A Girl named Areola Part 08 by vanessa.evans

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Fiction | Exhibitionism, Female, Spanking, Written by women

A Girl called Areola and her sister called Beaver

by Vanessa Evans

As usual, it’s best if you read the earlier parts before this one.

Part 08

Jade’s Second Party

Beaver and I arrived a bit early after promising to help Jade with the last minute organisation. Beaver and I had thrown a couple of dresses in the back of daddy’s car and driven there naked, and Jade had opened the door to us as naked as we were.

Jade had got their cook to make some party food and it was all laid out on the table in the dining room. So all there was to do was move a few things out of the way and get the drinks organised. Jade had already carried the drinks from her car and most of beer was already in the fridge and the rest of the bottles were on the worktops.

Jade then produced a box of shot glasses and we put them on a tray. Then she opened a bottle of tequila and nearly filled each glass.

“These are for each girl as she arrives.” Jade said, “I’m guessing that most of them will be a little nervous so this should help them relax a bit.”

“Good idea, can we have 1 now please?” Beaver asked.

“And for the guys we’ll give them a bottle of beer, they should have cooled down by then. And for us 3 I’ve got these.”

Jade turned and got a paper bag off the table and emptied it onto the table revealing 3 garter belts.

“I thought that all the girls had to be naked?” Beaver asked.

“One little garter belt isn’t going to cover anything interesting and I thought that it would make us look sexy.”

“You mean MORE sexy, nothing can be more sexy than a naked girl.” I said.

Jade gave Beaver and I a garter and we put them on our left legs. I have to admit that they did add something to our looks.

“Right A, B, the next job is to move a few bits of furniture then blow up a load of balloons for the party games.”

As we were doing that Beaver reminded Jade that we have started using our full names.

“Oh yes, you did say that didn’t you, sorry, it’s going to take a bit of a while getting used to calling you bald Beaver and I’m not sure what to call you Areola.”

“Anything you like Jade, just as long as it includes the name of female sex organs.” I replied.

“Cute Clit, or Tiny Tits?”

“If you like, anything that will make you think about my nice bits.”

“You’re made up of all nice bits, both of you.”

“Hey, stop it girl, or we’ll be in a 69 triangle when the people start arriving.”

“That would be a great start to a party.” Beaver said.

“So we’re going to play some silly party games are we?” Beaver asked.

“Sure, I thought that it would get people mingling and get over any shyness.”

“Probably a good idea Jade, there’s bound to be a few who will need to loosen up.”

We continued getting out of breath for a while then collapsed on a sofa to recover for a while, but it wasn’t long before the doorbell rang. We all jumped up and Jade went to the door whilst Beaver and I went for the shots and the beer.

Jade waited until we were there then opened the door to see 2 of the girls from college, both clothed.

“You’re supposed to be naked.” Jade said.

Both girls smiled and reached for the hems of their dresses. Within 2 seconds they were as naked as we were. Well 1 was, the other has a bit of a landing strip.

“Here, have one of these.” Beaver said holding the tray of shots in front of their faces.

Jade hadn’t closed the door and as we talked another car drove up. Out got one of the guys from college and he went round to the passenger door and opened it.

As we watched Jade said,

“I didn’t think that Seth was a gentleman, he never acts like it at college.”

“Maybe it depends on who he’s trying to impress.” Beaver replied.

We watched as out of the car came a girl that we’d never seen before, and she was naked apart from some heels.

They walked up to us with Seth holding the girl’s hand.

“Hi girls,” Seth said when they were stood in front of us, “this is Amelia, she’s a little shy, her first CMNF party.”

“You never told me that you’d been to a CMNF party before.” Amelia said with an indignant tone.

“I haven’t, it’s just that …..”

“Hey, relax guys, every ones bound to be a bit nervous to start with, get one of these down you, it will help.”

“It helps that I’m not the first naked girl to arrive,” Amelia said, “I was petrified that I would be.”

