BLINDFOLDED - Lucy's bondage by xRamx

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Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Transgendered, Transsexual


Complete darkness. There was a damp chill in the air, like in a cold cellar, that made Lucy's nipples stand out from her bare chest. Although her vision was blocked by the blindfold, she could hear someone moving around the room. Something brushed past her left thigh, startling her and giving her goosebumps across her body. Tied to the ceiling, naked except for her red lace panties, Lucy felt vulnerable but also excited.

She had approached the mansion with some hesitation after finding a flyer in one of the local sex shops. "Are you looking for a new experience? Always wanted to try bondage? For an unforgettable night of pleasure (and a little pain), call XXX XXX" the flyer read. Lucy being a horny girl, easily bored, jumped on the offer. She called the number 5 minutes later, and was greeted by a male voice. They talked for a bit about who Lucy was, her experiences and fantasies, and deciding on a safeword before arranging to meet at a large mansion just outside of town. She searched the adress online, but except for a few old pictures of the mansion itself, found nothing about its owner. Still she decided to go there, the promise of an unforgettable sexual experience too much for her horny ass to pass down.

That night Lucy put on a set of sexy red lingerie, the D-cup brah barely able to contain her large breasts. Over it, she wore a short, dark blue dress, with a split going all the way up her left thigh, revealing the tattoo that covered her from knee to hip. She didn't know what the night held in store, but she wanted easy access to her goods. She then put on lipstick, matching the color to her olive skin, and some eyeshadow to make her large green eyes stand out. Putting her dark brown hair up in a loose ponytail, she was ready to go. She was so horny she could barely keep herself from giving herself some relief right then and there, but she was determined to save it all for later.

Lucy got in her car and drove for a few miles, until she reached a large mansion, towering on a hilltop ahead. She hesitated for a moment, but the promise of a night of incredible sex soon got her out of the car. Walking up the long driveway, Lucy was met by a set of large oaken doors. The massive doors towered above her, dark and gloomy. At breast height was two carved lion heads, each clasping a large ring between their long canines. Lucy grabbed the ring and, hoping this was not the last time anyone saw her, knocked it against the hard oak. She waited for about 15 seconds before the doors opened inward with an ominous squeel from it's large iron hinges. Inside was darkness, only broken up by two lit candles, framing a large stairwell at the end of a vast entrance hall. Lucy felt a chill run through her body as she stepped through the doorway.

She was no more than five steps within when someone grabbed her from behind. Before she could react, a shadowy figure had both her hands behind her back, and suddenly her sight was obstructed by a silk blindfold. Lucy remained calm, remembering what she'd agreed to. Her excitement and anticipation battled against her fears and restlessness, and for now the excitement won. Holding a firm hold of her arms behind her back, her captor led her across the entrance hall and then through a labyrinth of corridors until they came to a set of stone steps taking them below ground. Again, Lucy found herself hoping that this person was not some crazy serial killer, knowing full well she'd never find her way out of this mansion is something went wrong.

They reached the bottom of the steps and continued through another corridor, until they found themselves in what Lucy could sense was a large room. There she was let go. She stood there uncertain for a moment, wondering if she was supposed to do something. She reached up to remove the blindfold, but her hand was swiftly smacked by an unseen object, the sharp sound resonating in the large room and the burning sensation spreading across the back of her hand. Lucy let out a startled cry.

"Shut up." Lucy recognised the male voice from the telephone. "You will not do anything unless you're told to. Nod if you understand."

Lucy nodded. The sound of the voice reassured her for some reason, even with her hand still throbbing from the blow.

"You will take off your dress and brah. Leave the panties. Make sure never to remove the blindfold."

Lucy did as she was told, pulling the blue dress over her head while being careful not to snag it on the blindfold. She then reached behind her back, unclasping her brah and letting it fall to the ground. The cold air made her nipples rock hard, and goosebumps spread accross her large, shapely tits. The man grabbed her hands, tying them together, attaching them to what Lucy assumed was a rope. She then felt her arms pulled upwards by the rope, rising above her head until they were stretched straight upwards. There was just enough slack on the line for her to stand, but if she tried to take a step, the rope would tighten and keep her in place. Unable to move and naked except for her red lace panties, Lucy suddenly felt very vulnerable.

