Going Nova ch. 10: Hazel Goes Nova by sodapopsweet

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Hazel checked the time on her phone and noticed that she and Warrick were a couple hours into the afternoon birthday party they had been invited to. The party was hosted by Warrick’s friend Tyler, and the two had known each other since shortly after Brie was born. They had met on a new-fathers community forum online. When they’d realized that they lived in the same city, Warrick set up regular play dates with Tyler, his wife Lindsay, and their son Dominic. As the two kids grew up, they’d naturally drifted apart, forming their own relationships with friends who lived closer by—Brie had little interest in being carted twenty minutes across town on a regular basis, just to play with kids, when she could instead wander down a few blocks to Elsie’s by herself—but the two fathers maintained their friendship nevertheless.

Hazel enjoyed the company of Tyler, but did not hold as strong a relationship with him as her husband did, nor with Tyler’s wife. At one point early on, Warrick took the risk of inviting him into a threesome or foursome between the two couples, but Lindsay was not amused. Ever since then, even though Warrick and Tyler continued to carry on like normal, Hazel felt like she was something of an outsider.

“How’s Dominic been doing?” Warrick asked.

“Eh, you can see for yourself. Dominic!” Tyler called into the house. “Come say hi to Uncle Warrick and Aunt Hazel.”

A gloomy boy with a slim, ropey build appeared in the window in a black band tee with the sleeves cut off. He waved in acknowledgement, but didn’t go outside.

Tyler turned back to Warrick and shrugged. “I guess he’s getting to be that age where we’re not cool enough anymore, huh?” He punched Warrick on the shoulder.

“Not cool anymore?” Warrick asked, shooting a worried glance at his wife.

Hazel snorted and sipped her beer, but said nothing.

Tyler redirected the subject. “Brie’s starting to grow up, too. I’ve seen the pictures on Facebook. She’s getting tall.” He leaned in to Warrick. “I hate to tell you, man, but she’s got more of her mother in her than you.”

“She lucked out,” Hazel interjected wryly.

“I have to say, I agree.” Warrick said proudly, and wrapped an arm around his wife to pull her close.

Tyler cast his eyes downward. “I was hoping she’d come along. I thought maybe she and Dom would play together, like old times. Where did you say she was this afternoon?”

“She’s at a fashion show with her friend,” Hazel replied and added, “and a lot has changed as she has grown. I don’t think those ‘old times’ are coming back.”

“True. You know,” said Tyler wistfully, “I always regret that the kids didn’t get along better than they did. It would’ve been nice to see them blossom together.”

Warrick nodded, “I know, but you know kids. They can’t see beyond their own neighborhood. They’ve got it easy, really. They want their entire social circle within reach. If it’s not directly in front of them, they won’t even give it a chance. I got Brie a new bike, and she won’t even ride it. She’s already asking me for a car and she hasn’t even gotten her permit yet. Meanwhile, there’s a whole world out there for her to explore.”

The screen door swung open and Lindsay came out with presents and, balanced on top of the stack, a cheese tray.

“Speaking of changes,” Tyler said, plucking up a cube of cheddar as his wife passed, “We’re starting to talk with Dom about sex.”

“Lovely party conversation,” Lindsay mocked.

A self-conscious chortle escaped Tyler. “Anyway, we’re hoping we’re not too late.”

“Too late for what?” asked Warrick.

“You know, kids these days get their sex education off the internet, if you know what I mean. And I’m not talking about SkillShare.”

“Wouldn’t that be something?” Lindsay asked bemusedly. The foursome burst into laughter at the thought of an online video class that taught sex education through live demonstration, but it died out into fidgety reflection on the topic.

Tyler spoke up to end the awkward silence, “Anyway, I know Dom’s almost a little too old to have not yet had The Talk,” he paused to emphasize the euphemism, “but I was curious how you went about it.”

“Well…” Hazel fumbled for the words, “we’ve found ourselves in the same situation as you. We’ve noticed that Brie is becoming more sexually active. We’ve caught her…” Hazel then paused, looking to Warrick for the right thing to say, “exposing herself to new perspectives recently.”

Warrick felt a lump in his throat, unsure how much his wife was going to say.

“You caught her?” asked Tyler with surprise. He looked to Warrick, who grimaced and nodded. “With a boy?”

Warrick interjected, “Not with a boy, no. Not yet.”

Tyler chucked, “See? That’s what I mean. We have to get to them before the rest of the world does.” He turned to his wife, “Linds, have you ever caught Dom?”

“Caught him? No, but I’ve seen evidence that his tool is in working order,” she joked. She then rolled her eyes and bemoaned, “Copious amounts of evidence. In socks, underwear, towels. Boys!” she harrumphed. She finished with a wink at Hazel and the two women laughed knowingly while the two men shifted bashfully. Lindsay then continued, “We’ve been trying to strategize what to do next, but we can’t seem to agree on an appropriate approach for Dom. What are you two planning for your daughter?”

“We’re starting to get something together, but we still need more collaboration around it,” Hazel remarked. Lindsay nodded in agreement. “I just know that when I was a young girl,” Hazel continued quietly, “my dad, at first, took a very hands-off approach to my sex education. He wasn’t very comfortable talking about sex, at least not with me. But I found that the school curriculum was—shall I say—inadequate.It left me with a lot of questions that couldn’t be answered in a public institution.”

Lindsay tisked, “And with education funding only going down these days, I’m sure the problem hasn’t gotten any better.”

“I begged my dad for guidance,” Hazel continued, “but he resisted, always saying that it wasn’t proper conversation for a father to have with his daughter. And my mom was never around.” She glanced over at her husband, whose attention was rapt. “I was just a young girl who needed help, and my dad was too embarrassed or unsure to give me what I truly needed.”

Warrick swallowed, and said soberly, “I had no idea.” The others remained quiet.

Hazel continued. “My exploration became a… problem, in some ways, and my dad eventually intervened. It was pretty embarrassing for me at the time, but really I was so grateful for him, too. I see a lot of me in Brie today, and I want her to live the best life she can. I want her to feel rewarded in the end, like I’ve been rewarded with Warrick and Brie, and I think she’ll get there with a more hands-on sex education.”

“Like a SkillShare?” Tyler butted in, attempting to elevate the mood.

“Maybe!” Hazel exclaimed, eliciting laughter, though only Hazel truly knew how honest she was being.

“You know,” Lindsay piped up, “I feel like this conversation has brought us together closer than the last ten years of our friendship have.” Hazel smiled at her warmly. Lindsay continued, “Thank you for being brave enough to share your story.” Lindsay spread her arms and the two women embraced. Tyler smirked at Warrick and they clinked their beer bottles together.

Lindsay turned to her husband and the two of them changed the subject, talking amongst themselves about the pile of presents she had brought out. As they absorbed themselves in their own world, Warrick pulled Hazel aside. “How come I didn’t know anything about that?”

“I don’t know,” Hazel deflected. “It was when I was very young, before I was truly sexually active. I didn’t think—”

Just then her pocket buzzed. Checking the caller ID, she said, “Oh, it’s Ivy. The fashion show must be over. I wonder if she found the kids.” She answered the phone.

Warrick wandered over to Tyler and Lindsay, who were talking in hushed tones. They clammed up when they saw him approach.

“I think it’s time for presents,” Lindsay said, blushing.

“Sounds good to me,” Tyler sounded off with a broad smile.

Hazel re-entered the conversation and said plaintively to her husband, “Unfortunately, honey, we’re needed back home.”

Warrick arced an eyebrow up.

“Can’t stay for just one present?” Lindsay appealed.

“I’m so sorry Lindsay, we promised the babysitter two hours, and we’re already late. We were just having so much fun, we lost track of the time.”

Warrick could tell something was up, because he knew there was no babysitter, so he played along, nodding.

“Aw, bummer,” Tyler said. “I had a feeling we’d all get to enjoy at least one of these gifts. But thank you so much for coming.” They gathered round and exchanged hugs. Tyler shook Warrick’s hand and, with the beer bottle in his other hand, pointed and winked, saying “If I get anything good, I’ll text you.”

“I wanna be the first to know,” Warrick chuckled.

The Novas retreated to the car and Hazel started it up.

Warrick gazed at her from the passenger seat. “We didn’t get a babysitter. What did Ivy say?”

“She said that Brie has gotten herself into some trouble.”

Warrick’s heart dropped. Something told him, this time it was a doozy. “Trouble? What kind of trouble.”

“I’m sure you’ll already have some idea,” Hazel said pointedly.

“At the mall?”

“That’s where Ivy said she’d be. She must have run into the girls there. She told me that she brought the two of them home.”

“I wonder what happened,” Warrick mused. He contemplated what kind of predicament his daughter had again gotten herself into as they drove off. After her stint at the pool, he knew that she was not above gratifying herself in public places. Perhaps security had caught her in the bathroom, or maybe a cashier heard her in a dressing cubicle. He wondered about Elsie’s role as well, and he began to daydream about his tryst with her the previous night.

On the phone, Ivy had given Hazel an overview of what had gone down on the fashion runway, but Hazel decided to keep that knowledge to herself for the moment. She wanted to talk to Warrick about something else first. “I know we’ve been talking a lot about this lately, but I just want to circle back around to our conversation about helping our daughter through these troubles that she’s getting into.”

“Her sex education,” Warrick intimated.

Hazel gave a curt nod. “Indeed.”

Warrick’s phone buzzed about an incoming text and he pulled it out to see if there was any more information coming from Ivy. Instead it was from Tyler. It said, “!!! Happy birthday to me. Lindsay was very taken in by Hazel’s story, so she gifted us a swap! You still down?”

“Holy shit,” Warrick blurted out.

“What is it?” Hazel asked urgently.

“Tyler and Lindsay want to do a swap. I can’t believe it.” Hazel groaned in frustration and Warrick balked, “Oh, you’re not interested anymore?”

“No, it’s not that,“ she bemoaned. “You’re always getting distracted from your responsibilities by every fresh, new pussy that waves in front of you.”

“What are you talking about?”

Hazel frowned. “I was thinking you’d have taken matters with Brie into your own hands by now, but you’ve been distracted by another young girl the entire weekend,” she alluded.

Warrick sputtered. “What? I haven’t been—”

“Oh please, Warrick, I found her clothing crumpled on the floor in the living room this morning. You saw me in her teeshirt, for christ sake, and you’re trying to pull off this lie?”

Warrick’s cheeks burned.

“And while you were taking care of Elsie last night, I was the one taking care of our daughter.”

