Our first orgy by doz

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Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Male, Wife

My husband, Jim, was driving and I was in the passenger seat. We were on our way to a party at Julia and Phil's place. I took Jim's left hand (In Australia we drive on the left-hand side of the road so the driver sits behind the steering wheel on the right-hand side of the car.) and slid it up my bare thigh, under my short skirt towards my wet pussy.

“Jenny! What are you doing?”

“I want you to know that I'm not wearing panties, and I want you to feel me up whenever we dance together tonight. OK?”

“I think that should be possible. Do you want everyone to know what's going on?”

“That depends on how many drinks I've had.”

“How many before you want them all to know?”

“I think that the first one or two might be enough. Do you think that I'm a slut?”

“Yes. I love being married to a slut.”

At the party there were two other couples that we had not met before. Mary, Julia's younger sister was with her boyfriend, Tony. They were a very attractive couple, but very young, just barely adult. And Henry was a friend of Phil's, married to (or living with?) Suzie. They were also a very attractive couple, a little closer to our age.

For some time we sat around, eating and drinking and chatting about nothing in particular, although sexual innuendo was a major part of the conversation. Finally Julia stood up and put some music on and pulled Phil up to dance with her. I jumped up too and pulled Jim up to dance with me. The music was pretty lively so we decided to jive to it. When Jim realised that my skirt was very short and very full so that when he twirled me around it flew up revealing my bare arse and pussy to anyone who was looking, he kept me twirling around most of the time until I had to grab hold of him to steady myself because I was so giddy.

By then I had had three, possibly four drinks, and was quite unconcerned at what had been on display. Besides, the applause that we got when the dance finished suggested that the others had enjoyed our performance. The next piece was slower so we danced close together, and Jim made no effort to disguise the fact that he was finger fucking me as we danced. When a second slow number started Henry stood up and tapped Jim on the shoulder and asked to dance with me.

I tried, successfully I hope, to hide my disappointment because Jim had had me on the verge of an orgasm and I didn't want the finger fucking to stop. I needn't have worried because Henry held me pressed against him with his left arm, and his right hand went straight to my pussy.

“My goodness you're wet. Have you been enjoying having Jim's fingers in your cunt while everyone was watching.”

“Was everyone watching us? I was only aware of Jim and the music and his magical fingers. I was almost cumming when the music stopped. Please don't stop finger fucking me.”

Then I clung to his neck and kissed him on the lips and our tongues explored each other's mouth. If being finger fucked by my husband in front of all these people was exciting, being finger fucked by this man that I had only met about an hour earlier was incredible. Within minutes I was cumming and everyone knew it when I announced my release to the world.

“Ahh! Fuck yes! Oh shit that's wonderful! Ahh! Ahh!”

Embarrassed now I looked around the room. Everyone was grinning and cheering or clapping. I looked for Jim and found that he had been dancing with Suzie (Henry's partner) and they were standing very close to each other and clapping our performance. Then I turned back to Henry and realised that I had had my selfish pleasure but had done nothing for him.

“Oh Henry. That was wonderful, but I don't know what I can do to thank you.”

My husband must have heard this because he responded for Henry.

“The least that you can do is to give him a blow job.”

“What? Here in front of everybody? I'd be too embarrassed.”

“Since everyone seemed to enjoy watching you cum, why wouldn't they enjoy watching you giving Henry a blow job? Let's take a vote shall we? Does anyone here not want to watch Jenny sucking Henry off?”

No one spoke.

“Does that mean that everyone is in favour of Jenny sucking Henry off, here in front of us all?”

“Yes” “Go for it” “Go Jenny” etc

“What about you Suzie? Will it upset you to watch your partner sucked off by my wife?”

“No. It will make me randy, though. I'll be OK as long as you or someone gets me off too.”

So it seemed that I had no choice but to give Henry as good as he had given me. 'Fuck it!' I thought, 'Let's give them what they've asked for.' So I undid Henry's belt and trousers, slid his zip down, then pulled his pants and underpants down his legs till they landed around his ankles. Henry's face looked startled, but his cock was up for it. I knelt down and helped Henry out of his clothes, then turned my attention to his bouncing cock.

At that stage, Jim and I had been lovers for 7 years, and husband and wife for just two years. I had never been with anyone other than Jim during those 7 years and, as far as I knew, Jim had been faithful to me too. I had never given anyone a blow job before I met Jim, but over the 7 years I had had plenty of practice, and Jim assured me that I was now expert at sucking cock. So, I felt pretty confident as I knelt in front of Henry and took his cock into my mouth. I did to Henry all the things that Jim had taught me to do, and in about 5 minutes, maybe 10, because time flies when you're having fun, I was swallowing his cum as he announced his release.

“Fuck, yes! Jenny! Ahhh!”

I was surprised that there was no applause this time, as there had been when Henry had finger fucked me to an orgasm. I looked around the room and realised why; my husband had Henry's wife, Suzie bent forward, resting on the back of a lounge chair, and was fucking her from behind. Her panties were on the floor beside them, and her skirt was pushed up above her waist. Phil was fucking Mary in the arsehole, Tony and Julia were lying on the floor, Julia on top of Tony with his cock in her mouth and his tongue in her cunt. Everyone was fucking someone else's partner!

Wow! My first orgy, ever! I loved it!

Getting into the spirit of things I undid my skirt and let it slide down my legs, then stepped out of it. I pulled my top over my head and threw it aside. Then I looked to see if my husband showed any surprise that I had not been wearing a bra under my top, but by the look on his face and by the way that he was holding his dick as deep inside Suzie as he could get it, I realised that, at that moment, he was pumping his load of cum into Suzie's cunt, and was not even aware that I was in the same room as him.