She felt something brush past her left thigh, then a hand grabbed her left tit. The hand felt warm against her skin. It started massaging her large breast, playing with her stiff nipple. Lucy felt blood rushing to her groin, her breathing getting heavier as her arousal increased. She let out a soft moan and leaned into the groping hand, turning her torso a little to offer up her right tit as well. The hand moved to her right breast, catching her nipple between strong fingers and pinching it hard, sending a jolt through her whole body. Lucy bit her lip as her arousal turned the pain to pleasure.

The hand let go of her nipple, travelling down her abdomen, feeling her soft skin and tight abdominal muscles. She felt it stroke across her belly button, before it moved to her sides to caress her obliques. Lucy tensed up as the hand moved to the small of her back, travelling down into her panties and slipping a finger into her buttcrack. Lucy was so turned on she wanted to scream out loud for someone to fuck her. The hand retreated from her ass, and then the hands grabbed both sides of her panties.

"Now for the grand reveal. I've been looking forward to this." The man said calmly, as he started pulling her panties down.

Lucy held her breath, not knowing how the man would react. She had told her secret when they spoke on the phone, but telling and showing were two vastly different things. She knew from the past that not everyone liked what they found down her pants. As the man pulled her panties all the way down, revealing her clean shaved crotch, Lucy's cock sprang free. In spite of her nervousness, her cock was rock hard. It stood 8 inches long, with average girth and a slight upwards curve, a smooth shaved scrotum with two small testicles hanging underneath.

Lucy had always been proud of her big dick, but she knew not every guy was into finding a cock larger than their own when they took her to bed. With her feminine body, big tits and well-shaped ass, noone suspected her of having a penis. Sometimes she would keep her secret, giving the guy a blowjob or pulling her panties aside just enough for them to fuck her tight asshole without revealing what hung next to it.

Other times she would show everything, earning her a wide variety of reactions. Some men were put off, but some got even more aroused. She had taken a lot of straight guys anal virginities, fucking asses that had never been penetrated and getting sucked off by men who had never touched a cock other than their own. She loved the feeling of fucking tight, unspoiled assholes, hearing the men moaning and groaning in rythm with her thrusts.

Lucy also loved pussy, fucking women she picked up at the bar or at the gym. Several of the neighborhood housewives frequently visited her apartment while their husbands were at work, letting her fill their holes with her cock or eat their wet pussies until they had enough orgasms for a whole week. Both men and women loved her big dick, but still she held her breath in anticipation as she hung naked and blindfolded in the cellar, feeling her captors eyes fixated on her genitals and waiting for a reaction.

"Such a nice, long cock. I'm sure we'll have a lot of fun with this tonight." The man said, sounding very pleased.

Lucy relaxed, letting her breath out in a relieved sigh. Then she tensed up again as a hand wrapped gently around her boner. Fingers wrapped around her long shaft, feeling her pulsating veins and pulling her foreskin back and forth slowly a few times. The fingers probed around the underside of her cockhead, moving in towards her scrotum, softly massaging her tender cum-filled balls.

As the unseen hand caressed her cock, Lucy felt a lubed finger on her asshole. She gasped as the finger pushed into her hole, immediately followed by a second finger. The fingers dug deep into her asshole, massaging her sensitive anus, sending waves of pleasure through her body. She moaned loudly as the hand on her cock began stroking her in sync with the moving fingers in her ass. Suddenly an object smacked hard against her ass, the sound echoing through the room as Lucy whinced. He used some kind of whip, she realised.

She recieved a couple of whips to her other ass cheek, stinging against her bare flesh. As she got used to it, Lucy felt even more aroused from the pain. She felt the leathery surface of the whip twirl around her nipples, giving each a smack, making Lucy cry out in pleasure. She felt her hard cock twitch and jump in the strangers hand, her asshole contracting around his fingers with every crack of the whip.

After a couple of minutes, a third finger wedged itself in between the other two. Lucy gyrated her hips, trying to fuck herself back onto the fingers and forward into the stroking hand. She breathed heavily, the pleasure spreading from her groin, increasing steadily towards an orgasm. A fourth finger forced itself into her ass, stretching it open. Lucy loved the pain of her asshole stretching, it was a good pain, making her balls tingle and her cock twitch. She wanted desperately to cum.

