Gay Sex In Latex by Gaysrossdresser

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Fantasm | Latex fetish

Gay Sex In Latex

I am gay and have a HUGE latex fetish. I have had several friends who share my love of latex clothing who are gay and that I have had experiences with This is an especially hot experience I had with one of my Rubber Buddies that I would like to share with you guys that are turned on by latex and gay sex.

I am a Bottom and I love full rubber coverage, especially footed, gloved and hooded latex catsuits. I am not into heavy and thick latex. It's to tight and binding. I like suits that are on the thinner side, no more than .01 inches thick, (about ,25mm). That's about half the thickness of the average molded latex garments. It fits so snug and wrinkle free, and yet isn't constricting. It's so stretchy and gives me the feeling of actually being in rubber, as opposed to the unyielding and stiff feeling of thicker material, and just has such a rubbery feeling.

Unfortunately, it's hard to find places that make made to measure latex clothing that will work with material this thin. I started making my own patterns and outfits from sheet latex. The cost is a fraction of the price of buying them and this has given me the ability to alter my patterns so my suits fit like skin. I have even developed a crotch design so the butt of my catsuit fits up snug right into the crack of my ass.

I buy my latex from MJtrends. My order arrives in about three working days, so there is no long wait, and I can make a catsuit in one day. The gloves and cock and ball sheath which I attach to my suits are from Twist My Rubber Arm. They sell gloves and C/B sheaths in a range of colors and in a thin latex that will match that of my suits.

I love sex! I have found that a lot of guys loose interest, to a large degree, after they cum and are even prone to, if wearing latex, to want to take off their suits and go on to other non sexual activities. I, on the other hand, enjoy staying suited up all evening or night and continuing to have fun. I love to sleep with another Rubberman in my bed between latex sheets and heads on pillows covered with rubber pillow cases.

Even if they have the will to play more, a guy will. all to often, go soft after cumming. Being a Bottom, my own state of hardness isn't as much of an issue. I admit that, after I cum, the initial urgency of my desires aren't as great but, my enthusiasm isn't dampened and love to carry on as long as my partner is able and wants to!

I have tried Viagra and found it a wonderful helper in counteracting the "soft" problem, but had found a new over the counter product that, as I was to find out, was fantastic. It was called "My Stiff NIGHTS" It seemed as though it didn't make you hard, but any stimulation had an almost instant reaction. It would keep you hard as long as you wanted, but it let you deflate and avoid the complications of staying hard too long. I seemed to work for over twelve hours and could be taken two days in a row and worked even better the second day! To me, it also seemed to make me able to hold off my orgasm longer too.

Sorry for the long background information but, it has some bearing on what I am going to relate.

Anyway, I had just completed two new suits, one for me and one for my friend. They were both footed, gloved and open faced hooded catsuits with attached cock and ball sheathes. His sheath had most of the penis section cut off so his cock was free and my suit had a little one and a half inch slit in the butt which nestled right up in the crack of my rear and against my love hole. My suit was black and his was natural transparent latex.

When he arrived after work Friday evening, I told him about the My Stiff Nights I had just received in the mail and that I wanted to try them out together. We each took one and then sat around and had a coffee and a yogurt. The web site said some people might experience a slight headache and could be countered by coffee and something to eat. I hadn't eaten because I didn't want anything in my love canal. I had already douched several times and injected a fair amount of anal lube into myself. I had also given my entire body a fresh shave as he had done. I think latex against smooth shaved skin is even more of an erotic feeling. I had even buzzed my head as close as I could, without shaving it, for the feel of the latex hood of the suit against my scalp. I had been waiting for this night for days and it was going to be a total latex sex night!

We finished our coffee and got up and went to the bedroom. I had already turned down the spread and top latex sheet onto the floor at the foot of he bed and laid out the new rubber catsuits on the bottom rubber bed sheet.

We stripped, laid our clothes on the bedroom recliner, turned, took each other in our arms and shared a long french kiss, tongues snaking into each others mouths, smooth hairless bodies pressed together and already hard cocks mashed between our tummies! I don't think the capsules we took had enough time to work yet but, it didn't matter because we would have been hard at this point anyway!

