SHUT UP AND SUCK ME PT. 1_(0) by sexyboytoy18

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Lorcan had move to the small town of Wolf Creek three months ago with his mom. He has a few friends, but they didn’t know that he had a secret, not even his mom knew about it. Lorcan is a gay fifteen year old boy; he has long blonde hair and a swimmers body. He had very little hair on his will sculpted body. The only visible patch is the lite blonde path that led from his navel to his massively oversized cock. At fifteen he has a six inch cock when flaccid, and nine inches when hard. His mom said that the only thing he got from his dad that the girls would love. Little did she know was that Lorcan was hoping that some boys would love it down their throat or up their ass. Lately he has been getting hard a lot especially around his one and only true and best friend, Connor.

Connor is fifteen also and on the football and wrestling team and one of the hottest boys in the school if not the entire town. Connor is built like a Greek god and unfortunate for Lorcan he is as straight as they come, for he was dating Jenny the hottest girl in school. Connor has short lite brown hair and a five inch flaccid cock, he always wondered just how big he got when hard but had yet found out.

“Hey Lor,” Connor yelled as he ran to catch up to Lorcan as he walked past the football field.

Lorcan stopped so he could catch up, “What up sexy, how’s it hanging?” Lorcan asked with a grin, “looks long and limp,” he love flirting with Connor and he knew that he kind of liked it and if he didn’t, he never said anything to stop him, and that made Lorcan love him even more. He only talked like that to Connor when they were alone so no one would find out about him.

“So how’s my favorite little queer boy doing today?” he asked as he draped his arm over Lorcans’ shoulder and laughed as they walked to Lorcans house.

“Shut up Con you know I’m joking with you, you asshole.” Lorcan said with a grin, he loved the way Conner’s’ arm wrapped around his neck it made his cock start to go hard.

As they walked down the road they talked about girls that they found hot enough to fuck the hell out of. Even though Lorcan is gay he played along so Connor wouldn’t find out about his secret crush on him.

“Well it’s fun to dream about fucking the hot girls but we both known that no girl would fuck me even if I paid them.”

“Shit Lor I’m not gay but I’ve seen your cock in the shower after gym and dam you got one massive dick, I mean mine’s only around 5” limp but you got what 6”to 7” hanging between your lags,” Connor said as he looked at Lorcan.

“Its 6” when soft and 9” when hard and about 4” in girth,” Lorcan replied as he turned red. “You been checking out my cock,” he smiled at the thought of Connor looking at his dick.

“Hell dude I didn’t need to know all that,” he said with a grin, “and it’s kind of hard not to look at that big monster, but you know if I was a girl I would let you stick it in my pussy, hell if I was gay which I’m not,” he said in his defense “I would definitely let you ram my ass all night long and I would even try to deep throat the hole dam thing if I could,” he said as they stopped walking and he turned and looked his friend in his pale gray eyes as his face turned red.

“Shit dude if I was gay and I’m not I would love to ride your ass all night long and I would let you fuck me up the ass too and let you suck me off as I sucked you off at the same time tell we both cum in each other’s mouths,” he said as he looked into Connors pale blue eyes and smiled. He was lying about not being gay but he was telling the truth about fucking and sucking him and letting him fuck his ass and sucking his cum out.

“Good thing we’re not gay then dude, will your home and I got to go its Friday night and mom and dad are going to be gone all weekend on some business trip for their work, so I got the hole house to myself, and Shane is staying over at a friend’s house for the weekend, Hay why don’t you come over about 5:30 and stay for a few hours and play games.” Connor asked.

“Cool I’m there dude.”

“Latter,” Connor then patted his ass as he turned and walked away. Lorcan watched his friend’s ass as he walked away and he thought he saw him reach for his crotch and readjust his cock. Could it be that this hot straight boy was getting a well-deserved hard on from all the gay talk? Lorcan just shrugged it off as he rubbed his own hard cock thinking of the ass pat he just got as he went in to his house to tell his mom the plan to go over to Connors house. He ran up the stairs to his room and shut the door. He stripped out of his cloths, and he looked at his naked body in the full length mirror and rubbed his 9” hard on as he thought of what Connor said about if he was gay. He had to stop before he blew his load all over the room and went to take a shower. The bathroom was adjacent to his room so his mom wouldn’t see him naked and hard. He made sure that he washed his cock and his asshole real good and then he shaved his pubes so he could feel skin on skin if he ever got to do something with Connor. Then he put on some of his favorite cologne even though he knew he wouldn’t be getting anything from Connor.

