The Abduction And Training Of Kitty Part 3 by Vanion_3000

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This third part picks up exactly were part 2 finished, but goes in a little different direction for this installment of the story, though I don't think the guys will mind too much. (A readers suggestion)

I would appreciate any comments, especially from the ladies reading this, because I really had to stretch my imagination to try and write this from a woman’s perspective. I would sort of like to know if I came close or if I didn’t, what I may have got wrong and what to do to improve it from a woman’s psychic viewpoint. PM me any time.

By the way, Part 4 will be along shortly without the lengthy delay between 2 & 3.


. The Abduction and Training Of Kitty

. Part 3

. 1.

After the man had left, Thumper helped Kitty to her feet and led her back to the same room she had waited in earlier.

“You can take your mask off while you are in here,” Thumper told her as Kitty heard the door close behind them.

“Am I allowed to see you?” Kitty asked a bit apprehensively.

“Sure, why not?” Thumper told her, “I’m in training the same way you are, though further advanced. You only really have to wear that thing if one of the professors is on the premises.”

“Professors?” Kitty asked curiously beginning to undo the straps on her mask.

“That’s what we call the ones who organized this little community of ours. The professors,” Thumper explained. “A couple of them really are professors. Opps! I shouldn’t have told you that. Please forget I said it. At any rate, there are three who got it all going and two more who are sort of like associate professors. They are not all here at our functions at the same time. That only happens once a year at our convention. Usually it is always Miss S, Miss M, and Mr. P, or some combination of the three, though the others do drop in unannounced from time to time. I think they have groups similar to ours in different parts of the county.”

“You make it sound like a university with teachers and everything,” Kitty said in surprise.

“In a sense it is. But you sure won’t find the classes taught here at any normal university,” Thumper said laughing. Kitty could not help but begin laughing with her as she pulled off her mask.

When her eyes became adjusted to the subdued light in the room she found herself facing a very cute looking redhead with pert tits and a very comely curves. She was at least four inches shorter than Kitty but in perfect proportion.

“The bathroom is through there,” Thumper said hooking a thumb over her shoulder at a door behind her, “I think a shower might be in order, you’re a bit sweaty and well; gushy other places I expect,” she finished with a grin.

“I could use one,” Kitty responded, “But do I have time?”

“Sure. You don’t have to worry for the next hour or so. You might even get time for a quick nap. In the mean time, I will go get us a quick snack. You got to keep your strength up you know,” Thumper told her with a light laugh.

Kitty grinned at her. “A shower and a nap sound good to me, but nothing heavy to eat. I don’t think I could take something like that at the moment.”

“Trust me. I’ve been where you are now,” Thumper said as she was closing the door behind her.

After a fast shower in which she used the detachable spray handle to clean herself out, she was drying her hair as she came back into the bedroom. Thumper must have slipped in quietly because she noticed a covered tray on the small table beside the bed.

Tossing the towel into a chair she sat down on the edge of the bed and discovered that the tray held a bowl of light broth and a small salad along with a glass of milk and one of apple juice. Kitty had to chuckle. "Thumper really must have been in this situation at one time", she thought to herself. "Just what the doctor ordered", and dug in with a vengeance when she realized just how hungry she had become from all her exertions of the afternoon.

After she was finished Kitty pulled back the covers on the bed and slide in between the sheets. They were dark blue satin and were cool and smooth on her skin. She luxuriated in the feeling before settling her head back on the pillow and closing her eyes. ‘I’ll only rest for a moment,’ she thought to herself as her mind drifted off.

. 2.

A hand was gently shaking her shoulder. “Kitty, come on. It’s time to wake up, the real fun and games are going to be starting soon.”

It was Thumpers voice she heard as she slowly clawed her way back to the world of the living. She hadn’t realized just how tired she had been to sleep so deeply. Stretching luxuriantly between the cool sheets with her arms stretched above her head, she asked, “How long was I asleep? I feel wonderful.”

Thumper chuckled and gave her a quick kiss on the lips. “Not long, about an hour, but it is time to get up. You will need to get ready.”

“Ready?” Kitty asked bemused.

“Well,” Thumper answered mischievously, “You do have to put your mask back on.”

“Oh you!” she exclaimed laughing as she threw back the covers, bouncing to her feet and looking around for her mask. “Where did I leave it?”

“Here”, Thumper said handing it to her. “Make sure it is done up correctly when you put it on. Remember, I am the one who gets punished tonight if you goof up”. “Not that I mind some of the punishments,” she said after a pause and a giggle.

Mask firmly in place, Thumper led her from the room, but instead of turning right as before they continued straight on where Kitty thought there should have been the wall of the hallway. “There are ten steps ahead going down, watch your step going down them, I don’t want you to trip,” Thumper told her.

Feeling for them gingerly with her bare foot she started down. The floor when she stepped off the bottom step was soft and yielding. It felt very smooth, but not at all slippery. “What is with the floor?” she asked.

