The Girls Part 6 of 9 by mister+miss

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The next day Lorelei and I were up in the garage attic again. This time there was no hesitation on her part. She quickly stripped and sat cross-legged on the blanket, looking at me with a look that said ‘Well, what are you waiting for?” I smiled down at her and stripped down also, and got down in front of her. She leaned forward and started playing with my penis making it as erect as it could be. She then surprised me by spitting down on the end of it to make it slippery and it responded to this more wet contact by involuntarily contracting which also caused the head to expand and contract under her fingers. She looked at bit surprised and said “Ohhh, that’s new. I didn’t know your… uh knob… did that.”

“Yeah, it does that when I cum too. Which I’m going to do very soon if you don’t stop.”

She gave my penis one more squeeze and withdrew her hand with a pout. “Oh ok…I guess I should let that wait for a minute. I want to tell you about what me and Sandy and Jane talked about last night.”

I knew they had gotten together and I begged off joining them. I figured I would just watch some TV and let them have some girl talk.

“Obviously we talked about the river. Jane and Sandy were still in shock I think. They couldn’t stop talking about how embarrassed they were masturbating in front of you. They couldn’t believe that they got so horny that they actually did that. But…they’re really worried you’ll tell people.”

“I hope you told them I would never do that! This whole learning thing is just as much for me as it is for you guys and as I said to you in the bedroom, it’s nobody’s business.”

“Oh Michael, of course I told them. You have to think about it though. Girls know guys play with themselves. It’s expected kinda. But girls aren’t supposed to do that! It makes a girl a slut if she likes sex. It isn’t fair, but that’s just how it is. We all really like you and want to do stuff with you again, but there is this guilt thing that we have too.”

“Yeah…I guess.”

“They are coming over in a minute so they can talk to you with me. I am making them. They don’t know you like I do and I think if they hear you say that what we do is private, they’ll trust you more. Girls know when a guy is lying!”

My mind was racing. I wanted to somehow make sure the girls relaxed and felt confident that anything we might try was only between the four of us. I looked down at my hard penisand started to get dressed. “What are you doing?” asked Lorelei.

“C’mon…get dressed. If they’re coming over, I think we should at least greet them with clothes on. I don’t want them to think that all we think about is sex.” Lorelei pouted, but stood up and got dressed beside me.

It wasn’t more than ten minutes later that Jane and Sandy arrived. They quickly said hi to Lorelei and I, but I noticed that they were a bit quick to look away from me. We all sat down and they were looking down when Jane looked at Lorelei and asked “Did you talk to him?”

“Jane…I’m over here.” I said. “Yeah Lorelei talked to me, and you know what? I totally understand. Honest you guys, I TOTALLY get it!” I looked at Sandy and then back at Jane. “Tell me how you feel. I want to know…really!”

Sandy looked up at me and her eyes looked almost sad, almost regretful. “Michael, no boy has ever, ever seen me naked, and you did. I let you do all kinds of stuff. I can’t believe I did that stuff.”

“Me too” said Jane “I mean…we’ve both necked with boys and felt their things through clothes, but no boy has ever felt my naked body before….or especially watched me……you know.”

Sandy took a bit of a gasping breath at Jane’s reference to me watching them both masturbate to orgasm.

Jane continued “Look Michael, what we all did was a riot! I’m not going to sit here and say I didn’t love seeing your penis and touching you and especially watching you squirt. It was sooo far-out! But I just feel like such a slut for getting naked and playing with myself in front of you.”

Sandy, also wanting me to know that their feelings had nothing to do with seeing or touching my body interjected “Yeah, that’s right! We loved seeing your penis and everything else, but if anyone ever, ever found out, it would wreck our reputations sooo bad.”

I looked at them. They were now silent and staring at me with expectant looks on their pretty little year old faces. “Sandy, Jane,” I calmly said, looking sincerely at each of them. “Relax. First, I don’t even live here. But really, I do understand. It isn’t the same for you guys as it is for me. Girls get the short end of the stick. But, you guys have to remember that I’m not experienced either. You guys are doing me a huge favor and I know it. I love you all for it. Guys have a lot of things their self-concious about too. You know…will girls like my penis…will they laugh…is it too curvy or shaped funny….is it too small especially? Oh God, what if I cum too soon? Oh god…what if I smell! They all giggled at that one. “What if I don’t touch them right? What if I try something they hate…how will they react? Will they think I’m a queer?

