Hermione Granger, Chapter 3: Unexpected Assistance by Terry_Boot

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Fantasy | Fan fiction, First Time, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Reluctance, School, Solo, Teen, Teen Female, Voyeurism, Young

Hermione had been gone much longer than the previous evening and both of her dorm mates were apparently already asleep. She couldn’t believe what had just happened to her. She thought she must be in shock because normally she would be crying and panicking about getting in trouble. Now though, she felt oddly calm. She had discovered some things about herself earlier she never would have thought possible.

Doing what she did to Percy not only made him feel good but made her feel good too. Not in the same way, she hadn’t been as aroused as she'd expected during the actual act, but in a different way. She had felt powerful, like he depended on her, needed her. It was intoxicating.

As she lay in bed still in her school robes reliving every moment of her session with Percy she began to feel his spunk drying on her face. She thought she had wiped it all off but her face was now feeling crusty and sticky. She decided she should take a shower. She could have tried the scourgify charm she had been working on but she hadn’t perfected it and practicing on her face seemed a poor idea. Plus, she thought a shower would feel nice.

She climbed out from under the covers and stripped off her robes. She wasn’t sure if anything had gotten on them but to be sure she stuffed them to the bottom of her trunk. She thought they could be a great item to practice the charm on later. She glanced at both of her roommate’s beds and since they still appeared to be sleeping she sprinted quickly across the dorm to the bathroom stark naked.

She went in and got the water running and up to temperature. It felt really good to have the hot water run over her body. She started by washing her face since it had gotten the brunt of the load. Her neck had gotten some on it but the rest of her had been covered in robes so she took her time.

As she reached her chest she thought about the scene she had witnessed between Lavender and Parvati again. She cupped what was there but her small mounds barely filled her tiny hands. She could just squeeze them together to form a semblance of cleavage. As she began to squeeze and rub her chest her nipples became harder and she realized how good it felt to touch them. She hadn't really seen them this rigid before so she pinched one gently between her fingers. A shot of pleasure hit her lower region.

She tweaked her nipple again and she couldn't believe the feeling it gave her. Next she pinched a little harder and rolled it around a little. She could feel it stiffening even more and a warm sensation in her crotch began to form that had nothing to do with the water cascading over her.

One of her hands drifted down her body looking for that special spot she had hit the night before. She forgot about bathing as one hand worked her left nipple and the other explored her pussy lips. She closed her eyes and let the feeling of the water pouring over her body envelop her.

When she found her clit again it was like she had seen a large body of water after weeks in the desert. She began feverishly working away at herself her knees buckling slightly as the waves of pleasure passed over her.

She could feel the climax coming and the anticipation was killing her. She didn’t realize her hand could move as quickly as it was but she still felt like it was just out of reach.

Opening her eyes in frustration to look down at her stubborn pussy, she saw that she wasn’t alone. Lavender Brown stood in the doorway to the showers in a long T-shirt watching Hermione, an expression of shock and amusement on her face.

Hermione almost screamed from embarrassment and fear when she saw the other girl standing there. She threw her hands up in the air as if to deny what she had been doing. This motion set her off balance and she slipped, falling hard on the stone floor of the shower.

Lavender rushed to her side to help as Hermione curled up on the floor thinking her embarrassment could not get any more complete in one day. She was about to start sobbing when Lavender whispered in her ear.

‘Shhh, don’t worry. You haven’t done anything wrong.”

Hermione had expected Lavender to turn tail and run to start the rumor mill buzzing about her strange behavior, expected a scream of “Freak!” or “Eewww!” but she had not expected a comforting hand on her naked shoulder. She opened her eyes and turned to see Lavender kneeling beside her, T-shirt soaked through from the shower, looking her up and down like a piece of meat.

Their eyes met and Lavender spoke again, “You just look like you needed a little help.” A wide grin spread across her face and her hand slid down from Hermione’s shoulder along her side and caressed her hip.

Speechless and confused, Hermione could only stare into the other girl’s eyes and whimper slightly as Lavender’s hand moved forward across her stomach pressing slightly so she’d turn her hips. She rolled onto her back without a sound, never breaking eye contact. Lavender’s hand travelled farther south and when she reached the secret spot Hermione almost jumped through the ceiling.

Somehow the other girl’s hand feeling unfamiliar and detached made the pleasure even more intense. The thought of someone else touching her in that place made the deed wrong but exciting at the same time. Lavender rubbed slow circles around Hermione’s clit before pressing and sliding her fingers down between her pussy lips. The moisture was still there, whether from her arousal or the water still cascading over her hips she wasn’t sure. She just knew she didn’t want the feeling to stop.