After Connor patted Lorcan on the ass and walked away he had to push down his cock that was growing hard. He hopped Lorcan didn’t see how all the talk of getting fucked in the ass had got to him. He wasn’t gay but he had a feeling that his best friend was, but he couldn’t’ explain the feeling he was having towards his friend and his nice firm bubble butt that felt real nice and firm to his touch and that enormous cock had made him really hard. He shrugged it off; he has a girlfriend, even if all she would do was suck him off and let him finger her sweet pussy, but wouldn’t let him fuck her so he was still a virgin. When he got home he went to his room and got ready to take a shower and shaved his pubes just like Jenny loved it nice and smooth, as he looked at himself, he saw that he was still hard but he knew that he didn’t have time to jackoff definitely with his younger brother Shane running around.

At 5:30 Lorcan knocked on the door and waited for someone to open it. He was wearing a red sleeveless shirt and a pair of loose shorts that was just long enough to hide his cock. Connor pulled open the door and grinned “hay how’s my little queer boy doing, come on in.” He looked so hot in his body-hugging shorts and no shirt and just his socking feet. You see Lorcan is not only gay but he also has a thing for feet.

“Dam you smell good dude, I mean dam good enough to…” he stopped himself from saying the rest and turned red.

“What you are you trying to say that I smell good enough to fuck?” Lorcan asked turning red too, “I just took a shower so I would be clean for you, I mean so I didn’t smell funky around you.” He smiled to himself for he now knew that his best friend did have a hard on earlier and he like it, just maybe he would get some of that sweet tight ass and hard cock tonight. He had to stop thinking about that as he was getting hard again. He fallowed Connor into the living room watching his firm ass and he realized that he didn’t have any underwear lines under his tight shorts, but he got lost in the fact that he had no shoes on only socks on his perfect and sexiest feet. He wanted to grab them and use them to jack-off on them, and then lick them clean. He just made it to the couch and sat down to hide his stiff cock so Connor didn’t see it. They started to play the wii when his parents came in and went to the door getting ready to leave as his dad went out to start the car his mom looked at the two boys and smiled.

“Now you two be good, and we will be back Sunday night late.”

“We will mom.”

“Shane, come on we’re leaving now,” she hollered and she went to car.

Shane ran into the room he was wearing cutoff shorts and a tank top. He wasn’t wearing his shoes or socks. Shane was 12 years old and looked just like Connor only younger and he too had sexy feet and the way his back had that perfect arch in it to show off his beautiful young compact ass. After he put on his shoes he turned around to face his brother.

“I see your boyfriends here you two going to fuck?” he said with a smirk.

“Shut up geek,” Connor barked.

Shane laughed as he grabbed his young cock over his jean shorts and shuck it at them. “Oh, Lorcan suck my rigid cock big boy drink my cum.” he then turned around and pushed out his cute ass, “Yes fuck my ass I need your cock in me now.”

Connor jumped up “I’ll kick your ass if you don’t shut the fuck up.”

Shane thrust out his ass at the older boys then he ran off laughing as he ran out of the car. Connor turned back to the couch and Lorcan saw that Connor had a large bulge in the front of his skintight shorts that made it easy to see the outline of his yummy cock. He sat down and began to play the game. Lorcan couldn’t believe that Connor didn’t deny that he was his boyfriend or that they may fuck latter, and soon got up and brought the pizza and some beer over to the couch so they could eat, drink, and play. After they had eaten all the pizza and had about four beers each, they had a real good buzz going on, Connor then laid his back ageist the arm of the couch and put his feet into Lorcans lap. It felt good, so good that he started to get hard. Connor smiled and started to rub his feet up and down Lorcans cock.

“I bet I can bet you in the next race dude,” Connor said with a smile.

Lorcan was in ecstasy having Connor rubbing his cock with his sexy feet, “ok what are we betting?”

“Well how about the loser has to take off their cloths one piece each race,” Connor said turning red. He was so cute when he did that but he agreed to it in anticipation to seeing him naked and hard. The first race Connor won but it was difficult for Lorcan to focus on winning for Connor was rubbing his feet all over his cock, he was so hard that he wanted he needed to cum real bad and soon. He stripped off his shirt so they could start the next round. He had to focus on winning and not the erratic feeling of the feet rubbing his cock, but he did win. Now they both just had shorts and socks. He looked at Connor and grinned he looked so hot as he laid there and Lorcan saw as he looked down his sexy body and can to his skintight shorts and saw that the bulge had grown larger straining them to the point of ripping them from his body trying to be free. God he wanted no he needed to see it in the flesh and feel the plumpness pulsate in his mouth as he sucked him into cumin in his mouth. Lorcan lost the next two races but won the third one so now Connor was just in his shorts and he was in his lite blue bikini briefs.

