First time at school by IRONBAM19

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True Story | Consensual Sex, Male, School, Teen Female, Young

It was spring where i lived so that meant it was track season. I loved track it was alot of fun and this story is all because of it. I had had my girlfriend for about five months and i knew she was horney as hell.

When i first met her she was just a shy band girl and i was the football jock and track thrower. I turned her to a sexual deviant. Starting with fingering her all the time to dry humping.

She had been a thrower in track the year before so i knew her and all but wasn't dating her yet. so when we started dating we took it pretty slow and didn't do much but i found out that that would change. We would send pics and have phone sex but she got caught one time so that had to stop. I still would do all that i could to her even though her parents were strict and watched us all the time. Everytime I went to her house i would be in her pants just to see the expressions she had. That was at anytime too infront of her parents or not, like in the car we would have the back seat to ourselves. She loved my fingers but wanted to get to my dick but we never had the time.

So in time we planned to lose our virginity after/during practise one day.

She had told me the plan the day before. It was that we would leave practise early the next day to go into the school locker room.

The day was there and when i first saw her at school that day she had this look upon her that just said I want to fuck. she was also very nervous being the first time for both of us. I was a bit shaken by the thought of finally getting to have sex. The whole day seemed to drag on as i wanted it more an more.

During track all i could do was keep looking at her, because it is a coed team we had different coaches so we weren't by each other but visible. She looked so sexy in her short shorts and tshirt i just wanted her then. It was about half way through practise she called me over and told me that it was time to go. So we went to our coaches and told them we had to leave early because of ride situations. We were aloud to leave so we walked to the school. I told her to check the girls locker room to see if anyone was in there, eventhough the girls locker room was in a different part of the school grounds, to see if the coast was clear.

It was and she motioned me to her. She grabbed my hand and dragged me into the shower because it was more hidden and wouldn't be seen right away if anyone came in. We stood in the shower and I pulled her close locking her in a pasionate kiss. We made out for a while as i felt her up. While feeling her up I started removing her cloths. I got her shirt off and then her bra. That was the first time that wasn't in a pic that I saw her without a shirt. Shocked at how great her tits looked all I could do was stare. After the shock I started to caress her tits then suck on the niples making them stiff as a rock. I flicked her nips with my tounge and pinched them and as i did this she started to moan softly.

After a while she decided to undo my pants and reveal my raging cock. She sucked for a little while (she didnt like the taste of cum). Then I layed her down and pulled her shorts and underwear off. All she wanted to do was sit up and watch what I did so i pushed her down flat spread her legs and started to like her pussy till she was moaning kinda loud. When I was done going down on her she just wanted my dick in her and she told me several times. I got ontop of her not going in yet making out with her and then kissing her nips. She told me come on fuck me PLEASE. I grabbed my 7in dick and slid it up and down her pussy lips. She really liked that and she kept thrusting toward me so I slid my dick in a little.

I asked her if she was ready and all she could do was nod while biting her lip. I slowly slid my length in and busted through her heimen. She was almost in tears but that went away fast as I slowly slid out then faster than the first time I thrusted back in and then she was getting used to it and liking it more and more. She pulled me down to kiss her as she did that I went back in her feeling it clench on my dick. She was so tight and I loved it. We kept going in missionary with my hands on her shoulders pulling her toward me as I thrusted harder and harder while she just stared into my eyes. Her eyes were amazing, they sparkled with lust as she we shared our first fuck. She was moaning louder and louder and I could feel her about to orgasm. Even after she orgasmed I kept going till I had to cum and she was so loud at that point we were lucky noone goes into the school around that time. So i finish and we stop by making out then watch each other getting dressed.

Again she walked out to make sure the coast was clear and we walked outside to find the practise almost over so we had to leave before we were seen. That was not the end of our public sex either. I may post other stories but I will leave that up to the comments I get on this story. Two more times in the locker rooms with twists. Even in a public park twice in a day.

Rating: 76%, Read 34692 times, Posted Oct 16, 2011

True Story | Consensual Sex, Male, School, Teen Female, Young


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