An Incest Birthday Chapter 27 by nivek_88

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Fiction | Exhibitionism, Incest, Lesbian, Teen Female, Teen Male, Voyeurism

Another personal record on pages with 65. I kept adding to the story with almost every movie I watched this week. you can probably guess what movies and tv shows I was watching by the way I've written some of the scenes. Enjoy. The countdown to the finale officially starts today, eight chapters left in the series.

“You wanna tell dad? Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, he deserves to know, especially if we’re leaving.”

“That’s true, it wouldn’t be fair. Well have you thought about how you wanna tell him?”

“I don’t know, but we definitely have to wait until after the vacation.”

“Oh yeah that’s a no brainer, telling him before that will for sure mess up their anniversary. What about mom, Aunt Lisa, Stephanie, and Chris, do we tell dad about them too?”

“No, it’s not our place to tell him other people’s business, we just tell him about us.”

“And you’re absolutely sure you wanna do this?”

“Yes. I can’t leave knowing we’re still lying to dad about us.”

“Then I’m with you 100%. Now we have another great talk to look forward to.”

“We have another one? What’s the first?”

“Mom and Aunt Lisa tomorrow; they’re not gonna let us off the hook.”

“Oh yeah, that one won’t be as hard as the talk with dad though.”

“That’s easy for us to say, we’re the ones leaving.”

“We can finish all this tomorrow, I’m exhausted, but still tingling…”

“You’re welcome. We should go to sleep though, long day ahead of us.”

We squeezed together in the now finally aired out and cold room under the blanket. Once Rita got comfortable she could fall asleep in an instant, but I had to lie there for a while, so I did my usual stare at the ceiling as Rita found a position she could fall asleep in.

“Goodnight Randy, I love you.”

“I love you too Rita, goodnight.”

She kissed me on the cheek and was soon asleep. I thought about the big decisions we had coming up and wondered if we were making the right choices. I knew one thing for sure, whatever we did, wherever we went, and whatever decision we made, we’d do it together.


I woke up the next day to an empty bed, which wasn’t unusual, but I’d somehow gotten my boxers on, and I definitely didn’t remember putting them back on. Not only were my boxers back on, but the room was absolutely spotless, I mean it had never been that clean as long as it’s been my room. All the clothes were put up, the video games were neat and organized, the windows and desks had been wiped off, everything had even been dusted. I felt like I was in the twilight zone. My phone beeped and snapped me from examining the room, I had a missed call from Ashley at 8:30. Usually I could hear my phone while I was sleep, but apparently this time I was out cold. I started to call her back, but just waking up I figured I’d wait a little bit and put the phone back down. About the same time I put the phone down Tibbles pushed the door open with his head and hopped on the bed, and Rita came in behind him in a towel.

“Good morning Randy!” Rita said extra bubbly.

“Well someone’s in a good mood. What time did you get up? How come you didn’t wake me?”

“You wouldn’t get up. I woke up fully energized at 7:30, I’ve been up cleaning since.”

“I don’t remember putting my boxers back on, do you know something about that?”

“Yeah I put them back on you; it was a lot harder than you think. You were out cold, you didn’t even wake up when I started sucking your cock.”

I jerked at what she said. “What? I slept through a blowjob?”

“A really good one too, about as good as last night, oh, and I’m sorry about your back.”

I got up and grabbed her hand mirror and matched it up with the mirror hanging on the door and looked at my back, it looked like Freddy Krueger tried to kill me in my sleep. “Jeez…”

“I’m sorry! It’s your fault too! Amazing sex will do that to you! I woke up feeling like the energizer bunny and you slept like a Snorlax on Nyquil.”

“What? Ok, next time I’ll tone it down for my back’s sake.”

“No, I’ll control myself, I’ll put some gloves on or something, or I’ll scratch the bed…”

“I was joking. It happens sometimes, I’ll just take it as a compliment.”

“Don’t joke like that, you can’t take my sex away from me,” she said as she dropped the towel.

“I never get tired of seeing that,” I said as I checked her out, noticing that she got rid of her landing strip for a now cleanly shaven pussy.

“And I never get tired of showing you, gotta look good for my manz.”

I laughed at what she said as my phone beeped again reminding that I never checked out the missed call from Ashley. I grabbed my phone and slid the notification off my front screen. “Oh, Ashley called while I was sleep, probably to make sure we’re still coming.”

“Yeah she called me too. It’s almost like she’s trying too hard.”

“I’d rather her try too hard than not at all, I’ll tell her to cool it though.”

Rita went from spot to spot in the room, not even bothering to go to her clothes drawer, just walking around in the buff, butt cheeks and tits swinging as free as they could.

“I take you’re still naked because dad isn’t here?”

“Eeeeeeeeeeexactly, he left for work a half hour after I got up.”

“Ok, well since you’re already all clean I’m gonna go jump in the shower.”

“Don’t take too long, all this nakedness isn’t gonna look at itself.”

“As you wish your majesty,” I joked.

“Majesty, I can get used to that. You doing what I say on command…”

“Yeah, don’t put all your eggs in that basket,” I said as I grabbed my towel and headed out.”

I ran the shower and took my toothbrush and toothpaste in with me. I shampooed my hair first and then put the toothpaste on my toothbrush and brushed my teeth as I peed down the drain (every guy has done this at least 50 times). I kicked water around the drain to make sure I didn’t leave anything and rinsed the shampoo out, then put in the conditioner and grabbed my man loofah (yes, there are man loofahs, made by axe) and washed up while the conditioner sat in my hair. I reached out of the shower for the mouthwash bottle on the counter, knocking down the toothbrush holder and everyone’s toothbrush in the sink before I finally grabbed it, poured some in my mouth and swished it until it felt clean enough, and then all at once spit the mouthwash down the drain, rinsed my hair out, and washed all the body wash off. Again I kicked water at the drain to make sure I didn’t leave anything and got out of the shower feeling as clean as our room looked, despite the process of getting to that point. I wrapped the towel around me, cleaned my nose, q-tipped my ears, and fixed the mess I made around the sink and went back to our room, to a still naked Rita.

“What happened to a quick shower? My nakedness was getting lonely in here.”

“That was like fifteen minutes, it was the best I can do.”

“You did everything in the shower didn’t you?”

“I sure did, and it was great.”

“Why do guys do that? How can you just pee in the tub like that?”

“Easy, and we’re not peeing all over the walls or the shower curtain or anything, we’re peeing down the drain. Don’t try to act like women don’t do it, maybe not as often but you do.”

“Yeah, no, that’s disgusting.”

“Keep acting all innocent, we all know the truth.”

A few seconds later mom and Aunt Lisa poked their heads in the doorway. “Time for that talk.”

I was still in my towel and Rita was sitting in the computer chair and spun around so they could see she was completely naked. “Trying out a new lifestyle huh?” Aunt Lisa joked.

“Dad’s not here, I didn’t want clothes, therefore I stay naked,” Rita replied.

“Ok let’s stay on subject here. You two are serious about moving?” mom asked.

“Yeah we are, we’re really considering it,” I said.

“But why? I don’t get it, what’s so bad about here?”

“Nothing’s bad about here mom, it’s just that we can’t be us here. We’ve been here all our life, we can’t be a normal couple here, people know us here.”

“I can understand that, but you know you’ll never be a normal couple right?”

“We can try. That’s the whole reason behind moving, to be a normal couple,” Rita said.

“But can you just pick up and leave everything you know?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“We’re not saying it’s gonna be easy, we know it’s not, it’s gonna be hell leaving everything we know behind, be we look at it as making a new start into adulthood.”

“What about us? Will you come back to visit us? How often?”

“Yeah we’ll come back and visit. Once we get settled we’d try to come back at least once a month, and you can always come visit us too.”

“Once a month? We’re gonna have to up that by a few visits. And what about Stephanie and Chris, do they know you’re leaving? I wonder what they’d think,” mom said.

“They’re gonna come too. We talked with them yesterday about it,” I said.

“They’re gonna have the same talk with their parents then if that’s true.”

“While we’re here, there’s something else we wanna tell you,” Rita jumped in. “We thought about it, and we decided we wanna tell dad about us before we leave.”

“You mean actually tell him? Are you sure you wanna do that?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“He deserves to know. We’re gonna wait until after your vacation to tell him.”

“Well at least there’s that. Is he gonna know about me and your mom too?”

“No just us. Most of this is just us going off emotion, it might not even happen, but just in case it does we wanted you guys to know ahead of time.”

“So we have time to change your mind, perfect,” mom said.

“Have you decided where you wanted to go?” Aunt Lisa followed.

“We like Seattle. It’s a good city, and it’s far, but not too far.”

“Seattle? Yeah we’ll definitely be changing your minds,” mom said.

“Ok now that we’ve somewhat cleared that up, can you two please kindly exit the room so we can put some clothes on our slowly freezing naughty bits,” Rita said.

“She says put some clothes on, but she really means fuck,” Aunt Lisa said.”

“Oh I know, you two need a new hobby, or a new partner,” mom said.

“You’re just jealous because I can get it whenever I want it,” Rita said back.

“Yeah we’ll see,” mom grinned as she and Aunt Lisa left the room.

The second they closed the door Rita charged at me in a naked, jiggly blur. I had just enough time to catch her and flip her around in a body slam on the bed. My towel fell off on the spin and we were rolling around on the bed naked wrestling, we were doing actual moves, not that play around so I can sneak a feel of your ass kind of thing, I mean actual moves. She clotheslined me, then I powerbombed her, then she hit an RKO, and I followed up with a Rock Bottom, and then when we got tired, we ended up in the always classic sit on the others stomach holding their arms until they gave up, in this case she was sitting on my junk.

“Just like we used to wrestle,” Rita said.

“Uhh, not quite exactly how we used to, I don’t remember you sitting on my naked crotch.”

“I prefer it this way anyway, more contact, more distractions, more “accidental” grabbing.”

“Accidental? I knew something was up, noone “accidentally” grabs a cock seven times.”

“If you knew something was up then why didn’t you say anything.”

“Because you kept grabbing my cock, I’d be an idiot to say something!”

“Perv!” Rita said as she hopped off and tried to put me in a Crippler Crossface.

She was that close to getting it locked in before I slipped out of it and rolled over. I grabbed her flipped her upside down into a Tombstone Piledriver, both our crotches in each other’s faces.

“I can get used to moves like this,” she said as she flicked my cock with her tongue.

It made me tingle so much that I almost dropped her, so I slammed her and went back to moves I could control myself on, like a Spinebuster, or a Pedigree and so on. My glance went to the door as mom and Aunt Lisa poked their heads back in the room, I’m guessing because we were loud as hell, but that didn’t stop us in the least from wrestling.

“What the hell is going on in here!” we heard mom say.

“That actually looks like fun,” Aunt Lisa followed. “Remember the time we played naked twister for like seven hours straight?”

“Oh yeah, with the girl in France! That was a fun day! I still can’t believe how flexible she was.”

“Umm are you two done over there? You’re interrupting our exercise,” Rita said.

“If that’s exercise then I want a personal trainer,” Aunt Lisa joked.

“I got your personal trainer,” Rita said as she took off in a flying kick towards the door.

They left the room laughing as they no doubt got a look at Rita’s exposed crotch. “What in the hell was that! A flying naked Liu Kang jump kick?” I laughed.

“Something like that. It got them away from the door didn’t it?”

“Not for the reasons you think, but still effective, just don’t hit me with it.”

“I make no promises. You might just get a flying crotch to the face, if you’re lucky.”

“Sounds tempting, I’ll remember that for a rainy day, unless you catch me in my sleep.”

My phone rang again, the new ringtone I had for Ashley, I had forgotten to call her back with the mom talk and the naked wrestling, but she had it covered I guess.

“Hey Ashley, what’s up.”

“Hi Randy, what you up to this morning?”

“Nothing really, pretty much just waking up. It sounds weird with you actually being nice.”

“Well get used to it because that’s how I’m gonna be from now on.”

“That’s good. You calling to make sure we’re still coming?”

“I wasn’t, I hope you still are. I was calling to tell you to bring bathing suits.”

“Bathing suits? We weren’t planning on going to the pool, all that chlorine…”

“We’re not going to the pool, we’re all gonna get in the hot tub at my house.”

“Oh, hot tub, well that sounds a lot better. You tell Chris and Stephanie?”

“No I called you first, can you tell them? I’m still fixing up stuff here.”

“Yeah I’ll tell them, you have any more surprises we should know about?”

“Just be ready to get fat and tell some secrets, and maybe a drink or two? It’s part of a game.”

“That’s a BIG maybe, but we’ll see. We’ll be over around three ok?”

“Three is good, see you then.”

Rita snatched the phone out of my hand. “See you at three ASHLEY BEAR! Haha!”

“Dammit dad, I’m never gonna live that down…”

I hung up the phone laughing at Rita’s improve embarrassment of Ashley, wishing I’d thought of that. “Ok get a bathing suit, she has a hot tub we’re all getting in apparently.”

“A hot tub? Ok I can get excited about that. I haven’t been in one since we were at the cabin.”

“She said something about telling secrets too?”

“She must be talking about her, I’m not telling anything.”

“There’s a drinking game too I guess, but I’m not drinking, not after the last party.”

“You’re not leaving my sight this time, and if anything, you’ll be drinking beer, no liquor.”

“That’s it I guess, whatever else we’ll find out when we get there.”

“Now I have to wear a bathing suit under my clothes, Hello Kitty it is.”

“That’s a messed up double standard. If girls wear stuff like Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer, and Monster High, it’s cute and sexy and stuff, but if guys wear Transformers, Spongebob Squarepants, or Power Rangers then we’re little kids or nerds?”

“That’s life Randy, why would you wear Spongebob Squarepants anyway?”

“I was just using it as an example, you get my point.”

She struck a pose in her bikini. “You don’t like seeing me in stuff like this?”

“Of course I do, who wouldn’t? I guess women pull it off better.”

I pulled on my wolf swimming shorts a few second before Stephanie and Chris came in.

“What no knock, just barge right in?” Rita said as she fixed her bikini.

“Yep. We’re practically family what do we need to knock for?” Chris asked.

“Because if you came in any sooner you would’ve seen some naked family ass!”

“Fuck! Taking all day parking!” Stephanie complained as she punched Chris in the arm.

“Why are you putting on bathing suits anyway?” Chris asked again.

“Ashley has a hot tub she wants us all to get in, I take it you don’t have one on?”

“Nope, she never called us. She doesn’t have my number to tell me anyway.”

“Well we have lots of extras, Steph can use my Supergirl bathing suit, I haven’t worn that one as much, Randy you should give Chris your Spongebob Squarepants shorts,” Rita laughed.

“I’m not wearing…wait what? Why do you have Spongebob Squarepants shorts?”

“I don’t, it was a joke from earlier that Rita WON’T SEEM TO LET GO!” I said as I grabbed a pillow from the bed and flung it at her.

