The Devil's Pact Side-Story: The D&D Game by mypenname3000

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The Devil's Pact

by mypenname3000

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The Devil's Pact Side Story: The D&D Group

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Note: This takes place after Chapter 17 when Mary goes out with Diane. Takes place at the same time as Mary and Diane Go Clubbing.

I left Quatch making out with Willow and headed to answer the door. Tonight, I was going to play D&D with the same group of guys I had been playing with since I was fifteen. We had all met in the WOTC store in the South Hill Mall, back when there were still Wizard of the Coast stores. The store had been running a game and we all played in it. We had been gaming together ever since.

We usually got together every Thursday night to play. Of course, I blew them off last Thursday. I was having too much fun with my powers, not to mention I just met Mary. I had fallen head over heals in love with the woman practically on first sight. The guys weren't pleased that I had blown off the game and I was looking to make it up to them.

I was going to let each guy pick a slut to be his personal slave for the evening. To pour drinks, fetch food, and to perform sexually for the guy. I had already settled on Violet to be my personal slave for the night. Violet had been a virgin when I took her and I didn't want any other cock to ever be up in her cunt for the rest of her life.

Quatch, the DM, had arrived first and selected Willow, our newest sex slave, for his Personal Attendant. Quatch was a big, hairy guy, hence his nickname, Quatch. Short for Sasquatch because he is so hairy that he must be cousin to one. I didn't know his real name. It may have been James or John. Or maybe Jeff. I was pretty sure it started with a J. I should know it, he's my best friend, but everyone calls him Quatch, even his mom.

I answered the door and saw Karl. He was the skinniest guy I've ever met. The guy looked as thin as post, his cheeks sunken. I would swear he was a crack addict, but he never seemed high when I was around him. And the guy could eat, it was disgusting how he could put more food away then I could. Behind him, was Tom getting out of his car. Tom was a fat guy with a long ponytail of brown hair.

“Hey, man,” Karl said, shaking my hand. “Killer house. How the fuck did you swing this?”

“I won a poker tournament,” I said. “Hey, Tom.”

“Hey,” he grunted. Tom was a man of few words most of the time. But he really got into roleplaying his characters and could be a down right chatterbox if he was playing the right character.

I led Tom and Karl inside. Quatch was sitting in a recliner getting blown by Willow. His head was thrown back and his mouth wide in amazement and he had a fistful of her raven-black hair. “Holy shit,” Tom muttered.

“You runnin' a brothel, Mark?” Karl gaped.

“These are my sex slaves,” I said. “They do whatever me our my fiancee wants.”

“Fiancee?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, I'm getting married in a month,” I said. “I want you guys to be my groomsmen and Quatch, I was hopping you could be my best man.”

“Shit, I'll fucking do whatever you want!” he moaned. “I haven't had my dick sucked in two years.”

“Choose a lady,” I told Mat and Karl. “She'll be your personal slave for the night. She'll serve

you drinks, fetch you snacks, and do whatever other things you want.”

The doorbell rang again and I went to answer it. Chris was standing there. He was a big guy, in great shape, his hair buzzed short in the ranger haircut. He got out of the army last year, served two tours in Afghanistan. The guy could be on a recruitment poster for the army. He was also the biggest nerd I knew.

“Hey man,” he said, “nice house. I guess the rumors about you robbing a bank must be true!”

I snorted in laughter. “Naw, just a misunderstanding. It's already been sorted out. I just won a poker tournament at the Emerald Queen in Fife.”

“Congrats, man,” he said, slapping me on the shoulder.

“Come in, the rest of the guys are here,” I said.

“Jesus,” Chris said, stunned when he saw the living room.

Tom had Jessica, reporter for KIRO 7 news, sitting in his lap making out with her while Karl had wasted no time and bent teenage Allison over the couch and was following the instructions tattooed on her body. Above her cunt, Allison had “Cum on in” with an arrow pointing at her cunt and it looked like Karl was eagerly following those instructions.

