Teacher's pet part 3 by lively.heart

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Fantasm | Anal, Blowjob, Boy, Cheating, Gay, Teen Male, Written by women

“wake up…” I heard a voice say gently then I felt something warm and wet against my mouth. “mmm…” I moaned turning on my stomach pulling the pillow that was underneath me closer. “fine if you won’t wake up then I’ll….” the voice said then I feel a wonderful sensation in my ass. My dick got rock hard as I tried to get up but something heavy was now on top of me. “Since my little boy didn’t want to get up when I told him now he has to lie here while daddy gets to work.” the voice said was I felt the sensation getting stronger and stronger. My eyes shot open and I was face down in my pillow, I picked my head up and realized I was still in Jacob’s house. “fuck…” I groaned reaching for my dick jerking off fast along with Jacob’s thrust, “mmm...my little boy is up now.” He laughed patting my head. His dick slamming in my ass getting deeper and deeper with each thrust, I felt tears in my eyes from the pleasure my body woke up to. “ahh...fuck.” I moaned loud as Jacob sped up his thrusting showing no signs of slowly down. “Fuck me daddy make your little boy cum…” I groaned I was too tired and stunned by pleasure to keep jerking off so Jacob helped me. He wrapped one arm around my chest lifting me up getting his dick even deeper inside me he hit places I didn’t even know I had. His free hand grabbed my dick jerking it off as fast as he was thrusting inside me. “Jacob…” I said out of breath unable to finish. “That’s it Cody cum for daddy let it all out in my hands.” I felt his tongue in my ear as I yelled in pleasure exploding in his hands and all over my pillow. “mmm…good boy look at the huge mess you made.” He said showing me his cum covered hand and the mess on my pillow. He wiped his hand off on my shirt then bent me back over shoving my face in my cum stained pillow. It was warm and wet but I didn’t care I was too busy focusing on Jacob hard and deep pounding he was giving me.

“Oh fuck yes…. you feel so good baby.” He moaned as he slowly pulled out then slammed back into me making me yelp. “Making sure you didn’t go back to sleep...heh” He chuckle as he thrusted harder and faster. Suddenly, his hand grabbed a fist full of my hair and he pulled me up. “You like the way Daddy fucks you? You want Daddy to cum deep inside you huh slut?” He growled in my ear thrusting in and out of me like a madman. “Oh fuck yes Daddy fill your little slut with all your cum! I love my Daddy’s Cock.” I moaned as my dick got hard quickly about to explode with me even touching it. “mmmm such a slutty boy.” He growled again sucking and biting my shoulder and the back of my neck. Jacob pulled me down all the way on his dick making his thrust quicker as I felt his dick spasm violently in my ass. “Daddy has a treat for his slutty little boy. You want it?” He laughed pinching and twisting my nipple. “Yes Daddy please! I want your treat give it to me!” I begged as I felt two hot blasts in my ass as Jacob squeezed me tightly pulling me down more and more trying to get his dick deeper than it already was. “fuckkkkk” He groaned as he kept holding me down letting his balls empty inside me.

“Daddy got another treat for you.” He whispered sliding his cock out of me it was smeared in cum. I sat in front of him, “I want it!” I said he quickly grabbed a fist full of my hair pulling me down to his cock forcing it in his mouth. He quickly entered my throat face fucking me sliding his cock in and out my mouth as hard and fast as he wanted. “Oh fuck yeah that’s it baby take all of Daddy’s cock in that little mouth mmm you’re such a good cock sucker. I should have you under my desk at work sucking me off all day. You would like that huh?” He asked pulling me up waiting for my response. I kept coughing and gasping for air but I eventually nodded, “Good boy we can start today.” He smirked then shoved his cock in my throat again holding my head still as load after load of cum went straight down my throat forcing me to swallow. “mmmm that was so good Cody” He said letting go of my head and sliding out of my mouth. “Now get up we’re going to be late.” I managed to say, “late?... for what?” “school. It’s Monday.” He replied. I quickly sat up. “WHAT?!”

I quickly scrambled looking for my clothes. I heard Jacob clear his throat I turned to him and saw him pointing to a neatly folded uniform on the chair next to the bed. “Oh, thanks.” I jumped up grabbing the clothes. I gave him a quick peck on the cheek and ran into the bathroom to shower really quickly and get dressed.

After, I finally got showered and dressed I ran downstairs to hurry and get breakfast before we headed out the door. I ran to the kitchen and saw Jacob sipping some coffee he put the cup down setting it next to my phone, house keys, and a loose key next to it was a shiny silver key. “That’s the key to my house so you can come by whenever you want or I want.” He chuckled as the microwave beeped. “Oh okay.” I mumbled as I started to blush. Putting the new key on my key ring and stuffing them in my pocket with my phone. “Catch” He said throwing me a bacon, egg, and cheese hot pocket. “Ooo I love these.” Grinning as I began opening it. “There’s no time to eat it here we got to go to the car. I’m going to drop you off a few blocks from the school.” He said grabbing his car keys and heading to the door. Quickly tying my shoes and grabbed my bag as I stuffed the hot pocket in my mouth we drove in the car and headed to school.

