Carrie's Training part 3 by masterkid

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Fantasm | Anal, BDSM, Cruelty, Death, Pregnant, Rape, Slavery

Carrie didn't die during the end of her pregnancy, but I think she probably wanted to. She cooked and did housekeeping and stocked the fridge with beer and every couple of nights I would tie her to the head board in my bedroom and fuck her. Sometimes her pussy, which was beaten far too often for the swelling to ever go down. More often I would fuck her butt hole or just thrust in to the back of her throat until she began to choke and struggle for air. Most of the day she just sat in the corner, barefoot, in a short sundress, waiting for an order from me or Cynthia.

The pink pair of panties she was used to being gagged with where now a tiny, crusty pink ball, and Cynthia got her self off by slowly pulling Carrie's lips apart and shoving the thing into her traumatized cunt. When she reached inside her to pull it out the next day it tore at the inside of Carries cervix and she screamed in splitting. Cynthia practically begged me to fuck her while she was gritting her teeth against the pain. When I pushed into Carrie with my dick again she jerked involuntarily every time I forced past her puffed up purple lips and into her raw insides. The tag with my sigil on it slid up and down, grinding the spikes around and around inside her clit. All the bruising and swelling made for a tight, wet cunt, and I fucked her until she was twice as raw on the inside as when I had started.

About a day and a half after that she went into labor.

By now the inside of her cunt was torn in so many places that when it began to dilate we decided to cauterize her insides to stop blood from getting everywhere. I left Cynthia alone with Carrie and a sodering iron while I did my workout routine and made myself lunch. Normally Carrie had been making all the food. But she was hog tied now, and between the violent labor pains and the damage I'd done to her pussy, she couldn't even stand up if she tried.

It took about 45 minutes to finish my food beer. When I got back to the bedroom Cynthia had burned all the cuts inside Carrie's vagina, and was making her twitch by burning the soft skin in between her toes. I took the sodering iron from her and she smiled up at me, wearing nothing but a small skirt and lace leggings. I grabbed her by the back of the head and jammed the hot iron into the soft flesh beneath her large white tits. Her shocked, horrified expression got me hard immediately, so I slowly moved the iron in a line beneath her right breast. She squealed and struggled to get away from me, but I held the iron in place for a few more seconds. When I let her go she collapsed to the floor and let out several choked sobs.

I stood for a moment to observe the two beautiful women, writhing in pain. But the Cynthia did something which surprised me. She turned away from me, put her head on the floor and spread her legs, still struggling to catch her breath. I think she expected me just to fuck her, but instead I touched the hot iron to the inside her tight little cunt. She squealed again and bucked her hips, but remained where she was on the floor. I put my dick against her asshole, but instead of stopping to apply lube like I normally would, I simply pushed my entire cock into her at once. This time she screamed and, deciding she didn't want this after all, she tried to pull away. I grabbed her hair again. I controlled myself, not wanting to come to quickly. After about ten minutes of fucking her unlubricated anus, I pulled out of her and blew my load across Carries tits. Cynthia remained in the position she was in, which was good. I returned to finger fuck her until she came with a scream. Now I was hard again, so I pushed into her asshole again. Fifteen minutes later, Cynthia's hips were bleeding where I clawed her. She was crying now, not used to me treating her badly.

“Please, please stop. It's raw! Please it hurts so much.” But her thin anguished voice only made me more excited. By the time I finally came in her butt, the inside of her cheeks and thighs were bright pink, and blood was seeping from the walls of her bowels. When I let her fall onto her side, she could barely stand any more either.