Beaver reached for Amelia’s hand and started to lead her towards the kitchen. As they walked I heard Amelia say,

“Are you really called Beaver, Seth told me but I just assumed that it was a nickname that you’d somehow got.”

I looked back to Seth just as Jade said,

“Relax Seth, she’s going to be safe and okay.”

“It’s not Amelia he’s worried about Jade.” Emily (one of the 2 girls that had just arrived) said, “it’s standing in front of 4 naked girls isn’t it Seth?”

“Well it is a bit intimidating, I mean, look at you, 4 naked beauties standing with me.”

“Relax Seth,” Jade replied, “you’ll be seeing plenty of us later. Get drinking that beer.”

“Oh yes, thank you.”

“Come on inside,” Jade said, “or do you want to have the party out here in the front garden.”

“That’s fine with me.” I replied but we did turn and go inside.

Over the next 15 minutes or so, 15 more people arrived, 6 naked girls and 9 guys. All the girls looking nervous to start with but they soon relaxed a little when they saw the other naked girls. Even more so when they’d had a shot or 2.

Everyone was standing around in little groups talking albeit a little quietly and looking not very relaxed.

When Jade thought that most of the expected guests had arrived she called for silence then told everyone that were going to play some party games.

Everyone looked at each other as Jade told the girls to form 1 line and the boys another. Then she gave each person in each line numbers from 1 to whatever starting at the front in the guys line and the end of the girls line.

“Right,” Jade said, “form 2 new lines, odd numbers in sequence in 1 line and even numbers in sequence in the other.”

“That’s got them all mixed up.” Jade whispered to me. Then she went and picked up 2 balloons.

“Right, the first person in each team now has to place the balloon between their knees. When I shout go, the second person has to get the balloon between their knees but they cannot use their hands or arms to transfer the balloon.”

Everyone looked a little puzzled for a few seconds until they realised that the second person had to put their foot between the legs of the first person, above the balloon. This caused a few smiles and moans as shins and calves got rubbed against uncovered pussies and covered balls. People, including Beaver and I, were starting to relax and enjoy the contact with the opposite sex.

The next game was fun as well. Jade had each girl trap a balloon between her chest and the chest of a man who she hadn’t arrived with. They then had to pull themselves to the other person until the balloon burst.

The third game had each girl trapping a balloon between her legs as high up as they could. A guy, who they hadn’t arrived with, then had to burst the balloon by lifting her up with his hands between her legs, under the balloon. Of course, when the balloon burst the girl dropped and her pussy landed on the man’s hands.

The previous games and the alcohol caused a few of the girls to express their pleasure at the men’s hands on their pussies and it was noticeable that the hands didn’t leave the pussies quickly, and both Beaver and I were 2 of those girls that were getting quite aroused.

Maybe Jade realised that because she announced that we could all attack the food, and good food it was as well.

Whilst Beaver and I were stood together eating and talking about the party so far, one of the girls, Mandy, who we've known for years, but was never that friendly to us, came over to us and said,

"Hi, Areola, Beaver, I owe you an apology, I only came here with Oliver tonight to help to take the attention off you two, to stop you feeling all superior all the time, you see, for all these year I thought that your lack of underwear and flashing your tits and pussies all the time was you 2 seeking attention, but it's not is it? Being naked isn't about seeking attention it's about making you feel good in yourself isn't it? I was expecting to feel embarrassed all the time tonight, and okay, I was for the first 5 minutes, but after that I started to feel good, slightly horny all the time, and that's what you feel all the time isn't it. I'm sorry Areola, Beaver, I misjudged you and I'd like to be able to call you my friend from now on, if that's okay with you? Can we start over please?"

I handed my bottle of beer to Beaver and gave Mandy a naked hug.

"Yes Mandy, we'd like to be your friend as well. I guess that it's natural to have thought the way you did, society drums these crazy taboo ideas into peoples heads and I guess that it takes a lot to break free. We're just glad that our parents broke free before we were born."

"Yes, thank you, and I never said this before but I'm sorry about the loss of your mother, it must have been horrible for you."