“It is cushioned for comfort and smooth for easy cleaning. This is our real playroom for those who we hope will be more than weekend curiosity seekers,” Thumper answered her. “Call it our inner sanctum.”

“You make it sound like a cult,” Kitty accused her.

“Not bloody hardly!” Thumper shot back with some pique. “It is more of a classroom for advanced studies. And nobody is wanted in it unless they choose and want to be here. Which are you?”

Kitty was taken aback by the girl’s vigorous reply, and somewhat ashamed of what she had suggested. “I’m sorry,” she muttered. “I really didn’t mean for it to come out that way.”

“Good!” Thumper said emphatically, and then went on in a softer voice. “Now. If anything goes on in this room that you absolutely object to having done to you, you only have to say the safety words. They’re simple. ‘Stop it’, is all you have to say and it will stop. It will also mean that you will be escorted back up stairs where you will dress and you will be driven home. Just make sure you really object to what is going on before you utter those words, because you will never be able to come back even if you change your mind. Not into our inner sanctum, that is for sure, and I don’t think you would be all that welcome with the thrill seekers if you did try to come back. Do you understand the rules? This is your’ in, or out, initiation.”

Suddenly Kitty could hear others coming down the stairs. From the sound of it there seemed to be a large number. “I understand she said hastily. I won’t let you down.”

“I just knew you would understand,” Thumper whispered back before going on in a slightly more normal voice. “Wow! All of the senior members are here and their seconds. That is unusual. Who are you: The Queen of England in disguise to rate all five? Hush now, they are coming this way.”

. 3.

Listening carefully, Kitty could hear a number of people moving into a circle around her. Suddenly a voice spoke that she identified instantly: Mr. P.

“Have you explained the rules to her Thumper?” Mr. P asked.

“Yes sir.”

“And did she understand them and agree to them?”

“Yes sir, I was thorough”.

“Good. Then you may proceed,” Mr. P told her. “And by the way Thumper, this is your testing as well. Don’t disappoint us.”

Kitty could hear Thumper swallow audibly. “Yes sir, if you are sure sir,” Thumper replied, almost making it sound like a question.

“We shall see won’t we. Proceed,” Mr. P ordered.

“Yes sir,” Thumper responded. “Kitty, take your mask off.”

Kitty hastened to comply and when it was off, looked around eagerly. She was somewhat shocked to see that they were all wearing masks, but unlike hers, all of their’ masks had eye holes to see through, though they obscured the upper half of their faces completely. But what shocked her even more was that the group of people, were fully clothed and seated in comfortable looking chairs in a circle around her, with one person standing behind each chair. All save one.

For reasons Kitty only partly understood this made her feel extremely naked and very vulnerable. She could feel herself beginning to turn beet red with embarrassment.

“All right Kitty,” Thumper began, “First I want to introduce you to the main people here. First off,” she said pointing to the first of those seated, “This is Miss T and unless your eyes are poor you know how she came by the name.” The woman had very large breasts as Kitty could see.

“That will be enough of that Thumper,” one of the other women said sharply who Kitty instantly recognized as the voice of Miss S. “One demerit. That is a poor way to start. Just do as you were told to do.”

“Yes, Miss S.” After a pause she continued. “Of course you are already know Miss S. Next to her is Miss M. Next to Miss M, is Mr. C. And of course you know the last gentleman,” she said moving to stand behind his chair, “This is of course Mr. P.”

Mr. P nodded to her. “How are you this evening Kitty?”

“Uh, fine, I guess, though I am not sure what is going on or what is expected of me,” she replied.

“Not to worry. You are here for two reasons. To further what you have already been subjected to and learned, as well as for Thumper to show us how much she has learned from her time with us in her direction of you. Follow Thumpers directions implicitly and there will be no problems,” Mr. P informed her. “Thumper, continue and we will watch avidly as you get Kitty to please each of us. You know what it will ultimately take.”

“Or their delegate,” Mr. C injected quickly. "At your discretion of course Mr. P."

“Quite right, Mr. C. Or his or her delegate, should I so choose,” Mr. P said with a nod toward him. “But that will be much later. You see Kitty, Mr, C is really into two things. The first is voyeurism and the second, well, perhaps you will find out about that later. We will see how well you can please us first. Continue Thumper.”

. 4.

Thumper moved back to Kitty in the middle of the circle. Other than the filmy and transparent negligee Thumper was wearing, Kitty was the only naked person in the room. This was certainly not what she had been expecting and not what she had experienced up until now. Masks yes, but everyone else had been naked as well, though she only knew this from touching.

It made her feel embarrassed to be the focus of the group, but it also sent as shiver of anticipation down her back that she recognized as being extremely wicked and delightful.

“All right Kitty,” Thumper told her, “lay down on the floor with your feet toward Miss M. That should give everyone, especially the men, a reasonably good view of you.”

Kitty quickly did as ordered. “What am I suppose to do?” she asked.

