Night with daughter by pentur

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It began after dinner when my daughter,and her two children were leaving. I kissed the kids goodby,and when I went to kiss my daughter, for some reason her lips were parted. This was a surprise to me. I had kissed her many times,but this was the first time she had her lips slightly parted.

When I went to bed that night all I could think about was that kiss. Was it intentional,or was it just an accidental reaction? I hoped it was done on purpose. Now I began to think of a plan on how to find out for sure. I will need to get her out for a few drinks without her husband,and see what would happen.

A few nights later I visited my daughter,Kim, and her husband, After having a few beers, Ibrought up the subject of us two going out one evening for a couple of hours. Now Kem and her husband are partygoers and like to drink and I think.smoke some on occasions. It wasn"t a problem for eather of them if we went out. Her husband agreed that we should go and have a few together.

The day that we agreed to go out was one of the longest days I could remember. I ran different plans through my mind on how I was going to get her to kiss me again. Maybe I might get lucky and get to feel her up. I wanted to find out things about her sex life. Her husband had already told me some jucy stories about her.

On the big night, I was driving my truck with the bench seat and extended cab. The first thing I did, was to push the seat all the way back. This gives us a lot of room. I put some beer in the cooler behind the front seat, now I"m ready. I picked Kim up just as the day was turning into night. I drive out into the country, where traffic will be at a minimum.

We did some small talking, while drinking beer. Eventually, I brought the conversation to sex. I began to ask her some questions about her sexual activities. At first she was shy about talking about her sex life, but after she had a few more beers, she began to loosen up. I asked her about one story her husband told me about a house party, when they were in Arizona. When the party was over, her husband wanted to go home, but she wasnt ready to quit partying yet..Hubby got mad and went home, leaving her with two men to keep drinking. Eventually, she gave one of the guys a blow-job, while the other one was doing himself, waiting his turn. When the guy came in her mouth, the other guy got so excited he shot off before he had a chance ro get her.

Another time, while partying, One of the wives followed her to the bathroom ans began to hit on her. The girl kissed her, and then went down on her and began to eat her puss. she said they hadf to quit, but she enjoyed it. Also, I found out that she kissed back.

She was drinking beer fairly fast , but I only sipped on one, because I was driving, and didn't want to miss anything. After a few more stories, I asked if I could have a good kiss. She turned and looked at me, so I pulled her head over to me, and kissed her darting my tongue in her mouth. She responded with her tongue. Keep in mind I'm still driving, trying to kiss and steer the truck. I pulled back, and stopped in the middle of the road. This time we really got going. This time I put my hand on her tit sightly squeezuing. She didn't stop me. Now my dick starts to get hard

As we ride around I Put my hand down the front of her blouse and backand forth, I play with both tits. I had her undo her bra so I could play with them better. I put my hand down on her crotch, and start rubbing her crotch. With my right hand I tried to unzip her Jeans, but i was all thumbs. I asked her to do it for me, and she undid her jeans and slipped them down some. I took her hand and put it on my hard dick. She gently rubbeded me. I unzipped my pants, pulled them down, and took one leg out. Now she has my dick in her hands, moving her hand up and down ever so slowly. She takes her pants off, now we are really feeling each other up. I find a lane to park the truck in,shut the motor odd, kill the lights. Grabbing her shoulders, I asked her to come over here, thinking about another kiss. She came all the way over with her head going int my lap. Inches away from my dick, I asket her to put her tongue on the head of it. She did, so I pushed her head down until my dick mwent into mher mouth. What a feeling. She is ever so gently sucking my dick, and moving her hand up and down my shaft. Her other hand is playing with my balls. This has got to be the best blow-job I ever had. I'm still playing with her from the back side

I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. She still stroked my dick and moved her head up and down with a nice slow rythem. It seemed to start at the bottom of my feet, and work up to my balls. It was so good, I forgot to tell her I was coming, I shot off in her mouth, she took it all, swallowing it all down, and just held my dick in her mouth.

When she finally sat up she asked.

"feel better now?"

You can guess what my answer was.

Rating: 77%, Read 54628 times, Posted Feb 05, 2009

Fantasm | Cum Swallowing, Female, Incest, Old Male


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