Wehrwolf - Chapter 1 by DoodleHead

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Chapter 1

Dominic Wehrwolf was a former Nazi, his great grandfather was a Nazi SS soldier in WW2. His Grandfather was a Nazi right before the fall of Nazi Germany and was sent to a sleeper camp in South Africa. There his father was born and is where he met his mother, they both had him so Dominic Wehrwolf was the third generation of Nazi Wehrwolf’s.

However at the young age of 6 disaster struck. A kill squad made up by M.I.6. and the C.I.A. was sent in to kill everyone there. They stormed the camp and killed everyone there, all except for two children. One was Dominic Wehrwolf and the other was a girl named Adalia Kaiser. They were both taken in by British forces and sent away to a royal/secret academy that belongs to a group that doesn’t really exist. There Adalia was put into the main house, that of the royals and wealthy, where she was treated like a regular royal and taught everything from manners and etiquette to sciences and literature.

Dominic on the other hand was throw to the dogs basically. Right away he was pushed into the barracks where he was treated like shit by his instructors and those he trained next to. His room was just a couple of concrete slabs laid against each other making walls, a dirt floor and a sheet metal roof that would drive you mad during a rainstorm. Inside there was a bed, a sink and toilet all crammed into a 8x8 square. During the day he was beaten and insulted on a regular basis, and if he made one mistake of the tiniest kind he was tortured for it. It wasn’t uncommon for him to be sent to bed with a broken bone or two and no dinner, and then still be expected to perform perfectly to the T.

This is where our story starts, right after Dominic was sent to bed for the night with no food in his stomach and a broken arm to top it all off.

“Dominic?” Adalia said rapping on the door to his shack. She had been trying to be there for him every time that she heard from the staff that Dominic Wehrwolf was being punished. She was worried about tonight however though because she had heard that someone had gotten hurt in a training exercise due to him. She had seen him be beaten to a pulp just for slouching in his chair during a 3 hour lecture so if someone had gotten hurt in training she wasn’t sure what to find. “Dominic open up!” She said, now pounding on the door with her fist.

“Go away!” She heard from inside. “I don’t need you taking care of me alright!” He yelled.

“Madam Kaiser!” A guard said as he rounded a corner. “What are you doing out at such a late hour?” He asked walking over to her. “It looks like it’s going to rain soon, let me escort you back to the main house.”

“No it’s fine,” She said putting her hands up making the guard stop and look at her funny. “I have business here that I have to deal with first.” She said nodding to the shack.

“Well alright,” The guard said letting his weapon hang down on his side. “At least take this though,” he said handing her an umbrella. “That way if it does rain you won’t get wet.”

“Thank you!” She said taking the umbrella and giving a curtsy to the guard. He saluted her and walked away on his patrol. She waited a couple of minuets before pushing on the door and seeing that he hadn’t blocked it like he usually did. “Dominic I’m coming in alright.” She said pushing the door further open. Inside there was no light but that coming in from the door. “Dom?” Adalia asked looking around. “I brought you things to eat.” She said holding up a brown paper bag.

“I told you that I didn’t need your help.” She heard him say from the darkness. He was an expert at making his voice travel so she wasn’t alarmed when she heard it from behind her.

“I also brought you some medical things, just basic things like a suture kit, fresh bandages and a couple bottles of hydrogen peroxide.” Adalia said holding up another brown bag that she had in her other hand.

“Thanks for the stuff Ada,” Dominic said getting up and looking at the only person that hadn’t treated him like shit since that day of his life 10 years ago. “You can go though, its going to rain soon.” He said walking out of the darkness and into the dim light letting Adalia take a look at the damage done to him. He had ripped apart another shirt and was using it as a sling for his right arm which was pretty bloody. Looking up at his face she saw that it was pretty badly beaten. One eye looked to be swollen so bad that he couldn’t see out of it, his nose looked like it was broken several times and his jaw was pretty bloody.

“Good god, what the hell happened this time?” Adalia asked reaching out to touch his face. Dominic looked up at her right before she touched making her freeze.

“An accident,” He said looking back down into one of the bags and pulling out a hamburger that she had put in. “And that’s all that ever happens.” He said trying to unwrap it with his one good hand while trying to not let it fall to the floor.