“I was about to say man, weird. Do you have a pair you haven’t worn yet?”

“He doesn’t buy swimsuits like we do, just use one of his other pair,” Stephanie said.

“I’m not putting on something he had his naked balls in!”

“You don’t have a choice, either that, or you wear the shorts you have on.”

“Then I’ll be wearing these shorts in the hot tub, I’ll be ok on the way home.”

“Chris you are such a baby, it’s just a pair of shorts. What about you Steph, you care about getting in a bathing suit I had my naked puss in?” Rita asked smiled.

“Not at all. It wouldn’t be the first time my naked puss came close to yours,” Stephanie grinned.

“We have a little time to play Super Mario before we leave, Steph you can change in the bathroom, you don’t need to be stripping down in front of everyone.”

“That was the plan. Well pick me one of the toads,” she said as she left the room.

We got fully dressed, me in cargo shorts and a black t-shirt and Rita in a denim skirt with a tweety bird spaghetti strap and set up the game just as Stephanie came back in. how she put that bathing suit on so fast I’ll never know. We loaded up our last save and we’re playing right where we left off, with everybody with a power except Chris, courtesy of my flower stealing.

“Ashley said there’d be some secret spilling,” I told Stephanie and Chris.

“Maybe from her, I still don’t trust her. I have plenty of questions though,” Chris responded.

“I think she knows that’s coming, a stranger can tell you don’t trust her.”

“Am I unjustified? If she’s serious about changing then she has nothing to worry about.”

“Just remember, we’re giving her the benefit of the doubt. Don’t go in looking for something to criticize her about, I don’t want her to say we never even gave her a chance.”

“Ok man, GIMME THE FIRE FLOWER! YES ABOUT TIME! Like I was saying, ok man, I won’t go in starting trouble, but if she gets exposed as a liar in any way I’m outta there.”

“Me too, after what she did I’ll be damned if it happens again,” Stephanie said.

“She knows the deal, and by the way she’s been acting I think she’s ready to answer any questions you have for her Chris, wasn’t there an item box around here?” Rita asked.

“Yeah we already opened it, we got the raccoon thing remember? I’m more concerned about the other three than I am Ashley, who says they have to change like Ashley?” I said.

“Noone, all the more reason we should be suspicious. I’m just too paranoid about stuff like this, it never seems to go our way if you haven’t noticed,” Chris said.

“Why are we getting so worked up? It’s just hanging out at her house, if anything happens we can smash their faces in, or just leave, it’s not like we’re stuck there,” Rita said.

“True. She gave up all the incriminating stuff, she has nothing on you,” Stephanie added.

“I guess we’ll just have to wait till we get there, nothing we can do about it now,” I said.

We played the game for about another hour or so before we called it quits and decided to head over there. We checked and made sure we had our phones and stuff and headed downstairs where mom and Aunt Lisa were on the couch watching Desperate Housewives, go figure.

“We’re heading over to Ashley’s now, be back around ten or so,” I said.

They muted the TV and looked at us in the way we knew they were being completely serious. “When you guys get over there, you watch her, be careful. She pulled a stunt like this before, just because the circumstances are different doesn’t mean she completely is. Her little nice act could just be temporary. Watch each other’s back and if she tries something, leave,” mom said.

“That’s exactly how I feel Mrs. S,” Chris said.

“Correction, first you slap her around a few times, then you leave,” Aunt Lisa said.

“And that exactly how I feel Aunt Lisa,” Rita followed.

“Alright we won’t keep you, just remember what we said. Be on your guard.”

“Thanks mom, we will,” I said as we headed out the front door.

“Ok whose car should we take, ours or yours?” Stephanie asked.

“We’ll take both of ours,” Rita said.

“Why? We’re going to the same place, and gas still isn’t cheap!”

“We might be staying later than you. I have some private words for Ashley.”

“Shouldn’t we be there for that?” Chris asked.

“No, especially not you, I don’t want her giving any excuses for distractions.”

“Ehh, well I know you’ll tell us about it afterwards so ok, we’ll meet you there,” Stephanie said.

We got in our cars, Stephanie and Rita driving respectively, and we were off to Ashley’s. I had a feeling in my stomach, that and Rita’s non-stop smiling since we got in the car that she had something tricky, no wrong word, more like sneaky up her sleeve.

“So you gonna tell me what’s rattling around in your head?” I asked.

“Nope. All I’m gonna say is that we’re getting even today.”

“That could be a number of things, you gotta get more specific than that.”

“If I get any more specific It’d be the same as telling you.”

“Then just tell me. You gonna record her doing something aren’t you?”

“I’m not telling, you’ll just have to wait and see. It’ll be worth it I promise.”

“I don’t have a good feeling about this.”

“You should, I have a GREAT feeling about this,” she said as she emphasized the word great.

“This is one of the only times where I can’t tell what you’re thinking.”

“Yeah I know. It doesn’t hurt to have at least one boundary between us, a little small one.”

“Yeah yeah, I just hope your “boundary” doesn’t get us into trouble tonight.”

She didn’t say anything, she just kept smiling and kept driving. I stopped trying to figure out what she was planning and decided to wait and let it play out however it was gonna happen, I was at least glad she was gonna wait until Stephanie and Chris weren’t there, but what about Becky, Carina, and Dana, were they part of her little ploy too? It probably has something to do with Ashley saying something about secrets or something like that…nope, not trying to figure it out, I’m gonna do what I said and let it play out as it happens.

We pulled up to Ashley’s a little before three and saw three other cars in her driveway, either the other girls were there or she was having another parry we didn’t know about, if it was the latter we weren’t even gonna set foot in the house. We walked up and rang the doorbell and Ashley answered the door wearing a white belly shirt and pink boy shorts and had her red hair done up in pigtails, I had to admit she did look pretty good, I mean for being Ashley and all.

“Hey everybody, glad you made it,” Ashley said as she opened the door and let us in. “I got everything set up in the living room since that’s where we’ll be most of the day.”

Becky, Carina, and Dana met us after we came in and said hi, all pretty much dressed the same way as Ashley but they didn’t have the pigtails.

“Hey Randy. Look, we heard what happened, and we wanna apologize,” Dana said.

“For what?” I responded.

“For helping Ashley set you up. She told us what you did at the ice cream place, and now we feel like shit. We’re all sorry,” she said as she held out her arms for a hug, which a accepted.

“I’m sorry and, and you guys too,” Carina said as she followed suit with a hug.

“I’m sorry too. It was mostly them, not me though,” Becky whispered in my ear.

It was a small gesture, but it meant a lot to see them put the effort in and actually apologize, even Chris with all his skepticism seemed impressed. We walked through to the living room where just like last time, she had a fat ass spread of food laid out on two tables. Everything from candy, cupcakes, chocolate, all kinds of chips, ice cream, donuts, and she finished it off with some healthy finger-sized deli sandwiches. On the other table she had a bunch of pop, all kinds of different flavor drinks, beer, and liquor. I told myself I’d steer clear of the liquor, if anything I’d drink a few sips of beer and that’s it. We were so caught up in the food we almost missed the two TV’s she had next to each other.

“Why do we need two TV’s?” I asked before my eyes shot to probably the greatest video game system ever created. “Is that a Nintendo 64 you got hooked up to both TV’s?”

“Yep, and I got all the best games on it too,” Ashley replied.

“Different people have their versions on what the best games are,” Chris said.

“Well I actually do have all the best games. Super Smash Brothers, Mario Party 2, Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat 4, Perfect Dark, Diddy Kong Racing, Donkey Kong 64, Pokemon

Stadium, Pokemon Snap, Goldeneye…”

“Stop, you have Goldeneye, the best shooter on N64, and you know how to play it?” I asked.

“If you don’t believe me we can play that first. It’s on both TV’s so everybody can play.”

“Why do we always have to play that? You know we suck at that,” Becky complained.

“How do you suck? You just run around and shoot, but with precision,” Chris said.

“We should mix it up, Randy, me, Stephanie, and Dana on this TV, and Chris, Rita Becky and Carina on that TV, each team had a girl, a boy, and a girl that sucks.”

“She’s talking about the game Becky don’t get too excited,” Dana laughed.

“Ha-ha, you double d dummy, I’m killing you every time.”

“We’re on different TV’s dummy, and you wish you had these tits,” Dana gloated.

“First one to twenty-five kills wins, and if you I GOT ODDJOB!” Rita snuck in.

“What does the winner get?” Stephanie asked.

“A get out of jail free card for later. You’re gonna want as many as possible.”

“You might as well give that to me now, I can’t be beat at this,” Chris said.

“That remains to be seen, I play video games too, just not like I used to,” Ashley said.

“Yeah well when you lose I don’t wanna hear I haven’t played in a long time.”

“I actually haven’t played in a long time so I have a legit excuse,” Carina said.

“That just makes you the first loser. I know who I’m going after.”

“If I get even one kill on you I’m not gonna let you live it down.”

“Yeah good luck with that Carina, Becky probably has a better chance of getting a kill.

After fighting over characters we finally got set up and started the games at the same time. In the first three minutes I killed Dana four times, but Ashley caught me twice. She actually did know what she was doing, she was flying through the map like it was easy for her. We picked the stage with the hole in the floor and she fell through and headshot me, and that started a personal war between us. Stephanie was doing ok, but she was a few kills behind us, and Dana wasn’t even close. By the yelling at the other TV I could tell Chris was winning, but I knew Rita was right behind him, she was just as good at video games as I was, if not better.

“Boom! Headshot! Where’s all that talking at now Chris!” Rita yelled.

“Don’t worry I got twelve kills, we still got a lot of game left to play.”

“Well you better hurry up, I’m already on fifteen kills,” Ashley said.

“Yeah and I’m on sixteen, looks like you’re third best buddy,” I said.

“Fourth best, I got fourteen, and about to get number fifteeeeen…now! Headshot!” Rita yelled.

“Stop shooting me in the head!” Becky whined.

“Then stop running to the same area every time you respawn!”

“I don’t know how to play this! Put in Super Smash Brothers!”

When we’re done with this we can play that, but I gotta win first.”

I came down to the wire. Everyone good had twenty three or twenty four kills, me with the latter. I was trying for an easy win by looking for Dana, but I couldn’t find her to save my life. I jumped in the hole and saw her turn the corner, and I took off after her. I finally caught up to her, but to my complete and utter shock, she was waiting for me with an automatic. Before I could do anything blood was trickling down my screen as my win was taken away, by Dana.

“What! Nooooo! When does that ever happen!” I complained.

“Haha headshot! Damn Randy you got killed by a rookie,” Dana gloated.

“That wasn’t even a headshot, I got shot everywhere but in the head!”

"A kill is a kill. Now I know why you say that it’s…” Dana said before she was interrupted by blood trickling down her screen, signaling she’d been killed right after me.

“And that’s number twenty-five, and with a headshot! That’s how it’s done,” Ashley said.

“Fuck I just got kill twenty-five! That’s some bullshit!” Chris whined.

“Not fast enough! You all just lost to a girl in Goldeneye on N64, how does that make you feel?”

“You know how to legitimately play so not bad at all,” I said.

“There, somebody won, can we play Super Smash Brothers now?” Becky Asked.

“Boom! Killed you Chris! now I’m never gonna leave you alone!” Carina yelled.

“We stopped playing! That doesn’t count!”

“No you were still running around and shooting. I killed you, blood trickled, you die, I win.”

“Let’s play something else before chairs start getting thrown,” I said.

We put in Super Smash like Becky wanted and did a free for all for five minutes. To everyone’s surprise she was actually good. She picked Kirby and kept stealing everyone’s powers from what I saw. On my screen I had Mario and just kept using the hammer and the insta kill home run bat on everyone. At the end of the first game I won easily and Rita and Becky tied on the other screen, Chris came in last and they wouldn’t let him forget it. We played two more times on five minutes, grabbing food off the table in between matches, on my screen I won the second and Dana and Ashley tied on the last, and on the other TV Stephanie won the second and Becky won the third, Chris didn’t win any.

“Wow Chris you really suck at Super Smash,” Carina gloated.

“They kept getting all the good items, I got a fan and a damn bob-omb!”

“You always suck at it, you never could beat me at home,” Stephanie said.

“Ha! Trying to cover up for your short comings, not gonna fly here,” Ashley said.

“Put one of the other games in, we’ll see who comes up short!”

“You know they’re only messing with you because you’re getting so serious,” I said to Chris.

“I know, but now they started something, I can’t punk out now.”

We played all of the games she had out, well all the multiplayer ones at least. Chris whooped everyone’s ass in Mario Kart, Rita and Carina were the best at Diddy Kong Racing, I won the most matches in Mortal Kombat 4, Dana had the best score in Pokemon Snap, Ashley was the best in Pokemon Stadium, beating Rita at the end, but Chris won the mini games challenge, and Stephanie beat everybody on her TV in Mario Party, and I edged out Ashley on my TV. In the end, everybody won at something, and I could honestly say we were having a lot of fun.

“Ok that’s enough games for now, I need some actual food, I’m starving!” Dana said.

“Everybody cool with Mikey’s Pizza? Supreme? Meat Lovers?” Ashley asked.

“MEAT LOVERS!” Rita, Stephanie, Chris and I all said in unison.

“Ok, meat lovers, don’t take my head off! I’m assuming we all want supreme,” Dana said looking at the other three girls and they all nodded in agreement.

“While she’s ordering the pizza can you and Chris do me a huge favor and please please please take the other TV back down to the basement, Pretty please?” Ashley asked me.

“I guess, but if we break it we’re not liable,” I said and Chris agreed.

“Thanks, you’ll be able to see where it goes when you get downstairs.”

We took everything off the stand and unplugged the TV, it looked to be about a 70”, but since it was a flat screen it was basically not heavy at all, the stand either.

“So do you normally have an extra TV lying around for when you have company?” Rita asked.

“We brought it up from the lounge area in the basement, we almost dropped it three times just bringing it up the stairs, I won’t say any names…Carina.”

“Ok well next time you can hold all the weight on your end, heavy ass TV…”

We laughed as Ashley pointed us to the basement and took the stand down. If she was talking about the big empty space with all the speakers surrounding it then we found the spot. We went back up to get the TV and they were still having a mini argument, and Rita and Stephanie just sat back and ate while they enjoyed the show. We got back to the basement and sat the TV on the stand, still just barely able to heat them still going at it.

“So how do you think it’s going so far?” I asked.

“I’ll admit, it’s fun, but I won’t be completely sold until she answers my questions.”

“What do you have, some kind of built in lie detector or something?”

“I guess you can say that, I’m almost never wrong.”

“Then how come you didn’t pick up on her before?”

“She didn’t lie before, she just tricked us, there’s a slight difference.”

“Yeah, well I do think this time is different, so don’t hold back on any questions, no matter how much like crap it makes her feel, she needs to be reminded one more time what she was like.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, I’m not sugarcoating anything. Feelings are getting hurt today!”

