lata the sex whore by sbksbk

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Fiction | Asian, Hardcore, Voyeurism

I am Naveen

Let’s begin the story..

That night passed very happily, because of the great sex adventure happened to me with my milky aunt. And I slept that night by just thinking of her and her private parts to which I played a few hours back. And the next day I wake up very late in the afternoon just because of my tiredness due to the sex with my milky aunt and have a quick bath and had lunch and wanted to go out to have some drink as it was very hot.

As my parents are away I have to do all the work. And I am waiting for the evening to my milky aunty to come to give me milk. I am eagerly waiting for her to have a fun (sex) again. I like to play with her boobs as my parents are away and won’t return for this week. And I waited and waited but she didn’t came and I want to go to her house to get milk. I moved to her house, but I didn’t found her and her mother – in – law gave me milk and with a little upset I moved back to my house.

It was 7:00 PM (time for my neighbor aunts daughter) Chinnu to come from the private classes of her college. So I went upstairs to watch her doings. She just came from her school and wanted to take bath. So she was preparing to get bath. And in a sudden she dashed with her own brother Bharath. And her big boobs are crushed with the body of Bharath when they both are dashed to each other.

And some smile came through their face and then he left from there smiling. And I am also enjoying that moment that when she fall on the ground her petticoat was moved a little higher that I can see her whitish thighs but she soon recovered and covered her thighs. But I saw a strange feeling came through her face and she just kept her eyes back for her brother but she didn’t find him and then she took a bucket of water to the bathroom for bath with little upset.

And then she removed her top and then her petticoat. And now she completely removed her bra and panty and make herself naked. And then she pissed and ready to take bath. She watered herself and applying soap to her body. And when she reached her boobs I saw she was pressing them harder and harder in the bathroom itself. And biting her lips sexy.

I understood the situation, that she was in a mood of accident with his brother and she was imaging that situation and enjoying herself. I was very thrilled by the act and placed myself on the edge of the wall of my building and was really enjoying the moment by masturbating myself.

And now I reached to my climax and was about to cum and I was moaning louder by closing my eyes. At this moment she completed her bath and saw me on the top of the building watching her. And I have a little fear that she will complaint to her parents. And a fear raised in my mind and wanted to left that place.

And I went out and go to a second show and came back to my home late night. And slept by just imaging the scene in the bathroom. And the next day I found some covering to her bathroom door to hide herself from my watch. And I said the entire thing to my milky aunt and she not to worry darling, and I will take care of it. Then I was a little relaxed and went to my home and was about to sleep. But door bell ranged and I went out by shouting “Who is it?”. But no reply from the other side.

And I opened the door, to my surprise it was my milky aunt and I welcomed her to my home and to my surprise I found another lady behind her. She is my neighbor aunt Latha the mother of Chinni. And my heart began to beat harder and my hands are shivering with fear but my eyes are facing the ground with shy. Seeing my condition sukanya (my milky) began to speak something but was stopped by Latha and now

Latha was asking about the incident happened with her daughter. But I was remained in the same position by facing my eyes to the ground and with a little shaking voice I began to say sorry for my behavior and I won’t repeat the same again. And in my mind I was very angry with my milky. But I can hear some sounds from both of the aunts with a very low voice.

And then my milky aunt stopped her by saying its enough and she began to tell that don’t worry Naveen, she is my friend and she too likes you very much and therefore no necessity for telling sorry to her. By listening to the words of my milky some confidence raised in my mind and my eyes began to move towards the aunt.

And my milky get away by saying to me that his husband is in her house so she wanted to go and Latha will give company to you. And I went back to her to make her to go to her house. But Latha still remained in my house. And we are out of the house Milky aunt said to me that don’t worry Naveen.

We are very good friends and she likes you a lot from your arrival. And one more thing you have to know is we both love each other and sometimes we play a lesbian role when no one in the house. And she is a sex wore. By listening these words from my milky aunt my confidence crossed the barrier and asked her not to come and I want to have her to night. She gave me green signal and went away.

Now I came in silently and locked the door and go to my bedroom where Latha was sitting and was waiting for me to come. There I keep on facing my eyes to the ground and stood there silently. Then she came near me and took my hands and take me to the bed and ask me to sit on the bed. I followed her and sit on the bed and then she make me some comfortable by talking some other things which are just funny.

