I'm A Con-Woman, It's What I Do by rcandy123

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"Look who's having a drink."

Santana draws in her Spanish accent as she approaches the familiar older blonde sitting at the bar. Kathleen looks to her right as she sees Santana sit down and set her scotch on the bar. Santana still works for the Benefactor, as does she but she doesn't have any contact with him, only his people. Kathleen hides her feeling of surprise under a smirk.

"I could say the same, darling."

Kathleen drinks from the wine glass in front of her. Santana lets her eyes roam down the blonde's body and crosses her legs.

"You look...good."

Santana compliments, trying to get a rise out of Kathleen. Kathleen swallows the wine and turns in her chair to finally face Santana. Kathleen raises a perfectly sculpted eyebrow and Santana feels the heat of lust spreading through her body.

"Good? That's all I get?"

Kathleen asks and stands up. Santana notices how close her high heeled foot is to Kathleen's thigh. Santana hums in faux contemplation.

"Honestly, you look very..."

Santana works her eyes down Kathleen's body and subtly moves her high heeled foot to tease across the blonde's thigh. Kathleen's eyes darken just slightly and her pussy twitches in anticipation. Santana locks her eyes back on Kathleen's.

"Fit to me."

The words roll off Santana's tongue like hot butter and Kathleen licks her bottom lip before pulling the spongy flesh between her teeth. Santana moves her foot just a little higher before pulling away altogether. Santana stands up and grabs Kathleen's wine, finishing it off and setting it on the bar. Kathleen narrows her eyes at the young Latina woman's actions. If it were anyone else they would be dead. Santana reaches into her clutch and pulls out her room key to the hotel room she booked for the night, laying it on the bar.

Santana then takes a step closer. Kathleen watches the younger woman carefully which makes Santana smile.

"I'm in 245."

Santana says and reaches forward, her fingers brush over Kathleen's hip. Kathleen steps the last inch between them and tucks a piece of hair behind Santana's ear. A small smirk plays on Kathleen's lips and she leans forward so her lips are right next to the arch of Santana's ear.

"Let's see if you can still keep up with me, darling."

Kathleen whispers seductively into Santana's ear. Santana removes her hand from Kathleen's hip.

"I'm more worried about you...darling."

Santana mocks and motions the bartender over. Kathleen pulls away just as the bartender reaches them.

"Another white wine please, charge it to room 245. Thank you."

Santana orders and turns back to Kathleen with a wink before she walks away, a sway in her hips. Kathleen watches the younger woman's fine ass until Santana turns the corner. Kathleen turns back to the bartender when he sets down her glass.

"Thank you."

Kathleen takes the glass and walks in the direction Santana had gone, key card in hand. Unlocking the door, Kathleen sips from her drink before walking in. She stops dead in her tracks when she sees Santana clad in red lacy lingerie on the plush white bed. Santana smirks at Kathleen's reaction and leans back on her hands and spreads her legs.

"You were being uncharacteristically slow. I started without you."

Santana husks. Kathleen recovers quickly from her slip up and advances forward, setting her wine glass on the nightstand.

"You never did have a knack for patience."

Kathleen says and moves around the bed in front of Santana. Santana smirks and sits up when Kathleen steps between her legs. Kathleen lets her eyes roam down the Latina's beautiful breasts, toned stomach, and smooth legs.

"I thought you liked that about me?"

Santana asks with a teasing smile. Kathleen raises an eyebrow and Santana moves her hands to run up Kathleen's thighs.

"I always gave you a fast orgasm."

Santana says in a deep sultry voice dripping of sex and lust. Kathleen holds in her moan and moves her hands up to Santana's face and slides her fingers into the soft dark brown hair.

"I suppose it was one of my favorite specialties you used."

Kathleen whispers as she bends down to tease her lips over Santana's. Santana smiles and slides her hands up farther and around Kathleen's back. Her fingers find the blonde's zipper and pull it down slowly, their lips still yet to have touched.

"As beautiful as this dress is..."

Santana drawls as she pulls at the straps.

"It must go."

Santana drops the dress to the floor, not prepared to see the older woman in a lacy thong and thin push-up bra. A small moan makes it's way out of her throat. Kathleen smiles and kisses the woman in front of her lightly, barely touching their lips.