We went back upstairs and they were STILL arguing about the stand. I mean really, who cares at this point. Rita and Stephanie were still sitting there laughing at them swinging their arms and getting all in each other’s faces and whatnot, not even bothering to stop it.

“HEY! It’s a stand! It didn’t get dropped so there’s nothing to argue about!” I said.

“They’re trying to put it all on me like I…” Carina started.

“Stop! You know what, it’s everybody’s fault! It you knew it was heavy you should’ve waited until Chris and I got here and Carina shouldn’t have been at the bottom by herself.”

“But she…”

“A-aaa-aaa-pffffffft,” I screamed blowing a raspberry. “It’s didn’t get broken, it’s over with.”

“Look at you, you get shot now you’re telling everybody what to do,” Becky laughed.

“Damn right. So what are we doing now, watching a movie?”

“We could yeah, I have a ton but you guys probably won’t wanna watch half the ones I have, so we can pick between Terminator 2, Spiderman, Sin City, That movie with Cher in it, Swordfish, Crash, and a bunch of other movies I don’t feel like naming,” Ashley said.

“I like Sin City, that one lady gets naked in it,” Chris said.

“Perv, and she doesn’t get all the way naked, just topless. What about Swordfish, Halle Berry shows her tits in that movie,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah but they’re not as big as the other lady, plus there’s multiple tit shots, and Jessica Alba.”

“Who else wants to perv out with Chris and watch Sin City?” Ashley asked.

“I like it, plus like he said Jessica Alba’s in it,” Rita said.

“I’ll go with the majority, which is looking like Sin City,” I said.

“Well I guess we’ll be watching titties while we eat pizza, speaking of, where is the pizza? How long ago did you order it Dana?” Ashley asked.

“About a half an hour ago, it should be here any second.”

They went to the other side of the room and grabbed four big blankets and pushed the two couches together. Each couch could fit four people on it easily, and it was only natural that the four of us shared a couch for obvious reasons, and we were sharing the same pizza. We’d finished setting up the now movie area and the doorbell rang.

“That’s the pizza guy, give me the money,” Dana said as Ashley gave her almost exactly enough for how much the pizza cost. “What about the tip?”

“Why don’t you pay the tip, or you can improvise,” Ashley smiled.

“I already know what you’re thinking, I’m not flashing the delivery guy!”

“Why not, scared? I bet Becky would do it.”

“He’s not gonna care about her tits once he saw mine!”

“Oh so you do wanna do it? Just go ahead! It’ll be fun seeing his face light up.”

She thought for a second, then looked as if she had an idea. “Ok, if I do it, you owe me a favor, and I get one of your get out of jail free cards, either that, or I don’t do it.”

“Mmmm ok, but nothing too crazy, and you gotta show all tits, none of that half shit either.”

Dana grinned back and went to the door to get the pizza, and we were all right behind her leaning up against the wall peeking around the corner, waiting to see what she did.

“Ok two large meat lovers, two large supreme, that’ll be $37.50 please,” the delivery guy said.

She took the pizza and set it down on the table by the door. “Here’s $38.00, what do you think would be a decent tip?”

“Ummm, cash is always nice, I guess 10% would be pretty decent.”

“Nothing else? You sure you’d rather have the cash?” she said as she pushed her tits together.

He couldn’t help but stare at her tits, they were practically looking back at them. “I mean, if you had another way to, uh, tip, then I guess I could go with that, uh, tip.”

“Umm I don’t know what you just said, but I’ll take that as a yes.”

“She’s not gonna do it,” Ashley whispered.

Poor kid, he looked so nervous, like this was his first time talking to a girl. I can relate to how he felt. In one quick motion Dana grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it up, letting her tits fall out from underneath.

“Ok, she did it! Wow, I didn’t think she’d actually go through with it!”

We could only see side boob from where we were at, but the guy was directly in front her her, and he had a full on view. His eyes opened wide and his mouth dropped as he took in the sight of her tits looking back at them; all he could do was stand there and look at them, mesmerized by the sight before him. We were all giggling around the corner but Dana ignored us, now having fun with the guy.

“They’re pretty nice huh? You wanna touch em?”

He struggled to get out anything decent, so she took that as a yes and grabbed his hand and put it on her tit for him. He just about had a heart attack.

“Mmmmm that feels nice,” Dana moaned. “You can touch the other one too.”

He panicked. “Ummm thank you have a nice day,” he said as he took off towards his car.

She closed the door and pulled her shirt down as we all fell out from around the corner laughing. She picked up the pizza and skipped over to us.

“You little slut, we didn’t say anything about letting him touch you,” Ashley said.

“I know, I improvised that part. He looked like he never even seen a woman before.”

“You just made his month, he’s probably putting that on Facebook as we speak,” Chris said.

“He probably is, now every time this house calls for a delivery he’s gonna make sure he’s the one that comes out, I bet you,” Ashley said.

“I should’ve did that before I paid him, probably could’ve gotten the pizza free.”

“Spoken like a true slut, anything for free food,” Becky laughed.

“Don’t worry Becky he can see your little baby tits next time.”

“You guys take more shots at each other than Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey!” Chris said.

“Yeah it’s kinda our thing, it wouldn’t feel right if we didn’t,” Dana said.

“Well you never have to feel that way with us, we like compliments,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah like nice hair, I like that top, your ass looks real good in those jeans…” Rita followed.

“I tell you what, we’ll baby step it, talking about horseface over there won’t go away overnight. It’s gonna take a lot of willpower,” Becky laughed as Dana threw a throwpillow at her.

“Well at least they’re trying. Turn the movie on, I’m starving,” I said.

Ashley hit play on the movie and did like a big sleepover thing with all the pizza laid out in front as we all took a spot on the couches. We weren’t fifteen minutes into the movie before the four of us had already eaten two slices of pizza each going for the third while they were still working on their first, particularly Becky who was eating her pizza with a fork.

“I’ll never understand why girls eat pizza with a fork,” Chris said.

“It’s not all of us, it’s just her weird ass,” Carina said.

“I don’t want all that grease on my hands, there’s nothing weird about that,” Becky said.

“Not on your hands, but inside your body is ok, sounds about right,” Dana laughed.

“I don’t have to explain myself to you people, just eat your own food and watch the movie.”

We got one last laugh at Becky and got back to the movie. We might have stopped laughing at her eating habits, but Dana and Carina weren’t done messing with her physically. They kept bumping her whenever she tried to stab the pizza with the fork or when she tried to take a bite. She tried to mess back, but with it coming from both sides there was pretty much nothing she could do, well we thought, until she came and squeezed herself on the couch we were on.

“Fuck you bitches, I’m gonna sit over here with my new friends!”

“They don’t wanna be bothered with you, just bring your bony ass back over here,” Carina said.

“Nope, I’m staying over here. You don’t care how I eat pizza do you guys?”

“Uhh, I wouldn’t do it, but to each their own I guess,” I said.

“See! Not everybody is a judgmental as you are, I’m staying right here. Bitches.”

We laughed at the randomness of the “bitches” she threw in there as we managed to get comfortable adjusting to another person on the couch. They stretched out on theirs with Ashley laying her legs across Dana and Carina, mocking us with our limited space.

“Why didn’t Jack just say he was a cop in the first place? He tried to be all mysterious and shit and got him and his friends killed,” Stephanie said.

“He was trying to catch them doing something I guess, or maybe he was there because of that Goldie girl, he was a hero cop, he just went about it stupid,” Ashley followed.

“Nah he just wanted some ass and tried to be a badass about it. I would’ve went after the girls Marv hung around like Lucille or Nancy, I don’t know why Marv didn’t try to get one of them, they’re both fine as hell with perfect bodies,” Chris said.

“Because Marv is ugly as hell! I wouldn’t fuck Marv to save my own life! I’d rather fuck that cannibal man than mess with Marv!” Becky said.

“I wouldn’t take a chance fucking a man who eats people for fun, he might be going down on you and forget where he’s at for a second, no thanks,” Rita said.

“Thanks for the image, I still have pizza left but whatever,” Dana said.

“You’ll be alright, just be happy that yellow thing isn’t here smelling up the place.”

“Ok Rita that’s enough! I would like to keep my food down, no more images please thank you!”

“That yellow guy was hot at first though, you know before he got all gross. Still the best looking guy in the movie is Josh Hartnett,” Carina said.

“What? You’re fucking crazy, Clive Owen looks WAY better than Josh Hartnett!” Ashley said.

“Bruce Willis looks better than both of them even being as old as he is,” Becky said.

“I don’t care what you say, Jackie boy looks better than all of them,” Stephanie jumped in.

“Yeah I have to agree with Stephanie, Josh Hartnett close second though,” Rita added.

“We went from talking about the plot of the movie, to who’s hottest…” Chris said.

I stopped trying to understand women a long time ago, I just go with it now, and besides, all their answers are irrelevant, Jessica Alba’s in the movie, she automatically wins unless Scarlett Johansson was in it. Rosario Dawson is a real close second though,” I said.

“See? I knew we were friends for a reason, great minds think alike!”

“Boys. You only picked them because they show skin. What about that girl from Gilmore Girls, or Miho, you don’t think they’re hot?” Carina asked.

“Yeah I can definitely go for Miho, as long as she doesn’t come to bed with a sword,” I said.

“I think Jessica Alba’s the hottest person in the movie too, just five minutes…” Dana said.

“I don’t think she swings that way, but if she did I’d pay to see that,” Chris said.

“Are we gonna commentate through the rest of the movie or are we gonna actually watch it? Because if so we can just pause it right now and get it all out,” I said.

“Yeah we can finish, it’s almost done anyway. Clive Owen’s the hottest,” Ashley snuck out.

“No Josh Hartnett…”

“No Bruce Willis…”

They did that for about another minute before they finally sat and watched the rest of the movie. When it finally ended we had a big mess of pizza boxes, empty pop cans, candy wrappers, chip bags, and everything else that was on the table spread around in that area waiting to be cleaned up, but nobody wanted to be the first to get up.

“Ok now who wants to help clean up?” Ashley asked.

“I’m using my get out of jail free card,” Becky said.

“That’s a good idea, I’m using mine too,” Chris added.

Ashley looked at Chris and smacked his leg. “Lazy. Well at least you’re having fun.”

“If you had been like this from the beginning and not have been conniving and stuff we could’ve all been hanging out for a long time by now…”

The mood quickly changed, and so did Ashley’s expression. “You still don’t trust me do you?”

Chris sat up on the couch. “To be completely honest, no. I’m still a little skeptical. You’ve done all this before, we were in this same situation, but you still played us. How do we know we’re not walking into the same trap, what makes this time different?”

“Randy saving my life twice in one night makes this different. I made a promise I’d change, and I’ve never broken a single promise I made in my entire life.”

“You say that, but how can we be sure? You didn’t make it easy to trust you.”

“I know, and I was prepared for this just in case. I have, well actually my dad has the only sure way to tell if someone’s lying, and I’m gonna let you use it on me.”

She got up and took off upstairs, leaving all of us sitting there wondering what was going on, and then she came back downstairs with a metal briefcase.

“This is the only way I can prove I’m telling the truth,” Ashley said as she opened the case and let everyone see what it was. “It’s a lie detector, the best and most accurate one to date.”

“And why do you just happen to have that? It probably cost more than our house,” I said.

“Knowing my dad it probably did cost a lot. He wanted it because it was top of the line and new, and so he could use it on me, and I can tell you from personal experience it works.”

“How accurate is it?” Chris asked.

“Damn near perfect. It knew when I was lying every time without fail.”

“So I can hook you up to this and ask you anything I want, no restrictions?”

“As long as it isn’t way too personal, I’ll answer anything.”

“Do you know how to work it?”

“Yeah it’s really simple actually, you just strap the bracelets on your wrists, put the smaller wraps on your fingers and the belt around your waist, then turn it on, let it get adjusted to the person it’s attached to and ask away. It dings for true and buzzes for a lie.”

“How do we know you didn’t rig it to work to your advantage?”

“There are no settings or anything, just a power button and a reset button, and a volume thing, you can call my dad and ask him if you don’t believe me.”

“If I need to I will. Let’s get you hooked up, I have lots of questions that need answering.”

We hooked Ashley up to the lie detector and turned it on. For costing so much it was pretty easy to navigate through, I guess that was one of the reasons for the high price.

“All the questions have to be yes or no questions or it’ll get confused,” Ashley said.

“Ok let’s ask a few test questions. Is your first name Ashley?”

“Yes.” -------------------------------------Ding!

“Ok. Is one plus one two?”

“Yes.” -------------------------------------Ding!

“Are you over twenty-one years old?”

“No.” --------------------------------------Ding!

“Ok intentionally lie on the next one. “Do you like Corn Pops?”

“No.” -------------------------------------Buzzz!

"This one too. Are you happy with your life right now?”

“Yes.” ------------------------------------Buzzz!

“Ok now for the real questions. There’s no turning back, are you sure you wanna do this?”

She took a deep breath and sighed. “Yes.” -----------------------------Ding!

“Ok. Did you rig this test in any way, shape, or form?”

“No.” -------------------------------------Ding!

“Did you use the fact that you’re rich to act like a snob?”

“Yes.” ------------------------------Ding!

“Will you continue to follow this lifestyle?”

“No.” ---------------------------Ding!

“Did you ever record any of us doing anything with the intention of showing anyone?”

“Yes.” --------------------------- Ding!

“Do you still have any of those videos, pictures, emails, or anything I might have missed?”

“No.” -------------------------------Ding!

“Did you set up Randy at the party to look like a cheater?”

“Yes.” ---------------------------------Ding!

“Do you regret doing it?”

“Yes.” ----------------------------------Ding!

“Did you hate me, Randy, Stephanie, or Rita before Randy got shot?”

“Yes.” ----------------------------------Ding!

“Do you hate any of us now?”

“No.” ------------------------------------Ding!

“When you were nice to us the first time, was it because you were setting us up?”

“Yes.” ----------------------------------Ding!

“Thinking back on how you used to act, are you ashamed of yourself?”

“Yes.” -----------------------------------Ding!

“Were you telling the truth when you said you would turn over a new leaf?”

“Yes.” -----------------------------------Ding!

“Do you think we all could become best friends?”

“Yes.” ------------------------------------Ding!

“Do you think you should be forgiven for the way you acted before?”

“No.” -------------------------------------Ding!

“Do you want to be forgiven for the way you acted before?”

“Yes.” -------------------------------------Ding!

“If Randy hadn’t risked his life for you, would you still be the same evil Ashley from before?”

She took a deep breath and held her head down. “Yes.” -------------------------------Ding!

She looked completely vulnerable sitting there answering Chris’ tough questions with all of us staring at her, but she kept to her word and answered everything he asked, so far.

“This new Ashley could be just a phase, are you sure it’s permanent?”

“Yes.” --------------------------------Ding!

“Do you think I’m right not to trust you?”