Lavender continued to work her pussy harder, kneading it in ways Hermione never would have thought to touch herself. Rolling and pinching her clit. The pressure began to build up again, Hermione laid her head back on the hard stone floor and closed her eyes. A part of her wanted to scream “stop!” and run away but a much larger portion was begging for more.

When Lavender finally slid one little finger inside her tight hole a gasp escaped her lips and her eyes burst open. This was the first foreign object to actually enter her vagina and the feeling was incredible. Lavender began slowly working her finger in and out of Hermione while grinding the heel of her hand into her clit.

Hermione closed her eyes again to savor the feeling but was met with another surprise; Lavender’s hot breath on her nipple. She sucked it into her mouth and teased it lightly with her tongue. Hermione was squirming on the floor now, arching her back and pressing her chest up into Lavender’s mouth.

The kisses did not stop there however, Lavender began kissing her way down her stomach until her lips brushed her hip bone sending a shiver down her back. The water was pouring over Lavender’s head now as she repositioned herself between Hermione’s legs and lowered her mouth to her pussy.

All Hermione could see was Lavender’s wet hair sticking to her stomach while she worked feverishly on Hermione’s clit with her tongue. Writhing on the floor in ecstasy now she was holding her breath to keep from screaming out loud. It was clear that Lavender had done this before because she knew all the right places to push Hermione closer and closer to that precipice.

After almost a minute of this Hermione could hold out no longer; she exhaled deeply and as quietly as she could let out a low guttural moan of pleasure as her first ever orgasm rocked her body. She shook and gasped and she could feel the juices flowing from her body. Lavender lapped them up as fast as she could savoring the taste of the young girl.

Hermione thought she must have passed out because the next she knew the water had been turned off and Lavender was on her back next to Hermione looking sideways at her.

Not sure exactly what to say the only thing Hermione could muster was a faint, “Thanks.” between deep breaths. She couldn’t look Lavender in the eyes and the realization of what they had done was beginning to dawn on her. If what she had done with Percy had been wrong then this most certainly was worse.

Lavender broke the silence suddenly, “Well I certainly didn’t see that coming when I got up to use the loo.”

Hermione couldn’t help but snicker. She looked over and met the other girl’s eyes and they both burst into a fit of giggles. Finally Lavender clamped a hand over Hermione’s mouth, “Shhhhh- It’s freezing in here without the water lets dry off.” She got to her feet and offered a hand to Hermione.

Hermione had hung a towel up to the side but Lavender didn’t have one. The girl was shivering now so Hermione offered her the towel first. Lavender shook her head but Hermione insisted, “I, uh- owe you one.” She smiled sheepishly.

“Well in that case,” Lavender smiled back mischievously, “why don’t you help me dry off?” She turned her back and pulled her hair out behind her head so Hermione could begin.

Taking a cautious step forward Hermione began to dry the other girl’s hair and scalp. She moved downwards and rubbed her shoulders and arms with the towel and then wrapped her hands around front. When she felt the weight of Lavenders breasts in her hands through the towel she felt herself flush. She lingered a little longer than necessary before moving down the girl’s stomach and hips. Lavender let out a slight moan of disappointment as she let them go.

As she dried the girl’s legs she knelt down to reach all the way down to her feet. Once she had finished those Lavender turned slowly opening her legs and putting her pussy right in front of Hermione’s face. Hermione gasped as she smelled the girl's sex inches from her face.

She felt herself leaning forward and brought the towel up to cover the sight. She quickly patted the girl between her legs and stood up turning away and covering her head in the towel to dry her own hair. What were you doing? She screamed at herself inside her head. She was so confused about what had happened to her in the last couple hours. She had enjoyed it more than anything else she had ever experienced but she knew it was wrong.

She turned to Lavender again and saw that the girl was looking ashamedly down at the floor. She also looked like she was getting cold again standing there completely naked. Suddenly she remembered the feeling of power she had gotten from pleasuring Percy earlier and wondered if this could produce the same effect.

Dropping the towel she walked as confidently as she could back towards Lavender. She took Lavender’s hand in her’s and looked right in her eyes. “If you’re cold maybe we should get under some blankets.”

Lavender’s eyebrows rose in surprise and she was left momentarily speechless so Hermione began to lead her by the hand back out into the dorm. Peeking around the corner to make sure no one else was stirring, they quickly bolted for Lavender’s four poster and drew the curtains around them.

Once safely under the blankets Lavender’s shock wore off and she eagerly captured Hermione’s mouth with her own. Their warm bodies pressed against each other, the hot wet tongue wrestling her own and the other girl’s hands on her lower back and ass ensured Hermione she had made the right decision.