Suddenly Lucy jumped as a hand grabbed her right tit. She liked having her tits played with, the reason she jumped was that she already had one hand on her cock and a second buried in her ass. A third hand meant there was someone else in the room. Although she had assumed it was only herself and the mysterious man from the phone, Lucy realised she had no idea how many people were actually present.

"Did you think we were alone?" The voice from the phone whispered into her ear, making the hairs on her back stand up.

The hands on her cock and in her ass resumed their movements, and the hand on her breast played with her big tits, pinching and pulling her hard nipples. Lucy soon relaxed again, giving herself fully to the intense feelings of pleasure from her body being used. It wasn't long until she felt her balls start to tense up. Lucy breathed faster, thrusting into the hand, ready to shoot her load. Just as she was a second away from the point of no return, all three hands let go.

Lucy panicked, desperate not to lose her orgasm. She thrust her cock forward and sideward, pumping her ass backwards, anything she could do to try and find a hand in the darkness to give her the relief she desperately needed. She almost started crying, breathing shakily as she felt the pleasure slowly subside.

"You didn't think it would be that easy, did you? If you want to cum, you got to work for it" The voice laughed at her.

Lucy felt someone or something move behind her, then her ass cheeks were spread apart and something warm and hard pushed against her lubed sphincter. Lucy had been fucked in the ass enough times to recognise the feel of a cockhead pushing at her back door. She focused her mind on the feeling of warm flesh against her ass and relaxed in order to let the cock in.

The head of the cock was spreading her sensitive asshole apart, slowly moving in as it's owner put more pressure behind it. But as the cockhead moved into her, Lucy realised this was no ordinary cock, this was a monster. Even with the head just halfway in it was starting to really stretch her ass, getting increasingly painful. Lucy panicked and tried to move forward to relieve her asshole, but she was held in place by the rope.

"Please..!" Lucy stuttered, "I think it's too biii..!"

Her pleas were cut off as the man behind the cock grabbed her hips firmly and shoved his cock into her. The massive cock thrust about 4 inches into her, stretching her ass until it felt like it was going to rupture. The pain was so intense she almost fainted. The girth of the invading cock was unlike anything Lucy had felt before, the massive shaft feeling almost as thick as her arm. Lucy struggled to breathe as the pain shot out of her ass, sending jolts through her entire body.

The massive cock was held in place about 4 inches inside her ass. Slowly her stretched asshole became accustomed to the size, the pain gradually subsiding. Lucy regained control of her breathing, taking deep breaths and focusing on relaxing. After a couple of minutes the pain had gone from intense jolts to just a dull ache pulsating around her hole. The monster cock started moving slowly in and out of her, pushing a little further in each thrust.

Finally, Lucy felt the pelvis hit her butt, signalling the cock was all the way inside her. The thick cock felt about 8-8,5 inches long, reaching deep inside her bowels. As the cock started fucking her, what remained of the pain turned to hot pleasure. In long, firm strokes, the monster cock thrust in and out of her ass, stimulating the sensitive nerve endings around her hole and inside her body. She felt his heavy balls hit her own testicles with each thrust, making her own hard cock twitch and jump.

Lucy gasped as she felt a delicate hand take hold of her cock, and a wet tongue lick her shaft from the base to the head. The tongue twirled around her sensitive cockhead, wiggling inside the foreskin and poking at the slit. Lucy moaned as the tip of the tongue tickled her frenulum. Then she felt moist lips close around her cockhead, moving back and forth on her cock, sucking it expertly.

Lucy was in heaven now, her ass ravaged by the biggest cock she had ever felt, each thrust pushing her cock into the warm mouth in front of her. The man behind her picked up his pace, ramming the monster cock into her stretched asshole hard and fast. She felt the mouth inch ever deeper on her cock, deepthroating her long dick with ease. Lucy was once again getting close to cumming. As her body was getting ready to shoot a massive load, the mouth pulled of her cock and the monster in her ass stopped, once again denying her orgasm. Lucy whimpered, on the verge of tears, her balls and cock aching for release.

"Please, I need to cum so bad!" Lucy begged.

"You'll cum when we tell you to cum." A female voice responded from down by Lucy's cock. "But first I need to get my fill!"

Lucy felt the soft hand grab her cock again, but this time guided it forward where it met something soft and wet. She recognised the feeling of pussylips against her cockhead. The hand rubbed her cockhead up and down the moist slit, lubing it up with pussy juice. Then the girl moved back, enveloping Lucy's cock with her warm cunt. The girl moaned softly, as she started rocking back and forth, fucking herself onto Lucy's hard cock.