“Yes.” ----------------------------------Ding!

“Do you think passing this test will make it easier to trust you?”

Yes.” -------------------------------------Ding!

“Do you think I’m being unfair with any of the questions I’m asking you?”

“No.” -----------------------------------Ding!

“I have some questions,” Rita said as she went and stood in front of Ashley. “When you smashed your phone at the hospital, were you doing that just to be dramatic?”

She looked Rita directly in the eyes. “No.” ----------------------------------Ding!

“Did you visit Randy in the hospital every week because you felt you had to?”

“No.” -------------------------------Ding!

“You visited him because you wanted to?”

“Yes.” ---------------------------------Ding!

“If we were to get up and leave right now would you care?”

“Yes.” ---------------------------------Ding!

“Answer this wrong on purpose. Do you think I’m ugly?”

“Yes.” ----------------------------------Buzzz!

“Would you tell one of your deepest secrets if I asked you to?”

“Yes.” ------------------------------Ding!

“Last one, are you willing to do anything, I mean anything to fix this relationship with us?”

“Yes.” --------------------------------Ding!

“Ok I’m done, anyone else with a question?” Rita asked.

“I have some,” Stephanie said as she stepped up to Ashley. “The last time I was at your house, what you tried to do, was any of that for real?”

She sighed. “No.” --------------------------Ding!

“Does anyone that’s not in this room know what happened?”

“No.” ------------------------------------Ding!

“Before Randy’s accident, was anything you ever did for us real, anything at all?”

“No.” ----------------------------------------Ding!

“Ok my last question. Am I right to trust you from this point on?”

“Yes.” --------------------------------------Ding!

Ashley was nervously twiddling her fingers as everyone stared at her. Becky, Carina, and Dana were all silent but paying close attention. Ashley’s left leg was shaking, I could tell she wanted for this to be over, but she knew it had to be done, and she had to wait until it ran its course.

“Anyone else any questions? Chris are you done?” Rita asked.

“Yeah I asked all the ones I wanted answers to,” Chris responded.

“We have some questions for her,” Becky said.

“We mean serious questions like the ones we’ve been asking,” Rita said.

“Oh, then not now, I guess they can wait until another time.”

It was only fitting that I end the session since I was practically the reason for it being had. I had just five questions, five questions that would end all doubt with me. “I guess it’s my turn.”

I grabbed a chair and slid it right in front of her and sat down in it, I wanted to look her in the eyes when she answered my questions, I wanted to see her facial expressions.

“I have five questions, and if I’m right, and you really changed, you should answer yes to all of them and be telling the truth. You have to look at me when you answer them too.”

She nodded and looked at me face to face, waiting for the first question.

“You already got asked this question before, but I wanna ask it again. Are you sorry? I’m being vague on purpose, I don’t wanna single in on one thing with everything that’s happened. knowing everything you’ve done to this point, are you sorry?”

She fought to hold herself together. “Yes.” -------------------------------Ding!

“Do you consider everyone here to be a potential lifetime friend, even like family?”

She looked around the room and smiled. “Yes.” -----------------------------------Ding!

“Can you without a doubt be someone we can count on, no matter the situation?”

She had a very confident look on her face. “Yes.” -----------------------------------------Ding!

“Would you risk your life for anyone in this room?”

She looked as if she was on the verge of crying, but still held my gaze. “Yes.” -----------------Ding!

“Last question. Can we bury the past and start fresh?”

She wiped away a single tear that streaked as she looked me in the eyes and smiled. “Yes.”

She didn’t wait for the machine to ding or buzz because she was already taking the things off of her, but we all already knew the answer. She got up and hugged me and waved for Rita, Stephanie, and Chris to get in on the action.

“Now I have just one question for you all, can you leave everything in the past and forgive me?”

We looked at each other and were all in agreement, we forgave Ashley. She passed the lie detector test with flying colors and answered every question we threw at her, and they weren’t easy to answer, especially with everyone staring at you.

“How about now Chris, do you think you can trust me?” Ashley asked.

“You passed, so I guess I can, but this is your last chance Ashley.”

“Yeah I know, don’t worry, I’ll stay straight so you can keep checking out my ass, I saw you.”

“Well at least you’re still modest, guess you can’t change everything.”

“Now that that hell is over with, let’s take a shot and celebrate!” Ashley said.

“Whoa, red flag, I don’t need to be drinking anything,” I said.

“It’s ok, we won’t get drunk or anything, it’s just for a few random celebratory moments like this. I have the beer for the drinking game.”

“What drinking game?” Chris asked.

“We’re all gonna play truth or dare, college kids edition.”

“Aren’t we a little too old for truth or dare?” Stephanie asked.

“You’re never too old for truth or dare, that’s why I said college kids edition.”

“That usually means naked people and sex and stuff like that,” Carina said.

“Only if somebody dares it to happen, and if you refuse, you drink, easy.”

“What if somebody dares Randy to kiss someone that’s not Stephanie?” Becky asked.

“Then I’ll dare you to stop my fist from…”

“Whoa whoa whoa, we won’t dare anything like that unless it’s ok with all four of them.”

Stephanie calmed down and cracked a smile. "What does everyone think? Yes or no?”

"I’m for it, as long as it’s all in fun,” Chris said.

“Nothing below the waist, unless it’s over clothes,” Rita said.

“I guess I’m ok with it if everybody else is,” I said.

“Ok, we’re in, don’t try to pull any sneaky shit,” Stephanie said.

“Nothing below the waist, come on that’s the best part!” Becky complained.

“Well we know whose gonna be the pervert tonight,” Dana laughed.

“How about just the guys not below the waist, girls are free game?”

Rita and Stephanie contemplated for a minute. “We’ll see how the night goes,” Rita said.

“Let’s clean up the living room first and we can sit in a circle on the floor in there,” Ashley said.

We cleaned up and spread a blanket on the floor and sat all the drinks on the coffee table. She had two six-packs of bud light and a bottle of Greygoose, Hypnotiq, Bacardi, 1800 tequila, and Jack Daniels. There was a 25 pack of plastic shot glasses and she filled them all with each of the liquors on the table, each bottle filling five cups. We went to sit next to each other but Ashley spread everyone apart where Rita, Steph, Chris or I wasn’t sitting next to each other.

“Ok how are we gonna do this? Who goes first?” Chris asked.

“We’ll go around in a circle clockwise. You can ask anyone truth or dare, if they refuse to answer or do the dare they have to drink one of the shots or half a beer. You can’t turn down two truths or dares in a row, if you do you have to sit out the rest of the game. We play until the shots are gone, I’ll start since it was my idea,” Ashley said.

“Of course you’ll start, what else is new?” Becky joked.

“Since you wanna be mouthy, I pick you first, truth or dare?”

“I’m not scared of you bitch, dare.”

“Ok. I dare you to kiss my ass, right on the birthmark!”

“What! I’m not kissing your sloppy ass in front of everyone! Give me the tequila!”

“So if we were alone you would’ve did it, ok I’ll remember that for next time.”

She downed the shot in a second. “That’s good stuff, somebody pick me so I can drink again.”

Not this time, it’s my turn,” Stephanie said. “Dana truth or dare?”

“I don’t like how you’re staring at me, truth.”

“Chicken. Was that the first time you’ve shown your tits to a total stranger? If not, how many?”

“Nope, and I don’t know how many, but it’s over ten at least.”

“What I tell you, complete slutbag,” Becky said.

“Most of the time I did it because the guys were gawking at me while they were with their girlfriends, so I wanted to get them in trouble, I did most of the time.”

“And what about the other times?” Carina asked.

“I saw something cute at the mall and I didn’t have enough money.”

“Complete slutbag. It’s my turn now, Stephanie truth or dare?” Becky asked.


“You said that pretty fast. I dare you to sit on Randy’s lap and make out with him in front of all of us, I wanna see some action!”

She looked over at me and smiled. “I guess I’m the first one to follow through on a dare.”

She got up and crossed the little space between us and sat in my lap and smashed her lips to mine. She let herself go limp on me which forced me on my back as she stayed on top of me, attacking my mouth with hers to the cheers of the other girls around us.

“Whooooooooo grab his dick! I wanna see some freaky stuff!” Becky said.

I couldn’t see Rita’s face, but I already knew she didn’t like that last comment from Becky. Her hands were on my chest, and they felt like they were starting to make their way south…

“Ok that’s enough, she didn’t say shoot a porn scene,” Ashley said.

“Leave them alone! If that’s what they wanna do then let em!” Becky said.

“It’s my turn now, Becky truth or dare?” Rita said.

“You know what, fuck it. Dare.”

“I redare you to kiss Ashley’s ass, right on the birthmark,” Rita grinned.

Ashley was already pulling down her pants. “You can’t turn down two dares in a row, unless you wanna sit out. So what’s it gonna be, pucker up, or crap out?”

She huffed as she stared at Rita. “Wait till it’s my turn, I’m gonna get you back.”

“You better hope I turn down a dare first or you’ll just be wasting your turn,” Rita gloated. “Come on hurry up, her ass isn’t gonna kiss itself!”

Ashley had her pants pulled just under her ass (she was facing away from everyone so we couldn’t see anything), showing a scar that looked like a heart imprinted right on the fleshy part of her left ass cheek. She shook it teasingly at Becky who was inching towards her.

“Come on, give it a nice big wet one, and then do the other side,” Chris said.

“Why don’t you come do it, you’re the kiss ass not me,” Becky laughed.

“Ooooooooh shit Chris! you just gonna let her get away with that?” I instigated.

“Dammit Stephanie you gotta quit saying that around everyone!” Chris whined.

We focused back on Becky kissing Ashley’s ass. The second her lips hit her cheek, Ashley pushed back against her smashing her ass into her face, and then a flash went off.

“Got my new screensaver,” Dana laughed.

“Delete that you whore!” Becky said as she jumped on Dana with all of us dying of laughter.

“I’ll delete it if you kiss MY ass!” Dana said still laughing as she fought Becky off.

“She’s gonna delete it Becky get off her,” Ashley said as she finally pulled her pants back up.

“You better. I have so much more worse stuff on you,” Becky said.

“Yeah I’m really scared of you, not. Chris truth or dare?”

“These dares have all been crazy, so why not, dare.”

“Ok. I dare you to suck on my toes for sixty seconds.”

“What? Why kind of a dare is that! Suck on your toes?”

“It’s a legit dare, what’s it gonna be, do an easy dare and suck on some toes for a minute or turn down the dare and be forced to do the next one? Decisions decisions…”

I had to admit, that was well played by Dana. He almost had to take the dare for fear of the next one being something crazy like streaking down the street. This rule of no turning down back to back dares had its advantages, but it definitely had its disadvantages too.

“Fine, give me your damn foot, it better not stink either,” Chris relented.

“Lucky for you I take really good care of myself, down to the pretty pink nail polish.”

She took her sock off and held her foot near Chris’ mouth and waited with a grin on her face as Chris grabbed her foot, took a deep breath, and started sucking on her toes.

“Yeeeeeah! I’m making somebody do that to me next, suck her toes!” Carina said.

“That looks like it feels good! He’s sucking on all her toes,” Becky said.

“He’s pretty good at it, even though he’s pretending not to be,” Dana said.

“Can we please not do this with the commentary,” Chris said with Dana’s foot still in his mouth.

“Oh please, you like it! Why else would you take the dare?” Ashley asked.

“So I can say no to the next dare if I want to. There, sixty seconds is up.”

“Ooh now my foot is all tingly, you sure you don’t wanna do the other one?”

“I’m sure, and Ashley since you think it’s so funny, truth or dare?”

“Truth, I’m not picking dare while you have an axe to grind.”

“Fine, I was ready for both. Explain in detail the night you lost your virginity.”

“That’s not a question genius, that’s cheating!” Ashley said.

“It doesn’t have to be a question, as long as I give you a subject you have to tell the truth. So what’s it gonna be, give us the juicy details or get drunk?”

“I choose get drunk, that’s a topic for another time,” she said as she grabbed a shot of Bacardi.

“You suck! I really wanted to hear that story too!” Stephanie said.

“Then you’re gonna have to get me good and drunk because I’m not telling that story sober!”

“Now I have a new mission in life, I wanna hear everyone’s version, you can’t hear mine though, mine will just make all yours look like a one night stand,” Stephanie bragged.

“Oh really? Ok then Stephanie since it’s my turn, truth or dare?”

“I’m gonna go with dare, I’m not walking into that trap.”

“I dare you to tell us how you lost your virginity, with all the unicorns jumping in circles around you and birds singing and rainbows popping up everywhere…”

“Nope, I’m changing it to truth since you wanna be like that.”

“Fine, tell us all how you lost your virginity.”

“You wanna know? Fine. I’d been dating this guy Aaron for about a year, we hadn’t done anything but oral up to that point, neither of us was pretty experienced, then one day we decided we were ready. He came over when mom and dad went to Chris’ basketball game, we put on some music, and fucked each other clumsily for the better part of an hour. There.”

“Not much detail in there, tell it again and do it right,” Carina complained.”

“Nope, I fulfilled my truth/dare, you want details, I’m like Ashley, I gotta be drunk.”

“That was a sucky explanation, there were no unicorns anywhere in that story!”

“At least I told it, half of everyone here took a drink because they’re scared and shit!”

“Come up with some good dares and truths and we’ll be happy to do em,” Becky said.

“I believe it’s my turn,” I said. “Now who do I pick?”

“Whoever you pick make em do something humiliating,” Dana said.

“I know,” I said as I looked at Stephanie, who looked back knowing it would involve her in some way, but she smiled, so I was ok. “Ashley, truth or dare? Remember, you can’t turn it down.”

She studied me, trying to figure out which way I was leaning. She knew she couldn’t turn down whatever I said, and she probably thought I’d go again on her virginity story, which is exactly what I wanted her to thing. “I pick dare.” Got her.

“You know what? Since I’m nice I’ll give you two choices. I dare you to give everybody a striptease show, or give Stephanie a lapdance right now.” I wanted to see her dance on Rita, but I’d be telling on myself, noone asks someone to dance on their sister, well except us.

“Ohh that’s a good one! Do the striptease, I’ll do it with you!” Becky said.

“No do the lapdance, she’d just chicken out of the getting naked thing anyway,” Dana said.

“I personally would like a lapdance, I mean if she knew how to dance,” Stephanie grinned.

“If I know how to dance? You are looking at probably the best dancer in this house, on this street, hell on this block! Name one person who can dance better than me!” Ashley retaliated.

“Well at least she’s modest, still no change there,” Chris said.

“Alright well let’s go then, prove it!” Rita said.

“I will! Carina turn on some music, Stephanie go sit in that chair, I’ll show you a lapdance!”