"It was, but life goes on, I'm sure that she would have wanted us to enjoy our lives."

“Well you certainly appear to be doing just that.”

I was about to tell Mandy about some of the fun we’d had over the summer break when Jade announced that the fourth game was about to start. Just about everyone moved back to the lounge to see that Jade had spread out 2 ‘twister’ mats. Before long there were 2 lots of contorted, inter-twined bodies with heads close to tits and pussies and legs spread giving the audience a great view of shiny, bare pussies with people collapsing on top of them quite a bit causing quite a bit of contact with bare tits and pussies.

Jade decided to cool things down a bit with her next game. She told all the girls to go out of the room then she got 2 sections of a bed sheet out of a cupboard. It was then that I noticed 4 of those stick-on hooks that can be removed, 2 on either side of the door. Enlisting my help we hooked the sections of sheet across the door frame leaving a gap at chest height.

Going back into the room with the guys, she gave each of them a piece of paper, with numbers down the left side, and a pen then told them to write their name on the top of their piece of paper, then the name of the girl whose tits were about to be visible between the sections of sheet, in the order that they were visible.

Then she came back to the girl’s side and told us girls that we were to take it in turns to stand with our tits visible through the gap in the sheets, for 10 seconds. As we did that she wrote down our names in the appearance order.

That completed, Jade got me to help her move the sheets so that the gap was lower, at pussy height. The guys were told to again write the girls names in the order of appearance whilst she did the same.

This was repeated with each girl stood with her back to the gap in the sheets, and then finally, with the girls stood with feet well apart and bent over touching the floor so that our spread pussies were on display through the gap.

As you can imagine, there was quite a bit of discussion between the guys, and us girls could hear it all, making us giggle quite a bit.

When the game was over, we took the sheets down, Jade collected the pieces of paper then told everyone that she was going to compare her lists with all the guys lists and the winner(s) would be the guy who got a row of correct names.

Then Seth asked what the prize was.

“Well, subject to the girl’s approval, if a guy got all 4 names in a row correct, then the guy could do whatever he wanted to the girl who’s name was in column 1.

Jade and I went to the study with all the pieces of paper and started comparing them with her list. As we started she said that she would be amazed if any one of the guys got all 4 names in a row right, she believed that the odds on that happening were such that no one would get it right.

Imagine her surprise when not 1, but 2 guys got a row right, thankfully, different rows.

Jade and I returned to the lounge and announced that there were 2 winners, but she wasn’t going to announce the names until after the next event. She explained that it was an event, not a game because 3 girls were about to have their butts spanked by everyone else there. Someone asked who the 3 girls were and Jade said that it was only fair that the host of the party be 1 and that the other 2 girls were girls that had already been spanked by her father.

Well both Beaver and I realised that we were 2 of the 3 girls just as soon as she said that 3 girls were going to be spanked and my pussy started tingling at the thought.

Then Jade asked for a few volunteers to move what was left of the food from the dining table to the kitchen so that the 3 ‘victims’ could be spanked on it.

Beaver and I were the first to step forward and start clearing the table. Mandy was one of the others that helped as well and as we walked together she said,

“Are you really going to let everyone spank you?”

“Yes, it’s fun.”

“It doesn’t sound like fun to me, and what’s this about Jade’s father spanking you. That can’t be true.”

“It is, but it’s a long story which I’ll tell you some other time. You watch and take your turn to spank us, we’ll enjoy it probably more than you will.”

“Well if you’re sure. My dad used to spank me and it always hurt like hell.”

“You can tell me about that when I tell you about Jade’s father spanking us, and I am sure that I / we want you to spank us.”

We didn’t get a chance to say any more because the table was clear and Jade had gone and got the paddles and leather belts.

“Right everyone,” Jade said, I want everyone to line-up in the alphabetical order of first name then the first person is to use either their hand or one of these err weapons, and land 1 swat on each girl’s butt. That done, the next person in the line is to do the same and then the next and the next. When you’ve all had a go, start again. You are to keep doing it until all 3 girls have had enough and climbed off the table. The winner is obviously the last girl on the table.

