Horny Little Women Pt7 by scouting4girls

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Fiction | Group Sex, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity, Voyeurism

The thirty-minute stroll from Rosie's house back to the March residence allowed Matthew Ryder enough time to contemplate all that had happened to him in the short space of time he'd been back in England and to look ahead, planning his future. In around ten hours time the flight would take him back to Manila and the life he'd known before - minus his father. Frankly, he had no idea whether that was a good or a bad thing, not that he had any great choice in the matter. Turning eighteen in three months time, his adulthood had been fast-tracked and in reaching that milestone came important decisions and life choices.

In an ideal world, he would remain in England with his new family and live happily thereafter. But things were never that simple. His father had been a wealthy man, one of the wealthiest in Manila, with a bulging portfolio of business interests. Matthew needed to be there to ensure he gained his rightful inheritance and the money wasn't salted away by corrupt lawyers and bankers. A heartbreaking wrench to leave England so quickly, sadly it was something that had to be done.

The pleasant walk home was rendered slightly uncomfortable by the raging hard-on in his trousers and a pair of full-to-bursting bollocks that felt the size of tennis balls. Denied an orgasm so far that evening, short term gratification reigned supreme. By the time he arrived back, midnight was approaching and numbers had reduced noticeably at the party. Amy's drunken teenaged pals and most of the older relatives had disappeared, leaving just a smattering of guests. His arrival did not go unnoticed. "Matthew!" cried tipsy sounding mixed race beauty Beth, running up and throwing her arms around her older brother's neck. "I'm so pleased to see you."

And he was pleased to see her too, the monster in his trousers nudging her hip. Uncoordinated and giggly, she flirted outrageously, vying for his attention. Equally drunk was her little friend Alice, the yummy sixteen-year old redhead who seemed to shadow Beth everywhere like a lost puppy. As Matthew took a seat in the lounge, each girl moved to perch on a knee, pressing their backs into his accommodating chest and resting their heads on his shoulders. He breathed a huge satisfied sigh.

Across the room, Jo and the shopgirl Caz acknowledged his arrival with a smile before returning to their deep conversation. Outside, under the gazebo, eldest sister Meg and mother Hannah were chatting to Marco. Matthew would like to have eavesdropped the conversation but, monopolised by the two beauties in his lap, it was impossible to concentrate upon anything else. Shortly after, Jo and Caz excused themselves, heading away, doubtless to embark upon some fun for their eyes only, which was a shame, though Matthew could hardly complain. Amy was nowhere to be seen.

Lavishing his full attention on the girls close by, he stroked a set of fingers through his younger sister's colourful braiding, looking over her shoulder and down the front of a wonderfully proportioned body. She looked absolutely divine in the skimpy red halter top and matching hotpants, coffee-coloured belly as flat as a pancake, legs long and angular to put many a supermodel to shame.

On the other side, Alice was pale and wan in comparison, skin like alabaster. But there was no doubting she was a playful little thing, grinding her bum into Matthew's knee as a stray hand accidentally-on-purpose brushed over his crotch, met with a giggle. Once more, Matthew was in heaven.

At that moment, breaking the silence, birthday girl Amy flounced in, also clearly the worse for drink. At just fourteen her tolerance was low and it showed. "Look what daddy bought me for my birthday, Matthew," she gushed, brandishing a tiny silver camcorder. "Come quick," she added, a tiny spare hand touching Matthew's chest. "I've something to show you."

But Matthew was anchored by the two other lovelies who were clearly unamused by Amy's antics. "And where might you be planning on taking my brother?" enquired Beth, enjoying Matthew's close attentions and with no intent on losing him that easily.

"He's my brother too," retorted Amy. "And it's my birthday," she added, stomping a foot.

"It was your birthday," corrected Beth, indicating to the clock, its minute hand on five past twelve. "Now go away and annoy someone else, baby"

Amy pouted. "I am not a baby! Am I Matthew?" she appealed.