“You are going to masturbate and make yourself cum while we all watch you,” Thumper told her bluntly.

If Kitty had thought she was blushing before, it was nothing to the furnace her face felt like now. She felt thoroughly humiliated, but she began to stroke up and down her body with her hands. At the same time she was intrigued that they only wanted to watch her pleasure herself. She had never really been into voyeurism all that much, and certainly never the focus of it, at least not in this way.

Kitty continued rubbing her hands over her body and as she did, Thumper leaned down and whispered. “You can do better than that. Close your eyes and pretend you are at home alone. That should help you get started. They are expecting a good show from you, so don’t disappoint me. I’ll give you some more direction after you get warmed up.”

Kitty nodded her head and closed her eyes. It did seem to help a little bit. She began experimenting and pinching her nipples until they were hard and protruding. She heard a soft groan to her left and quickly opened her eyes for a glance.

The woman, Miss T, had the tip of her tongue protruding from her lips as she massaged her own breast through the material of her blouse. Seeing this encouraged her to do more, which was arousing for her self in turn.

“I don’t believe it. I am actually turning her on simply by rubbing my breasts,” Kitty thought to herself as she continued watching the woman through her almost closed eye slits. “I wonder what she will do for this?” she thought wickedly, firmly grabbing each nipple between thumb and forefinger and pulling them out sharply away from her body.

The reaction of her own’ body, was like small electric charges tickling her nipples, but the reaction of the woman astounded Kitty. The woman had pulled open her blouse and had grabbed both of her nipples, pulling them out in the same manner as Kitty was doing, but much harder.

Kitty suddenly realized that the woman’s reaction to what she was doing was turning her on immensely. Pushing her right hand down her body Kitty grabbed her crotch and began to kneed it. The woman followed suit, massaging her own crotch through her slacks.

“My god! What are the men doing?” Kitty thought to herself frantically. Keeping her eyes to bare slits she turned her head to the left. The man who Thumper had introduced as Mr. C was leaning forward on his chair watching her hand on her crotch intently with eyes wide behind his mask.

Without realizing it, Kitty opened her eyes wide to get a better look. As she did, the man’s eyes shifted from her crotch to her face, his eyes locking with hers and she found she could not close her eyes or look away from the intensity of his stare.

Kitty felt a shiver run up her back and felt her face begin to heat again from the desire she could see in his eyes. She shivered again as she realized the desire she saw in his eyes and the set of his mouth was deep and dark. “This man wants to do something nasty to me,” she realized as she finally forced her eyes closed.

Thumper leaned down next to her and whispered, “Spread your legs and get to work. I have some toys I want you to use on yourself in a few minutes and I want you to get yourself nice and wet for them.”

Kitty did as she was told and spread her legs further apart, sliding her fingers down further, letting the index finger slide between the lips of her pussy. Finding it slightly dry as yet she brought her fingers to her lips to wet them. She could smell her scent on them as she slid them into her mouth and had to smile as her heard a very soft groan from Thumper beside her.

Kitty was still feeling humiliated being forced to perform in front of people she did not know, but found she was being immensely turned on as well. Moving her hand back to her pussy she began to spread her saliva around getting both her outer and inner lips wet and slippery. She shivered again at her own touch.

Running one finger further down she found to opening to her love canal and slipped the tip of her finger inside as she opened her eyes and looked up at Thumper who was smiling hugely and moved her lips without speaking, ‘You’re doing fine’.

Reassured, Kitty brought her other hand that had continued to tease a nipple down to her pussy as well and used the fingers of both hands to pull her lips apart giving an unobstructed view of her slit and love hole. She heard a groan from Miss M at her feet. “I can just imagine what she wants to be doing right now,”

Kitty thought to herself. “And wouldn’t I just love to have her doing it,” she thought with wicked delight.

With that thought, Kitty brought her knees up to her chest spread wide as she reached down with her hand and slid her index finger into her hole as far as she could and began wiggling it around when it was in. The pleasure of her own sudden intrusion was delightful, but the loud groan that her action solicited from Miss M sent an extra thrill through her.

Emboldened further, Kitty pulled her finger out and with the two on either side formed a triangle of them and plunged them back into her cunt. Miss M’s groan turned into a loud moan of desire. “Lord, how I want to do that to her.”

A shudder of mental pleasure coursed through Kitty as she heard this. She had never considered herself an exhibitionist before, or a voyeur for that matter, but she suddenly began to understand the sexuality of being one.

There was something decidedly naughty about being able to turn someone on without touching which was highly erotic. With a wicked thought, Kitty pulled her fingers out and pulling her legs higher she brought her arms around her buttocks and grabbed the lips of her pussy.

She pulled them open forcing her lips and love tunnel wide open to view. “It’s right here if you want some,” she said in a sultry voice.” This brought a cry that was almost anguished from Miss M and brought Kitty a wicked feeling of power displaying her self in this way.