“Dam your hard as a rock, you love it when I rub your cock with my feet, don’t you,” he asked with a wide grin as he rubbed some more.

“Yes it feels good I could cum right now, but I’m not the only one hard,” he responded as he eyed his friends bulge and smiled.

“Well get a good long look because I’m going to see your monster cock before you see mine,” he grinned as he rubbed his cock and patted his feet on Lorcans cock. They started the last race, and Lorcan was winning by the last lap when something happen that would change both of them forever. As Lorcan made for the finish line it happened.

“I love you Lor,” Connor said as rubbed the head of Lorcans cock. This made him take his eyes off the game. Connor throw his hands in the air yelling “I win I win so strip off those sexy undies and let me see that lovely cock boy.” It had to be the beer talking because he knew his friend wouldn’t act like this, but he loves the new cock wanting hot slut in front of him now.

“It you want to see it that bad,” he stood up and faced him, “you pull them off sexy.” Connor reached up and pulled them down releasing the huge hard cock letting it point straight at his face. Connor exhaled out the breath he was holding. As the hot air hit the head it quivered yarning to be sucked as precum leaked out the piss hole. Lorcan moaned hopping his friend would put it in his mouth. But he didn’t “so what game now,” he said with a grin as he sat back.

“You shaved for me didn’t you?”

“No I shave all the time, I like the way it feels.”

“One more races I think that it’s only fair that I get a chance to see you naked.”

“Ok but what do I get if I win?”

“I’ll jack you off.”


They started the race and Connor was in the led on the last lap, when Lorcan reached over a grabbed his cock and started to stroke him. Connor closed his eye and moaned as he knew he lost, but he didn’t care he was enjoying these new feeling he was having for his friend. He didn’t think he was gay but the hand that was not his own or Jenny’s stroking his cock through his shorts felt good.

“Ok strip down let’s see just how hard you are”

“Nope you want to see it you undresses me,” he said as he stood up. Lorcan reached his hand toward his prize. He yanked his shorts down and released a very hard 7”cock that was leaking a generous amount of precum. Lorcan couldn’t help it he leaned in opening his mouth and stuck out his tongue and licked a healthy gob of the syrupy sweet nectar. Connor moans as he observed his friend licking his cock head, but pulled it away.

“That wasn’t the deal you were just supposed to undress me not suck me,” He said but his mind wanted him not to stop but he knew it was wrong. It had to be the beer.

“You shave too, now what?” Lorcan asked his voice was full of disappointment.

“One more race you win I’ll jack you off and if I win you have to jack me off.” Lorcan just nodded he wanted to win but he also wanted to loss.

“Yes I shaved but not for you Jenny loves the smooth feel when she sucks me.” He said as he sat down to start the next race. They finished off the rest of the beer to keep the buzz going and hopefully the sex games they were playing. The going was ruff for Lorcan as Connor kept rubbing his balls with his feet. So he had to do something for he didn’t just want to jack him off he wanted to make love to him. As the race was coming to an end he made his move.

“I want to have sex with you con.”

“What the hell?” Connor said as he stopped playing and looked at him.

“I’m teasing, but I win you have to jack my cock big boy.”

“Ok, you win,” he said as he sat up and reached out his hand towards Lorcans hard cock.

“No I want you to use your feet, “he replied “and I’ll then whack you off ok.”

“Ok, you’re on,” he said with a little too much enthusiasm telling Lorcan that he wanted this as much as he did. He laid back and watched as Lorcan turned to face him and gripped his feet. Lorcan couldn’t believe that his dream was coming true, as he placed the most erotic feet on the sides of his cock and started to rub them up and down, god it felt so good. Connor closed his eyes and moaned loudly, he couldn’t believe how good Lorcans cock felt on his feet. Lorcan started to rub faster and he too was moaning loud his precum was leaking out all down his cock an so he took one of his feet and rubbed it through his precum and then all over his cock. He placed the other one under his ass and rubbed it up his crack until the toes found his asshole and he rubbed them around it. Then Connor did something without thinking he pushed the big toe up his ass making him moan louder and then he started to cum. The first glob landed on Connors face and some on his lips, then some landed on his chest, but most of it made its way to land on his stiff cock and balls dripping down his crack to his asshole. The last squirts landed on his legs, feet, and dribbling down his still hard cock.