"There is the girl I remember."

Kathleen teases then stands straight and pushes Santana to lay back on the bed. Santana sends Kathleen a scowl and moves back farther onto the bed. Kathleen crawls on top of her with a smirk until her body is between Santana's legs.

"You use to have solid colors. I didn't expect the lace."

Santana excuses and it was true, the lace was a surprise and of course a welcomed one. Kathleen leans in again and brushes her lips over Santana's. Santana leans up, trying to kiss Kathleen but the blonde moves away. Santana groans softly and lays back on the bed. Kathleen chuckles softly.

"No patience."

Kathleen says with a smirk. Santana glares at the woman above her and flips them over. Santana straddles Kathleen's hips and rests her hands on either side of the older woman's head. Kathleen smirks at Santana's lack of patience and wraps her hands around the back of Santana's knees. Santana grounds her hips down onto Kathleen's stomach and moans.

"I only have no patience when there's no reason to wait."

Santana breathes out and moves one hand to curl around the back of Kathleen's neck. Her lips crash down onto Kathleen's with a moan. Kathleen moans back and moves her hands to the ass she watched walk away earlier. Santana moans and runs her other hand up and down Kathleen's stomach. Kathleen's hand travels upwards until it reaches Santana's bra clasp and unsnaps the small clip with expert fingers. Santana breaks the kiss and leans back to fling the bra from her body. Kathleen moans and doesn't wait for Santana to lean back down. She pushes herself onto her hands and takes the Latina's perfect brown nipple into her mouth. Santana gasps softly and tangles her fingers in blonde hair. Kathleen moans and moves one hand to Santana's ass and the other hand to the Latina's perky nipple. Kathleen's grip tightens on Santana's ass and pulls her even closer while nipping at the Latina's pert nipple. Santana gasps again.


Santana grits out at the caress of Kathleen's teeth on her sensitive nipple. The blonde's mouth switches breasts as do her hands. Santana is made into a moaning mess by the older blonde woman. Santana finally pulls Kathleen's hair so her lips detach from Santana's breast. Santana pants heavily and Kathleen smirks.

"I'm glad to know your soft spots haven't changed, correct?"

Kathleen says cheekily. Santana connects their lips without a word and immediately cups Kathleen's breasts. One hand reaches underneath the blonde and unclasps the lacy black bra. Kathleen lifts herself just enough to take off her bra then moves her hands back to Santana's ass. Santana moans and immediately bends her head down to suck Kathleen's nipple. Kathleen moans and digs her fingers into the ass she has been missing, intent on making a few bruises on the younger woman. Santana pulls away from Kathleen's breasts and gets off of her.

"Are you- oh...okay."

Kathleen starts to ask but stops when Santana makes quick work of pulling down her thong. Santana smirks and tosses the item across the room along with her own panties and gets in between Kathleen's legs. Kathleen bites her lip and shivers at the memory of Santana going down in her with that killer smirk. Santana wraps her arms around the blonde's thighs and moans at the sight of her pussy. Santana doesn't hesitate to lean forward and run her tongue through Kathleen's wetness, relishing in the bold taste of the woman's arousal. Kathleen moans softly and reaches down to brush the dark locks out of Santana's eyes. Santana looks up at the motion and moans around Kathleen's clit. Kathleen gasps softly and clenches her fist in Santana's hair. Santana smirks against her drenched folds and licks Kathleen's clit slowly.


Kathleen groans out and bites her lip, looking at Santana. Santana groans herself and sucks Kathleen's clit. Kathleen moans and arches her back.


