Ann-Alyssia Blue - Ch 1 by usgiirls

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Fiction | At work, Male, Teen Female, Teen Male

2 Days Ago

"Ann-Alyssia Blue, come to the Principals' office." Everyone present in the cafeteria, graze seeks me out. Oh my God! Can this be any more embarrassing? To be honest, I am anxious. I have no idea why or what the new Principal wants me for. I have not been to the office, in awhile due to the fact that the old principal, went into cardiac arrest and God bless his soul, passed away.

"Aly, what does he want?" I look at my friends, who are also curiously wondering why I have been summoned. My eyes rest on my best friend Sandy who asks "What did you do?" the others facial expressions, mirror hers, especially Louis. He is giving me subtle looks of concern not wanting anyone to see how bothered he really is "I don't know. I have to go to find out, so best I git." They nod their heads at my reply and I leave the cafeteria quickly.

Louis and I have been secretly meeting up a lot lately to fool around without the knowledge of our friends or anyone, in fact, he has become my friend with benefits. The sexual tension and lust that we both feel towards the other are high-inducing and makes us unable to resist each other. When I'm with him, everything falls into place and becomes wonderful—mind you, my lusty inner goddess is the one speaking. Sandy has a boyfriend, she is so in love with him that everything he does is right in her eyes, her boyfriend is no other than Louis. He is cheating on my best friend with her best friend, me. I know I am a horrible person. I so lost in thought, I don't know how I end up at the principal's office.

The principal's office is still inside, behind a closed door in his secretary's office "Ann-Alyssia?" A plain woman in her twenties, I bet, comes out from the door that reads 'Principal' asks me. "Yes" I answer and she proceeds to point at the principal's door, indicating for me to enter, I take the hint and enter the room after a knock on the door.

I find myself wondering what the principal looks like again. I missed the assembly, in which the principal was introduced to us and ever since then I haven't been lucky enough to catch a sight of him, especially with how all the girls say he's the hottest man they have ever seen.

"Ms Blue, do take a seat." I look towards the desk finally after hearing the low masculine voice speaking to me and I am thrown by what I see. He is beautiful in a rugged way, forget me not blue eyes, short messy golden blonde hair, a beard that turns my legs jelly and a face that is just as beautiful as the realistic sculpting of the Greek. He definitely has a sexy body beneath his well-fitted shirt, how is he the principal?

I sit on the closest chair to me in front of his desk, which enables me to read his name 'Principal Ego' Ego seems fitting, he oozes it in tenfolds. "Have you the slightest idea why you are here Ms Blue?" He asks me in all seriousness, but before I start panicking or think to reply his mouth breaks out in a breath-taking smile, which makes my heart beat faster.

'No.' I reply quietly and he nods his head and seats up, I can see him preparing to make a speech, so I brace myself.

"I am in need of a student to work closely with me. I am new here, and because of how young I am compared to most of the teachers in the school, I haven't been accepted and I feel a bit of animosity and hostility" I don't still see how I am needed. "You are a student, which all teachers in this school sing high praises of. They all love, which makes you the perfect candidate to work it on winning over the teaching staff."

I have to collect myself, when I realise he has finished talking, his voice is music to my ears and watching his face while he spoke had gotten me in a trance. I blush embarrassed at being caught, so I quickly say something "I'm to find out how to make them like you? Like going undercover for you?" He quirks an eyebrow at me, his eyes twinkling and a sheepish smile on his face, I want to laugh but I know he is being serious, I hold it back and nod my head. "Okay principal Ego, I will try my very best," I say with all seriousness while looking at his face.

"Keep this between us, don't worry you'll be rewarded for your services. Consider this another extra-curriculum course."

He winks at me, making my heart melt. I smile at him and he nods to the door, taking that has my cue, I get up and leave his office with a smile, thinking about the odd request he just made of me and how much of a panty-dropper he is.

When I return to my friends, especially the girls. They were all waiting to know what had happened and I told them a half-truth version, saying he had called me about taking on an extra-curriculum course, they didn't pry me for more, once I start talking about how sexy he was and how he made me feel.