“Let me do that for you.” Ada said grabbing the burger from his hands and unwrapping it. “Here,” She said handing it back. “Now mind telling me the whole story as to why your half dead?” She asked putting her hands on her hips.

“Training exercise today they had us use stun grenades instead of flash. The problem with the stun grenades is that they have a small charge set in them that can do quite a bit of damage compared to the flash. It just so happened that I threw mine next to a propane tank in a room, it exploded which made the propane explode which sent an instructor flying into a wall. He was rushed to the hospital and he’s fine, just a couple of 1st degree burns on his calf’s.” Dominic stopped and took a bite out of his burger. “Everyone thought I did it on purpose, you can guess the rest of it all.” Dominic wolfed down the rest of the burger and went searching through the bag for more food.

“They must have really went at you this time from the looks of it.” Ada said looking at Dominic’s bare chest in the dim lighting. She thought she could see cut marks from a knife of some sorts but couldn’t really make it out. “Sure you don’t want me to tell the mistress about this? I’m sure-”

“NO!” Dominic shouted at her cutting her off. “Don’t you fucking dare talk to that bitch about me!” He said clenching his good hand into s fist crushing the granola bar he had in it. “I’m not going to let her think for a fucking second that she’s beaten me!”

“And why not huh?” Ada said looking at Dominic right in the face and not backing down from his stare. “She tells me all the time that she will move you into the house if you just ask for it! Why should you have to take beating after beating just because you refuse to ask for her help?”

“I’m not about to ask for help from the bitch who killed my mother right in front of me Adalia!” Dominic shouted as he stood up. She could see that he was shaking, whether it was from the coldness of the room or from pure rage she didn‘t know.

“Fine!” Ada said standing up and dusting off her rump from the dirt that was on it. “I hope you get better soon.” She said heading for the open door. Dominic heard it starting to rain and saw Ada open an umbrella and walk away. He just grabbed the two bags and headed for the corner of his room where his bed was.

Through a lowlight webcam 3 people saw the entire conversation unfold from a control room.

“Didn’t take the bait again.” A man said as he played with a few settings making the camera stop recording and just go back to streaming live images of him.

“What’s he doing now?” A woman asked exhaling the smoke from her cigarette.

“I don’t know, lets take a look though.” Another woman said playing with a couple of toggles in front of her. Her computer screen switched to a different angle right above the corner with his bed. It zoomed in and they watched as Dominic took out the supplies from the bag with the medical items in it. “Looks like he’s just going to patch himself up a bit.”

“Oh my god,” The woman with the cigarette said looking at the screen and watched as he poured a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide (Lets just call it HP) over the knife wound on his stomach. “He’s going to stitch himself with one hand!”

“What?” The man asked looking over at the screen that the two woman were watching. Sure enough Dominic took out the suture kit and got to work, but not before putting a roll of bandages in his mouth. They heard muffled screams of pain as he sewed himself up, he did it on twice on his chest, once across his abs, in three different spots up his broken arm and once on his inner thigh.

“Good god!” The second woman said covering her eyes. “How can he stand that? She didn’t give him any sedatives or pain pills!”

“He’s doing it out of survival Val, he’s a werewolf after all.” The cigarette woman said taking another pull from it.

“I thought werewolves turned into giant wolf men with a full moon.” The second woman said looking over her shoulder at the other woman.

“Only those of legend, and silver isn’t the only way to kill them either. No a werewolf today just has extremely fast healing rates, can live off of nothing for months at a time and ages very little. They aren’t raging beasts when a full moon comes out, they don’t have the strength of ten men although they can get that way without having the body of a bodybuilder.” The woman took another pull from her cigarette and let the smoke out through her nose. “They can get infection’s from open wounds just like the rest of us, but the urge of survival is stronger in them than a normal man so they will endure great pain if it means that they will have a higher chance of living.” Everyone looked back to the screen and cringed as they saw Dominic set his broken arm, they could see tears running down his face as started wrapping himself in bandages. “Tomorrow move him into a room up here at the house, I think 10 years was long enough to see that we have the real McCoy and not a fake.”

“Yes mistress!” The man said cracking open a book and going through room numbers until he found one suitable. “Dominic Wehrwolf, age - 16 almost 17, height - 6’ even, weight - to be determined. Which dorm do you want him in mistress?” He asked looking up from the book and back over at the woman behind him.