Kathleen draws out and bucks against Santana's mouth. Santana grabs her hips to hold her down, sucking even harder on the blonde's clit. Kathleen moans loudly and tries to buck again but Santana's grip grows stronger and she pins the older woman's hips to the mattress. Kathleen growls and pushes her head back into the pillows. Santana smoothly moves one hand from Kathleen's hip and uses her other arm to reach across Kathleen's waist and keep her pinned. Santana's now free hand moves underneath her chin and teases Kathleen's entrance. Kathleen moans loudly at the fingers teasing her entrance and grips the beautiful hair in her fist even harder, nearing the edge of her orgasm. Santana moans and pushes two fingers into the older woman, curling her fingers to make sure to hit that spot inside the beautiful woman. Kathleen groans and squeezes her thighs around Santana's head. The Latina always knew where her g-spot was. Kathleen comes undone with deep groans and an arched back, her hand clenched so tight in Santana's hair her knuckles turn white. Santana fingers her softly and slowly brings her down from her high. Her grip soon loosens and her thighs part. Kathleen moans softly and bites her lip a she rests back against the bed. Santana pulls her fingers out of Kathleen and sucks them into her mouth with a moan. Kathleen looks down at the young Latina and smiles softly. Santana moves up Kathleen's body and kisses her hard. Kathleen moans in surprise, her energy coming back into her body. She flips them over and lays on her side next to Santana.

"I could tell you missed me."

Santana whispers into Kathleen's ear when the blonde breaks the kiss and lowers her head to kiss her neck. Kathleen moans and raises her head to kiss Santana's plump lips.

"It's hard not to miss you when your face is buried between my legs, now is it?"

Kathleen responds with a smirk and moves her hand between Santana's tan thighs. Santana can't help but moan when deft fingers caress her clit and pussy lips. Kathleen moves her kisses to the soft spot just behind Santana's ear and sucks lightly, eliciting a louder moan from the woman next to her.

"My point is proven, darling."

Kathleen points out as her finger sinks into Santana's wet heat. Santana moans and bucks her hips towards the invading finger. Kathleen can't help but smirk at how wanton this young woman can become with a simple touch of her fingers. Kathleen's finger pumps faster and her lips attach to Santana's closest nipple. Santana gasps and arches her back.

"Oh God."

Santana groans out. Kathleen uses her leg to push the young woman's legs farther apart and Santana's hand tangles in her hair. Kathleen moans and flicks the rigid peak and pulls her finger out of Santana to push two in. Santana arches her back and slams her free hand into the padded headboard. Her gasps and moans fill the room, making Kathleen moan softly in her victory. Santana was becoming closer and closer to her orgasm and her hips meet each of Kathleen's thrusts.

"Fuck, Kath- Ah!"

Santana screams when Kathleen switches the position of her wrist and rubs her clit with her thumb. Santana cries out and her hand buried in Kathleen's hair slams against the padded headboard next to her other hand. Kathleen sinks her teeth into the soft flesh of the Latina's nipple and eagerly fingers her. Santana lets out a scream and bucks her hips against Kathleen's fingers, finally reaching her blissful climax. Santana moans up to the point Kathleen pulls her fingers out. Kathleen raises her head from Santana's bruised nipples and gives the girl a smile. Santana moans one last time and opens her eyes and smiles back. Kathleen chuckles softly and pulls away from Santana's body. Santana looks at Kathleen with her head turned towards the blonde.

"I really hope I don't have to kill you."

Santana says and Kathleen raises an eyebrow, her fingers drifting over Santana's skin.

"You were sent to kill me? By the Benefactor?"

Santana turns onto her side and rests her head in her hand.

"Only threaten for now. He needs the money in 6 hours Kathleen."

Kathleen nods her head.

"I know that. I'm not worried."

Santana sighs softly.

"How close are you to getting the money?"

Kathleen groans softly and slides her hand up to caress the back of Santana's neck, she pulls her forward to kiss her softly.

"Let's not ruin this, shall we?"

Kathleen asks and pushes back Santana's soft dark hair. Santana looks away from Kathleen.

"Why did you leave?"

Santana looks back up to Kathleen. Kathleen lays on the back.


Kathleen says and reaches for her wine, taking an exceptionally large gulp before setting it back. Santana chuckles lightly.

"You still have to pay him money, do his dirty work, what freedom do you have?"

Santana asks with an amused smile. Kathleen licks her lips and looks to the Latina.

"Freedom from him, darling."

Kathleen says softly and cups Santana's cheek. Santana looks at Kathleen curiously.

"He...to you?"

Santana asks and Kathleen shivers as a cold draft washes over them. Kathleen drops her hand from Santana and reaches down to grab the covers they had kicked to the end of the bed. After covering them Kathleen sighs.