Warrick sat in silence, knowing that his cheating was now out in the open, but Hazel’s choice of words—“taking care of”—prodded at his subconscious until they formulated into a thought. “Wait a minute, what do you mean ‘taking care’?”

“I mean taking care!” Hazel threw her hands up. “Taking whatever care I have to in order to make sure Brie gets through this okay. And,” she looked to her husband, “I need you to step up and do the same.”

“How much care is there to take?” Warrick retorted argumentatively. “As far as I know, Brie only needs to take her medicine and have a little fun time flicking the bean once in a while. I thought you had taken her upstairs to get her medicine last night.” Warrick paused and noted Hazel avoiding his eyes. “Is there something I don’t know?”

“Yes, I helped her get her medicine,” Hazel replied, audibly frustrated, “but that’s only one part of it. She needed more from me.”

Warrick was still unsatisfied with her explanation, and he could feel her dodging his line of questioning. They were open enough with their parenting that it was rare for Hazel to be so evasive. Yet he couldn’t think of a way to ask her more directly if her care was more hands-on in nature without confirming his perverse suspicion that his wife had groped their daughter, like she had done in the car at the beginning of the weekend.

“I was— I…” For a rare moment in her life, Hazel was unusually hesitant in fessing up to a sexual encounter to her husband; she couldn’t bring herself to admit to molesting their child. Yet she knew that he now suspected something untoward had happened between herself and their daughter. There was no way out of the conversation without executing a lie of epic proportions, and Hazel found she could not be so dishonest with her partner. Besides that, she knew deep down that keeping this from her husband was wrong for another reason. “I…” She took a deep breath and committed to telling the truth. “I showed her the ways of being a woman. I made love to our little girl last night,” she admitted, choosing words that painted her actions in a positive light.

Warrick’s heart thudded in his chest, and his mouth went dry. “You what?” he choked out.

She turned and looked him in the eye and said as flatly as she could muster. “I ate her cunny.”

Warrick was astonished. “You… you did what?”

“I didn’t want her to feel ashamed after she… ate my cum, too.”

“You ate each other out?” Warrick raised his voice. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“Well, not at the same time!” Hazel corrected.

“Does that make a difference?” Warrick puzzled.

“Well, no. I’m sorry. I’m just trying to find something to say. I’m a little nervous right now. I don’t want you to be mad. I thought it would help her!”

This made Warrick all the more confused. “Help our daughter? By having sex with her?” Warrick rubbed his eyes. “I’m sorry, you’re going to have to fill me in here.”

Hazel took a deep breath. “During the movie, we went upstairs to get Brie some medicine, and I accidentally spilled the bottle. There wasn’t enough to last until the doctor’s office opened on Monday. I thought that, since she ran out, she might be able to eat my cum, and that might satisfy her.”

Warrick roared. “And why on earth did you think that your cunt was a substitute for Brie’s medicine?”

“Because!” Hazel paused. She sat silently for a long time, unable to make eye contact.

“Because…?” Warrick said, drawing out the word, filling the thickening silence.

“I’m just going to say it, okay?” Hazel shouted at the windshield. Warrick waited for her. “Because my dad cured me of this same illness!”

The admission hit Warrick like a ton of brick and he sat in stunned silence, staring at his wife, barely able to comprehend the truth of her words. She refused to make eye contact. A tear rolled down her reddened cheek.

After a time, Warrick broke the silence with startling calm, “Hazel, I’m getting tired of the interrogator act. You have to come clean with me. Just tell me the whole story.”

Hazel pulled the car over to the side of the road, put it in park, and broke down. For a minute, she sat hunched in the driver’s seat and sobbed. Despite her guilty admission, Warrick couldn’t bear to have her crying, and he reached over to rub her back gently until she had regained her composure.

During the next minute, Hazel learned to breathe again, wiped her eyes, and blew her running nose. After another big sigh, the woman said quietly, “Okay, I’m going to tell you everything I know.”

“Okay,” Warrick said tightly.

Suddenly Hazel snapped her eyes up to meet his. “But you can’t get mad at me anymore. What I’ve done with Brie is no worse than what you’ve done with Elsie.”

Warrick meant to fight back, but his wife’s bleary eyes begged him to back off. He blushed and nodded.

“Okay, this will all make sense soon. You’ll probably have a lot of questions along the way, but just bear with me, and I think you’ll understand.

“You’ve already heard a little bit about where this started. Back at the party, when I talked about how I had to beg my dad to give me sex education. This was when I was around Brie’s age. Perhaps a year older. One day in late summer, I had an awakening of my own.”

“An awakening,” Warrick repeated.

Hazel nodded. “The same kind of awakening that happened to Brie in her class, only school hadn’t yet started for me that year. Understand?”

“So you’ve been through this yourself,” Warrick followed along. “You’re… super-orgasmic?”

“I was for a little while, yes. Now, let me tell my story.”

“The first time it happened, I was at a friend’s house. His name was Greg. And his parents had gotten him a trampoline that year for his birthday. One of those big ones that people put in their back yards. We were jumping up and down on it, and I was really feeling the vibrations with each bounce.

“All day that day, it just felt like I was living in this day-glo dream world. All of my senses seemed to have been heightened. Like my spider-sense was tingling and it wouldn’t quit. Colors were brighter, and smells were stronger. It was like my brain was on the fritz. Especially touch. All of my clothing felt like it was triggering my nerve endings every time it rustled across my skin.

“So, I was jumping on this trampoline, and with every bounce, I felt more and more like my insides were welling up. Like somehow deep within me, I was filling up with a warm, gooey liquid. At first, I thought I had to go to the bathroom, but it felt pleasant, not urgent, like when you have to pee. I thought it was what trampolines did. I figured Greg was feeling a similar kind of euphoria.

“The pleasure started to build and build, and it got to be pretty distracting. But at my age, I had never felt anything so good in my life, so I didn’t really have a worry about it. I just jumped with Greg and enjoyed myself.

“Finally, though, it built to a point where suddenly I didn’t dare move. I could tell my body was at a tipping point and I honest to god thought I really was going to wet myself just then. I crashed onto the trampoline with a sigh and laid there flat on my back, just breathing, squeezing my legs together, and concentrating on holding my pussy at bay.

“Greg, though, had no idea what was going on with my insides, so he kept laughing and jumping on the trampoline while I was still laying there on the rubber mesh. His bouncing threw me into the air, and two bounces later, suddenly I was having my first super-orgasm.”

“Jesus,” Warrick said in disbelief. “What was it like?”

“It was truly blissful,” Hazel reminisced, “But scary at the same time. I was overcome. The whole world sort of rushed away and I felt like I was laying in a bed of electrically charged wool. It freaked Greg out, too. He thought he might have accidentally hurt me somehow, I was wailing and writhing so much. Little did he know he had caused me great pleasure, not pain.

“I remember feeling hot and sweaty and I ripped my shirt up my body in order to cool off, but I couldn’t help but fondle my small breasts once the breezy air streamed across my nipples. I almost did the same with my pants, too. I went nova. My clit felt like it was doubling in size, and I unloaded a stream of cum into my pants, though I didn’t realize what it was at the time. But I pretty quickly knew, even then, that it wasn’t pee; I just didn’t know what it was, exactly.”

As Hazel finished her story, she looked down at her knees and spoke quietly. “Anyway, that’s how it all started.”

Warrick swallowed the giant lump in his throat that had formed as he listened to his wife talk about her formative sexual awakening. It was eye-opening to learn about the parallel between his wife and his daughter, but she hadn’t yet addressed all his questions. “How long did this last?”

“Months. Three months, I think.”

Warrick flinched. He could barely handle three days of Brie’s out-of-control lustiness, much less three months of it. “So how did—”

Hazel interrupted. “There’s more to my story. Let me finish.”

Warrick nodded.

“Once Greg understood that I was okay, he got really interested in me and in what had happened. I did too, for that matter. He wanted to know everything about it, but I honestly didn’t know what was going on with my body. Over the days that followed, he was almost always nearby, waiting to see if I would cum again. And, of course, just like Brie, I did.”

Warrick was enthralled with hearing his wife’s story, but with her mention of their daughter, he continued making connections between his wife’s experience and Brie’s. Both had been thrust without warning into a mature state of sexual being. Both had developed the same sensitive nerve endings and the same squirting behavior. Both had to figure out how fend for themselves in a confusing new world. He started paying attention to what Hazel’s experience could mean for Brie. Is she already experimenting with a boy? he wondered. His mind wandered briefly to Elsie in that moment, but Hazel continued.

“At first, I kept it hidden from my dad. It happened a couple more times over the next few days. Usually at Greg’s and then again under the cover of darkness in my room. I had to hide all the towels I was using to catch the spray of cum I had.

“Eventually, Greg and I started experimenting, seeing what would make it happen in the first place, or even how we could make it better. I wasn’t all that embarrassed about it because early on, I only ever got aroused in private or when I was with him. It was the end of summer, so school hadn’t started, my dad was at work and of course my mom wasn’t there, so I had a lot of time to myself.

“Greg was a bag of hormones, and because I was so sexually open, he also started wanting to try new things. My own hormones made me very interested in his suggestions.”

“Meaning?” Warrick interrupted.

“Meaning, we started to masturbate together. Or he would fingerbang me. Or other things like that. We were young and didn’t really know what we were doing, and our bodies were in control, so we just tried a bunch of stuff. This is around when I started asking my dad about sex, because I wanted to know more.”

“And you said he didn’t like that.”

“No, he always said I was too young, or it was improper conversation between a father and his daughter. I think he was just really embarrassed about talking about sex. Don’t get me wrong, I love him, but he was one of those dads who just hoped the school would do the heavy lifting so he wouldn’t have to.”

Warrick prodded for some kind of coherent answer. “You said your dad cured you, though.”

“He did, but that was much later. Can I finish my story?”

“Sorry, go ahead.”

“Even without any guidance, Greg and I continued to experiment and about the time when school started, we had sex for real, and I felt like my mind had opened up. For a long time after that, that was all I could think about. Feeling him sliding in and out of me—” Hazel clammed up briefly, aware that she was reminiscing in front of her husband. She smiled at him, blushed hard, and continued, “Well, it’s nothing like I get these days, but it was pretty good at the time.

“Anyway, like I said, sex was all I could think about then. And we had a lot of it. Even after school started, we would sneak away and find an abandoned bathroom or classroom. I was always so loud, I’m sure some other students heard us. I know one of the teachers caught us once. We were lucky we didn’t get suspended or counseling.”

“The teacher really didn’t do anything?” Warrick asked, surprised.

