A Little Ways To Go, Pt 2 by MirrorDream

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Fiction | BDSM, Cheating, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Male

A few months passed since the first time I fucked Shelly. Or she fucked me. However that goes. If not for the implied danger of fucking a screamer just three doors away from the husband she cheated on, I think I would have gotten bored of it. I still didn't really care. If I felt strong emotion about anything it was about wanting to feel again. Emotions of any sort.

I might as well have been at work all day.

Speaking of which, around that time, Diane asked me how long it had been since I'd had sex.

"Come on, you can tell me. How long has it been? How long has it really been? Don't give me any shit, I'll see right through you."

"I don't know," I said. Shelly had come over two nights prior with a vibrating butt plug. I could still feel the vibrating sensation in my waistline from when I fucked her doggy style while the plug was in her ass.

"What, you don't want to tell me?" she laughed. "You haven't had sex since the divorce, have you?"

I shrugged. "I have."

"Uh huh. Sure you have."

"Believe whatever you want to, Diane."

"Well, you know where to come if you want to alleviate that problem," she said. A smile grew slowly across the dark skin of her face. Her brown eyes twinkled. Fluorescent lights didn't really accentuate her appeal.

I tried to smile. Show some sign of life. I had adored her before the divorce. At least I think I did. I vaguely remembered jacking off to the imagination of her naked body.

She wandered off and a few minutes later I saw her name in my inbox. She copied me on an e-mail to some group asking for an update on a project. I imagined her typing up that e-mail, her pussy pressed against the office chair. Dampening the fabric of her slacks and soaking through ever so slightly to the chair. I wanted to walk into her cube and wrap my arms around her from behind. Reach in her pants and stroke her clit. She'd moan and then grab her badge from the desk drawer and lead me into one of the locked rooms.

My attention snapped back to the computer with another e-mail notification. Corporate discounts at office supply stores. I scowled and deleted the junk.

Most everyone in the office leaves early. They get in a little late too. By four o'clock, only a handful of us ever remain unless there's some big project and by the time the janitors come through at quarter to five, I'm usually alone. Diane popped her head in my cube at about four thirty.



"Can I come in?"

"Sure, join the fun."

She walked in and sat down on the desk. "So, I wanted to apologize. Coming onto you that way is totally inappropriate and joking about your sex life is way past the line."

I pushed my chair away from my chair and turned it to look at her. "I wasn't offended. I'm a little oblivious. You have to be blunt with me sometimes. I don't know if you really meant it but I would be interested if you were."

She smiled and leaned toward me. "I--"

The wheel of the cleaning cart squeaked a few rows down.

Diane's breasts jostled as she sat straight up and giggled. She put her hands over her mouth and muttered, "Oh my god." She stood up and leaned over me to grab a pad of sticky notes. Her chest grazed over my face for a brief moment. She pulled a pen out of her pocket and scribbled. She pulled the note off and stuck it on my nose. "Be at that address at seven."

She put the rest of the pad in my lap and walked away.

I locked my computer and walked to the bus stop. I tried to figure out the timing for the bus schedule and my route to the address she gave me. No matter how I did the math, it seemed like I would get home and then head straight out the door. On the other hand, if I went to my coffee shop and stayed there for a half hour, I'd be just a little early. I hoped they had something other than pure sugar to eat.


That day, five or six people haunted the coffee shop. I didn't see Gabriel. I grabbed my coffee and some faux artisan bagels. I picked a table in a lonely corner.

Gabriel walked up before I got around to my first bite.

"Is this seat taken?" she asked.

"No, go right ahead, Gabriel."

She sat down. She wore a pink halter top and jeans that cut off at the knees. The pink didn't really work for her as a color but the top showed a bit of her cleavage and I felt a little uncomfortable. I shifted in my seat and tried to think of anything else. Her legs came to my perverse mind next. I sipped my coffee.

"A bit more crowded in here today," I said.

"Yeah. I wondered if there was some sort of occasion."

"If there is, no one bothered to tell me about it. I haven't seen you in a week or two. Have you been alright?"

"Yes, it was my birthday and my family made a big deal about it. And, of course, they want me to take on more responsibility and since I don't have a job, that means watching my bratty brothers and sister."

"Happy birthday," I said. "And sorry about the brats."

"Thanks," she sipped her drink.

Our conversations in those months had always been punctuated by long stretches of silence. This one felt particularly significant.

"Do you have any kids?"

"No, my ex-wife and I never got around to it."

"You're divorced?"


"I don't think I could ever get divorced. I'm afraid of getting stuck in a bad marriage, you know?"

I sighed, "Yeah. Divorce can be a lot easier than the alternatives though."

"Maybe for you, you're a guy."

"I'm not the one who started the divorce process, though."