“Val, what was your psyche analysis?” The mistress asked stubbing out her cigarette in an ashtray.

“Dominic is prone to violence if he’s around other males, he won’t lift a finger to protect himself but instead just take the beatings but if he’s overwhelmed he might snap so it‘s just a matter of time before he kills one of them. Oddly enough though, when he’s around girls he is calmer, his heart rate slows down and he’s slightly more at ease. However if a woman is being attacked he would readily throw his life on the line to save her. Also, if two girls are fighting his instant urge is to break it up without it escalating into a fight, and if attacked by a woman he won’t even think ill of her if she tries to kill him.”

“What about that comment he made about me then?” The mistress asked looking at Val.

“Oh well he’s made an exception in your case, I mean you did kill his mother in cold blood right in front of him. However he won’t raise a hand against you, or any girl unless absolutely forced to.” Val said spinning around in her chair to look at the mistress.

“Alright, Eddy put Dominic in dorm C with the girls.” The mistress said turning and walking out of the room.

“Right away!”

On the screen Dominic was just now ripping open an energy bar and glugging down a bottle of water as he rested from the painful self surgery he just did.

Dominic awoke very early that morning to someone smashing open the door to his shack. Three men came walking into the room with lamps and flashlights lighting up the entire room. Dominic was getting ready for another beating because the three men were the ones who had beat him last night.

“Get up, you’re coming with us.” One of them said looking at Dominic as he sat up in his bed. Dominic groaned as he moved out of the bed, the stitching he did to himself were still a little tight and hurt with every movement he made. Dominic saw that it was still dark out as they escorted him up to the main houses and into one of them. He wasn’t sure what they were planning, if they were going to kill him they would have done it in the shack. So when they tossed him into a room he was posed and ready for an attacker to come at him.

“Hello Dominic,” He heard a woman’s voice from the side. He looked over and saw the mistress sitting on a bed looking over at him. She was a middle-aged woman of about 34. She was a very beautiful woman, she had brown hazelnut eyes, long thick brown hair, a C cup chest, a trim waist and perfect hips. Her legs were those of a runner, long and slender yet powerful. “Good to see that you can walk on your own two feet after last night.”

“What am I doing here?” He asked looking around the room. It was magnificent to say the least. The size of a small house, the room was filled with overstuffed chairs and couches, a huge king sized bed with a canopy over it, a big chest of drawers along one wall along with several 60” TV screens on a couple of the walls. “Actually, where the hell am I?” Dominic asked looking back at the mistress.

“Your new room, do you like it?” She asked getting up from the bed and straightening her flowing floor length skirt.

“What’s the catch?” Dom asked not letting his guard down.

“No catch,” She said walking over to him. “It’s just time that I started treating you better seeing what you really are.”

“And that is?” Dom asked as she stopped right in front of him.

“You are a werewolf Dominic, or would you prefer I pronounce it like your last name?”

^Crazy Lore Time^ ~ The werewolves in my story are different in the fact that they don’t transform or have some supernatural power hidden away in them. They are simply just humans that are harder to kill, heal at a very fast rate and live for hundreds of years before dieing of old age. They are more in the line of Wolverine really just minus the claws. ~

“What are you smoking?” Dominic asked laughing at the mistress. “Last time I checked I don’t turn into a giant beast with fur or a tail at a full moon.”

“Yet you heal remarkably faster then anything on this planet.” She said showing Dominic to one of the couches. “Like your arm, it’s already in the final stages of recover and it got broken last night. Or those wounds you received from my men last night. You stitched them up yourself and they are almost fully healed. That is unnatural but fit’s the bill of a werewolf.” She sat Dominic down in an overstuffed leather armchair and sat on his knees. “Werewolves are real Dominic and your family was part of a long line of them. But from wars over the past millennium your kind has been dieing off because their sense loyalty to their leaders.”

“What are you talking about?” Dominic asked looking up at her.

“My grandfather killed your great grandfather during WW2, but your great grandfather looked like my father who was just barely enlisting at the time.” She brushed her hand against Dominic’s face feeling where it was badly cut and bruised the night before but now just feeling healthy skin.