Meanwhile, Carrie's labor was advancing. She was shouting periodically from contractions and the tag I had placed over her clitoris was tearing into her more than ever. In between contractions she just whispered “Kill me, please just kill me.” but of course I didn't. Instead I hooked a cable through the metal tags on her nipples and attached them to the ceiling. Carrie looked at me with the same pleading expression as the first time I ever raped her. As I pulled the cable tight her nipples were pulled up into the air. I kept pulling until her swollen tits started to show stretch marks. She arched her back into the air to releive the pressure, and I pulled them even tighter. If she relaxed now the pressure would rip the tags from her breasts. Between her weakened state and the weight of her belly, the muscles in her back were already spasming. But after fifteen minutes she still couldn't bear the pain in her nipples enough to relax her back. Women are so easy to manipulate if you cause them pain in the right places.

When I first seduced and then raped Carrie, she had been wearing a pair of cute lacy pink panties. Those panties were now a wad of cloth covered in cum, blood and bits of skin from Carries cervix. I jammed these deep into Carrie's mouth, causing her to gag again. She continued to moan and scream into them. I loved the way she tried in vain to cough the gag out of her mouth. Instead she just clogged her own throat with more saliva. Her breathing became more rapid as she began to panic. Apparently she didn't want to die by suffocation. It became even more rapid, and her fearful moans became more intense when I grabbed her buttcheeks and pulled them apart. Her asshole had never fully healed from all the times I violated it.

I did the same thing to her I had just done to Cynthia, I forced my dick into her ass in one thrust. In reaction to the pain and discomfort she momentarily relaxed her back, and the tags in her nipples nearly ripped out. She quickly arched her back again to keep her beautiful boobs in tact.

The next thrity minutes or so had to be the worst any one has ever experienced, which kindof turned me on. Her contractions became so strong I could see and feel them. They caused her ass hole to tighten, and whenever it did I fucked even harder. She couldn't really push to help the birth while her back muscles were busy holding up her torso and belly. I wrapped my hands around her big beautiful belly through my whole weight into her. Every time I thrust into her the cables yanked on her nipples, which by now were a dark purple. As I fucked her I watched her cunt get even wider, and the tag I had installed finally ripped tearing her clitoris almost in two. I grabbed the sodering iron and closed the wounds so the blood couldn't act as lubricant. If she was going to suffer, it might as well be as aweful as possible.

Finally I felt that I was going to come again. I looked down and saw that her anus was clinging to the base of my dick, so that when I pulled out the skin between her butt cheeks stretched and stayed around me. I increased the length of my thrust so that her ass came lose. She was sobbing again now with her eyes closed, so I grabbed her belly again and finished in her. It was one of the best orgasms I've ever had, watching her bruised, violated butthole move in and out with each stroke.

I left her with her back arched and her ass hole dripping cum, underneath the unrecognizable mound of flesh that used to be a cute, tight vagina. I told Cynthia to deliver the baby. If it was a girl, it was her responsibility to take care of it. If a boy, she was to abandon it at an orphanage.

Six hours later, Cynthia was bottle feeding a newborn baby girl, and Carrie was still breathing heavily with her nipples attached to the ceiling.

After Carrie's belly had begun to sink, I fucked Cynthia while she sucked the first of the milk out of both of Carrie's tits. I left her hog-tied however, and started fucking her ruined pussy again. It was so destroyed after her ordeal that there was only one way to have fun with it. I lashed her cunt with a belt until it was swollen enough to be tight again. I lashed and fucked her everyday for a week.

A month and a half later, she still hadn't had a period. Her tits began to swell again. By now she was unable to walk, and was no longer attractive to me at all. I tied her hands and feet together behind her back and loaded her into my car.

If any one in the world could mistreat a women worse than me, it was a group of mercenaries I was acquainted with. They paid me a descent sum, and took Carrie away struggling and crying. For the next nine months she was gang raped, spending most of her pregnancy tied to a table in the soldiers break room. She died giving birth to her second girl, with a stranger's cock splitting her asshole apart.

Carrie's daughter's are another story.

Rating: 57%, Read 32764 times, Posted Jun 29, 2014

Fantasm | Anal, BDSM, Cruelty, Death, Pregnant, Rape, Slavery


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