I was surprised when I realised that it was thrilling to be watching my previously faithful husband fucking Suzie, and maybe he was thrilled to watch me with Henry, since he had been so keen for me to give Henry a blow job, but I did not stop to analyse these feelings

At about this time, I heard Phil and Mary cry out as they both came more or less together. Now dressed only in my fuck-me high heels I walked over to them. As Phil slipped out of Mary's arsehole I knelt in front of him and pulled his cock towards my mouth. He seemed reluctant at first, but do you know what, if you grab a man by his cock you have complete control over him.

It only took a few minutes of sucking and bobbing up and down on his cock before I had him ready to fuck again, then I stood, turned my back to him, and bent forward to rest my arms on a small table, and offered him my arse and pussy. For a moment I feared that he might not accept my invitation, but then a huge grin lit up his face and he stepped toward me, his erect cock in one hand and pushed into my by now dripping cunt. I thought that he intended to fuck my cunt, but he only stroked a few times into me before pulling out and pressing his cock against my arsehole.

It was more than seven years since I had been fucked in my arse, because Jim does not like anal sex. The feeling of his cock pressing into me was therefore particularly exciting, bringing back memories of one particular lover who fucked me more often in the arse than in my cunt. I pushed back against Phil, and his cock head was soon inside me. He paused for a bit to allow me to accommodate to his size, before easing further into me. I loved it!

“Ahhh! Phil! Fuck me!”

As Phil fucked my arse he reached around me and diddled my clit which of course heightened my enjoyment. Then quite quickly he grabbed my hips and held his cock deep inside my bowels.

“Ahhh! Jenny! I'm cumming!”

“Yes! Phil! I'm cumming too!”

Then he slumped forward pressing his chest against my back. As I came down from my orgasm, I started looking around the room. I saw that everyone was now naked and everyone had switched partners again. Jim was with Mary who was bobbing her head up and down his cock. As I watched I realized that Mary was swallowing his cum as he pumped his second load of the evening into her mouth. Once again I marveled at the fact that I was excited watching my husband with another woman. I just hoped that he found it equally exciting to watch me fucked by another man.

Just then I caught Jim's eye and he rewarded me with a big grin and a thumbs up. My god! I was enjoying this.

I noticed that Suzie and Tony seemed to be finishing up. They were just sitting together on a couch, stroking each other, but not very actively, as they would be if building towards an orgasm, but rather as if they were enjoying the afterglow of a good fuck.

“Hey you two. Was that good?”

“Fuck yes! He's so big.”

“Fuck yes! She's so tight.”

Then we all three burst out laughing.

I sat next to Tony on the couch and he put his free arm around me and pulled my naked body against his naked body. I moved my hand down to his dick, which was limp and slick with their mixed juices, and gave it a little squeeze. Suzie turned to me.

“If you can get him stiff again, you should feel Tony's cock inside you. It's awesome!”

“So Tony, what must I do to get you stiff again?”

“Well. Just hold it for a bit. That feels nice. If it starts to get a bit bigger you can try taking it into your mouth. I'd love to see you sucking me. You'll just have to be a bit patient. After all, I've just now cum for the second time tonight.”

It only took a few minutes of holding his cock before it started to grow again. Then I sucked it for a while until he was almost ready to cum again. But I didn't want him to cum in my mouth because I did want him to cum in my cunt, so I stood in front of him, then straddled him and lowered myself onto his cock. He slid easily into me and I groaned as I felt him stretch my cunt. I held still for a bit, then started lifting up and down on his cock. He joined in, lifting his hips off the couch every time that I slid down his cock. Suzie was right! It felt wonderful!

After a few more minutes of this I had my most intense orgasm of the evening. Oh my god! Then I felt him unloading his cum inside me. Given that it was his third load for the evening, I was pretty impressed by how long he went on squirting into me. But then his cock shriveled and slipped out of me. I could see that he was exhausted.

I left Tony and Suzie and went to look for my husband, who I found alone on a couch. I sat down beside him and he pulled me against himself. I reached for his cock, but got no response.

“Sorry, Jenny. I'm afraid that it will be some time before I can get it up again, even for you. Are you OK?”

“I feel great. Are you OK?”

“Yeah. I feel great too.”

Moments later we were both asleep.

I woke up next morning and smelt bacon and coffee. Jim was still asleep beside me. I desperately needed a pee, so headed for the bathroom. Once I had had a pee I got into the shower and freshened myself up. There was a pile of fresh towels there, obviously meant for guests, so I took one, dried myself off, then wrapped it around my body.

When I got to the kitchen I saw Phil bending over a frying pan on the stove. Since he was still naked, I tugged at my towel and left it where it fell.

“Good morning, Phil. That was some party last night.”

“Yes, Jenny. I hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. You seemed to be in the zone.”

“I've never enjoyed myself so much. What's for breakfast?”

He piled two plates with bacon, eggs and toast, poured two coffees, then we sat down together to break our fast. Food never tasted so good. One by one the others appeared in the doorway to the kitchen, saw that everyone in the kitchen was naked, and dropped their towels on the pile near the kitchen door. Phil hopped up for each new arrival, piled another plate with food and put it in front of him/her.

When everyone had finished eating, Phil stood up and called for people's attention.

“Folks. Jenny and I have agreed that last night was the best party that we have ever been to. We think that we should do it again soon. Jenny has suggested that we have a pool-side party at hers and Jim's place next. What do you think Jim?”

“I think that that is a great idea. Since it's going to be a pool party, I suggest that everyone come ready to strip off as soon as they arrive. What do you all think? Is anyone not comfortable with that?”

So it was agreed that the next party would be 4 weeks hence at our place on the Saturday night.

Rating: 92%, Read 101603 times, Posted Jun 14, 2010

Fantasy | Consensual Sex, Cum Swallowing, Female, Group Sex, Male, Wife


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