Lesbian Raped Me by dogsex1991

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Fantasm | Authoritarian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, First Time, Girl, Humiliation, Lesbian, Masturbation, Mind Control, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Rape, Reluctance, Submission

My name is Michelle, my mother is Pilipino and my dad is American, I am told I look quite beautiful, but very young. Im a really light caramel colour that doesn’t change from the top of my forehead to the tips of my toes. I have dark black, almost wavy hair, that comes a little past my shoulder, my eyes are big, and slightly slanted upwards, they give me an exotic look. I am a petite woman, I stand around 5 foot 5” high, I weigh about 50kgs last time I checked, and it seems most of my weight are in my D cup boobs, which seem so much larger on my thin frame. My form is very shapely and I have the desired hourglass figure that most women love. My ass however took after my mother in size, it was small….very very shapely but small. They looked like two oranges had been placed into my jeans. Two perfect, round bubbles, that for me seemed a tad too small. But see I was happy with this, I loved my life, I loved myself, everything was going well with me. If I could change anything in my life it would be just to be a little taller.

This event occurred earlier this week, it changed my life. Everything seemed so much more different now. I work at a up and coming law firm, about an hours drive from my house. The only issue was the law firm couldn’t afford a flashy building in the city so we were on the outskirts of town, in a not so…pleasant area. But it wasn’t too bad. Most of the people in the neighbourhood knew me well, as I helped with a lot of their cases. So one evening I had to stay back late, around 10pm I left the office, I immediately felt the cold air hit me, I only had my business attire, so the formal skirt and the stockings weren’t doing much to assist with the cold. As well as this my top and jacket were only there to look good and served no function against the chilly air. I took a quick look around to make sure no undesirables were in the area, all the buildings were commercial buildings so they were all closed down after a hard Mondays work. Only one street light was working about 30 metres away. My car was parked under a highway overpass about 50 metres from the light. I headed towards my car. As I passed the street light I noticed every step I took it was getting much harder to see. As if god had cursed me the street light flickered and then stopped working.

“oh no” I mumbled, just my luck. It took me a few seconds for my eyes to readjust, and honestly speaking it didn’t help much at all. I waved my hands in front of my face and I could see just a faint outline of my hands. Luckily for me my phone had a flashlight on it, putting it on I continued towards my truck, I felt vulnerable and acred though, as the light made the path in front of me visible, it made everything around it nearly invisible. As I got to my run down car I finally relaxed a little, but my peripheral vision had been blinded, and I completely missed the stationwagon that must have been parked there the whole time. I started to fumble at the car lock with my keys when I heard a small thud behind me, I let out a small shriek and dropped my keys and my phone, I quickly turned around. I heard my phone screen shatter but luckily for me, my phone landed so that the light was shining up between me and this person I know faced.

I let out a sigh of relief, it was a women, I was so relieved I laughed a little, “oh my goodness” I cried out “im so sorry babe, you scared me”

She smiled back, she carried herself quite confidently given the time of night and the area we were in, “don’t worry about it sweet heart” she replied “I just thought you might need some help, looks like some assholes slashed your tires”

I looked down at my tires, she was right, all of them were slashed. I looked at this woman again, this time grateful she stayed back, thankful that she noticed and cared enough to stay here. I smiled my sweetest smile at her, I had a beautiful smile. I swear it seemed like her heart beat faster as she took a deep breath. She was what one would call a BBW she was a white women who had the same hourglass figure I had but with way more girth, she was at least a head and a half taller than me and probably was close to double my weight. She had light brown shoulder length had which she tied up, wearing jeans and a jumper that was struggling to keep all her voluptuous goodies inside. Her boobs were massive too, and eye level to me, and she had a very wide behind. With a croaky voice she said “hop into my car love, I know who you are, aren’t you that lawyer girl? You helped about my friend Jess”

I didn’t quite remember Jess, but I did have a lot of clients, I tolf her thank you and went to her station wagon. “I hope you don’t mind Mrs, but my car doesn’t have any seats except the drivers seat. I use this for my removal business” she informed me.

