The girl across the street_(3) by fucksalot

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it was late April when they arrived. this family was normal like every other family they fought, they laughed, they cried, etc. but i noticed the day they arrived they're oldest daughter. she was 15 i was 16. she was very strange. when she saw me she kind of looked stunned and then walked away like she was embarrassed or something. when she started at my school she was nervous. i tried to approach her to help her find a friend or any of her classes, but as soon as she saw me she walked away. my name is Jake by the way. i'm 5"10 black hair and a nose piercing. i wasn't goth or anything i was just another kid trying to fit in. one day i finally caught her alone. we were walking home along the same path and i ran up to her

"hey. i finally caught you alone." she didn't answer

"why did you walk away whenever you saw me?" she still wasn't talking

"hello? can you hear me? are you ok? well i'm just going to keep bothering you until you answer" i guess that's what caught her attention

"please go away." she asked sounding like she was about to get hit


"i'm not supposed to talk to you, now just please. walk the other direction" she begged me. i stopped there and waited until she was out of view to start walking again. i dont know what it was about but something about this girl attracted me to her. she kept telling me to go away so i did. after about 3 days i wrote her a note:

"i don't know what you meant by telling me to stay away but i would like to get to know you. can you please talk to me?" i put it in her locker before school. by the end of the day i found a note in my locker. the note said:

"meet me in the field we both walk through to get home. tonight at 9pm." i listened to the note and went to the field at 9pm. she was there. standing in the middle of the field. waiting. i walked up to her and looked at her

"ok you got e out here. what now?"

"you need to stay away from me. i don't want you to get closer to me at all."

"why there's no harm in us being frie--"

"you don't understand! when people get close to me they get hurt. stay away from me."

"i can handle myself. why wont you just let me talk to you?"

"because if i did you'd get hurt, bad."

"i can handle myself. can i at least get your name?"

"no... but you can have this" she kissed me. and then she walked away. i followed her

"hey wait! what was that all about?! who are you? please! i gotta know you" she turned around and looked me in the eye

"i would let you get close to me. but i cant. you don't understand my father will kill you if you get any closer to me."

"so its your over protective father? that's why i should be so worried? look little girl I've seen your father and he doesn't look very tough. i can take him."

"your so confident for an idiot." she smiled at me

"if i get to know you ill be as stupid as id have to be." she got closer to me and smiled

"aw that's cute" she grabbed my hand and then got inches from my face.

"i like cute" she whispered seductively. then she grabbed the back of my head and pushed our lips together. we stood there in the knee high grassy field and kissed passionately. i wasn't even keeping track of time. she grabbed my hand again

"come here i want to show you something." we ran to a forest at the end of a field. we kept jogging until we reached a pond. she started to remove her clothing

"come on lets go." she jumped into the pond and swam to the water fall. she went through it into a cave behind the waterfall. i followed her a few seconds later. when i got there she was sitting on the ground completely nude and staring right at me

"come here" she motioned me to come closer with one finger.

"so can i get your name now?" i asked her. she grabbed my hand pulled me down and got on to of me.

"for now you can call me baby." those were the last words spoken between us for a little while. she kissed me after she was done talking and we started to make out. she started to grind against my cock. i heard her moan and felt her get even more wet then she already was

"do you want to make love?" she asked

"i really do." she grabbed my cock and went down on me. she started to suck on my cock and moan into it sending vibrations threw my body.

"come over here" i told her. she flipped around so we formed a 69. i started to moan into her pussy she did the same with my cock. i felt myself getting closer. she stopped, got up, and mounted me. she was just about to sit on my cock when she looked at me

"i'm still a virgin. can you be gentle?" she asked me

"anything for you." she smiled and slowly descended on my cock. i felt everything. she was so tight. i kept going until she stopped me.

"are you sure?" i asked her

"i'm sure." i pushed up breaking her hymen. she started to cry a little bit but i kissed her and she stopped quickly. after waiting for the pain to ease she started to grind on my waist with my cock inside of her. she closed her eyes and enjoyed the feel of my cock.

"mm your so big," she said as she looked at me.