Oh, there’s room for 2 more girls on the table so if any of you want to join us please feel free to climb up and assume the position.”

Jade then climbed up onto the table near the end, got on her knees, bent over so that her face was on the table, her hands holding the other side of the table, her knees apart quite a bit and her butt up in the air.

In that position everyone could see her all of her very wet, open pussy and her butt hole.

“Right Beaver and Areola, get up and assume the position.” Jade said.

We did, then Jade told Aaron to get things started.

It felt soo good being up there and exposed like that to a lot of our college mates and their partners, I could feel the blood pounding through my pussy and I felt like I was literally dripping onto the table.

Jade went, “Ooow.” first, then Beaver then me. Soon, I guess that all our butts were red and hurting, and that was before everyone had given us a swat.

When everyone had, Jade stopped the err game? and announced that her, Beaver and me were going to change our position. As she got into the new position she told Beaver and me to turn over onto our backs, stick our legs up in the air and hold our knees down to our shoulders with our arms. That, of course, meant that our feet were over our heads, and coincidentally, or was it deliberately, all 3 of us had spread our knees wider than our shoulders.

I quickly realised why Jade had chosen that position because the bright lights that were above the table were now shining down on our pussies and butt holes making them even more visible than before. It was like we had a spotlight on our pussies. It also meant that we could now see our assailants as the blows rained down on us.

Jade has just started to tell Aaron to start the second round when first Mandy, then Amelia stepped forwards and asked if they could join us. Jade welcomed them and told them to come on up whilst I looked around for Seth wondering what he was thinking about his girlfriend putting herself in the same position as us.

Seth was grinning from ear to ear.

Round 2 started with Aaron using a leather belt on all of us and by the time the third person had swatted all of us, the pain was getting to be less of an issue with me But I could still hear Amelia and Mandy’s complaining about the pain being inflicted on them.

It was a lot quieter during round 3 and during round 4 the only noises were from the hands or paddles or leather belts landing on our butts.

Round 5 was the same but during round 6 the moans of pleasure started to be heard from all of us.

Rounds 6 and 7 were very much the same with, probably 5 numb butts and the swats sending jolts of pleasure to the nearby pussies.

All the time so far each ‘punisher’ had used a different ‘weapon’ on us, some being more effective than others. It was notable that the girls swatting us were gentler than the boys and none of them used a paddle.

“Just use the leather belts.” Jade said just before Aaron started round 8.

After round 9 Jade told everyone to inflict their swats on us from the other side of the table, where our heads were. That made it more difficult for the punishers to get their aim right and a lot of the belts landed along our spread slits.

If that had been at the start it would have been very painful, but by then, and judging by the lack of yelps of pain, pain wasn’t the issue and those swats heightened our arousal.

Amelia was the first to orgasm when her boyfriend, Seth, landed a swat right along her slit with a loud crack, presumably hitting her clit when it landed. That was during round 11 and during rounds 12 and 13, Mandy, Jade, Beaver and I all orgasmed as well.

The start of round 15 saw both Mandy and Amelia orgasm again and after the waves of pleasure receded, both of them dropped their legs and sat up. That left Jade, Beaver and me.

Rounds 16 and 17 saw all 3 of us cum again and during round 18 I decided that enough was enough and I sat up, and not surprisingly, Beaver did as well. That meant that Jade was the winner but she wasn’t jubilant. She wanted one one round and one more orgasm before she too sat up smiling, then thanking everyone and saying that she needed that.

After a slight pause, Jade told everyone that she had no more games planned and that there was still plenty of booze and some food left. Then she turned to Beaver and me and told us that she really had needed that and that she wished that her father would spank her like that.

“Maybe you should present yourself like you were the next time that he’s going to spank you and tell him that it hurts more if he spanks your vulva.” Beaver said.

“You know, I might just do that.”

Then she put her hand on her pussy then lifted her hand to her face.

