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Fantasy | Consensual Sex

Bao Han is the only Vietnamese singer who came from Vienna Austria. Her family left Vietnam in 1975 and settled in Europe when Bao Han was 2 years old. While at a performance in Paris, Bao Han was discovered by the management of Malone Productions. In 1992, she signed an exclusive contract with Malone Productions and has appeared in Paris.

In recent years, Bao Han has traveled and performed all over the world. Bao became my mistress when she was 28, she has moved to Houston from Canada. Bao has successful clothing and Boudoir fashions also jewelry, shoes and fragrances. Bao didn't want marriage or children. All of the sudden I grab Bao's hand and pull her towards me. She is surprised by how rough I'm forcing her to move to me. I pull her close to me and tell her that I'm going to fuck the hell out of her. She feels aroused but she starts to fight me. I hold on to her arm and then turn her facing the back of the couch. She is struggling against me, but I have her pinned against the couch with my body and I'm holding her arm painfully behind her back. Bao is scared and aroused, she knows she should be totally pissed at me, but strangely she is turned on. The pain I'm causing her and my forcefulness are just what she loves and I know, she loves this so I pull her arm harder. Hearing her whimper of pain urges me on. She tells me to let go, I hold on tighter. As I hold her against the couch with my body, my free hand decides to explore. She feels me reaching inside her dress and her nipples are very hard as I rub them under her bra. I rip her bra off and tell her that her small breasts feel so good in my hand. I squeeze and pinch her nipples, knowing she loves it. She is begging me to stop and I tell her that I know she really wants me to continue. Then my hand pulls her dress up to her waist. She uses the distraction to try and break free and that just irritates me.

I hold her face with my free hand and tell her to stop fighting. The tone of my voice sends shivers down her spine and she decides to listen to me. She also realizes that she can feel my hard cock against her back. She is appalled at her primal need is making me hard. Then the ultimate primal aggressiveness starts. I have turned my attention back to her dress. I have moved her dress further up her back and I'm reaching for her cunt. She is dying because she knows as I start to finger her that she is extremely wet. As I move my finger in and out of her, I comment on how wet she is, I'm very pleased. She begs me to stop and to let her go. She tells me that she will not allow me to do this, I respond by finding her clit. She gasps as I begin to masturbate her. She is fighting the pleasure, but I can tell her breathing is shallow. She begs me to stop and I tell her to relax and give in. She is so close to orgasm and she knows she has to give in. Damn you John, she thinks, this feels so good. As she begins to orgasm she can hear me whisper, yes...After she orgasms I continue to move my fingers in and out of her and she is almost dizzy from the feel of me finger fucking her. I ask her if that feels good and she manages a positive reply. As she relaxes from her orgasm her head is clear enough to realize that I have loosened my grip and I start to pull away. She is almost free when I grab her hard and bend her the back of the couch. The pain from my her stomach slamming onto the couch is intense and she feels herself getting aroused again. She panics at the thought of giving into this and she starts to yell for me to stop as she struggles against me, even though her cunt aches to feel me inside her. I managed to hold her in place and get my pants down.

Bao is yelling at me to stop, I say nothing as I force my cock inside her. She is ready even against her will, I slide in. She is so ashamed at how great mt cock feels inside her and she starts to cry. She is yelling between sobs and struggling as I move in and out of her. As I push in and out of her, she is feeling another orgasm building. Bao loves the incredible feeling of my cock inside her, she is so pissed. She finds that her crying and yelling has caused her to move with me as her impending orgasm grows. Fucking her and making her orgasm when she is fighting me, arouses me even more for her and she can tell I'm close to cumming too. My cock feels so hard inside her, I'm groaning. The build up to orgasm is very intense. We continue until we both cum hard and when we finish, she realizes that she is free. she moves away from me, going into the bedroom, kissing me on the lips lightly. Bao undresses in the bedroom as I enter grabbing her again. I throw her onto the bed on her back, she feels the heaviness of my body pressing on top of her, one hand covering her mouth, and another grasping her hair, pulling her head back sharply. Her arms and legs are pinned down under my weight and she is unable to move. She feels my breathe, hot, on the side of her face, her heart pounding in her chest. I whisper in her ear, my voice deep and threatening, " You know you want me to continue fucking you. Don't you?" Tears begin streaming down her face again, faint whimpers escape from beneath my fingers. I jerk her head back harder, " Do you understand Me?" I growl. she struggles against me to nod her head yes. I drop her head back into the pillow, gloating, " That's a good little whore."