Stephanie got up and sat in one of the chairs as Carina turned on U and Dat by E-40. Right away Ashley bust out in an ass popping sequence that’ll make anyone wanna be sitting in that seat. For being so skinny she really knew how to make her ass move. She made her way to Stephanie, shaking her ass in a circle as she lifted her shirt up and over her head, showing her red lace bra to all of us. She spread Stephanie’s legs apart and ground her ass into her to the beat of the song and stood up and leaned down and grabbed her ankles, keeping her ass shaking in Stephanie’s face.

“Man she actually know’s how to dance, holy shit!” Chris said.

“Chris you’re a pervert watching your sister get a lapdance!” Dana said.

“I didn’t pick her! All she’s doing is sitting in the chair anyway,” Chris defended himself.

“She could dance back, you never know.”

“If she dances back then somebody else is gonna have to get in the chair.”

“Ok kids, now I’m getting to the good part,” Ashley interrupted.

She slid her pink boy shorts down her legs and kicked them at us, revealing her red lace panties matching her bra then turned around and sat in Stephanie’s lap. She flicked her hair in a circle and then started furiously grinding on her with so much bounce the chair was hopping off and sliding on the floor.

“Whoooo! Smack her ass girl! She probably likes it!” Becky yelled as she picked up a drink.

Stephanie did just that and smacked her on the ass, and not lightly either, both times she hit her they echoed around the room, and it didn’t faze Ashley one bit. She motorboated Stephanie and right as the end of the song was coming up, she turned around lifted her leg, and twerked her right in front of Stephanie’s face, she wasn’t directly in front of her, but it was close enough. It was probably the best lapdance I’d seen, hands down.

“And THAT, kiddies, is how I get down. So what’d you think Stephanie?” Ashley asked.

“Ehh it was ok, there were some good parts,” Stephanie teased.

“Please, I can smell your pussy from here, you were turned on and you know it!”

“Chris definitely is sporting that boner he’s trying to hide from everyone,” Carina said.

“What do you expect? I’m not gonna lie, that was some of the hottest shit I’ve ever seen. Where the hell did you learn to dance like that?” Chris asked.

“Here and there, mostly TV, but I taught myself basically. There aren’t too many people in this neighborhood who I can learn from,” Ashley said.

“Well you need to teach them because that was the shit!”

“Ok Chris put your tongue back in your mouth,” Stephanie antagonized.

He was right. I never expected that to come out of Ashley. The way she danced you couldn’t help but get a little horny, I knew Rita did, and I definitely did, I was glad they noticed Chris first before they noticed me. I was definitely gonna try to get Rita to learn that.

“Ok we went full circle? So it’s my turn again,” Ashley said as she put her clothes back on. “Noone asked you to do anything Randy, truth or dare?”

“Damn, I got through a full round too. I’m feeling risky, dare.”

“I didn’t expect you to pick dare, I gotta think of a good one for you. What should I make Randy do, what should I make Randy…I got it! I dare you to play the rest of the game in your boxers.”

“Trying to get me naked, you women are so perverted,” I joked.

“Now just for that you gotta strip in front of us now, down to the boxers.”

“I never even said I was gonna do it, I could just take the drink!”

“Then you can’t turn down the next dare, but it’s your choice, do what you want.”

Stephanie was next, so I knew I was safe there, but Becky was after her, and she’s been trying to get everyone to do something sexual since we started playing.

“Fine, you want naked Randy, you got naked Randy!” I said.

“I didn’t say naked, but if that’s what you wanna do we won’t stop you!”

“You know what I mean, down to the boxers, bunch of pervert girls in here.”

“Please you wanna get naked, don’t try to pull that innocent virgin crap,” Carina said.

“Like I said, bunch of perverts,” I said as I got down to my boxers and sat back in my spot on the floor. “There, down to my Joe Boxers, I can be a good sport.”

“There’s still a lot of game left. How many shots are left on the table?” Ashley asked.

“Ummm, one…two…three…, there’s seventeen left, missing four Tequilas, a Bacardi, and three Jack Daniels, that doesn’t seem right,” Dana said.

“Hell no it’s not right! Who’s been drinking…Becky you damn alcoholic!”

“Why is it me? There’s eight of us here!” Becky complained.

“Because four shots of Tequila are gone, you’re the only one who drinks that shit!”

“Ok maybe I had the Tequila, but that doesn’t mean I drunk the rest of it!”

“Me and you are the only ones who took a shot, and you’re sitting right by them!”

“Ok fine, I drunk them! If I didn’t they were gonna go to waste!”

“Just for that, since you took six extra shots, you can’t turn down your next six turns!”

“What! Because I took a few drinks? That is such crap!”

“At the bar each shot is at least $8.00, you got $48.00 for me?”

“I’m not paying you anything, but I will drink the last shot of Tequila.”

“Now it’s the next seven turns, I hope it was all worth it, now you’re a target.”

“I don’t care, I had to kiss your ass, it can’t get much worse than that!”

Ashley was right, Becky was instantly everyone’s choice to get picked on. We let her go next to get her turn outta the way, and she dared Ashley to kiss her ass, which she promptly used a get out of jail free card on. It was from there the onslaught on Becky started; Stephanie dared her to strip down to her underwear like I was, Dana dared her to kiss her pussy over her panties, which after a lot of stalling she finally did, Chris dared her to let him go through her phone for two minutes, which by the expression on his face meant he found a few naked pictures, Rita had her tell in detail the worst sex she’d ever had (with a 26 year old British transfer), Carina dared her to pick anyone in the room and play with their crotch with her foot (she picked Stephanie and got her pretty worked up before she stopped), I made her tell everything sexual she’d done with anyone in the room, to which she admitted making out with and feeling up Carina and Dana, but nothing else, and lastly Ashley dared her to strip completely naked right there, and she used her only get out of jail free card to turn down Ashley’s challenge.

When we’d finished picking on Becky and gotten back to the game we took another hour and a half or so of truths and dares before we finished off the rest of the beer and shots, but noone was tipsy or anything, not even close. We’d pretty much split up the last shots and beer evenly so noone really had a chance to get drunk. The end was pretty much a lot of truths since we didn’t wanna overstep too far on any dares, but most of it was stuff we could’ve figured out on our own. Everyone had used up their get out of jail free cards but the game was over, so we called it quits while it was still fun.

“It’s dark enough now that we can get in the hot tub in the back,” Ashley said.

“I’m ok with it if everyone else is,” I said.

“Yeah, it’s freaking cold in here in just my underwear!” Becky said.

“It’s your fault, at least you didn’t wear your laundry day clothes,” Rita laughed.

“That would’ve been funny to see, the ugly plain ass white bra and the big granny panties with the paper clip holding them together,” Chris laughed.

“What kind of laundry day is going on at your house? Stephanie…” Carina said.

“Yeah I don’t think so, I don’t do granny panties, I do have comfy fits though,” Stephanie said.

“Ok, the hot tub is in the back, we’ll change and meet out there. I’ll go turn it on now so it’s already ready for whoever gets out there first,” Ashley said.

“WAIT! I have an idea!” Dana said smiling. “Why don’t we do one more dare, all of us?”

“All of us? What kind of dare can we all do? Nothing stupid,” Chris said.

“I dare all of us to go streak around the block.”

“What the hell are you smoking Dana? I’m not running naked around the block!” Becky said.

“Why not? You only live once. It’s a good dare, we’re all gonna do it, right?”

Everyone looked around at each other, waiting for someone to say something first.

“You know what, I’m in. I’m almost naked anyway, you only live once, except in my case,” I said.

“You’re gonna do it Randy? I thought for sure you’d be the one to say no!” Ashley said.

“Before I would’ve, but now, why not. It’ll be a funny story to tell later.”

“I’ll do it if Rita does it,” Stephanie said.

“I’ll do it if anyone besides my sister does it,” Chris added.

“What about you carina, you in?” Ashley asked.

“Hell yeah I’ll do it! I’ve always wanted to do it since I saw that American Pie movie, but everybody I tried to get to do it was always too scared.

“Ashley are you doing it?” Rita asked.

“Are you?”

“I guess I am. Yeah why not. What’s a little naked block running at night.”

“I guess we’re all in, well everybody except Becky.”

“If everyone’s gonna do it I’m not gonna be the noob that sits out, I’m running naked too. It’ll give me a chance to see what everyone’s sporting down under,” Becky said.

“Hey no checking anybody out, just running!” Stephanie said.

“Yeah that’s impossible not to look at anyone, everyone’s gonna peek at least once or twice.”

“Just remember one thing, it’s cold outside, don’t take anything you see serious,” Chris said.

“Haha are you giving us the little dick speech Chris?” Dana laughed.

“No, I’m just saying cold air tends to alter ones appearance that’s all.”

“Well we can tell the difference so we’ll know by the end of the night,” Becky said.

“Can we please do this now before we all realize how dumb we are,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah that makes sense, everybody come grab a robe from the closet, get naked, put the robe on and meet by the front door. Leave your clothes wherever you change at,” Ashley said.

Everyone was nervous, but giddy at the same time at what we were about to do, I could barely believe it myself and I was the first to volunteer. I took a robe and headed to the bathroom in the basement since it was one of the few places I knew of in the house. I was basically already naked so I just took my boxers off and kicked them in the corner and went back upstairs and stood by the front door. I was first, as I knew I would be with barely anything to take off, so I waited nervously for someone else to show up, it was Chris.

“Dude are we really about to do this?” Chris asked.

“Looks like it. Look at it this way, if we get caught by someone in the neighborhood, it won’t matter because we’ll probably never see them again.”

“That and we get to look at four naked bodies we haven’t seen before.”

“There’s always that, just don’t let Stephanie catch you staring too hard.”

“Man I’m not scared of her. I’m stronger than her, she can’t do anything to me.”

“Except mess with your head and give you blue balls for six months, she’s a woman, never underestimate the amount of tricks a woman can pull from her sleeve man, trust me.”

“Yeah ok. Speaking of women where they hell are they? They’re not even getting dressed they’re getting undressed and they’re still taking all day!”

“That’s because we don’t wanna look like cavemen like you,” Becky said coming toward us.

“What… did you go upstairs and put makeup on!” Chris said.

“I sure did. We all did. we have to look our best no matter what.”

“Even running naked down the street when noone will be paying attention to your face?”

“Especially then. They’ll wanna see who it is running naked.”

“I…I don’t even…I can’t… you know what, the makeup looks good on you.”

“Thanks. If you had said that from the beginning this whole little spat could’ve been avoided.”

The rest of the girls came around the corner in their different colored robes, all of them had put on some type of makeup, proving what Becky just said.

“Ok everybody, moment of truth. If you wanna back out now’s the time to do it because once I open the front door there’s no turning back,” Ashley said.

“I’m ready, let’s get on with it!” Carina said excited.

“Yeah we’re all good too,” Rita said for the four of us.

“It was my idea, you know I’m ready,” Dana said.

“I’m ready, even though I know you’re all only going to get a look at my hot bod,” Becky teased.

“Yeah sure Becky. Ok, we’ll come out and go left and run around the block counterclockwise, it’s a big block but it doesn’t lead out to the main street.”

“I can’t believe we’re about to do this!” Stephanie said, the anticipation building.

“Me either! I’m scared, but I’m excited too,” Rita followed.

“Oh, before I forget, I added one little thing, the last one to make it back to the house has to sit in the hot tub naked for as long as we’re in there,” Ashley said.

“I guarantee it’s gonna be Dana or Becky,” Chris said. “Dana’s chest is gonna be bouncing all over the place and Becky will be too worried about messing her hair up.”

“Ironically that sounds about right,” Ashley said and everybody agreed. “Ok, it’s time, everybody ready?”

Everyone looked around nervously and nodded their head yes. “We’re ready,” I said.

Ashley opened the door and we all stepped up to it. It was dark, but the street lights were on, and if you wanted to see us you could. “Ok everybody, on the count of three we’re all gonna drop our robes and go, ok, here we go, one… two… three… GO!”

We all dropped our robes and took off out the door screaming like someone was chasing us with a chainsaw. Becky went the wrong way.

“Hahahaha Becky where are you going, we said left!” Dana screamed laughing.

“Fuck! I thought we were gonna go right then go counterclockwise,” she said as she caught up.

“Haha only you Becky! This is the best dare ever!”

We were eight of us, running ass naked down a suburb street, and screaming loud and having fun while we did it. I checked everyone out while we ran (everybody but Chris) as I’m sure we all did and took in the sight of everyone’s body as they ran. Carina and Dana’s tits were bouncing wildly, but Dana more than Carina, and everyone’s ass was shaking proud in the cold wind, and everyone had a big smile on their face, even me.


“WHOOOOOOOOOOO! COME BACK THIS WAY!” some random guy yelled.

“NOOOOO! BUT THANK YOU! Carina yelled back.

We turned the corner as a group and decided to stay like that at least until we got to the home stretch, where you didn’t wanna finish last and have to be naked the rest of the day.

“Whoo nice ass Ashley, you do squats?” Stephanie said.

“No I use a workout ball, I’m too lazy to do all that extra movement.”

“Well we’re all getting plenty of movement now, there’s ass everywhere!” Chris said.

“I guess it’s not so cold out after all, well maybe a little,” Becky teased.

“Hey I can say the same for all of you with your hard nipples,” Chris retaliated.

“We have no say in it, our nipples like cold weather, nothing we can do about it.”

“And my junk doesn’t like cold weather, right now he’s taking one for the team!”

“You have a tattoo on your ass Dana? What’s that Mickey Mouse?” Rita asked.

“No it’s Minnie, I might get Mickey on the other cheek though. Carina has one too, but it’s on her leg if I remember right,” Dana said.

“Yeah it is, I got snoopy on my inner left thigh,” Carina said.

“So you have a tattoo of a doggy next to your kitty cat?” Stephanie asked.

“I know, ironic right? That’s what so good about it.”

“And how may I ask do Dana know exactly where it is?”

“That’s a story we can save for another time, like when we’re not running ass naked down the street maybe?” Dana interrupted.

We turned another corner and was now running the long street parallel to Ashley’s, if any of us were tired we weren’t showing it, we had the same pace for the entire time we were running.

“If this was a horror movie this would be the worst time for the killer to pop out,” Rita said.

“Me and Chris are dead immediately, he might let you all go,” I said.

“If Ashley twerks on him he might let us all go,” Carina laughed.

“Well then I guess we’re all fucked, unless it’s a hot chick serial killer,” Ashley said.

“If it’s a hot chick serial killer I’ll dance on her,” Chris said.

“If it’s a hot chick leprechaun you’d dance on her,” Dana laughed.

“I’d be careful not to let one of those globes you call tits smack you in the face!”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you? Soak em up, because this is the last time you’ll see them!”

“Last time today,” Becky laughed. “You can’t keep those things covered up for five minutes!”

“It’s not my fault my tits tend to fall out of their clothes!”

“It is when you purposely buy shirts that are too small! We all know.”


“Naked block run baby! Soak it all up!” Becky said as we ran past them.

“WAIT FOR US WE’LL RUN WITH YOU!” the guy said.