"When I first joined him he hit on me and like the naive person I was, I thought he actually liked me. He didn't. He used me for sex and even after I told him I didn't want sex anymore he still forced it on me."

Kathleen finishes and looks into Santana's incredulous eyes. Santana shakes her head.

"You were having sex with him while I was there?"

Santana asks. Kathleen gives her a small smile.

"I told him that I didn't want sex anymore because of you being there- being with you. I didn't want him."

Kathleen runs her palm up and down Santana's arm. Santana reaches up and pulls Kathleen into a kiss.

"You should have told me."

Santana says to her, scooting her body closer to Kathleen's. Kathleen shakes her head, her hand running up and down Santana's spine.

"I couldn't darling. He would have killed me. He probably would have used you to do it."

Kathleen answers as her thumb pulls down Santana's pouty bottom lip. Kathleen can't help but lean into the few inches separating them and take Santana's lip into her mouth. Santana moans before pulling back just enough to speak.

"You're not sleeping with me to extend your time to get the money then?"

Kathleen hesitates.

"If I were?"

Santana scoffs and gets out of bed.

"I can't believe I thought you genuinely liked me."

Santana mumbles and grabs her underwear. Kathleen sits up in bed.

"I do Santana. I like you."

Santana looks at Kathleen as she puts on her underwear.

"You are just like him Kathleen."

Santana says with venom. Kathleen clenched her jaw and gets out of the bed with sheets wrapped around her.

"I am nothing like him! If I did a good job on a mission he would fuck me and expect me to beg or actually like it- I never did!"

Kathleen yells in defense. Santana laughs and pulls on her dress.

"You fuck me, don't you? You fuck me to extend the amount of time on your fucking drop date- Kathleen, there's no difference!"

Santana yells and suddenly Kathleen is on her in a second. Kathleen pins Santana's hands to the wall and the sheet drops from her body. Santana glares at the blonde who glares back. They silently challenge each other, daring the other to make a move- to do anything. Kathleen pants softly and releases Santana's wrists.

"I'm a con woman, you should have expected nothing more darling."

Kathleen tells her and turns to get dressed as well. Santana zips her dress.

"I don't."

Santana hisses. Kathleen doesn't respond and Santana grabs the hotel key card from the nightstand.

"Four extra hours. That's all I can get for you so use it wisely."

Santana says and walks out the door. Kathleen looks after her, desperately wanting to stop the young woman and tell her that she wanted her, needed her. She wants to tell Santana that she didn't mean anything she said just then. But she can't, it's too dangerous for her and she is so young, she shouldn't even be in this business. Kathleen dresses and walks out of the room with weight on her shoulders but a determination to get the money.


"Do you have the money?"

Santana asks as she comes into view of the blonde. Kathleen buries her feelings and grabs her phone. She pulls up the bank transaction and shows it to Santana.

"All 50k is in the Benefactor's account now."

Kathleen tells Santana. Santana grabs the phone to study the screen closer and her fingers brush Kathleen's. Santana glances at Kathleen and sees the unmistakable look of desire flash across her features. Kathleen clears her throat and leans against the doorway. Santana checks the transaction one last time before handing the phone back.

"Okay. Until next time I suppose."

Santana says as Kathleen takes the phone and puts it in her pocket. Santana starts to turn away when she feels no other than Kathleen's soft hand on her arm.

"Do you have to leave so quickly?"

Kathleen asks and Santana looks over her shoulder, Kathleen's hand dropping from the Latina.

"Do you have money due that I don't know about?"

Santana asks tensely. Kathleen tries to control her anger.

"Santana, just come inside."

Kathleen all but asks the younger woman. Santana sets her own jaw and finally turns to face Kathleen.

"You're not in charge of me Kathleen."

Santana growls and Kathleen tilts her head to the side.

"No, the Benefactor is."

Kathleen growls back. Santana moves quickly, her rage overcoming her. Santana turns and slams Kathleen into the door with her hands pinned next to her head. Kathleen gasps and looks at Santana in surprise.

"I work for him because I have too! I hate it but I learned to love it because if I don't then I get me, my mother and my sister killed because I needed to smuggle them into the United States away from my abusive father. The only thing I liked about when I started working for him was you!"