"Are so," Beth countered before he could answer.

"Am not."

He imagined this was commonplace among four sibling rivals to counter the unconditional love they obviously felt for one another and it was left to Matthew to diffuse the situation with a compromise. "Look, you can share me," he offered.

Amy contemplated the bargain, pouting childishly.

"Can I share you too?" asked Alice, her green eyes sparkling.

Rotating, the brazen yet infinitely cute little redhead planted her lips on Matthew's. Takenaback he hesitated before kissing back, both mouths opening, tongues grazing. Immediately her friend eased back, Beth insisted on the same, their mouths fusing, tongues exploring wickedly.

"I've something you must see," Amy reiterated. "You won't regret it, I promise," she pledged, an impish expression on her otherwise sugar sweet face. "I've been doing some secret filming."

Their voyeuristic interested piqued, the three elder teens chorused approval, rising from the armchair to follow the youngster. Excitedly they mounted the stairs, buoyed by the prospect of seeing something they shouldn't. Amy ensured to secure the bolt so as to avoid disturbance, vaulting up on the bed to join her three horny companions.

Instantly she started replaying the night's videod events on the foldout screen of the camcorder, captured earlier as she moved among the party guests trying out the new toy. Some uncoordinated dancing, a few smiling relatives, a lingering shot of the birthday cake and a load of silly drunken party games, there was little of the salacious promise that had brought them here. Indeed, Matthew could quickly have lost interest had it not been for Beth's hot little brown body and Alice's pale slender frame pressed tight to his.

Sensing unrest among the group and, eager to please, Amy activated fast-forward, the figures moving around on the screen like something from a Benny Hill sketch. Searching for something juicier, she maintained their interest with the pitch: "I 'accidentally' left it on in mum's room earlier."

Suddenly the scene on the screen changed and their mother moved into view, galvanising everyone's attention. Lipstick smeared and looking dishevelled, at that moment Hannah resembled true MILF sluttishness. Matthew could feel Beth's excited warm breath on his neck and her hand on his hip, stroking lovingly. In turn, he smoothed a hand up Alice's waist, causing the sexy redhead to purr. On the monitor, Hannah was joined in her bedroom by a guy, all craning violently to see. "Oh my gosh!" exclaimed Amy who had yet to vet the secret footage - and now perhaps wished she had.

It was her father Erik who joined the scene, wrestling purposefully with his zipfly.

"We can't watch this..." Amy croaked.

"Oh yes we can," chorused her three horny bedfellows.

Erik was a short stout man, no taller than five six, with naturally light haired as befitted his Scandinavian roots. The hair on his crown was thinning though offset by a pointy golden goatee on a longish chin. Ruby shaded lip-shaped stains were dotted around his face and neck from where he and his former girlfriend had evidently been making out earlier, re-kindling former passions. What she saw in him God only knew though the fervent voyeur inside Matthew's head held his attention raptly.

It was only why, when he dropped his trousers, that they all realised what she'd seen in the guy. Though it was modestly slim, Erik's cock stretched a good ten inches from a tangle of golden pubes. "Wow!" gasped an excited Alice, surveying the Swede's cock with an appreciative eye and shifting to allow Matthew's hand to travel down her waist and inside her skirt.

Onscreen, Hannah dropped to her knees and held out a hand to ease her ex-lover closer. Rummaging inside the bustier, she extracted both heaving breasts. They overhung the dress like two wobbling blancmanges, nipples hard like thimbles. There was a look of pure lust on her face.

Grinning and shuffling up, Erik allowed his cock be smothered in the impressive cleavage like a hot dog in two fat buns, clamped snugly in the rippling mounds of tit flesh. Encouraged by a breathless Hannah to give it to her hard, the diminutive Swede began to pump back and forth, the purple tip appearing and disappearing through the top, nudging her chin intermittently. Streaks of precum glistened on her skin as arousal came quickly to the Swede.