With this Kitty squirmed around until she was up on one elbow with her right knee cocked high in the air. Suddenly she thrust all four fingers of her hand into her pussy and began squishing them around making a slurping noise from her juices, which were really beginning to flow now.

“God damn it Thumper! Get on with it. I either want to get in on this or go find some action of my own,” Miss M cried out.

“Tut, Tut, Miss M,” Miss S chided her, “You know that is not how this works. Curb your impatience. But you're right, get on with it Thumper.”

Miss M’s outcry had been mind altering for Kitty. To be able to make someone want you so much that they themselves lost their’ self control was a revelation with all kinds of delightfully wicked thoughts coming to mind. “There really is something to be said for being an exhibitionist,” she thought to herself.

But she had no further time to follow that thought. Thumper was forcing a medium sized black rubber dildo with attached scrotum into her hand. Kitty was quick to grab it.

“I’m really getting into this,” Kitty thought as she brought the member up to her mouth and began running the tip of her tongue around it for lubrication. Teasingly she trailed it down over her breast stopping to circle each nipple before continuing down over her stomach to pussy.

Slowly she slide the head and the length of the shaft down and between pussy lips, the shaft rubbing over her clitoris which seemed to electrify her body. Kitty stroked it up and down slowly and much more emboldened looked around at the people watching her.

Miss T had one hand down her pants rhythmically massaging her twat while the fingers of the other hand pinched one of her nipples.

Miss S was sitting quietly, but running the tip of her tongue over her lips. Miss M was continually crossing and uncrossing her legs and squeezing them together like she had to pee, which made Kitty grin from ear to ear with delight.

Mr. C was still sitting on the edge of his chair staring intently, but now he also had his fingers clasped gripping his hands tightly together until his knuckles were white, as though it were the only way he was controlling himself from jumping off the chair and on to her. This scared her a little bit.

Mr. P was the only one in the room who seemed to be in complete control of himself. Even the others who were standing behind the chairs were reacting in different ways, but he was calmly sitting in his chair with his legs stretched out and crossed in front of him, smoking a cigarette.

Kitty didn’t understand this, but right then Mr. P saw her looking and gave a small smile and a covert wink that made her feel warm all over. She could tell he was please with her. He gave a small flick of his wrist telling her to get back to what she was doing, which she was glad to comply with.

“Christ!” she thought to herself, “I’m so fucking horny now, I’ll fuck the first thing that shows a dick.” Instead she pushed the head of the dildo into her vagina along with half the shaft in one quick movement, holding it there for a moment before beginning to turn it back and forth in a circular motion.

Taking the shaft with one hand she transferred the other to the base grabbing the balls for a firm grip. Kitty was determined to get the whole thing inside her immediately. Taking a firm grip with the hand holding the base she guided the shaft with her other hand so it would not bend.

Then with a mighty push she shoved the dildo into her sopping wet hole as hard as she could until the tip of the head hit her cervix. Grunting with the sudden stretching of her vagina brought tears to her eyes with the small amount of pain it caused. But it was a delicious pain, never the less. “It is like being forcibly taken by a man for the first time,” Kitty thought to herself, “and I did it to myself. Wow!”

Kitty opened her eyes and looked at Mr. P. His calm exterior had a crack in it now. His mouth hung partly slack in shock at the violence she had done to herself. “Gotcha,” she thought to herself smugly. She smiled at him sweetly and winked before closing her eyes and beginning to slowly pump the dildo in and out of her now thoroughly sopping cunt.

Slowly she began to pick up speed, flexing her wrist to push the dildo in and out. At the same time Kitty brought her left hand to her mound and slid the index finger between her pussy lips until she had the tip of her finger directly on her clitoris. Each time she pushed in she pressed her love button. Each time she pulled out she did the same. In; press. Out; press.

Soon she was pumping the dildo with abandon, finally changing her pressing to light flicking of her now engorged knob. She was panting hard now and she could feel her climax swiftly building. “I am certainly giving them the show they wanted,” Kitty thought to herself before doubling her concentration on her impending meltdown.

Suddenly hands grasped her wrists stopping all movement and holding her hands in place. “That is far enough for now Kitty,” Thumper informed her.

Kitty’s eyes snapped open and focused on the girl. “You bitch,” Kitty swore at her through clenched lips. “You told me I was to put on a show and masturbate until I came so they could watch me.”

Thumper threw back her head and laughed. “Of course I did, but I didn’t say when you could cum, now did I? And as for being a bitch. Of course I am. All women are, just as all men are bastards deep down,” she said with a glance around the room.

. 5.

Pulling Kitty’s hand from her clit, Thumper told her to leave the dildo in her and roll over on her tummy which Kitty did after sending a glare toward her.

“Now, lets just add a bit more lubricant; not that your not pretty juicy already,” Thumper told her as she proceeded to squirt a healthy amount of KY jelly on to the crack of Kitty’s ass.