Lavender was clearly more experienced but Hermione was intent on taking control this time. She wanted to make Lavender feel as good as she had and to feel that sense of being needed again. She worked her hands up in between them and with some effort pushed Lavender gently away from her. Their lips parted with a sucking noise and as she gasped for a breath Hermione shoved her onto her back and sat astride her stomach.

She felt her pussy becoming wet again pressed into the abdomen of the girl below her as she slid downwards to bring her mouth to the large breast in front of her. She had loved the feeling of the girl’s tongue on her own breast so she sucked a nipple into her mouth and ran her tongue around it as she had with the head of Percy’s penis. Lavender’s back arched in the air and a low moan escaped her lips.

Hermione didn’t want to spend too much time on one side so she switched and began sucking and licking the other nipple. As soon as she let go of one Lavender’s fingers replaced her mouth and began to pinch and twist the nipple so it grew stiffer and stuck out more. While still sucking on one nipple Hermione pushed the other girl’s hand away and took the nipple between her thumb and forefinger. She pulled upwards on it and Lavender gasped grimacing.

“Oh, did I hurt you?” Hermione pulled away from the girl’s breast to ask.

“No, no, it felt so good.” She looked Hermione right in the eyes and pleaded desperately, “Harder Hermione. Please.”

Hermione smiled, this was exactly the kind of power she’d hoped to find. She knew the feeling of climbing that hill, desperate for relief. Knowing she held the power to grant it was invigorating. She dove back towards Lavender’s breast sucking as much of it as she could into her mouth and pressing lightly with her teeth into the girl’s flesh. She couldn't believe how much larger Lavender's breasts were than her's. Lavender’s hands gripped Hermione’s shoulders pulling her in for more. Hermione found the other nipple with her fingers and pinched it just a bit harder than she had before.

“Ah!” Lavender let slip a short yelp and both girls froze for a moment afraid they might have woken someone.

It was a very odd position to have frozen stiff in: Her mouth covering the breast of another girl while her finger clung to her other nipple. They didn’t move for nearly 30 seconds before they felt it was safe. As much as Lavender seemed to enjoy having her nipples teased Hermione thought it wiser to attempt something quieter.

She kissed her way down the center of her cleavage and across her stomach. As she came to it she stuck her tongue in the girl’s navel on a whim.

“Ooh, no. that tickles” Lavender jumped and whispered.

Noted. Hermione thought to herself.

Sliding lower and lower she had to step her legs in between Lavender’s to make it to her eventual goal. It was easy to see the other girl was dripping wet. There was already a spot on the sheets. Lavender had the beginnings of actual pubic hair dark brown against her pale skin. Before her nerves could take her again Hermione leaned down and gently licked one of the outer lips of her pussy. It tasted much like her own juices, like very sweet sweat. This time she got as low on the bed as she could and licked all the way up the girls slit until she felt that little button right at the crest where some pubic hair tickled her nose.

As she had the first time she came across this special button Lavender jumped just a little and pressed her hips up towards Hermione’s face. Focusing on that area Hermione decided it couldn’t be much different than a nipple, so she sucked it lightly into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue a bit.

Lavender began to squirm on the bed grasped the hair on the back of Hermione’s head with one hand. Hermione made circles around the base of her clit with her tongue and then slid down to lick the length of the girls slit again. Being pressed in close caused the pussy lips to part and she felt her tongue on the opening to the girl’s vagina. Curious she stuck it out as far as she could up inside. Another moan escaped Lavender’s lips and Hermione began to press in and out of her hole with her tongue.

Lavender lifted her legs off the bed and put them on Hermione’s shoulders, gripping her head between her thighs. “Oh shit Hermione,” she gasped quietly. “I’m going to cum!”

Lavender’s own hand came down to work her clit while Hermione continued to pump her tongue in and out of her hole. Suddenly Lavender took a sharp breath and went stiff. Hermione thought her head would be crushed between the girl’s thighs as they clamped together and a low guttural groan escaped her lips.

More juice than she could imagine began flowing from the girl’s pussy and right into Hermione’s open mouth. Not sure what to do with it she swallowed as much as she could but most of it ran down her chin and Lavender’s ass crack. After what seemed like a full minute the grip on Hermione’s head released and Lavender collapsed to the bed her eyes shut breathing heavily.

Hermione sat up and looked at the spent form of the young girl in front of her. Despite the look of exhaustion, a gigantic grin was plastered across her face. That, she thought, is what true happiness looks like. She crawled up next to her, laid her head on her shoulder and went to sleep.

Rating: 89%, Read 21106 times, Posted Jul 17, 2017

Fantasy | Fan fiction, First Time, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Reluctance, School, Solo, Teen, Teen Female, Voyeurism, Young


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