“No blood so no damage, that’s good, but I’m going to be sore for a couple of days.”

“Too sore to grab a guy and get fucked?” I asked, “look around you.”

She did and first saw that Seth was fucking Amelia. Amelia was laying on the dining table with her butt hanging over the side and Seth was stood between her legs ramming his cock in and out of her pussy, her tits wobbling with each inward thrust. Mandy was in the same position as Amelia and another guy was about to enter her.

Jade turned her head and saw that all the other girls had grabbed a guy and were at it in various positions.

There were 3 guys just stood watching so Jade waved them over and within a minute the 3 of us were getting fucked as well.

I guess that you could say that an orgy was taking place because most people there changed partners at least once before things quietened down and people started to fall asleep, me included.

I woke up with light coming through the windows and saw Jade and Beaver, both spread eagled on the floor next to each other. I went over to then, knelt between them and started finger fucking both of them whilst they still slept.

Beaver woke first, smiling and saying,

“That’s nice.”

Then Jade’s eyes opened with a startled look was on her face. She looked as if she was about to say,

“What the fuck?”

But after a couple of seconds she smiled and said the same as Beaver had.

Both of them just lay there and let me bring them off before sitting up, kissing me and thanking me.

Other people started to stir and before long half a dozen naked girls were helping Jade clear-up and tidy the place. I asked Jade if the cook was coming to get us all breakfast but she told us that she’d been given the day off so Beaver and I went and put some coffee on and started making some toast.

It was the morning after, and a few people had bad heads. All the girls were still very naked and everyone was acting as if they were fully clothed, except for Seth and Amelia who had decided to repeat their fucking session of the night before, on the dining table.

Quite a few people eating toast and drinking coffee were watching them as Amelia had 2 orgasms before realising that they had an audience and a few people laughed at her as she started blushing and pretending to be all shy.

“Wow Amelia,” Jade said, “you have surprised me, I never thought that Seth could find a girl like you, you really have brought him out of his little shell, good for you girl. I hope that we’ll be seeing more of you. Well, there is no more of you to see but you know what I mean.”

“Actually you might just, I’ve just moved to this town and I’m starting at your college in a couple of weeks. Second year which I think that most of you will be in. Seth tells me that there is no dress code so you will be seeing a lot of me.”

“And, probably, a lot more of most of the girls here after last night.” I added hopefully.

After that people started going home, the only girls that didn’t leave naked were those who called for a taxi and the taxi drivers got to see some of the girls who were leaving naked in their own cars. Unfortunately that didn’t include Beaver and me because we stayed to help Jade make sure that everything was was back to normal before her father returned.

As we were doing that Jade remembered that she hadn’t got around to announcing the winners of the ‘guess who’ game. Then she added that she’d save that until the next CMNF party.

Both Beaver and I smiled and my pussy got a little wet anticipating it.

“That was some party girl.” I said looking Jade straight in the face.

“Yes it was.” She replied then reached forward and kissed me on my lips.

“Thank you Areola.” She said when out lips parted.

“What for?”

“For giving me the idea for the party, and for helping make it a success.”

“You’re so welcome naked girl, when is the next one?”

“Soon I hope.”

We talked some more and Beaver and I left Jade just before noon which gave her plenty of time to get herself showered and shaved before her parents and brother returned home. She had told us that she’d been naked at home all the time since the last party and her father had spanked her almost daily but it hadn’t put her off being naked all the time, What it had done though, was make her cum most times, her father either not recognising her orgasms, or just ignoring them.

I drove daddy’s car home with both of us not bothering to put on the dresses that were in the back of the car. Daddy’s only comment was,

“Good party girls?”


The last days of the college break

After the party there was only a few days before we had to start back at college and whilst we sunbathed in our back garden when we got back from the party we tried to think of things that we hadn’t done that we had wanted to.

There were only really 2 things that we could think of but they had to be done in the right order, you see doing them in the wrong order would have been painful for both of us and possibly put us off doing the other thing.

