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Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Masturbation, Mind Control, Violence

Greek Gods


Zeus - King of the Greek gods

Hera - Queen of the Greek gods, sister and wife of Zeus

Hades - god of the underworld, brother of Zeus

Poseidon - god of the sea, brother of Zeus

Demeter - goddess of harvest and fertility of the earth, sister of Zeus

Aphrodite - Daughter of Zeus and Dione, Goddess of love, beauty and sexuality

Artemis - Daughter of Zeus and Leto, goddess of the hunt, the moon, and chastity

Athena - Daughter of Zeus and Metis, goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.

Ares - Son of Zeus and Hera, god of war

Apollo - Son of Zeus and Leto - god of the sun and light, music and poetry, healing and plagues, prophecy and knowledge, order and beauty, archery and agriculture.

Dionysus - Son of Zeus and Semele - God of the vine, grape-harvest, wine-making, wine, fertility, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, theatre

Hephaetus - Son of Zeus and Hera - god of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture.

Hermes - Son of Zeus and Maia - Messenger of the gods, god of trade, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, border crossings, guide to the Underworld

Eris - Daughter of Zeus and Hera, sister of Ares - minor goddess of discord and strife

Deimos - son of Ares, twin of Phobos - god of dread

Phobos - son of Ares, twin of Deimos - god of fear

Dolos - Personification of trickery, cunning deception, craftiness, treachery and guile

Apate - Counterpart of Dolos, goddess of fraud and deception.

Enyo - Daughter of Zeus and Hera, goddess of war and destruction, another sister of Ares


Ephus - the godling man with an unsual power.

Dr. Quinn Markov - human wife of Ephus

Aniketos - Human who is the Caspian god killer

Amaunet - sister of Aniketos, the Eternal Nile Serpent


Egyptian Goddesses and wives to Ephus


Bast - Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love

Sekhmet- Goddess of fire, war, and dance

Hathor - Goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music and fertility.

Serket - Goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites

Maat - Goddess of Truth and Justice

Tefnut - Goddess of Rain, Air, Moisture, Weather, Dew, Fertility, and Water


Brothers of Bast and Sekhmet


Thoth - God of knowledge

Sobek - God of the Nile, the Army, military, fertility and of crocodiles

Anhur - God of war and the sky bearer - Full brother of Bast and Sekhmet

Horus - Ancient God of the sky and kingship

Min - God of fertility

Khonshu - God of the Moon

Apophis - God of Chaos and darkness

Shu - God of the wind and air


Ephus was cautious as he approached the space where he'd agreed to meet. Stretching out his hands felt around feeling the two he'd agreed to meet.

Nodding after a moment he called out to them his mind. Two dark shapes appeared in the shadows, then they seemed to vanish. Shaking his head Ephus brought his hands together making the both of them scream then appear.

"Alright we believe it is you, we are here to strike a deal with you. It seems that a deal with you is by far more amicable than with Ares."

Ephus slowly nodded his head, "true though, why in the hell would I do that?"

The hideous, misshapen form of a male seemed to emerge from the shadows. A bow to Ephus, then motioning behind him brought a misshapen, stooped over, female forth.

"It is a shame that we didn't meet under other circumstances." The male stated.

Ephus eye brows rose at these words. "I'm not sure that we would have met giving your allegiances and all." Ephus replied."

"Godling, sir." The female started almost refusing to look at Ephus. "Unfortunately, much of why and what we do are not under our command or choice."

Ephus looked at both of the beings before him. His arms crossed he smirked a bit 'til an idea came to him.

"Say I believe you, even a little, I have no way to ascertain if you are truthful or not. You both are after all the god and goddess of trickery, deception, treachery and fraud. I mean I could read what is in you though, if you refuse? It would most definitely screw up your day." Ephus said with all seriousness.

Both the male and female's faces showed shock a moment, then they both nodded. This godling had after all, detected them when no-one had ever, they were sure he wasn't joking.

The male was about to speak when the female stepped forward, "I will allow you to do this. It won't be hard for me; my thoughts haven't been mine alone for a long time."

Ephus looked at the male who now wore a shocked look. "Apate! Why do you give this away about yourself? It could be used agan..."

"Dolos, I have more belief in this godling than I will ever have in Ares. That back stabbing god would throw us aside if it helped him get his way. I will do all I can to help him, then perhaps we can heal from what was done to us." Apate hotly told her brother.

Ephus's look of surprise was mirrored on Dolos's face. "Well, if you allow me to, then I'll finish in no time."

Ephus started toward Apate, then was blocked by Dolos. "If you harm her, I will do all I can to destroy you."