“Well, it was a male teacher, Mr. Grainger,” Hazel chuckled. “We were young students. He probably would have watched us if he hadn’t gotten spooked by walking in on us. He just turned around and let us be.

“It got pretty bad for a while, because I was always exhausted by the end of the day from having these really intense, leg-shaking orgasms. Then I wouldn’t do all of my homework, because I would sleep all evening. I’d wake up the next day, and the whole process would start over again. Wake up, masturbate, go to school, skip a class to masturbate, sneak out at the end of school to have sex with Greg. Every single time, I cummed my brains out.

“Within a month, my grades were looking pretty dismal and teachers started asking questions. My dad thought I got mono from kissing Greg, so he grounded me and took me to the doctor. That’s when I was officially diagnosed as super-orgasmic.”

“How did your dad react?”

“He blamed Greg. He said that he was tempting me. I think he was still in denial about how serious my condition really was. Who’s heard of being super-orgasmic before? You hadn’t heard of it before Brie was diagnosed.”

“No thanks to you,” Warrick interjected.

Hazel ignored the comment. “Daddy thought I was just a nymphomaniac, but it’s truly this biological compulsion deep down inside of me. An awakened hunger looking for… something to sate it.

“Anyway, he banned me from seeing Greg, and he told my school that I wasn’t to be seen with him. They kept a pretty close eye on me after that. Sometimes they would time my bathroom breaks, which was challenging because I sometimes had to jill off really quickly to not get a detention. I always sort of regretted it—at the time, I mean—that my dad was my best trigger.”

“You masturbated to your dad,” Warrick swallowed.

Hazel sighed, “Well, the cat’s out of the bag. You know I’ve already had sex with him, so yes, my thoughts would drift to him, almost beyond my control.” Hazel grew wistful and shifted in her seat. “I don’t really understand it, but all I can think is that he was such a strong presence in my life. And,” she added, “he was handsome for his age.”

Warrick felt odd listening to his wife talk about her father in such a romantic way, but at the same time his cock begin to stir. “And you don’t regret it now?”

“No, not at all,” Hazel replied bluntly. “But let me continue my story.”

Warrick nodded.

“To get my grades up, I asked all my teachers for extra credit. I tried my best, but doing extra work with my condition was incredibly challenging. I was in this constant state of arousal, and it was pretty obvious. I think most of my teachers didn’t like me for that. Thought I was acting inappropriately and distracting the boys. Thought I was a slut. They probably weren’t wrong. Eventually, of course, two of the male teachers took advantage of my weakness. I couldn’t say no, because I needed the grades. But I also craved badly to have regular sex again. Since I couldn’t be seen with Greg anymore, I turned my lust toward my teachers.”

“Your teachers took advantage of you?” Warrick asked.

Hazel blushed and nodded. “Even then I knew it was wrong, but I have to admit, it was very exciting at the time to get special treatment from these older men. It was a secret that I got to keep from all my classmates. They all knew some of my teachers were favoring me, but none of them could have fathomed just why that was. It felt like a privilege. A naughty, secret privilege.”

Warrick’s cock surged at the thought of a young version of his wife having sex for grades.

“My intense lust was taking over, and so every other day, I was sneaking off to a closed teacher’s lounge on the top floor where one or the other would fuck me until we both came. Usually I would cum pretty quickly, and when I came, that almost always set them off.”

Warrick cleared his throat and attempted to size up the competition, “What were they like?”

Hazel detected her husband’s interest and began to tailor her story to include more detail. “Mr. Grainger, yeah, he was one of them, and he was an alright guy. He was a student teacher from the local college, so he was much younger than most of the teachers in my school.

“Mr. Avery was a real bastard, though. Once, he brought me up to the secret lounge and Mr. Grainger was waiting there. I don’t remember who had lost track of which day it was, but one of the two men shouldn’t have been there, and neither knew that I was also the other’s fucktoy. Mr. Avery tried to cover for why he had brought one of his students to the closed lounge, but Mr. Grainger, eyes wide, knew right away why we were there. With my hand reaching into Mr. Avery’s, he knew that it was the same reason he was there. I could tell he was shocked that he wasn’t the only one I was fooling around with.

“But to me, it didn’t really matter; I was ready to cum and nothing could stop me.” Hazel turned to Warrick. “Sound familiar?”

Warrick swallowed, then rasped out, “Brie.”

Hazel nodded. “I approached Mr. Grainger and took his hand, placing it under my skirt against my bare pussy.

“Mean old Mr. Avery got the picture in that moment. He realized then that I had also been fucking Mr. Grainger, and he laughed at me. I remember he said, ‘Little Hazel, looks like you’re getting a two for one deal this afternoon.’

“Mr. Grainger wasn’t anticipating a threesome with another man, so he was timid at first, but Mr. Avery took control of the situation. He directed Mr. Grainger to take my pussy while he unbuttoned his slacks and presented his cock to my face.

“I needed no direction and leaned in to take him into my mouth, but he put his hand on my forehead and said, ‘Wait. I want Mr. Grainger inside your cunt before you can get started.’ I waggled my tongue and panted, mouth watering, trying to get a taste of his precum while we waited for Mr. Avery to prove he wasn’t going to chicken out and get us in trouble.”

Warrick’s cock strained against his pants hearing the lewd tale of his young wife’s threesome with two older men. In the back of his mind, though, he felt a sense of doom. Was this what would become of his daughter, too, he wondered.

“At last, I heard Mr. Grainger’s belt swing open and before I knew it, he was inching his fat rod up my schoolgirl channel.

“Once their double-team began to pick up speed, Mr. Grainger commented from behind me, ‘This is definitely worth an A on your last assignment, Hazel.’

“But Mr. Avery laughed, as he fucked my face. He said, ‘I’m not even gonna change her grade.’

“‘Really?’ asked Mr. Grainger, ‘She’s doing this for extra credit from me. What’s she doing with you?’

“He laughed and pulled his dick out of my mouth, ‘Oh, she asked for extra credit. But she wants this so bad, she wouldn’t even stop if I failed her anyway.’”

“Jesus,” Warrick interrupted.

Hazel blushed and turned away from her husband. “My cheeks burned in humiliation, but I knew he was right. I begged for his cum as he laughed, looked me in the eye and told me he was going to fail me. He said that extra credit is how dumb girls cheat, and that I was too stupid to pass his class with the assigned homework, unlike everybody else. He said that smart girls don’t get spit roasted by their teachers. He compared me to his daughter, Jazmine, who was in a much lower grade than I was, telling me how even she was smarter than I was, and prettier, too. All the while, I nodded and cried in agreement as he waved his prick just out of reach of my watering lips. Finally he brought himself closer and I immediately swallowed as much of him as I could take.

“He came first that day, all over my face. Then he zipped up, mussed my hair, and left Mr. Grainger to fill my pussy as I gathered the cum on my face into my mouth.

“That was the one time I had two men at once. Well, before I met you, I mean. At least Mr. Grainger was even more kind with me after that experience. That took some of the heat off from my dad about my grades. I don’t think Mr. Grainger liked Mr. Avery very much, and,” Hazel wondered, “I think he also thought he might have had a real chance with me. Like if he could’ve just waited until after I graduated, we could start dating for real and people wouldn’t think it was too unseemly. There was a questionable age gap between us, but since he was a young teacher maybe most people wouldn’t have noticed.

“Immediately after that threesome, though, I had a class with Mr. Avery. The very next period. He kept looking at me as he taught in front of the class, because I was sucking on my hair, trying to get the last of his cum out of it. He leered evilly at me, knowing what he had just done, and what he had just told me. I felt depraved… but yet contented, having gotten the medicine that I needed. But he was a right monster.”

“That’s awful,” lamented Warrick.

“In hindsight, it wasn’t my greatest moment,” admitted Hazel. She then paused in thought before remembering, “Actually, I did end up getting an A from him, after all.”

“Do I want to know what you had to do for that?”

“Actually, I think you’ll like this,” Hazel smiled wickedly. Warrick sat up, a little more attentive. “One day, very close to when it all ended, there was a building maintenance emergency and the school closed early. I think part of the first floor flooded—I never actually saw it myself. So, they let everybody out, because it was a health hazard. Anyway, that day was one of Mr. Avery’s days, so to speak, and when we were released from school, he hadn’t gotten his chance to fuck me yet that day. He must have been looking forward to it, because he found me at my locker and asked if I wanted a ride.”

Hazel sneered at Warrick, “And of course the way he said ‘ride’ was so obvious. I’m surprised none of the other kids around me picked up on it. He was always begging to get caught. But it was an innocent time back then.”

“Anyway, I, of course, took him up on it, because even though I didn’t like him, I also knew that he would leave me satisfied for the rest of the day.”

“When we were in the car, he asked, ‘What do you say we go to my place before I take you home? Nobody’s there. My wife’s still at work, and since my daughter Jazmine’s not in your school building yet, she won’t be home until the afternoon.’ I agreed.

“Mr. Avery took me to his house, which was nice, but a little meager. It was two floors of nothing special. He always acted like such a big shot, but he wasn’t any better off than my dad was. I poked around a bit while he sorted through the mail, then busied himself closing curtains and locking doors, just in case his wife or daughter would come home early. That’s when I noticed the camcorder sitting in a bag by the stairs.”

“Wow, a camcorder, I remember those,” Warrick interrupted with a chuckle.

“Well, it was vintage at the time, but this was before smart phones were as ubiquitous as they are today. But when I saw it, a devilish idea popped into my head.”

“I think I know where this is going,” Warrick said.

“Mm hm,” Hazel nodded and winked.

“So you let him film you for an A?”

“Nope, that wasn’t the deal, haha. Let me continue.

“So, yes, I suggested that we film our tryst that day and perverted Mr. Avery was, of course, all-in. While this wasn’t the point, it felt extremely naughty to be committing to a physical copy that could be replayed or shared. If someone saw it, we could’ve both gotten in big trouble, and that was thrilling. I remember my body shivered with excitement, covered in goose bumps. He took me upstairs to his bedroom, but along the way we passed this room all done up in pink and ruffles. I knew it was Jazmine’s room—his daughter’s room—and my plan deepened even more.”

“I can’t even imagine where you’re taking this,” said Warrick, knowing the story was heating up.

Hazel grinned slyly. “After peering in, I stopped Mr. Avery in the hallway and said with as much fascination as I could muster, ‘Ooh, pretty. Let’s do it in here.’ I could tell he was a little uncomfortable with the idea of defiling his daughter’s bed, so I turned on all my charms and said, ‘It looks like a princess sleeps here.’ Then I looked him directly in the eyes and said, ‘I could be your little princess.’”

