Chapter 24 Master D's New Class (Second Attempt) by an2772

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Diary | Anal, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Erotica, Female, Girl, Lesbian, Male, Non-consensual sex, School, Slavery, Submission, Teen Female, Threesome, Violence

Chapter 24

Master D- When I first met Danny when he was selling drugs to take care of his mother who was sick. As it turns out the boy is a straight killer when other dealers got out of line he made them pay so he has blood on his hands. I know he knows how to fuck because I have seen him in action, so he will be a good fit for us. I go over what he will be making a week and although its less than what he was making on the street he is still interested in being trained he knows that the streets get hot and I know that he has money and wants more he also knows that he has to submit to me which he says isn’t a problem I know that he has had his dick sucked by a man before. When Rob come in he shakes hands with Danny and ask to speak to me, so I have Danny wait for me in the TV room I needed to talk to Rob also. So, I tell him that we need to talk about Daisy and he tells me that what he wants to talk about also she is acting like a spoiled bitch and she is getting on everyone’s nerves Rob tells me that he doesn’t like fucking her and I don’t either she is becoming really demanding and although we have punished her I feel like I want to string her up beat her but I don’t want to hurt his baby and he says that he knows how I feel when I look at my phone I get a text from Sonya that she is on her way to see me so I tell him that Sonya is on her way and he gets this look and I know that he is in love with her also. I tell him that we will talk when she gets here, and I also let him know that I would be find with just the three of us because I know that I love them both as we wait I get up and push him to the wall as I kiss him. I open the door and ask one of the in-house subs to take Danny to my dungeon and introduce himself to the trainees and that I will be with them as soon as I can when he says yes sir, he moves on. I turn on the monitor in my dungeon and watch as the trainees talk and a few of them are crying.

When I here the knock at the door I know that our girl has arrived. Sonya walks in looking so pretty she gives me a kiss and then she looks, and I nod she gives Rob a kiss as well. I ask her how would she feel if it’s just the three of us and she says thank god because she can’t take any more of Daisy’s shit and that we might come home and find her dead and that the only reason she has beat the shit out of her is because both of them are pregnant so I ask her what has she done now and she tells us that she has been chatting with some guy online and she found out today she had Henry lock her in a cage in the basement until she could tell us she they also found naked pictures on the computer that she sent some guy and she gives me some papers that are them sending messages this bitch is really stupid she thought she was going to leave the island with money and the baby so she tells us that Henry took her computer. I tell Sonya to have the maid clean out her room after she goes through it and if she finds anything to keep it until we get home she tells me that she wants to stay and I tell her that we are teaching a class she says she knows but if she goes home she will want to beat the girl so I tell her to stay after she sees the doctor she is six months pregnant with my son. When she leaves I look at Rob who is reading the papers I get on the phone with my computer guy and ask him what he’s found on the computer he tells me that she was chatting with some guy but she never told him where she lived he tells me that he sent the guy a virus that fry is hard drive when he opens it he sent it from her account and that he was working on getting his location. When I hang up Rob tells me that he wants this bitch out of our house and I ask him about the baby and he says that he wants it, so we must lock her up for the next 3 months and that she will pay I am so mad I could kill this bitch. I look at the screen and see that everything is ok, so I tell them to go to lunch and that we will start this afternoon. I really thought that this girl was smart, but she just got herself killed. I tell Rob that we need to handle her ass now so we leave after making sure that Sonya is ok when we get to the house we go to her room and I see that the maid is cleaning it out she doesn’t like the bitch either she tried to make the maid eat her pussy I ask Sara why she didn’t tell me and she said that she didn’t want to get her in trouble.

When we get to the basement I hear her crying saying that Rob was going to be mad because we did her like that and he looks at me and says thank god he didn’t marry her he called it off saying we wanted to wait I think he knew he didn’t want her he only wanted a baby. When I unlock the door, I grab her by the arm and throw her down on the bed and she looks all submissive and I tell her that shit won’t work as I slap the shit out of her she is crying when Rob throws the papers at her she looks scared saying its not what we think. I tell her that from now on she will be locked down here until she has the baby the doctor will come and see her once a month to make sure that the baby is alright and that if anything happens to him she will be killed slow and painful she puts her hand on her stomach and says that she loves her baby I look at Rob who looks like he could kill this bitch right now. What we don’t tell her is that her baby will be cut out of her and she will be cut up and thrown to the sharks no one fucks over us I ask he why and she says that she was just playing with him I ask why she feels that she can demand people do things for she forgot that she is a slave she looks down like I know she forgot she ask if one of us wants to fuck her and we both say hell no at the same time she starts to cry I tell her to use her hand. As, we leave I tell her that her meals will be brought down to her the cage is set up like a jail cell with a toilet and sink and that she will be allowed to have a shower once a day. When we get upstairs Rob is still mad as I am we must get to our class I tell Sara to take food down to her and that she is being monitored I tell her no knives or forks and that if she starts shit to call me.