After she had replaced the cap she proceeded to give Kitty her instructions. “I want you to role onto your left side since you are right handed. Prop your right leg up and rest your foot on your knee or the floor, which ever is more comfortable for you. Then using your left hand you can begin fucking yourself with the dildo. With your right hand I want you to reach behind you and begin working the jelly into your rectum. I want you to finger fuck your ass that the same time you fuck your pussy. Now get too it an give us a good show.”

“Yes Thumper,” Kitty said automatically to the authority in Thumper’s voice as she did what she had been told.

Kitty rolled onto her side and in the process made sure she squirmed around enough on the now slippery floor lubricated with her own excess juices to make sure her rear end was pointed directly at Mr. P.

“I might have cracked that cool exterior of his,” Kitty thought to herself, “but I damn well make sure I break it this time.” She realized that she was performing for him and had nearly forgotten all of the other people in the room, though not completely. She had gotten intense responses from them, but not what she wanted from him. She was going to get it or know the reason why not.

Kitty put her hand behind her and scooped up the KY jelly. First squishing it directly on to her ass hole she gently began pushing the tip of her index finger in to the first knuckle. Pulling out she gathered more of the jelly and did it again forcing more of the slippery lubricant into her anus.

She did this several times, pushing her finger in deeper each time. She was biting her own lower lip it felt so good. Finally she had her finger inside to her knuckles and began wiggling her finger back and forth while at the same time trying to rotate her finger.

Knowing that Mr. P and all the others were watching avidly only heightened the thrill of what she had been told to do to herself and made her quiver with delight and anticipation.

She held her finger deep within her and continued flexing the first two joints of her finger until she felt her sphincter beginning to relent her finger’s intrusion and begin to relax.

Then gripping the didlo in her left hand she began pushing it in and out of her vagina: Very slowly at first, but quickly picking up the pace of her thrusting. When she had a nice steady rhythm going she began to finger fuck her ass hole. All the way out and all the way in, in time with her thrusts of the dildo. Kitty gave a low moan from the back of her throat it felt so good.

After a couple of minutes of building sensations she stopped. “Damn it,” she thought to herself, “if they want a show, I’ll give them a show.”

Kitty pulled her finger from her ass and brought it to her lips, slowly sucking it in. Withdrawing it she placed it on her chin and turned to Mr. C. “Now don’t you wish that was your cock instead of my finger?” she asked him with a wicked laugh. Mr. C tensed even more as his eyes bore into hers, but he said nothing.

Spitting on her fingers she moved her hand back to her ass and holding the first two fingers stiffly together she proceeded to work both into her ass at the same time. She heard a groan from someone, but was unsure who it was.

It was a tight fit., but she kept at it until both fingers were in as far as she could get them. She was slightly scrunched forward with her arm over her right hip to reach her ass and have a good grip on the dildo with her left.

Kitty slowly began fucking her pussy with the dildo while holding her fingers ridged in her ass. She could feel the dildo rubbing her fingers through the skin membranes separating her rectum and vagina. It was an odd but stimulating sensation. Beginning to move her fingers back and forth beside each other in her ass, she could feel the walls of her rectum as well as the pressure they were putting on the dildo in her cunt, and this sent waves of pleasure coursing through her body.

Kitty began to fuck her ass with her fingers in earnest, moving them in and out quicker keeping time with the dildo in her cunt. She was wreathing on the floor and moaning loudly at the pleasure she was giving herself.

“All right. That is enough of that,” Thumper broke into her awareness.

Kitty looked over her shoulder and gave her a dirty look. “You really are a bitch, do you know that?” she told the girl.

“Why yes, as a matter of fact I do. I told you that before,” Thumper said with a chuckle. “Now take that dildo out of your cunt and work it into your ass.”

Kitty gave her a hard look. She would much preferred to keep it where it was, but she did as she was told. It was very slippery sliding out of her and she nearly lost her grip on it before getting the head pressed against her ass hole. She knew she had had dildos and cocks in her that were as large last weekend and earlier in the day, but it still felt huge as she began to work it in.

Sweat began to bead on her forehead as she worked at it. Usually they had allowed her to work up in size, but not this time. Finally her sphincter relented and the head popped inside. It was easier going after that as she worked the shaft deeper and deeper into herself. “I don’t think I have ever felt this full before,” she thought to herself, but finally she had as much up her ass as she could get, with only an inch or so of the shaft remaining. “There must be ten inches or more in me,” she thought as she finally she relaxed to the full feeling in her bowl. “Now what?” she asked Thumper.

. 6.

Miss S stood up and came forward looking down at her, but she directed her questions to Thumper. “You’ve had your manicure? Your nails and cuticles are buffed smooth? Nothing that can possibly scratch?” she asked Thumper.

“Yes Miss S”, Thumper replied. “My hands are as smooth as a babies bottom.”

“Good, we don’t want to hurt Mr. P’s precious student would we?”

“No Miss S.”

“Hey, what’s going on?” Kitty spoke up.