“Mark's getting hitched,” Quatch panted.

“No shit?” Chris asked. I nodded and he offered me his hand. We shook, and I said, “Want to be one of my groomsman?”

“Hell ya, man,” Chris answered, then he looked around. “What does your fiancee think of this?”

“She's upstairs getting ready to go out with her girlfriend,” I answered. “She loves having all these sex slaves.”

I explained the situation and Chris selected Desiree to be his personal attendant and Desiree was pushing him back onto the couch and fishing his cock out and sucked into her mouth. Chris moaned, gripping her black hair and savored the Latina beauty's blowjob. Jessica was straddling Tom and riding his cock on the recliner while Tom muttered, “Whore,” over and over.

“Holy shit, I'm going to cum!” moaned Quatch and he gripped Willow's black hair and held her mouth in place as he came.

Willow swallowed his load and licked her lips. “Thank you for cumming in my naughty mouth,” she purred.

“Man, Mark, you've got it good.”

“I do,” I said. I dismissed the other sluts and grabbed Violet and she knelt before me and sucked my cock into her hungry lips.

Mary entered the living room, dressed in a sleek, black dress, low cut with a short skirt. Black fishnet stockings covered her slim legs. “Have fun,” she told me as I watched our sluts service my pals and enjoyed Violet's mouth on my cock

“You too, Mare,” I replied, and watched her ass sway as she walked out of the living room.

“Christ, was that your fiancee?” Quatch asked, his eyes glued to her ass.

“Yeah, she's the best,” I answered.

“And she doesn't care that you're fucking all these women?”

“She fucks them too,” I said.

“Oh, Mistress loves us to suck her cunt,” Willow cooed in Quatch's ear. “This morning, I sucked Master's cum out of her pussy while I gave her a gynecological exam.”

“Christ, you're getting me hard,” Quatch moaned. Willow grinned, and whispered loudly in his ear, “Why don't you stick that hard cock up my tight snatch and get some relief. You wouldn't want to develop a nasty cast of blue balls?”

“No I wouldn't,” Quatch moaned and bent cinnamon-skinned Willow over the chair and started fucking her from behind. “Oh fuck, your cock feels good up my snatch. Almost as good as Master's! Ohh, harder! Fuck me harder, stud!”

“Oh, Master!” Allison gasped, “he's filling my slutty cunt with his cum! Oh thank you, thank you! My pussy should always be full of cum!”

Karl was panting as he pulled out of Allison's cunt. The slut quickly turned around and sucked his softening cock into her mouth, sucking the last of his cum and her cunt juices right off his cock. “Holy shit, I need to get me one of these!”

“Pick a woman and I can take care of it for you,” I said. “None of my sluts, obviously. Or my Mary, but you pick any other woman and I'll make them hot and bothered for your cock 24/7. They'll beg you to do whatever filthy fantasy you have.”

“I want to make my bitch of a boss grovel before me,” Karl said.

“Not a problem. She working tomorrow?”

“Yeah, just call down at the restaurant and ask for Julie. She'll be in by seven to oversee morning prep.”

I nodded my head. “Done.”

Chris looked at me. “You really can do that? 'Cause there's this barista I have a thing for. She works the morning shift at the Hot Chick A Latte on Meridian.” Hot Chick A Latte was one of the many bikini baristas that dotted Western Washington. “Her name's Velvet and she has the hugest tits in the world. I'm mean these things are like G cups. She could just smother my face with them any day of the week.”

“Desiree, why don't you let Chris feel your tits on his face,” I ordered.

Desiree and Xiu were tied for having the biggest tits amongst the sluts. The Latina stood up, slipping out of her maids outfit, exposing her beautiful, nut-brown breasts and dark, pink nipples. Chris groaned in lust, his cock sticking straight up. Desiree straddled him about the waist and slowly lowered herself on his cock, moaning wantonly as he filled her up. Chris buried his face in Desiree's large tits and motorboated between them while Desiree slowly slid up and down on his cock.