Dominic looked up at her, he couldn’t believe himself but he was actually feeling calm now. The woman that he had been wanting to kill for almost a decade was sitting on his lap stroking his face and he felt at peace. “What does that have to do with me?” Dominic asked staring up at her face. He almost wanted to smile and snuggle into her hand it felt so nice.

“I wanted to apologise” She said looking down at him. “I, Elizabeth Lansing, apologise for my families deeds against your kind.” She leaned over and kissed Dominic on the forehead and hugged him. “I’m sorry that my family has hunted yours and others like yours for over a thousand years.” She sat up and bowed her head to him. “I am personally sorry for testing your abilities for the past ten years and causing you great pain and discomfort during that time.” She looked up at him and he could see tears running down her cheeks now. “And I am eternally sorry for killing your mother.”

He thought that he would want to kill this woman, but instead Dominic felt sorry for her. He felt sorry for the woman who had killed his mother right in front of him and wanted to comfort her and make her stop crying. He wrapped his left arm around her waist and pulled her to him. He had her rest her head on his shoulder and kissed her on her head. “I forgive you.” He held her tightly as she sobbed into his shoulder.

They stayed that way for the better half of an hour until she stopped crying and wrapped her arms around him and hugged him close.

“What ever you want you will have it,” She said holding him. She felt like shit for what she had done to him, but he had forgiven her and she was going to try and make his life a little easier on him.. She felt better hugging him, like a little girl does when she’s hugged by her father. But something happened that doesn’t happen with a daddy and little girl usually, and that was the stiffy she felt pushing against her leg. “Oh!” She said looking up at Dominic.

From the countless hours of video she had watched of him over the last 10 years she had never seen him give release to himself. She had never even seen him get hard before and she knew him better than anyone else.

“Sorry,” Dominic blushed looking to the side. “This~”

“Shhh!” She said putting a finger to his lips. “It’s okay, I understand!” Elizabeth knew that a werewolf was not like a regular human male, and one of those differences was that a werewolf never get aroused unless he felt completely at ease and was with someone he liked and could himself mating with.

“I should~” Dominic began again before she put another finger to his lips.

“Just let me take care of it!” Elizabeth said kissing his chin. She started her way down kissing along his neck to his shoulders. There she kissed her way down his chest keeping away from the stitches he had in him. She did that all the way down to his stomach where she kissed his navel then stopped and looked up at him smiling. When I smiled back at her she went to his pants and undid them. They were crusty with mud and dirt but she didn’t care as she pulled them down his legs revealing his 9 inches of woman pleasing meat.

She gently blew on the tip making Dominic shudder in ecstasy from the feeling, it wasn’t the first time that he had an erection, but it was the first time that anyone, including himself, had done anything with it. He was already on the edge of cumming when she blew it, so when she wrapped her hands around his shaft and put her head on his tip he couldn’t hold it. He moaned out loud as he filled her mouth with hot cum, shooting rope after rope of hot strong semen down her throat.

Elizabeth was surprised from the taste of his cum. She would have thought it to taste salty and pungent like a man would from the diet of dried salty meats and energy drinks. But instead it had an almost sweet taste to it. It was almost that of a thick sweet cr? that someone had added just a pinch of salt to. And the feeling of it as it shot down her throat made her pussy throb with excitement. She knew that she was his first and that added to her excitement and also made her feel proud of it.

After Dominic had shot a couple dozen ropes of cum into Elizabeth’s mouth he had stopped and just sat there feeling like the king of the world. “Goddamn that was amazing!” He said smiling down at her.

“And it looks like you will be needing a round two right away!” She said pumping his cock a couple of times. “But first,” She said standing up and taking his left hand into hers. “We’re going to clean you up so we can both enjoy this.” She lead him over to a door and pushed it open revealing a bathroom suite. Elizabeth pulled Dominic over to a tub and turning it on. “You get in and I’ll go get the tweezers and scissors.” She said taking off his ripped up shirt sling. Dominic got into the tub and was almost instantly feeling better as the hot water rose up around him. A moment later he saw Elizabeth walk over with a pair of scissors and tweezers in her hands.

“What are those for?” Dom asked now looking worried.