We actually were early to no one was barely there so we decided to park in the parking lot for teachers. “Head to the classroom. I’ll be there in a min.” He said kissing me roughly I could feel Jacob’s cock get rock hard instantly. I got out the car slowly trying to not show him how hard I was from him being hard. Started speed walking towards the school’s entrance when I heard. “Hey Cody! Wait up!” from a distance. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck Fuck.” I thought as I pulled my hoodie over my boner. I quickly turned around and saw my buddy Adam running towards me. Adam and I go back all the way from kindergarten. We were always together I had a sort of crush on him and he knew it. He was so cute with his practically golden eyes that lit up every time he flashed that dimpled smile that sent my heart racing. He finally caught up to me breathing heavy and smiling always smiling. “Hey, where were you all weekend?” He asked looking a bit concerned. “I went to my grandma’s house sorry I forgot to mention it.” I said hoping he’d take the bait. He looked at me a bit doubtful but then it looked like he shrugged it off. “Oh no problem. You missed the craziest party though. Rumors spreading that the school's Quarterback and one of the basketball players were making out in the coat closet.” He laughed. “Oh wow really?” I said pretending to be shocked. I knew Chris and Terry were gay for each other so I wasn’t really surprised.

He started chatting more about the party and how everyone was either blacked out drunk or making out with someone. He said he got Alicen Murry number the hottest girl in school I didn’t believe him but I didn’t care to argue. By the time I was getting ready to tell Adam I had to hurry to math Jacob walked up to us. “Hello Mr. Neal, Mr. Black.” He smiled at us. “Hello, sir.” Adam groaned. He didn’t really like Jacob after he failed him on our finals last semester. “Hello, Mr. Lake.” I whispered. Jacob looked at me for a second then started talk again. “Mr. Black I need to speak to you about your grade please meet me after school.” He grinned walking into the building. I gulped knowing I was in trouble. As Adam and me walked into the building heading to our first class.

History and Chemistry seemed like it was never going to end. As I approached my locker getting ready to go to study hall I saw a note taped to my locker. I expected it to be from Jacob so I ripped it off and opened it. “Meet me in the boys’ bathroom in 5 minutes. -A.” it read. “A?” I thought to myself crumbling up the note and tossing it in the trash. I put my books away and headed to the boys’ bathroom.

Once there I saw Adam leaning against the stall looking down. When he heard the door open he looked up at me and smiled. “I see you read my little note I left you.” He grinned walking towards me. “What happened? Why you wanted to meet me here? Why not at that big tree in the middle of the school lunch area like we always do?” I kept questioning wanting an answer fast I didn’t like the fact he wanted to meet here of all places. “It’s more private.” He whispered pulling my face closer to his. I felt my dick jump up as his warm breath hit my face. “Private for what?” I asked quietly hoping it wasn’t for what I was thinking but I was just trying to fool myself. My dick clearly knew what was going to happen.

Adam walked to the door and locked it then turned to me smiling. I swallowed hard as I felt my heart racing. He walked towards me pushing me against the wall brushing his lips on mine softly, “Omg fuck. This can’t be happening right now.” Suddenly, I felt his hot tongue enter my mouth I couldn’t help but moan loud. “Oh Cody.” He whispered into my ear his hot breath sending chills up my spine. Gaining some self-control, I pushed Adam off of me and he looked at me a bit sad. “Adam wait stop. What are you doing you aren’t even gay.” I gasped trying to catch my breath. He smiled at me. “I am for you.” He whispered putting my hand on his dick it was rock hard and so hot. I couldn’t stop staring at it then suddenly I gave it a little squeeze and heard Adam make the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard. “Keep squeezing it baby.” He moaned closing his eyes half way and pushing me against the wall again. His tongue and moans both filling my mouth as I kept squeezing and rubbing his cock. “Ah fuck Adam.” I moaned getting deeper and deeper into the kiss. His hand traveling down my chest unzipping my Hoodie then slipping his hand under my shirt finding my nipple and squeezing it. I moaned loud feeling my cock pulse in my jeans. I felt Adam’s other hand start to open my jeans as he broke our kiss; focusing more on getting my cock out and playing with my nipple. He unzipped my jeans pulling them and my boxer’s below my knees. I was forming so much pre-cum the tip was shiny. Adam got on his knees and started going to work on my cock. He swirled his tongue around the head sucking the pre-cum right off then took my whole 9-inch sword like a pro. “oh shit.” I gasped leaning more against the wall holding my best friend’s head. “Oh fuck yes.” I kept whispering over and over thrusting into this sexy fucker’s mouth. I let go of his head, heard him gasp for air from choking on my cock. Adam stood up and unbuckled his pants pulling me into the handicapped stall. I kneeled down in front of him as he unzipped his pants. His dick flew out of his boxers smacking me on my lips; taking his cock into my mouth instantly I didn’t even get the chance to fully open my mouth when Adam slapped all of his 9-inch glory into my throat. A loud groan came out of him as he fucked my mouth like an animal he tasted so good. I couldn’t help but moan around his cock. I sucked and licked trying to keep up with his rhythm he was going to fast I couldn’t hardly breathe and I loved it. “Oh yes baby such a good cock sucker.” He grunted fucking my throat faster his balls slapping my chin leaving bruises. “mmm I can’t wait to see what that ass feels like.” He groaned slamming into my mouth one more time holding it there. I could feel his dick pulsing and throbbing in my throat making my dick leak more pre-cum than ever. He slowly pulled out and bent over kissing me softly but firm. “God I love your taste.” I whispered. He grinned as he told me to bend over. I stood bending over holding onto the metal rod next to the toilet I felt two hands grab and message both my ass cheeks. Slapping, fondling, and biting them I moaned enjoy all of it. “Spread your ass.” He commanded I did as I was told. Feeling something wet and hot swirl over my hole I couldn’t help but moan his name as pure ecstasy washed over me.