“He was like putty after that. I swear I saw his cock double in size right inside his pants. I wandered in to Jazmine’s bedroom and sat on the bed while he set up the camera. He rifled through the bag and pulled out a stack of tapes. Some of them had labels written on them, but he found a blank one that he wanted to use and loaded it in and hit record. Then he flipped the preview screen around so he could make sure we stayed in the frame.

I have to admit, out of all the times he fucked me, this time was by far the best. I think because the camera was on, we both kind of switched into performance mode, like we were both in a porno and we knew we had to do it right. I think he almost saw me as a person then, and not as the human fleshlight he had always abused in the teacher’s lounge. With the tape running, he slowly stripped me of my clothing. He kissed each newly bared part of me. My shoulders, as he removed my jacket. My little feet, as he took off my boots and socks. My tiny tits and nipples when my tank top came off. And, excruciatingly, he took his time kissing up each of my legs after my skirt dropped to the floor. Just like our baby, I wasn’t allowed to wear tight fitting panties, so I had on these loose pajama shorties underneath my skirt that day. Mr. Avery wanted me to leave those on. I was ready to cum right then and there with all of his kissing in my special places, but he wanted to control me, wanted to drag out his own pleasure.

That’s when he finally took his cock out and presented it to me. I salivated and dove for it, but again he pushed me away. Instead, he got up and grabbed the camera off the tripod and brought it in close to my face. He wanted me to talk about myself. He wanted me to say my name, what grade I was in, and where I went to school, so that he would have leverage. He could use the tape against me some day if he had to. I just wanted to fuck, so I played along, smiling for the lens and chirping replies.

“‘What’s your name?’

“‘Hazel Williams, Mr. Avery.’

“‘Heh, let’s leave my name out of it,’ he said, trying to retain his anonymity. ‘And how do you know me?’

“‘You’re my teacher.’

“‘What are you doing here at your teacher’s house, Miss Williams?’

“‘I’m gonna be your little princess.’

“‘Are you now?’

“I just giggled and sighed, mugging lusty faces into the lens.

“‘And why are you going to be my little princess?’

“‘So I can get an A.’

“‘So you can get an A?’ he asked, in mock surprise, ‘What kind of girls have sex for grades?’

“‘Umm,’ I said, trying to find the right answer, ‘Dumb ones?’

“Mr. Avery liked that one and guffawed before saying earnestly, ‘You’re going to have to earn your A today.’

“His camera moved all over my body. He focused in on my chest. ‘What bra size are you, Hazel?’

“’32 A.’

“He brought it down to my shorties and pulled a leg hole out, peeking inside at my young cunny. My nectar was dripping all down my thighs. ‘Why aren’t you wearing panties like a normal girl, Hazel?’

“‘My daddy won’t let me.’

“‘Really?’ He almost chuckled with surprise. That had piqued his interest.

“‘Daddy says I can’t wear panties anymore.’

“’And you do whatever Daddy says?’

“I bit my lip and nodded at the camera.

“‘And what does Daddy say about going over to your teacher’s house?’

“‘He says I can’t go anywhere without him knowing, Mr. Avery.’

“‘Now now, no names, remember. Does Daddy know you’re here, Miss Williams?’

“I shook my head.

“‘Naughty girl, Hazel. You know, though, I won’t tell him as long as you do whatever I say. And if you don’t tell him, you’ll get that A. Are you going to do whatever I say?’ And then he added, ‘Like you do with your Daddy?“

“I nodded again and said, ‘I’m your little princess.’

“‘You’re my good little princess.’

“With that, he instructed me to sit on Jazmine’s bed while he reset the camera. Even though I was plotting to get that grade the whole time, my nerves were inflamed and all I could think about was cumming. Before he even got the camera on the tripod, I had bounced up onto the bed and was already strumming my clit through my soaked shorties in anticipation of the orgasm I was about to receive. He told me to stop, as he didn’t want me to cum too early and lessen his enjoyment, but words couldn’t convince me. Only when he returned and grabbed me by my jaw did I know what my body truly needed. There, in front of me, was his engorged, purple cock, which he prodded into my willing mouth. I sucked on the head of it, pressing my tongue against its sensitive underside, while one hand jacked the base, and the other fondled his balls.

“I remember his anticipation had generated a runnel of precum from within his cock that never seemed to end. The smooth, salty taste drove me on. I kissed the tip as the clear fluid leaked from the slit at the end, and a string of it dangled between my mouth and his dick. I glazed my lips with the crystal clear fluid before continuing to coax my true prize from deep within him: his cum.

“Each time I sucked him in, he would also thrust into my mouth, grabbing at my hair, but eventually his pace gained until I couldn’t keep up with him. I just sat obediently on the bed while he held my head and face-fucked me. He would only stop if I gagged, which I didn’t do too often. It was rough, but fun, I admit, and it livened up my sensitive nerves all the more.”

Warrick groaned, “Sounds like it got messy.”

Hazel smiled, enjoying her husband’s fascination with her tale. “Oh, it was sloppy. Every time he pulled out of my mouth, I would gasp and dribble all the saliva and fluids and precum that had built up and it would drip down my chest and tummy and onto my shorties and legs where it would mix with my sweat and all that pussy juice. Sometimes he would wipe it off my chin and smear his slicked hands across my cheek and into my hair, too. And my pussy itself was just soaking into the foot of his daughter’s comforter with how turned on I was. My girl-cum was flowing non-stop.

“Eventually, he decided he had had enough of my mouth. I was glad, because my jaw was getting sore from his rough treatment. I looked up at him and said, ‘What are we going to do now, Daddy?’ I immediately realized my error and put my hand on my mouth, eyes wide and cheeks instantly turning red.”

“You called Mr. Avery ‘Daddy’?” Warrick asked.

“Yes, it was an accident,” Hazel said, “but it was born from a deeper instinct. As my super-orgasmic condition progressed, I found immoral base urges growing within me related to my father. They were subtle, at first, and I think I thought of him only as a kind of savior or knight, like he could protect me from this condition. Eventually, though, it felt like more.

“Like, my heart would skip when Daddy entered a room. I’d get urges to cuddle with him closer than usual, or go to his room to sleep next to him at night. By the time I was fucking Mr. Avery on Jazmine’s bed, I had been dealing with these inappropriate feelings for my father for two months, but until that moment, I had kept them to myself.

“But to my surprise, Mr. Avery took it in stride. He just said, ‘Yeah, princess, that’s right, call me Daddy.’

“Wow,” said Warrick, whose mind wandered briefly to the previous night when Elsie, too, had called him ‘Daddy’.

Hazel gave him a wry look and said, “Don’t act so surprised. I saw the way you looked at me when I wore Brie’s clothes this morning.”

“That— that had nothing to do with Brie!” Warrick stammered.

Hazel rolled her eyes, but dropped the subject. She’d talk more about that later. “Let me finish my story,” she said matter-of-factly. “At long last, he stripped me of my shorties and there I was, laid bare at the foot of Jazmine’s bed, sprawled out for the camera. Mr. Avery kneeled on the bed, between my legs, and then grabbed me by my ass and pulled my cunt up onto his lap toward his dripping cock. He swiftly pulled me onto it and I moaned like a porn star. I was so wet that he slid in with little resistance. It felt like heaven itself had split me in two. I had been deprived for so long that day that it didn’t take much to put my super-orgasmic nerves to work and I climaxed on his cock as he held me.

“‘Fuck, Daddy. Cummies,’ I gasped. The burning sensation started at my tummy and spread into my pussy until it released from my body. I squirted my cum all over his hips and legs and it ran down his thighs and my ass, soaking up more into his daughter’s blanket below us. I cried out ‘Daddy, daddy, I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my pussy. I need your cum, Daddy.’

“At that point, he bent over me, laid on me, put his full body weight on my diminutive frame and fucked me with all his might. In the tape you can’t see my body at all. Only my face, contorted in ecstasy, eyes squinted shut, and my skinny legs flailing chaotically at his sides with each powerful thrust. The rest of me was pressed forcefully underneath him, into the fluffy comforter and mattress of Jazmine’s bed.

“And while I cried out for my daddy, Mr. Avery cried back for his daughter. ‘Fuck, Jazzy, your pussy feels so good. So fucking tight, princess.’

“‘Yes, Daddy, give me all your cummies. I need your cum.’

“‘I’m gonna fill you up if you keep talking like that to me, baby girl.’

“‘Fill my little cunny, Daddy. Show me you love me.’

“‘I love you, Jazzy baby!’ And with that, Mr. Avery let out a low groan, which fizzled into silence as I felt his cock swell inside me. When I felt the first warm blast of his cum, I spiraled into a second orgasm, one that took me by such surprise that I, too, fell silent, my wind caught in my throat. My eyes snapped open and rolled back in my head until you can only see the whites. For a moment on the tape, all you can hear is the sticky sound of our rutting, as his large loins crashed against my small hips and he filled my channel with his seed. More juices sprayed from within me, onto Mr. Avery, and seeped into his daughter’s bed. You can see the ecstasy of my orgasm frozen on my young face.

“Finally, I gasped and oxygen began to flow into my brain again. I thrashed and panted and whined aloud, like a trapped animal. My hands flailed, running all over my school teacher’s body, and my toes gripped the blanket beneath me. My chest heaved and my hips bucked under his weight.

“But even then, my brain was still attached to the plot I had to execute.”

“You mean, when you convinced him to film you in the first place?” Warrick asked.

Hazel nodded. “As I came down from my cum high, I began to formulate the next part of the plan.

“Mr. Avery, too, began to come to his senses. After a long moment of laying on me, pinning me to the mattress, he finally rolled over and said soberly, ‘C’mon, I need to get you home before Jazzy gets off school today.’ Something about him had changed, and he felt almost like a normal person, not the domineering asshole he usually was.

“I sat up and scooted to the end of the bed, dangling my legs off the side, and asked, ‘Can I take a shower first?’

“Mr. Avery smiled—sweetly, actually—and mussed my hair and said, ‘I suppose we should. You’re a filthy girl right now.’

“I knew it was a double entendre, but it was also true. My hair was matted with my own spit and cum, and my body was salty with sweat and juices.

Warrick sighed low and loud, “What I wouldn’t give to see that tape.” Warrick mused.

“I’m sure Mr. Avery’s thinking the same thing to this day.”

“What do you mean? He doesn’t have the tape?”

“Like I said, I had a plan. I needed to get that A in his class. He had me turn off the camera while he left the room to go get the shower started. When I knew he was gone, I peeked through the stack of video tapes he had kept in the camera bag. I was trying to be quick, so I just grabbed the one on the top of the stack. I remembered on the label it was written, ‘Jazzy’s 3rd grade recital’. I popped it in and hit record. I have no idea where on the tape it was, I could have taped over the middle of the recital for all I knew.”