The man in Lucy's ass began moving again, his thick member forcing in and out of her stretched asshole. The mix of pain and pleasure made her dizzy. Lucy moaned loudly, gyrating her hips, losing herself in the bliss of being sandwiched between a monster cock and a tight, warm cunt.

A low buzzing sound added to the sexual grunts and moans, and the girl's moans shifted to a higher pitch. As Lucy's pelvis clapped against the ass in front of her, her balls slapped against the vibrator held against the girl's clit. Lucy felt the pussy tightening around her shaft, signalling the girl's imminent orgasm. The girl's backwards thrusts increased in pace, her moans getting louder with each thrust.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" The girl exclaimed, "Time to see if those little plums of yours got any juice! Fill me up, little fuck-toy, I wanna feel that girly cum inside me!"

Lucy didn't need to be asked twice. She felt like she had been denied her orgasm for hours, and her balls ached with pent up cum. The girl let out a loud squeel, her pussy contracting hard around Lucy's shaft, milking her big cock. As she finally let herself go, Lucy almost fainted from the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. Her aching balls shot out massive loads of cum, forcing its way through her long, hard shaft, flooding the girl's tight pussy. The contractions just kept on coming, each one pushing out a big load of semen until it ran out of the hole and down her balls, dripping on the floor.

Lucy's orgasming ass massaged and milked the monster cock behind her, and it didn't take long until the man grabbed her hips hard, slammed his massive member balls deep into her and started cumming. Lucy felt her bowels being flooded by wave after wave of hot cum, the pressure inside her building as her asshole was stretched to tightly around his shaft for any cum to leak back out. The massive cock swelled even more inside her as it came, stretching her ass open further as it filled her up. Lucy gasped for breath, tears running down her cheeks, as her body went through the biggest orgasm of her life.

Finally Lucy collapsed as her cock squeezed out its last drops of cum. The rope around her wrist held her up as her knees gave out, her shaking legs no longer able to support her. She hung limp as the man behind her continued fucking his last drops of cum into her, the girl in front of her moaning softly as her satisfied pussy pulsated around Lucy's cock. After a couple of minutes the man withdrew his member from her ass, letting a stream of cum trickle out of her stretched hole. Lucy could feel the cold air inside her ass, her asshole gaping open from the stretching.

The girl slipped her cum filled pussy off Lucy's cock. Even after cumming buckets, her cock felt as hard as ever. Suddenly the rope was loosened, letting Lucy fall to her knees on the hard floor. A firm hand pushed her forward until she found herself in a doggystyle position on the floor. Then her hair was pulled back tightly, forcing her head up. She sensed something warm in front of her face and smelled the mixture of pussy juice and cum.

"Now it's time to clean up your mess." The man said.

"Get your tongue deep in there, I don't want a drop of cum left in this pussy when you're done!" The girl commanded.

Lucy did as she was told, moving forward until her face met the cum filled hole. She ate the freshly filled pussy passionately, licking up her own cum. Her cum felt warm and sticky on her tongue, the taste of salty cum blended with pussy juice filled Lucy's mouth. She pushed her tongue as deep as she could get, making the girl moan with pleasure. Lucy's tongue explored every crevice of the wet pussy, making sure to get every drop of cum she could reach.

The girl moaned and pushed her hips backwards, almost smothering Lucy with her pussy. Lucy found the girl's clit and started licking it, twirling her tongue around it and sucking it into her mouth. The girl moaned louder, thrusting her ass back to meet Lucy's tongue. Lucy felt the pussy get wetter, pulsating and contracting on her face. With a loud scream of pleasure, the girl came, flooding Lucy's mouth with juice. Lucy kept licking until the girl started shaking and fell forward, panting and gasping for breath.

"Now it's my turn." The man said.

Lucy felt the massive cock hit her lips, sticky with cum. She opened up as wide as she could, but it was like trying to stuff an apple into her mouth. She managed to get the cockhead inside, her jaw aching from the pressure. Lucy twirled her tongue around the enormous head, tasting the salty cum and her own ass. The man grunted with pleasure, grabbed the back of her head and forced it another inch onto his cock, almost choking her.

