"Joy" Ridin' by giveit2mebaby

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True Story | Female, Group Sex, Masturbation, Pissing, Solo, Water Sports

The first half of the story is true, but I added in the second half. Enjoy!

I had just spent the week at parent’s house in Florida, helping them do some renovations and getting a much-needed break from school. It was a sunny, bright, Sunday afternoon and I was cruising down the interstate. I started rummaging through my bag, looking for a piece of gum when I stumbled upon my electric toothbrush I had accidentally left in there. I turned the toothbrush on and listened to it buzz when I found myself getting really horny. The sound reminded me of my favorite vibrator that I had left back at my apartment.

I quickly decided that I was too horny to wait until I got home to off –since it had already been a week since I last had a good orgasm. Luckily I was wearing a skirt and I hiked it up to my hips. I pulled my lace thong to the side and slid the head of the toothbrush in. I turned it on and the vibrating bristles felt amazing against my swollen clit.

I flipped the car into cruise control because I needed one less thing to think about. Knowing that I was surrounded by cars and people while I was masturbating made me extra horny, but I knew it wasn’t going to b enough to get a really mind blowing orgasm –the kind I desperately needed.

I am very much a visual person and I almost always watch porn when I am getting off alone. I wedge the toothbrush in my panties so I can let go of it and I grab my phone. I Google search “public sex on the interstate” and soon enough I am watching a steamy threesome on the edge of some highway. I put the phone in the hand that is controlling the wheel and return to rubbing clit with the toothbrush. Small moans begin to escape my lips that soon turned into very loud ones. I look to my left as a group of guys passes me in their truck and by the look on their faces I know right away they could see exactly what I was doing in my Saturn coupe.

Knowing I had guys watching me was enough to send me flying over the edge and my body started shaking as I experienced one the best orgasms ever. My driver’s seat was soaked with my sweet lady juices. I set the toothbrush down and with my fingers I wiped up my juices. I look at the guys who are fixated on me, meet their gaze and lick every last tasty drop off of my fingers. It tasted so good I even went back for seconds.

As I was pulling my skirt back down I heard a knocking noise and looked back at the truck. The guy in the passenger seat was holding up a napkin that said, “Meet us at the Flying Jay off of Exit 303.” I thought about it for a second but the temptation of possibly getting three dicks at once was too much –I gave them a thumbs up and followed them to the exit.

As I pulled into the gas station it was just about dusk and the place was pretty much deserted –we were in the middle of nowhere. The three guys got out of their truck. They were all fairly attractive, probably mid-twenties. We did short introductions and their names were Richie, Ben and Ferny.” They complimented me on my show back on the freeway and asked if I was ready for some more action. I sarcastically said, “These doors are always open for business,” and laughed.

“Alright then, we where should we do it?” Richie responded.

“Well, its kind of a fantasy of mine to get nailed right by a busy highway.” I said.

“Well we could go up on the overpass.” Ferny suggested. I look back over my shoulder and sure enough there is an overpass that even has a caged in sidewalk for pedestrians.

“Looks perfect to me!” I exclaim as I begin walking towards the overpass –the three guys follow closely behind. We reach the top to find the overpass to be empty but plenty of cars passing below us on the highway. This is going to be amazing I think to my self. Ben, who has been fairly silent up to this point, is the first to speak up.

“Well, lets get started shall we?” We all look at each other and grin as I drop to my knees. I am presented with three juicy meaty cocks. I place a hand on both Richie’s and Ben’s cocks and wrap my lips around Ferny’s. As I get the hang of working three cocks at once I begin to go deeper and deeper onto Ferny’s cock until I can feel his dick at the back of my throat. He grabs the back of my head and thrusts his hips forward until his dick is as far in as it can go. I suppress my gag reflex for as long as I can but I have to back off even though I liked having a cock go nearly all the way down my throat.

Ferny releases me and has me stand up. I put my fingers through the chain link guard that is running along the outside of the sidewalk. I watch the cars drive by and immediately am twice as horny as I was before, if that is even possible. I stick my ass out and spread my legs. I lean farther forward as Ferny removes my thong. I feel his fingers exploring my soaking wet love trap. I feel his middle finger slide into my wet pussy as his thumb starts doing circles on my clit. Soft moans starts escaping my lips.

Richie and Ben come and stand in front of me, both of the clearly wanting some mouth-to-dick action. I grab onto both of their cocks and start giving head to Ben and then Richie, switching off between the two. They both take one hand and start massaging my breasts. Ferny has replaced his thumb with his tongue and is flicking it across my clit. Richie and Ben move closer together and I am able to fit both their dicks in my mouth at once. I swirl my tongue over both cocks and suck gently as one hand works each dick. I start bucking my hips softly as I begin to teeter on the edge of an orgasm.

Right before I cum Ferny stands up and joins Richie and Ben. For a minute they take turns sucking on my tits. Then Richie says, “Pull up your skirt and sit on your ass.” I do as he says. “Spread your legs.” And just and I do he gives me a brief warning, “I had one to many Mountain Dews!” just before my pussy is receiving its first golden shower. A second later Ben and Ferny has joined in. The feeling of piss running all over my pussy and ass is amazing.

As soon as they are finished, Ben whips out a condom and quickly has his dick rubbing up and down the slit of my pussy. He slowly pushes his dick in until its in all the way and he begins fucking me slowly at first but shortly he is fucking the shit out of me. My soft moans have turned more into light screams of pleasure.

Meanwhile, Richie and Ferny have knelt down so I can work their rock solid dicks with my hands as I am fucked. I let out, “Oh my God!! I am gonna cum! Fuck me harder!” Ben drills his cock into me hard and fast and a rocking orgasm shoots through my body. It is so intense I feel like might black out.

As my orgasm subsides I hear Ben grunt as he pulls out of my pussy, rips of the condom and shoots his load all over my stomach. His hot gooey sperm end up on my face and I use one finger to wipe it up and I lick it all off because it tastes so delicious. Both Richie and Ferny are itching to fuck me. Ferny grabs me and lifts me on top of him. He slides his hard cock into my soaking we vagina and beings fucking me hard. Richie positions his dick at my asshole, using some spit as lube, and slowly pushes his way into me.

At first my ass burns so bad I nearly as Richie to stop but soon it turns into complete pleasure. Ben is kneeling by my face and I take his dick into my mouth. Being fucked in each of my holes makes me feel full of dick and I love the feeling! Both Ferny and Richie are fucking hard in unison and I quickly feel another orgasm building inside of me. I scream out just as my body starts convulsing from sheer pleasure. Richie moans loudly and thrusts hard as I feel his warm sperm shoot against the walls of my ass.

As Richie stands up, Ferny removes his cock from my pussy and shoves it into my ass. With Richie’s cum being used as lube, it slides in easily and soon he is fucking me like there is no tomorrow. After just a few seconds Ferny is groaning in pleasure and I feel his cum mix with Richie’s inside my tight ass.

I lick all three cocks clean before we head back down off of the overpass. “Let us know the next time you get lonely driving home.” Ben adds with a wink before we climb back into our vehicles. I think to myself, that was the best sex of my life.

Rating: 91%, Read 26146 times, Posted Feb 26, 2012

True Story | Female, Group Sex, Masturbation, Pissing, Solo, Water Sports


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