My hot neighbor_(1) by Drakoblood

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She was looking right at me. I was terrified but at the same time I was feeling horny. I could feel my dick growing in my pants. Just to look at her, to see her from time to time made me get so excited in many dirty ways. The way she talked to me made me feel special because she would say things with a voice that had a naughty tone or at least to me and my horny mind.

"How can I help you neighbor? "

"I hope i'm not bothering you I just wanted to ask for your permission to fuck you in the most craziest ways. Eat you out and cum on your body" was what I really wanted to ask.

"I hope i'm not bothering you I just wanted to ask if it would be okay to put you as a reference when UPS ships a package to me because I know I wont be here when it gets here"

"I'm not so sure if I will be here either but I can try my best to hear if they knock on your door"

"Anything can work Ingrid. I just need this package really bad" the same way I wanted her really bad. Naked or to caress her naked body on a bed and have my fantasies with her.

Little did she know that there was no package coming to me. It was all a lie, I just wanted to talk to her I just wanted to hear her. Every time I talked to her she drove my head insane, my dickhead not my actual head. Even though my heart would come out of my chest every time, I didn't care. I hope she didn't noticed, actually I hope she did so one day she can ask me if I'm okay and hopefully I have enough courage to tell her what I want to do to her.

The first time I saw her she was wearing some light green pants and we were both going in our building. As she walked ahead of me I was mesmerized by her ass. Her ass you can say was a bubble butt. I stared hard enough to notice that she wasn't wearing any underwear! I was wrong, she dropped her keys right in front of her door and as she bent down to reach them her blouse went up enough for me to see the laces of her thong. That's when my heart began to race and my head began to go nuts. I've always been a fan of girls who use thongs for some reason it is a main fetish for me.

"Okay I can stick around I hope I can get it though"

"Thanks a million! And you know if we can help you in anything just let us know we are right next to you"

"Thank you so much I will for sure need help some time"

Those were magic words to me. I couldn't wait for the day she asked for help all I wanted was to be around her to take glances at her killer body.

I went back inside and I couldn't resist to jerk off and having images of her flashing through my head in the most provocative ways.

Suddenly I got up and went to knock on her door. As she opened I leaned forward and kissed her right on her lips. She didn't hesitate as she kissed me back. Our tongues were dancing in each other's mouth as I grabbed her from her hips and she began to caress my chest. She led me in and locked her door and put the little chain lock and said "in case my kids try to come in"

She approached me again and we began to kiss like two teenagers in High School. I couldn't believe it I finally was going to have my way with her she was finally going to be mine!

I began to grab her ass and it was like nothing that I had ever imagined. It felt like a pillow. I couldn't wait to bite her all over and kiss her. She began to take off my shirt and I took off her's. Her breast were amazing to me not too big and not too small they were perfect size to have them in your hand and in your mouth they were like medium-sized water balloons and to my surprise one of them had a piercing with a small head of a dick. I laughed and looked at her, she only smiled back and said "you have no idea who I am" that was all I needed to make my dick go rock hard and stretch to it's 8 inches. In my opinion size doesn't matter but what you do with what you have and how crazy you make her cum.

I took off her pants to see the thong she was wearing. It was so tight on her and so small that it barely grabbed her ass cheeks from the sides, we can say it was a g string because her front part barely covered her vagina it was short enough for me to see a small striped line of pubic hair she left as a little accessory as she told me. I pushed her to the sofa and she just sat there looking right at me with her eyes open wide in surprise, I guess she never expected that. "Alright you whore, open those legs for me and spread your pussy lips i'm going to suck you so bad you will want more after you cum". I felt her relax more after I said that as she laid back and spread her legs high. She looked beautiful sitting there with her legs opened and her pussy so wet I couldn't see her dripping a little bit. She was still wearing her heels, god she looked like an grade A whore.

I began to eat her out. She had the most amazing pussy I have ever tasted, she tasted like strawberries and kiwi. One of my best things is to eat a women out if it was for me I would last hours sucking and licking the pussy. As I did she moaned and grabbed my head pushing it towards her like if I was fucking her with my tongue, I didn't mind I was enjoying it. "Lick me faster baby faster! Make me cum with your tongue baby. Oooh that's it lick it nice and fast for me baby" she said. Her wishes were my commands I never wanted to leave that moment I was living a fantasy I wanted for so long. Oh but it got better.

She pushed me aside and made me get up. She unzipped my pants and let my cock fall out from my underwear "uhh is that for me? How long have you been holding it for me? You could've tellen me earlier that you wanted to fuck me I would of opened my pussy lips for you in a snap of a finger hun"

With that in mind she opened her mouth and put my dick all the way inside to the point where I felt like she was going to swallow my dick. She was slurping my dick all the way she dripped saliva from the corners of her mouth and staring at me with a naughty look of a whore as she choked herself and slapped her mouth with my dick. I couldn't take it any longer and I told her "i'm going to cum in your mouth baby i'm cuming" as she let go and said "I want you in me first and then when I have worked that cum with my pussy I want you to spray it on my face" she turned around and got on all fours directing my dick inside her pussy.

Like a maniac I pushed with all my strength inside her to hear her moan "oooh that's it baby ooooh fuck me harder, fuck my pussy make me cum all over your dick baby oooh yeah fuck this dirty whore" as she spread her bubble butt for me and slapped herself hard enough for me to see red marks. She got away got on her knees and began to suck my dick again. "I love the way I taste don't you like how I taste?" She asked. "of course I do! I would suck your pussy for hours baby" I responded.

She got up and led me to her bed grabbing my dick as a leash. She made me lay down and began to ride me but before she put my dick in her pussy she slapped it a few times as a caressing to her. She sat on my dick and said "god I haven't gotten fucked in a long time. Its so hard to get a dick around her i'm glad you came into the picture very day I have to hide in the bathroom to fuck myself with my dildo. Its just so annoying". All I could do was smile at her as she bounced up and down my dick, if there was a heaven I now know what it feels like. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off me and got on top, "oh yeah treat me like that baby it just turns me on even more!" I fucked her so hard that time that she was moaning so loud that I got scared the neighbors might hear but at the same time I didn't give a fuck! I was fucking a milf and I was proud of that.

The bed was hitting the wall really hard it only made so much noise but nothing compared to Ingrid's moans, "yeeah ooh ooh ooh yeeah fuck me fuck me! Im cuming im cuming!!!! Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! " was all she said as her whole body began to shake and her face began to looked relaxed. Not long after that I told her "i'm cuming baby" she responded "no wait don't, throw it on my face" as she got up and got on her knees and began to finish me by jerking me. I came all over her open mouth, bobs and hair as she was liking the top of my dickhead and playing with the cum that landed near her mouth then she threw me off by surprise, she put the cum she had collected with her fingers in her mouth and swallowed it completely and said "you taste so good baby I'm going to need more more often". That is when it happened the worst thing someone could go through, I woke up from my wet dream.

Rating: 70%, Read 19697 times, Posted Nov 03, 2014

True Story |


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