1 Day Ago

The next day, the same thing occurs again during lunch break and I am called to the principal's office, but this time around I kind of knew what to expect. We hadn't actually spoken about how or when I would be reporting to him on my findings. Louis looks annoyed at me, he wanted to sneak off somewhere and I am thankful for this call, cause yesterday had been a reality check for me. I can't continue doing this to myself or my best friend, I am hurting us both even if she doesn't know she is being hurt.

I sit down on one of the chairs in front of his desk and look at the serious but sexy principal Ego. What in the world have I done? Weren't we all smiles yesterday? "Have you the slightest idea why you are here Ms Blue?" I get a sense of Deja vù and expect him to break out into a smile, but when that doesn't happen I shake my head no since my ability to speak has come to fail me, I really must be in some serious shit. "You are a brilliant student, with outstanding results. You also manage a great whole lot of responsibilities in this school, our ambassador to the fullest, but one mistake can ruin your life forever, you know that right?" that statement scares me, "Yes, I know." He starts using his laptop, before turning it around to face me, VLC is up and he has a video for me to watch, my body starts feeling uncomfortable as soon as I press play, the video starts with an empty classroom, which I know very well that uncomfortable feeling comes back when I realize what I'm about to watch.

In the video, Louis drags me into the classroom, closing the door with his leg, pulling me in for a kiss, I can hear the kissing sounds we were making, we had made out for up to three minutes. I know I am red to my roots, but I continue to watch the video because Mr Ego said so. I know what will happen next, I am the main actress.

Louis and I crash into the nearest wall, our lips connected roughly and we both battle for dominance over the kiss, he starts fumbling with the edge of my top, before finally raising it and taking it off entirely from my body, he does the same for himself before going for my skirt pulling it off and leaving me in my underwear, his trouser drops to the floor when he undo's it, followed by his boxer. He steps out of it and attacks my lips his hand gripping my waist, pulling my body closer to his, his hands unclasp my bra before it wanders to my breasts, he squeezes them roughly and tug on my nipples, twisting and pinching them. "Oh Louis, do it harder." I cry and he lavishes my breasts with attention and I continue to beg for more, like the fucking slut I am. I get on my knees to lubricate his cock, I lick the head of his cock, before sucking it a bit, before he moves my head away, drags me up and tears off my panties, without wasting time he has his thick cock inside my pussy. He fucks me like a he's in a car race, from the beginning and I am taunting him for more "Is that all you got?" "For freak sakes faster." and I come twice for him, swearing like a street harlot, moaning from the sweet and painful sensations that were coursing through my very violated body at that time.

Louis and I are so expelled. I don't need a mirror to know that I am, I have to be after being humiliated and embarrassed in the worst way possible, my principal just played a sex video, starring me. He and the school representatives are going to tell the whole school and oh God I just realised principal Ego would have watched this video "I don't know what to say principal Ego, I'm sorry doesn't even cut it. I know the school board would have seen this and want me out of school." I say finally, my mum and dad will be so disappointed. I deserve this, after entering an affair with my best friends' boyfriend driven by pure lust, especially since it was just for fun.

"Ms Blue, go for class and don't mention this to anyone even Louis Conrad your associate. Come back to my office when your extra-curriculum activities are over and no you aren't getting expelled, but we have to discuss why."

Am I not getting expelled? Thank goodness, but will I be suspended? Why would I want to discuss this with anyone? I did rather kill myself. I do want to tell Louis because he is also the reason I am in this mess and he deserves to know too right?

Louis and I's affair started two weeks ago. Beforehand Louis and I always have had the sexual attraction, but it was forbidding so we did nothing about it until we couldn't resist it anymore.

And thus that's how we have been unable to keep our hands off each other and our affair escalated to a whole new level as things between us got hotter and riskier. We kept meeting up at any chance we got before we started making excuses and reason why we couldn't be available when people needed us for whatever their various reasons were.

I go about my day normally and I am surprised when my friends don't suspect how off I am acting or how nervous I really was when they had asked me what Mr Ego had called me for again. I made up a story about him wanting to discuss my work on one of my extra-curriculum course.

I finish all my extra-curriculum activities by 5 pm. every day, latest 6. Today I finish by 5 and the school is practically always empty by now, when I finally get in front of the principal secretary's office I take a deep breath and enter. The plain woman is nowhere in sight as if she already left for the day.