While choking on the monster cock, Lucy felt the girl's hand grab her still rock hard cock and start tugging it. It was still sensitive from the recent orgasm, and Lucy almost flinched away from the touch, but the hand grabbed her shaft tightly and held her in place. With a firm grip, the hand started jerking her hard cock. At the same time a buzzing sound filled the room, as the vibrator was turned back on and placed between Lucy's balls. Her moans were muffled by the thick cock in her mouth.

It wasn't long until Lucy's body tensed up once more, her cock throbbing, ready to shoot another load. She half expected her orgasm to be denied, but the hand jerking her cock instead increased the pace, jerking her sensitive cock furiously while the vibrator was turned to max power. She then felt the girl's lips close around her cockhead from below, ready to recieve her load. Instead of being denied her orgasm, this time Lucy was actually being forced to cum. With a muffled scream of pleasure, Lucy's cock exploded, shooting rope upon rope of thick cum into the waiting mouth. The jerking hand continued it's merciless tugging, milking out every single drop of cum from her long shaft.

"That's a good little slut!" The man laughed.

The man then pulled his cock out of Lucy's mouth, and she could hear him start masturbating inches from her face. It wasn't long before the man let out a low moan, as Lucy felt ropes of warm cum start hitting her face. She opened her mouth trying to catch as much of the salty load as possible, but still a lot of it landed on her forehead and chin. She felt at least eleven or twelve thick ropes hit her before the monster cock stopped cumming. She leaned forward and sucked the last few drops straight from the source, the man moaning with satisfaction.The girl continued suckling Lucy's cock like a calf underneath her, using her hand to squeeze out every drop until it was all empty.

When the final drop of cum was sucked from her cock, her balls completely emptied, Lucy was exhausted. She fell to her side and lay still on the ground, catching her breath. Her captors let her lie for a few minutes before they pulled her to her feet. On wobbly legs she was lead through the corridors, up the stairs and through the large entrance hall. She heard the creek of hinges and then felt the cold night air on her skin.

"My dress..." Lucy started.

"We'll keep your clothes, you can keep the blindfold." The girl giggled.

"I can't go home naked!" Lucy protested.

"Seems you'll have to. Now go, little fuck-toy. We'll keep in touch." The man said, followed by the sound of the large oak doors slamming shut behind her.

Finally, Lucy removed the blindfold. She was standing outside the same door where she'd entered. Her body was naked and sweaty, her face drenched in fresh cum and pussy juice. She looked down and found her 8 inch girl cock somehow still rock hard. Lucy swore she could feel the midnight breeze all the way inside her asshole, still gaping from taking that fat cock. Cum leaked from her ass, dribling down her balls.

Lucy walked the driveway to her car on shaky legs and got in. She tried her best to cover up her naked breasts as she drove, but she could see the surprised looks of the other drivers on the road as they saw a beautiful woman driving along completely nude. Her cock stood rock hard the entire drive, and when she got out of the car she could see a wet spot in the seat where cum had leaked from her gaping asshole. She hurried inside, hoping the neighbours didn't see her.

Lucy went straight to bed, not wanting to oversleep before work in the morning, but quickly realised her throbbing dick wouldn't let her sleep. She got her toys from the briefcase under the bed and started milking herself. She had to put both a vibrator and a dildo in her ass at the same time to fill it up after the violent stretching from the monster cock. She grinded her ass hard on the vibrating toys while her hand masturbated her cock furiously. Lucy came two more times before her cock finally softened. She pulled the toys from her abused asshole and went straight to sleep.

Lucy woke to the sound of her phone recieving a text message. Half asleep she opened the message, a picture appearing on the screen. The picture showed Lucy hanging by her wrists naked from the ceiling, eyes covered by the black silk blindfold, her cock dissappearing between the lips of a blonde girl kneeling in front of her while a massive veiny cock plunged into her from behind. The expression on Lucy's face showed the intensity of her pleasure. The girl and man were blurred out, Lucy being the only one in focus. The text following the picture simply read "We'll be in touch".

Looking down, Lucy found her cock once again hard as steel. She grabbed it with her right hand, holding her phone in her left, as she masturbated passionately to the picture of herself being fucked and sucked.


Rating: 92%, Read 5969 times, Posted Oct 14, 2020

Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Transgendered, Transsexual


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