“What were you filming?” Warrick asked curiously.

“Just me, making my presence known. It’s been a long time since it happened, and of course, I never actually saw the tape, so I don’t remember it all. From what I recall, I didn’t really know what I should do in that moment. I just slowly backed away from the camera, smiling and giggling softly, revealing more and more of my used body and tangled bedhead to the lens. I must have been quite the sight. I quietly said, “Hi, Mrs. Avery,” and gave a small wave. I backed up to sit at the foot of Jazzy’s bed and spread my legs, and then opened up my pussy lips with my little hands, letting Mr. Avery’s cum drip out of my hole onto my fingers, which I then licked up.

“Then Mr. Avery popped his head in. I thought I had been caught, but he didn’t realize the camera was filming again. He just said, ‘C’mon, baby, the shower’s ready,’ before disappearing again.

“‘Coming, Daddy—I mean Mr. Avery,’ I called after him. I stopped the camera again and swapped the tape out, putting the recital footage back in the bag and our sex tape back in the camera, and then I went to get cleaned up.”

Warrick was confused. “So… you got an A for the recital tape?”

“No, I’m not finished with this part of the story. But keep up, we’re almost there!” Hazel chided. “So, we took a shower and got dressed again, but I purposefully left my shorties behind. Just as we were leaving his house, I said that I had forgotten them, so I ran upstairs to grab them, but I also quickly took the tape out of the camcorder and stashed it in my bag. Then he took me home. I stole the tape right out from under him.”

“Holy shit,” Warrick said, “He must have shit when he realized the tape was gone. He could have gotten in a lot of trouble!”

“Yep,” said Hazel proudly, “I turned the tables on him. He thought he was going to use the tape to blackmail me, but I knew I had way more power to blackmail him if I had video evidence of him luring a student into his daughter’s bed.”

“What happened after that?”

“I didn’t end up going to school for a week after that. I was kind of… grounded again, I guess. My dad was there when Mr. Avery brought me home and was very suspicious about why my teacher was dropping me off. And my hair was still wet from my shower. After my teacher had left, my dad, knowing that my self-control was at an all time low, asked me if he had molested me, but I denied it all. I made up some story about how the flooding had dripped on me in school. Still, he didn’t trust Mr. Avery’s intentions.”

“He was a smart man,” Warrick huffed.

“I was back in school about a week later. I think Mr. Avery was sweating a lot in the meantime with my absence. He must have thought I, or my dad, went to the police. When he saw me that morning, he turned beat red and was very curt with me. Trying to size up just how fucked he was.

“But after class, I approached him at his desk and told him I wouldn’t tell anybody as long as he promised to give me an A.

“I could see the relief wash over him. But then he was back to his old, horrible self again. He actually said, ‘Aw, come on, I was never actually going to fail you. I was just having some fun with you, you dumb cunt.’

“The nerve! I almost turned the tape in for that remark alone. But I figured that week of silence was torture enough for him. That, and I really didn’t want to blow up the school with a whole sex scandal. My life was hard enough as it was.

“And that was that.”

“Wow,” said Warrick, dumbfounded by his wife’s lurid tale. “But what about the recital tape?”

“Oh, hm, I don’t know whatever happened with that. I do know that a couple years later, Mr. and Mrs. Avery got a divorce, and Jazmine went with her mom. I suppose it could have been for any number of reasons, but part of me wonders if the family sat down one evening to reminisce about their child’s third grade recital and found a filthy, cum-dazed nymphette calling after ‘Daddy’ from their daughter’s bed.”

Warrick noticed his underwear was getting soaked with his precum as his wife’s immoral tale continued to unfold like a treasure map. He was desperate to take out his cock and masturbate to her words, but he knew the time wasn’t right. She was still missing an integral part. “I take it your story isn’t quite over yet.”

Hazel blushed. “You’re right; I got sidetracked with that story. I should get to the point instead of filling you in with all the trashy details.”

“I don’t mind at all,” Warrick replied a little too coolly.

“Alright, last part.

“Like I said, my dad pulled me out of school because my libido was officially out of control, and he knew it. After that, the house was always on edge from my barely concealed sexual urges, and I surely made him uncomfortable with my capricious, free-wheeling nymphomania. Remember, this is the same guy who wouldn’t talk to his daughter about sex; now she was masturbating constantly and wandering the house in all manner of undress.” Hazel bashfully added, “Sometimes completely naked.

“And it didn’t help that, like I said, my dad was my best trigger. During my week under house arrest, he was the only person I saw the whole time. He wouldn’t let me go anywhere, and would lock me in my room whenever he had to work or buy groceries. All I had was myself, some YA romance novels I had read a million times, and very slow dial-up internet.

“I masturbated a lot during that time. I felt like my sensuality was growing at an ever-increasing rate. The one thing I was missing the whole time, of course, was a man’s cock. And as far as men I was allowed to see on a day-to-day basis, there was only one possibility around: Daddy. Initially, I was disturbed to be thinking about him in that way, but more and more, I grew comfortable with the idea of making love to my father. I hated the urges at first, because it felt sick to feel attracted to my dad; it wasn’t normal. It wasn’t something the other girls ever talked about fantasizing about. It wasn’t even something I had thought about before this affliction began.”

Hazel paused and stared through the windshield, thinking for a moment. “I think the official turning point was when I started looking to validate my urges on the internet. I sought out stories of other father-daughter relationships. They were easy enough to find in chat rooms and erotica, but they always seemed fakey. Clearly written by men with mommy issues. Photos and videos were gold, and much harder to come by back then. Once I found the right keywords, though, my internet browsing habits took a nose-dive. My search history was all smut and taboo. I wasn’t satisfied with standard pornographic fare anymore, and every time I jilled off after that, it was to father-daughter sex, or just to my own fantasies of me and my dad. I felt less shame because there were others like me out there.” Hazel paused and then smirked, “Well, not exactly like me. I never found another girl who was a super-orgasmic deviant like me.

“Soon, I started trying to seduce him. Not totally consciously, I don’t think. My hormones were raging out of control. They had me by the collar and I was following them wherever they pulled me.

“My dad’s routine was pretty predictable, and so a lot of times I would start frigging my pussy just before he came home. I would edge myself, careful not to orgasm too quickly, and I would time it so that I would cum just as he was walking into the front door. And I would call out for him from my room as I squirted into my sheets. ‘Daddy, fuck me, Daddy please!’

“It all came to a head on the seventh day. Almost from the moment I woke up until the evening, I was in my room chaining orgasms together, one after the other. I would sometimes cum a dozen times or more before passing out and sleeping like a rock for an hour or so. Then I would wake up and it would start again. Honestly, I don’t actually remember it that much, because I was in such a fog that day. I do remember experiencing the most intense, sustained pleasure I had ever felt, but I don’t remember many of the details. What I recall now was mostly told to me by my dad, so I may have some of it wrong. But here’s how he tells it.

“He left for work that morning, but he had forgotten to lock the door to my room. I discovered this sometime throughout the day—neither of us are sure when—and when he came back home in the evening, he found that I had escaped my bedroom and made my way to the living room. Windows and curtains were open, but there I was, in the midst of another frig session, exposed and vulnerable to my father’s gaze. My fingers were disgracing my glossy cunny. My girl juices had been released in a flood several times over and were smeared all over the leather couch and dripped down onto the carpet below. My ruddy little pussy was frothing, I had been working it so much.

“Daddy’s eyes bugged out at the sight. This situation wasn’t him merely seeing his little girl naked, as he had so many times before in my lifetime. No, up to that point, he had never seen me going at it firsthand. He had seen me naked a lot that week; and it’s not like he didn’t know I was masturbating. He could certainly hear me calling out for him, calling him by name, I made sure of that; but he had never seen me playing with my slit with his own eyes. He had never seen inside me like he could then. He just didn’t know what to do with me, or with himself.

“It was at that moment, he tells me, that he gave up on any pretense of my innocence. He decided right there that he now known and had seen pretty much everything about his daughter that he ever could. He had seen me grow up as any father would, but now suddenly I was a woman, raw and sexual. To him, I was no longer just a precocious youngster, I had been replaced by a new girl, alive, awakened, and animalistic.

“I had broken his mind. I remember considering briefly that I might be in trouble. Some small part of me still felt shame and embarrassment at my lack of control. But I didn’t expect what happened next.”

Warrick spoke up, “This is when you had sex.”

Hazel laughed, “No, not yet. I swear, I’m getting to it!”

Warrick shifted in his seat and adjusted his erection again, “It’s fine, it’s fine. Take your time with the details. I’m starting to enjoy this.”

Hazel rolled her eyes, but smirked at her husband. She was glad he was coming around to her story. She worried that her admission might turn him away from her. Still, she knew that she had to convince him to take the next step with their daughter.

“I didn’t get in trouble,” she said, “Instead, he just acted… normal.

“‘Hello, honey,’ he said, albeit red-faced, ‘How was your day?’”

Warrick interrupted again, “Just like that? ‘How was your day?’”

“Yes,” Hazel said, “As if this had been routine. As if every girl in the world greeted their father with their pussy wide open. ‘Mm, fuck, Daddy, I feel so good,’ I hissed.

“‘That’s good, do you… want me to make you something to eat?’

“I shrugged and continued to masturbate, edging myself closer to my next cum. I said, ‘I’m not hungry,’ and then I ventured, ‘I just want you, Daddy.’

“‘I love you, too, Hazel. I’m going to make a sandwich,’ he said, then left the room. Eventually he came back—yes, with his sandwich—and he turned on the TV. He sat and ate while I laid on the couch next to him, pumping my fingers inside my pussy and mewling deplorable things in his name.

“‘Daddy, I want your cock. I want you to fuck me. I found videos on the internet, daddy. Naughty videos of other daddies and their little girls. Skinny and young and innocent. Girls just like me. Except my daddy won’t fuck me like theirs do. You’re mean, Daddy. I need your big fuckstick inside me, Daddy. I wanna be like those other naughty girls. I want you to feel your hot cum fill your little girl’s baby cunny.’

“But he didn’t pay attention to me, or at least he tried damn hard not to. He tells me now that he was putting all of his concentration into eating his dinner and watching TV, instead of watching me finish. His indifference, though, made me feel bold in that moment, like I could do anything and get away with it. I was degrading myself in his name, but I still felt like he loved me and respected me as an autonomous, independent being. My heart swelled with love for my father, and my chest tightened with lust for him at the same time.

