Rise of a Matriarch- Chapter 10 Brutality and Bonding by Drowanon

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Fantasy | BDSM, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Pissing, Submission, Water Sports

The Drow Mistress stood over the two slaves caught in the act with Iliafray’s face still covered with Xanaphia’s nectar and Xanaphia still flushed from the orgasms which had shaken her. “ Do you have better explanation or should I assume that Elf Bitch has had an orgasm without permission and Orc Cunt has been playing with another slave without permission?”

Iliafray looked up and the drow and replied “Orc Cunt confirms her mistress’s explanation and begs for her Mercy” as she said this both she and Xanaphia assumed the present position kneeling in front of their mistress.

The drow smiled down at the two “Well if I can’t arrange the first time for Elf Bitch to have sex at least I can be the first to experience her talents and you Orc Cunt can help to motivate her” She pulled the pain wand from her belt and pushed Iliafray backwards with her foot until Iliafray was lying on her back on the floor with her knees bent and legs apart, then she placed the tip of the pain wand at the entrance to Iliafray’s cunt. “I am going to get something from the storeroom when I get back that pain wand had better be buried in Orc Cunt up to it’s hilt and Elf Bitch had better be back in the present position or I will flay the skin off Orc Cunt’s tits and then stick the wand up it’s cunt” the drow turned and walked out of the cell.

Iliafray tried to indicate with movements of her head and bound arms that she could not reach the pain wand and eventually Xanaphia got the message shuffling over on her knee’s she pressed one knee against the hilt of the wand and pushed it forward until it was buried up to it’s hilt in Iliafray’s cunt looking apologetically at Iliafray as she did so.

The drow returned bringing with her an orc carrying a chair, the orc set the chair down in front of Xanaphia and then left. The drow uncoupled the leash linking the two slaves from Iliafray’s clit ring and then seated herself in the chair adjusting her garment’s until her cunt was exposed and spreading her legs so it was clearly on display glistening in anticipation “Elf Bitch when I give the signal you our to crawl over here and lick my cunt until I orgasm all over that pretty face of yours. The signal will be when I turn on the pain wand and it will stay on and increase it’s setting until you have finished, so if you like your friend Orc Cunt sane and not crippled by pain you will show some enthusiasm for your task if you are not already motivated by the chance to taste my nectar. Begin Now!” the drow touched a gemstone set into a bracelet on her arm and Iliafray let out the first of what promised to be a long series of screams and started to convulse and the pain stimulation of the wand struck at the heart of her being.

Hurriedly Xanaphia crawled over to the drow her face and upper body red with embarrassment and humiliation and took her place between the drow’s legs. Tentatively at first but then with more energy as the screams from behind her grew more and more agonized. She tried desperately to remember what Iliafray had done to her earlier as she began her clumsy licking up and down the drow’s cunt, she was pleasantly surprised that the taste of the drow was actually fairly pleasant similar to her own juices she had tasted on Iliafray’s lips. She managed to find the drow’s clit and sucked on that while rubbing it with her tongue and made a few desperate attempts to find sensitive spots inside the drows cunt with her probing tongue. It was an amateur attempt and the drow could easily have avoiding coming for some time but the screams and the knowledge that she had a paladin at her mercy between her legs made up for the fumbling inexperience and it took only six minutes before her ejaculate exploded over Xanaphia’s face and she shook with an orgasm “Not bad for a first time Elf Bitch, now just one more thing before I turn off the pain wand. You are going to drink my piss, once you have drunk it all I stop the pain wand, if you spill any you lick it all up and then I keep the wand on for another minute, if you throw up the wand stays on for a quarter of an hour,if you throw up on me, the wand stays on for a quarter of an hour and I flay the skin of her front and back with this scourge , press your tongue into my cunt when you are ready to start, no rush Orc Cunt seems to be enjoying herself” Ilifray was screaming less now her voice giving way under the screams and her body curled up in a fetal position surrounded by a pool of urine were her bladder had lost control from the pain.

