Beths Reformation by kaylam32174

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Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Humiliation, Rape, Submission

Beth broke down into hysterical sobs as the verdict was read. “The defendant is sentenced to 6 months in the Baybrook Reformatory for girls”, the judge said in a rather disinterested tone. As if he didn't know what happened to girls at places like Baybrook.

Beth knew. She'd heard the same stories everyone else had. The reform schools had total authority over their charges and exercised that authority in the form of rapes and brutal tortures. The story of Sally Richter was popular when Beth was in junior-high.

Sally had been a bright girl. Popular, beautiful, and intelligent, she seemed to have a promising life. Until she was caught with a dime bag of heroine. The new drug laws mandated a year long stay in a reformatory. Sally had been in for only 2 weeks when she was killed during a gang rape. Apparently, the warden had allowed more than 200 men rape the girl for hours. The autopsy was inconclusive. The cause of death was either suffocation by penis...or heart failure.

Beth had always doubted the story was true; but, as she hugged her parents and told them goodbye, that story was all she could think about. She didn't want to die. Sure, her life wasn't perfect. She was reasonably intelligent, but by no means was she one of the prodigies that got all the special attention. She was cute, but her body had always made her a little uncomfortable. She was 5'5'', around 120lbs, and was a size 2. She liked her ass. It was round and girly, but not gross at all. Her breasts gave her pause though. She was only a 32 b cup, and that was embarrassing enough. But her nipples were huge. They were an inch long at least, and as thick as a pencil. Her tits were always a source of entertainment for boys and girls alike, though for different reasons.

Beth's mom hugged her and told her that she loved her no matter what. Her dad hugged her tight and sighed, no doubt because Beth's huge nipples were rubbing against his chest. Beth knew her dad appreciated her nipples as much as every other male seemed too, but it pissed her off that he was thinking about himself at a time like this. Soon it didn't matter though, because 2 peace keepers grabbed her arms and led her away.

Three hours later the bus carrying Beth and seven other girls came to a stop outside the gates of Baybrook. The girls, totally naked as they had been on the ride to the institution, were led off the bus and through the gates into the reformatory. As the girls were paraded in front of the current inmates and led into the courtyard, the guards took the opportunity to fondle them roughly. The line came to a sudden screeching halt when a tall red-head in front of Beth had to stop walking when a guard bent her over and forced his nightstick into her ass. Beth watched in sick fascination as inch after inch of the wooden club disappeared into the girls rectum. The guard twisted the stick cruelly then yanked it out, causing the girl to scream shrilly. And then the line was moving again.

As the girls were brought to a stop in front of a stage, Beth looked down and noticed the red-head's ass was bleeding. Blood was dripping down her inner thighs. All of a sudden, the Sally Richter story seemed more real.

A guard called their attention to the stage, and the girls watched as an attractive woman of about 40 years took her place at the podium. She had long dark hair and long legs and was very attractive.

“Alright bitches”, she said, “I am the warden here. None of you will speak to me, but here I am addressed as warden Turner. You will do as you are told, you will only speak when you are spoken to. You will serve you sentence with dignity or you will be punished. You will be trained to be submissive and pleasing to those around you. How long you hold on to the idea that you have a choice in the direction of you life determines how painful you stay here is. At this time, you will be tested, then assigned a cell.”

As the warden gave orders to the guard on stage, Beth wondered how any woman could preside of the rape and abuse of teenage girls. Beth sighed and looked over to a holding area where about 50 other naked girls stood behind a chain-link fence watching the new arrivals. She shuddered. The girls looked well fed and healthy, but broken at the same time.

Apparently, red-heads where the pleasure here because as the warden went back into the building, several guards stepped forward and grabbed the anally raped red-head. She sighed and obediently bent at the waist. The guard with the nightstick unzipped his pants and rammed his hard dick into the girls ass. Another guard approached the girls face with his cock hanging out. Without being told the girl grabbed his dick and took it in her mouth. Beth watched in horror as the 2 guards roughly used the girls holes. To her credit, the only noise the girl made was some loud grunting.