I continued “ I figure this is all just a bit like biology. We’re really just seeing how we work. I guess we’re seeing how each other works too. This is sooo cool. Sometimes it is a bit embarrassing because everything is supposed to be ‘private’, but what’s really neat is that we all know that, and we’ve decided to trust each other enough to be honest about what we do, and like, and even want. I swear upon Lorelei’s vagina, I would never betray you guys. EVER!”

Lorelei leaned in and kissed me on the cheek. “Michael….YOU relax. We all think you’re perfect and you touch us really well.” The other two, feeling better because of my expression of doubts, nodded in agreement with Lorelei.

“Ok. I muttered. “Are we all ok now?”

Jane and Sandy looked at each other and nodded to me. I knew Lorelei was fine. Then, throwing caution to the wind, I asked “Do you guys think we could maybe talk about stuff?”

“What do you mean” said Sandy

“Well, I mean…you know…how we feel about stuff we did…did we like anything or not…you know.”

“Oh” said Jane. “I guess.”

Lorelei broke the ice. “Before we do that, I need to tell you guys something. Michael has been kind of keeping a secret and if we are going to be honest, I think he should tell you his secret.” She gave me a reproaching look.

“Oh alright.” I knew where she was going with this, and though I was sure they would find Lorelei’s divulgence of our experiments together fine, I wasn’t sure about my having to admit spying on their group activities of a few days ago. I looked at Lorelei and said “You first.”

Lorlei told me in detail what she had already told Jane and Sandy about our bedroom encounter. Her confession didn’t upset the girls at all. In fact, it led to a myriad of questions to me about anal play and how to give a blow-job and what it was like to sit over my mouth . How far up her bum did I stick my finger? Did I move it in and out? Did it hurt? How far down her throat did she take my cock? Did it taste funny? Did she choke? Why would she want to do that? Did I make her?

By the time we finished answering all of their questions from both of our points of view, the girls were satisfied that all was very enjoyable and that everything Lorelei and I did seemed pretty natural under the circumstances. Silence ensued for a couple of minutes and then Jane looked over to me and said “What about you? Do you have something to say?”

I started chuckling and looked at her and Sandy. “Funniest thing. I happened to be up her hiding behind those boxes the other day when you guys decided to play around with each other.”

Both girls stared at me wide-eyed and open mouthed. “You saw everything?” exclaimed Sandy

It took several minutes to calm them down. Of course the fact that we’d pretty much shared all at the river anyway, didn’t hurt the situation. Again, there was a rush of questions. Did I hear them talking? Did I see Jane lick Sandy’s vagina? Did I think Sandy was a lesbian for doing that? Did I think they were all lesbians for playing together?

It was my turn to reassure them that I didn’t think it was strange or that their actions made them lesbians. I reminded them that they were just learning about sex, and that they weren’t in ‘love’ with each other like lesbians would be. I also reminded them that they all liked boy parts. This fact made Sandy turn red of course.

After these two confessions, all was good and Sandy, who was kind of squirming in what looked like a nervous manner said “Michael, can I ask a couple of questions about your penis?”

“Sure, ask away.”

“Well…once you squirt, how long does it take to get small?”

I shrugged “Depends. Sometimes about a minute…sometimes, like at the river when all of you were naked and we were all so open and learning from each other, it can take a long time. I guess if there is a girl around, it seems to always be hard.”

“Oh…are you hard now?”

“No, not at all. We’re all dressed and really we’re not trying to be sexy or anything, so I’m pretty normal right now.”

“Oh, oh….quick Michael…stand up and show us your soft penis. I want to see what it looks like soft.”

I stood up and quickly dropped my shorts letting my penisand testicles hang free. The girls quickly gathered around and looked at it with interest. “ Oh my God it’s so cute!” exclaimed Sandy, with a look that reminded me of the way a girl might look at a new baby. This in turn caused the others to giggle. Jane looked at Lorelei and said “I didn’t know they could get this small.” She then realized what she said and looked up at me “Oh shit Michael…I’m sooo sorry, I didn’t mean that the way it came out…it’s not small…well it is I guess, but not really….I’ve only felt big hard ones….”

