evil genius 3: new conquest. by deniss

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Fantasm | BDSM, Blackmail, Boy, Consensual Sex, Death, Domination, Drug, Murder, Submission, Teen, Teen Female

Ian was loving his new life. It cost him about $1 ½ million dollars, but he was free. He arrived here about a month after he said his last “good bye” to Heather and was already making his plans. He moved to a small town on the southern U.S. on the Caribbean coast. It was always warm, even in the winter time it was about 80 degrees average. Their were 2 schools here, preschool-6th grade. And 7th-12th grade high school. Only on police department with 6 cops and no federal agency. A small hospital and a few mom and pop stores, and one real grocery store. This is a small fishing town and most of the men were out on the sea working.

Ian bought a 2 storied house with 3 bed and 1 ½ bathrooms, small good size living room and kitchen (he did enjoy cooking) and a large dinner room. It also had a good size den and garage. The backyard was roomy with a small pool and nice lawn with neck high fences.

He meet all 3 of his new neighbors after only a few weeks.

One his right side was a woman named Kathy. She was married and divorced 3 times and has 4 very pretty daughters: Kathy was 37 years old, about 5’11” weighed 132 with green eyes, red hair and a surprisingly fit body. She wore a C-cup and spent most of her time in a sports bra and sweat pants. Lucy: the oldest from the first marriage is about 18 years old a firm body with B-cup breast. Long brown hair and green eyes. She was about 5’9” and weighed about 103.

Brea Ann: from the second marriage was a athletic girl with the body to prove it. firm abbes and a semi-muscular body, she was fast and strong. She was 17 years old, 5’11” (the tallest) had short red hair, Green eyes, wore a C-cup, and weighed about 103. Helena and Gabby are twins from the last marriage. Each were almost 16, about 5’9” weighted 110 with lean builds, brown eyes, wore a B-cup and both had jet black hair with a red stripe in the front. Helena has hers on the right side, Gabby’s on the left. It’s the only way to tell them apart.

The couple on my left are the Lonards. No kids but the wife ,Alexis is pretty nice. About 26 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. She weighs 116, about 6’2” tall, and has D-cup breast. Behind him are the Hippies, Gene and his (wife/sister?) Janet. Gene’s a slob with little hygiene sense but Janet is a true beauty. She’s 6’1” with a slim frame, brown hair and eyes and weighs about 106. She also has a very plump C-cup breast and never wears a bra.

Ian maintained a low profile. keeping his true intelligence a secret. He had to enroll in high school as he was just turned 16, he was still considered a juvenile. This was fine to him. It gave him the opportunity get gather information about students and his teachers as well as their parents. One of the boys he meet in school is Richard his mom is a deputy. Richard is Melissa’s only child. 16 years old 5’7”, weighs 116 with red hair and blue eyes. average build.

As with most students, Ian spent his time talking about sports and girls and such all the while he was learning the secrets of his peers and their family’s. From this chatter, he learned that their was a old storm shelter next to the auto shop that some teachers and students go to have sex. Ian took this info lightly but decided to look into it anyway. After school let out, Ian started to look and soon, he found it. he opened the door and found another surprise. He saw Richard getting banged from behind by the school’s history teacher. “More fuel for his plans” he thought. He quietly closed the hatch and left the two to their own and headed home.

As he got to his house, could see that his neighbors were up in arms. Melissa the cop had come to the hippie house and took all their marijuana plants. They grow and sell Marijuana in the backyard to make ends-meat. This was the first time he saw her over their, but it wouldn’t be the last. Already, Ian had formulated a plan to gain control.

Melissa is one of the town Deputies. She has some street smarts and is in great physical shape.. She is 35 years old with light red hair 6’, weighs 133 with brown eyes and has D-cup breast.

After 5 months in his new town home, Ian had worked out his whole plan for the neighborhood. Through his “friendship” with Richard, he learned his mothers patrol routes and new when she would “visit” the Gene and Janet again. So he started off by giving them a heads up and giving them time to hide their stash. In exchange, they gave a little weed to him. Ian then used the weed to make joints for his neighbor Lucy. After school for 3 weeks, Lucky would get stoned and tell Ian everything he asked about. He also laced the joints to make them more addictive. soon she would be so hooked on them, she would do anything for them. From the information he got from Lucy, Ian started a friendly competition with Brea Ann. Both started jogging and working out after school and on weekends. Ian started to spike Brea’s drinks and soon she was getting very chatty about her family and their issues. From Brea’s chat’s Ian learned that the twins were cheating at school. For fun and to help cheat on test, the girls re-dye their hair to take each others place’s in class. They also like to drink beer after school and when their mom wasn’t home. From all that he learned from the girls, he was able to understand them and their mother. Kathy was very lonely and had little interest what her daughters did. She worked part time and was getting child support from all 3 ex’s. Her daughters also dropped the hint that she had a eye for him and would come across her masturbating and saying his name. With this information. He moved on to his next objective, his back neighbor Janet.