“Well you won’t be able to enjoy sex with all of those stitches in you!” She said putting them on the side of the tub. Dominic grabbed for them but only had his hand swatted away. “Don’t you even think I’m going to stand here and watch you pull those our yourself!” He looked up at her and saw that she was already unbuttoning the blouse she had on.

“Your getting in here with me?”

“Well it’s the easiest way to do this if we’re both in the tub together.” She said dropping her skirt revealing the white thong she had on.

“But the waters already dirty from me, you’ll just get dirty to.” he said not looking away from her crotch as she lowered her panties.

“The bath is just to get most of the dirt off and let me clean out your wounds, we’ll both take a shower after this.” She said letting her bra fall to the floor with her other clothes.

“Together?” Dominic asked watching her as she stepped over the side of the tub.

“Only if you want to.” She said smiling at him as she lowered herself into the water. She turned around and turned off the water which was now just at their waist line.

Elizabeth reached over and picked up the tweezers and pair of surgical scissors and cut away the bandages he had on then set to work on removing his stitches. She started on his arm and moved her way to his chest and then downwards. Along the way she was rather surprised at how good the stitching actually was remembering that he had to do it in the dark with only one hand. As she pulled out the stitching she would wash the area roughly with a bar of soap and then rinse it off with fresh hot water. Even though she expected it she was still amazed that the wounds were already mostly healed and there was very little scar tissue.

“Simply amazing.” She said after rinsing off the final stitches she had pulled out from his leg.

“What is?” Dominic asked looking at her.

“Well you maybe had these wounds for a day and they’re already mostly healed.” She said rubbing the scar on his leg making sure it wouldn’t break open again. “It would normally take a month or two for some of these to heal on a normal person.”

“Well I’m not normal now am I?” Dominic said smiling at her.

“No, I guess not.” She said smiling up at him. “Come on, let’s go get clean now!” She said standing up in the tub. Dominic rose with her and followed her to a shower stall where she turned on the water and got in. It was already hot due to a water heater that was right under the bathroom giving all the taps and faucets the right embrasure when you wanted it. Dominic grabbed the soap with his right hand and felt that his fingers were still a little stiff from not being used for a couple days but knew that if he didn’t start now it would just get worse.

Elizabeth tingled all over as she felt Dominic rub the soap all over her body not leaving an inch untouched. He had started at her stomach and moved his way up to her firm breasts which he rubbed and gently squeezed. She was absolutely in heaven from the attention he giving to her breasts, even though he was a virgin and new at this he more than made up for it with his excitement and enthusiasm. When he found her nipples he pinched them just enough to make her squeal and make him stop and look at her worriedly.

“Sorry!” He said moving his hands away.

“No!” Elizabeth said grabbing his hands and moving them back to her nipples. “I loved that!” She said making his hands brush over them again. Dominic smiled and pinched them again. He twisted them in between his fingers and lightly pulled them making her squeal with even more enjoyment. It had been a long time since someone was getting her right to the edge of a climax just from breast play. Right before he release though Dominic grabbed the soap again and went to work on her arms. After he was done there he moved his way down her back, his strong hands feeling amazing on her. He rubbed all over her back and all over her lower back before moving to her ass. He kneaded his hands into her rump like an expert and then slid the soap down between her crack followed closely by his own fingers.

She loved the way that he was unconsciously teasing her little puckered rosebud and the very bottom of her vagina. Then before she could tell him to continue he went down he legs. His strong hands sending electric bolts right to her cunt making it throb even harder begging to be ploughed by something hard and long. Dominic moved his way in front of her and ran his hands up her legs stopping short from her pussy, unknowingly that he was teasing the hell out of her and making her pussy drip juices.

“Goddamn it Dominic! Fuck me already!” She said as he brushed his hand over her cunt giving her a mini orgasm just letting her know how big of one was waiting for her to receive. Dominic stood up and watched as water cascaded down her body making the soap suds flow away. Elizabeth grabbed his cock with one hand and put her other one on her shoulder. “I need you in me, now!” she said brushing his cock against her pussy lips. Dominic was only to happy to comply and lifted her up into the air slightly and letting her guide his cock to her sopping wet entrance.

