Tease of a Lifetime by anthony.kilaris

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Fiction | BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination, Submission, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity

Here it comes, Joe, the moment you dreamed about as a teenager. My heart was fluttering as if it was a bird dashing around my chest, determined to escape through my ribs. My pants felt two sizes too small. I had gotten hard in anticipation in the time I took walking from your front door to your room. Thank goodness I had worn my trenchcoat. It covered my member perfectly, and I went by your parents undetected. I felt nervous, but there was no going back. I was not going to let myself choke up now after coming all this way.

I opened up the door, and there you were, laying in the bed in a blue button down shirt and black yoga pants.Hot damn, you’re every bit as hot in person, I thought as I gulped. I waved, and mustered out an awkward “Hi.”

You were comparatively cool, calm, and collected, and invited me to lay down with you. At this point, I tried to strike up some sort of conversation, just anything to slow the heartbeat in my chest. I could hear it as if it was a bass drum at a rock concert. “So, how was your-”

You then put your finger on my lips. “You can’t fool me, Joe, we both know what you’re here for.” Then you whispered, “It’s hard to ignore this.” You proceeded to grab my dick through my pants. It felt as if an electric jolt ran through it, and I let out a little gasp. Then you started making out with me. Our tongues danced together as our hands wandered. I thought I was horny before, but at this point I felt animalistic. The testosterone merged with the adrenaline, and I knew I needed you bad.

Then, right as I was about to take off my pants, you abruptly stopped everything, and in a teasing tone, told me “But not until my parents leave the house.”

Argh, I thought. You really had me worked up. All those years of masturbation have left me with a low tolerance for not having instant gratification, but you were right. I know you’re not exactly the quietest girl on the planet, and if your moans didn’t give it away, then the creaking of the bed would.

To pass the time, we watched a movie. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t, for the life of me, remember what movie we watched. They say that when a man is turned on, all the blood leaves his brain and goes to his dick. I have to say, they were right. All I knew is that the minutes dragged on for what seemed like forever, and you took great pleasure in teasing me.

If you weren’t brushing your hand near my dick as it ached to be let out of its denim prison, you were giving me sneak peaks. You loved pulling your shirt up just enough so that I could see your bra, but right as you were about to expose your tits, you would abruptly pull your shirt down.“Oh, no, no,” you would say, wagging your finger. It’s almost as if you wanted me to break down crying at the arousal.

Just as I felt I couldn’t take it anymore, I heard your mom yell, “Alright, Liz! We’ll be back in a couple hours, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!” and the front door open and close.

I laid there for a minute, not sure what to do. Were you going to stop teasing me, now? You turned to me and said, “Alright, show me what you got, Joe. You got me right where you want me.”

I wasted no time. I ripped open your button down shirt like it was wrapping paper on Christmas. Your tits were hidden by a pink push-up bra. Ah, I remember that, I thought. You sat up for a moment and undid your bra. Afterwards, I began to make out with you again, this time with a vigor and desire unmatched by any I’ve had before. I put my hand down your panties and rubbed your clit furiously.

You let out a moan as I was kissing you. I knew how sensitive your clit was, and I made sure to take advantage of that fact. Between the neck kisses that drove your loins wild, and the alternating teasing and hard and fast rubbing, what began as a small wetness became a sopping puddle. I don’t know long I was making this particular move on you, but it was long enough to keep you at the edge for a while.

However, I couldn’t just let you get away with teasing me that badly, so I had to do something to give you a taste of your own medicine. I was feeling mischievous enough to do it. You were shaking, and your pussy was twitching. I knew you were going to cum soon, so the thought naturally popped into my head to deny you that release. If you were going to cum, you were going to have to earn it, and only with my permission.

Right as you were begging me not to stop, I took my hand away from my clit, and slowly licked my fingers in front of you. You were whimpering and asking why I stopped, and in response, all I did was grin. I then pulled down your pants and threw them across the room. A very noticeable wet spot developed on your panties. I knew it was torturing you to have such a sopping wet garment hugging your pussy, so I didn’t bother to take it off. I simply pushed it to the side.

I then started to tease my tongue around your outer labia. I wanted to lick you in a place where you wouldn’t feel much, but you would instead ache in anticipation. So I took my sweet time, exploring the crevices of your thighs, marking where your legs end and your lips begin, acquainting myself with the sweet nectar that your arousal emitted. You were begging me, “Please!” No can do, Liz, you wanted war, and you got it.