The 2 things were, fucking our brother and getting our clits and nipples pierced. We’d talked about the latter a few times and even sussed out a place to get it done but we’d been putting it off in fear that it would spoil our fun for some of the holidays.

Going back to college with painful nipples and clits would be easier to live with as we’d have priorities other than our body pains.

We joked about how we were going to fuck Zack, Beaver even suggesting that we should tie him down, strip him and play with his cock until it got hard then mounting him, but we didn’t want to rape him. We knew that he’d go on about it being wrong and incest and all that crap but we weren’t going to let that stop us.

We really struggled to come up with and inventive way and in the end we just decided to wait until daddy had left for work one morning then just go into his room and tell him straight, that he was going to fuck us, like it or not.

Two days later Zack was still in his room when the 2 naked girls kissed their daddy goodbye for the day.

“Right sis,” Beaver said.

“Let’s do it.” I said.

We marched up to Zack’s room and opened the door to find him still asleep.

Putting my finger to my mouth we crept to his bed and lifted the quilt off him. We were pleased to see that he still slept naked and that he had a morning woody.

We’d already agreed that he was going to fuck me first so I gently climbed onto the bed and straddled his cock. As I lowered myself on to him I moaned and whispered,

“That feels soo good.”

By the time I’d lifted up then bottomed again his eyes were open and there was a look of fear and horror on his face.

“What the fuck! Get off me.”

I rose up then bottomed out again then replied,

“Nope, we’re going to do this until we’ve both cum then you’re going to do the same with Beaver until the both of you cum.”

“No, get off me, it isn’t right.”

“You’ve seriously got to get over this incest crap brother.” Beaver said, “you may be stronger than either of us but combined you don’t stand a chance so don’t fight us on this Zack.”

“But …..”

“But nothing Zack.” I said, “we’ve fucked daddy, we’ve fucked uncle Ian and we’ve fucked cousin Noah, now it’s your turn. And don’t think that it’s just us, mum and dad used to swap with uncle Ian and aunt Betty, and cousin Noah has fucked aunt Betty.”

“But I’ve got a girlfriend.”

“Well introduce us and she can join in the fun next time.” Beaver said.

“Don’t fight it bro.” I said as I felt his cock soften a little inside me, “enjoy it, we will.”

I lifted his hands to my little tits and felt Beavers fingers teasing his balls below me.

“Straddle his face Beaver.” I said.

Beaver pulled the pillow from under his head and climbed on.

“Eat me Zack.” Beaver demanded, “or I’ll hit your balls so hard that you won’t sit down for a month.”

Zack came to his senses, relaxed, got hard again, Beaver started moaning and I raised and lowered myself over and over until first I came then Zack did. Meanwhile, Zack was doing a good job on Beaver’s pussy and I kissed her as she too reached her climax.

But Beaver and I weren’t leaving it at that, Beaver hadn’t fucked Zack and we were going to put that right.

“This isn’t ….” Zack started to say as Beaver lifted herself off his face but he didn’t finish his sentence because I lowered myself to take her place and Zack had no choice other than to taste me.

Meanwhile, Beaver was on her knees between his legs and she was tasting me as she took his soft cock into her mouth and started licking and sucking. It only took a minute or so for there to be signs of life in it and she kept going until he was rock hard.

“Oohh that’s nice bro.” Beaver said as she impaled herself on Zack’s cock.

After enjoying being bottomed out on him for a few seconds she started raising then lowering herself. Slowly at first but then increasing in speed until she screamed so loud that I thought the neighbours might hear.

Somehow, she kept going up and down as her body jerked about as the orgasm took control of her body. I reached forward and pinched her hard nipples, hoping to increase her pleasure.

Her waves of pleasure started to receded and a big smile appeared on her face.

“He’s getting there, I can feel him getting bigger.” Beaver said.

“Ouch.” I said when Zack bit my clit as Beaver said,

“That’s it bro, give me every drop.”

Beaver and I collapsed off Zack and we all just lay there recovering.