The guard in her mouth came first, holding her head by the hair, he shot a huge load down the girl's throat. She gagged slightly but managed to swallow it all as the guard in her ass started cumming. Finally, it was over and both men zipped up. The girl collapsed in the dirt and just lay there with cum leaking out of her ass.

“Alright guys, come pick a slut”, the guard with the nightstick said.

Beth watched as 20 or so more guards walked over and started fondling the girls. They all had bulges in their pants Beth noticed as one guard grabbed her nipples and yanked hard. She screamed and struggled not to fight.

“These are lovely,” the man said.

Beth blushed in embarrassment as the man continued to fondle her tits. She gasped as she felt a hand between her legs from behind. She turned her head to the side and saw a young man, not much older than her, smiling as he rubbed her pussy. Over his shoulder, Beth could see a young girl of about 12 or 13 lying prone in the dirt. 2 guards where holding her down as a third beat her back and ass with a leather strap. Beth gasped as the little curly-haired brunette screamed in pain at a particularly vicious stroke.

Beth turned her attention back to herself as 2 fingers were jammed in her pussy.

“Damn Mike, this bitch is bone dry,” the man behind her said.

“Most girls don't get off on this. At least, not their first time,” the man biting Beth's nipples said teasingly.

Beth sighed as they bent her over and took turns burying their hard dicks in her pussy. As she was being fucked, she tried to shut out the world around her. Her dry pussy was screaming in agony every time they thrust into her. And, all around, she could hear the moans and screams of the other girls as they were beaten and fucked.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, it was over. The men were all standing next to the stage getting dressed and slapping each other on the back as they complimented each other on being the best rapists they could be. The girls huddled together, shivering more from the trauma than the cold. The red-head had taken the most. She was barely conscious and her eyes were caked shut with cum. She had bruises all over her torso from having been punched while she was being fucked. Beth doubted she would be able to walk into whatever their next slice of hell was to be.

Next to Beth sat the tiny little brunette. She was sitting hunched up with her arms around her legs. Angry red welts stood out on her back and her hair was glazed with dried cum. She was a very cute little girl and Beth immediately felt some kind of protective urge toward her. She wanted to hug her, but she had a feeling that would get them both punished severely.

Soon the guards were dressed and back to collect the girls. As one guard, an older looking man with white hair, approached Beth, he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. Beth thought she was going to have to suck a dick, but instead, the guard simply jacked off until he exploded in her face. Beth cried as quietly as she could as thread after thread of semen blasted her in the face. And then it was over and she was pulled to her feet and pushed into line. The 8 new girls, as the sun went down, were then lead into the dormitory for new arrivals.

Inside the building, the girls were led to the second floor. Once they were all on the floor and in line, one of the guards spoke into his radio and ordered that cells 0121-124 be opened. There was an electronic buzz and then a click followed by the cell doors sliding opened.

“Alright cunts, listen up,” the guard said, “Room assignments are as follows. Rachael Miller and Amanda Kessling in room 0121 and Lauren O'Malley and Kim Jones in 0122.”

Beth looked at the girls. Rachael and Amanda were both thin blondes and could pass as sisters. They were both tall. Rachael's eyes were the color of freshly mowed grass while Amanda's eyes reminded Beth of arctic ice. Lauren was the red-head, and she had to be carried in from the yard by 2 guards. She was also tall, almost as tall as some of the men, and was blessed with huge tits. Kim was shorter, about Beth's height and had jet black hair with purple streaks. She seemed to have gotten away with the least amount of punishment that evening. She had a mischievous sparkle in her blue eyes and seemed to have a calming effect on everyone around her. Aside from some red hand prints on her ass and breasts swollen from so much fondling, she appeared none the worse for wear.

Rachael and Amanda walked into their cell together quietly and the guards locked them in. Kim helped Lauren in, and as the guards locked their cell, the girls were told that a doctor would soon be by too clean Lauren up.

