano went silent and Jenny stood they all applauded her as if she did a concert.

Eric said, “ Jenny you are the most desirable woman on the planet” Every one here thinks more of you now that they heard you play the piano that I did not know you could. I am trying to figure how to use that talent when promoting the book. When you began playing the Beethoven 5th People going out the door turned around and walked back see and hear you better. Yamaha makes a piano that is flat and portable and does not have the sound of what you were playing but would attract people like magnets with you playing it. Jenny said, I will do what I can to attract people short of standing their naked.

After everyone left all thanking Jenny for the performance she gave on the piano they were in the upstairs bedroom on their wedding night. Jenny stepped out of the wedding dress and shoes and stood completely naked for her young husband. With the light on she stood statuesque at the edge of the bed. The 16-year old girl was very young and looked it. Her small breasts looked sexy to Eric. They seemed smaller than feeling her there from few inches away. Jenny stood two inches taller than him her skin was now smooth as he ran his hand from her face to her breasts and felt the lump in her abdomen. Having her face to face on top of him unable to see her now aroused him. Her 6-foot body now weighed in at 138 pounds still slim but not looking so skinny as she did coming out from their confinement. Some of her ribs still showed under the smooth skin.

Jenny now spread legged on the bed as Eric was using is tongue to taste down there with one finger inside her looking for the G-spot she advised him when he found it exploding into orgasm. She had shaved down there and was bare his eyes looking at the female sexual anatomy of his new wife wanting to please her. Jenny loved this looking at Eric doing this. With one finger inside and his thumb on her clitoris tried to kiss her but she was so long on that bed he settled for sucking on her nipples while doing this. Jenny experienced several orgasms from this attention. With Eric now on the bed Jenny put his penis in her mouth sucking as she moved her head to make him feel good after about five minutes of this Jenny faced Eric lowering her vagina onto his penis as it was but now she had room to move much better. It took Eric only 13 minutes before he ejaculated inside her.

Eric stood on a dictionary to get above Jenny and kiss her passionately.

Rating: 56%, Read 25254 times, Posted Jun 27, 2011

Essay | First Time, Male, Non-Erotic, Teen Female, Young


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