The Punishment Of Hermione Granger (Chapter 3) by Regina_V

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Fiction | Authoritarian, BDSM, Coercion, Cruelty, Discipline, Domination, Extreme, Fan fiction, Female, Girl, Humiliation, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Rape, School, Slavery, Spanking, Submission, Teen, Torture, Toys, Violence, Written by women, Young


Hermione’s teacher moves her into the adjoining Defense classroom and shoves her into one of the student desks in the front row. Hermione winces from the pain of putting pressure on her recently caned ass, but she doesn’t protest the new position. A piece of parchment and a black quill are summoned and put in front of her, and Hermione blinks up at her teacher. Lines? After everything she has already been put through, the next punishment is writing lines?

“You are to pick up that quill and write the phrase on the board seventy-five times on that piece of parchment,” Umbridge instructs her.

Absently, Hermione nods, deciding that this punishment is certainly better than the last few have been. Her hand reaches for the quill as her eyes look to the board.

Cum depository is written on the board in Umbridge’s handwriting.

Hermione shivers as a flush comes over her entire body.

“Be quick about it, Mudblood; there is more to be done yet,” Umbridge barks at her from her classroom’s teacher desk. “And spread your legs far apart like the slut you are.”

As Hermione spreads her legs apart, revealing her private areas to her teacher once more, she picks up the quill and furrows her brow. “You gave me no ink, Professor,” she says in confusion.

“You will not need any,” Umbridge replies, a smirk on her face.

With much trepidation, Hermione begins writing the phrase on the board with the inkless quill provided. After writing the words ‘cum depository’ on the parchment seven times, Hermione begins to notice the stinging sensation above her pussy. She moves to close her legs, but her Professor, watching her every move, is quick to correct her.

“Legs apart, slut!”

She continues to write the phrase over and over, but the stinging gets worse. Tears fall down her face and drip onto the parchment as a suspicion grows in her mind. In the hopes of alleviating the pain as much as possible, Hermione rushes through the lines as fast as she can, but with each new repetition of the phrase, the pain above her private area gets worse and worse.

Finally, she puts down the quill after reaching seventy-five, and Umbridge walks over to her. “Stand up and face me,” she is ordered by her teacher.

When she stands for her teacher, her teacher reaches a hand down to her pussy—or just above it—and Hermione’s eyes follow, getting wider when she sees the culmination of her work. In her own handwriting are the words ‘cum depository’, bright red and sore, looking for all the world as if she carved them into her now shaved mons herself.

“I think that should surely help to keep your pussy full of cum, don’t you think, my little Mudblood whore?” her teacher taunts her.

“Yes, Professor Umbridge,” Hermione chokes out her prescribed answer, fighting back tears.

“Good girl, I am quite excited to watch that happen sometime; but for now, get back into my office and lie back down on the desk like you were during your inspection.”

Hermione doesn’t even look at her teacher as she walks back into the adjoining office but she does catch sight of her teacher as she moves to lie back down on the desk. That is when she notices that her teacher has undressed and attached a pink strap-on around her waist.

“Oh no,” Hermione pleads, shaking her head even as she positions herself for her teacher on the desk. “Please don’t, Professor!”

Umbridge walks up to her and grabs hold of Hermione’s right nipple, pinching it between her fingers before twisting painfully, making Hermione cry out. “Let’s try that again, but this time, the words that come out of your mouth better be: please rape my Mudblood pussy with your strap-on, Professor.”

Hermione’s eyes widen slightly, and she wants to do anything but say those words, but when Umbridge pinches her other nipple and twists, Hermione mumbles the required phrase. “Please rape my Mudblood pussy with your strap-on, Professor.”

“That wasn’t nearly good enough, Mudblood. Say it again, louder, and with a little more…conviction.” Umbridge emphasizes her command with another twist of her nipples.

Hermione screams in response to Umbridge’s abuse of her tits. “Please rape my Mudblood pussy with your strap-on, Professor!” she shouts as tears begin to fall down her face.