A smile crossed Ephus face, "that I believe, was the first honest thing, I have heard out of your mouth."

A looked of heated hatred crossed Dolos's face 'til Apate elbowed him in his ribs. "Don't even think about it, if anything happens to him, I will hold YOU responsible."

"Sister," Dolos started to protest.

"I mean it brother, if anyone can help us it is him. Now," here Apate closed Dolos's open mouth. "Keep it closed, believe me, I trust him nearly as much as you."

Dolos's mouth snapped shut again after Apate spoke those words. Though his eyes were still wide.

This time Apate walked to Ephus, "please start, as I said I am open thanks to all that Ares has done to me. Well, actually to the both of us."

Ephus nodded as a serious look crossed his features. He hesitated 'til Apate nodded her head.

His face drew tight in concentration, his hands started to slightly glow. Ephus only touched Apate for a few moments, then he withdrew cocking his head slightly at Apate.

"I believe you; I also think that you should have a bit more freedom." Ephus said a crooked smile on his lips.

"Freedom?" Apate said confused a moment. Within a few moments Apate's eyes were wide. "What have you done?" She said her bottom lip trembling. "I can't feel..."

A loud roar issued from Dolos as he started to power up. "I told you I would ugh!" Dolos started, then doubled over from the elbow, that hit him square in the stomach.

"I told you what I would do if anything happened to him." Apate said.

"How can I not? After what you started to say, that you can't feel any longer." A clearly upset Dolos said.

A small growl came from Apate's throat, "had you listened to me and shut up. You would have heard me say that I can no longer feel Ares." A now smirking Apate said.

"WHAT?!" How can this..." Dolos started.

Again Apate growled as she, for a third time, elbowed Dolos. "As I said, you should shut up, let him help, then we can talk later."

Trying to straighten up, Dolos had a look of astonishment on his face he then glanced at a now widely grinning Ephus.

"It appears that I have gotten much better at the bond breaking. I wouldn't even attempt on you Dolos, though, I made your sister a promise while I was looking in at her. I will start when you are ready, though as stubborn as you are, I am afraid it might hurt a bit. No, I am not doing this to punish you." Here Ephus snorted, then quietly said, "though I should."

Dolos's eyes stared at Ephus, "I thought you said..."

"I made a promise to her," here Ephus indicated Apate. "Unlike so many of the gods in the Greek realm, I do all I can to not break my promises."

Dolos stared at Ephus a moment then looked at his sister. Apate looked into Dolos's eyes, then nodded her head vigorously.

Dolos issued a sigh then turned toward Ephus. "What need I do?"

Again gaining a serious look on his face Ep0hus said, "do not fight me, just watch me. The more you resist the more it will hurt. This will be a pain you may never, have experienced before."

Dolos waited a few moments taking a few calming breaths, then nodded to Ephus. Ephus concentrated, then his hands started to glow as they had before. Touching Dolos, everything was fine for a moment then Dolos started to scream

Between his clenched teeth Ephus hissed, "STOP IT! Let me in or this is going to grow even more painful."

"Brother!" Apate shouted gaining Dolos's attention. "Stop this, let him in just like you let me. It matters not what we know or have done, Ephus doesn't care."

Dolos's body immediately relaxed as almost all the pain faded from him. This time, Dolos let his mouth drop open. By all the power of the realm, Apate had been correct! He couldn't hardly feel anything of Ares, it was truly amazing.

Longer than he had worked on Apate, Ephus finally released Dolos. "There I think that the both of you should be far freer of him than ever before."

Dolos started to shake Ephus's hand when his mouth dropped open again as he was staring at his sister.


"So," Bast said stepping to the front of the others. "You'd be willing to help defeat your brother?"

Enyo looked from the others to Bast and back. A small smile formed on her lips, so the true leader of the bunch had appeared. Nodding her head, she could see that this one was far smarter than the rest.

"Defeat him? No, I want to crush him, to humiliate him. To pay him back the betrayal that he subjected me to. So, defeat him? No, I want to do far more to him than something as simple as defeat." Enyo spit out with much venom.

Bast smiled a moment then looked closer at Enyo. Bast's smile rapidly faded as she pointed a finger at Enyo. "In case you think that you can lie to us, remember we are all fully entrenched in our power now."

Maat stepped forward about to speak when there were three whooshes of power. Artemis, Aphrodite and Maat's equal in the Greek realm, Athena, appeared.

All six of the Egyptian goddesses growled slightly. "Hail wives of Ephus, though you do have a right to her. She is unfortunately still our sister. If you would allow me, I will dispense justice," turning to Maat, Athena said, "I would also agree to your help."