“I came hard for the last time during that set as I stared perversely at my father. My eyes could have bored holes in him as I watched him do his best to ignore me. I swore fiercely and thrust my narrow hips at him in synch with each wave of pleasure that coursed through my small body, with each spray of cum that squirted forth. Every time my little butt crashed back down onto the leather couch, it made a wet slapping sound as my ass made contact with the puddles of liquid I had created. Still he sat there, almost as if nothing out of the ordinary were happening in his home, as if his own daughter were not beside him, her naked pussy running with cum. Cum for him. The only giveaway that he had any perception of me at all was the big bulge in his pants. He adjusted himself once or twice to minimize the tenting, but it was still quite obvious, even in my fervid delirium.

“After that series of orgasms, I became weak and my body again began to shut down. I felt myself slipping into a deep sleep that probably could have lasted for the rest of the night. After I caught my breath and regained my senses, I looked upon my dad again as a father. I remember truly feeling love for him as his child, and not as the kinky jezebel I was moments before. I was somewhat sheepish about my unabashed behavior, but still I appreciated him as the patriarch and protector who watched over me.

“Slick and naked, I squirmed over to him and dropped my hot, sweaty face into his lap, cooed, and passed out.”

“So, surely that’s when he—”

Hazel interrupted. “I know what you’re thinking, but no, not yet. The way my dad tells it, he just watched TV for the next couple hours as he stroked my face, back, and arms. I’m sure he must have felt tremendous relief that his daughter had returned to normal, at least for the time being. I’ve asked him several times if he tried to take advantage of me, groped me, or if he even stared at my body as I slept, but he has always maintained that he just watched TV. And, yeah, I believe him.

“Eventually, it was time to go to bed for real. Daddy roused me from my deep sleep, and I could barely keep my head up, much less walk to my room. He picked my up by my arms and balanced me on my bare feet, then pushed me toward the bathroom. ‘C’mon, kiddo, time for bed.’

“Now feeling goosebumps from the night air cooling my still-moist skin, I was keen to head straight under the covers, but my dad steered me toward the bathroom first. ‘Gotta brush your teeth, kiddo.’

“Of course, I was not really in the mood for dental hygiene, but my dad insisted. ‘You didn’t brush your teeth this morning before I left, and I’m pretty sure you didn’t do it while I was at work today.’ Still I whined like a brat, but he persisted, setting me on the lid of the toilet. He put my brush and the tube of toothpaste in my hand, but I just threw them back at him in a fit. He sighed, picked them up, undid the cap and prepared the brush, then he held it out for me to take it. I refused and gave him a snotty look.

“He frowned back at me and reiterated, ‘You have to brush your teeth, darling.’

“In that moment, I wanted to shout at him, ‘I hate you!’ And I think my dad sensed it coming, because no sooner did I open my mouth to start hollering then he thrust his hand out and grabbed me by my jaw, squeezing my cheeks to keep my lips apart. I gasped, not knowing what was going to happen next. My eyes snapped to attention, worried, reading the lines on my dad’s face.

“But the creases of his frown softened and shifted back to concern, and slowly he brought my toothbrush to my mouth, reached in, and gently began to brush my teeth.

“This was not something that he had ever done before, at least not since he had taught me how to brush my teeth myself, and I didn’t know what to do but comply. I sat there, mouth agape, as my father held my face close to his and prodded the tooth brush in and out of my mouth. My face burned in shame, partially for recognizing my childish behavior, but also for being put in such an embarrassing, submissive predicament by my dad. The bathroom was dead quiet, save for the soft sound of brushing and my own quiet grunts as my father moved the toothbrush around my mouth. I could, however, hear my heart pounded in my chest quite clearly. I was lucid, naked, and vulnerable and held close by my father. Closer than we had been since well before my super-orgasms had begun.

“After a short while he finished and he gently released me. He stood up and, when he let out a quavering exhale, I realized he has been holding his breath the whole time. He said ‘Go spit, then come back and sit here.’

“I nodded up at him with doe eyes and went toward the sink. He didn’t move and when I returned and sat down once again, he was still standing there. I sat for some time and fidgeted nervously as he stared. It was only after about a minute that I realized he wasn’t staring at me, but into the middle ground, perhaps contemplating his next choice.

“It made me nervous. It was very out of character for my dad to behave that way, and in my lucid state I knew it was my fault. I was a bratty child who had driven him to distraction. I sensed a punishment incoming and I felt an intense need to apologize for everything I had done. For everything I had said. For becoming who I had become: a degraded, immoral slut.

“‘Daddy, I—’ was all I could get out before he held up a finger and shushed me. He held it for a beat longer and then took a deep breath.

“When he breathed a long, shaky breath out, he undid his belt before me, unzipped his pants, and pulled them and his underwear down over his hips. His erection sprang out and bobbed before me.

“I was in shock. For so long I had craved my father’s cock, desperate to have it, and suddenly here it was in front of me and I was at a loss. I didn’t know what to do with it; I could only sit there and stare in wonder and fear. It appeared huge in that moment, and maybe it was. I can tell you now that my dad is fairly well-endowed, but not too much bigger than anything else I’ve had inside me before or since.” Hazel looked to her husband, “A little bit longer than yours, and a little bit thicker, but not by much. Anyway, maybe it just seemed bigger because it was my first time seeing it, but I think at that time I had actually gotten my dad so aroused that his cock had surged beyond its typical size. I had been teasing him all week, after all. There in the bathroom, as he hovered over me, his shaft was fat and twitched in the cool air. Engorged veins crisscrossed their way from the base to the head, which itself was swollen, shiny, and purple.

“For a long stretch of time, I didn’t dare to move. Even though I had begged for daddy’s dick earlier that very evening, I couldn’t bring myself to go through with it. The thought of doing anything sexual with him frightened me. I knew it was wrong, and I somehow knew that it would change our relationship forever, and perhaps I feared it was going to change for the worse.

“The bathroom was stone silent the whole time. I barely breathed, and as I sat there, the pounding of my heart grew in my ears, until it dominated all the other sounds around me. It was a drum driving me forward, driving me to take the next forbidden step. I looked up into my daddy’s eyes, searching for the permission that I needed, but I got nothing in return. He blankly stared down at his cock, unable or unwilling to meet my gaze, ashamed by his lewd presentation to his daughter. I knew then that I had the power, if only for a moment. If I wanted to continue, it was up to me. If I wanted to end it all right then and there, I could. But if I did nothing, I knew that it would be over soon. I realized that I did not need to ask for his consent, but he was asking for mine. My father did not have the will to molest me.

“And yet, although I was scared, I also knew that if I continued, I could satisfy the primal, familial lust that had been building exponentially inside me all week; no, all season. A choice was before me, and time was running out for me to decide.

“While my brain debated my next move in fits and starts, my body began to lead. My pussy dribbled a clear juice down my crack and onto the toilet seat in preparation for use. I shivered as a light sweat broke out across my youthful chest.

“Once more, my eyes fell to his engorged cock. I looked it in the eye, into its slit, which seemed to glisten slightly, and I reached up to it. As I did, it twitched in anticipation. I gripped it lightly at the base, where his shaft met his balls. At the time, my hand was not big enough to encircle it completely with my fingers and thumb. It was pleasantly warm on my palm and even though I had felt other cocks before that point, I was still startled at how it could simultaneously feel so soft and so hard at the same time. I gave it a squeeze and a bead of crystal pre-cum appeared at his slit.

“I released my grip on his cock, but ran my fingers up the underside, caressing the smooth, papery skin until I got to the ripple of flesh just beneath my daddy’s corona. I jabbed my finger into it, which turned the bead of precum into a rivulet that descended onto my forearm. The pressure on his sensitive area caused my dad to grunt lightly, the first noise he’d made since exposing himself to me. It startled me and I looked up for his eyes again, but still he declined to make eye contact.

“While keeping my gaze fixed on his eyes, I brought my other hand up and, with both of them at the same time, caressed his member. I dragged my fingertips lightly over his length, sometimes in the same direction, sometimes going opposite ways. I swirled the seeping precum around his crown, thumbing his slit to gather more and spread it down the shaft. My hands, too, were covered in it, and as I jacked him, sticky sounds filled the room.

“Slowly, I brought my face closer and closer to his cock. In doing so, my line of sight slowly came into alignment with his, until there was nothing he could do, but meet my gaze. I needed him to be present for me. I needed him to see me, and know that it was me. I didn’t want him pretending my hands were those of another girl—like a friend of mine, an old childhood sweetheart, or an Asian prostitute. I didn’t want him to close his eyes and deny in his mind what was happening. I wanted him to look at me, to see his daughter giving herself fully, wantonly to him. Mostly though, I wanted to see his love.

“Still he was stubborn. I got my lips within pecking distance and still his eyes never left his shaft, so I craned my neck back and moved my face directly underneath his shaft. I knew that he could shut it all down if he just closed his eyes, but I hoped that he would not. With my nose underneath his precum-slicked member, I slowly inhaled his scent. It was a combination of sweat and salt and musk. The best way I can classify it was that it smelled like my dad, but ramped up a thousand percent. It took everything I had not to start licking up the copious fluids that glazed the skin.

“I went in for another sniff when his shaft pulsed suddenly and the tip of my nose brushed against that sensitive button of his. Another grunt marked the end of his patience with me. I had finally broken him and he looked me in the eyes. I saw everything I needed from him in that moment. Permission, acquiescence, love.

“I pulled back my head and grinned at him, realizing then that while I was under him, he had planted a cool drop of precum right between my eyes. A sticky strand shimmered between my face and the head of his cock. But that mattered little to me, because I was his and I was ready for anything he wanted to give me.

“I darted forward and took my daddy’s bulbous head into my mouth, sucking out as much precum as he could generate, like a baby nursing on a bottle. The moment he felt my mouth envelop him, my dad’s eyes rolled back into his head and he let out a groan. After that, all tension between us dissolved. I bobbed up and down on his cock and moaned and he gripped the back of my head, thrusting gently to meet me, as if we had done it a hundred times before.

“I did my best to take as much of him into my mouth as I could, but he was so big and I was so little. My small mouth, still encircled with toothpaste, couldn’t get much further past his bulbous crown. He filled me up more than any of my other lovers could. Still, I tried to down him, pressing his shaft as far back as my tiny mouth would let him go. He, too, wanted to go deeper, and he pressed on the back of my head, gripping my hair, encouraging me onward. I felt my throat strain, and I gagged. I was too small to deep throat my father then, so I pulled back.