Craning forward, Hannah allowed the tip to nudge her scarlet lips, taking in the dew on her tongue and exchanging it for smudges of lipstick that coated the head. Easing back, Erik stood hands on hips, the long thin penis jerking as Hannah looked on with lustful eyes. Allowing her jaw to loosen, she took the whole cock in her mouth in one gulp, demonstrating the art of the effective deepthroating to her three watching offspring and a wide-eyed Alice.

As they too went beyond arousal to full on lust, Beth's and Alice's hands found their way to Matthew's bulging crotch. Intrigued by its elevation and contours, Alice traced the length and breadth with an appreciative fingernail. Matthew exhaled, an evening of false dawns having left him hornier than ever before. Lying back on his elbows, he allowed chestnut headed beauty to unzip his trousers, her fingers shaky, breath racing. Lifting his buttocks off the bed, he let Beth to tug down them and his boxers in one heft. The cock sprang up and into the waiting hand of Alice who'd turned her attention away from the screen to watch the even more erotic scene developing in real time. With a little squeal of delight she cradled the lovely thick slab of manhood in her palm. It throbbed and dispensed a healthy dollop of precum.

It was Beth, however, that seized the initiative, leaning forward to mimic her mother's actions on the cam. Enveloping the head in the warm recess of her mouth, she sucked Matthew's engorged knob end with sheer intent. Working like some crack team, Alice drew the foreskin right down to the base, allowing Beth's tongue to rove around the upper shaft and lick it all over. Amy took his balls and massaged them lovingly.

Such was the feeling of bliss, Matthew's eyes wanted to close yet he was forced to keep them open, so as not to miss out on what was happening to his mother on the screen. Thankfully, the release came sooner than expected when Erik, driven crazy by the sexy MILF drew back and unleashed an impressive rope of cum in Hannah's face that resembled a party popper exploding. That allowed Matthew to lie back and have his cock shared by the three lovelies. Desperate for attention, young Amy moved across to sit on her brother's face. Matthew was in heaven. They all were.

As his cocked passed from Beth's mouth to Alice's, he lifted his hands to cup Amy's tiny orbs, pinching at the flesh as her sweet youthful face contorted. Clamping each puffy teat in the juncture between thumb and forefinger, he rotated like wrenches tightening nuts. Amy bit her lip as her brother toyed with her nipples, sliding her moist pussy over his nose and mouth and threatening to suffocate him. Having stolen a quick breath, his tonguetip traced a wet path along the immature slit. Amy moaned, arousal having quickly taken hold as she watched the two older girls swapping her brother's cock between their willing mouths.

Sensing an opportunity, Beth took hold of the camcorder and began recording the scene, whilst playing with herself furiously behind the lens. The footage was priceless.

Up on top, Amy shivered, wriggling her hips as her brother's tongue sent spasms up her spine and into every delicious nerve end. She arched to push her pussy harder down on his mouth, begging him to feast upon her delicious budding womanhood. Drawing her knees back to her shoulders, the teenager shut her eyes dreamily, running a wet tongue around her lips. Hands groping blindly, Matthew busily gave her nipples a good pinch and twist. Down below, Beth filmed as her best friend slurped on her brother's hard cock, head bobbing up and down purposefully.

As Matthew's tongue began to animate, Amy hissed and sank her teeth in her lower lip. Her soft cuntlips parted just enough to allow the roving tongue to enter. As she tensed, her labia clamped tight, trapping it between. In response, Matthew flicked urgently like a chameleon. As he continued to pinching her nipples, Amy slapped the mattress as wonderful sensations spread right through her cunt and up her belly. His tongue darted forward repeatedly, driving her insane. "Oh Matthew! Matthew!" she groaned, hips circling as she rocked on her brother's talented tongue.

Waves of bliss swept up into her loins, stealing away her breath, clit swelling markedly. Enraptured, she spread her thighs even wider as Matthew tightened his grip on the erect teats between his fingers, stretching them obscenely from her body like they were made of plasticine.