Umbridge smiles cruelly as she picks up her wand. “Accio Miss Granger’s panties,” she says, and Hermione watches as her panties are pulled out of the cabinet by magic. “Those are the only kinds of words that should come out of a Mudblood whore’s mouth,” Umbridge says to Hermione as she shoves the girl’s panties into her mouth to keep her from talking anymore. Hermione can taste the Minister’s dried cum on her panties and gags from the reminder.

Dolores then lines up the strap-on with Hermione’s cunt before brutally shoving it all the way inside the girl without warning.

Hermione cries out from the intrusion and continues to scream into her panties with every quick thrust her Professor makes as she continues to force herself on the teen. When Minister Fudge raped her last night, it had been at a steady but somewhat slow pace. Like he was savoring each moment he was inside of her unwilling body. Hermione felt each and every movement of his cock inside of her pussy.

Professor Umbridge is raping her at a much quicker, more brutal pace. This isn’t really about Umbridge’s pleasure—it is all about Hermione’s pain. She feels the jolt of each thrust of the strap-on inside of her, each time it hits deep inside of her. She feels the sweaty skin of her professor touching her body each time she thrusts inside, and hears her grunts during each thrust and her moans of pleasure each time Hermione screams into her panties from pain.

She knows her Professor is more turned on by her pain than she is in the act of raping her. The lustful way she looks down on her, screaming and crying in pain from the rape, confirms that.

Mixed in with the sounds of her screaming and crying, the sounds of the desk creaking and moving against the floor, and the moans and grunts above her, Hermione begins to hear her professor’s heavy breathing from the exertion of the brutal assault she is performing on Hermione’s body.

Hermione only feels pain from the act, and a deep humiliation at being reduced to a fuck toy for her teacher’s pleasure. Umbridge thrusts faster and harder into her as she gets closer to her own orgasm, causing Hermione’s tits to bounce from the force of the thrusts. Her teacher’s eyes seem to catch on the movement of her breasts, for she grabs them in her fists and pulls her body up as she keeps thrusting, holding tightly to Hermione’s tits. Hermione screams loudly into her panty gag at the new source of pain.

“Your tits can always use more pretty bruises, can’t they, Mudblood?” Umbridge taunts.

Humiliated and in pain, Hermione has no choice but to nod as her teacher continues pounding into her body. The teen just closes her eyes and tries to disassociate from the present, hoping it’ll end soon. Her professor's brutality is a constant reminder, however, and it keeps her in the present, all too aware of the act being forced on her.

Finally, Hermione hears Umbridge come to her release as she thrusts into her body one last time, lying on top of Hermione and breathing heavily. One of her professor's hands leaves her sore breasts and pulls the soiled panties from her mouth, dropping them to the floor.

“What do you say, Miss Granger?” Umbridge pants from on top of her, taunting her.

Hermione moans in pain, the strap-on still embedded deep within her pussy. “Thank you for raping my Mudblood pussy, Professor Umbridge,” she says in defeat, remembering the words she had to say at the start.

“Will you now support the Ministry, Mudblood?”

Tears continue to fall down her face, defeated from all she’s endured. And yet… “No, Professor Umbridge.”

From above her, Dolores Umbridge smiles evilly as she slowly eases the strap-on out of Hermione. Then, right as its tip is at the entrance to her body, Umbridge roughly thrusts forward one last time, causing Hermione to scream again. “Then I look forward to your next punishment after dinner tonight…in the Great Hall.”

Hermione’s eyes widen as they focus on that statement. She shakes her head in protest.

“I think it’s time the rest of the school learns what happens to those who side against the Ministry, don’t you agree?” Umbridge taunts as she finally gets off of Hermione and begins to redress.

Finally learning that protesting makes things worse, Hermione has no choice but to nod and say, “Yes, Professor.”

“You may get dressed,” Umbridge commands as she sits at her desk.