We turned the corner again, almost back to the house. It was a little cold, we were getting stared at, and my stuff kept bouncing off my legs, but it was hella fun.

“Quick, somebody start singing something really loud, draw some attention,” Becky said.

“Why would we want people to look at us?” Stephanie asked.

“That’s the whole point of this! Come on, you only live once!”

“I got this,” Chris said. “Just follow my lead. Ooo-ooh, Ooo-ooh, WHY DO YOU BUILD ME UP…”

“BUTTERCUP BABY JUST TO LET ME DOWN!” all the girls followed.

In no time we were all singing the song at the top of our lungs as we streaked down the street without a care in the world, not even worrying about being seen anymore.










People opened their doors laughing and cheering at us as we ran past, and we just kept on singing. We saw a couple camera flashes, but there was no way they got any of our faces so we kept running. We got one or two people who didn’t appreciate what we were doing, but they were immediately drowned out by us finishing the song and whatever people were still there.

“What the hell is wrong with us?” I laughed. “We could get arrested for this.”

“That would be the most epic way to get arrested ever! Eight naked teenagers crammed in the back of a squad car, our mom would shit bricks, but it’d be completely worth it,” Chris said.

“That would definitely be my Facebook cover picture,” Carina said.

“It will be, I guarantee somebody took a good picture,” Dana followed.

“Alright everybody, we’re at the last corner, remember the last person on the porch has to stay naked, no exceptions. Once we turn the corner everyone’s on their own,” Ashley said.

We got to the corner and almost like an instinct, everyone took off towards Ashley’s house. All you could hear was shoes slamming against the concrete as we all made a mad dash to the house. We could see her house coming up the farther down the street we got, if there wasn’t cars parked all over Ashley’s driveway I might have had a hard time finding it in the dark.

“Moment of truth everybody! Whose gonna be the one taking a dip in the buff?” Chris teased.

“You if you don’t pay attention to what’s in front of you and stop staring at everyone,” Rita said, warning him he was about to trip over a rock.

“I saw it, I can trip and fall and still be the first one back to the house.”

“Keep talking, I’m gonna laugh so hard if you’re the last one,” Becky said.

Once the house got within distance Ashley, Chris, Rita and I dashed towards it with Chris getting there first then Rita then me then Ashley. We got on the porch just as Carina and Stephanie got there, and all that was left was Dana and Becky. They both ran towards us, stretching out their hand to try to beat the other. It was a photo finish, but in the end, Becky touched the porch first, grabbing the banister so hard her momentum jerked her body into the stair rails.

“Ow, that hurt a little, but at least I wasn’t last! Have fun swimming naked!” Becky laughed.

“I don’t even care, it won’t bother me in the least,” Dana retaliated.

“Oh we’ll make sure it does,” Ashley grinned. “Having fun yet Chris?”

“Ehh I’ll let you know, I mean who doesn’t run naked down the street nowadays?”

“Right, well you can run again if you want to, I’m going in, it’s freezing now. Everybody put their bathing suits on and meet at the hot tub, through the kitchen, third door on the back wall.”

We put our robes back on and scurried in the house back to wherever we changed before we left. My clothes were still in a pile from earlier so rather than going all the way to the basement, I decided to change right there, we all just seen each other completely naked, so there was no reason to be shy now. I folded my stuff up and left it by the side of the couch and headed for the hot tub, third door on the right. When I opened the door I was amazed at what I saw, not only was it on a patio with clear view of the nighttime surroundings, but it was fucking huge. We would all fit in it easily, with room to fit at least seven more people of we wanted to. It had settings already preset so I just hit the power button and watched it come to life.

“I mean really, who needs a hot tub this big? My room is smaller than this!” Stephanie said as she was the first to get there wearing Rita’s leopard print bikini.

“That’s what I was just thinking. We can go swimming in this thing.”

“Must be nice. The water should be hot by now, let’s get in.”

We did get in, and I almost sank straight to the bottom the water felt so good. There were power jets all over the inside of the hot tub, and they were all on.

“Ok, turn around, I’m getting in,” Dana said coming around the corner covering herself.

“What are you hiding for? We just ran around the block naked!” Stephanie said.

“That was different, we were all naked, you went upstairs and put some clothes on.”

“Fine, big baby. Nothing we haven’t seen anyway, or probably won’t see again.”

We were turned around for a while waiting for her to get in, but we didn’t hear any water splashing or the floor creaking or anything, so we thought she left.

“Why the hell would she…”

“Cannonball!” Dana yelled as we turned to see her curled up naked body in midair as she flew towards us and into the hot tub, splashing water everywhere.

“Dana what the hell was that,” I choked out spitting up water.

“That was funny is what that was. I will not be ridiculed.”

“What the… how did all this…where did all this water come from? Dana was this you?” Ashley asked coming in the room with the rest of the girls.

“Double D’s over there did a naked cannonball and almost killed us,” Stephanie said.

“You said you weren’t gonna do that anymore!”

“Noooooo, I said I wasn’t gonna do it anymore FOR A WHILE, it’s been a while,” Dana said.

“If the water’s not dried up you’re gonna be mopping the deck FOR A WHILE!”

“Yeah yeah just get in.”

The rest of the girls got in, Rita with her Betty Boop bikini, Carina with a Monster High Bikini, Becky with an all pink bikini, Carina in a sunshine at the beach kinda bikini, but Ashley had the best one, she had a Batman bikini, she won hands down, even though there wasn’t a contest.

“Oh this water feels so good after running ass naked for ten minutes,” Rita said.

“We would’ve been out sooner, but Becky took all day picking out a bikini as usual,” Carina said.

“I wanted to have the best one, but all the good ones were dirty!”

“So you come out in an all pink, yeah you definitely win,” Chris teased.

“Give it a minute, you’ll catch on,” Becky grinned.

“How can you possibly be more slutty,” Dana said.

“I don’t know, maybe if I didn’t have on a bathing suit at all…”

“I lost a contest, you’d do it just for fun.”

“So would you bitch! You’re probably sitting right on top of a jet right now!”

“I wasn’t, but now that you said that I…”

“No! No orgasms in the hot tub, unless I’m the one having them,” Ashley said.

“I can’t control what happens underwater! I might be sitting her and accidentally slip onto a jet and can’t get right up, it wouldn’t be the first time it happened, right Ashley?” Dana asked.

“Ewww you all came in the hot tub? The one that we’re sitting in right now!” Stephanie said.

“That was a long time ago, we washed it out since then,” Ashley said.

“And it was just her, not all of us, that would’ve been gross,” Carina said.

“Man you guys aren’t at all like I thought you were,” Chris jumped in.

“What does that mean? Is that good or bad?” Ashley asked.

“I thought, we all thought you were all stuck up high-maintenance girls like the Ashley’s from Recess, that was your nickname, The Ashley's, but you’re basically like us kinda.”

“Well we were high-maintenance at times, but we always did a lot of stupid stuff, and played video games and stuff like that, we just didn’t let you see it.”

“That’s too bad, we could’ve avoided a lot of petty stuff,” Rita said.

“Well that’s what this day was for, to start fresh. If you think about it, we’re almost the same as you four, with a few minor changes.”

“How do you figure that?” I asked.

“Well obviously I’m the leader, and Randy they kinda go off you most of the time, like with the streaking thing, then it’s Dana, the clown, who always makes fun of Becky, which is Stephanie always making fun of Chris, but still finds a way to make stuff about sex, then it’s Becky, the one always getting picked on, but still has strong opinions and won’t let anything go, just like Chris, and finally Carina, who is a mix of everything and has a line for each situation, like Rita.”

We all sat there contemplating what she just said, looking around at each other in silence as the only noise that could be heard was the bubbling of the jets underwater.

“What are you talking about I get picked on? I don’t get picked on!” Becky screamed.

“Becky, you had seven turns in a row on truth or dare earlier…” Carina said.

“That’s because you were all being bitches because I drunk the tequila and tried to pi…”

“And tried to what Becky? Finish your sentence! Tried to pick on you!” Ashley laughed.

“It’s ok Becky, remember Chris gets picked on by Stephanie all the time,” Rita said.

“Only because I let her,” Chris jumped in.

“Yeah right, you don’t let her call you a kiss ass!” Dana said.

“I wouldn’t be talking over there, girl next door, naked in a hot tub with seven other people.”

“You better slow down before you slip up and put your foot in your mouth, or my foot, since we all know how much you enjoyed that earlier,” Dana laughed.

“And this is how friends have friendly conversations in the 21st century,” I laughed.

“Wait, if we we’re the Ashley’s, then who were you all supposed to be?” Becky asked.

“Obviously we’re TJ’s crew, or we could be the Rugrats, either one.”

“SO which one are you Chris, Gus or Mikey?” Carina laughed.

“Neither, I’m Vince LaSalle, the athletic one of the group,” Chris said.

“Last time I checked you weren’t black, in any form of the word.”

“I’m gonna just let that one roll past without incident. I’m relaxing in a hot tub, I won the naked race, I dominated the video games, I’m not gonna let you kill my vibe.”

“Dominated video games? You won like twice!” Stephanie said.

“It was two of the best games so the effect is doubled.”

“The best games were Goldeneye and Super Smash and you didn’t win either,” Becky gloated.

“Mario Kart is definitely better than Super Smash Brothers!” Chris yelled.

“It’s up there, but it’s not better, you’re just saying that because that’s all you won.”

“I just remembered, did we put up any of that food we had out?” Ashley asked.

“Uhhh nope, still sitting out on the table attracting all kind of rodents,” I said.

“Who wants to be the bestest friend in the world and clean it up?”

Silence. Everybody looking around waiting for a volunteer, the only problem was everybody was looking around waiting for a volunteer. We were all holding in laughs and not moving a muscle, that was until Becky finally gave in and slid over the side of the hot tub.

“I’ve never seen so many lazy people in my life,” Becky scolded.

“THANKS BECKY! NOW WE WON’T MAKE FUN OF YOU FOR A FULL TWO MINUTES!” Carina yelled after her as Becky walked off, splashing water everywhere.

“I bet $50 she comes back with a bottle of liquor,” Dana said.

“One bottle? She might bring all of it back and drink it all herself,” Ashley followed.

“How can she drink so much and still be fine?” Rita asked.

“Lots and lots of practice, she’s probably been drinking since she was two,” Carina said.

“She’s been drinking for a long time, but she’s not a drunk?” Stephanie asked.

“No she’s not. She’s only been white girl wasted three times, and all three of those times were at a party. She doesn’t just drink because there’s nothing on TV or nothing like that, only when everyone else is drinking, she’s a responsible drunk,” Ashley laughed.

“I can’t even go through half a bottle without falling up the stairs,” I said.

“You can’t just jump into it and think you’re gonna be able to keep up with everyone else, you gotta build up a tolerance first, like start with the cheap knockoff stuff first, then when you can knock that back with no problem you can move on to the good stuff,” Dana said.

“You sound like you have plenty of experience in that department yourself,” Chris said.

“I have more than enough, but I know my limits. I’m not gonna go challenge the drinking champion when I know I won’t even get close to winning.”

Becky came back into the room, and just like Dana said, she had liquor, but she didn’t just have the one bottle, she brought it all, like Ashley said. She was carrying seven bottles and a six pack of Bed Light in the room on what looked like a serving tray, I guess they really know her.

“Time for a new drinking game, and everyone’s drinking this time, even you Randy!” Becky said.

“Nah that’s ok, we all still have to drive home anyway, we can’t get drunk!” I said.

“We’re not gonna get drunk, we’re just gonna take sips at a time, but only if it applies to you.”

“Only if what applies to me?”

“The game we’re about to play, no who wants what? I’m keeping the full bottle of Tequila.”

“I’ll take what’s left of the other bottle of Tequila,” Rita said.

“The Jack Daniels is mine, give that here,” Ashley said reaching for the bottle.

“Give me the Bacardi since noone here can stand to drink it but me,” Dana said.

“I’ll take the Hypnotiq, I like how it looks like the blue from the bomb pop,” Stephanie said.

“I guess I got the leftovers then, Greygoose it is,” Carina said.

“Randy I figured you might not drink, but I brought a bottle of Hennessey and some Pa…”

“I’ll take the Hennessey, Randy’s not gonna wanna drink it anyway,” Chris interrupted.

“Hey man you don’t know, I might’ve wanted that!” I said.

“Ok then, what’s Hennessey?”

“It’s… it’s that one thing… man I don’t care, just give me the six pack!”

Becky gave everyone their bottle and climbed back in the hot tub. “Ok the game is called “Never Have I Ever”, it’s real simple, we go around in a circle with each person and that person has to say something they never did, and if you have done whatever they said you have to take a drink, easy right? Randy you have to take more than sip since you have beer.”

“That’s cool, but how am I supposed to get used to liquor if I don’t drink it?”

“Remember what I said earlier? Start with the cheap knockoff stuff first then work your way up, this stuff is eighty and a hundred proof, it’s real strong,” Dana said.

“I don’t have to drink ALL of it, just a little bit at a time. I don’t wanna be the only one without a bottle! What’s the last one on the tray?”

“Parrot Bay coconut rum,” Becky said.

“That’ll work, give it here, I’ll just drink it a little bit at a time.”

“Look at Randy putting on his big boy pants!” Stephanie teased.

“Go easy on it Randy, it’s not as strong but you’ll still get drunk off it,” Rita said.

“Don’t worry, I’m definitely not gonna get drunk, I just wanna slowly get used to it, it’s not like we’re gonna be drinking all the time so I won’t get hooked or anything like that.”

“Alright then, since everybody’s got their bottle I guess I’ll start,” Becky said. “Never have I ever… had sex in a public place.”

Surprise surprise, starting with a sex question, we all expected it, but what we didn’t expect is for everyone to take a shot, everybody but Becky.

“What? All of you? What the hell is wrong with everybody!” Becky yelled.

“Don’t knock it till you try it, that shit is intense!” Carina said.

“Yeah I had some of my best sex in public, it depends on where you go though,” Dana said.

“You aren’t scared of getting caught or nothing like that?” Becky asked.

“Girl you just ran ass naked around the block, you can have sex outside,” Ashley laughed.

“That’s a completely different thing, we were moving, and we WANTED people to see us, I don’t want some random ass pervert watching me have sex! Where you all do it at?”

Almost immediately everyone started their roll call.

“The park, in a garage, amusement park…”

“Back of a car in a parking lot, the woods, football stadium, back yard…”

“In a swimming pool, on the Ferris Wheel, on the Boardwalk…”

“In a train, at my dad’s job, in the back of a moving pickup truck…”

“A sauna, a massage room, a Jacuzzi, the science section of the library, classroom after hours…”

“In a movie theatre, a public bathroom, the beach, a department store…”

“In a barn, a haunted house, on a boat, on the 18th hole at a golf course, underwater, in the Eiffel Tower, in a hot air balloon, on an airplane, at the air show, on the…”

“Ok ok, damn! That was what, like, thirty different places!” Becky said.