“His cock drew out a thick glob of oozy spit that spilled and hung down my chin, swinging onto my chest and splattering my thighs. I coughed and wiped my mouth with the back of my arm, but grinned up at him and dove back in for more. I puckered up and slid my moistened lips down the length of his shaft several times; at least once on each side, and a few times along the sensitive underside.

“He moaned and groaned as I continued my ministrations. ‘Fuck, Hazel, where did you learn this?’

“The truth was that I had learned it over the last few months with my friend Greg and my two teachers. And Mr. Avery was especially keen to improve my techniques. But of course I didn’t tell my father that. Instead, I giggled and said, ‘No one daddy, I’m just a natural cock-sucking slut,’ which is what Mr. Avery was fond of telling me. Then I dove back onto daddy’s member, bobbing my mouth up and down on it, sucking as much of his fat cock as I could and forcing my tongue against the ejection button on the underside, pulsing precum down my throat and coaxing his jizz up from his balls.

“I liked talking dirty to him, and of course, doing anything sexual at all was enough to dial up my nerves. Much of the time I was servicing my dad, I was also swirling my finger around my swollen clit, and up and down the length of my pussy lips. I remember my juices had surged out of my pussy, down my ass and thighs and all over the toilet seat. Yet this time, I remained lucid through the experience. I wasn’t obliviously lost in lust like I so often had been. Maybe it was because I had just woken up from my nap. Maybe it was because I had cum so much already that day.

“Like the others I had sucked off in the past, my dad’s thrusting grew more vigorous as my blowie continued, and it was hard for my ass to stay put on the slick plastic seat underneath me. His motions also gave me a glimpse of his heavy ballsack swinging back and forth. Until that moment, I had given little regard to such territory, but I was hypnotized by the way my dad’s set moved. While my cheeks strained against his prodding cock, I reached my hands up to cradle his sack. I felt the weight of his testicles and enclosed my hands upon them.

“That caused my dad’s knees to buckle, and suddenly he gasped and vacated my lips. Like with Mr. Avery, I felt an urgency in getting his warm pole back in my mouth and nearly dove for it, but I heard him grunt and saw him grip the base of his cock, which gave me pause. A moment later, a runny white substance spilled from the slit of his penis. It looked somewhere between precum and actual cum. I had never seen it before.

“‘Did you cum, Daddy?’ I asked, curious for a taste either way.

“’No, baby, almost,’ he panted, ‘but Daddy doesn’t want to cum yet.’ He stood there for a moment, breathing heavily, catching his breath from his near orgasm. His legs were shaking and he leaned back against the sink. ‘What say we go to the bedroom, kiddo?’

“I was eager to get off of the cold, slippery toilet seat, so I nodded and said, ‘Uh huh,’ and slid onto my two bare feet. I discovered that my dad wasn’t the only one weak in the knees, and I staggered forward with a yip and a giggle. Ever my protector, my dad reached out after me and caught me in his large hands. He circled them around my chest, which was a thrill of its own, and picked me up into the air and carried me to my bedroom. I squealed with joy, and I could smell the aroma of the leaked cum wafting off of his fingers, which heightened my lustiness.

“Once at my bed, Daddy tore the blankets down and tossed me down like a ragdoll and I shrieked and giggled again. Instantly, I splayed out all my limbs and looked up from beneath his hovering frame. I laid there, my chest heaving, surging with adrenaline and hormones while he stood there admiring me.

“He didn’t move for some time, but after a moment, he urged quietly, ‘Say it.’

“‘What?’ I inquired, puzzled.

“‘Say it, baby,’ he repeated.

“Then I knew what he wanted. I blushed and bit my lip. It felt silly, for some reason, to say it in that moment. It felt naughty and I was suddenly and uncharacteristically shy. But deep within me I found the courage. I bit my thumbnail and, looking him in the eye, said with a timid grin, ‘Fuck me, Daddy.’ He exhaled slowly and bent over me, casting his large shadow over my small frame. I repeated it again with more enthusiasm, ‘Fuck me, Daddy,’ and he gave out a loud groan. I giggled with lusty joy as he swung his leg over me, drawing his hardened, heavy cock across my soft abdomen. My words turned into pleas, ‘Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me! I want your hard cock in my pussy. Fuck your baby girl, Daddy!’

“I felt the hot flesh of his rod inching ever closer to my leaking chalice. And at last, his swollen tip reached my crack. I could feel his warm, silky precum streaking my belly, copious, rolling down my sides in fat beads, and mixing with my own sweat and juices. My body writhed around, out of my control, trying to join with my father.

“Slowly, he began to hump against me, gliding his cock along the shallow dip of my cunt, the soft banks of my labia cradling and moistening his shaft. His knobby veins pulled lightly on my clit as each one slid by. He craned his neck down to kiss me on the mouth. Not as a father and daughter normally would, but as forbidden lovers. Together we gasped and cried wordlessly into each others mouths at our mammalian rutting, all tongues and breath and spit, letting pleasure alone guide us, take us.

“Finally he spoke, ‘Alright baby girl, it’s time.’

“I nodded, pleading with my eyes, ‘Yes, daddy. I need it. I need your cum.’

“Daddy lifted himself up off of me and I craned my neck up, watching between our bodies as he brought his large member into alignment with my ready hole. I felt him press into me, so I pushed my hips up in opposition. Despite my messy lubrication, it was difficult to fit him inside of my little schoolgirl snatch. When I think about it, I can still feel him stretching me out, even today.

It hurt a little bit, my pussy straining against his bulbous head, but at the same time felt more wonderful than anything I had felt before. All of the sex with my boyfriend or Mr. Grainger, or the barrage that Mr. Avery put me through, that all felt good at the time, but it still didn’t prepare me for fucking my father, especially that first time. The act was spiritual.

“‘I love you, Daddy. I love your cock. It’s stretching my little cunny so much,’ I cried as I speared myself wildly onto his descending staff. With each thrust, I managed to take a little bit more of him into me, but my pussy was so snug that sometimes it would only budge a few millimeters. Still, every one of those millimeters amplified the electric connection I had with my daddy tenfold.

By the time he hit bottom, I was cum-dumb. I no longer had words. Just whimpers, moans, and sighs. My brain was doing flips and I could only babble incoherently if I tried to say anything at all. If I wanted to stop now, I wouldn’t have been able to form the words to say so.

“He attempted to continue pushing inside of me, but I cried out and winced. His full length wasn’t even all the way inside me, but my womb blocked the way; Daddy’s cock was too long for his baby’s little pussy. Fuck, he was almost too big in girth.

“He craned his neck down to look at me below and said, ‘I’m inside you, Baby.’ I looked up at him and giggled irrationally in pleasure, trying to catch my breath, trying to tell him not to stop. But where I couldn’t speak, my body communicated for me, wriggling on his cock, getting my cunny acclimated to his size.

“With our ample lubrication working together, I began to feel a slight caress against the perceptive walls of my stretched furrow. His shaft began to glide back out of my cunt’s grip. I felt orgasmic pleasure tingling over every millimeter that his cock traveled and it radiated all the way out to my body. The ecstasy grew quickly, in fact, unexpectedly so.

“Once he was in motion, he slid right out of me, and as his bulbous crown pulled itself through me and exited my body, it left a void in my gaping cunt. I could feel the rush of cool air invade me and my pussy suddenly spasmed. I was hit with a shower of sparks across my vision. I was cumming and I wasn’t ready for it. I gasped and choked. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and I convulsed in euphoria. My legs shook wildly, and my hips and ass quivered. I felt a rapid pulsing in my vagina and a torrent of cum suddenly spilled from within me. It drenched my bed, and sprayed onto my father’s cock and abdomen.

“Daddy groaned as he watched me cum from his cock. Though my limbs were limp and flailing, my hands searched for my clit and flicked back and forth across it, extending my frenzy for several seconds longer. It felt naughty in that moment, touching myself for my father.

“Finally, I came down from my euphoria. My head began to clear and I felt a little bit embarrassed then. Part of my brain was screaming at me, ‘How could you? This is your dad. You’re not supposed to have sex with him.’ I wanted to cover my nakedness. To bury my face in shame. But another part was calm, the part that recognized how much love was in our familial union. We were making love, and I had wanted it. I had begged my daddy all week to come and take me, and now he had. But he still wasn’t finished, and neither was I. He had been inside me once, but it wasn’t fucking, not yet.

“When my breathing had calmed down a bit, I looked up at him again. He was still watching me, but he had moved from being on top of me, to sitting with his back against the headboard of my bed. He lightly stroked his erection. I didn’t know how, but I was still extremely turned on, despite having just came.

“‘Come here,’ he said, and patted his lap. I dutifully crawled over to him and swung a leg over both of his to straddle him. I inched my way up until my pussy nestled up against his ballsack. My spent cum dribbled out of me and over his balls. My clit settled against the turgid bottom of his shaft, and I shuddered.

“Then Daddy pressed his cock forward with one hand, so that it stood tall off his body, sticking straight up into the air. The sensitive underside brushed against my tummy. He sighed at the feeling of my soft and clammy skin against his. He tapped it against me and said, ‘Climb on, baby girl.’ I didn’t understand at first, but he urged me forward, ‘You can control the rhythm if you’re on top.’

“My eyes went wide. I had never been on top before. In my experience, and in all the videos I had seen online, the girl was always the one being fucked. Now, here was my daddy letting me take the lead.

“I lifted myself off of him, and got to my feet. A strand of my cum still connected my pussy to his scrotum, and a fat bead descended along it. His cock was standing so tall, there was no way I could have gotten him inside me from a kneeling position. I could barely straddle him as it was with my legs spread wide. I braced myself with both my hands on his shoulders and looked down between us, aligning my hole with his member. I lowered myself until the head of his cock pushed into my entrance and flayed my labia apart. Once again, I felt my father invade my nether regions. I hissed, ‘Fuck, Daddy.’

“‘Hazel, baby girl, you feel so good. I can’t believe you’re riding me. You’re doing good baby. Just do whatever you need to feel good on Daddy’s cock. I’m here for you.’

“Our previous fuck session was brief, but it had prepared my body for our second go around. I was still extremely lubricated from my orgasm and this time, I was able to sink onto his thick erection more easily. I mewled as I took every inch, my father groaning along with me. Soon I was as far down as I could go. My channel couldn’t fit his entire length back then. Still, I tried to jam myself onto him further. It was no use; the tip of his dick pressed against my womb. I looked down at my pussy, and saw my dewy lips stretched wider than I ever thought possible. My juices oozed around the perimeter of my entrance. My little pussy was so tight I could see the base of my father’s veiny tree trunk expand as it left my body.