At the command, Hermione grabs her soiled panties and scrambles for the cabinet she had put the rest of her clothes in. She quickly redresses, but hesitates before leaving. She has not been formally dismissed yet. Not wanting to incur her Professor’s wrath, Hermione walks back over toward her teacher.

Umbridge, not looking up from the assignments she’s grading, holds out a hand. “From now on, you are not allowed to wear panties, Miss Granger.”

Reluctantly, Hermione drops her bag and hikes up her skirt. She pulls down the still soiled panties once more and reluctantly hands them back to her teacher. “People might see…” she tries to voice her concerns about the words she had been forced to write, now burned into her skin.

Her professor finally looks up at that, her simpering smile on her face. She reaches out and pushes up Hermione’s skirt once more, the bright red words ‘cum depository’ across her mons exposed. Umbridge digs the fingernails of her other hand across the still sore letters, causing Hermione to cry out once again.

“Yes, precisely, Miss Granger, people might see what a Mudblood whore deserves,” she says before moving her hands away and refocusing on her work. “I’ll see you in the Great Hall later.”

Hermione spends the rest of the day dreading dinner. She skips lunch in fear of the professor changing her mind about the time, spending most of her time in the library instead. Harry and Ron are too busy playing Quidditch to notice her strange behavior; even when dinner rolls around, they don’t question her unusual silence or her complete lack of appetite. For her own part, Hermione can’t seem to stop herself from looking up to the high table where her professor is staring hungrily back down at her.

Her situation only becomes obvious when the meal comes to a close and she is summoned to the front of the room at the same time as the rest of the teachers and the students fourth year and below are asked to leave.

“It has come to my attention that some of the students in this school are not appreciative of the Ministry’s efforts to protect you all,” Umbridge addresses the assembled students after the other teachers and younger years have been escorted out and the doors sealed. “Miss Granger, here, is one of them, and today she will demonstrate what happens to those who defy the Ministry.”

Hermione, standing next to her teacher, cannot bear to look out at her peers, and instead keeps her eyes down on the floor.

“She is about to receive a caning for which each strike is equal to one point lost by her house this past week. As a Gryffindor, that brings your total up to 132 strikes, isn’t that right, Miss Granger?”

At the announcement of exactly what her next punishment will entail, Hermione immediately looks to her Professor in shock. Her body starts shaking in fear at the thought of receiving so many more strikes on her already sorely abused bottom, but she knows better than to show defiance at this point. So, with tears stinging her eyes, Hermione nods. “Yes, Professor Umbridge.”

From the Gryffindor table, Hermione instantly hears shouting and protests, to which Umbridge decides to add an additional 18 strikes “for an even 150 strokes.”

Gathering her courage, Hermione chances a look out at her classmates. The Gryffindors are still furious, but have quieted down in fear of more strikes being added. The Slytherins—especially the males—seem to be excited, some nearly salivating at what is to come. The Hufflepuff table seems nervous and silent. Many of them look uncomfortable. And the Ravenclaws seem on edge, shuffling in their seats, but also look intrigued. Hermione vainly wonders for a moment if they’re happy to see her get punished; almost as if payback for overshadowing their house in academic performance.

“Bend over, Miss Granger. Hands holding the high table,” Professor Umbridge instructs; her tone nearly pleasant. As Hermione walks over to the high table to comply, Umbridge’s voice follows, giving her one final command, and then addressing her audience. “Also, please step out of your skirt. After all, for an effective punishment, there should be as few barriers between the cane and your skin as possible.”

Hermione wants to protest, even begins to shake her head, but fears what her teacher’s response would be, so instead does as she is told. With shaky hands Hermione pushes the skirt down her thighs and lets it fall to the floor. She tries to ignore the whispers that follow, but she cannot ignore her teacher.

“My, my, Miss Granger, no panties?” Umbridge taunts her, “what a little slut you are.”

Hermione, knowing she can’t tell the whole hall that Umbridge demanded she not wear panties, simply does as she is asked. She places her hands on the high table and bends over, sticking out her bum for her punishment, and as soon as she gets into position, she feels the first SMACK against her skin.