She mashed her lips against his and kissed him as he lowered her down onto his cock. She had an orgasm on the way down the shaft and another one falling on top of the first as he picked her up. He let her tongue to most of the work in kissing and just tried to keep up with her as she climaxed almost constantly on his cock. He didn’t last very long inside of her, he couldn’t the way she was squeezing him. He just moaned into her mouth as he released his load deep into her filling her pussy to the brim with his cum. He couldn’t stop cumming and collapsed to the floor as she just kept bouncing on him trying to drive him even deeper inside of her. He was already banging against her womb from the first time he went down and she saw that he still had 2 inches to go.

“Holy fuck!” She moaned out loud collapsing on his chest after 15 minuets of bouncing on his cock. This may have been his first time, but he had stayed hard in her through out the entire time, and he was still hard. “I love werewolves!” She thought to herself as they rested on the slick bathroom tile of the shower.

After cuddling together for 20 minuets Elizabeth sat up on him and loved the feeling of his still rock hard cock fully inside of her, the tip trying to push itself into her womb. “Okay!” She said trying to keep her voice level and keeping her eyes closed. “Lets get you clean now!” She said patting his chest.

“Alright.” Dom said sitting up straight. He placed his hands under her thighs and lifting her up off of his cock. When she was off they both stood up, Elizabeth a little unsteady but alright. She grabbed the soap and went to work on washing Dominic from head to toe. Her 5’6” frame fit well to his 6’ and as she moved her soapy hands over his chest all she could feel was toned muscle.

But next to those muscles and over them were scars, hundreds of them. They were all over his back,, his chest, his abdomen and down his legs and arms. Every time her hands moved over one of them a pang of guilt hit her, she knew that she was the one that had done it to him ultimately just to see how much of a werewolf he was. And yet he had forgiven her in a heartbeat and then gave her the most pleasurable sex she had ever known.

After she was done washing him they both got out of the shower and dried off, Dominic walked over to her and kissed her neck as he massaged her breasts making her feel ready to take him again.

“Let’s at least get to the bed first!” Elizabeth said as she felt his cock tickle her clit while he pinched and toyed with her nipples. She no sooner got the last word out of her mouth before Dominic scooped her off her feet and ran to the bed. He laid her down and dove right for her tits, sucking and licking them all over making her grab his head and growl with lust. She loved the feelings he was giving her as he moved his way down her body to her snatch.

When he got to her cunt he wasted no time and began licking and nibbling on her clit. She squirmed and shook with orgasm after orgasm as he devoured her, pussy juice came gushing out and made his jaw soaking wet. When one of his knuckles pressed against her asshole by accident she felt like she was going to explode with pleasure. But when he moved his hand away from her rose bud and plunged two fingers into her sopping wet cunt she felt a combination of feelings. One was of disappointment that he wasn’t plunging those fingers up her ass hole, the other was earth shattering orgasm after orgasm from his fingers up her snatch and his mouth sucking on her clit.

She grabbed his head and held it to her pussy as she lifted her butt of the ground and grinded into him trying to prolong the feelings he was giving her. She squirted shot after shot of pussy juice which ended up either getting lapped up by his tongue or soaking his chest. Finally after 5 minuets of almost constant pleasure she had to push his head away from her and crawl up the bed.

“Holy shit!” She said out loud, her body still slightly shaking. “Where did you learn that? She asked looking down at him.

Dominic didn’t answer but just crawled up next to her and snuggled into her. He felt safe when he held her, he didn’t know why but it just felt right to hold her in his arms. He latched his mouth onto a tit and started sucking away on it making Elizabeth feel warm inside.

She was just about to reach down and take hold of his cock and give him the pleasure of what an asshole feels like when the door to his room opened and in walked Val carrying tranq gun with extra darts around her waist.

“Mistress!” She said when she saw Dominic latched onto her tit, she took aim and fired the gun. The dart which she shot missed due to her inexperience with a gun and hit the pillow next to Dominic’s head.

Elizabeth put herself between Dom and Val with her hands out in front of her. “Val hold on!” She said to her assistant. “It’s alright!” She said grabbed a sheet and pulling it up over her breasts.

“Like hell it is!” Val said loading the next dart. “He was trying to eat you!”

“Oh he eat me,” Elizabeth said getting a dreamy look in her eye for a second as she remembered what Dom did to her just minuets before. “But it’s alright!”