“Oh yes, suck my tits,” Desiree cooed. “Umm, your cock feels so impressive in my cunt.”

“Oh fuck,” Chris moaned as he switched nipples, sucking Desiree's dark pink nub into his mouth.

“Shit, gonna cum!” moaned Tom in alarm. “No condom.”

“Don't worry,” purred Jessica. “I'm on the pill, so just fill my slutty cunt with your cum. Mmhh, yes, it's so warm inside me, filling me up! Oh yes, you're making me cum, stud, oh fuck I love hot cum shooting in my snatch.”

Jessica convulsed on Tom and he captured her sensuous lips in a kiss. Her miniskirt had ridden up, exposing her caramel ass. Jessica was biracial, a mix of Asian, Black, and White that gave her skin a beautiful, caramel hue. “Wow,” Tom panted. “Been awhile.”

“Shit, it was my first time,” Karl panted and I blinked. I thought I had been old when I lost my virginity last week, Karl was five years older than me. Allison was bobbing her head rapidly on his cock and I could tell Karl was loving the feel of her tongue piercing pressing hard on his cock as she swirled it about.

“So, sex slaves?” panted Tom. “Keep Jessica?”

“Oh no,” Jessica protested. “I belong to Master, right?” There was a plaintive catch in her voice.

“Yeah, slut,” I said. “You'll be mine forever.” Jessica sighed in relief. “Tom, any girl that I haven't claimed is yours.”

“High school student,” Tom declared. “Like whore sucking your cock.”

“Sure, I was planning to go to a High School tomorrow, anyways,” I said. “What's your pleasure.”

“Petite, Asian, hairy cunt,” Tom grunted. I nodded.

I closed my eyes, trying to enjoy Violet's blowjob. It had been getting hard with having to answer all my friends questions. Violet had grown quite skilled, her head bobbing rapidly, her cheeks sucking in and out as she pleasured me. And her tongue, sliding about my cock like an agile little snake, increasing my pleasure with every second.

“Here it comes, slut!” I moaned and Violet sucked harder at my cock, eager to taste her master's cum. I shot three, quick blasts into her mouth and she skillfully swallowed all of my load and sucked harder, coaxing the last morsel of cum out of my cock.

“Thank you, Master,” she breathed when my cock slid out of her mouth.

“I want to cum on your big titties,” Chris panted.

Desiree smiled and slid off his cock and knelt before Chris. She took her big breasts and wrapped them around his cock and slid them between her pillowy breasts, lubed by her pussy juices. She moved her tits up and down as fast as possible and Chris smiled hungrily as he watched Desiree. Then he grunted and his white seed spilled across Desiree's breasts. Desiree took a finger and swiped up a gob of semen on her finger and sucked into her mouth as Chris watched

“Fuck, you're one nasty bitch,” Chris whispered.

Quatch was fucking Jessica hard over couch arm. Her cinnamon ass jiggled as he fucked her. Quatch grunted with every stroke, sweat running down his forehead and his face turned beat red. Quatch let out a sound that was like a growl and a shout and buried himself into Willow's cunt and went rigid. He pulled out, his fat cock and white cum trickled out of her cunt.

“Wow, eh, wow,” Quatch panted. Then he got self conscious and put his cock away. “So, eh, where are we playing. I'll get set up.” Quatch was our DM, the guy who ran the game, controlled the enemies and NPCs.

Willow grabbed his hand. “Follow me, Quatch,” she said and led him to the dining room.

Kurt was fucking Allison's face like a man's possessed. He held her face between his hands, keeping her face still, as he reamed her sucking mouth. “Oh, shit, I gonna cum!” he groaned. Allison sucked his cum down her mouth.

“Oh, your cum is so tasty,” cooed Allison, not phased at all by the mouth fucking.