We broke our kiss and sat on the edge of the bed to get dressed. I slipped my feet into the legs of my suit and then pulled them into the feet. Standing, I pulled the suit up to my crotch. Mmmm the erotic feeling of the smooth snug latex sliding up my hairless legs! I slid my hands into the arms of the suit and into the snug thin gloves, pulled the hood hanging down my chest up and over my head and turned for my friend to pull the back zipper up all the way to the top of the hood and did the same for him. We smoothed each others suit out, working out the wrinkles and getting everything worked into place for a nice snug fit. I stretched out the opening into the C/B sheath and pulled it over my cock and balls and it snapped into place, the smaller opening keeping my balls in the pouch of the thin C/B sheath, comfortable yet firm and protruding out from my body. I had already lubed the inside of the sheath so I took my cock in my hand and gave it a couple of strokes to work it all the way into the end of the sheath. Oh, what a lovely feeling as the smooth, well lubed latex slides over the skin of your hard cock! It feels so nice when your partner is fucking you from behind and cups your taunt, rubber covered balls in his hand!

Turning my partner around, I pressed my latex clad body against him with my rubber sheathed cock in the crack of his butt and reached around and worked his cock and balls into his sheath. We were now two Rubbermen, no skin exposed except the small circle of face from the lower lip to the top of the eyes and most of his cock protruding from the end of his C/B sheath. What an erotic sight in the dresser mirror as we applied a final coat of latex shine to our rubber bodies.

As we sat down on the edge of the bed, I noticed he already had a large drop of pre cum forming and I couldn't resist. Getting on my knees between his legs, I took his rock hard cock in my shiny rubber hand and took him into my mouth for a few quick sucks. OMG, how I love the faint taste of pre cum! I like to make sex last and usually suck only as a form of foreplay. I like to swallow but, I have a much better destination for that first, and biggest load.

I like, as I said, to make it last and like lots of foreplay. Also, it seems to me that the longer you play, the bigger a load that builds up and I just LOVE a big thick load! I love to make out, kiss, fondle, stroke, dry hump against each other and suck, but not make him cum. The urge is so great, but the teasing and playing makes it last longer and just makes you hotter and hotter!

Another thing I do is download gay rubber clips from the internet. I save all the files to one folder and play with Windows Media Player set to replay. It goes through them all and then starts over again. Watching what those guys get up to in rubber, talking about it and the things they are doing and want to try and all the rubbery sex sounds while we make out is a turn of. I even have some straight rubber scenes if they are especially hot.

So, we were doing all these things for probable about an hour. I was sucking him again a little and couldn't stand the wait any longer and told him I really needed fucked! I had him lay back on the bed and took the lube and slicked him up. I had squirted some up my butt before we started, but I added a little to the outside of my hole for good measure. I knew I would need it because I was at a point where I really needed him in me and there was going to be no loosening me up!

I straddled him face to face, reached behind me and, grabbing his cock, touched it to my hole. Oh how I love this moment, feeling the head of a cock pressed against my hole as I apply a little pressure and knowing that it is soon going to be sliding deep inside me!

I lowered my ass down on his pole harder and felt it pop past my ring. OMG, I love that feeling of knowing his cock is actually starting to go in me! His cock, although fairly long, is about average in thickness and always goes in me quite easily. I lowered my ass down with only two or three short in and out strokes until I had him all the way in me. I put my gloved hands on his rubber covered knees and leaned back, adjusting my ass till his pubic bone was pressed against my crotch and he was in me as deep as I could possibly get him! I stayed that way for a few moments just savoring the feeling of him poking so deep inside me!

I started by moving my hips back and forth and in little circles. I really LOVE to grind! that sideways pressure on my ring is absolutely exquisite! Also, having his cock trapped all the way to the base in my ass while I grind seems to move it around like a lever inside me, stirring around in my guts and really accentuating the feeling of his hard cock so deep inside me!

Instinct soon took control of my body and I began to ride him, slow deep and long strokes, fast short pounding ones. Some were so frenzied that he slipped out, but that was okay because I love the feeling of it popping back in my now loosened hole and sliding in deep in one stroke!