And by now we joking on each other and enjoying every moment. And suddenly a topic raised and then she asked me what I have seen in the bathroom to her daughter. And then I explained the all happening and said sorry for that. Then I told her that I even see her during her bath. Then by listening this words she was surprised and now her eyes are facing the ground with little shy (she was acting like that).

Silence filled the entire room and remained in the same position for few minutes. And to break the silence she said in a very low voice that what have I seen in the bathroom. Then I answered to that question by just saying that your sexy boobs and navel. Then she asked me if I like to see them now? And by listening to those words some excitement raised in my shorts and in my heart and filled with joy.

This was the moment for what I am waiting for. And finally came through her heart. And I said to her that I really love you and wanted to have you in my bed form a long time when I first see you. But I was unable to do that because I have no chance to go ahead. So I keep myself entertained by seeing you in the bathroom. By listening to these words she moved a little forward and was now sitting just beside me with no distance separated us.

And keep her hand in my hair and caressed it for some time and then hold me tightly and hug me. And her round and sexy boobs in her 40’s touched my bare chest and what a feeling. We remained in the same position for some more time with no gap between us. And finally I broke the hug and moved back and took her pallu down and now her sexy shape of the boobs are now clearly visible over her blouse.

And now she removed my T – shirt and saw some hair on my chest and was thrilled and played over there by pulling the hair on my chest and biting my nipples (Later I came to know that she likes the hair on the chest). Now I removed her blouse and found her big boobs were jailed in a tight bra and wants some help from me to release them out. But I like to enjoy the boobs over her bra and want them to remain in that same position.

Then after some time I removed her bra and in sudden boobs bulged out by jumping as the water through the dam released. And now I was just few centimeters distance to her great boobs and wanted to fuck them harder that they make me to spend some restless nights. Some with great joy pressed them harder and harder and she began to shout louder with pain.

And then I sucked her left boob by pinching her right nipple with my right hand and my left hand was moving over her navel and my mouth sucking her left nipple. Now she was moaning heavily and ejected some sex juices from her pussy and completed her first orgasm. And when I moved my hand a little lower over her pussy found some wet in her pussy.

And now I opened her petticoat and then sucked her pussy over the panty and make her horny and now she shouting to fuck her harder that she can’t wait for anymore. But I like to enjoy sex for more time so I keep on sucking her pussy and sometimes I inserted my finger in to her pussy and finger fucked her and make her horny and horny.

And she was catching my hair tight with pleasure and pulling me towards her. And due to pain I moved towards her and she locked my lips with her lips and we have a French kiss for some time by hugging each other very tightly. Now she lifted me up and make me remove my pant and under ware and then take my 7 inches pennies into her hand and kissed it and shake it up and down and then she took it in to her mouth and sucked it heavily.

Now I began to moan louder and she was teasing me. And my control reached to a peak point and immediately I take her up and made her to lay down on the bed and widened her legs and made them to place over my shoulders and make her to take her a deep breath and then I inserted it in to her pussy with one hard push and it entered completely in to her pussy as it was already wet with the juices of her mouth.

Now she was moaning heavily and I slowly increased my speed and fuck her harder and harder. And finally within few minutes I reached to my peak and asked her weather to release the juices in to her pussy or not. And she replied no. I removed my pennies from her pussy and made her open her mouth and jerked in to her mouth. But she didn’t swallow the juices. And I slept over her and soon we get in to sleep.

After 2 hours I opened my eyes and she was not there and myself remained nude. So I dressed up and as I was very hungry I took my dinner and went to sleep again. After this incident, with Latha’s help I made an attempt over her daughter. But before this happening I went to my sisters house which was about 350 kilometers away to my house and during the train journey I have met with a person who was one of my fan of the ISS readers.

We chatted each other many more times through internet and now we are good friends. And he shared one of his experience with her younger sister and I was very exited after listening to the story. And that made me to hang up on my sister. This story will be presented here as my next story within a short span of time. And this story will be categorized under incest.

Rating: 52%, Read 10998 times, Posted Mar 26, 2011

Fiction | Asian, Hardcore, Voyeurism


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