All six of the Egyptian goddesses faces held shock, though none more than Maat.

"I know that all of you wish her destruction, believe me we three are also tempted to. Also, I know what Ephus said, so I have to ask, if we cannot destroy her? What more can we do to her? I believe that Ephus intends to keep her as she is, as long as possible." Here Athena turned to Sekhmet, "I am sure that the time you suffered, was a great deterrent."

The bright red that Sekhmet turned, seemed to be all the answer that they needed. Then in very hushed tones Sekhmet said, "you are quite right. That and the fact that he could do it to me again, at any time, also works wonders."

Athena and all the Egyptian goddesses were nodding their heads with slight grins. "I therefore think that, justice is better served with that which Ephus has done. I also believe that, he will keep her like this far longer than he did you Sekhmet."

A look of abject horror came to Sekhmet's face as she could only stare at Enyo. Then in a barely auditable whisper Sekhmet said, "I would feel for you. I can't, knowing that you tried to destroy our husband, you are not completely powerless though very close." With that Sekhmet withdrew to the far side of the room.

All the others watched as Sekhmet sat in a corner of the room. There she drew her knees up to chest, visibly shaking for a long time.

Somewhat concerned Athena asked, "shouldn't we help your sister?" Then she started forward, only to be stopped by Bast.

"We cannot, to do so would be to belittle her and what she went through. No, when Ephus returns she will only need to see him to know that she is still loved." Bast advised.

Still concerned Athena tried again to move past Bast. Again, Bast stopped her, leaning to whisper in her ear. "You are the first and only goddess I have had reason to trust from the Greek realm. Your concern for my sister, is all the proof that I need, to see. She will be fine believe me."

As soon as Bast withdrew, Athena's mouth dropped open, she had gained the trust of the Egyptian goddess's? A small smile touched her lips then was gone.

Walking back to Maat, Athena talked quietly with her while her other five sisters, discussed the situation.

They of course kept Maat informed as she frequently nodded her head. This went on for several minutes then stretched into an hour. Finally, Maat looked up nodding a final time.

"It has been decided, the decision which meets justice, is agreeable." Maat said. "Be well my counter-part, I feel that justice will hold well in your part of this world."

With that Maat vanished, as did the rest of the goddesses with the exception of Bast and Sekhmet. Bast walked to Athena a small smile on her face.

"I hope that which we discussed, will go no further. So far you are the only one that any of us will trust. This is a precious position, you are the first to attain it, be well" Bast said as she raised a hand then vanished.

Immediately Aphrodite and Artemis rushed to Athena. "Are you well sister?" Both asked seeing the look of apparent shock on Athena's face.

Athena shook her head as she turned toward her sisters. "Yes," she started, "I believe that we all are going to be fine."

"What was all that about," Artemis asked indicating the whispered conversation with Bast.

"I'm not sure, though when I know, you and Aphrodite will be the first to know." Athena replied.

Both of her sisters looked at with confused looks.

"I most definitely wish to know when you do. It's not like you to keep secrets from us." Aphrodite spoke up for the first time.

"It's not as much secrets as it is, just unsure of what she said. I have to try and figure out what she meant before I can actually know." Athena said.

This of course had her sisters looking at her with even more confused looks.

A voice behind them had all three of them spinning to face Ephus. "It is good to see that all of you listened to me." Turning Ephus looked at Enyo. "I regret that I took as long as I did to return to you, I..."

Ephus had just noticed Sekhmet sitting in the corner of the room. All three of the Greek goddess's followed his gaze. "Bast told us that she would be fine as soon as you talked to her. Something about the time when you punished her." Athena told him.

Ephus nodded his head turning back to Enyo. "I will deal with you in a few moments." This of course had Enyo shaking.

Ephus walked to Sekhmet, then started to softly talk to her.

"I am here my Sekhmet, all is fine. Come back to me, my Sekhmet." Ephus told her.

Sekhmet's eyes that had been empty staring straight ahead, started to blink. Slowly ever so slowly Sekhmet's head slowly turned to stare at Ephus. At first, she seemed to not recognize Ephus, then a moment later, she launched herself off the floor wrapping Ephus in her arms.

"My Ephus," she said as she started to kiss him all over his face. "It was horrible I couldn't find you; I was afraid like I was when I couldn't use my power. I thought I was going to pass."

"You are fine my Sekhmet, as you are now, it should never happen again." Ephus said holding Sekhmet close.

Wiping her face Ephus kissed her then whispered to her before she nodded then vanished.