“I’m telling you Becky, you gotta try it, it’s such a rush!” Dana said.

“How many different people were there? Was it always the same person?”

“Basically it was always the same person, just different places,” Rita said and we all agreed.

“Learn something new every day. Ok whose turn is it now?” Becky asked.

“Mine,” Carina said. “Never have I ever… sucked a guys dick on the first date.”

“Well I guess we know what all questions these are gonna be,” Chris laughed.

Noone moved their bottles, so we figured noone di it, but Carina glared around the room pretty much telling on the people that did. “There’s a couple of you that should be drinking!”

“That doesn’t count, it was a pity blowjob, I didn’t even do it all the way,” Becky complained.

“Did your lips touch his dick?”

“For like twenty seconds, that’s not even long enough!”

“Then it counts, you gotta drink. You gotta drink too Dana!”

“I didn’t give him a blowjob I gave him a handjob, not the same thing!”

“That’s not what you told me, you said you gave him a blowjob!”

“I said I was GOING TO, but he had a little dick so I gave him a handjob instead.”

“Damn Carina, you making sure everybody take their drink!” Rita said.

“That’s part of the game, if they try to slip out of it, you gotta catch em.”

“Ok my turn,” Chris said. “Never have I ever… masturbated with a person of the same sex.”

“Please I do that all the time!” Ashley said as she took a sip of her drink.

“She does too, she always tells us about it. We’d be sitting there watching the most non-sexual movie ever then she’d just start fingering herself right in front of us, just random,” Becky said.

“Anybody else need to take a drink, anyone at all?” Chris said.

“Nope, Ashley’s the only one who likes to diddle herself in front of people,” Dana said.

“I know some of you are using the fact that I wasn’t specific enough to get out of drinking, but that’s ok, I got another turn coming up,” Chris said.

“That’s up to you if you wanna waste a turn on the same question,” Carina laughed.

“Alright, I’m next, and I have a good one. Never have I ever… made a sex tape,” Stephanie said.

Everyone looked around, and then Ashley slowly lifted the bottle to her mouth.

“Oh shit! When was this? With who?” Chris asked.

“Last year with this girl I met from Germany,” Ashley said.

“That girl, what was her name…Kadja?” Dana asked.

“Yeah her, that was a really good day. She really knows her way around the female body.”

“I don’t believe you, you’re gonna have to show us some proof,” Chris grinned.

“I’ll be more than happy to strap myself back to the lie detector,” Ashley smiled, besting him.

“I’ll go next,” Dana said. “Never have I ever… had sex with more than one person at once.”

I couldn’t hold in the laugh. I sat up in the hot tub and took my drink along with Rita, Stephanie, and Chris. I couldn’t wait for the questions to start rolling in.

“What! I thought we were bad, you’re all a bunch of freaks!” Becky said.

“All of you? Was it with each other?” Carina asked.

“How many times? How often? When did it start?” Dana followed.

“No it wasn’t with each other! I don’t know who they did it with,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah that would be weird don’t you think? And not a lot, but more than a few,” I said.

“Holy shit! I wasn’t expecting any of you to drink!” Dana said.

“You only live once right? Hasn’t that been the theme of this whole day?” Rita pointed out.

“Yeah but still, the goodie goodies have more fun than we do.”

“It’s not an all the time thing, it just happens, it’s not planned or anything.”

“So if it wasn’t with each other who was it with? Do we know them?” Becky asked.

“Hey we aren’t playing truth or dare, we don’t have to get into any details,” Chris said.

I noticed Ashley stayed quiet the whole time we were getting questioned, they were so caught up in the shock of us and our admission they didn’t even notice. I nodded thanks at her for not taking a chance and saying something and something accidentally slip out.

“I’ll go next,” Rita said. “Never have I ever… been tied up or did any kind of bondage.”

“I’ll drink to that, best sex I ever had,” Carina said as she tipped her bottle back.

“You have? Come on Carina details, gimme the details!” Ashley said.

“It was actually my idea, I saw it in a porn and wanted to try it with my boyfriend at the time, you all remember Zack. He handcuffed me to the bed and put a bag over my head, and I couldn’t do anything but lay there wondering what he was gonna do, I was on edge the whole time. No matter what he did, even if it was just kissing my neck, it was amplified like ten times, and when he finally fucked me, oh my god, best sex I ever had, all I can say.”

“Come on you can get into more detail than that!” Becky complained.

“I went farther than a lot of you did! Ashley’s sex tape, their group orgies, the mysterious blowjobs, if somebody else spills the beans then I will.”

There was a period of silence as everyone contemplated what Carina said, noone was going to explain anything further than they already did, not without more alcohol.

“Yeah that’s what I thought, trying to gang up on me. Who’s turn is it now?”

“I guess it’s mine,” I said. “Since apparently we’re only doing sex questions and everybody took all the good ones I have to think of something on the fly. Ummm never have I ever…. have I ever… have I e… ooh I got one, never have I ever had sex with an animal.”

As soon as the words left my lips everyone was staring at me, then I was met with splash after splash in my face followed by Becky trying to makeshift drown me.

“What the hell kind of question is that? Who fucks animals?” Ashley laughed.

“Hey I can back that up, you’d be surprised the shit you find on the internet, there was this one video of a girl fucking a horse, I mean she was really…” Chris started.

“Yeah this is a good time not to go into detail,” Stephanie said.

“I mean really though, that horse was giving it to her, and there was another one of a dog…”

“Alright, that’s enough with the animals! I think you have a secret fetish Chris!” Dana said.

“Not really, just some shit sticks in your head. Gonna be a while before I can forget that.”

“So just to be clear, noone here was ever done anything with an animal right?” I joked.

“Not yet, but I bet you got a couple of them curious now,” Chris laughed.

“Gross Chris. can we please get off the animals now, whose turn is it?” Becky asked.

“It’s mine, and naturally we saved the best for last,” Ashley gloated. “My question is short, sweet, and to the point, just like me. Never have I ever… done anal.”

I knew at least one person would be drinking, but noone even looked like they were even thinking about moving their bottles to their mouth. Rita had definitely done anal, but after noone else lifted their bottle, I didn’t think she would wanna be the only one taking a drink, but she surprised me, and everyone else when she slowly took a sip of her Tequila.

“What? I swear Rita, you are an undercover freak!” Carina said.

“Did it hurt? I bet it hurt like hell didn’t it?” Becky asked.

“It did at first, but after a while not as much, actually, not at all,” Rita responded.

“What you thinking about trying it Becky?” Dana asked.

“I was, my last boyfriend tried to get me to do it but I was always scared. Everybody I talked to said it hurt like hell and not to do it.”

“That’s probably because their boyfriends didn’t know how to go slow, they probably just rammed it up in there, if that’s the case of course it’s gonna hurt!”

“How did you do it?”

“I’m not gonna get into full detail with my brother sitting not five feet from me, but I went slow. I used lubrication and went real slow until I got comfortable.”

“You must’ve gotten real comfortable with it if you still like it!” Ashley said.

“It’s not as bad as girls make it seem, get the right guy and you’ll like it too.”

“Maybe I’ll give it a try, you only live once right?” Stephanie smiled as she looked at me.

“Hey, there will be no ass fucking in this hot tub, especially first timers,” Ashley said.

“Well I’ll admit you got me curious, and probably everyone else here,” Becky said.

“It might not be for everybody. I didn’t work up to it, I just did it on impulse. Maybe start off by yourself or something with something smaller than a cock, see how you like it,” Rita said.

“Ok, no more about my sister and anal in the same sentence,” I said acting grossed out.

“Ashley asked the question. We can’t help it if you guys turned out to be secret porn stars! I mean wow, I underestimated the hell out of you guys,” Carina said.

“Yeah, I mean you all are just as freaky as we are, maybe a little more,” Dana said.

“I wouldn’t say all that, being in a relationship with the same person for a long time you’re bound to try new stuff, it’s the same with a brand new relationship,” Stephanie said.

“Yeah true, it will get boring, you almost have to try new stuff,” Ashley said.

“Like fucking a horse?” Chris said and was immediately splashed.

“Come on Chris, I just forgot about that!” Becky yelled.

Ok ok I’m done, no more bringing up fucking horses and dogs, ok now no more.”

We stayed in the hot tub until we were all shriveled up from the water, playing Never Have I Ever for about another hour or so before we finally got out around ten. Dana, still being naked, waited until everyone left the room before she came out. We put our clothes back on and met in the living room. Chris, not wanting to wear my shorts, got in the hot tub with the shorts he came in, and they were just barely dripping water on the floor.

“Next time, just put on some of Randy’s shorts, I mean really, they’re just balls,” Rita said.

“Yeah and my balls aren’t meant to touch his balls in any way,” Chris said.

“Whatever, guy thing. We’re gonna head home now, this was actually fun,” Stephanie said.

Yeah we’re gonna leave too, learned some interesting stuff about you all today,” Dana said.

“Us too, too bad noone got drunk enough to dish out the good stuff,” I said.

“There’s always a next time, assuming you all still trust me, us,” Ashley said.

“I never thought I would again, but you proved you actually changed.”

“Yeah, and you can ask any of them, I was completely against coming over here, I just knew you were gonna play us again, but like Randy said, you proved yourself,” Chris followed.

“Now we need to get the rest of them strapped to the lie detector test,” Stephanie joked.

“Hey I have nothing to hide, just don’t try to sneak in any trick questions,” Becky said.

“You guys aren’t half bad when it’s just hanging out with no ulterior motive,” Carina said.

“It’s nice to know you can actually be cool and not rich snobs all the time,” Rita said.

“We’re not rich, just the queen bee over there is, we just mooch off of her.”

“But the snob part still applies huh?” I laughed.

“Hey everyone is a snob at some point, we just happen to be past that point now that’s all.”

“I’ll take it. Well I guess we’ll see you guys next time we decide to run naked somewhere.”

“Let’s make that later rather than sooner, regular hanging out is just fine,” Becky said.

All the girls exchanged hugs, surprisingly Rita and Stephanie with the other girls too, even Chris and I got in on it, it might not seem like much, but at this point, it’s a very big deal. We watched as everyone got in their cars and drove off.

“Aren’t you guys gonna leave too?” Ashley asked.

“We will, but we have something we need to clear up first,” Rita said.

We followed Ashley back into the house and closed the door. She sat on the couch and Rita sat on the same couch next to her, leaving me to sit on the other by myself.

“So what’s up, you wanna ask me some more questions don’t you?” Ashley asked.

“Not really, I mean Randy might, but I don’t, I’m just here to even the score.”

“What do you mean “even the score?” what did I do?”

“Forgot that quick huh? On this very couch about three months ago you were about to make Randy eat your pussy, but instead I did it for him, remember what I’m talking about now?”

Ashley hung her head. “Rita, I can’t take that back, I’m sorry. I thought we were gonna leave all that stuff in the past and start fresh?”

“That’s easy for you to say, I can’t start fresh knowing you forced me to go down on you, the image still lingers in the back of my head and it won’t go away, but we can fix it.”

“We can? How? What are you suggesting?”

“Come on Ashley you’re smarter than that, you know exactly what I’m suggesting.”

She stared at Rita waiting for her to crack a smile or something, she didn’t. “You’re serious?”

Rita pulled down her skirt and slid it off her legs. “As a heart attack.”

It took Ashley a second to gather herself. “So if I do this, we’re all even?”

“Depends on how good a job you do, we’ll see when you’re done. You ok with that Randy?”

“Hey you’re the one that went down on her, it’s up to you,” I said.

“It’s up to me then. How bad do you want us to be friends? There’s one roadblock left,” Rita said as she rubbed and tugged on her Hello Kitty bikini bottoms.

“If that’s what it takes, then that’s what I’ll do,” Ashley said, cracking a smile.

She kneeled down in front of Rita and held her legs apart and kissed the front of her bikini, then had Rita lift her legs off the couch and slid them off. She admired Rita’s pussy for a second, probably noting its petiteness and the fact that it was a camel toe with lips that were just waiting to be spread and licked. She looked up at Rita, maybe for confirmation, and Rita gave her that “What are you waiting for?” look, that was all that Ashley needed.

She suctioned her lips to Rita’s pussy and made Rita arch her back and grip the couch cushions. I had a front row seat to it all and slid a little closer so I could see exactly what Ashley was doing. Unlike me, Ashley had a really long tongue, and she could flick it faster than I could, and when she combined both acts on Rita’s clit she had her dancing in her seat.

“Oh my god, that’s so good! How did you learn to eat pussy like this!” Rita moaned.

“Let’s just say since I’ve been on a male strike, I’ve been getting plenty of practice,” Ashley said.

“Oh wow, well keep doing what you’re doing, that feels amazing!”

Ashley glanced over at me from between Rita’s thighs and winked at me. I don’t know if she was gloating or telling me to enjoy the show, either way, I was getting aroused. She might be good at giving head, but so am I, and a whole lot more. Some of her techniques were different than mine, but then again a girl knows what she wants done to her, so it’s easy to implement that onto someone else. She was able to jab her long tongue up in Rita’s pussy, and by her squirming on the couch, she could wiggle it up inside her too. Rita grabbed the back of Ashley’s head and pushed it against her pussy repeatedly, making it look like Ashley was bobbing for apples, and I don’t think she minded one bit because she let her do it.

“Oh fuck! I wish you could feel what I feel Randy, shit!” Rita screamed.

“If I could then we’d have some serious problems,” I laughed.

“You know what I mean. Maybe she’s good at oral all around, boy and girl, huh Ashley?”

“I haven’t had a boy’s dick in my mouth in over a year,” Ashley said.

“But were you good at it, because if you’re anything like you are now then holy shit!”

“I didn’t get any complaints, but I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as being between a woman’s legs. Maybe I just didn’t care about those certain guys,” she said looking at me.

“Yeah, well…, we can talk about that another time, I’m gonna come any second now…”

“You just said the magic words,” Ashley said as she grabbed hold of Rita’s thighs.

I could see her twirl her long ass tongue around inside her pussy as she used her nose to find and tickle her clit. Her had Rita’s ass hanging off the couch and was squeezing it in her hands. Rita was doing her facefucking of Ashley’s face again, covering her in pussy juice that I’ve come to love and savor whenever I got a chance to. Soon holding on to Ashley’s head wasn’t enough as Rita frantically tried to grab onto anything she could squeeze in her hands.

“I’m cumming! Oh my god I’m cumming, don’t stop!” Rita groaned loudly.

She didn’t stop, but I did see Ashley drop one of her hands inside of her own panties. The room was filled with the aroma of horny women as Ashley fingered herself and brought Rita to the point of cumming, and with a bite on her clit, sent her over the edge.

“Fuuuuuuuuck meeeeeeee!” I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cummmmming oh god!”