When we get back to the office I kiss Rob and tell him we will talk more later. I have one of the slaves tell my class to get in the dungeon I have eight slaves to take my anger out on. When I open the door, they are all on the knees I have 7 girls and 1 boy Cathy, Karen, Jane, Shelia, Debby, Donna, Billy and Mary who is crying. I ask them if they know who I am and they all say yes Master and I say good because if anyone gets out of line I will he punishing them, and they won’t like it. I go over the rules again to remind them where they are at and what they are they are all naked and I ask Billy if he is gay and he says no and when he doesn’t say Master I grab him by his hair and drag him over to the bar and cuff him to it and I grab a short whip and I give him 20 quick slaps on his ass and then I tell him that he forgot to say no Sir I also tell him that he is now because he may have a male Master so a dick will be going up his ass whether he likes it on not and he will be learning how to suck one my dick is so hard I might have to fuck his face now, but I will wait. When I look back all the girls are scared so I tell them each to get a dildo so we can begin to learn how to suck dick two girls raise their hands so I tell Donna to speak and she tells me that she already knows how to suck a dick so I tell her to show me and she puts the whole thing into her mouth I ask Karen what was she going to say and she says that she knows how already her step-father taught her when she was six I tell her the same thing I get a dildo after I release Billy and tell him to get to sucking as he gets to his knees and he tries so I take it from him and ask if he ever had his dick sucked and he says no Sir so I have him stand and ask Donna to come over here and suck his dick I tell him not to cum or it will be double what he just got. She begins by taking him into her mouth and she takes him to the root with no gagging she is pretty good he begins moaning as I stand he behind him running my finger down his ass I know that he has been cleaned out I begin running my finger around his hole he is a virgin I look at Danny as he is watching the girls helping the one’s that don’t know how to give head his dick is hard I ask him if he wants to fuck Billy and he says yes I tell him in a little while I tell Donna to stop I tell her what a good job she did I tell Karen to get over here and let me see what she can do. I go to the cabinet and get a glove and some lube and as she is sucking him I push my finger in him and he screams I tell him to stop it’s only one finger as I feel for his prostate when I brush over hit he yells bingo I continue to do it he is begging to cum I tell him to hold it knowing that he can’t as he cums his ass is squeezing my finger he looks lost, because he knows that he will be punished. I have him go over to the bar and I get a paddle and lay into him I stop half way and I get a butt plug lube it and insert it into him I also cuff him and continue when I am done.

I tell Danny to go for it he walks to the boy and grabs him by the hair he tells him to beg for his dick when the boy doesn’t say anything he slaps him and he says please Master fuck me he pull out the plug and slams is dick into the boy I grab Donna and tell her to take my dick out I tell Karen to help the others when I look down Donna wants to speak so I tell her to say it and she tells me that she has never sucked a dick this big. Karen raises her hand and ask if she can do it I tell her to let Donna try first as I look down she is licking my balls and it feels good I tell her to put it in her mouth when she does I slam my dick into her mouth and she takes me I tell her all of me as I begin to face fuck her she is gagging a little, the boy is still screaming and I my dick is hard as a rock I tell her to stop she has tears in her eyes Karen comes over and takes over she is good not only is taking me to the root she isn’t gagging I tell them this is how you suck a dick she opens her throat and her muscles is milking my dick she is playing with my balls when I hear Danny cumming I lose it I grab her by the back of her head and fuck her throat and I cum when I am done I tell her that she did good and will be allowed to cum. I tell her to lay on the bed and I ask if anyone as ever eaten pussy and Donna says that she has I tell her to eat her pussy she begins attacking her pussy I tell her to slow down and give the person time to enjoy it.