“All right. That leaves Beth Harris and Cassie Miller,” the guard said. “In ya go girls. And finally, Kari Wright and Megan Doherty.”

Kari was a small slim Asian girl, who during their earlier rape Beth thought had enjoyed it a little to much. Megan was a tall brunette with huge tits. Beth saw Megan have 3 dicks in her at once during the rape and she hated both of these girls for making it so easy for these men to take advantage of them.

Beth nudged Cassie into the cell. As they walked in, Beth looked closer at Cassie. The strap had torn her back and ass up. She was a mass of bruises, ugly purple and black splotches, and welts. Still, she was a very cute girl with her budding breasts and adorable face. She had dark hair and eyes, but pale white skin which only showed her marks more. Beth felt sorry for the poor girl, sure that she didn't belong here.

“Good night whores,” the guard said. “You may whisper amongst yourselves if you wish. Food and water will be sent up shortly. I'm afraid you won't be bathing tonight though. That is, unless you can convince your cell mate to give you a tongue bath.”

Beth shivered as the guard laughed, called for a doctor for Lauren, then left the floor. Beth looked behind her and saw Cassie huddled in the corner crying. Despite being sore all over, as well as hungry and depressed, Beth knew she should try to help the younger girl. Taking a deep breath, she went over and knelt down beside Cassie.

“Hi Cassie, I'm Beth. Are you ok?” Beth asked.

“I'm bleeding down there.” Cassie said, opening her legs for Beth to see.

“Were you a virgin before today?” Beth asked.

Cassie shook her head yes.

“Honey, that's perfectly normal. Almost all virgins bleed a little their first time. And you had a big first time. It's nothing to worry about.”

While Beth and Cassie were talking, they heard Lauren and Kim's cell door being opened. And a couple of seconds after that they heard Kim's moans and gags and she was double teamed by 2 guards. There were windows between the cells and Beth and Cassie watched as Kim was fucked. A doctor was tending to Lauren; and it seemed that with nothing better to do with their time, the guards thought Kim needed some more action.

The guard fucking Kim's mouth came and Beth could see Kim swallowing like crazy trying to get all the cum down. Finally, the guard pulled out of her mouth, and cum and saliva driveled down her chin. Kim's chest was heaving as she sucked down deep breaths. Beth could see she was clearly aroused. The constant fucking had finally gotten to her. Beth felt Cassie grab her tightly as they watched Kim explode in an orgasm. Her pussy sprayed girl cum all over the guards crotch as he finished fucking her.

The guard pulled out and Kim fell to her knees. Much to the guard's delight, Kim turned and started sucking his still throbbing member. She started by licking all her juices off his dick, then she sucked his cock into her mouth. With a little work, Kim relaxed her throat and allowed the guard to push his hardness all the way in.

Beth watched in amazement as Kim bobbed her head back and forth, fucking the guard with her throat. Even though Beth thought their situation was totally disgusting, she could appreciate a good blow-job when she saw one.

Apparently the guard appreciated it too, because he soon came, pumping his load straight down Kim's throat. Kim had taken a deep breath right as she felt his dick swell with cum, and so was able to keep swallowing and sucking as he finished. Finally, he pulled out and Kim collapsed on the floor.

The doctor looked over and said, “Alright, this girl is done. She'll be fine. We can go.”

“Aww doc, don't you want some?” the guard who had just fucked Kim's mouth asked.

“Don't mind if I do.” the doctor said.

Kim was lying on her back, her legs splayed open. The doctor took his belt off and doubled it up. Teasingly, he draped the leather strap across Kim's tits then dragged it down to her sopping wet cunt. Kim's eyes were glazed over and she was moaning softly, humping the air as the belt caressed her pussy. Without warning, the doctor raised the belt and then lashed it down on Kim's vulnerable fuck hole. The width of the belt connected dead on with her clit and cunt lips. Kim let out an inhuman screech that made the 7 other girls on the floor cringe as she exploded in a sopping orgasm. The poor girl sprayed a huge flooding amount of girl cum all over the floor. Her body spasmed jerkily once, twice, then a third time before she passed out. All 3 men laughed as they dressed and left the room, leaving Kim unconscious and the rest of the girls rattled.