Barely coming up for air, Matthew moved his tongue around and around a hot cunt that had opened like a petalling flower. He was determined to taste every single inch of the delicious dish, face damp with the juices that had seeped out. As Amy cavorted, more drips of cunt honey trickled down his waiting throat. He swallowed with a groan of approval, not relenting for a moment. Her hand twisting the bedsheets into a tight knot, Amy begged him to lick her harder, deeper, to bury his tongue in her impenetrable reaches.

Down below, Alice had her lips firmly around Matthew's cock, sucking and licking and plunging up and down in a steady mind blowing rhythm. Every so often a dollop of precum squeezed from the eye and was swallowed gratefully. However, neither nor Beth could deny feeling envious of young Amy who was having the ride of her life. Trails of saliva snaked their way down the girl's inner thighs as an intense and unabating heat soared up her young fuck-hole. Sloppy male lips mopped up the juicy deposits as they oozed out of her tempting crack.

Close to a tremendous climax, her clit swelled until she thought it might burst, throbbing like a bee sting, her moans growing louder to fill the room. "Ew-eeeeeee!" she squealed as her brother jabbed the tip of his tongue yet deeper, finding uncharted depths. "Oh Matthew, I'm going to cum any second now!"

Matthew would have issued a similar warning to Alice were it not for Amy being planted on his face. Having saved up the orgasm and two huge balls of cum for hours on end, he detonated in the warm mouth that covered his cock, filling it to overflowing with an unprecedented half a dozen thick spurts. Unable to swallow more than a third of the sticky deposit, it spilled from the sides of the redhead's mouth like lava from a volcano. Leaning across Matthew's trunk, she shared the bounty with her best friend, Beth's pink tongue poking out to scoop up the overflow from her lips and chin - all captured on film.

Lost to lust on his face Amy rotated her hips in wide circles, bouncing on her bum in an effort to endure the unbearable pleasures she was being subjected to. Her cunt throbbed, craving a release. Finally the torture reached its zenith, the orgasm taking a firm grip, crashing through her girlish body like a trainwreck. "Ohhh!" she cried, tossing back her head. "Yes! Yes! Yesssssss! I'm cumming, I'm cummmmmmming! Aaargh!"

Bucking repeatedly like she was plugged into the electric mains, she slammed her gushing cunt hard against her brother's mouth. Her juices ran endlessly, marked by little minor explosions like an aftershock inside. She strained against him and listened as he sucked her cunthole dry, savouring every last drop. The fourteen-year old nymphette writhed as she came down off the intense sexual high. Climbing off, finally she freed Matthew's face. Being used in that way had never felt as good.

Still prone, Matthew lifted each arm to allow Beth and Alice to snake beneath, their cheeks pressed tight to his strong chest, thumping heart reverberating through Beth's brain. Amy curled up in the foetal position between his legs and laid her head in his lap, staring dreamily into space.

When he awoke some time later, Amy was still there though Beth and Alice had disappeared. Snuggling closer, she began to kiss him tenderly, her pussy still hot with desire. "Make love to me, Matthew," she implored. "I want my first time to be with you."

"But you're, um, fourteen," he observed in a treacherous moment of clarity. "And you're my sister."

Evidently Amy didn't share his reservations, tugging at his arm as she assumed the position, thighs parted in readiness. Despite the apprehension and the huge cum of earlier, Matthew was enslaved by desire. Besides, he wanted her first time to be really special, something she'd remember the rest of her life and not some sordid romp with a spotty guy her own age.

Moving across, he gazed lovingly into her eyes and said she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Clinging tightly to his neck, legs wrapped around his waist, she wiggled her hips to allow the virgin pussy to be penetrated by the roving head of a bulbous cock. Matthew adjudged he had one last cum in him before bedtime, praying that his libido held up this once. The last thing he wanted was to let Amy down. Breathing in fits and starts, punctuated by lustful whimpers, her little slit stretched obscenely to let the fat tip inside.