I walk towards the door leading into principal Ego's office and knock on it, to see if he's still around, a couple of seconds later the door opens and he gestures for me to enter and he closes the door behind me. I take a seat on the chair in front of his desk and he goes to seat on his chair behind the desk. "You want to see me, sir." He smiles at me and that smile takes my breath away, there I am lusting after my principal I'm such a slut, the principal who happens to have seen my naked body and me getting my life fucked out of me. "Please call me War, after all, we have been through today, I believe you can." I smile at him, swallowing my nerves, it's an odd request, but he is probably trying to make me feel comfortable "So, Ann-Alyssia I have a proposition for you when it comes to this matter." He called by my given name and it has never sounded better. I sit up straight, ready to listen to whatever he has to say to keep me in school.

"I want you, I need you to become mine and mine only."

It takes a couple of seconds for what he just said to sink in "Excuse me?" I say thinking I probably heard him wrong.

"You, belonging to me."

What the fuck? Is he mental? Of course, he is mental! "What?" I exclaim, my heartbeat is fast and my traitor's body is delighted by this, but my mind hasn't quite lost it yet. "You belonging to me, having you whenever or however I want and only me can have you. You have to end your relationship with Louis or I will gladly tell your best friend who her boyfriend is getting with every chance he gets, don't think she isn't suspicious. Plus if you agree you will get to stay in school and graduate top of your class, like you always wanted. I shall own you and we consummate the deal right now or you can get expelled with this video going viral." He says with a smirk on his face, I can't tell if he is being serious or is actually bluffing.

"Or I could tell the school board you offered me sex as a way of blackmail" He just smirks at me before saying "Who would they believe? Someone without proof of her claims or I who actually has an incriminating video of you, that ends life as you know it."

My life is ruined if I don't agree and no matter how attractive I find him, he is still going to be having sex with someone under his watch, this is illegal and wrong, right? Is your Principal meant to blackmail you into having sex with him, isn't that a major crime? But he's right about one thing, his words over mine. He isn't ugly, damn he is a fine male species, who I know I am definitely interested in and he should be in his late twenties or early thirties, but instead of voicing out my worries I stay quiet "Your answer? Mind you I know what you look like without clothes and you aren't a virgin, the hard fuck you received, is a clear proof of that." He says with a snarl as if he is annoyed about the fact that I was with Louis. I have no other choice but to accept what he has drawn out for me or face the wrath of everyone else and foolish slutty me says "Yes I will be yours, but Louis isn't any off your business and how old are you?" He laughs and his laughter makes my heart quake and body tremor, I am going to enjoy this more than I am meant to. "I am 28, and a word is enough for the wise. Which you are, just that you tend to make stupid teenage hormone driven spontaneous decisions, that can ruin you socially and educationally." He compliments and belittles me.

"Come to me." I get up and go to him behind his desk, waiting for his next command, he sits me on his lap and brings my head to his and starts kissing me, it feels like firework explosions are going off inside me, his lips are so soft and his tongue is seductively enticing. His arms wrap around my waist pulling me closer to his body, his tongue invading my mouth and it feels so sweet, he is gentle with me unlike Louis, my hand strays to his neck then slowly towards his beautiful golden hair, which is extremely soft, which brings reality crashing down around me. I am kissing my principal, life should come and screw me over again. His hand moved from my waist to start kneading my breast making me moan in pleasure he removes his mouth from mine, to start kissing my neck, I am in pleasure heaven and he's sucking and biting on my skin, definitely going to leave a mark.

His hands lazily start unbuttoning my gown from behind, until he undoes the last button, and then slowly push it off my shoulder to reveal my bra covered boobs, his eyes are immediately glued to my chest and I am quite busty so it's an eyeful. His hand starts massaging my breast through my bra and I can feel my nipples harden and see the pointed tips poking out, he unclasps my bra and draws it off. My breasts are free and in his face, his hands cover them and I moan at the feeling of my naked breasts being massaged, it gives me immense pleasure and I know my floodgates are open now, he squeezes them and pulls on my nipples causing me sweet beautiful pain before he takes my left breast into his mouth and suck on my nipple, biting down hard on it and making me cry out. He grabs my hips and lifts me, his mouth still connected to my left breast and places me on his laps, so I am straddling him and his hard-on is directly beneath my pussy, I automatically, start grinding on him, savouring his groan of pleasure.