Santana screams in frustration. Kathleen gulps and stares into Santana's eyes. Santana loosens her grip and turns away. She puts her hands on her hips and bites her lip. Kathleen shuts the door and walks over to Santana. She slides her hands onto Santana's hips from behind her.

"When I was seventeen I ran away because every day my parents would come home and beat me. The Benefactor saved me from the streets when I was attempting to earn a living by conning people. I am grateful for that but everything after... I will never forgive him...I am sorry you had to go to these measures to save your family."

Kathleen whispers to Santana with her chin on her shoulder. Santana turns her head slightly to Kathleen.

"I'm sorry about your family also."

Santana whispers back. Kathleen steps back from Santana and walks around her.

"Would you like a drink? I think we both could use one."

Kathleen asks and walks over to the bar inside her hotel room.

"Yes, that would be great."

Santana answers and moves to sit on the couch. Kathleen pours them two glasses of whiskey and walks over to hand Santana one before sitting on the couch. Kathleen mirrors Santana's position of crossing her legs and sipping from her drink.

"So, you were living on the streets so young. How did you get money by conning people?"

Santana asks curiously and moves her arm onto the top of the couch. Kathleen bites her lip softly.

"I had multiple stories. My parents died, they kicked me out, I was lost. Things like that. It always got me a few bucks, sometimes more. Enough to live on until I got a job then moved to a different place. Can we talk about something else?"

Kathleen asks and takes another drink. Santana nods her head.

"Yes, sorry. What would you like to talk about?"

Kathleen watches Santana carefully before bringing up the subject she has wanted to talk about, curiosity getting the best of her.

"I want to talk about you."

Santana raises an eyebrow.


Kathleen gives her a small smile.

"Yes, you. I want to know if you sleep with anyone else, besides me of course."

Kathleen asks with a smirk. Santana smirks and sets down her finished glass.

"Why would you want to know that?"

Santana drawls, her smirk only growing bigger.

"Because I'm curious."

Kathleen answers with her eyes narrowing at the Latina.

"Curiosity killed the cat, Kathleen."

Santana husks and drifts her tongue across the tips of her teeth. Kathleen watches the pink muscles until it disappears past the brunette's plump lips.

"I'm willing to take the risk."

Kathleen says back and leans forward to place her drink on the table, showing her cleavage in the low buttoned blouse purposely. Santana watches the woman's cleavage helplessly until she is sitting back again. Kathleen smirks and Santana folds her hands on her lap.

"Alright. Yes, I sleep with people other than you."

Jealousy flares in Kathleen's chest but she is careful not to show it to the beautiful woman across from her. Kathleen nods her head and smiles.


Santana returns the smile and decides to play with the con artist.

"Very wonderful."

Santana husks and licks her lips. Kathleen narrows her eyes and grabs her glass and Santana's from the table.


Kathleen asks as she stands up and walks to the bar. Santana stands up and walks behind her. Kathleen pours them both another drink, not waiting for Santana's answer. Santana chuckles lowly as she comes to stand behind Kathleen.

"You're not jealous are you?"

Santana whispers into Kathleen's ear as she presses forward, effectively pinning Kathleen into the bar. Kathleen scoffs and downs one glass of the whiskey, relishing in the familiar burn in her throat.

"You couldn't make me jealous if you tried darling."

Kathleen lies. Santana smiles and brushes Kathleen's hair to her opposite shoulder before pressing a kiss to the blonde's neck.

"Not even if I told you that having another woman's mouth on my clit makes me cum just as hard as yours does- if not harder?"

Santana whispers her lie. No one has ever made her cum as hard as Kathleen has but god was it fun making the woman jealous. Kathleen smirks and scoffs.

"Highly unlikely."

Santana moves her kisses to Kathleen's shoulder when she pulls the blonde's blouse to the side.

"I don't know Kathleen..."

Santana whispers directly into Kathleen's ear, involuntarily making Kathleen shiver.

"She made me break the headboard."

Santana lies again. This time, Kathleen growls and spins in the small space Santana had created. Santana raises a challenging eyebrow and places her hands on the bar on either side of Kathleen's body. Kathleen reaches forward and cups Santana's cheeks in her palms.

"I suppose I should beat that, shouldn't I?"