“Jane calm down. I know what you were getting at and I’m not insulted. We’re here to learn remember?” Jane had actually turned a nice shade of red over her blunder but quickly exchanged little devil expressions with the other two, as though they were being naughty little girls.

“I want to feel it while it soft like this.” said Lorelei. She then reached out and gently took my penis between her thumb and forefinger and kind of wiggled it a bit. “It’s so soft and smooth.”

Sandy then said “Me too, me toowah!” like a little girl who wasn’t getting her turn.

Feeling the stirrings of an erection beginning, I quickly said “You guys better hurry, I’m gonna get a boner really soon.”

Jane and Sandy each took their turns feeling my soft cock, but when Sandy was still holding it, it began to grow. “Holy cow, it’s growing right in my hand! It feels sooo weird. Look at this thing go!” Within a few seconds I was at full mast and Sandy was still hanging on. She instinctively began moving her hand up and down which naturally led to me groaning in appreciation and softly thrusting in time to her movements. As she did this, she gave the girls another devilish ‘look what I did’ type of look. Jane looked at Lorelei and said “Show me how to give a blow-job.” Sandy looked a bit shocked, but continued stroking me. Lorlei looked at me and said “Do you mind Michael?” She laughed “Of course you don’t mind, you’re a boy.”

Lorelei knelt in front of me and took hold of my penis. She began stroking me slowly, and then spit on my penis to make it slippery explaining every step to the girls. She then began sucking and stroking, taking my penis into her mouth about three inches. She mixed things up by licking all around my penis to keep it wet and to provide new sensations. The girls watched her in awe. “He seems to like it best when I take him in as deep as I can, and when he is beginning to feel like squirting, he wants’ you to go faster and faster. It’ a little hard on your jaw, but it’s worth it to watch him squirt.” She continued for another minute, and then to my dismay, she stopped. “He absolutely loves to see you take his stuff in your mouth and swallow all of it, or at least some of it. Take a shot in your mouth and squirt the rest on your face. Then look at him, lick your lips, open your mouth to let him see what’s in your mouth and swallow. That will make him super horny!”

She then motioned for Jane, who had been paying rapt attention. Jane traded places with Lorelei and with no hesitation, she dove right in. She was different and took my penis in right down to the base, amazing both Lorelei and Sandy and eliciting outcries and groans of rapture from me. I could feel my balls tighten and my penis was beginning to give up the fight. “Oh fuck Jane…faster now….oh oh….get ready, I’m gonna cum…..faster….faster….ok…ok…here it comes!” Jane did exactly as she was told and took the first shot in her mouth and aimed the rest to land on her face. My shots were so powerful that the next two flew up into her hair. She then opened her mouth and let us all see the copious first shot, and then she swallowed and looked back up at me smiling. “How was that Michael?” she asked, knowing full well she’d outdone herself. I just smiled down at her and shook my finger “Naughty girl.” I teased back.

Sandy then asked about how Jane could get my whole penis in her mouth and what so much cum tasted like and how she was going to get my stuff out of her hair. We all laughed at this as Jane reached up to feel her cum soaked hair. Sandy then gave me a simmering ‘come fuck me’ look that I’m certain she wasn’t trying for at all. “Boy Michael, that made you shoot like crazy. You look very sexy when you are having your orgasm. Makes me want to touch myself.”

Jane thanked me for again being a good sport. “You know Michael; this whole thing is kind of amazing. I mean where would we ever get a chance to do all this stuff before we got into a steady guy? Learning so much about what boys like and don’t like will make us all more comfortable.”

Lorelei piped up with “Don’t forget that we’re all learning so much about ourselves too. I mean we were so worried about so many things before and now we’re doing stuff without really caring that before we tried this stuff ourselves, we thought only sluts did it.”

Sandy drew in a breath at the word ‘slut’ and almost whispered to all of us. “Oh my god…are we sluts?

Rating: 92%, Read 22930 times, Posted Mar 21, 2018

Fiction |


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