After calming her assistant down some and getting her to toss the gun onto the bed they all walked over to one of the sitting areas. Val sat down on a couch while Dominic took an armchair with Elizabeth on his lap.

“I don’t understand it,” Val said as she looked at her boss being cuddled and having a breast sucked by Dominic. “From my psyche evaluation he was supposed to want to kill you, not fall for you.!”

“I know weird isn’t it.” Elizabeth said as she hugged Dominic to her chest. The sheet they had brought from the bed was now just covering their laps where Elizabeth felt his dick pressing into her leg. “But when I poured my heart out to him he forgave me instead of attacked me.”

“Strange,” Val said not able to tear he eyes off of Dominic and Elizabeth’s breast he was sucking on. “If you don’t mind my asking,” She said after a moment of staring. “Why are you sucking on her tit?” Val asked Dominic.

“Isn’t milk supposed to come out of them?” He asked breaking off and looking up at Elizabeth.

“Only when a girl is pregnant Dom!” Elizabeth said rubbing her forehead into his.

“Oh,” Dom said feeling rather silly now. He slumped down in his seat and held Elizabeth closer to him. “I feel silly now.”

“Oh my god!” Val said putting a hand to her mouth as she looked down and saw the tent in the sheets from Dominic’s dick sticking up. “I’m sorry it’s just, I’ve never…. You know I should really~”

“Would you like to join us?” Elizabeth said grabbing the sheet and moving it to the side. Val could now clearly see Dominic’s hard cock standing straight up in front of her bosses wet cunt. “I was just about to give him my ass hole.” When she said this Dominic perked up and his cock pulsed.

“Well uh, if you two don’t mind it, yes I would like to join in!” Val said, her eyes never leaving Dominic’s cock.

“Good!” Elizabeth said moving her hips forward and sinking herself a couple inches onto Dominic’s cock. “Because he’s cummed 3 times and hasn’t gone soft yet!” Elizabeth moved herself off of his cock and put her face down at his crotch while putting her ass right into his. “Dom, make sure my asshole is plenty slick and stretched for this. Val, get naked and help me silken him up!”

Dominic watched as Val stood up and undressed. She was of Asian decent if her face told you anything. The slightly squinted eyes and black hair that went to her shoulders. Her eyes were green and her face was that of an angel. Going down however you wouldn’t guess she was Asian from her bust, a pair of D’s trying to escape the confinements of a black lacy bra with nipples stretching the fabric. Her skin was pale from being cooped up in a monitoring room for the better half of the last decade watching Dominic in his shack. Her waist line was thin, not bone thin but she could easily fit into a dress with the size marked as 3. Her hips however widened her figure a bit and gave her that amazing hourglass figure. Her legs were shorter then Elizabeth’s but that was expected since she was only 5’ tall.

“Get licking!” Elizabeth said shaking her ass in front of Dominic getting his attention again. He put his hands on her hips and put his face into her ass and started licking away. He was shoving his tongue up making Elizabeth squirm each time.

Val got down to her knees and started to lick up and down Dominic’s shaft while Elizabeth worked on his head. They both licked up and down his shaft taking turns putting it into their mouths and sucking on it. When Elizabeth went deep on him Val moved to his balls and sucked on them. She was surprised at how heavy and full they felt. After doing this for 10 minuets Dominic groaned and cummed with his tongue deep inside of Elizabeth’s ass.

Rope after rope came spurting out up into the air only to fall back down onto both of the girls. Elizabeth moved her mouth over his pulsing head and sucked on it getting a mouth full of cum in seconds. She then grabbed Val and pulled her to her while she pumped Dominic’s cock which was now just leaking small little dribbles of cum. Val kissed her boss and they both swapped Dominic’s cum between them while Elizabeth felt a couple of fingers slide up her asshole and start stretching it.

“Oh god!” Val said falling back after breaking her kiss with Elizabeth. “When can I have my turn with him?” She asked gazing at Dominic’s cock which was still hard and very slimy from their spit and his cum.

“Right after he fills my bowels with cum if you want.” Elizabeth said sliding off of Dominic. She got into position with her ass right over his cock and slowly slid down. “Oh god you’re big!” Elizabeth said as she was only halfway down his shaft.