Kathleen husks and crushed their lips together. Santana moans and drops her hands to Kathleen's hips, pulling her forward so they are pressed against each other. Kathleen moans back and pushes off the bar and over to the couch. Santana gasps when she is pushed back onto the plush couch. Kathleen unbuttons and jerks her jeans and thong down her legs. Santana takes off her top as Kathleen does the same. Kathleen moves right in between Santana's legs and grips her thighs. Santana gasps as Kathleen's lips circle her clit and sucks. Kathleen moans and digs her nails into Santana's hips as she sucks harder. Santana moans and reaches above her to grip the armrest only to miss it and hit the lamp on the in-table next to the couch. The lamp crashes to the floor in broken porcelain pieces as Santana moans out again. Kathleen groans and pulls Santana deeper into her mouth. Santana's hands finally find the armrest and grips it tightly, her hips jerking against Kathleen's mouth.

"Fuck! Right there! Don't stop- don't you fucking stop!"

Santana screams and wraps one leg around Kathleen's head, pulling her tighter against her pussy. Her other leg moves off the couch and pushes against the coffee table. Another shattering of porcelain sounds through the room but neither horny participant stops to see what vase it was. Kathleen moans as Santana's pointy heel digs into her back. The blonde manages to lift herself up onto her left elbow and slide her right hand underneath her chin and pushes two fingers inside Santana's cunt.

"Ah! Oh, Dios! Yes! No se detenga! Kathl-Fuck!"

Santana screams and arches her back. Kathleen moans deeply, thrusting as hard and as fast as she can into Santana's sweet pussy. Hearing the Latina speak Spanish was not a first but it was a first while having sex. Santana tenses as the most powerful orgasm of her life rush over her. Kathleen continues to suck her and fuck her until the Latina is thrown into her second orgasm, her muscles gripping Kathleen's fingers tightly. Santana can't even scream let alone speak anymore. Her mind was completely blown that Kathleen could send her into this kind of blissful oblivion. Kathleen finally relents and pulls her mouth away from Santana's clit. Santana pants desperately for breath and releases the armrest and the blonde's head from her death grip. Kathleen gently pulls her fingers out of Santana and kisses her thigh. Kathleen smiles proudly as she moves up Santana's sweat slicked body and softly kisses her chest. Kathleen glanced around to survey the damage Santana has caused. One broken vase from the in-table, one broken vase from the coffee table, and one ripped rug that lies beneath the coffee table. Victory, Kathleen thinks with a smirk.

"Well, darling I think two broken vases, a ripped carpet, and you speaking sexy Spanish puts me in the lead. Don't you?"

Kathleen asks a dazed Santana. The Latina finally opens her eyes and looks at what she's done.

"Fuck. Kathleen, I didn't mean to break-"

Kathleen interrupts her with a smirk.

"Don't worry about it. I'll get it covered."

Santana smiles and relaxes back against the couch.

"That was amazing Kathleen. You win."

Santana breathes out. Kathleen leans down and kisses her neck.

"How about we move to the bed and celebrate my victory?"

Kathleen asks, the throbbing between her legs is driving her crazy with desire. Santana moans softly as Kathleen finds her soft spot and sucks gently at the tender skin. Santana reaches behind Kathleen and unsnaps her bra.

"It would only be right to celebrate."

Santana teases with a smirk as she strips Kathleen of her bra. Kathleen pulls away with her own smirk and gets off the couch. Kathleen leads the way to the bedroom until Santana suddenly presses her into the wall. Kathleen gasps as Santana's body presses her harder into the wall.

"This is taking too long."

Santana growls and reaches around Kathleen and unbuttons her tight leather pants. Watching Kathleen's ass in these pants had been too much to handle. Santana jerks down the pants, not even bothering to take them off the blonde's ankles before standing back up and moving her hand in between Kathleen's legs. Kathleen gasps and presses back into Santana. Santana smiles and kisses Kathleen's neck.

"You want this? Huh? Do you want my fingers?"

Santana asks with a husky tone in her voice. Kathleen moans and reaches her hand behind her and grabs Santana's hips.

"Fuck me."

Kathleen growls and grinds into Santana's front. Santana moans and concedes, pushing two fingers into the blonde. Kathleen moans loudly, almost desperately for me.