“Dam you shot cum all over me dude,” he said as he unconsciously licked his lips it tasted good that he wanted more but he wasn’t gay it wasn’t right, “now I need to go clean up and you said that you would jack me off.”

“Don’t worry I’ll clean you off,” with him saying that he put his tongue onto one of Connors feet and licked some of his own spunk. He ran his tongue up his sweet calf; he was in paradise as he lapped up his cum. He moved up to the thigh coming close to his nut sack but he didn’t suck them he moved to his other leg and started over. Connor was enjoying the tongue bath he was reserving he couldn’t conceive the sexual pleasure he was feeling and it was from another boy and not Jenny. Connor knew it was wrong to enjoy all the sexual attention he was getting, if only Jenny would show this mush devotion to him like Lorcan was doing now. No, he can’t be gay, but it was so good, so he visualize that Jenny was the one licking him clean and not Lorcan. Every time he looked down at the head licking around his navel he didn’t see a boy but jenny was the one swirling her tongue in and around his navel making him moan he even called out her name.

“Yes Jen suck my nipples you cum slurping slut,” he moaned.

Lorcan hearing this stopped what he was doing and looked at his sex deprived lover and smiled. He loved being called a cum slut, and he went back to sucking his nipples. He moved up his neck and licked the remaining sweet sauce off his face then kissed him letting most of the his cum pass through his lips so he too could taste it.

He ended their first kiss, “I love you sexy.”

“I love you to baby,” Connor said with a grin then he looked down at his swollen cock, “looks like you missed some.”

“I didn’t know if you wanted me to lick it clean too.”

“Shut up and suck me now,” He bagged.

Lorcan didn’t care that he was being called Jen for he knew that Connor was making up a fantasy for everything that was happing to him and the wonderful feeling he was having, and the beer buzz was helping a lot. Lorcan grinned and he started to lick the hard shaft, when he reached the tip he swallowed the whole thing down to his balls. Lorcan plunged his head up and down sucking as he went giving his lover the best blowjob he ever had. As he sucked on the yummiest cock he ever tasted he slide a finger up his tight virgin ass then when he had three up his worm ass he started to finger fuck his ass hard.

“Oh my sweet god that feels so dam good I’m going to cum baby, I’m going cu… oh god yes I’m Cumming shit suck it you slut baby drink it all,” he yelled as he moaned through the biggest and best orgasm he ever had. Wow Jenny never fingered his ass before it felt great and he didn’t want it to stop he loved having something shoved up his ass when he was getting sucked off. He wondered if the real Jenny would finger is ass as she sucked him off next time. Lorcan finished consuming every drop of cum and he let the softening cock slide from his mouth. He looked at Connor as he licked his lips and beamed.

“God you taste marvelous, you have the best tasting cock ever sweetie,” he said as he pulled his fingers out of the other boy’s ass.

“Wow that was the best blowjob I have ever had, and when you fingered my ass I didn’t want it to stop it felt so good baby,” Connor said with a smile. He still didn’t want to believe he was gay but that was the best oral sex he had in a long time. As he looked at Lorcans sweat socked body and he saw his own flaccid cock but a very rigid cock lying next to it and he grinned.

“Your still hard babe,” Connor said with a grin.

“Yea I need to cum at least twice before it will start to go down.”

“Will I’m not sucking that mammoth cock, it would never all fit in my mouth.”

“That’s ok I have another way to get off if you let me.”

“Sure as long as it’s not gay.”

Lorcan just smiled and kissed him on the lips, “looks like I missed some of your sweet sauce,” and he move his face between Connors legs. Connors eyes got big and a moan came out of his mouth as he felt the wet tongue on his ass. Connor couldn’t believe how good it felt to have someone’s tongue probing his virgin asshole. Lorcan was in heaven as he slides his tongue into the most delectable ass he had ever tasted. Although this was the first ass he had every eaten but he hoped it wouldn’t be the last. He pulled his tongue from the saliva slicked love hole and buried his finger up to the second knuckle and started to fuck his friend some more. Then he glided in two more till he was fingering him with all three of his fingers. Connors breath came in short gasps as he arched his back and let out a long soft moan.

“Oh my god, that feels so good,” he said through his passionate gasping.