Shortly after the guards left, some orderlies brought food and water to each cell. Kim and Lauren were unconscious, Kim from the orgasm and Lauren from the sedative. The other girls were ravenous though and tore at their food like animals. Beth had eaten most of her food when she noticed Cassie had eaten all of hers.

“Here.” Beth said, handing Cassie her second apple.

Cassie smiled and took it eagerly. “I like your nipples.” Cassie said smiling.

Beth blushed and said, “I think they make me look like a freak.”

“No way, they're cute. And they are really unique, ya know. Are they, like, really sensitive?”

“Yes they are.” Beth said.

Cassie smiled, then her look darkened and she asked, “How old are you? Why are you her?”

“I'm 16,” Beth said, “ And I'm here because I took a the wrong guys car for a joy ride. Why are you here Cassie?”

“After my Momma died, I was sent here because we didn't have any family and the group homes for kids were full,” Cassie said quietly.

“I'm sorry,” Beth said. “No one should be here, but especially not someone who didn't commit a crime.”

At this, Cassie started to cry and Beth felt bad for asking the girl about painful things.

“I tell you what,” Beth said. “I'll clean you if you clean me.”

“Really?” Cassie sniffled.

“Sure,” Beth said. “Lean back.”

Beth grabbed her bottle of water and poured a little on Cassie's ruined love hole. Cassie hissed as the cold water hit her sensitive parts. Beth smiled and began washing off the dried blood and cum with the water and her bare hands.

“I only have enough water to clean your pussy. I'll have to lick the rest off,” Beth said.


Beth used the the water to wash Cassie's pussy and ass clean, then she drank what was left in the bottle. In the next cell, Kim was starting to stir. Beth flaked some of as much of the dried cum out of Cassie's hair as she could with her hands, then she kissed the girl on the mouth. Cassie seemed surprised, but not disgusted and responded by hugging Beth tightly.

Beth held Cassie for several minutes and then broke their embrace. Beth then started licking the dried cum from Cassie's neck and face. It was the most humiliating thing she had ever done, and she knew that the perverted bastards guarding this place were no doubt beating off their cocks as they watched her, on her hands and knees with her bare ass waving around, licking cum of another girl's body. The thought disgusted her, but Cassie deserved the care.

Beth cupped Cassie's pussy in her palm and as she sat up next to the girl and started licking the dried cum off her tits. She could tell that Cassie was starting to like what was happening. Soft gasps and moans escaped the girl's lips on occasion. Beth sucked lightly on Cassie's right nipple and slipped her middle finger into the girl's destroyed pussy. Cassie started humping her finger right away.

“Good girl, that's the way,” Beth said in a teasing tone. “There's nothing to be ashamed of.

She pressed her thumb to Cassie's swollen clit as she fucked the girl with her finger. Cassie's moans became more urgent. Beth slipped 2 more fingers into her and rotated her wrist back and forth. Cassie came in no time at all, her pussy clenching around Beth's fingers, her eyes rolling back in her head. Beth fingered Cassie until her orgasm had finished and the girl stopped squirming, then she lowered her face to Cassie's pussy and licked away the moisture. Cassie moaned and cooed in appreciation, glad that she appeared to have found a friend.

When Beth finished, she sat back up facing Cassie. She looked up at the window behind Cassie and saw that Kim was awake and had been watching. Kim smiled and blew them a kiss. Beth waved back and Cassie, just now noticing she had an audience, blushed in embarrassment.

“It's ok cutie,” Beth said. “Remember, you just saw Kim have an orgasm and pass out.”

Cassie smiled and hugged Beth tightly. The girls fell asleep curled up together in the corner of their cell. Though neither of them knew it, they would very soon be changed in to very different people than they had been so far.

Rating: 81%, Read 18057 times, Posted Nov 20, 2010

Fiction | BDSM, Domination, Humiliation, Rape, Submission


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