The rest of us headed to the dining room to start playing. Quatch was setting up as Willow stood behind him, cum running down her thighs. Lillian walked in, dressed in a pleated, black skirt, short, and a black half-shirt that left her flat belly bared. Her nipples were poking hard at her shirt. Clutched in her hand was a bag of dice, a players handbook, and her character sheet. Lillian was a goth girl that used to work at Hot Topic, and I was surprised to learn, loved to play D&D.

“This is Lillian,” I introduced, “the new player I was talking about.”

“Hi boys,” Lillian grinned. “I made an Elven bard.”

Quatch nodded. “Yeah, okay, that'll work.”

“Before we start, Quatch, Tom, Chris, and Karl, you guys don't have to do what I tell you,” I said. These guys were my friends, I didn't want to control them. I guess that's why Mary didn't want me controlling Alice.

“Yeah, no shit,” Chris said.

Tom just shook his head at me.

“You all right, man?” Quatch asked.

“Yeah,” I replied. “Just had to be said.”

“Whatever, let's play,” Karl shrugged.

The rest of us got out our characters. I was playing a Gnome illusionist, Chris had an Orc barbarian, Tom was playing an Thri-keen monk, and Karl played an Elven cleric. Quatch started the game, we were in the middle of quest to recover an artifact stolen from Karl's church. Quatch introduced Lillian's character as Karl's sister, here to help him out.

We got through the first encounter, when the pizzas arrived and our slaves went out and got us food and poured us drinks. Chris had pulled Desiree in his lap and had her feed him pizza, her large breasts, covered in dried cum, jiggled as she laughed and licked pizza sauce off his lips. Karl copied Chris, and Allison was having a lot of fun feeding him pizza. I had Violet suck my cock while I ate.

Tom bent Jessica over the corner of the table and looked questioningly at me. “Anal?”

I nodded my head. Jessica giggled, “Uhh, I love a cock up my ass.”

Tom's cock pushed at her tight ass and Jessica moaned as he slowly slid inside her. “Tight!” Tom grunted and started fucking her.

Quatch stood up and walked over and pulled out his cock and shoved it into Jessica's face. Jessica eagerly sucked his cock into her mouth. Lillian grabbed Willow and sat her before her on the table. Willow's cunt was dripping with cum and Lillian grabbed a slice of pizza and ran it through Willow's cunt and ate the cum covered slice.

“Wow, that's nasty,” Chris moaned. “Oh shit, she's eating her pussy.”

Lillian was licking up the cum and pizza sauce staining Willow's pussy. Chris whispered in Desiree's ears and she stood up and walked over to the two girls and offered her cum-stained breasts to Willow's eager lips. Chris stood up and watched the three girls, jerking his cock off furiously. Willow's cinnamon face rubbed on Desiree's nut brown tits. Willow was moaning in pleasure as Lillian tongued her pussy.

“Oh my god, that's so hot!” Chris moaned as he beat his meat.

“Let me do that,” Desiree purred, reaching out and started giving Chris a handjob. “Doesn't that feel better than doing it yourself?”

“Yeah!” Chris moaned.

Karl was making out with Allison, his hands freeing her breasts from her blouse. “Oh my God, her nipples are pierced.” Karl seemed fascinated with playing with her pierced nipples. He bent his head and sucked one of the nipples into his mouth, playing with the nipple and piercing with his tongue. Allison moved and straddled Karl and deftly fished his cock out of his pants. Karl moaned as Allison sank her sloppy cunt onto his cock.

Willow was cumming on Lillian's face, Desiree's hands were furiously pumping at Chris's cock. “Your hand is amazing,” Chris groaned. “I'm going to spurt!”

His cum shot out out, splashing Desiree's tit. The sucking blast caught Willow's hair, cheek and neck, and the third shot landed on Lillian's head. Lillian rose up and licked cum off Desiree's tit and then Willow's neck. Cum staining her lips, she threw her arms around Chris and kissed him on the lips, hard, rubbing her body up against him.

“So, you're playing my brother?” Lillian asked.