After a while, I finally gave in to your begging, but only partially. I transferred my licking from the periphery to the center. My tongue did some more exploring, this time in your slit. I let it slither through the inside of you, taking delight in feeling the deepest parts of you that my tongue could reach twitch and shake in pleasure. I would occasionally make my way up to your clit, dancing around it, occasionally licking and sucking it. I wanted you to experience small bouts of satisfaction, but never too long. I wanted you to want more, to need more.

I wet two of my fingers with my mouth and put them inside of you. It was no problem. Your juices were flowing into a soaking puddle below you at this point. You let out a surprised gasp at the sudden upping of the ante. I curled them up and hit your g-spot. Your back briefly arched in response. I don’t think this was a sensation you had ever felt before, at least not while this worked up, or with such a nimble set of fingers. All those years of guitar playing must have paid off, because I was writing a melody with your pleasure.

Your moans were increasing, higher and higher in pitch. In between heavy breaths, you were begging me with utter desperation, “Please, please! Don’t stop! Don’t stop! I need to cum! I’m gonna, I’m gonna-” I took my fingers out just before you did. You let out a long, frustrated groan as you shook. “Cmon! Why won’t you let me cum?” You pouted and gave me a desperate look in your eyes.

I responded in the most calm and authoritative voice, “You haven’t earned it yet, Liz.” I could tell you were infuriated. You started frantically rubbing your clit, but before you could make much headway, I took your hand away. “No can do. I know you want me to fuck you. You’re not gonna get it if you cum without my permission.”

You begged me, “Then fuck me! Fuck me! Get in there and fuck me! Please! I can’t take it anymore!”

I pulled down my pants and boxers and whipped out my dick. My god, did it feel good. My pants had felt so tight, but I knew my own hunger for release would make it that much more exciting. Almost instinctively, you spit in your hand and started moving your hand up and down my shaft while licking the tip of my cock. Before I knew it you were sucking the length of me. I almost got lost in my own pleasure, but I remembered what I had set out to do. I saw the pain in your eyes. You were absolutely aching all over from falling from the edge so many times.

I took my dick out of your mouth and rubbed the tip of my dick on your clit. You were still wet as hell, and at this point, I wanted to be inside of you, so I positioned my dick at the opening of your slit. “What are you waiting for! Fuck me, fuck me please!”

I slowly slid all of my length into you, filling you up with my throbbing, veiny cock. You let out a low, long moan. “How does it feel to be full, Liz?”

“So…. good…. please….”

“Please what?”

“Fuck me.”

Again, I only partially gave in to your requests. After all, what’s the fun in totally giving in? I decided to move myself in and out of you as slow as I could possibly bear. Your moans had obvious overtones of frustration. Again, it was a matter of wanting more, needing more.

I slowly picked up the pace, but nowhere near enough to what you needed to get off. I was getting tired of the teasing game myself. I knew I needed to give in at some point just to soothe my own desperate ache for release. I decided to finally give you the rough fucking that we both wanted.

Right as we both got close, I pulled out again, but this time, it was for a different reason. I started vigorously fingering your g-spot again. I neglected to let you know that you had permission, and you had internalized the notion that you couldn’t, so as I felt your cunt tightening around me, you begged me more sincerely than ever “Please, I need to let it go, let me cum.”

I told you, “Cum for me”, and fingered you as hard as I could. You screamed and your back arched as you squirted all over my hand. Wave after wave of pent up lust escaped out of you, and my hand was drenched.

Before your orgasm completely ended, I stuck my dick back inside of you and fucked you roughly. You were screaming and shaking, with your eyes rolling around in the back of your head as I made you cum over and over. You started to beg me, “Unf, cum for me Joey! Come inside me!”

I grunted and let out a stream of hot cum all over the inside of you. You came one last time, our orgasms mixing inside of you. I collapsed beside you, panting and heaving.

“Fuck, Joe, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to move.”

“Me neither, Liz, me neither.”

We both went under the covers and fell asleep, still naked, but we didn’t care. We both earned it after that. It was every bit as passion-fueled and raunchy as I hoped for during my teenage years. My god, my god.

Rating: 88%, Read 8290 times, Posted Mar 18, 2014

Fiction | BDSM, Consensual Sex, Domination, Submission, Teen, Teen Female, Teen Male, Virginity


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