"I'm not talking about that," she said. "I'm talking about the other shit. Moving out, getting a new place, finding a job if you didn't have one. Getting a new one if the one you had didn't pay enough."

"Oh, yeah. I see what you mean. Well, you've got a few years before you really have to think about that and if you go to college and have your own career, that part wouldn't be anything you have to worry about anyway."

Her chest heaved and I thought I felt her toe brush my foot. A small sense of panic came on. Being turned on by this bigger young woman seemed strange. Not like a black cat walking by twice but still unusual and uncomfortable to my mindset at the time.

"Do you think you'll ever have kids?"

"I don't really plan on it but I guess we'll see." My phone buzzed and I pulled it out. The time said six and I had a text message from Diane. 'See you soon.' "Oh, shit. I'm running late," I stood up.

"Oh, ok."

I just barely made the bus on time. I should have been thinking about anything but Gabriel but I couldn't think about anything else. I kept running that moment over in my head. Did she really try to play footsie with me?

Two stops away, I brushed the thought away from my head by returning to the fantasy of finding Diane hot, wet, and pussy pressed against the seat of the office chair. I wondered her hair would smell like when I leaned over her to reach for her clit. Would I feel her bra with my chest pressed against her back? The brakes of the bus whined a bit and I lurched forward in my seat.

My stop. Her stop, really.

I stepped off the bus and walked to where the note said it would be. I double checked the address number written on the curb and then climbed the stairs. Only nine steps, I thought to myself. I felt real trepidation for the first time in a long long time. I hesitated to even touch the doorbell. She lived in a modest sized house in an older neighborhood. The siding had been replaced with vinyl siding and plants grew in big pots on either side of the door. I held my breath and pushed the little round doorbell button.

The bell hummed and clanked loudly. I heard steps toward the door and the deadbolt click. The door swung open. I tried to remember if I had ever seen her in anything but business clothes. Her tank top showed off her shoulders and time seemed to stop.

"Care to come in?" she laughed.

"Yeah. I mean sure."

She led me in. "I didn't know what to get for dinner so I got Chinese. Beef Lo Mein and General Tso's. Hope that's alright."

"That sounds great," I said. I felt like I should say more but I didn't have more to say.

She set the food out on her coffee table.


"Oh, you did NOT," she giggled.

"I totally did. Whole pack of gelatin and some vinegar in his shampoo. And I guess he didn't look at it before he put it in his hair. It didn't really take but he had green splotches in his hair for about two weeks after that."

"Remind me never to fuck with your projects," Diane's eyes twinkled.

I sighed. "Oh, I'm no where near that rambunctious these days. More than fifteen years later, I think I'm a little boring."

"Fah, boring. I'll be the judge of that. That greying thing really works for you."



"You have a thing for older men?"

She laughed. "Older? Maybe by five years. You're not exactly robbing the cradle here, Mike."

"Well, you certainly don't look thirty-two," I smiled.

"Sweet of you to say. You should see me in my granny glasses. In fact--" she reached into a drawer in a end table and pulled out a thick pair of glasses with turquoise frames. Diane closed her eyes and put them on.

I laughed. She pulled the glasses off and put them on the end table.

"Still want to do me?"

"Just as much as ever."

"And just how much is that?" she licked her lips.

"When I first hired on, I nearly died. I felt so torn. I was married and wanted to be faithful but you were so beautiful. My wife had a girls night out and I laid out on the couch imagining I'd invited you over. I could only dream of what you'd look like without clothes on. Standing in our apartment, waiting for me to lick you. I could almost smell you."

"Did you blow your load all over the carpet?"

"Mostly all over my stomach but I got a little bit on the couch and it was a pain in the ass getting it off."

"Did you feel embarrassed?"

I had a feeling she got off on this. "Yeah. My face was red and I kind of frantically scraped it off the couch and ran to the bathroom to clean off my hands. Had to find some kind of cleaner that wouldn't smell up the place."

"Did she notice?"

"I don't think so. I ended up spilling a soda on the couch and a bit on the floor and then scrubbing it all up."

Diane laughed. "Oh, you're a dirty boy," she put her hands in her pants. "Did you ever think about me when you fucked your wife?"

"Sure, a few times. When I got home and she was still wearing her business suit, I'd imagine it was you. I closed my eyes and kissed her with my hands around her ass."

"Take your pants off?"

I stood up and unbelted. I let my pants fall to the ground.

"Shorts too," she said. She rubbed herself more insistently.

I pushed my underwear onto the floor. My dick stuck up through the front flap of my button up shirt. She pulled her hand out of her pants and wiped her fingers dry on her leg. She reached down to her purse.

"Stay right there," she pulled a cell phone out and pointed it at me. I shivered as I heard the shutter click. "Turn around slowly, give me a show."