Xanaphia balked for a second before performing such a perverted act and then her shoulders slumped as she realised she had no choice , leaning forward again she tried to get her mouth in place to take everything that came out and then slid her tongue into the drow’s cunt. Immediately she felt the hot acrid flow stream into her mouth and tried to gulp it down, fighting to both keep ahead of the flow and the nausea rising in her stomach, fortunately her paladin training had given her iron self control so she was able to avoid throwing up and also fortunately for her the drow was going easy controlling the flow of her urine to be manageable by the untrained toilet slave until the very end when she deliberately increased the flow causing Xanaphia’s mouth to overflow spilling urine down the drow’s thighs and onto the floor and Xanaphia’s breasts. “Better get cleaning “ the drow remarked watching as Xanaphia licked over her thighs and bent over to lick the floor clean, the drow let the urine drying on the slave stand. As the cleanup finished “Well while we wait for the extra minute of Orc Cunt’s entertainment lick my cunt clean” “Yes Mistress “responded Xanaphia and licked the last drops of the vile liquid from the drows cunt sliding her tongue inside to make sure none remained. Finally the drow touched the gem on her bracelet again and the agonized screams from Iliafray were replaced with whimpering.

Xanaphia pulled back from the drow’s cunt feeling slightly nauseous after drinking down the drow’s urine but to her chagrin despite the humiliation she had undergone and her worry for Iliafray she could feel her cunt juicing with arousal. The drow smiled down at the pair of slaves and still seated probed Xanaphia’s cunt with her toes “ Elf Bitch I am surprised at you, enjoying toilet duties and torture and you a Paladin, I think Elf Bitch is the wrong name for you so Elf Slut it is. Now Elf Slut and Orc Cunt I have some bad news for you, I will be busy for a while with more important things, such as supervising the cleaning of my home. Until I return the rules for your conduct will be put up on a display board and any breaking of those rules will be punished severely. When I get back I expect Elf Slut to have made considerable progress in her training or I will be unhappy. Elf Slut you may have one more taste of your Mistress’s cunt to remind you of what you will be missing and then stand up and walk over to the sleeping area.”

Reluctantly Xanaphia leaned forwards and kissed the drow’s cunt before running her tongue inside to collect some of her nectar then she stood up and walked over to the sleeping straw. The drow followed her and connected the leash attached to her collar to one of the attachment points on the wall leaving her with two meters of leash and effectively limiting her to staying in the sleeping area. While this was happening two orcs carried a large obsidian slab into the cell and fastened it to the wall between the two doors were it promptly began to display silver text on it’s black surface at the same time a couple of Goblins came in and swapped all the straw for fresh straw and mopped up the mess around Iliafray. Once Xanaphia was secured the drow walked over to Iliafray and fastened a slender silver collar around her neck before leaving the cell leaving the two slaves alone. A few minutes later Iliafray recovered enough to crawl over to Xanaphia and the application of her healing gifts left Iliafray merely feeling sore rather than in crippling agony.

Gang bang sophia 10

Sophia awoke she was in some sort of stone cell naked with a collar around her neck chained to the wall, her mouth wedged open with some sort of ring gag and her hands fastened together behind her back lying on a straw mattress. Her hair was still matted and her body covered with dried sweat and other bodily fluids. Clearly things were not going well for her, She opened her eyes and looked around and saw a burly human guard standing at the door to the cell, he said something in a language she did not recognise and left the cell.

Sophia waited unable to do anything but wait and after a short time the guard returned bringing with him another dozen men, they all looked at her and talked and laughed with each other in the foreign language making crude and suggestive gestures, Finally one of them spoke to her in broken and crude elven “Witch , you fuck us or” he held up a vicious looking whip. For Sophia it was an easy decision either she cooperated or they whipped her and then raped her , so she may as well miss out on the whipping, she nodded and thrust her breasts forward. The men laughed and walked towards her pulling down their trousers the first one stuck his cock through her ring gag and she started to tongue his cock as he drove it down her throat as she was occupied with this man another one lifted her up and dropped her down onto another man’s cock the speed of the penetration hurting her despite her wet cunt and within moments another man was forcing his cock into her dry asshole, which hurt , she tried to use her tongue and abdominal muscles to bring her rapists off as fast as possible. The man in her mouth pulled out as he came spattering his cum all over her face and was immediately replaced by another man, it seemed all of her rapists were trying to pull out to come over her face and breasts and as each one finished another replaced them, indeed soon she could taste her own shit and cunt juices on the cocks in her mouth. Her ass and cunt were soon raw and painful as she was taken by so many men in each hole, she passed into a trance like state of semi-consciousness as her body ran on automatic , finally the last of the rapists was worn out and she slumped on the mattress covered in sticky white semen . Then exhausted she passed out into a deep sleep which after further drugs she would not wake from for some time.

Rating: 50%, Read 1640 times, Posted Jan 28, 2021

Fantasy | BDSM, Domination, Female, Group Sex, Lesbian, Male, Pissing, Submission, Water Sports


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