She squeals from the shock, but remembers to say, “One; thank you, Professor, may I have another?”

If it is possible, Umbridge is more brutal with this caning than the previous two. The strikes seem stronger, the pace is quicker, and it seems that she’s hitting a larger area of Hermione’s ass, causing more pain in a larger space. Hermione is openly weeping throughout the punishment, and her screams echo throughout the otherwise silent Great Hall.

After fifty strokes, Umbridge pauses, and walks closer to Hermione. Hermione trembles, and moans in pain when she feels two fingers push in and out of her pussy for a moment before Umbridge backs back up and begins the punishment again.

After every ten to twenty strikes, Hermione feels Umbridge push her fingers inside her again and fuck her for a minuet before stepping back and whacking her with the cane again. Hermione barely is able to process the intrusions, for she is too busy trying not to forget the count—ninety strokes into the punishment, she is not willing to risk starting over. Hermione doesn’t think her body can take it.

Therefore, it comes as quite a shock to the girl when she realizes her body is somehow getting pleasure from this painful and invasive act of abuse. Her face burns with shame when her teacher’s fingers once again enter her pussy and she has to fight a moan of pleasure. Hermione also realizes that this must have always been a part of the punishment. Umbridge has been forcefully fingering her repeatedly and has to have noticed that she’s gotten significantly wetter down there.

Remembering Professor Umbridge’s rule on climaxing, Hermione turns to look at her teacher. “Professor, may I please come?” she pleads in as quiet a voice as she can, while still ensuring that her request was heard.

Her teacher’s smile is once again positively cruel as she nods her answer. “But, only if you turn around to face your classmates and hold the podium as I finish your punishment.” Her professor then adds, “And don’t forget to thank me for allowing you to cum afterwards, either.”

Hermione lets out another broken sob as she makes up her mind. Knowing that she will be unable to get through the rest of the punishment without coming, and all too aware of what further punishments may include—if this is anything to go by—Hermione forces herself to turn around on her shaky and unstable legs. She reaches for the podium and unsteadily repositions herself just before Umbridge begins her next round of hits.

Hermione’s screams seem to get louder as Umbridge seems to hit her at an even quicker pace, but the girl does not lose her count.

Her pleasure wars with her pain until, after the hundred forty-fifth stroke, Umbridge thrusts her fingers inside her young body at a brutal pace and Hermione finds herself going over the edge. Her eyes close, her mouth opens, and she lets out a loud moan as her classmates all sit in stunned silence and watch her experience her second orgasm at her teacher’s hands. Without even realizing it, Hermione gyrates on the fingers inside her as she moans her required thanks, “Thank you, Professor, for letting me cum.”

Hermione cannot even see her classmates through the tears falling down her face. She has never been more embarrassed in her life. What must they all think of her?

Then, as she is coming down from the orgasm, Umbridge finishes the last five strokes, nearly catching Hermione off guard, but she does not miss her counts, even as the last waves of her reluctant orgasm course through her body.

“One hundred fifty; thank you, Professor, may I have another?” she pants, tears of shame still falling down her face. She rests her weight on the podium in order to raise one shaky hand to wipe her face.

“I think that will be all, dear,” Umbridge says primly, “please put your skirt back on and cover yourself.”

As Hermione scrambles to obey, her ass stinging unbearably from the pain and her limbs feeling like jelly, Umbridge addresses her assembled guests once more. “I hope Miss Granger taught you all a valuable lesson in supporting the Ministry. You may all go back to your dormitories now.”

A/N: You are welcome to leave suggestions in the comments. I have an outline, and know where I want this story to go, but am always interested in detours.

Rating: 91%, Read 36011 times, Posted Jan 18, 2019

Fiction | Authoritarian, BDSM, Coercion, Cruelty, Discipline, Domination, Extreme, Fan fiction, Female, Girl, Humiliation, Lesbian, Non-consensual sex, Rape, School, Slavery, Spanking, Submission, Teen, Torture, Toys, Violence, Written by women, Young


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