“Yeah,” Chris panted.

“I've always wanted to fuck my brother!”

“I'm drained, babe,” Chris said in disappointment.

“Why don’t you eat my cunt and maybe you'll get a second wind.” Lillian had a smile on her black lips.

Chris pushed her up against the wall and knelt down and started to eat her cunt. Lillian shoved up her shirt, exposing her breasts and played with her nipples. I finished my pizza and pulled Violet up and bent her over the table and shoved my cock up her ass, tight and hot, and fucked her hard while Violet moaned in pleasure. Desiree pushed Willow to the floor and cooed in pleasure as Willow eagerly ate her cunt out.

“I want to fuck her cunt while you fuck her ass,” Quatch muttered, Jessica's sucking mouth around his cock.

“Sure,” Tom grunted, and pulled out of Jessica's ass.

Quatch sat on the table and Jessica straddled his waist. “Jesus, her cunt's wet.”

“Sloppy seconds,” Tom smirked and shoved his cock back up her tight sphincter.

Both buys grunted as Jessica writhed between them. She was loving it, taking a cock up both her wholes, and panted liked a bitch in heat. “Fuck my ass, oh yes! Fuck, that's a nice cock in my dirty snatch! Yes, boys, fuck me! Fuck me!” Jessica writhed between them as an orgasm rolled through her body. They two guys just kept right on fucking her.

Quatch started squeezing her breasts hard, pinching her nipples. “Fucking whore!” he groaned, eyes closed. “Fucking cockteasing whore!”

I felt my balls tighten as I fucked Violet's tight ass. Violet was gasping in pleasure and her ass started convulsing on my cock as the little slut came. Her ass was milking my dick and I felt that sweet moment of releases surged through my body and out my dick, filling her ass with a copious load of cum.

Chris got his second wind and rose up, face sticky with Lillian's cunt juices. “Ohh, that's a nice cock!” Lillian gasped as he slipped his dick in her wet whole and started fucking her against the wall.

“Cumming!” Tom moaned and buried his cock up Jessica's ass and shot his load up her ass. He pulled out and stumbled back, panting.

Jessica continued riding Quatch, “Cum in my pussy, stud,” she moaned. “Your friend creamed my ass so cream my pussy!”

“Here it comes, you nasty bitch!” Quatch moaned and grabbed her hips and shoved her down so he bottomed out in her cunt then he grunted and Jessica writhed atop him as her second orgasm was triggered by Quatch's cum.

Karl was frantically fucking Allison, his face contorted. “Cumming, cumming!” he muttered and flooded Allison hungry cunt. He pulled out, panting. The guys were getting warn out, they didn't have my devil enhanced sexual stamina. Drinks were downed and more pizza was devoured and we got back to gaming.

After using the bathroom, I found Quatch waiting at the door. “There's another bathroom upstairs,” I told him. “You didn't have to wait.”

“Oh, I just wanted to talk to you in private,” Quatch said, nervous. “You said you could make any woman my sex slave.”

“Yeah,” I told him.

He handed me his phone. “My sister's been staying with me. And she's a fucking cocktease, prancing around the apartment in her underwear. My dick's hard all the time.”

“Sure, I'll make Kim into your slut,” I replied. Kim was a smoking hot girl. I think Quatch got all the hair in his family, because her skin was always silky smooth.

The phone rang and Kim answered, “Hey bro.”

“Kim, from now on, you're going to be Quatch's sex slave,” I told her. “You'll happily do whatever nasty, depraved acts he wants and do it with a smile. You'll live to please him.”

“Sure,” Kim purred.

I threw the phone to her brother. “So, Kim,” Quatch said nervously. “What did Mark tell you to do.” I couldn't here her response, but Quatch smiled. “Good, I want you naked and ready to fuck when I get home.” I could just here a throaty laugh over the phone. “Later, bitch!” Quatch smirked and hung.