“You are fucking tight!” Dom said as he slowly slid further up her asshole no being around 6 inches in.

“You two are so hot!” Val said leaning back and playing with her clit as she watched Elizabeth go up a little then slide down a little further.

Dominic grabbed Elizabeth by her hips and pulled her down the rest of the way making her moan out. It was the deepest feeling she every felt up her ass and could feel him tickling her intestines. “OH SHIT!” She yelled out as she was all the way down. She felt fuller than ever and also like she had to take a giant shit. Val leaned over and put her face between their legs and started to suck on Elizabeth’s clit. “Oh FUCK ME!” Elizabeth moaned out as she left Val insert a finger into her pussy.

Dominic picked Elizabeth up and got up from his chair. He went to his knees and had Elizabeth in the doggy position when Val moved over with them so that she was under her. She went back to toying with Elizabeth’s cunt, fingering it and sucking on it while Dominic slowly pulled out of her asshole.

“Oh shit this feels good!” Dom moaned out as he felt Elizabeth’s ass clench onto his cock. He pulled out s only an inch was inside of her then slowly started going back in. Elizabeth shook like an animal as her body received the largest and most intense orgasm. Her pussy juices bathed Val soaking her and the rug under her. Dom started to pick up speed now and really hammered into her like an animal making her orgasm go even longer and gain intensity. Elizabeth thought that she was going split in two from the sensations in her ass when Dominic pulled her close to him and yelled out. He started shooting load after load of cum deep into her bowels.

Elizabeth felt the hot sticky cum bath her insides and set her off on yet another orgasm as Val was licking her pussy. Elizabeth leaned down and stuck her face between her assistants legs and went to work on eating her out as she was filled to the brim with werewolf cum. After a couple minuets Dominic pulled out and fell onto his back. Breathing heavily. Val moved her face so it was over Elizabeth’s ass and started eating the cum right out of her loving the sweet taste of Dominic’s cum and the weird taste of her bosses ass. Elizabeth fell over onto her back feeling completely satisfied.

Val put her sights on Dominic’s 9 inches which was still rock hard and waiting for someone to use it. She crawled over to his and put it into her mouth and started licking it. Dominic looked down and smiled as he saw Val deep throating him like a pro. He let her set the pace as he just enjoyed the feelings coming from his cock. Val on the other hand was simply going crazy with the taste of his cum, Elizabeth’s ass juices and his cock all at the same time.

“No more!” She said taking her mouth off of him. Dominic looked back at her with a look of disappointment. “I need this in me NOW!” She said standing up and straddling his cock. Dominic grinned as she plunged down onto him sinking a good 7 inches inside on the first go. “OH FUCK!” Val screamed out loud feeling his cock hit her womb already. Dominic sat up and laid her down on her back and started pumping into her with long hard strokes, each time making her cry out as he hit her cervix.

“You feel amazing!” Dom said as he pumped into her making her squeal with joy.

“Harder boy!” Val said grabbing his chest and pulling herself up so her face was millimetres away from his. “Do me harder!” Dominic mashed his lips against hers and started to really pound into her, she kissed back and screamed in orgasm as he pushed into her womb filling her more than ever before. “Oh FUUUUUUCK MEEEEEEEEE!” She screamed orgasming around him. This set Dominic off and her started cumming right into her womb bathing her insides.

After coming down from her orgasm Val felt Dominic lift her up in his arms and put her on the bed. He then went over to Elizabeth, who was still smiling like a crazy person, and put her in bed as well. Dominic climbed under the covers between them as they dozed off to sleep.

“I could get used to this!” Dom thought to himself as Both girls snuggled into him, their breasts mashed against his sides and their legs curled around his. Dominic drifted off to sleep happily for the first time in a long time.

End Chapter 1.

So a bit of explanation for the future to my stories, I plan on going back to Reality Jump in a bit but I'll start from the beginning and not try to fall into the same corner I ended up in. I'll also be posting more story lines like this one and possibly a few others, so look for those coming.

Hope you all like the story and characters I've made as they will be coming back for a few more chapters, like always I will be taking suggestions on how to write but you may not see them right away or at all if it doesn't fit very well. I thank you all for your support on my first story and I'll be leaving them up if just to remind me where I went wrong in some places and where I went right in others.

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