Striding back to Enyo Ephus could see that she wasn’t doing too well. Reaching out he laid a hand on her shoulder, a moment later her eyes went wide. Waving her hand, a small ball of energy appeared, holding it a minute she was shocked when it fizzled out.

Ephus nodded, "as I said before I didn't remove then I just blocked them. I know that as a goddess you have to have some power to use, this I granted you, somewhat. As I grow to the point i think i can trust you I will grant you more."

Enyo bowed her head, "I feel so weak, I don't know if this is enough for me to survive." Then in a whispered voice she said, "please Ephus it hurts, please I can't go on like this."

"You will survive, I have brought someone to help you." Ephus looked at a spot next to him, suddenly Hera was standing there looking at her daughter.

"Mother!" Enyo said. "I haven't seen you in so long. Please can you help me? It hurts so bad."

"After what you and your brother tried, I am surprised that you both still exist." Hera told her.

Enyo lowered her head, "yes mother I know, I am also aware of just how treacherous my brother is. I have agreed to help Ephus's wives."

"I am glad that you now see his true self. I have always been afraid that he would be the end of you. No matter what I said you'd never listen." Turning to Ephus, Hera asked, "I can see that she is still a prisoner here. Am I allowed to take her or does she need to remain here?"

Ephus started to talk when Enyo started to whimper, "mother, please convince him to let me have my power back. I have never felt so weak and powerless. Please mother, it hurts so bad."

Hera turned to Ephus her mouth a gape. "I thought you couldn't... ah this is what you spoke of before." Turning back to Enyo, Hera shook her head. "I am afraid daughter, that this up to Ephus, perhaps he will let me take you home?" Hera asked to which Ephus nodded.

Ephus looked beside himself, Enyo suddenly appeared. Ephus leaned into Hera whispering into her ear. Hera was nodding then her eyes opened wide, then she started vigorously nodding.

"You may take her home," here Ephus turned Enyo to face him. "As I said, as soon as I feel you have truly changed, you will receive your powers back. Perhaps, you might get a few more back sooner, we'll see."

Enyo was staring at Ephus, "how can you be so cruel! Without them I will surely perish." Enyo said her lips trembling.

"I seem to remember Sekhmet saying something to that effect. As I told her you will be fine. I..." Ephus started.

"I have seen the after effects of your punishment. The pure horror that Sekhmet had on her face. I would prefer to not end up like her. Well, not completely like her." Enyo told Ephus.

Ephus could only stare at Enyo, he hadn't thought that he'd been cruel. Especially after all that Sekhmet had done. He hadn't removed their powers just, blocked them. Shaking his head, he was a bit worried. How in the hell had they all seemed to have turned this back on him? Hell, it almost seemed that they were blaming him for all that had happened!

A whoosh of power drew his attention to the goddess that appeared. Holy crap! What in the hell was Isis doing here?

Both Isis and Hera slightly bowed to each other.

"So, I see that you have punished another as you did Sekhmet." Turning to Hera she said, "as a mother to one like her, I, could offer what I learned during my time with my daughter."

Hera thought about it a moment then nodded her head. "I believe that your assistance in this respect would be well appreciated."

Hera and Isis talked a moment then Isis turned to Ephus. "We will retire for now." With that all three of the females vanished.

Ephus then 'heard' a voice in his head. I did not mean to interfere Ephus. I do not wish to see another goddess go through what Sekhmet did. She is almost normal now, as long as you love her, she will be well.

Then all was quiet as Ephus could see that all, had left him. Popping out he appeared outside his home.


Ares was still hurting; this was by far the worse he'd ever felt. Even his father hadn't hurt him this bad. All day his sons had been trying to slowly heal him.

His body still in pieces, he was finally able to pull part of it together. He, was going to make the godling pay for all the disgrace and defeats he had suffered at the godling's hands.

Even as another part of his body came together, an idea started to form. Not one that he was pleased with, no , it was the only one that seemed to be left.

It was obvious that, the godling was being trained by his pathetic Egyptian counter-part, Anhur. Though nowhere as good as he was, Ares could see that the god had a good many advanced moves.

Feeling another part of his self re-attach, he tried to shake his head. It was as he was afraid; he was going to have to challenge Ephus to a duel. Ares knew that no one could beat him, up to now, he hadn't seen Ephus as a threat.

That had changed after that damn Egyptian bitch wife of Ephus's, had done such harm to him. No, it was time to stop playing, to stop this pathetic godling that was making him look bad. It was time to end the godling with his superior skill.

Rating: 90%, Read 3315 times, Posted Jan 06, 2021

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Male, Masturbation, Mind Control, Violence


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