I guess Ashley didn’t plan for Rita to squirt because she was completely caught off guard when she showered her face, but she went with it, letting herself get sprayed as she now fingered herself even harder, trying to give herself her own orgasm. She looked close, but she was thrown off balance by Rita flailing on the couch and looked to have lost all her momentum.

“Oh yeah, when she cums, Rita is basically possessed,” I said after the fact.

Ashley finally came up from between Rita’s thighs and sat back on her own legs. “I’m glad I got to see it first-hand. What about you, you have any neat tricks when you come?”

“I bet you like to find out wouldn’t you, the supposed “man hater” you are,” Rita huffed out.

“A lot has changed, I still have strong distaste for a lot of men, but I’ve grown fond of a few.”

“That’s good to know. Sorry about the mess, I forgot to mention I’m a squirter.”

“It’s ok, I’ll clean it up, I actually liked it. I haven’t had too many squirters.”

“As much as I squirt at home it’s a wonder I have any liquid left in my body.”

“You know, if you wanted me to eat your pussy, all you had to do was ask.”

“No, I had to make you do it, like you made me, I had to give you an ultimatum.”

So does this mean we’re even now, or am I still on the hook?”

What do you think Randy, are we even?” Rita asked.

“I’d like to think so, but there’s just one little thing keeping me from saying yes. When I figure it out, I’ll let you know,” I said as I got up off the couch. “We’d better get going Rita.”

“Yeah, hand me my skirt will you? One time naked outside is enough.”

"Aren’t you going to put back on your bikini bottoms?” Ashley asked.

“Not tonight. I’m still aching,” Rita said as she slid on her skirt.

“You’re not the only one…” Ashley said almost under her breath.

A light bulb went off in my head. “Ok, I can honestly say this was fun, but we should go,” I said.

“Yeah we definitely need to go, now!” Rita said almost anxious.

Rita and Ashley hugged it out. “Fresh start, you definitely earned it.”

I hugged her and she gave me a kiss on my cheek, then we grabbed our stuff and headed for the door with Ashley right behind us.

“I’ll see you guys later, be careful on the drive home,” Ashley said.

“OH WE WILL!” Rita yelled back at her. “Let’s go now, I’m so fucking horny I can’t stand it!”

“You want me to eat you out better than she did?” I teased.

“No I want you to fuck the shit out of me, let’s go we’re wasting time!”

“What about dad? The way you’re all riled up you’re not gonna be quiet.”

“We’re gonna tell him about us anyway, if he walks in on us we kill two birds with one stone.”

We got in the car and Ashley went back into the house but looked out the window to make sure we drove off and didn’t come back for yet another unexpected drop-in. Another thought popped in my head, concerning Rita’s current horny as shit state, the car was roomy enough, and even though there was a street light above us, it didn’t light up the whole car, so I thought why not. I left the keys in the ignition and just sat there.

“Why are you still sitting here let’s GO!” Rita yelled.

"We don’t have to go all the way home, there’s plenty of room right here.”

It didn’t take her long to scramble into my lap and smash her lips to mine. I could feel the heat coming from her pantyless crotch, it was like she was burning a hole right through my shorts, which she was frantically trying to get off. I let the seat back to give her more room.

“Jesus, what the hell did she do to you?” I asked, getting my clothes ripped off.

“I don’t know, but I was already horny before, and she added to it.”

“But you came, shouldn’t you at least have calmed down a little?”

“This is one of those times where I need a cock in me, oral isn’t gonna fix this.”

“You don’t usually get like this…”

“Yeah I do, remember in the pool at the cabin, or when I went all femdom on you, and in the woods that one time? Fucking finally!” she said as she finally got me out of my shorts.

She stroked my cock to make sure it was hard as she could get it, but I was already way ahead of her. Since she knew she was hella wet she got right over my cock and immediately sat down on it, and when she did the biggest look of orgasmic relief came across her face.

“Fuuuuuuuuuck yes! God I needed that!” Rita groaned in pleasure.

“You’re just getting started aren’t you?” I asked, somewhat nervous.

She didn’t say anything, she just flipped her hair back and smiled at me. She held on to the seat and rode me as hard as she could being confined to such a small space, and even by that she was still riding me pretty hard. She didn’t bother taking her skirt off, she just flipped it upwards and lifted her shirt over her tits and slammed herself down on me as hard as she could. I thought about the other times she said she’d gotten crazy, like in the pool, I had to be completely rough with her before she came and calmed down, and I wondered if I’d be going down that path again. I looked over at the window Ashley was at, she was still standing there, and not only that, she was playing with herself. She looked like she was staring at us intently and had a hand on her tit and the other in her pants, and her arm was moving pretty fast.

“Ashley’s watching us,” I said as I turned back to Rita.

“Let her watch, I don’t care. She can’t see too much anyway.”

She leaned down on me and kissed me again, then the kissing quickly turned into her biting my lip, and then that turned into her sucking at my neck trying to give me a hickey.

“If you fuck me any harder Rita you’re gonna break the seat,” I said.

“I can’t help it, it’s like my body isn’t my body anymore!”

It took all my strength to stop her from fucking me. She was just about to explode on me when I sort of pushed her over the front seats into the back and hopped over after her. We had a little more space to work with in the back so we laid down as best we could and I got between her legs and slammed right back into her. I pulled her legs up so her whole body fit on the seat and kneeled down over her and fucked her hard, just like she wanted. I had to keep a foot on the floor and my knee on the seat just to keep the leverage I had, but it gave me the space I needed to really drive into her.

“Oh! Yes! Oh! That’s it! Fuck me! Harder! Harder! Harder!” Rita screamed.

“With each word she said her voice got a little louder, and I was about to cover her mouth like I did with mom, but then she bit her lip, closed her eyes, and tried her best to be quiet. I wanted to bend her over and fuck her doggystyle, but that was damn near impossible in this car, and even if we managed it, it would definitely be uncomfortable without us having to poke our head out of a window.

“Switch back, I wanna get back on top,” Rita said cutting through my thoughts.

We didn’t really switch, I just pulled her up, scooted towards her side of the car and she pushed me back down, now with her riding me the same way I was fucking her, except I had my legs down and was more bunched up than she was, but awkwardness I’d gladly suffer through.

“She’s still watching us fuck, she hasn’t taken her eyes off of us for a second,” Rita said.

“In a way she’s getting what she wanted, without actually getting it.”

“You can explain that to me later when I’m not focused on your cock tearing me apart.”

“Hey this is exactly what you wanted, you’re on top remember?”

“That wasn’t a complaint,” she grinned.

I sat up and put my back against the seat, which now gave us both tons more space to be physical. Her lips found mine again as I helped her sit all the way down on my cock over and over. This time I bit her lip and enjoyed it as she moaned out in pleasure. Like she said before, Ashley was still at the window, but now her panties were clearly gone and she looked to be fingering herself furiously.

“You like her watching us don’t you? You keep looking over there.”

“I can say the same for you, you get a new rush of energy every time you catch her.”

“Well let’s give her something to look at, and anyone else watching for that matter.”

She turned the light on in the car, now exposing us to anyone who could see and went back to riding me. She saw the look on my face and just smiled, which in turn made me smile, and made us both fuck each other harder.

“Come on baby, fuck me as hard as you can, make me feel that cock!”

I sunk down in the seat and grabbed her waist, lifting her off me a little and thrust myself into her. Each time our skin met it sounded like a loud clap followed by a groan from Rita. I pulled all the way out to the tip and slammed back in with full force knowing that’s exactly what she wanted, what she needed, and Ashley probably had a perfect view of it, well at least as good a view as she could get from behind the window.

“Keep going Randy, I’m gonna come again, keep fucking me!”

I was in a sensory overload. Our clapping skin echoed over and over with each thrust as her tits bounced around in my face, her pussy aroma was emanating and had completely covered the car we were in, her pussy itself was gripping me tighter and tighter with each passing second, and her warm juice was slowly dripping on my legs, signaling she was on the brink of orgasm.

I couldn’t go any faster because the way I was sitting was exerting so much energy, but I kept the pace as long as I could, hoping she came before I lost all my energy. She cradled my neck and held on to me, blocking my view of everything around me with her hair and causing me to focus solely on my cock slamming into her. She slid down my body and bit into my neck which made me wrap my arms around her back, which meant less stress, which meant faster fucking. It didn’t take much longer in this position before her pussy clamped down on me so hard I had no choice but to stop fucking her as she came all over me.

“Oh god! Yes! Ugh, ugh, ugh, oh my god!” Rita groaned as her orgasm hit her.

I held on to her hard as she jerked in place while her warm fluids ran down my legs and into the seats, luckily we had a leather cover over them so cleanup wouldn’t be too bad. We stayed like that until she calmed down, which surprisingly didn’t take long at all. She climbed off me and sat in the seat next to me, hair deshelved, clothes all askew, smelling of sex and a crotch still wet from having just come, and she had the biggest smile on her face.

“I think I’m all better now,” she said in a cutesy voice.

“Only you can go from being a dominatrix to the girl next door in a matter of seconds.”

“You love it and you know it. Now probably would be a good time to head home though.”

“Yeah before mom starts to worry. Can you pass me my shorts from the front seat?”

“Oh right, I think I left my bikini panties in Ashley’s house.”

“I’ll get them,” I said as I pulled on my shorts. “Start the car up, I’ll be right back.”

I went up to the door, which was still open and pushed it open. Ashley was down on the floor still in front of the window breathing heavy from what looked like having just come. I smiled as I looked for Rita’s panties and found them on the floor in front of the couch Ashley gave her head on. I picked them up and headed for the door, stopping at Ashley who looked up at me from the floor with a look of disbelief, but satisfaction at the same time.

“Now we’re even.”

I got back in the car and turned around so we could head back the way we came.

Rita rolled down her window and waved at Ashley as we drove off. “BYE ASHLEY!”

The fresh air was much needed, both because the smell of sex was all over the car, and it was so damn hot being in there having sex with the windows up. Rita laid back in her seat, twirling her messed up hair on one of her fingers as we cruised back to the house.

“If I had a cigarette, I’d be smoking it right now,” Rita said.

“I wish I had my phone on me to record the look on Ashley's face when I went back in.”

“What did she look like?”

“Like she couldn’t believe what she saw. She definitely came when we did. She was crumbled up on the floor. She probably won’t be going to sleep at all tonight.”

“Good, I now feel a hundred times better about her. Today was a good day.”

“Today was a GREAT day like you said it was gonna be. We found out for sure she’s genuinely changed, you got your revenge by getting even with her, and I got mine by messing with her head, and we got to mess with the other three too. We found out stuff, we made other people do stuff, we fucking streaked through the neighborhood, mellowed out with some alcohol in a hot tub, and finished the night off with sex, definitely a top ten among nights.”

“Don’t forget the mind blowing sex we just had.”

“Yeah I just said that,” I laughed.

“Oh, I must still be feeling it then. We always have the most amazing sex.”

“We’re not the boring sex type, and judging by everyone else’s answers, neither are they. We should try sex in some of the places they said, like in the library.”

“I like that Eiffel Tower one, but what’s the chances of us going to Paris?”

“There were plenty others, whenever you’re feeling like, just pick one, I’m all in.”

“I’m already planning them out in my head now…”

We pulled up to the house a while later around 11:30. We walked in to all three of them watching the Walking Dead marathon, they didn’t even look tired, not even a little bit.

“Look who’s finally home! How was Ashley’s? Anything we need to know?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Nothing bad, everything went almost perfect. We found out for sure Ashley is definitely a changed woman, we’ll tell you about it later. What’s going on here?” I asked.

“What, how do you know for sure she’s a changed woman?” mom asked.

“She took a lie detector test, an actual for real lie detector test, and pretty much aced it.”

“You sure she didn’t rig it or anything?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“We’re positive. We reset it and everything, it was legit,” Rita said.

“Ok, if you’re sure, then I guess its ok. You gonna let her come back over here?”

“We’re not sure on all that yet, maybe. What are you guys still doing up?” I asked.

“ Watching The Walking Dead, we didn’t realize this show was that good!” dad said.

“Don’t you have to go to work in the morning dad?” Rita asked.

“I’ll be fine, I’m a partner now remember? I can be a little late, I can even miss a day.”

“You’ve been watching it all day? What season are you in?”

“Like halfway through season two, it picks up really fast,” mom said.

“It’s on Netflix so if you go they stop showing it on TV you can watch the rest of the seasons on there. We’re gonna go to bed, it’s been a long, tiring day,” I said.

“Yeah who’s old now! Kids going to bed while the adults stay up late,” dad said.

We laughed as they’d finally got us back for all the jokes we cracked on them. To tell the truth, we weren’t even really tired, we just wanted to get back before they started to worry.

“You know what, we’re not tired, make room for us,” I said.

“You’re gonna stay up and watch it with us?” Aunt Lisa asked.

“Why not, we don’t watch TV a lot together, and we’re all here, so zombies it is.”

“Well come on then, this couch is big enough for the five of us to squeeze on it,” mom said.

“I’ll go put on my pajamas and grab some blankets,” Rita said.

“And I’ll put on some more popcorn since you finished off three bowls of it,” I followed.

I was fine staying in the clothes I had on, but I knew Rita only went to change because she didn’t have any panties on, in fact they were still in my pocket. I put on two more bags of popcorn and grabbed a six-pack of pops from the fridge and went back out to the living room, where Rita was just coming down the stairs with two big blankets from our room.

“Ok make room!” Rita said as she jumped between mom and dad and fit herself in.

I sat the popcorn and pop on the table and sat between mom and Aunt Lisa. It was a tight fit at first, but with a little adjusting we managed to fit in pretty comfortably. We haven’t had any time like this together lately, so it was nice to finally make time for each other.

I turned on the Netflix to the episode where they left off and waited until everyone was ready before I hit play. “Midnight on a weekday and we’re up watching the Walking Dead,” I laughed.

“At least it’s not an actual zombie apocalypse, Lisa would be the first one to go,” mom laughed.

“What? How do you figure me?”

“You’re the slowest runner and you can’t shoot water in a swimming pool.”

“I am not the slowest runner! And that’s what shotguns are for!”

“Well you definitely won’t outrun me, Rita or Randy,” dad said.

“Please, I’m a survivor, I…”

“I’m not gon give up, I’m not gon stop, I’m gon work harder!” Rita teased.

Aunt Lisa reached over me and mom to try to get at Rita, who used dad as a shield. “Don’t hide behind him, your daddy isn’t gonna save you this time!”

We were all smashing into each other trying not to get caught in the middle of their little war, but it only made Aunt Lisa try harder to get her and Rita try harder to stay away. We all got poked, slapped, pinched and whatnot, but we were all laughing together, we were having fun. There was no ulterior motive, no sex involved, no secret plot, it was just us, having fun as a family. I cherished moments like these. Whatever Rita and I decided to do in the future, we would make sure we had more moments like this one, but for now, even if it was something as simple as eating dinner together, we would make good of our time, as a family.

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