I started jerking off feeling Adam’s fucking my hole with his tongue I couldn’t stop moaning. After a good 10 minutes of him eating me out I was ready for his cock. I felt his tongue pull out of me in a nice wet plop that made my whole body shudder in pleasure. As Adam’s hands slid under my shirt staying on my lower back he pushed down forcing me to arch. His cock aligned with my hole he slowly pushing the head in my ass I could feel my balls tighten ready to stain the bathroom stalls with my cum. “It’s so wet and tight baby.” He grunted slowly getting more inches in I can tell he was struggling not to cum already. “Fuck me.” I moaned whispering. It was enough for Adam to slam the rest of his rod inside me. He locked down on my hips so I wouldn’t move and started thrusting harder into me, his balls slapping into mine to hard the pain felt so good. All you could hear in the bathroom were moans and slapping I was amazed no one came to knock on the door to see what the sounds were. Adam suddenly pulled out of me. I turned around to see what he was doing he grabbing the hood on my hood and wrapped it around my throat tugging on it. He slammed back into me chocking me, “You like that you fucking slut?” He grunted pulling on my temporary collar. All I could do was nod as my dick started shaking and throbbing. He pulled me closer by tugging my “collar” more making his thrust even faster and deeper. “Oh fuck.” He moaned in my ear as I felt his dick spasm in my ass, “Ah fuck.” I moaned as I pushed back on his cock. Adam let go of my hoodie letting my breathing become easier as he slammed into me a few more times. I felt my reward pour into my ass as more of Adam’s grunts filled my ears I came hard all on the bathroom stall right next to the toilet paper holder. I felt Adam cock get smaller as he pulled out of me cum immediately started leaking out my ass. “mmm such a beautiful site.” He chuckled I heard him pulling up his pants and fixing himself. “I want a picture of this.” He laughed pulling on his phone I saw a flash and the shutter of the camera.

I quickly stood up blushing hard and pulling up my pants. “Delete. It.” I said in a serious tone. “No way.” He said backing me up into a corner, “I want something to jerk off too later.” He growled kissing my roughly and moaning. We both heard the bell ring finally it was time to go home. “Wait… we’ve been in here for 4 classes?!” I shouted. Adam nodded in amusement. “Dude, Mr. Lake is going to kill me!” I said rushing out the stall. But Adam grabbed my arm as I unlocked the door to go to the hallway. “It’s fine right? You can see him tomorrow.” Adam smiled putting his hand on my crouch again. A feeling of regret and guilt washed over me as I thought, “What would Jacob do to me if he found out about what I just done?” Tears started to form in my eyes and I pushed Adam off and ran out the bathroom and out the building.

I headed straight for home, I hopped on the bus and walked to my house holding in my tears, anger, and guilt. Luckily, my parents weren’t home yet and I ran up to my room slamming and locking the door. I threw my phone on my nightstand and laid in my bed. I could feel tear after tear fall from my eyes as I thought about what I did with my best friend. Suddenly my phone started buzzing rapidly back to back. “Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!” I picked it up and saw it was Jacob he sent. “WHERE ARE YOU!” “YOU ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!” “WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!?”. I felt my heart skip a beat as I read the last message. I quickly silenced my phone throwing it in my drawer, hoping it this was all a dream.

Rating: 84%, Read 17272 times, Posted Jul 21, 2016

Fantasm | Anal, Blowjob, Boy, Cheating, Gay, Teen Male, Written by women


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