He started that wonderfully nasty sex talk, moaning and thrusting up into me to match my motions. I knew he was getting as close as I was. As I said, I like it to last and we decided to change positions and cool it down a bit.

I climbed off of his cock, laid down on my belly on the latex sheet with a couple of rubber pillows under my hips and spread my legs. He laid down fully on top of me, his rubber covered body pressing me into the bed and my sheathe cock into the rubber pillows and slipped his cock back into me and we rested a bit like that, catching our breath, just enjoying the feeling of being coupled and coming down from the brink of cumming.

It didn't last long and he was soon thrusting into me again, this time me the passive one and him doing the thrusting. I can't get him as deep in this position, but it still feels great to let him do the work and feel him forcing my cock into the pillows with each thrust!

To shorten a long story, we must have fucked for close to two hours in different positions, coming close to the brink and then resting to keep from cumming. I don't know how we both lasted so long and, as bad as I needed to cum, it was about the best sex I ever had!

I knew this was about to come to a conclusion so we broke apart, I reached over the end of the bed and drew the top latex sheet up over us. We laid down on our sides with him behind me, I hooked my top leg over his and he slipped his cock back into my ass. I knew this wasn't going to last long. He was getting jerky and erratic in his thrusts, staying pressed in deep and hard against my ass longer before withdrawing. My cock was starting to pulse and my ass hole starting to clutch.

I went over the edge first. My cock erupted with that sensitivity you get with a really powerful orgasm! You know that feeling that, for lack of a better term, is almost painful, but in a good way. You feel like you can hardly stand anything touching it and, at the same time, want it in an iron grip! With the slippery lube and pre cum filled sheath on it there is no escape, even if you wanted it! My ass ring started to convulse in orgasmic spasms, clutching , gripping, bearing down and trying with a mind of it's own to milk the cum from his hard cock! It was so powerful that I grayed out and felt like I was going to pass out! OMG, how I love that feeling when my ring clamps down in orgasm on a hard cock! It's like having two different kinds of orgasms at the same time. I love to cum with a hard cock in my butt!!!

He went over the edge at so close to the same time that it was almost like we both did it together. I knew he was really close too and I think that knowing that I was cumming and the feeling of what my ass hole was doing on his cock closed the deal!

Now, I can't usually feel a guys cum shooting into me when I'm getting fucked bareback. True, there is no mistaking the wonderful wet and slick feeling of a cock sliding in and out of your butt after he has cum inside you. Even just the thought of what he has just deposited inside you is horribly erotic! This time there was no mistaking the bolts of cum spurting from his cock and splashing against my insides. Oh, what a fantastic icing on the cake, so to speak! I don't know how much he had but, it must have been the biggest load I've ever taken! It felt soooo good!!!!

We were both a quivering mass of twitching rubber covered bodies, My hips and pelvis kept making those uncontrollable little fucking motion twitches for a long time. We were left speechless from the power of it and I don't remember if either of us said anything!

Now, I don't know how much of this fantastic experience can be credited to the stuff we took but, I do know that what happened next had to be due to it after what we just did. The last thing I remember is reaching down between my legs and cupping his rubber covered balls in my hand. he was still hard and inside me and we drifted off to sleep with his hard cock in my sperm filled hole!

I don't know how long I slept before I woke, but he had slipped out of me. I started playing with his cock and it only took a few strokes before he was hard again and he woke up! He stuck his cock back in me with us still on our sides and fucked me again!

It naturally lasted a while because of the orgasms we had had earlier, but this time we didn't hold back. He sawed his cock in and out of my butt, with some of his cum from earlier still onside me, we both came again and he pumped another load into my willing ass!

The next morning I had to pee like a race horse, not having done so all night because of the C/B sheath. We took off the suits, showered and cleaned and dried the suits before putting them back on. I had made a big pot of potato salad and we stayed in rubber even while eating. We watched some movies and played around some, but didn't fuck again during the day. I did suck on him a few times, but not until making him cum. he had no trouble getting hard either!

That night we took the capsules again and had a great fuck, even though it wasn't the monumental one of the night before. I think he shot five loads in me before he had to leave Sunday!


Rating: 80%, Read 16925 times, Posted Oct 20, 2014

Fantasm | Latex fetish


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