After a while Beaver said,

“I know what sis, we can take it in turns to come here whilst the other one of us goes to daddy’s room.”

“You’re fucking dad?” Zack asked.

“Yes, we told you that earlier. I guess that the excitement of finally going to fuck your gorgeous sisters made you forget.”

“I wasn’t excited.”

“Yeah, right, I believe you – not.” Beaver said. “Go on, admit it bro, you’ve been lusting after our bodies for months.”

“Years actually, but you’re my sisters, I can’t be fucking you.”

“You just did, and we can do it again right now if you want.”

“Okay,” Beaver said as she lifted his limp cock, “we can wait until little Zack gets hard again.”

“Stop it girls. We can’t do that again.”

“Yes we can bro, and we will. Forget all this crap about incest. We’re not going to get pregnant so it’s just fine.” I said.

“It was better than fine.” Beaver added, “I hope that you can cum twice every time bro.”

Zack was beaten, and he knew it. Whenever we had ganged up on him he never stood a chance, and this was no different. What’s more, his cock knew it because there was signs of it wanting more quite soon.

“Okay bro,” I said, “we’re off to do some serious sunbathing before we have to go back to college; we’ll be back real soon to don’t you go hiding at your mate’s houses.”

“What about my girlfriend?”

“Told you, invite her along, 3 girls to 1 guy sounds like every guys dream, doesn’t it Beaver?”

“Hmm, does she like eating pussy as well bro?”

“Bloody hell girls, you’re getting worse.”

“You mean better.” Beaver replied.

Beaver and I left him to think about his now increased level of regular sexual activity, grabbed the sunblock and a couple of towels and went out to the back garden.

“Maybe we should start tanning on the front lawn?” Beaver asked.

“I like the way you thing sis, but I think that we might cause too many accidents.”

The second thing that we wanted to do before going back to college was to get our nipples and clit hoods pierced. We’d sussed out where we were going to get it done, but we hadn’t told our father. Not that we were expecting any great objections, mummy had piercing in those places as well, but daddy was sure to say something about it.

Anyway, at dinner the evening before the big day we told him. Zack was there as well and he nearly chocked when I announced it.

“Hmm,” daddy said, “you know that your mother had piercings in those places as well don’t you?”

“Yes daddy.” We both replied in stereo.

“Just because your mother had them doesn’t mean that you have to have them.”

“We know.” We both replied in stereo.

“Are you really sure that this is what you want?”

“Yes daddy.” We both replied in stereo.

“Well okay then, but there’s 2 things that I must insist on. Firstly that you go to a properly qualified person to get them done.”

“Can’t you do it in the garage?” Beaver asked.

“Just joking.” She added.

“I should hope so Beaver. Oh I do like your names and I’m so glad that you’ve gone back to using your full names.”

“Do you look at my bald beaver every time that you say my name daddy?”

“No Beaver.”

“I do.” Zack added.

“Do you at least think about my bald beaver every time that you say my name daddy?”

“Sometimes. Stop it Beaver. Now where was I? Oh yes, getting your piercings done, where were you thinking of going?”

“The same place that mummy took us to get our ears done.” I said.

“Okay, Ben’s still running the place and the last time that I drove passed it I saw that it had had a make-over.”

“You know the man who runs the place?” Beaver asked, “He’s a big man with a big beard, I remember thinking that he must be a Hell’s Angel.”

“No, just because he is a big man, has a big beard, wears leather jackets and rides a Harley doesn’t make him a Hell’s Angel. In the day your mother and I used to be quite friendly with him and some of his mates.”

“So can you get a discount from him because we’re your daughters?”

“Not even going to ask, but I know that he’ll do the job properly. The other thing that I insist on is the sleepers, they must be made of Titanium. I know that they are expensive but Titanium is the best metal to use because there’s less chance of an infection.”

“I don’t know that we can afford titanium daddy, we were thinking of stainless steel.” I said.