As the night grew later, the sluts started getting tired and I let them go into the living room to rest. We usually played until two or three in the morning, fueled by mountain dew and energy drinks. Lillian meshed well with the group, just as an intense gamer as the rest of us were. Around one AM, Mary got home.

She walked into the dining room and draped herself across my lap. She reeked of pussy: tangy, spicy, sweet, tart, all the delicious flavors of a woman's cunt. It was a delightful bouquet and I felt my cock hardened. She kissed me on the lips, slipping her tongue into my mouth.

“Did you have fun?” I asked. “Because you reek of pussy?”

Mary giggled. “I did. I just have to go back to that club again.”

“Let me introduce you,” I said. “Quatch is the big, hairy guy.”


“Because I'm as hairy as Sasquatch,” he said with a grin.

“Karl's the skinny guy, Chris is the ex-army ranger, and Tom is the quiet one,” I continued. “Quatch is going to be my best man and the others will be my grooms.”

“Nice to meet you,” Mary said. “Are you almost done?”

“Yeah, we're at the boss,” I said. “A sorcerer-dragon.”

“Ohh,” Mary cooed. “Want to make it interesting?” She had a big grin on her face.

“What are you thinking?” I asked.

“Well, whoever has the killing blow can fuck my pussy,” Mary giggled.

“Shit,” Tom muttered, blinking in surprise.

“You're Mark's fiancee, right?” Chris asked in surprise.

“Hey, he can fuck any woman he wants, so I can fuck any guy,” Mary retorted. “It's only fair. Right, hun.”

She was right, it was only fair. “Yeah, Mare. Fair is fair.” Mary was free to fuck who she wanted, although I preferred if she would just fuck women. But there was something strangely thrilling about watching your women getting fucked by another guy.

“Hey, I'm running the dragon,” Quatch protested. “So, what about me.”

Mary bit her lip. “Well, if you kill all of them, then you can fuck me.”

“Really?” Karl asked, glancing at me. I don't think he quite believed I would let my beautiful fiancee fuck one of my friends. I nodded at him.

It became a free for all. We stopped cooperating, each of us wanting to be the player to drop the dragon. And Quatch pulled out all the stops. I wasn't going to accuse him of cheating behind the DM screen, but he had a couple of lucky crits that killed Lillian's bard. I was badly hurt and asked Karl's cleric to heal me on his turn. Instead of healing me, Karl attacked and, on the dragon's next turn, I was killed by its acidic breath weapon.

“Thank, Karl,” I muttered.

“Oh, poor baby,” Mary said, kissing me. “You'll just have to get sloppy seconds, hun.”

Quatch got a worried look on his face when Chris's barbarian crit and Tom sent his monk in to finish the dragon. Then he rolled badly: a 3, a 4, and a 1, a fumble. The dragon bit the Thri-keen and knocked him unconscious. Karl's tactic of not healing his competition was paying off, and on his turn, he stabbed his longsword into the dragon and felled it with a tenth of the damage Chris had just dealt with his crit.

Karl whooped loudly. “All right!” He grabbed his crotch and rubbed his hard dick. “I can't believe I get to fuck another girl tonight.”

“He lost his virginity to Allison, earlier,” I told her.

“Ohh, how cute,” Mary said, her dress sliding off her body. She was naked save for a black push-up bra which I unhooked for her, spilling out her perky, freckled breasts. Chris gave a cat call and Mary smiled, twirling about for the guys. She was getting off on the attention. Then, she hopped up on the table, knocking over some miniatures and spilling someone's drink onto the floor. No one cared as Mary spread her legs, exposing her wet pussy and pink hole. “C'mon, I've had women all night, I need a dick in me!”

Karl pants came undone and his cock sprang out and he shoved it into Mary's cunt, hard. He sucked on Mary's tits, kissed up her neck and cheek. I noticed a hickey on Mary's neck that she didn't have when she left for the club. Karl kissed her cheek and tried to kiss her on the lips but Mary turned her head.