“Once I had memorized the sight, I wasted no time in getting the show moving. I lifted myself from a squat until he very nearly exited me, and then slid back down over his shaft once again. It was heaven, every inch up and back. I repeated this action over and over again, bouncing my small body on top of my daddy’s lap, feeling every inch of his manhood invade me. I gripped his shoulders for leverage and he encircled my waist with his hands, helping me to keep my momentum as my legs began to tire. My thighs burned as I performed one sensual squat after another. My girlish grunting filled the air, mixing with his low-pitched groans, as my own father split me in two.

A sheen of sweat broke out across my whole body, and droplets mixed together and ran down my chest, a signal that I was getting closer to yet another orgasm.

That’s when my daddy wrapped one arm around me, grabbing me and holding me under my ass, and pulled me close to him. With the other hand, he maneuvered it between us and prodded his thumb into the crevice between my lips. He easily found the stiff bud of my clit, and pressed, causing my brain to go haywire.

‘Daddy!’ I squealed in pleasure, renewing my rutting on his cock. I spat filthy words. ‘Daddy, I want your cum. I want you to cum inside me. Fill your little girl’s cunny with your hot cum. All daddies want their little girls’ pussies.”

“‘No,’ my father retorted through grunts as he continued to plunge me onto his cock, ‘Daddies can’t cum in their girls’ pussies.’

“‘But I’ve seen it, Daddy. Fathers cum in their daughters in the videos I found. And Mr. Avery wants to cum in his daughter, too.’

“‘How— how do you know this?’ my father stammered. ‘You’re so young.’

“Rather than answer him, rather than tell the truth, I dodged the subject altogether and held him close and whined quietly into his ear, ‘I love you daddy. I’m loving you with my little pussy. I want you to love me with your cum.’

“My dirty talk was too much for him and it put him over the edge. I could feel his eruption coming several seconds before it actually happened. It began as a low rumble in my dad’s throat and grew until he was moaning aloud, mouth agape, eyes shut tight. Then his body started to writhe and I thought he was going to pull me off of him. Instead, suddenly his hips pushed into the air, and me along with. It startled me and I stopped my humping. I opened my eyes wide and took in the sight. I felt a slight stinging as my pussy stretched a few millimeters more, accommodating one final swell of my father’s engorged cock.

“Then I could feel my insides being showered with searing hot cum. Daddy’s cock pulsed rapidly against my vaginal walls and painted them with the same semen that had conceived me scant years before.

“And, for me, something changed. But not before I began to feel an orgasm of my own building. I felt a tingle in the walls of my pussy, that shot straight through my chest and into my brain. It seemed to shut off every part of me, one by one. First my legs felt a pleasurable warmth flow through them, when suddenly they stopped working. I could no longer maintain my squat and I collapsed forward onto my daddy’s chest. He grabbed me and held me against him, which was just as well, because then my arms felt the same warmth and pleasure grow to consume them and they, too, gave way. I couldn’t have held onto him if I wanted to. The ecstasy was beyond what I had felt in so many months, but it also made me scared. I attempted to croak out tiny words to tell my father, my protector, to help me, but all I could say was ‘Daddy,’ before my mouth and eyes, too, stopped working like normal. Daddy says he watched me, and says that my eyes gave a thousand yard stare and that my mouth hung open with a slight smile. I grunted and gurgled incoherently, lost in a sea of blissful, orgasmic ecstasy. My mind had shut down and all I could conceive of was the pleasure of my cummies.

“His cock remained inside. It seemed the only muscles that still worked for me were in my pussy, which clamped on tight to my dad’s dick with strong spasms. It was almost as if my cunt was milking him of every last drop of his cum. And cum he did. He continued to ejaculate into my pussy the entire time. In my cum-dumb state, my body could only flail limply upon his. He swears it was 30 seconds or more of straight orgasm for him, and he pumped his cum into my womb the entire time.

“Finally, his firing cock slowed and his hips stopped battering against mine. His whole body gave one final shudder of relief, and we both knew we were done at last. One-by-one, my body parts began to reboot in the opposite order they shut down. My eyes flickered back to life and my breathing returned to normal. I could have spoken again, but I didn’t have the words just then. I just wanted to continue to be held by my dad. His body was slick, but still warm and intensely comforting. I didn’t want the moment to end, so I just sighed contentedly and cooed as he petted my hair and my fingers traced shapes of nothing on my father’s chest.

“Eventually, I fell asleep on top of him. I don’t remember when he finally pulled out of me, or when he tucked me in to bed, but he eventually went to his own room.

“And then, the next day, we discovered that I had been cured and life has been reasonably normal since then.”

Hazel finished her story and a pregnant pause hung in the car as Warrick tried to comprehend the end of the story.

Finally, he shook his head in disbelief. “Wait, what? You were cured? What do you mean?”

“I mean, I stopped having those intense bouts of hysteria. I didn’t have the uncontrollable urge to have sex every few hours, and I stopped drowning my panties in girl cum.”

“And…” Warrick attempted to piece the conclusion together in his mind, “You think having sex with your father was what cured you?”

“Yeah,” Hazel said, then contemplated, “I mean, what else could it have been?”

“I don’t know,” Warrick replied, “But don’t you think that seems a bit far-fetched?”

“I know what I felt. When he came inside me, it was almost like my body rebooted. I think it makes sense on a biological level. I was born from his sperm, and it was his sperm that reset me to my factory settings, so to speak.”

Just then, Hazel’s phone buzzed and both adults jumped out of their seats. “Jesus Christ, that scared me,” Warrick said.

Hazel checked it and said, “Right, it’s Ivy. She’s asking where we are.” The startle seemed to knock them back to reality. They had a child to check up on. “We should get moving.” She texted back, “Omw.”

Warrick sat as Hazel shifted the car back into drive and started moving back toward home once again. After some time, he asked, “How am I just now hearing about this?”

Hazel shrugged. “It just hasn’t really mattered. Once I was cured, life returned mostly back to the way it was.”

“Have you told anyone else?”

“Of course not,” Hazel said, indignantly, “You think anybody is just going to think it’s okay for me to have a sexual relationship with my father? They’d probably tell me to seek help, or worse, have him arrested. Nobody gets what happened that night.” Then Hazel mused briefly and said with a smirk, “I suppose Ivy might be receptive.”


“What? I’ve heard the way she talks about her brother. Plus, he’s dating a girl that’s practically her twin.”

“I didn’t know she had a brother,” Warrick said. He had known Ivy sexually over the years thanks to his wife, but their conversations were typically surface-level. Whenever she started talking with Hazel, he tended to tune out.

“It’s amazing what you can know about someone when you do more than have sex with them,” Hazel jeered.

“So that was that, then?” Warrick picked up the topic of Hazel’s father again. “You and dad fucked and then it was all over.”

Hazel turned to look at her husband and nodded, but then turned away and said, “Well…” before drifting off into silence.

Warrick snapped his head to look at her, but she kept her eyes on the road. “Well?”

“Well…” Hazel sighed, “we had sex after that, too.”

“Really? So you weren’t cured after all?”

“Oh no, I was. I never felt that same sort of urgent need for cummies after that, but… I mean, it was still fun.”

“You continued to fuck your dad for fun,” Warrick reiterated in disbelief. “How much? For how long?”

“A lot, I guess. But think about it: we had kind of crossed the line already. There wasn’t really any going back. Since we had done it once, there was nothing there anymore to prevent us from doing it again. I enjoyed it. And he enjoyed it, too. It really brought us closer together; not just physically, but emotionally, as well.”

Warrick didn’t say anything.

“You know how we’re close, right, he and I?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen you be affectionate with him, but I didn’t know you were that close,” Warrick huffed in amazement. He thought for a moment and a suspicion came into his head, and as soon as it did, he felt compelled to get it out in the air. “Are you still fucking him?”

Hazel chuckled. “No, not any more. Not since the week before our wedding.”

“Our wedding.” Warrick was startled that she had been having sex with her father the whole time they were dating and even engaged.

“And,” Hazel continued, “I guess Thanksgiving a few years ago. But that was the last time!”

“A few years ago?”

“Yeah, remember when we all got drunk? You ended up falling asleep, and, well, it kind of felt like old times.”

“You cheated on me with your dad,” Warrick said dryly. He could no longer muster up a sense of surprise about his wife’s actions.

“Well, now we’re even, since you cheated on me with Elsie.”

“But you cheated on me with our own daughter!”

“But you can fuck her tonight!”

“That’s ridiculous. I’m not fucking our daughter!”

“But it will make her better!” Hazel cried. “Please. I know it sounds horrible, but it will work. It really worked for me.”

Warrick sighed and calmed his anger, thinking for a moment. “This all seems so wrong to me. I don’t want to have sex with Brie.” To Warrick, it was only something he felt like he should say, not something he actually believed himself.

“Well, she told me she wants to have sex with you.”

“How do you know that?”

“We talked about it before we made love. I told her she had to keep it a secret. I guess that lasted about as long as it took her to get her lips around your cock this morning.”

Warrick swallowed the lump in his throat as he relived the moment. “She’s my daughter. I don’t have that kind of attraction to her,” he lied.

“Oh yeah? Then why’d you call out her name while cumming inside me?”

“I never—” Warrick stopped short. “Wait. You mean this morning?”

Hazel nodded.

The realization spread through him. “Oh god.”

“It’s fine,” Hazel reassured. After a beat, she smirked, “It was honestly kind of hot.” She turned to look at her husband and ribbed him, “The one time. Just don’t make that mistake again. I won’t be made jealous of my own nubile daughter.”

The Novas were quickly approaching home and both of them were unconsciously preparing to shift back into parent mode once they arrived, but Warrick had one more question. “One last thing, if this cure was all it took from the very beginning, why didn’t you just tell me when it all started happening to Brie?”

“Tell you that it was imperative for you to molest your daughter? You never would have heard me out before having me locked up. I needed you to soften up to the idea. I needed you to experience, to some degree, the truth of what was going on inside of her. I needed to seduce you with the idea. You think you would have just said ‘okay’ that first afternoon after the doctor’s visit?”

Warrick thought about their car trip home, when Hazel had masturbated Brie after they had learned of her affliction. It now made more sense why that had happened. His cock had subsided after his wife’s torrid origin story had ended, but reliving this experience—watching his daughter orgasm and squirt for the first time—caused him to swell once again. “I mean, I might have been open to the idea early on.”

“She’s my daughter. I don’t have that kind of attraction to her,” Hazel mocked as she pulled the car into the driveway.


Next: Warrick has been given his mission, but can he bring himself to see it through?

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