“Stainless steel isn’t a bad choice, but titanium is better, Tell you what, I’ll pay for the sleepers, are you planning on getting barbells, you’ll need those if you’re going to hang things on them.”

“We hadn’t thought that far ahead daddy.” I replied, “but that sounds like a great idea, what do you think bald Beaver?”

“Yeah, I can just imagine me having a chain between my nipples and daddy pulling me along by it, or maybe a longer chain on my clit and it hanging below my skirt. Think of the looks that people will give me.”

“That wasn’t quite what I was thinking of Beaver, but with barbells you do have more options.”

“Thanks daddy,” I said, “are you sure that you want to pay for them, titanium must be expensive?”

“I’ll pay for them.”

“Are you going to come with us daddy?” Beaver asked.

“That’s not a bad idea, it will give me a chance to catch up with Ben. Make an appointment for Saturday girls.”

We did, and daddy and Ben talked all the time that we were getting pierced and daddy watched every little bit of it. Ben even told us that it was quite usual for girls to get quite aroused when he was doing their clit hoods and he laughed when he told us that a few girls even have an orgasm when his fingers are working down there and not yo get embarrassed if we orgasmed

Beaver and I did get quite aroused and wet and we did cum when Ben actually made the hole in our clit hoods.

Being the oldest, I went first and I really enjoyed cumming with Ben and daddy watching. Ben just stopped what he was doing and waited for the waves to pass then continued with the job.

“I just knew that you’d cum.” Beaver said as Ben started working on me again.

“I bet that you will as well Beaver.” I replied.

She did, and it looked to be a stronger one than I’d had. While she was up on her high I looked at Ben’s and daddy’s faces. Both were smiling.

When both of us had 3 pieces of titanium in our bodies, Beaver got off the table and Ben said,

“Well, it looks like we have 2 happy customers. You’ve got 2 beautiful daughters there mate. I remember seeing them when they were knee high. Couldn’t keep their clothes on then either. They’ll make a couple of men really happy some day.”

“Or 1 man doubly happy.” Beaver replied.

“Whatever rocks your boat baby.” Ben said.

Then Beaver completely changed the subject by saying,

“Do you ride a big motorbike Ben?”

“Yes, a Harley, why?”

“You couldn’t give us a ride on it sometime could you?”

“Beaver stop being rude.” Daddy said.

“That’s okay; yes, I could do that for an old mate, but it would have to be out in the country somewhere. I’m assuming that you want to ride like that (Beaver and I were just stood there, still naked), too many coppers and cameras in the cities these days. Hey mate, do you remember that time when I gave your misses a ride through the middle of town one Saturday night? She was like these 2 are now and she sat on the tank facing me with my cock in her cunt.”

“Those were the days.” Daddy said.

“Can you give us a ride like that please Ben?” Beaver asked.

Ben sighed then looked at daddy who just shrugged his shoulders then said,

“They’re adults now, they can do whatever they want.”

“Well little lady, it looks like the pair of you have got a date. Phone me when you’re both fully healed and we’ll make a date. Now put those dresses on and off you go. And remember to do exactly what it says on that leaflet. I don’t want you suing me for unhygienic practises.”

As daddy was driving us home I apologised to daddy,

“Sorry daddy, but do you mind if we just give you a blowjob tonight, we’re a bit sore in the 3 places that you like to put your hands and your cock.”



Well, that’s how we spent the summer break after our first year at college. When we started our second year at college the weather was still warm and there were a few more girls wearing ultra short skirts like Beaver and I were, and a few ‘accidents’ letting people know that those girls weren’t wearing any knickers under those skirts.

Amelia was one of those girls and we’ve become good friends. She isn’t in our class but she’s always hanging with Seth who, usually, isn’t far from Jade, Beaver, Mandy and me. Yes, Mandy has become a good friend too, her snootiness having all gone after she discovered the benefits of ultra short skirts and no underwear.

I can’t imaging that we’ll have as much fun as we had this last summer break again until maybe the next summer break, but if we do, maybe I’ll write about it and post it on this board.

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