His grip on my waist tightens, he grinds me on him, he stops torturing my breasts and recapture my lips in a passionate kiss, maybe to silent my moans, he grinds on me more fiercely and I don't hold back, has my orgasm takes over and I cum screaming into his mouth, he smiles in accomplishment.

"Now it's my turn." I understand him clearly when he lowers me to the floor on my knees, I unbutton his belt and unzip his trousers, which has a wet mark because of me. I am only wearing my thigh high sheer socks and panties my shoes long fell off my feet. His dick like I thought is impressive, thick and long, and it could tear my pussy. I lick his length tenderly, and his balls, before paying a lot of attention to his head, I lick the pre-cum off and lick the hole, which made him groan my name and grab a fistful of my hair and shove his dick into my mouth as he starts fucking my face, hard, making me gag and gasp for air. My pace was too slow for him I guess.

When he is about to cum, he makes me open my mouth wide and starts to beat his dick, the head position directly in front of my open mouth, he fills my mouth with cum and smears his cum covered dickhead on my nipples, and watches me swallow every last drop of cum and lick my nipples clean, so liberating, I am so turned on by my dirty act.

He pulls me up and kisses me hard, sticking his tongue inside my mouth. He put my hands on him so I can jerk his dick, while his go to rub my sore nipples, which were slightly stinging due to his biting. When I have him hard once again, he makes me lie on my back on his table, removing my panties slowly and my socks before taking my legs and wrapping it around his neck. He then slowly enters my tight pussy till it gets over stretched and he is fully inside, he gives me ten seconds to adjust to the feeling of being full, before he draws his dick almost completely out, and slams into me again, making me scream out loud in pleasure.

This makes him groan, he sets a steady pace and when I start begging for more he starts moving faster and harder. You could hear the slapping sounds our body made when they came into contact, I feel my second orgasm building and cum loudly but he doesn't stop, instead he grabs my breasts and pulling them, using them as a lever, while going in and out of me, when I cum again he leans down and whisper in my ear "When I'm through with you today, you wouldn't be able to walk properly for a week."

He pulls out of me to turn me around so my feet are on the floor and my chest and breasts are pressed on his table, this time while he fucks me, he slaps my ass hard, making me groan and small tears to fall from my eyes, he continues to slam into my body. I cum hard from the sharp pain and pleasure he is delivering me, my orgasm makes my whole body quake.

He still doesn't stop and has not cum yet, he sits down on his chair and positions his dick, having me sit down on it "My perfect little slut, ride me hard and fast." He says and I do as I am told my breast bouncing around, slapping each other and his face, he leans in and kisses my lips, softly. I know not long now I would probably cum again but he hasn't and I know we wouldn't stop until he has now. He makes me get on all fours in his office sitting area table and enters me from behind. Fucking me with a slow thrust that gradually increases, when I start begging for him to fuck me harder and faster, in hopes he cums, because I am on the edge of crashing, he finally groans "I'm about to cum, cum with me ."

He grabs my breasts and squeezes them as he increases his tempo, fucking me harder, our moans mixing together has one, and finally, he paints my womb, with his baby making seed. He pulls out of me taking my hand and uses it to scoop the dripping cum from my pussy, so I can lick my fingers like I would an ice cream on a cone, with that he helps me clean myself up through that method, his dick has now gotten semi hard and I swear I can't take another round if he wants another fuck. My legs hurt and I am drained. I look at him with pleading eyes and he smiles at me, caressing my hair "I am tired also, just clean my dick for me." He says as if he had read my mind, or maybe the facial expression I made I don't know. I move to clean his dick with my mouth like the good slut that I am. He then drags me up and kisses me sweetly, has he gently rubs my breasts, I kiss him back eagerly, before he gently pushes me away and starts to get dressed, I follow.

I have official had sex with my school principal and it had been amazing, I have fallen so far off the ladder and I don't think I want to climb back up. I want to be violated by him some more. He walks over towards me and squeezes my ass, and whisper in my ear, "Let me drop you off." I smile and nod, he kisses me again before we both leave his office. I am already looking forward to being with him again, but how do I end things with Louis?

Rating: 88%, Read 10639 times, Posted Apr 20, 2017

Fiction | At work, Male, Teen Female, Teen Male


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