Summer On The Farm- Chapter 6 by Sadistic_Dominant

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Fiction | Authoritarian, Bi-sexual, Incest, Male, Teen Female, Young

"You go and watch tv", Amelia said, pointing Jeff toward the living room. She clearly believed what her mother taught, that it was a woman's job to take care of her man, because she and Laura started working on making dinner.

Jeff smiled as he sat down in the recliner and turned the television on, especially when Lucy ran over and hopped on hip lap. "You're not helping with dinner", he asked, although he definitely wasn't complaining about the young girl sitting on his lap. "They told me to come in here with you", Lucy said, winking her eye, then snatching the remote.

She turned the TV to a channel that was showing teen movies, causing Jeff to roll his eyes. But then she started grinding her little ass against him and he didn't mind what was on the tv. As the kids on the movie started dancing, as they seemed to in all of these movies, Lucy kept rubbing grinding against Jeff's growing erection.

"Mmm, something feels good", Lucy said with a giggle as she felt Jeff's erection poking against her short shorts. "Well, when a sexy young girl is grinding on me, I tend to get excited", Jeff said and he saw Lucy's face light up.

He moved his arms around her petite body until he found her budding breasts. He began fondling them through her shirt, eliciting the cutest little moan from her lips. "That feels so good", she said as Jeff played with her tiny titties. "It would feel better without the shirt", he said and Lucy immediately pulled the shirt off and tossed it on the floor.

Jeff groaned as her perky, perfect tits came into view. "Damn, you are so fucking sexy", he said and Lucy smiled at him. "I'm glad you think so. I really want to be sexy for you", she said, moaning as his hands found her nipples and tweaked them. "Well, you're succeeding", Jeff said.

He played with her young tits for the next several minutes, Lucy lost in a fog of pleasure. The few boys she had been with, aside from Jeff, had never played with her titties. They always just wanted a blowjob or a handjob. As a result, she always felt not quite as pretty as the older girls, who had bigger breasts. But Jeff made her feel just as sexy, if not sexier, than even her older sisters.

Jeff could hear Lucy's shallow breathing, feel her squirming on his lap, and he knew she was nearing an orgasm. He slowly slid one hand down her flat stomach and into the hem of her shorts. Lucy moaned loudly when his fingers found her tiny, swollen clit. Jeff rubbed her little bud in small circles and Lucy felt it hit her.

Pleasure started in her pussy and exploded throughout her body. She suddenly felt like she was peeing and looked down to see that her shorts, along with Jeff's pants were soaked. She hid her face in his chest, her cheeks burning red. "What's wrong", he asked, worried that he might have hurt her.

"I peed on you", she said, tears forming in her eyes. "It just happened all of a sudden." Jeff just smiled and grabbed her chin, making her look up at him. "You didn't pee, you squirted." "What's squirting", Lucy asked and Jeff kissed her softly. "It happens when women get really excited. Sometimes, when they cum, they squirt liquid from their pussy. Like when men cum and squirt jizz from their dick. It's nothing to be embarrassed about."

"It's not", Lucy asked, looking up at Jeff and wiping her tears away. "Not at all", Jeff said, chuckling. "Most men consider it quite an achievement when they make a woman squirt. So you should be glad it happened." Lucy smiled and hugged him tight. "That's good, because what you were doing felt really good."

"Well, I'm glad I made you feel good. However, we should probably take off our wet clothes", Jeff said and set Lucy on the floor. She shimmied out of her shorts, her tight slit glistening with her liquids. Jeff moaned as he slipped out of his pants, his dick standing rigid and erect.

Lucy climbed back onto Jeff's lap, his hard cock rubbing against her labia. Lucy started grinding her cunt against his shaft again as she looked up at him. "Can I ask you something", she said and Jeff nodded. "You can ask me anything", he replied. "This morning, I was getting up to go to the bathroom and I saw you and Laura."

"Really", Jeff asked, raising an eyebrow. "Yeah. Why did she drink your pee", Lucy asked. "Well, I really needed to piss and she was on the toilet. She offered to drink it and I let her", Jeff answered. "Did you, um, did you like it when she did that", Lucy asked. "Yes, I did", Jeff said and then Lucy fell silent, clearly thinking about something.

Before he could ask, Amelia stepped into the room. "Dinner is ready", she said, not even surprised to find Lucy naked and Jeff half undressed. "Alright, we're coming", Jeff said, he and Lucy standing and walking into the kitchen.

Jeff sat down at the table and Laura set a plate of food in front of him. As the girl's sat down, Jeff cleared his throat. "I think, as the temporary man of the house, that we should have a new dress code. So, starting now and for the rest of the night, everyone should be naked."

Lucy smiled, pleased that she was already nude. Laura and Amelia just smirked at Jeff and then stood and undressed. Jeff pulled off his own shirt and tossed it on the floor. His boner was as hard as it had ever been, surrounded by three young, nude, sexy girls.

They ate in relative silence, but the sexual tension in the air was so thick, it could be cut with a knife. As he finished his food, Jeff looked around to see that all three girls were done and waiting patiently for him. "Alright, Laura and Lucy, I want you two to do dishes. And hurry, because I don't want you to miss out on the fun."

"As for you", he said turning to Amelia, his eyes taking in her sexy, eighteen year old body, "follow me." He got up and headed back into the living room. He sat down on the sofa and pointed to the ground in front of him. Amelia knelt in the spot he pointed, her face mere inches from his cock. "You need to get my dick wet, because I'm going to fuck all three of you tonight." Amelia's eyes lit up and she impaled her mouth on his cock, his shaft going down her throat.

Jeff moaned as his cousin's head bobbed up and down on his rigid shaft, his dick becoming slick with her saliva. Amelia moaned as she slid her tongue over his cock, then she ran it over his dickhead, causing Jeff to shudder in pleasure. "Get on the couch, now", Jeff said, standing up.

Amelia got on the couch, on her knees, and put her hands on the back of the sofa. Her legs spread and her pussy juice ran down her legs, anticipating Jeff's big dick. He moved closer and rubbed it up and down her slit, causing her to moan lewdly. Then, with a grunt, Jeff rammed his dick deep inside his cousin.

Amelia screamed out her ecstasy as Jeff's cock filled her up completely, stretching her pussy to capacity. Jeff moaned and held his nubile cousin's waist as he rammed his dick deep inside her. He was still extremely horny from having Lucy on his lap and he knew he wouldn't last long.

At that moment, Laura and Lucy entered the room, their pussies getting wet at the sight of Jeff ramming his cock into their sister. "All done with the dishes", Laura said and Jeff turned toward them. "Good girls. Now, you get into a sixty-nine position, get each other's pussies ready for my dick."

Laura smiled and laid down on the floor, Lucy sitting on her face. Within moments, the duo were moaning, the room filling with the smell of pussy juice. The scent drove Jeff crazy, especially since he planned on plowing each of those pussies.

He watched Laura and Lucy eating each other as he slammed his dick into Amelia's contracting cunt. Suddenly he felt his dick swell and cum exploded from his cock, shooting deep into Amelia's womb. He held her down as he pumped his seed into her depths.

As he pulled out of her cunt, he watched his jizz leak out of her pussy. Then he turned to her sisters. "Alright Laura, it's your turn", he said, his dick ready for to experience her depths once again.

To be continued...

Rating: 94%, Read 52025 times, Posted Aug 31, 2020

Fiction | Authoritarian, Bi-sexual, Incest, Male, Teen Female, Young


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