Lorcan leaned over his naked body and kissed him on the lips as he worked his fingers in and out of his firm ass. His cock was so hard by this time it hurt so bad that he needed to get off and soon.

Connor leaned his head up and whispered in to Lorcans ear, “God yes it feels so good when you finger me baby.” This made Lorcan finger him harder, “Oh god, yes harder please fuck me deeper, god I want your gigantic fuck stick in me right now. Please fuck me now,” he screamed as the finger pounded his ass.

Lorcan looked at his friend, “are you sure you want me to, it may hurt sexy.”

“Yes I want you to fuck my virgin ass and make me your fuck boy, I want you in me now.” He moaned, “I want your sweet cum in me, so please fuck me hard.”

Connor couldn’t believe what he was saying he wasn’t gay was he. It had to be the beer but deep down he knew he wanted it, and he wondered if he would feel this way without the beer. But he did love the way Lorcans fingers glided in and out his ass it felt so good he just had to know how his huge cock felt. My god he thought he just might be gay, fore he did love the way he was feeling right now and he didn’t want it to stop. For some reason he want more and wanted it bad and soon.

Lorcan removed his fingers and placed his precum socked cock against the sweet pucker hole and slowly pushed the slippery swollen head in with a pop. Connor let out a scream as his dark dank virgin love lair was stretched to the point of ripping in two. Lorcan stopped so the pain could subside, he was half way in. he lend over and kissed him on the left nipple and started to suck on it trying to make him forget about the huge cock in his ass, and it seem to be working, so he push the rest of his nine inch cock all the way in tell his ball slapped against his ass. He stopped to let the tender tight ass get use to the full size of his cock, as he licked and sucked on Connor’s nipples.

Connor moaned even louder as the tingling sensations ran ramped through his young body. “God that fills so good,” he moaned between gasps. “God, you’re so big it hurts, but you make it fill so good don’t stop.” Lorcan had now thought of stopping till he unloaded his seed into his lover’s sweet ass.

“Your ass is so tight baby,” Lorcan said as he looked into his eyes, and he started to move his cock slowly in and out picking up the pace. Connor And Lorcan both moaned at the same time. Connor wrapped his arms around Lorcans waist and pulled him into a long and passionate kiss. As Lorcan drilled his ass with even and will timed strokes, his tongue plunged into Lorcans mouth as he moans. He pushed his ass back and up to meet every downward thrust in to his firm ass. He relisted the kiss and moaned even louder, “Yes fuck… fuck me harder cum in my ass my love,” He roared as he felt the large cock pound his now non-virgin ass.

Lorcan picked up the pace as he started to slam his cock in harder, he moan more now as his breath came in shorter gasps, “God, you’re so tight and you’re ass feels so good on my cock I could make love to you all night baby.” He moans as he could feel his cock grew larger as he reached the point of blowing his load.

“Yes please fuck me as long as you want, I love you sexy, fuck me … fuck you’re so massive I love your oversize cock in my petite ass.” He whispered as he hugged Lorcan even closer to his sweet socked body, making his harden cock agents Lorcans tight chest. Lorcan loved the feel of his cock in the other boy’s ass, but what he loved even more was how Connors cock felt rubbing agents’ his sweaty chest he knew that his new lover was about to blow his seed, so he started to fuck him even harder making the boy moan even louder.

“I’m going to cum,” Connor moaned.

“Me to, here it comes baby, I’m Cumming,” Lorcan screamed, as his cock discharge it’s thick white boyhood into Connor’s sweet tight vibrant ass. At the same time Connor’s own cock exploded coating both boys’ chests in his pasty milky love seed. Lorcan lean in and gave Connor one last kisses as he slipped his deflated cock from his ass with a wet plop. “That was amazing, you are amazing, and your ass is most defiantly amazing, love.” He said as he sat up.

The beer buzz was starting to wear off as Connor looked down at Lorcan and saw his limp dick covered in his creamy goodness, he looked up to see Lorcan smiling at him. Then it hit him as to what just happen he looked at the clock and they had been making love for over two hours. “I think I’m going to be sick,” he said as he got up cum oozing out of his ass. He stared at Lorcan with horror on his face, “you, I can’t believe you sucked my cock then …. Th… then you fucked me in the ass! You are gay now you ahh. You fucking dick!” He yelled as he started to walk to the bathroom.

He watched his friend and lover start to leave, “you wanted me to, you bagged me to fuck you,” He said as he watched Connor’s ass move back and forth as his cum leaked out, “You wanted it as much as I did buddy.