Gene and Janet weren’t so much hippies as their were drug dealers. They used the guise to help keep the police and other nosy people away. In the time Ian had known them, he had quickly saw through their ruse and learned their habits. The marijuana they grew was natural. No chemicals or additives. They sold it cheaply and carefully. While their business skills were good, their hygiene was not. Gene was a slob. always wearing old dirty cloths and smelled bad. How Janet put up with him is a mystery even he couldn’t figure out. Janet on the other hand was the total opposite. Were Gene was a mess, she was a sight to behold. Ian made her one of his priorities. Janet was out going and warm toward people as Gene was not. He made strong headway with her by telling her when Melissa would be “dropping by”. His observation of them showed him that they get stoned almost every night. Sometimes to the point that nothing could wake them up. Ian actually went over the fence one night and hit Gene upside the hard and he never flinched. This information helped him with his plans. After Melissa’s last visit, Ian offered to help them replant the garden. During this time, he got closer to Janet and she told him how they mixed the soil and what the put on the them to help then grow. After a few weeks, they invite Ian over for a smoke party. He accepted and that night as they were getting wasted he put a joint laced with strychnine on Gene’s ash tray. Janet was already out like a light and Gene was almost completely gone. Ian left and let Gene smoke his joint. Over the next 2 weeks Ian kept giving Gene laced joints and the fool kept smoking them. He never once considered his sudden sickness was because of Ian. Janet was also stumped. She thought that Gene had a flu or something. She was beautiful but dumber than a bag of rocks. As Gene was getting worse, Janet spent more time with Ian, growing closer and trusting him more. By the 3rd week, Gene was gone, and Janet was all alone with Ian.

With Kathy’s daughters as well as Janet under his influence, Ian now made his move on Melissa. His friendship with Richard gave him insight on this corrupt cop. Her addiction to marijuana and alcohol made her vulnerable. Knowing Richards secret sex life helped. After Gene’s death, Melissa got more aggressive toward Janet. Demanding more plants and for the first time some of her money. Out of fear, Janet complied. This helped drive her deeper into Ian’s control. But it also gave Ian more leverage on Melissa. He also learned that Melissa was looking into Ian’s history and what happened to his parents and Heather. Most assumed Heather had left the town to the big city. Ian still remained clam and stuck to his plan. is was still working and he just need not to panic. One night after school, Ian got Richard and the girls together in a small alleyway and they started drinking beers, Ian had poured his bottle full of nonalcoholic beer so he could control the others. As the beer took effect, Ian started dropping little inquires to get them to talk. He asked what the girls wore to bed and between the drunken silliness he learned that the twins still Lucy’s lingerie. Funny as it was to see Lucy mad, Richard blurted out in his drunk stupor, that his mother has been taking crack as well as Marijuana. She also drinks heavy alcohol when she gets home. But the real jewel was that she was hidden out for stealing money from her old drug pusher. This was the kind of information Ian needed. Now he was ready to take down the law.

On Melissa’s next visit to Janet’s house, Melissa ran into Ian. Janet was over at Kathy’s place smoking with the girls. Melissa tried to intimidate Ian but he held his ground. Ian showed her a video recording he made of Richard having sex with a male teacher. Melissa collapsed in shock. Laying on her knees, head buried in her face, Ian also informed her that he found her former drug supplier and had his number on his cell phone’s speed dial. At that point, Melissa’s strength was gone. She was a weak little doll. She looked into Ian’s eyes and said “what do you want from me”. And with that, he had his own little police toy.

3 down, 1 to go. His last objective was his last neighbor, Mrs. Alexis Lonard. Her husband was always on trips so she spent a lot of time talking to Ian. The few times he was able to enter her house showed that she was a neat freak, The house was spotless. Even the carpets shined. But the one thing she couldn't hide was the 2 trash bins full of empty bottles. Vodka, Jack Daniels and whiskey bottles were almost overflowing from the bins. This gave Ian an opening that he could use. On his last visit, he got Alexis drunk and she almost jumped into his lap at the first indication of sex. Her desperateness mixed with her drinking made her the easiest of all the women. Now he just needed to organize his plans and make the first move.

Rating: 85%, Read 13484 times, Posted May 30, 2014

Fantasm | BDSM, Blackmail, Boy, Consensual Sex, Death, Domination, Drug, Murder, Submission, Teen, Teen Female


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