Me and my friends daughter. by hornyoddi

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Me and my friends daughter.

This is a fiction story about me and a teen girl.

It started for a cople of years ago when a friend of mine came to visit us with here teen girl an husband.

It started with me sitting in the living room with them and my parents and my sister then the little girl said that she wanted too se where i lived and so we got out an in up at the top of the garage at my parents home where i lived at the time.

here i had it all that matters.

Here i had my couch and my films and tv and stuff.

And i liked wery mutch living here in the garage.

We sat down on the couch and relaxd a bit and talked for a while about all things.

Then she sat up on my lap an off course my dick got hard immediately as usual but she didn`t just sat on my lap.

No she bounced up an down on my dick and i was having my fingers on here pussy outside the clothes and sliding my fingers up an down here pussy.

We did this for a while before we where so cold even that we had all off our clothes on all the time this happend.

It was a cold day and i found some blankets to trow over our bodies to warm us while the oil heater got warm and it was getting warm but not warm enough to sit on the couch naked so we snuggled in our blanket and settled down.

Then she sudenli began to touch my dick on top off my pant`s and it got hard instantly as it always do.

She hold on it for a while and after a time she asked me if it was good and i said yes it was.

And don`t stop it darling.

Then she asked me if she could see it and i said yes you can darling.

I then stood up and reach down to take of the pants and my under pants and she looked good and long on it and gasped because off the sice off the dick.

And then we lay down on the couch under our blanket.

And then she asked if she could touch it and i said yes.

Then she touch it and she said she wanted to do more with it.

And i said okey and asked what she wanted too do and she said she wanted too suck on it and i said okey you can do that.

Right after that she asked me if she could fuck me too and i replyed ``not no but maybe later when you are a bigger girl darling``

Then she began to take her head down towards my now stiff and hard cock.

And suddenli i felt here mouth against my dick and she said mmmm that was a good taste and kept sucking my dick.

She kept sucking my dick wery slow for a minute or so before she got the speed up and sucked my dick harder.

Then she asked me if it was good and all i could say was ``mhm``

And she asked if i could do the same with here and i said yes and she stod up off the couch and took off her cloths for me so i could see here good and what a look i got. Then she layd down on the couch ready for me to do my thing. And she haden`t any pubic hair down on here pussy and i liked it.

I started too suck on here not develept tits and she enjoyed it and when i was done with that i moved down too her pussy and began to lick here clit and the rest off the pussy and she loved it very mutch.

She begged me not too stop and said i could pick up some speed and make here come.

So i did and what a girl. The smell and taste off here cunt juices was the best i ever had tasted in my lifetime.

I licked here for a good and long time until she suddenli came in my mouth and i was shooked that she could come like that.

When i was finished with here i asked if she could do the same i had done for here too me too.

I needed too come very very badly.

She said okey and i stood up and took off my shirt and lay down on the couch and said ``now it`s your turn too do me.``

She sat down on the side of my raging cock and began to stroke it for a little before she began too suck it slowly for a minute or so.

Then she began too move faster and faster and i felt i was near coming but i didn`t wanna cume this early and hold it back.

But then she began too take the hole dick deep deep down here trouth and i couldn`t hold on any more.

I said too here that i was cumming and she just began too do it faster and deeper until i said i`m cumming.

Then she took my balls in here hand an started too feel it and that was all i could take and i pumped here full off cum in here mouth.

And this was the best blowjob and cumming i ever experienced in my lifetime.

And when i had gotten my breath back i asked here if she wanted to swallow it or spit it out and too my astonisment she said she wanted too swallow it and did so and it was very hot.

Ewery drop she swallowed and liked te taste off it too she said to me.

And she allso sad that this was something she wanted too do more with me.

After we where finished we herd her mother call for here and she had too go out and talk too here mother and an our or so they went back home and she newer said anything too anybody.

this is still our thing and no others know about it and they never will i hope.

The end for now.

Maybe it comes more if i get some good feed back from you all.

Rating: 36%, Read 22098 times, Posted Mar 07, 2011

Fiction | Blowjob, Cum Swallowing


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