I didn't know what to do to make turning around sexy. I grasped my dick in one hand and stroked it. With my other hand, I put a hand on my chest. Click. I turned slowly. Click. I faced a window. It took a second for me to realize she didn't have the curtain drawn.

"Lean over, would you?"

I leaned over. Click.

"Pull your crack apart, ok?"

My chest grew tight. I reached my ass and spread it. Click, click, click.

I felt her getting closer. She prodded a finger at my asshole and laughed. I felt my sphincter tense.

"You are a dirty boy. I think I'm going to need to clean you. Stay right there."

She walked away and returned a minute later. I heard a plastic bottle open and some liquid slosh. A moment later, cool liquid on a bit of paper towel brushed my asshole. I winced. She must have put rubbing alcohol on the towel. Diane held it pressed against my hole tight and it stung more than I had ever imagined. She rubbed and rubbed and then stopped and the bottle sloshed again. She kept cleaning for what felt like ten minutes. My ass grew raw and my dick was painfully hard.

I felt red-faced. Intensely uncomfortable and very much alive. She dried me.

"Very good," she said. "Sorry to throw you into this like that. Kind of spur of the moment thing."

"Yeah, I do like a little warning but this is incredibly hot if a little uncomfortable."

"Hold there?" She reached around and grabbed my cock. She rested her face on my left hand and I felt her squirm as she rubbed herself and rubbed me. "Do you like that?"

I breathed hard. "Y-yes."

She giggled and yanked harder.

"Ow," I winced.

"Try and be a little more convincing next time," she slid her hand down my dick and grasped my balls. Diane squeezed gently at first and then a little harder. I moaned and gasped with pain. She let my balls go and then smacked them. "Come on, I want to fuck you."

She stood up and pulled my hands off my ass. "Let's go. Walk in front of me and leave your shirt behind."

I unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall behind me. She pulled on the shoulders of my t-shirt and lifted it above my head. I nearly walked into a wall. She pulled my shirt off and bounced it off my back.

"Is it anything like what you imagined it would be like?" she asked.

"Can't say that it is."

"Better or worse?" she looped her arms under mine and held my head straight ahead.

"Different? Way more intense. A little scary at times." She had a four poster bed with an ornate and thick steel headboard. I gulped, imagining myself tied tight to the posts and absolutely at her mercy.

Diane leaned me against the bed and let go of my head. She pressed my shoulders down. "Stay," she said.

I heard her top and pants fall to the floor and felt the movement as she slid out of her panties. She climbed up my back and put her panties over my head. She positioned the ass crack area right over my nose. "I've been farting all day just hoping for this opportunity." She mounted the small of my back and rubbed her pussy hard against me. I rested against the bed as best I could with a metal bar pressing at the base of my cock. Her panties smelled so strong. I had sniffed panties before but I'd always aimed a little further forward and I never pressed them so hard against my face.

My cock grew uncomfortable and sticky. I felt like bruises were forming on it. The feeling of her light bush against the small of my back aroused me in ways I never thought possible. She reached a hand back and smacked my ass hard.

I gasped.

She smacked me again and ground her pussy hard against me. I swear I felt her hard nub press into me. Diane put her hands in my hair and rubbed for a second before pushing my face into the comforter. She trembled and shook as I struggled to breath. She let go of my head and I lifted my face off the comforter and inhaled hard. Her scent filled my nose and mouth.

Diane rested against my back for a moment. Her breasts pressed against my back. Her nipples felt impossibly hard and then I realized she had pierced them.

"Stay where you are," she growled and crawled off me. I heard a drawer open and close and she climbed on my back again. She lifted her panties off me and put something around my head. It blocked the light out and she buckled it into place. She climbed off my back and pulled me into a standing position.

She turned me around and ran her fingers over my lips. I opened my mouth and tentatively licked them. Suddenly, she stuffed something in my mouth. Her underwear. They tasted faintly of detergent and fart. I nearly gagged.

"Oh, don't be like that. I want to hear your pretty grunts when I fuck you." She pushed me back on the bed. This time, the bar pressed against the back of thighs. My ass sat in the wet spot my dick left.

Diane climbed on me. She set her soaking pussy just over my sack. She ran her hands slowly along my chest, picking at my chest hair every few inches. She pulled out a few clumps and tears gathered in the mask. My dick popped up.

"I'll get to you," she whispered to my cock. My ass felt uncomfortable. She reached my nipples and twisted. I struggled not to jump up. She squeezed and twisted again.

I mumbled through the panties.

"That's what I like to hear," she laughed and twisted harder.

Diane sat up and felt the tip of my dick. She scratched it gently with her nails and pulled it into her pussy. I hadn't even realized how much tension had gathered in my legs. Pain gathered in my abdomen from taut muscles. The warmth of her flooded my cock. I shivered at the temperature difference.