"Fuck me! Yes, right there Santana."

Kathleen groans and digs her fingers into Santana's hips. Santana groans and uses her free hand to grab one of Kathleen's hands and slams it to the wall above her head. Santana nibbles at Kathleen's neck as she thrusts as hard and as fast as she can with her palm pressed to Kathleen's budding clit. Kathleen feels her orgasm approaching quickly and rests her head back on Santana's shoulder.

"God damn it, Santana. Make me cum- fucking make me cum."

Kathleen growls, her hips desperately meeting Santana's thrusts. Santana moans and presses her lips next to Kathleen's ear.

"I can feel you tightening around my fingers. You're so fucking tight. Cum Kath, cum on my fingers."

Santana whispers huskily into Kathleen's ear. Kathleen gasps softly and is sent into her orgasm. She trembles and moans as Santana brings her down gently with soft kisses to her neck and shoulder. Kathleen eventually sags against the wall in exhaustion and Santana pulls her hands away. Kathleen gulps and steps out of her pants that had still been around her ankles to avoid tripping. She turns around and leans against the wall to look at Santana.

"I'm impressed, Santana. That may have been anyone's quickest time of making me cum."

Kathleen says slightly breathy. Santana smirks.

"Good to know I'm better than everyone."

Kathleen narrows her eyes at the Latina.

"I do not sleep with EVERYONE."

Santana continues to smirk and Kathleen pushes her shoulder playfully.

"Don't be an ass, Santana."

Kathleen grunts and walks past Santana into the hotel bedroom. Santana follows with a chuckle.

"Can I take a shower before I go?"

Santana asks as she comes up behind Kathleen who is looking through her drawers for something to wear. Kathleen smiles as Santana leaves a soft kiss on her neck.

"I suppose- but don't you dare use all the hot water."

Kathleen says and Santana smiles.

"You could always join me. We would be saving this gorgeous hotel lots of water."

Santana bites Kathleen's ear lobe, making the blonde in front of her moan softly.

"We tried that once, remember? The water turned cold and you couldn't cum you were shivering so much."

Santana chuckles at the memory and wraps her arms around Kathleen's middle.

"Then you carried me out of the shower with the water still running, you were so frustrated you couldn't make me cum."

Santana moves her hands up and cups Kathleen's breasts. Kathleen suddenly turns around with a stack of clothes in her hands.

"Very frustrated. So I will not be joining you in the shower. Do enjoy yourself though darling."

Kathleen winks and walks away from Santana's embrace. Santana pouts and walks to the bathroom as Kathleen starts to dress again.

"Suit yourself...darling."

Santana responds mockingly before stepping into the shower and starting the water. Kathleen rolls her eyes at the younger woman's jab at her eloquence. Kathleen gets dressed in her pajamas and walks out to the desk she had requested for her room. Kathleen opens her laptop and checks her messages. Nothing new from the Benefactor. The Hotel room door opens with a beep from the key card scanner. Kathleen stands up when she see James, her con partner. He was a tall man in his late thirties with a passion for cons. Blonde hair, blue eyes, fit body, every woman's dream. He came in handy when the lady the con was on isn't a lady lover. James smiles and closes the door just as the shower shuts off.

"Hey, Kathleen. I just got us 50 thousand dollars in our bank. We have to disappear right away after we transfer the money to the Benefactor."

James rambles in his British accent as he walks towards the bedroom.

"James, wait-"

Kathleen tries to stop him from going into the room but fails as Santana walks out with a towel around her body. James jumps back when suddenly Santana has a gun pointed at his face. Where did she get a gun?

"What the hell Kathleen?"

Santana growls and moves the barrel of the gun closer to James's face. James gives Kathleen a questionable look.

"Hey Kathleen, how about you tell your friend here to get her gun out of my face, huh?"

James asks calmly. Kathleen gives him an apologetic look before looking back to a furious Santana.

"Santana he's just my partner. He's a con artist."

Santana sighs angrily and lowers her gun. Kathleen can't help but notice how hot the Latina is when she is angry.

"Dios mío Kathleen! ¿Por qué no me lo dijiste ! Podría haberlo matado ! Casi lo hice ! Fucking tell me that kind of shit!'