I turn around and see that Billy is laying on the floor crying I tell him to get up and go clean himself up as I show him where the bathroom is Danny also goes in and I hear him talking to the boy tell him how good he was. When I look at the other girls I tell them to pay attention because they will be going next, I tell Donna to stop and I ask Karen if she came and she says yes Master I tell Cathy to lay down on the table I tell Donna to climb on top of her and eat each other out I stand behind them and I put my finger in Donna’s pussy she is not a virgin but her pussy is tight I tell them that they can cum and I know that Cathy and eaten pussy before I tell her that next time I ask her something and she lies she will be punished. I have the rest of them lick and suck each other off. I sit down in a chair and watch when I look up I feel that I am being watched maybe Sonya is in my office I tell her to come here when she comes in she is naked and I know she was watching I have her lay down on the bed and I tell Cathy to lick her pussy I know that Sonya will tell her how to do it the girl starts out slow Sonya grabs her by the head and grinds her face into her pussy she is moaning and I am so hard I take my dick out and feel Donna’s pussy when I know that she is wet I slam my dick into her and that cause her to scream into Sonya’s pussy and my girls cums and Donna’s thought she was done, but Sonya grabs her and tells her she is not done. I begin fucking her long and hard and she is not bad her pussy is tight around my dick I tell her that if she cums without permission I will whip her I look back and I see that Danny is teaching Billy how to lick pussy when Sonya cums again I let lose on the girl and I follow her I pinch her nipple and tell her to cum and her muscles lock onto my dick so hard I think she might break it she is convulsing as I cum into her. After helping Sonya up and into the bathroom she is kissing me telling how hot and horny she is I know she wants to fuck I tell her to go find Rob because I must finish up for the day and that I will fuck her later. I also ask her how she feels about Rob and I know she will tell me she says that she loves him and that she wants to be with him also I ask her why she didn’t tell me and she said she thought he wanted to be with Daisy she says she knows that I love him also so and when I say yes she is happy so I tell her that from now on its going to be the three of us she has two husbands. I also ask if she knows why he didn’t marry Daisy and she says because he loves me, and I tell her no it was her she kisses me and tells me that she knew the three of us would end up together. After she leaves I clean up and I go back into the dungeon to see that Danny has Cathy tied to the table and he is fucking her while Billy is licking her pussy I look down to the that the poor guy’s dick is hard as hell, so I tell Debby to suck him off. After they are done, and everyone is cleaned up we go over the poses and I remind them that they are not aloud to have sex with each other in their rooms and that they need to be respectful always. I tell them that we are done for the day and I have a sub take them to their room.

I turn to Danny and ask him how he feels, and he says pretty good I ask if he is ready to do some whip work are he says yes. I ask him which ones he have worked with and he says the flogger and the short one but nothing longer than 10 inches so I tell him that we will practice on the dummy first after setting everything up I show him how to warm up his arm while I warm up mine I take a swing and I hit the dummy I tell him to take a swing and he misses I show him how to stand and how to pull his arm back when I tell him to take his shot he does and he hits the target we work on it until both our arms are feeling like jelly. I walk him to his room and tell him that I will see him tomorrow and go to my office where I find my lovers fucking on the couch.

I look at them both and my dick gets hard I go to my desk and get lube as I pull my pants down and coat my dick and I run my slick fingers in his crease and put my finger in his ass as I prepare him to take my dick. I ease into him slowly he has the tightest ass that I have ever fucked. I begin thrusting into him as he moan his ass tightens on my dick as I here Sonya cumming and she is loud I reach around Rob and squeeze her breast when I pull out and push bad in and I hit it spot Rob begs telling me that he can’t hold it as I tell him to cum with his ass muscles squeezing my dick and I groan I feel my balls are drawing up and I know I am about to cum as I begin thrusting harder going deeper and when I explode I feel my eyes roll in the back of my head I catch myself we don’t want to fall on Sonya’s belly. When I pull out I reach for my wet wipes and give them both some after cleaning up and buttoning up my leathers I take a seat and kiss Sonya and Rob and tell them that we need to talk before we go home. We talk about what is going to happen with Daisy and that for now on its going to be just the thee of us sleeping in one room and that Sonya will be both of ours and they both agree. I ask Rob about the papers and his will and he said that he never went through with it because something told him that he couldn’t trust Daisy that was why he called off the wedding and that he knew that he could never love her, he knew how he felt about me but, when he had sex with Sonya the first time he knew he couldn’t be with her. Sonya hits him and ask why he didn’t say anything that she has loved him also and was afraid to say anything. I help her up and say let’s go home Sara has been informed and will be taking care of Daisy until the baby comes and once she is born their will be a DNA test done and Daisy will be no more.

Chapter 25 coming soon

Rating: 85%, Read 5886 times, Posted May 31, 2018

Diary | Anal, BDSM, Bi-sexual, Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Domination, Erotica, Female, Girl, Lesbian, Male, Non-consensual sex, School, Slavery, Submission, Teen Female, Threesome, Violence


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