She pulled my hands up and guided them to her breasts. They felt so warm and round. I rolled my head back and I could nearly see light. I felt a little blinded. Like I stared into pure energy and emotion.

Sweat drenched my hands. I grasped her breasts firmly and tried to move my hips. She rested her hands on my neck and pressed ever so gently. "No, you stay where I put you." She squeezed a bit. Blood rushed to my head and I struggled to breathe. She released my neck and propped herself against my collarbone. She lifted her ass and slammed her wet slit on my cock.

I shuddered and she inched her hands up toward my neck. She slammed my dick again and again. I felt afraid to take my hands of her breasts but I struggled to keep them in place while she slammed against me. I felt stiff and unyielding in her as she hammered her pussy over and over again against my rod. I breathed shallow stilted breaths and my chest grew tight. She grabbed my neck and held it tight as she milked every last drop from me.

I felt her pussy spasm and she gasped. I grew faint and started to panic. Diane let go of my neck and climbed off me.

When I caught my breath, I reached for the straps on the mask.

"Nope," she grabbed my hands and put them to my sides.

I heard her get up from the bed and put her clothes on.

"Ok, now you may take the mask off."

I suddenly realized I had never seen her naked. I had fucked someone who I might never see naked. The straps proved too difficult for me to manage in my jittery state so I yanked it off. I left a few clumps of hair in it.

"You can sleep on the couch if you want to," she said. "Bed is mine though."

I couldn't meet her eyes. I looked at the clock. Still time to make the bus home if I didn't lollygag.

"That's alright, I need to get home."

I stood up and Diane pushed my ass forward with her foot. "I had a good time tonight, Mike. Maybe it's not your thing but you were a good sport. If there's a next time," she pointed to her sticky crotch, "I might make you clean up after yourself."

"Ok," I said. I walked out of her room, my head hung down a little.


I started to nod off on the bus until my phone buzzed. I pulled it out of my pocket and looked down at a picture of my spread ass cheeks. I blushed and went to my phone settings to find a way to lock it. I didn't want to delete the photo for some reason but didn't want anyone else stumbling on the photo.

The walk from my stop lasts about three blocks and I felt embarrassment and nerves every step of the way. I chain smoked to keep my mind off things.

When I arrived, Shelly stood on my stoop in a new nighty. Cheetah print if I recall correctly.

"Wondered if you were coming home tonight," she said.

"Yeah, I had a date, I guess."

She smiled and came close to me. "I can smell her on you. What's she look like?"

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and pulled up a pic of her and turned it to Shelly.

Shelly grinned. "You fucked a black girl? Oh, god. That is so hot." She rubbed her hand against my bulge. "Have you got another ride for me, cowboy?"

I felt like I should have said no. I had so little energy and I felt like I had survived a close brush with death but somehow I needed the tenderness. I needed to feel a normal, sensuous, vanilla fuck. I reached between her legs and felt her slit. She squirmed under my touch and kissed me. Her breasts pressed against my chest.

"Will you?" I asked.

"I'll do you right here if you want," she moaned.

"Inside will be just fine," I said. I pulled my keys out of my pocket and unlocked the door. We walked in and didn't stop walking until we reached my bed. She pulled off my shirt and pants and knelt at my feet.

She frowned at the sight of my bruised cock. "If people are going to be so rough with my toys, I won't want to lend them out." Shelly licked the head of my cock and it perked up. "I do like the taste of her on you." She took my dick in her mouth and nibbled at the base a little. I felt my dick press against the back of her throat. Her lipstick smudged on me. I felt the warmth return to my body when she sucked on my cock.

"That's better," Shelly stood up and slid her bottom off. She pulled her top off and hugged me tight. "I'm going to fuck you so pretty."

She led me to the bed and climbed on top of me. Her breasts pressed against my face. she rubbed my cock and stared into my eyes with so much tenderness. Tears welled in my eyes and she pulled my hurting dick between her shaved lips. She slowly rode me and I felt like a broken jar. So surreal and distant. Like I had been dragged kicking and screaming out of my shell and she gathered me back up and put bandages on all my wounds.

I breathed hard. She put her hands on my face. I flinched.

"Oh, baby," she licked her lips and kissed me passionately.

My erection grew painful and if felt sharp when I spurted in her.

Shelly crawled off me and pulled my hand to her clit. I rubbed it until she trembled and gasped.

I woke up with her arm over me. The sun peeked through the front door.

"Shit. Shelly, wake up."

She yawned. "I guess I'd better go," she said.

"Yeah. I don't feel like another beating today."

Shelly rolled out of bed, put her clothes on, and walked out the door.

Rating: 92%, Read 13604 times, Posted May 25, 2013

Fiction | BDSM, Cheating, Domination, Female, Humiliation, Male


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