First incest experience with my mother by Dave90XNX

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My dad had left us when I was around 6 years old, it was only my mother and I from there on out. As soon as I had hit puberty I knew something was not completely normal, when the incest fantasies and dreams about my mother would not just be a phase of curiosity, but instead, a neverending desire to have more than just a mother-son relationship. I knew how wrong it was and I tried to distract myself with girls my age, sports and video games, but the few pathetic relationships I actually had - never lasted due to these feelings and disturbing thoughts. After months and months of fighting these emotions, trying to make sense of it all I finally came to the conclusion that I had to act on my impulses, the constant surpression and guilt were guiding me towards depression. From that day on, I began to "accidently" let my mother see me naked or let her get a glimpse of my dick while changing.

I 'm an average looking 18 year old teenager living with my 45 year old mother in a small comfortable house. We always had a fantastic relationship and loved each other as much as any other family. She's about 5 foot 5, has long blonde hair and a somewhat chubby figure with large natural breasts. It was the beginning of summer and the heat waves would begin to change the mood around the house.

I'd walk around the house with nothing but a thin white t-shirt and some looney toons boxers, my mother would lay outside in the back to get a tan. I walked up to her often, asking random questions or striking up conversations about the weather so that I can look at her beautiful breasts. She was wearing a white bra under a long blue shirt with some panties. I'd only stay for a couple of minutes because the longer I was there, the more arroused I became and my dick would soon begin to get hard. That particular day I was hornier than normal and rushed back to my room, I immediatly dropped my boxers and grabbed my fully erect cock, uncut and about 7 inches, and started to furiously masturbate myself after I had rubbed the precum around the head. I was thinking about how exciting and awkward it would be if my mother were to walk in right now, that thought made my cock pulsate and soon I ejaculated a huge load onto my stomache, which I quickly cleaned up with some tissues

Apparently I had dozed off after jerking off earlier, it was dark outside now and I realized I had not put my pants back on or covered myself up, the door to my room was open aswell. My mother must have walked past my room and seen me naked, since her room was right outside mine and I could hear her flipping through magazines. The not knowing part slowly gave me a rush and I slowly began to get hard again. As I stood up, the bed made a squeaking sound and I heard my mother get up and walk towards my room, before I had time to grab something; she was inside my room with a bunch of laundry, quickly glimpsing at my semi-erect cock for just a fraction of a second before starting to put clothes into the closet.

"Hey sweetie, I didn't want to wake you earlier so I'll just do this now ok? You always forget to take the laundry with you when you're downstairs" she said in a relaxed voice, pretending like i'm not siting on the edge of the bed without any pants on and a semi erect cock.

"Yeah sorry ma, next time I won't forget I promise!" i replied, acting completely normal and slowly putting on some boxers.

She then walked towards me and gave me a kiss on the forehead to say goodnight, my bulge was clearly visible, i'm fairly certain she had noticed it aswell. I could not believe what had just happened, i was overwhelmed with emotions. She saw my semi erect penis and did not say a single word about it, and actually looking at it on purpose, twice. I took this as some sort of sign, that it was ok to be naked infront of my mother and that she knows I don't mind either; that I could expose myself more to my mother and hopefully it would lead to something some day. All I could do is lay back down after closing the door and start to masturbate again, I don't think my cock was ever that hard in my life, I came after 10 seconds.

The next day, still playing last night's encounter through my head, I walked to the kitchen to grab something to drink. Through the kitchen window I could see my mother outside again, working on her tan. But this time she was topless. I couldn't believe my eyes, I had never actually seen her topless before. Her breasts were large and amazing, I had to stare for about a minute. Without letting my brain begin to process what situation I am in, before I would change my mind, I walked outside to her.

"Good morning mom, this heat...I heard it's only getting worse the next couple of weeks" i said in a confident tone, while looking up into the sky.

"Oh hey hunny, I didn't hear you coming, yeah I guess so", she didn't cover herself up, and I observed her nipples and how they got hard. We both looked at each other, smiling. My cock began to get erect inside my underwear but this time i just stayed there, the excitement of that situation was nothing like I had ever experienced before and the adrenaline prevented me from walking away. I saw my mother looking for about two seconds at my growing dick before she layed her head back again and closed her eyes. The fact that we were acting so normal, pretending like if nothing is happening, was extremely arrousing.

"Aren't you a bit uncomfortable there sweetie? You can take your underwear off if you want, you know, because of the heat. There's nothing i haven't seen already darling, i'm your mother after all." she said in a calm voice with her eyes still closed, her body facing the sun.

"Yeah I guess you're right, like always" i replied, with a smile on my face as I was taking off the boxers.

By the time I had taken them off, my penis had grown to its fullest extent. I was now standing fully naked next to my mother, with a raging boner. My cock was leaking precum, only about 3 feet away from my mother. It was surreal, like in one of my many fantasies that I would dream about every day. I pulled myself together and kept telling myself that this is normal, that it's perfectly natural and nothing to be afraid of. That's how I managed to stand there, proudly exposing my rock hard cock in the open air. I wanted this to escalate and had an idea how to make that happen.

"Mommy I love you, I'm going to go watch some tv in my room ok?"

Every time I'd tell my mother I loved her, it ment we would hug each other briefly.

My mother put down the magazine which was on her stomache and stood up with a great big smile on her face. She looked at my hard dick for just a tiny moment and then approached me with open arms.

"Hunny, there is nothing in this world I love more than you" she said whilst I stepped towards her aswell.

Our warm sweaty naked bodies were now rubbing against each other as we hugged. A million thoughts rushed through my head. My stiff cock poked at her belly, smearing some precum on her, gently causing friction on my cock which led to my foreskin being pulled back a bit and made me gasp.

"Oh sorry baby, did I hurt you?" she carefully said while looking down at my cock after stepping back, with her hand covering her mouth.

"No, no, i'm fine it's just that, felt so good" I blurted out quietly while pulling my foreskin back and forth very slowly.

"Looks like you need to go and take care of that hun!" my mother replied in a worrying tone staring at my intensely hard cock.

From that moment on, I knew that this was going to be the summer of my life. I couldn't believe my luck.

Let me know if you want me carry this on in a second part, thank you!

Rating: 92%, Read 599437 times, Posted May 29, 2012

True Story | Boy, Exhibitionism, Female, Incest, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Teen Male, Young


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