I release my weight just from her arms, crossing them at the wrists and raising them above her head and bind them to the head board. I straddle her legs between my knees. I lean into kiss her and she turns her head to the side. I press my mouth violently against hers, biting her lip. Under my weight, she is trembling. I lean into her again, staring at her exposed breasts. Her bound hands force her back to arch up. With my finger, I slowly trace a line from her throat, over her breasts, and down her stomach, resting at her waist. I stroke her fleshy mounds, gently at first, then with increased aggressiveness....massaging them roughly, then pinching and twisting her nipples until they stiffen against my fingertips. I take one of the hardened little nubs into my mouth, between my teeth, and bites down enough to make her cry out. " Yes," she cries. I continue biting her neck, shoulders and, breasts. I laugh as she begins panting, trying in vain to struggle beneath me. I lean back from her quivering body. I grab both her legs behind her knees, forcing them high and wide. I kneel between her spread-open thighs, pressing and holding them further apart with my knees. I run my tongue along her inner-thigh and again she pleads with me, " Please." "I know you like it whore." I slide my hand down her thigh to her bare mound and slip my fingers into her dewy wetness. Her body betrays her and responds instinctively to my touch. I shove my fingers deep inside her as forcefully as I can, holding her soaked pussy in my hand, stroking her spasming vaginal walls. She cries out again, thrashing her head to the side, desperately trying to bury her face in the pillow. I laugh again as I withdraw my sopping wet fingers, " If you didn't enjoy it, whore, your tight little cunt wouldn't be this wet." Again, I grabs her throat, turning her face back to me and run my fingers across her lips, covering them with her juices. I press my face against the side of hers and whispers, " Tell Me you like it whore. Say it. Tell me how much you like being treated like a whore." " I like being treated like a whore." She feels me grinning against the side of her face. " Whose whore are you?" " Yours," she concedes. I lean back up on my knees, I grab my cock, stroking my massive rock hard cock a few times, pressing just the head of it against her dripping wet pussy.

Suddenly I untie her wrists as I jump up off the end of the bed, flipping her back over onto her stomach and dragging her to the edge of the bed by her ankles. I grab her by the waist and pull her up on her knees, spreading them wide in front of me. I force my huge cock deep inside her, pulling her back onto me with each violent thrust. I continue my attack on her pussy, slamming into her relentlessly harder, deeper and faster. Her cries are lost in the pillows as her mind races wildly. she is flooded with emotion---pain, helplessness and pleasure. She thinks, " I missed the sexual assault, with this man." Her body is defenseless against me, her mind has surrendered. " What are you?" " I'm a whore." " Whose whore are you?" " Yours." " Tell Me...you like it like this, being fucked like a whore." " I like it like this." " Please......Please don't stop." she answers between gasps as I continue the assault on her body and mind for what seems like an eternity. Then suddenly I push her forward, flat on the bed. She feels my hot thick cum filling her. I collapse on top of her spent lifeless body. She can't manage a word. Breathless, she just lays there beneath the weight of me, trembling. I begin kissing her neck gently, tenderly, and then I reach over to turn on the lamp next to the bed. My body covers hers, I whisper to her softly, " Open your eyes, Bao. Look at me " I missed you."

She excitedly throws her arms around my neck, kissing me wildly, passionately, repeating again and again, " Thank You. Thank You. Thank You." My 9 inch long and 4 inch wide cock is still hard. The veins are popping out all over it as it pulsed and throbbed. Then she snapped out of the fog and fear raced through her mind and body, as I place my massive throbbing cock at the opening of her sweet wet sore mound. I laughed and said this is going to be painful baby. I taunted her with my huge manhood rubbing it up and down between the lips of her mound. Then without any warning and with one hard stabbing thrust forward. I pushed my monster deep into her. She lets out a shrill scream of pain. She is being stretched again as my massive member went in 3 inches. Blood begins to trickle as my cock abrades her tender vaginal walls again. Then I pull back out and thrust forward again. It feels like I'm driving a metal stake deep into her womb stretching and throbbing with each driving stroke. Now I'm 6 inches inside of her and it feels like she is being split open again. She keeps screaming for me to stop. I pull back again and thrust forward several more times. After I'm lodged all the way inside of her stretching her as far as she would stretch again. I begin driving my 9 inch cock in and out at full force. I love watching as my huge cock disappeared into her. Her pussy clinging to my thick throbbing shaft. As I'm driving into her defiled pussy over and over. Then she feels my huge cock growing and expanding as I stiffened. Then with hammering force, she feels my hot spray deep inside of her. My cock throbbing and spraying fire deep inside of her over and over. It feels like she is being filled with a water hose. I moan and press into her hard until every drop is deep inside of her womb. She is in a state of bliss and denial as her aching body goes limp.

Rating: 48%, Read 9887 times, Posted May 18, 2016

Fantasy | Consensual Sex


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