I didn’t really have a choice so I said jokingly “of course I don’t mind, I will just lay in down and hope its not a bumpy ride”

And with that I opened the two door and hopped in just as she got in too. She really wasn’t joking the inside of this station wagon seemed huge, the passengers seats were all removed it really was just her seat in here. I sat on the floor cross legged. That’s when I noticed how soft the floor was, it seemed like she had taken the floor of the vehicle and somehow stuck layer upon layer of blankets on it. As the women started driving I kept slipping and falling, at one point I almost hit my head. “hey, I said, I didn’t catch your name, but is it ok if I actually lay down? Im flying everywhere” I asked

“yeh honey,” she said” you do that, im Mandy by the way, Mandy Blake”

After some small talk I started feeling comfortable with the woman, and we even shard a few laughs. Then Mandy said, oh wait a minute I forgot where we are heading, let me just pull over. I felt stupid, I didn’t even tell her where I lived, and my phone screen was broken, so no way to GPS. I heard Mandy pull over, when the car stopped moving I stuck my head out to see where we were. We were behind a gas station, it was on the tiny road that is never ever used, I realised Many must have been lost, she went the wrong way, I sure hoped she had enough fuel, because this gas station hasn’t been open for at least 2 years, and there was literally no human other then us for at least 5 kms. Hang on Mandy said as she locked the car and started climbing over her seat to the back to me. I have an old fashioned road map in the boot somewhere. I moved as she started to come over towards me, making room for her large frame.

And this is where things took a turn for the worse, we both fit in the back but not without contact, as she climbed over and sat on my shins, her boobs were pressing into my face, “oh my god im so sorry” she apologized, she tried to move, but the car shook, and she just ended up rubbing those tits in my face again. “Hang on” she said she then sat on her bum and stretched out her legs, her back was against one end of the vehicle and I now was sitting in between her legs, I looked up at her and noticed in the struggle her shirt rode up her belly and I could see the wrinklmes of fat, she looked up at me in surprise and cried out, “please turn around I need to fix this!”

Very embarrassed I quickly turned my back to her. As I did so I fell backwards into her lap. Now she was sitting against the car legs stretched out, and between her enormous thighs that were probably wider then my whole body I lay, my head came up to her belly button. And that’s when I noticed she didn’t fix her dress, it was off all, she had now on were her jeans and bra. That was when she grabbed my face with her fat hand and covered my mouth, with surprising strength and speed she put her other arm around my stomach just below my boons and pulled me up so that now my back was against her chest, I could feel the mountains of flesh and the bra touching my back through my shirt. The arm around my waist left me as I froze in fear, and this time returned with a blade, that I felt against my thigh.

She took right hand slowly, deliberately off my mouth, and down my face until it stopped at my neck, she the gently but firmly held my throat in her colossal hands, she applied no pressure, but I had no doubt she could’ve strangled me. The knife at my thigh made a metallic noise as she flicked it back into its handle.

She put the knife down as her right hand stayed at my throat her other hand pulled up my shirt and slowly, very slowly moved across my flesh and stopped at my navel. “listen,” she whispered, “don’t fight this, I don’t want to kill you. But if you do resist…even a bit, I will kill you. And take what I want anyway.”

This gave me hope, whatever it was that she wanted she could get without killing me. That’s good. She whispered to me to unbutton my shirt I did as I was told, I took it off and threw it away as well, I knew know she was gonna rape me. I figured she could have my body, as long as I dont die. Then she had me squirm out of my skirt, and then remove my bra. She told me to keep my red underwear on but remove the stocking. As I was doing this, she took off her jeans and bra. The women then grabbed me again and pulled me close to her again. This time she was naked and I had nothing but my panties on. I felt her huge breasts, firmer then I though they could be at this size rubbing my back. I felt her nipples quickly come to life, and start poking my back as she rubbed me against her body, she held me like I was no heavier then a teddy bear. Having enough of that she placed both her hands on my stomach one just above my pubes and one just under my boobs. She leaned forward and whispered “im gonna make you cum for me, and then beg, plead moan and groan like whore for more babe” then she lightly licked behind my ear and whilst rubbing my stomach her left hand got lower and lower as the circles she traced on my stomach started heading towards my vagina, and the right hand cupped my right boob in her palm, she slowly started kissing my neck.

I got goosebumps immediately, as my neck and ear were highly erogenous zones for me, and then as her right palm fully enveloped my left boobs, my nipple involuntarily got harder and my vagina felt a little moist. I wasn’t surprised, im not lesbian nor do I like women, but I am a very tactile lover and physical touch makes my body respond. And it had been 4 months since my last hurried sexual encounter.