“Mark's the only man that kisses me,” Mary told him.

“Sure,” Karl said, panting as he fucked away.

Quatch was gathering up his stuff. “You're not going to watch,” Chris asked, stroking his cock lazily.

“Kim,” Quatch said, giving me a meaningful look. I winked at him and hoped he enjoyed his sister. “Later guys,” Quatch farewelled, and left.

Lillian knelt before me and started sucking on my cock. I enjoyed the blowjob and watched my fiancee get fucked by my friend. Karl was gasping as his ass pumped away on top of her. Mary was moaning and then Karl stiffened and flood her cunt with cum. He pulled off of her and I could see disappointment on Mary's face, she hadn't cum yet.

Then Tom was there and he just buried his cock up her cunt before anyone could object. Mary's disappointment faded and she smiled happily and writhed beneath him as he fucked her. Mary turned her head, still smiling happily, her green eyes sparkling with lust. Mary arched her back and as she came beneath Tom, never breaking eye contact with me. I shot my load down Lillian's mouth as I watched my fiancee orgasming underneath another man. Tom climbed off a moment later and I saw Mary's pussy gaping and full of cum.

Chris mounted Mary, eager for his turn. “Oh, god it feel so nice inside her pussy,” Chris moaned. “So wet.”

Mary rubbed his chest through his shirt. “Ooh, you're all muscly,” she purred. “Let me see.”

Chris popped off his shirt, exposing his six-pack abs and muscled pecs.

Mary ran her hands over his muscular torso. “So nice,” she cooed. “Oh yes.” Chris started fucking her harder and harder and Mary threw back her head and let out a low, throaty moan as she came beneath Chris.

Chris slammed his cock into her a few more times, moaning, “Her cunt's milking my cock! Oh fuck, oh fuck!”

“Ohh, cum in me,” Mary gasped. Chris stiffened and Mary smiled happily as he pumped her cunt with a third man's cum.

“Man, Mark, your fiancee is a wild gal,” Chris panted as he pulled out.

“She's my naughty filly,” I said with a smile.

“And your naughty filly need her randy stallion to give her a proper fucking!” Mary moaned wantonly. “Your friends were nice, but I need a real cock in me.”

I knew she was just saying that to stroke my ego, but that didn't stop me from being happy as I crawled up her body and slowly slid my cock into her sloppy pussy with wet, squelching noise. Mary pulled my head down and kissed me passionately, her legs wrapping around my waist, pulling me into her cunt. I fucked her slowly.

“Oh yes,” Mary moaned, “that's the cock I love. And the man.”

“I love you, Mare,” I whispered into her ear, fucking her faster and harder.

The table creaked beneath us as we picked up our pace. Mary's hips rotated beneath me, humping me back as hard as I humped her. Her tongue licked at my ear and she whispered, “Your friend's cocks were nice, but yours is the one that my pussy craves. You're stirring my cunt up so deliciously.”

“Your cunt feels amazing,” I whispered into her ear. “So wet and slick.” I saw the hickey on her neck and I decided to leave one of my own, bigger, and sucked hard on her neck.

“That's all your friends cum,” Mary cooed. “Sloppy, wet cum, filling me up. But I need more. I need your tasty cum.” Her fingers racked my back through my shirt. “I'm getting so close to cumming! Are you close?”

“Yes, Mare!” I groaned and went back to sucking at her neck. I started fucking her hard, our flesh slapping together.

“You always fuck me so hard after another man's been in me,” Mary whispered and then she kissed me and my balls tightened and my orgasm exploded out of me. Mary bucked beneath me, her cunt spasming as she came. “Mmh, that was nice,” Mary said as I laid on top of her. “Maybe I should join your group, it seems like so much fun.”

“Yeah,” Tom said.

“I would love for you to come again,” Karl excitedly said.

“Oh, I can guarantee that I will cum again,” Mary said with a wicked smile.

Rating: 87%, Read 26654 times, Posted Nov 11, 2013

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