"your so beautiful" she blushed a bit then started to bounce up and down on my cock. i watched her tits bounce around. they weren't anything special they were high B cups.

"do you like them?" she asked looking at her boobs

"i do." she looked at me all innocent like

"do you want to suck on them?" she asked. i leaned forward a bit and started to suck on her titties she started to moan more and more until she had an orgasm. it nearly drove me over the edge. i could feel her pussy tighten and loosen as she cam all over my legs

"thank you." she kissed me

"that was my first orgasm." she said as she started to go even faster on me

"you can finish now" she looked at me. i was happy enough having a sexy little girl bounce up and down on my cock so i let her go at her own speed she was about to have her second orgasm when i said i was about to cum. she got of of me and put the head of my dick into her mouth and she started to suck. hard. i'm sure by the end of my orgasm that i had dumped at least a gallon of cum into this little girl.

she sat next to me and we both drifted off to sleep with each other in arms. when i woke up she was gone and the sun was coming up. i just got up and swam back to shore. i grabbed my clothes and walked home. memories of the previous night flashed into my mind. when i got home no one was there. so i went up to my room and went back to sleep. i woke up at about 10am. i got up and got dressed, not really caring what to do for the day i sat on my couch and watched TV. it was around noon when there was a knock on the door. i got up and looked to see that it was the girl from across the street. i opened the door

"yes?" i asked her

"my name is Emily. i wanted to tell you last night but it skipped my mind when we both went swimming.

"did you get caught?"

"no. but maybe you did your parents came by my house this morning asking if i'd seen you."

"i sneak out all the time they know that. they don't care they just do that to find out where i am but i'm usually home by the time they get back"

"can i come in?" she looked at me innocently

"is your father home?"

"he left last night that's why i told you to meet me in the field"

"ok come on in." i opened the door even wider so she could enter. she sat on the couch and i got us both a glass of water

"so Emily. what brings you to my home?" i asked her jokingly

"well..." she didn't even finish the sentence before she tackled me. we started out kissing and then we went to my room for more kissing and then we started fondling each other.

"i love you." she moaned

"i love you too" i took off my clothes and she did the same only she did a little strip-tees for me.

"you truly are a beautiful women." i complemented her. she started to blush and smile.

"your not so bad looking yourself"

"ow babe that hurts" i joked

"oh? maybe i can kiss it better then" she bent down and kissed the head off my cock. she started sucking and licking my cock, and watching me sit there in a daze of pleasure.

"do you like that?" she asked tilting her head and licking my shaft from bottom to top.

"oh yeah." i moaned

"do you want to fuck me now?" she looked at me innocently. i nodded. she laid down on my bed and i got on top of her

"fuck me senseless" she looked at my cock and licked her lips. i smiled and shoved my cock into her sopping wet pussy. she started to moan softly as i slowly pumped in and out of her. she was tighter then last night. i dint really know how but i didn't care. her moans were like music to my ears.

"oh. oh. oh. yes. oh nick. oh yes oh my god. ah----" she screamed out her orgasm. her moans and her tightening pussy were enough to drive me over the edge. i pulled out and started to shot hot streams of cum all over Emily's stomach

"that was nice" she said as i fell over next to her

"thank you" she kissed me. we both laid there together in silence for another 10 minutes before she got up.

"where you going?" i asked her

"i have to go to the bathroom. don't worry ill be back" she winked at me. i sat there waiting for her to get back, thinking about what things had happened in the past 24 hours. when she got back she jumped on the bed and snuggled up against me

"i really like being here with you" she said softly

"i really like being me. because i am here with you" i smiled at her. she looked at me and smiled. i kissed her passionately. we both kissed until Emily pulled away to breath

"to much?" i asked her. he just looked at me and smiled again

"im sorry. i have to go." Emily jumped up and got dressed

"when will you be back?"

"just meet me where we mat last night, again tonight." she kissed me and walked out of my house. i sat there with a smile on my face and no clothes on my body. i wonder what she'll have in store for me tonight...

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Rating: 89%, Read 23394 times, Posted Aug 10, 2012

Fantasy | Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Romance, Teen, Virginity


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