The rubbing of my stomach was very slow and sensual, my boobs weren’t being stroked, just held with her other hand, yet my hard nipple testified that it still aroused me for reasons I cannot to this day understand, as her left hand slowly drifted lower she finally reached my undies. Her fingers deftly squirmed under them and then her hand stopped. I could feel the warmth of her palm, just above my vagina her rude finger a mere millimetre from my slit, the warmth of her palm, made me get hotter downstairs, despite her not moving at all. I looked up at her over my left shoulder wondering why she had stopped, maybe she realised that I was completely waxed, and my kitty was naked as the day I was born? As I looked at her I could tell that this woman was completely entranced with my body, she didn’t really notice me looking at her, she just slowly looked from my breasts to the hand in my underware. To be honest I felt like a piece of meat, she didn’t care who it was she was molesting, just another fuck toy was all I was to her. Usually in the street when men stared at me like that, I would snap and tell them off. Yet in the grip of the strong woman I couldn’t even raise my voice, I just lowered my head in submissiveness.

I felt myself wilt, now I really felt like I was being abused, the adrenalin from being molested against my will slowly started to seep away and I felt really tired and weak, I didn’t really have the energy to move. As I wilted into her arms I heard Mandy say “there we go sweetie, no need to fight it my dear, just relax, now there’s a good girl”

I guess she was right, what was the point. She was gonna just do with me what she wanted anyway. I was just here to please her. At least she said she would let me live after wards. My shoulders which I didn’t even realise were tense sagged as I suddenly relaxed them. She gently removed her left hand from my underware and gently placed it on my forehead, she pushed my head back so that it lay on her left coller bone, my arms hung loosely to the sides, she gently angled my face towards hers so I had was forced to look at this fat womans face I was leaning against her right boob and except for her hard nipple it was surprisingly comfortable, and in the cold air outside it made me feel much warmer.

“such a pretty girl” she whispered, finally taking a good look at me I blushed at how intensely she stared at me “so so so pretty she said. Her right arm moved upwards and now instead of cupping my right boob, I felt in envelop my right tit completely. She then placed her right hand against my right cheek as I was staring at her, and gave me a small kiss on the lips, my eyes opened up wide with surprise and I tried turning away, but she held my face firm in her hands. She slowly shushed me, I remembered the knife and decided a fight wasn’t worth it, plus I was too weak anyway. She kissed me again this time her lips stayed in contact with mine for a few seconds, I instinctively closed my eyes. She pulled away and with a quick groan I felt her come back for more. I didn’t kiss her back. But she didn’t care. She kissed me more and more for longer and longer. She began gently nibbling my lips, and pulling my bottom lip into her mouth. I couldn’t help but notice that she was a very good kisser. She was very sensual and tactile. As she got bolder and bolder her right hand started to gently squeeze and play with my boob, she skimmed her finger tips across it, sending more goosebumps along my skin, she held it, she squeezed it, and slowly groped my right boob. My nipple was quite hard at this stage an when she finally skimmed a finger over it I let out an involuntary gasp, it felt like a electric bolt a pleasure shot from my nipple straight to my brain and clitoris, I felt my clit suddenly get harder and my left leg shook a bit. The gasp cause me to slightly open my mouth and that was all needed to get her fat tongue into my mouth. As she French kissed me, she continued to rub, pinch and squeeze my nipple, gently, but each time my clit got harder and I had to take an inhale of breath. As she continued her assault, I noticed her fat tongue was licking me everywhere in my mouth, she tickled the inside of my lips, and teased the roof of my mouth, never had this happened to me before and it felt like a new sensation I had never felt before. I actually opened my mouth wider for her. That was when I felt her left hand rubbing my other boob, the double nipple stimulation made me gasp again and my chest heave with this stimulus, it was so powerful I thought maybe I would cum, my chest heaving my nipples being pulled, tweaked and twisted my body couldn’t help but moisten my pussy. It was then that it occurred to me that she wasn’t even holding my face in place as she kissed me, I had left it there.

Realising this I turned my head away in shame and disgust, but Mandy didn’t care, she didn’t even seem to notice, she continued sending shock waves of pleasure all thorugh my body with my nipples. I turned my head away from her embarresd at how good I left in the hands of a bbw. That was a mistake, Mandy started kissing my neck and nibbling on my ears and neck. The stimulation of all these erogenous zones made me feel overpowered with pleasure, and my hips with out shame started to thrust forward as if begging to be fucked. I don’t remember being this turned on since highschool.