“Nothing major my dear. Of course you have heard of "Fisting" haven’t you?” Kitty’s eyes grew wide at this.

“Well we want you to be able to fist another woman and in order to do it correctly without causing pain and only causing pleasure, you need to experience it first. You need to know what it feels like and feel personally, the hand movements that can bring a woman to the heights of bliss that some women achieve by being fisted.”

During the explanation Kitty’s eyes grew even wider and she felt a shiver of fear and apprehension down her back. “I don’t know,” she began hesitantly, “Some fists are pretty damn big. I’m not sure I would like that.”

“Are you declining?” Miss S asked her. “You can do so of course simply by saying the safety words. Of course you realize what will happen then?” she left the question hanging there.

Kitty looked around at all of the faces, finally settling on Mr. P’s. She couldn’t tell what he was thinking he was holding such a poker face behind his mask. Finally glancing at Thumper she looked back at Miss S standing above her. “What the hell,” she said, “In for a penny, in for a pound, as my granny use to say.”

At this, Mr. P burst out laughing. When he got himself under control he turned to Miss T. “You owe me a hundred,” he told her, “or would you rather take it out in trade?” he asked still chuckling.

“Which ever you want,” Miss T replied.

“Trade then. I much prefer truly “friendly” bets, don’t you?”

Miss T eyed him with a sour look.

“What was that all about?” Kitty asked perplexed.

Thumper leaned down and spoke quietly. “Miss T made him a bet you would back out at this point. She thought you might be of too delicate a nature to go any farther.”

“He made a bet on me?” Kitty asked sounding perturbed.

“Hey! He took the bet because he had confidence in you,” Thumper told her and went on in a whisper, “I think he knows more about you than know yourself. You do know he personally picked you at the beginning, don’t you?” she finished so softly that only Kitty could possibly have heard her.

Kitty’s eyes flared open in shock. She was so speechless she could only shake her head, No.

. 7.

“Now,” Thumper sat up as she pulled her negligee off over her head. “I want you to focus on me and try to remember what I do and how I do different things. And do what I tell you of course.”

“First, roll onto your back and I’ll take things from there and give you direction when you need it,” Thumper told her.

Kitty did as ordered and Thumper lay down beside her, encircling Kitty with her arms. She brought her lips to Kitty’s and kissed her passionately while cupping one breast with her hand. Kitty found herself responding instinctively to the kiss and kissed back, letting the tip of her tongue slip from between her lips. Thumper responded by French kissing her, entwining their’ tongues.

Breaking the kiss, Thumper moved to her throat and began nibbling and kissing lower to Kitty’s breasts. As she was doing this the girl rolled on top of Kitty, lying between her spread legs. Now she had both hands free to massage Kitty’s breasts and tweak her nipples as she kissed lower.

When she reached Kitty’s breasts she kissed each nipple in turn. Rolled them between her lips and bit each gently.

Kitty felt a small electric shock at each bite and her body tensed. This caused her to feel the dildo in her ass to shift slightly. Kitty squirmed slightly beneath Thumper wanting more of the sensations it was giving her. She could feel her pussy juices leaking down to the dildo.

Thumper move lower continuing to kiss and flick her tongue and allowing her body to slide over Kitty’s pubic mound. Thumper was slowly pinching each nipple as she reached Kitty’s pussy and planted a kiss on the lips while at the same time darting her tongue between them to stab Kitty’s clitoris. She squeezed Kitty’s nipples hard as she did so, eliciting a shriek of pleasure from Kitty, her body tensing and the muscles in her ass clamping down hard on the dildo.

Thumper brought both her hands down and pulled Kitty’s pussy lips wide apart and ran the flat of her tongue up the entire length of her slit and back down to her hole, darting her tongue inside to lick out some of her juices. Kitty went wild with desire and grabbed the top of Thumper’s head to hold it in place.

Thumper obliged her for a moment or two longer before reaching under her to begin applying pressure to the dildo, forcing it in a little farther.

Kitty’s legs tensed and her toes pointed ridged as she began to moan deeply loving every second of Thumper’s ministrations. Finally though, Thumper shook her head dislodging Kitty’s hands and pulled back. She glanced quickly at Miss S, who nodded.

Taking her index finger she slid it slowly into Kitty’s pussy and began stroking it in and out gently. Kitty groaned in pleasure. Bringing her forefinger next to her index she slid it into her as well and Kitty groaned even deeper.

Thumper continued her in and out stroking for a few minutes, even slipping a third finger into Kitty’s cunt almost without her noticing. All the while Kitty continued to writhe on the floor slippery with her juices, moaning in continual pleasure.

Finally Thumper pulled back and got to her knees. Kitty looked at her questioningly.

“Don’t worry. Just a small adjustment before I really get you going,” Thumper told her with a chuckle. With that she slid the dildo out of Kitty’s ass and quickly replaced it with one that was much smaller round though just as long. Kitty’s breath whistled in through her teeth as the exchange was completed and she wiggled her rear to get comfortable.

