Real Live Mom Next Door by fbailey

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Real Live Mom Next Door

Dad and I had been living alone ever since Mom split. Then a really pretty lady moved in next door. She was what the other boys call a MILF. I just call her the real live Mom next door. Kind of like the girl next door but older. Did I tell you that she was very pretty and that she dressed very sexy?

I liked her two daughters and would push them on my old swing set. Kelly was seven and Debra was five. They looked just like their mother only younger. They all had natural blonde hair and pale blue eyes.

Gwendolyn told me that she was twenty-five and had Kelly when she was only eighteen years old.

Then one Saturday Gwendolyn called me and said, “I have to go to work soon and my babysitter quite. Can you fill in until I can find a new one?”

I said, “Sure! I’ll be right over.”

Gwendolyn said, “Okay. I only have one rule. Don’t play around with my daughters.”

Stunned I said, “But we like to play games and that Kelly is very good at them too.”

Gwendolyn chuckled and said, “I didn’t mean that. I meant that I don’t want you playing doctor with them. If you need to feel someone up then feel me up. I don’t mind and I think I need it.”

She paused and then she lowered her voice and said, “My husband played doctor with Kelly. He played hide the salami too. Now he is in prison. I don’t want you doing anything like that to my girl. Do you understand?”

I replied, “Yes! I understand. You said that I could feel you up. When?”

Gwendolyn smiled and said, “I’ve got twenty minutes to get ready and get out the door. You can watch me get ready and I’ll give you a chance to feel me up. Then just before I leave I’ll give you a blowjob. Anything else will have to wait until I get home.”

I rushed right over and then Gwendolyn started to undress. She removed her blouse, her bra, and then her pants and panties. She smiled at me as I admired her naked body.

She took my hand and I followed her into the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and peed while I watched. Then she got a washcloth soapy and washed her face, her underarms, under her breasts, and between her legs. She said, “We can take a shower later but right now we don’t have much time. Go ahead and feel me up. You’ve got five minutes unless I can put my makeup on at that same time, then you’ve got about eight minutes.”

I wanted the full eight minutes. I stood off to one side and hefted her breasts, they were heavy but there was not much sag to them. When I asked, she said that they were 34-C. Then, I reached down lower, she backed away from the counter a little, and I felt her pubic hair. She had trimmed it but it looked and felt nice. Quickly I stuck a finger in her pussy. It was wet and it was slippery. I was feeling up my first girl and I liked it. Gwendolyn seemed to be enjoying it too because she kept moaning. I had two fingers inside her and then three fingers.

After eight minutes she dropped down to her knees and sucked my cock into her mouth. I came quickly and she thanked me for babysitting. I watched her get dressed, kiss the girls, and practically run out the door.

A couple of hours later she called to check on us. She told me to put the girls to bed at eight o’clock and then to watch television until she got home. She gave me the code to watch the dirty movie channels. Then she told me that her panties were still wet and that she couldn’t wait for me to fuck her when she got home. Apparently when she said ‘Anything else will have to wait until I get home’ she meant fucking. Wow! Now I could hardly wait. I watched two XXX movies and she was home.

Gwendolyn kissed me hello and I followed her as she checked in on the girls. Then I followed her into her bedroom. She undressed and stood there as I sucked on a nipple and fingered her pussy. She wasn’t kidding she really was wet down there. She let me feel her up for as long as I wanted too. That was over a half-hour. Finally, she asked me if I was ready to fuck her. She said that she hadn’t thought of anything else all day.

I undressed and climbed up on the bed between her legs. She was spread very wide so I leaned in and took a close look. It was my first pussy and I wanted to know everything about it. I knew how it felt and I was looking at it so I inhaled deeply and realized that I liked the way that it smelled too. Then I leaned in closer and tasted her pussy fluid. Now that was nice, a bit pungent, but very nice.

She jumped when my tongue licked across her clit so I kept doing it. She had an orgasm and it seemed to be a good one too. She pulled me up and kissed me as she slipped my cock inside her. Wow! That was great and it didn’t take me long to cum. She smiled and she kissed me.

Gwendolyn said, “Don’t worry, a young boy like you will get hard real quickly.”

I said, “I’m not so young. I’m fifteen.”

Gwendolyn laughed and said, “That makes you perfect. We are both in our sexual prime. You’re hard again. Stick it back in me.”

I did stick it back in her. We humped one another until we both came again. It was getting late so I got dressed and went home.

Dad asked, “How was the babysitting? Did she pay you? I’d take it out in trade if I were you. She is a fucking MILF.”

Yes! Gwendolyn was a Mom that I would like to fuck. She was a Mom that I had fucked. I was a motherfucker. I was the luckiest son of a bitch in my whole school.

After graduation I married Gwendolyn. I was nineteen and she was twenty-nine. On our tenth anniversary Kelly got married to a very nice boy and Debra is engaged.

The End

Real Live Mom Next Door


Rating: 90%, Read 74432 times, Posted Jan 02, 2012

Fiction | Consensual Sex, Female, Oral Sex, Teen Male, Virginity


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