Santana yells in an all out Spanish outrage. Both Kathleen and James stand shocked at the outburst. Santana groans and pulls up her falling towel to her chest. Kathleen looks at Santana.

"I don't know what half of that meant but I caught the last part and I thought you knew because the Benefactor knows. I figured he told you, darling."

Kathleen tells the calming Latina. Santana glances at James before holding out her hand to him, which he takes.

"Santana Garcia. Sorry about the gun in your face."

James smirks and looks down her body, at which both Santana and Kathleen roll their eyes at.

"James Novak. Such a pleasure to meet you."

James puts on his best charming smile and winks at Santana. Santana yanks her hand away from James's with a grunt of disgust. Kathleen chuckles at the look of surprise on James face that his charm didn't work.

"Stop being so disgusting James. She's as straight as a circle."

Kathleen says with a smile and James's smile only grows.

"I'm sure that's not a problem."

This time, Santana laughs and takes a step back to look James over, who stands up tall and buttons his suit jacket with another charming smile. Santana feigns a thoughtful expression.

"Hmm, let's see...No tits. No ass. No pussy. Yes, that is a big problem."

Santana says with a satisfied smirk. James huffs at the shoot down and looks back to Kathleen.

"Back to what I was saying. We need to transfer the money to the Benefactor then haul ass out of here. Quick."

James says and Kathleen tilts her head to the side.

"Well?...Go pack our stuff. I'll transfer the money and order the plane tickets."

James nods his head and walks into the bedroom without another word. Santana sets her gun down.

"That's my cue to head out, I assume?"

Kathleen moves towards Santana and tucks a piece of wet hair behind her ear.

"Or you could come work with us? You wouldn't have to deal with the Benefactor anymore...and we could have many fun things to do ourselves."

Kathleen says seductively. Santana wraps her arms around Kathleen's waist and narrows her eyes.

"Would I still be able to pay off my debt to him?"

Santana asks as she glances down to Kathleen's teasing fingers playing with the knot of the towel between her breasts. Kathleen smiles and steals a quick kiss.

"Yes, of course, darling."

Santana moves one hand up to cup the blonde's cheek.

"I...I will think about it and talk to you the next time we meet."

Santana answers and pulls a smiling Kathleen down into a kiss. Kathleen moans softly and pulls at the knot of the towel until it drops to the floor. Before Santana can push her away Kathleen cups one breast and squeezes roughly, making the Latina moan deeply.


Kathleen husks against Santana's lips. Santana smiles and pushes Kathleen away before picking up her towel and wrapping it around her again. Santana gets dressed quickly before James can come out again, feeling Kathleen's eyes on her the whole time. Santana grabs her gun and walks to the door with Kathleen following behind her. Santana steps outside the hotel room and smiles at Kathleen.

"Maybe I'll get sent to collect more money soon."

Santana says with a smile and Kathleen takes her hand and pulls her closer. Kathleen smiles and brushes Santana's beautiful dark hair away from her eyes.

"Maybe you will."

Kathleen agrees then leans in for a kiss. Santana kisses back, her hand moving to caress the blonde's neck. A low hum vibrates through Kathleen's throat and she smiles into the kiss. Santana nips at Kathleen's bottom lip playfully before taking that said lip into her mouth. Kathleen moans softly and kisses her hard. Santana moans back and moves her caressing hand to the back of Kathleen's neck for a better grip, pulling her deeper into the kiss. Kathleen's hands move around Santana's body to grab her firm ass greedily. Santana moans and wraps both arms around Kathleen's neck. A door slams shut out in the hallway and the two women jump apart. A cleaning lady had shut the door too loud and was now walking down the hallway away from them. Santana turns back to Kathleen, both of them slightly breathless.

"Or maybe I'll find you sitting in a bar somewhere."

A small smile spreads on Santana's and Kathleen's lips.

"Maybe you will."

Kathleen repeats with a smirk. Santana smirks and turns, walking down the hallway way swaying her hips because she knows Kathleen is watching. Kathleen smiles and shakes her head when Santana gives her a wink over her shoulder.


I hope my new story was enjoyed. Comments are most definitely welcome (;

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