“Mandy,” I tried calling out, but my words were lost in a groan of pleasure “stop please” yet again my words were succeeded with a moan of pleasure and a humiliating pelvic thrust. She just laughed and squeezed both my nipples simultaneously and pulled, I felt myself pushing my chest out to feel more contact. “oh god MANDY please,” I tried begging just as my writhing and spasming got stronger. I blushed as I realised that although my brain wanted this to stop, my body craved it, it needed release, I didn’t realise how wet I was until I felt my pussy juice leak down and wet my asshole. Without even thinking, as if she had practiced with me for years, Mandy pinned me to the floor on my back, then holding herself on her hands and knees over me she put my arms above my head and held them there with her left hand and I shamelessly kept them there without struggle. Her right arm found my left tit now and she lowered her face to my chest, as I watched her, she took my right nipples in her mouth, and using her tongue in ways I didn’t think were possible she sucked my boobs.

I was pushed to the edge, my brain didn’t matter anymore, just my body, I wrapped my legs around one of her legs and started to dry hump her knee…well dry wasn’t the right word. As I did this I could feel that I was just a little too short, and my pussy barely grazed her knee. While she was doing this I felt her lips moving to my next nipple and working her magic there too, I needed to cum, badly, I needed to explode but her knee was just a cm too far away, I looked at her sucking my tit like a new born babe, “Mandy” I asked blushing at my request “Mandy, please, move your leg up” oh god, I felt like such a slut, she didn’t respond, and at the same time she didn’t stop assaulting my tits with pleasure, “mandy, please, move your leg up” Mandy released my arms but I kept them above my head, she reached under me and held my chest up, effectively moving my pussy a little further from her knee. Wth was she doing I though to my self, then mandy continued sucking my titis left them right, all over them, under, over, the side, everywhere, my head was dangling as she held my top half of my body up, she looked like a bear mauling her prey except this was a women molesting my tits. I couldn’t take it anymore, I put my arms down and tried to reach my pussy, but Mandy quickly lay me on my back and lay on top of me, her weight and warmth almost knocked the wind out of me, but I didn’t care I needed to cum. I tried to worm my hand under her but I couldn’t, I tried going around her but she was too big. Her licks became longer lick a kid licking an ice block. My mind was reeling and my body was screaming for release.

“Mandy, please, let me cum I cant take it anymore,” I begged, she didn’t seem to notice so I tried thrusting up against her belly, any way to orgasm. That didn’t work either, I grabbed her head and tried to pull it up so she could see me as I begged her to let me cum but thought of those lavish licks stopping scared me and I didn’t try that hard, Mandy continued to molest my boobs with her mouth and started touching my body everywhere with her warm big hands driving me more and more insane. Finally as I started to feel my pussy juice literally leaking everywhere, so much so that my entire underware and pussy felt like it had been splashed with liquid and I was still dripping I felt so hopless yet so turned on and I couldn’t do anything to get the release I started to cry.

Im not a very emotional person, but it seemed like an eternity and my pussy was literally dripping and throbbing, and my titis were so sensitive that every touch made my pussy more and more sensitive, and her hands groping and molesting my body had driven me so mad with desire I just broke down.

Mandy then with my left nipple still in her mouth pulled me up and sat on her but, she pulled me with her so that now I was straddling her, with my legs over hers. She released my nipple and now her nipples were touching mine. She held my ass in her two massive hands, I almost fell backwards so I quickly wrapped my arms around neck, she started at my pretty tear stained face.

“whats wrong babe?” she asked, so sweetly for a second I though she cared.

With my pussy throbbing and my tits desiring more of that attention they were used to I tried to explain, but my sobbing didn’t let me speak. And I couldn’t tell her how badly I wanted to cum. As I lay there sobbing she wrapped me up in a huge hug, and I don’t know to this day if it was the hormones or what but it felt very loving. She pulled back and looked at me while I sobbed and said, “tell me sweetie pie, what the matter?”

“I…i…I want to…” I explained while I was sobbing “it feels so good…but u wont let me…cum. But I really need to…my pussy I really wet and I need to…please let me cum”

“that’s all I wanted to hear” she replied with a joyful smile “you can touch yourself, but count to 30 first”