“I was, we were drunk, and it was the beer talking, that didn’t give you the right to take advantage of me and my ass,” he replied as he spun around making his dripping cock slap against his thigh and bounce making it get semi-hard. Lorcan couldn’t take his eyes off of that sweet attractive cock. “See you can’t stop gawking at it, can you?” he said as he moved his hips from side to side making it get harder as it danced in front of him. “Your hard again, you want it don’t you? You want to suck and fuck me some more don’t you, love? I even bet you would let me fuck you in your taut adorable ass?” he spat back at his friend, but he couldn’t help but look at the nine inch stiff cock. “Will it’s not going to happen ever, I want you to get out and stay away from me, and we are no longer friends. Don’t even talk to me I hate you!” he shouted as he turned around and went into the bathroom to clean up.

Lorcan was about to cry as he stared at Connors ass as he left the room. He slowly picked up his shorts and put them on as tears started to run down his face. He couldn’t find his underwear so he just put on his shorts and grabbed his shirt, socks, and shoes then made his way to the door. As he made his way there it hit him as to some of what Connor had said, he called him his love and he smiled as he ran his finger through the white cum and brought them up to his mouth and licked them clean, he loved how Connor tasted.

Connor looked into the bathroom mirror as he thought about what just happened it did feel good when Lorcan was sucking his cock, hell it was way better then Jenny ever gave him. He did love the way his big cock was slamming into his ass, but it had to be the beer, but it had worn off and what about what he just said to Lorcan. He did have an adorable ass, he looked down at his cum socked chest and smiled, God it was the best sex he ever had. He looked in to the mirror and smiled then he turned and went back to the living room hopping to talk to Lorcan before he left for good.

“Hay Lorcan, stop we need to talk,” he said as he walked into the room. His cock went from limp to hard as a rock for some reason as he observed Lorcans ass as he moved. He stopped a couple feet from him, he was anxieties he didn’t know what he was going to say to this cute boy that had just fucked away his virginity not more than a few minutes ago. So he decided to let his feeling take over and see what happened. As he looked into Lorcans eyes he saw heartache he had caused and it broke his own hart, he saw that he had been crying so he brought his hand up, making Lorcan flinch but as soon as he felt the tender touch he just stood there and let Connor wipe the tears from his cheeks. It felt good to feel his tender touch but he was confused as to way he was doing this after all he had said.

“Hay, are you ok? Look what you…I mean what we did tonight was wrong.” He saw the pain return to his eyes, “but like you said it was amazing and I did love it and I did enjoy the experience of having your cock in my ass.” Then without thinking about it and letting his feelings take over and kissed Lorcan on the lips as he raped his arms around him and seized his firm ass and squeezed it gently and compassionately.

Lorcan was in haven as he kisses him back, and he rapped his hand around Connors cock and slowly started to stroke him. Connor broke the kiss and moaned for what was happening felt really good but he knew it had to stop. “ No this can’t happen you need to stop or we will never stop,” he said as he stepped back from Lorcan, “ I meant what I said about it never happening again so you better go before I do something I can’t stop, so go he are no longer friends.” He saw the sadness come back into his eyes, “just till I have some time to think about what happen tonight and what I’m going to do.” He then stepped in and kissed his lover one last time, and gave his cock a playful squeeze through his shorts then let go, “you better go love, and you better not tell anyone about what happen here tonight or else, and don’t talk to me tell I talk to you first.”

“You won’t talk to me I just know it, and I won’t say a word, but I knew this would happen and I’m not sorry that it did. Bye my love tell me meet again,” Lorcan turned and walked out the door and headed home. Connor looked on as Lorcan left and he couldn’t keep his eyes off his ass, then he went back to the bathroom to clean up and go to bed.

Lorcan made it home and went right to his room and shut and locked the door, he then stripped out of his shorts just to realize he left his underwear at Connors. Looking at himself in the mirror he ran his fingers through the pool of Connors seed and brought them up to his lips and licked them clean. He went to his bed and laid down on his back as he remembered the intoxicating fun they had not more the an hour ago, and he grabbed his swollen cock and pumped out a another load as he dreamed about Connor’s tight firm ass rapped around and sliding up and down his cock, and he fell asleep in a pool of his own spunk as the tears started again crying himself to sleep. He dreamed about him and his new lover Connor making sweet love over and over again, making himself have a very nice wet dream.

This is the end of part onelet me know what you think of it and if you want pt. 2

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