Appreciating that he needed to be tender and considerate, Matthew graduated the entry. Stopping momentarily to check that his little sister was okay, he drew back at the slightest sense of pain. Kisses brought assurance and a welcome distraction. Eager to become a woman, Amy offered throaty reassurances, assisting the process by submitting fully and lifting her buttocks to nudge her hymen against the invasive tip, as if anxious to be rid of it.

After checking once more that she really was sure, Matthew told her to be brave. With a strong firm downward counter-stroke, he felt the barrier give, marked by a squeal from Amy's lips and her body go as limp as a deflating balloon. Face masked in sweat, she forced a smile, repeating over and over: "I'm not a little girl..."

From Matthew's perspective, nothing had ever felt this right in his entire life and he moved his face quickly to hers once more to muffle the pain, offering succour, their lips moulding sensuously.

The door left open following the exit of Beth and Alice, Meg appeared over the threshhold, hesitating momentarily. With a caring smile she moved to the bed, taking hold of her youngest sister's hand, stroking it as Matthew jabbed and probed, slowly making inroads. Amy whimpered and gritted her teeth, determined to feel every inch of its thickness inside her virgin vagina, her delicious cunt walls gripping as tight as a vice and threatening to crush Matthew's cock as he made little sorties designed not to hurt. Meg ran her fingers through his hair, a smile exchanged.

It was perhaps the most awesome feeling imaginable, breaking in a young girl for the first time, feeling her tighter than she'd ever be again. Arching his back, encouraged by Meg, Matthew begin a leisurely rhythm, stroking in and out of his baby sister's pussy with a fluid motion. Soon he'd developed a steady rhythm, making smooth love to match what he'd had with Meg, Jo, Beth and his mother. Amy was the icing on the cake.

Upping a notch, he began to stroke back and forth purposefully into the tight virgin cunt as Amy held onto him for dear life, head swimming. He kissed Meg, his sheer glee at realising Marco was nowhere to be seen, spurring him on. His covetousness around the four sisters had reached epic proportions and he wanted them all to himself - always. Jabbing firmly, lovemaking turned to fucking as Matthew realised he could not hold on much longer. Beneath him, Amy began to gush around his cock as she climaxed hard. With a groan, Matthew did likewise, firing a wad of spunk into the young girl's untouched womb. All three exchanged kisses as Amy repeated: "I'm not a little girl."

In an almost catatonic state by the time he left the youngster's room, Matthew drew back the door of Jo's abode, only to discover that his elder sister had reclaimed it. He could just about make out her and the shopgirl Caz as they snoozed in one another's arms. They looked too cosy to disturb, not that the idea was without appeal, even after the night he'd had. Turning and pulling shut the door, Matthew bumped into his mother on the landing, the last to get to bed. He explained the predicament, wondering if there was a duvet he could take down to the couch. Hannah smiled maternally, ruffling his dishevelled hair. "Go jump in mine, Matthew honey," she offered with a smile.

"No I can't..."

"Yes you can. Go on."

Matthew exhaled deeply. In a way it made sense: she did have a nice big double bed after all. His clothes in Jo's room, he was forced to sleep naked, though it was pleasantly warm enough anyway. Immediately he entered a light dreamy snooze, snug among the crisp sheets. He sighed as his mother climbed in beside, smelling the understated body scent as she snuggled up behind him, an arm falling across his body to hold him to her, stroking the light hairs on his chest.

Seven more hours to the flight home to Manila and an end to the adventure of a lifetime, young Matthew Ryder had little idea what was coming next.


Set to be a twelve part series, so you know, Part 8 will follow shortly. I am overjoyed at the way this story has been received and would like to extend a big thank you to those that have supported it.

Rating: 92%, Read 77392 times, Posted Jun 27, 2008

Fiction | Group Sex, Incest, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity, Voyeurism


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