“That is for later on,” Thumper informed her. “Now I want you to look at my hand and see how I form it.”

. 8.

Kitty raised her head slightly and watched as Thumper folded her thumb in tightly across the palm of her hand. Then using her other hand she pinched all four fingers tightly together with the center two above her forefinger and little finger which covered and held down her thumb. “Did you see how I did that?” Thumper asked her, turning her hand so she could get a good view.

Kitty nodded apprehensively. Small though Thumper’s hand was it still looked very large across the knuckles. Certainly it looked wider than and cock or dildo they had used on her before. The tips of her four fingers looked that large all by themselves and she began having second thoughts about the whole situation. Then she remembered what Thumper had whispered to her. That Mr. P had specifically chosen her. Glancing at him she realized she would rather die than disappoint him, which gave her a funny warm feeling in the pit of her stomach. She nodded at Thumper and let her head drop back.

Thumper let her hand relax as she ran her hand up Kitty’s crack gathering a generous amount of her juices which she proceeded to spread all over her hand and fingers. Sliding back down on her belly she reformed her fingers as she had done before and placed them at the opening of Kitty’s love hole.

She then leaned forward and began to nuzzle and rub her face into Kitty’s crotch, which cause Kitty to breathe in quickly in anticipation.

“It won’t hurt,” Kitty told herself, “It won’t hurt. Thumper will be careful.” Then she felt the ends of Thumper’s fingers begin to enter her. She could feel the girl pressing and rotating her hand at the same time, forcing her hole open.

“It’s not so bad,” Kitty thought with some anticipation, “sort about the size of that first dildo.” Then she grunted as her hole began to stretch further as Thumper’s hand forced its way into her. “It didn’t truly hurt, well, maybe a little bit. But a good hurt,” she though as she tried to imagine what the girls hand would feel like when it was actually inside her. The thought made her shudder with lust to actually have it happen.

Her hole kept stretching. Kitty had never had anything so large in her before. “Thank God its Thumper’s hand and not Mr. P’s. That would split me in two,” Kitty thought to herself. Then when she thought her cunt couldn’t stretch any further without screaming in pain or pleasure, she didn’t know which, Thumper’s hand slid fully into her and her pussy clamped down on the girl’s hand and wrist. It was much more comfortable this way and Kitty blew out her breath as she relaxed, smug that she had let someone fist her.

Little did she know that Thumper was only about to truly begin; “There. That wasn’t so bad was it,” Thumper said as she raised her head to look at Kitty’s face.

Kitty shook her head still breathing a little hard. “Not too bad, no,” Kitty replied.

“Good. Now I want you to use your hands in any way you like to masturbate. Do what ever feels best to you,” Thumper directed her.

Kitty moved both hands down to her pussy. She couldn’t help herself as she pushed one hand far enough to feel Thumper’s wrist where it entered her and trace her fingers around it. The feeling on her fingertips was so odd she nearly laughed.

Moving both hands to her pussy lips she drew them apart and let the tip of one finger rest directly on her clitoris for a moment. Then laying her finger flat in her slit she began rubbing up and down, the end of her finger bumping into Thumper’s wrist.

The feeling was fantastic to Kitty. “With Thumper’s hand in me and that dildo in my ass, I’ve never felt so full,” she thought to herself as she speeded up rubbing her slit.

Thumper had been watching Kitty’s face intently. When she thought the moment was right, she changed the shape of her hand, which was actually beginning to cramp a bit, from the original spear shape to a closed fist which made it somewhat larger inside Kitty.

The movement of Thumper’s hand caught Kitty by surprise and she sucked in her breath as new sensations from her vagina radiated to her ass and tummy. “Oh God, Oh God,” she thought to herself and began rubbing her slit harder, finally changing to flicking the tip of her finger back and forth directly on her clitoris.

Thumper had been waiting for this and began rotating her forearm and flexing her wrist pressing her fist into all sides of Kitty’s vagina wall. Kitty’s hips tensed and then began bucking wanting more and Thumper obliged her by also beginning to pump her arm gently in and out while still flexing her wrist in different directions. Kitty’s response was a long drawn out cry. “Ohhhh Mmyyyy Goddddd.” Thumper was quite satisfied. So far!

Thumper reached up and pushed Kitty’s hands away, not wanting to let her cum too quickly. She still had a few surprises for the girl under her. Kitty finally let her arms drop limply to her sides.

Before Kitty had a chance to get comfortable again, Thumper opened her hand and forced her fingers as wide apart as she could against the walls of the vagina, including her thumb. Kitty’s body jerked violently at this new sensation. Holding it there for a moment, Thumper folded in her thumb and brought her fingers together beginning to stroke the walls as she turned her wrist to reach as much area as possible.