With me still straddling her, Mandy passionately made out with me, her right hand running through my hair as her left had gently squeezed my ass cheek. I counted to 15, this was driving me crazy I didn’t want to wait another 15. She then pulled my hair down and as my chest jutted up into the air she sucked on my let nipple, I almost fell backwards but her right hand held me in place, as I was straddling her with my tit in her mouth, hand against my back and ass being squeezed, my pelvic thrusts started again, I don’t know what number I was up to so I guessed five. My pussy started leaking again and throbbing like before. My hips involuntarily thrust, at 2 I grabbed Mandy head and pushed against my tit so hard, at 1 my hand quickly made its way down to my clit, I could finally touch it, at the same time Mandy stopped squeezing my tit, her other hand reached up and grabbed my right nipple and pulled it firmly, ifelt my clit getting harder in anticipation her mouth nibbled on my other nipple, and my pussy throbbed, then in what seemed like slow motion the hand that was groping my ass a second before was running down towards my ass and pussy as Mandy pulled me closer I felt two fingers gliding towards my pussy. Just as my finger finally reached my clit and I started to rub my pussy harder then I ever had before, I felt Mandy shove her two fingers into me, her right finger shot up my pussy, it felt like a small dick I rubbed my clit harder and tried forcing more of my boob into Mandys mouth. The 2nd finger was well lubricated from my pussy juice and shot up my ass with no resistance.

I could feel an orgasm approaching and my whole body felt like it was glowing with warmth, “oh Mandy” I cried out “Mandy im gonna cum,” my fingers were rubbing my clit so fast that if it were for all the wet juice I might have started a fire, then I felt the first wave of a orgasm start to come over me. “Mandy, oh Mandy” was all I could seem to say as my petite form thrust and writhed all over her. And then the orgasm, it felt amazing. As my pussy tighten, Mandy wriggled her fingers inside me, both my holes clenched and spasmed as my clit responded to my rubbing. Mandy made it feel so good, she kinda bit my nipple and twisted my other nipple and as I orgasmed I could feel it all over my body.

My pussy and ass tighten so hard that I could feel Mandy struggling to wriggling them, I felt my boobs become hypersensitive as I kept coming and she kept sucking them. I started to shake so bad that Mandy had to use the hand that was on my tit to hold me in place, and as I kept orgasming, again and again and again I could feel myself shaking so hard that I had to hug her close as well.

Finally as my body calmed down, I felt so so sensitive everywhere and literally had to push Mandy off my tit, I felt so exhausted and tired. I looked at Mandy and she smiled, I blushed so hard I could feel the warmth on my face. I felt my pussy and ass hole tighten a couple more times around Mandys fingers. I felt really good, and super exhausted, I looked at her, at this point I didn’t care anymore, I lay myself against her feeling her chest and her hard nipples against mine, I wrapped my arms around her neck and closed my eyes, Mandy hugged me with one arm, and started to take her fingers out of my pussy and ass. As she did my eyes shot open, I was really really sensitive down there I wasn’t ready for any movement, as Mandy pulled them out my legs suddenly tried to close tightly but I couldn’t move them against her waist and they remained wide open. Mandy just yanked them out, the sensitivity was so bad I cried out and squeezed myself tightly against her and I felt a ridiculously strong urge to pee. My pussy suddenly started spasming again, it was like a beautiful torture, I garbbed Mandy tightly and hugged her like I was clinging for life. My pussy opened and closed rapidly time and time again, it felt really good but I didn’t know what was happening, suddnely the urge to pee got so strong, I just let my self go.

If I thought I was squirming and spasming before, I must have been having a seizure now!! I gripped Mandy with all my might and my pelvis thrust into her belly like a guy trying to puck his first girl. “holy shit” I heard Mandy cry out “you are squirting, let it go babe, cover me with your juices”

I didn’t hear that part very well as just then a cascade of sensation washed all over my pussy and body, I felt really really hot, and then without warning my Pussy started to squirt fluid, and not a little stream of urine, this was a water fall of fluid, I kept fucking Mandy, but I really lost control of myself. I was moaning and groaning and squirting, I felt the wetness splash with so much force onto Mandy lap that it splashed up onto our boobs, I wrapped my legs around her as I continued to thrust and squirt. I didn’t know at the time but Mandy was holding onto me with one arm and the other kept my head in place so she could watch my face I squirted all over her.

After about 8 streams of liquid drenching both out laps and ass, my vagina slowly started to calm down, I still held onto her though. No I was so thoroughly exhausted I couldn’t hear Mandy talking to me at all, although I felt her rubbing my back gently to help me calm down.

I felt complete and satisfied, she gently lay me down and as I lay down she laid beside me facing me, she put on of her arms under me like a pillow, and the other around my ass as she pulled me closer to her, she kissed me on my lips as she stroked my ass, I felt her kisses get lower and lower as I closed my eyes and then without knowing it I fell asleep.

Rating: 91%, Read 54484 times, Posted Mar 13, 2017

Fantasm | Authoritarian, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Coercion, Consensual Sex, Domination, Female, First Time, Girl, Humiliation, Lesbian, Masturbation, Mind Control, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex, Rape, Reluctance, Submission


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