Kitty began to whimper at the back of her throat from the sensations Thumper’s hand and fingers were giving her. It was like nothing she had ever felt before and she reveled in what she was feeling and what it was doing to her mind. Little sparks seemed to be going off in her pussy and her brain at the same time. It was almost an exquisitely unbearable feeling, but when Thumper suddenly began opening her hand wide and then closing it into a fist while continuing to turn her arm Kitty thought her mind would explode.

She felt completely used and depraved. And she loved every beautiful second of it. “I’m a wanton whore,” Kitty thought to herself, “and I love it.”

Thumper decided to change her tactics. Leaving her fingers together she began rhythmically pressing her fingers down and started moving the dildo in and out of Kitty’s ass hole letting Kitty actually feel both pressing each other through the thin flesh or her vagina and rectum. As soon as Kitty began squirming Thumper picked up the pace of the dildo, moving it faster and with longer strokes bringing an almost anguished cry of longing to Kitty’s lips as she threw her head from side to side.

“You can begin flicking your clit again if you like,” Thumper told her and Kitty’s hand literally flew to her pussy which she began massaging vigorously, then switching to flicking one finger over her clitoris frantically.

Kitty’s breath was coming in frantic gasps now. Thumper had gone back to opening and closing her hand while fucking her ass with the dildo. Kitty could feel her long awaited climax approaching fast when Thumper grabbed her hand and pulled it away.

Kitty nearly screamed in frustration until suddenly Thumpers mouth closed over her pussy breathing out hot air directly on her slit. Kitty did scream in frustration then. She needed to cum so bad, it hurt. “I’m going to die if I don’t get off soon,” she thought, though she knew that was impossible. At least she had thought so until now.

Kitty bucked her hips on the floor and went wild, nearly banging her pubic bone into Thumper’s nose, when the dildo in her ass was turned on. It not only vibrated; it began moving in circular motions like a snake.

Thumper sucked Kitty’s clitoris between her lips and began flicking it furiously with the tip of her tongue while at the same time closing her hand into a fist and begin to truly fist fuck her cunt for the first time, in and out rapidly though not roughly or hard.

Kitty felt everything building at once. Suddenly her world exploded as the beginning of her orgasm detonated causing her vagina muscles to spasm and clench, rapidly transmitted to her ass and her stomach which twitched with each successive wave, finally shattering her mind into a million sparks as she was totally overwhelmed by the experience.

Kitty did not loose consciousness completely. She drifted in a swirling cloud of colors through which showers of sparks cascaded as each clenching wave of her orgasm course through her body.

She finally swam back to awareness slowly with her body twitching with each individual aftershock of her orgasm, which still ran through her. She could still feel her vagina muscles continuing to clamp down on Thumper’s fist as well as small electric jolts running through her clitoris, which Thumper had continued to suck and massage between her lips, though she no longer flicked it with her tongue.

Slowly, very slowly, her orgasm began to calm down and fade leaving her with only a warm glow throughout her mind and body. Thumper slowly and gently pulled her hand free and even this did not affect the fuzzy warmth and well being she felt. Kitty simply lay there with her eyes closed basking in it. She felt someone, drape a light blanket over her and slowly she drifted away toward sleep.

. 9.

When Kitty awoke she found herself snuggled naked in a king-sized bed between silk sheets under a thick comforter. She found she felt warm, safe, and unsurprisingly content to stay right where she was. The window to her right showed only a bit of light outside.

“It’s either twilight or very early in the morning,” she thought to herself.

A slight movement made her realize she was not alone in the bed and she turned to find herself looking into Thumper’s eyes. “You sure slept soundly,” the girl whispered to her, “I didn’t think you were ever going to wake up. But then you did have reason to be tired I suppose,” she finished grinning from ear to ear.

“I guess I did. What time is it anyway?” Kitty asked.

“It’s very early in the morning. We actually had more things we were going to do last night, but with you burned out and so; how did Mr. P put it?” she paused thinking for a moment, “Angelically asleep, I think is what he said, he decided to postpone things and brought you up here. Since you are his student, no one wished to argue the point of the postponement.”

“Angelic? Nobody has ever called me that before. Wait a minute. What do you mean ‘he’ brought me up here?” Kitty asked.

“Oh yes. He simply picked you up, blanket and all, and told me to follow. We brought you up here and put you on top of the covers on the bed with the blanket under you. Then he gave you a sponge bath to get you cleaned up, I helped, then we slid you into bed and I slid in with you so you would have someone familiar here if you woke up frightened and not knowing where you were. That is what I have been waiting for,” Thumper told her, “That’s it. Now we’re here and I could use some sleep for what is left of the night. How about you?”

“I couldn’t move if I wanted to. I’m too comfortable,” Kitty replied beginning to yawn.

“In that case,” Thumper said snuggling in and putting an arm around her to hold her close, “lets go to sleep.”

Kitty sighed contentedly as she closed her eyes. “It is certainly nice having someone hold you,” she thought, yawning again, “I just wish it was Mr. P,” was her last coherent thought as she drifted off.

To Be Continued.

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