WHORE WIFE 2 by jiwjiw11

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Part 2


Two weeks after her baby sitting session with Peter’s horny, incorrigible, domineering young nephew, her boss, Peter Epstein, called her into his office and asked, “Do you remember seeing Felix Schoenberg around the offices a few times and meeting him once?” “Oh God, yes,” she quickly replied, with a grimace and a roll of her eyes, “Who could forget that creep. What an absolutely disgusting slob he is. Just being in the same room with him made my skin crawl.”

Peter sternly responded, “I appreciate your candor, and the accuracy of your sentiments, baby, but don’t forget for a second that Felix has inherited enough assets to make him the richest man in California and, therefore, he is someone who I would give my eye teeth to land as a client, and lord knows I’ve tried everything to do so.”

“So far I have worked every possible angle I could think of to get Felix to move his business over to our investment banking firm but, unfortunately, nothing I’ve tried has worked. And now, to make things worse, the New York office is putting heavy pressure on me to get the sleazy son-of-a-bitch to give us his business. So, in desperation, I have come up with one last scheme to try to win the bastard over and, since it involves you, baby, I want you to listen closely to what I’m saying.”

“Whenever Felix has been here in our offices it’s been obvious to me that he has a thing for you, sweetheart. I mean a real, deep-seeded lust for your body. In fact, if I am reading him right, he wants some of you so bad that I think he would move his business over here, in a heartbeat, if I got you to lay him.”

Shocked by Peter’s words, incredulously, she asked, “Surely you aren’t suggesting that you want me to put out to that load of crap, just to secure his business for the firm?”

Her boss quickly responded, in no uncertain terms, “That is exactly what I’m suggesting you do, darling. All of us at this firm are very highly compensated, some for generating outlandish profits for our clients, and fees for the firm, and some to recruit new rich clients who will pay us outlandish fees, including assholes like Felix.”

“Now, baby, because you work for me you are in the client recruiting side of the business and are paid an extremely high salary, therefore, I expect you to chase Felix as hard as I’ve been doing to land him as a client. Because of that, I have made your voluptuous body, and sexual skills the key ingredients in my new plan.”

“I’ve got a lunch scheduled with the pain-in-the-ass on Friday and I’m going to take you along with me so that you can flaunt the hell out of that spectacular body of yours, flirt with the slug and charm the hell out of him and then, when you’ve got him so hot to have sex with you that his brain has turned to mush, we’ll bring him back to the office and you can take him into your office/sex crib, where I expect you to treat him to anything and everything he wants, and do whatever you have to do, to close the deal with him and deliver his business to the firm.”

She visibly shuddered with revulsion at the thought of what Peter’s plan would mean for her, both physically and mentally, she asked him, “Are you really sure that he will become a client if I let him ball me?”

“Sweetheart, if you play that splendid prick-teasing game of yours to the hilt, I’d say that the chances are more than 95% certain that he will,” Peter forecasted with a confident smile. “Since nothing else I’ve tried has worked, at those odds, it is well worth the risk because, even if it turns out that I’m wrong, all we’re out is a piece of your luscious ass.”

This shocking, outlandish proposal Peter had made to her was completely different from anything she had done since she had taken the Job as his office mistress. So far her job had been, for the most part, just a continuation of the life of wanton promiscuity she had been leading since her early teens. Between putting out for her boss and partying every Thursday evening with him and a selected client, plus having a new husband, her sex life had never been better, or more titillating fun.

But this demand by Peter was going to be something completely different and would not be any fun at all. It would be just stomach turning sex in exchange for getting the guy’s business, pure and simple. She was being ordered to put out for a slimy, putrid asshole who she couldn’t stand.

She also knew that she wasn’t being given any choice at all in the matter. As usual, it was either Peter’s way of the highway. Of course, the highway was really no longer an option because she and her husband needed the preposterously high salary she was being paid, to be able to put him through medical school while living a very nice life style.

Just then her train of thought was broken by Peter saying to her, “Now to give you a real, added incentive to give it your all, if you are successful in landing Felix as a client, I’ll give you a $25,000 bonus.”

Once again she couldn’t believe what she had just heard and chocked out, “Did I hear you right, $25,000?”

“That’s what I said, baby doll, 25 big ones,” Peter assured her.

She swallowed hard and said to herself, “My god that amount of money would be a sea change event in the lives of her and her husband.” Peter had certainly found just the right stimulus for her, because she heard her voice saying, “Oh Peter, that is wonderful and I promise that I will do everything I can to persuade Mr. Schoenberg to become our firm’s client.”

The excited Peter leaned across his desk and gave her a kiss on the mouth, then said, “Wonderful, baby, now let’s get right down to business and make sure that we do everything to make this effort a real success. First I want you to wear that yellow dress of yours, it is the most risqué one of all of the outfits you’ve bought, so far. Since Felix is hot for your body, that whorishly tight, revealing costume should set the hook and enable you to start reeling in the rotten bastard to be had.”

“Now, during lunch I want you to go after him like you’re a celebrity groupie. You lay it on thick, prick tease him, flirt with him, stroke his cock under the table and, basically use all of your womanly charms to set the big fish up for the kill.”

“Then, when his brain is stupefied with lust for you, we’ll bring him back here and you can take him into your office where I expect you to suck him off, let him ass fuck you, toss his salad, you know, generally curl his toes with the kind of hot, nasty sex that will drive him absolutely crazy.”

Everything having been said, Peter leaned back in his chair and asked, “So do you have any questions, baby.” “No,” she smiled nauseously, “Unfortunately for me, I understand everything all too well.”

Excited, Peter said, “Good, now I’m going to prime the pump by calling our patsy and setting things up for you to nail the prick.” He buzzed Felix’s private line on the speaker phone and when the prey answered, said, “Felix baby, its Peter Epstein and I just found out something that is going to blow your mind. I was going over my schedule a few minutes ago with my sexpot, executive assistant and when we came to the lunch scheduled with you tomorrow, she asked me a whole lot of questions about you and then confessed that she really found you to be a very intriguing man. When I concluded the conversation by telling her that you were the richest man in California, and were single, to boot, I thought that she was going to have an orgasm. “Damn guy, watching her reaction I’d say that she went from finding you to be intriguing to having an outright crush on you.”

“Now, the reason I’m telling you this is because the last time you were here I got the distinct impression that you’d like to get some of her action. Did I guess right about your desire to nail her ass, or was I wrong,” he asked, coyly?

“No, you got it exactly right, Peter. Shit who wouldn’t want some that Anglo hottie’s ass,” Felix responded, “She is the finest and sexiest looking woman I have ever seen in my life.”

“Fantastic Felix. Now, since she is so turned on by you, my suggestion is that I bring her to tomorrow’s lunch and give you the opportunity to make your move on her. If things work out the way I think they will, then we’ll bring her back to my office and you can take her into her office and do whatever you want with her,” Peter gushed with enthusiasm. “Now all I can do is set up the opportunity for you, it is up to you to charm the panties off of her, so how does that plan sound to you, Felix.”

“Son-of-a-bitch, that’s the best fuckin idea I’ve heard in a long time. So, buddy, you really think the gorgeous Cunt is hot for my body, uh,” Felix asked, anxiously?

“I guarantee it, you lucky bastard. And you won’t need any Viagra’s because this Cunt will give you such a long term hard-on that you may need to see a doctor to get it to go down. In the meantime she’ll be letting you nail her hot body every way known to man. You know how these Anglo bitches are, they can’t get enough of a rich Jew,” Peter laughed encouragingly.

“Now, if you get as lucky as I think you will, all I ask in return is that you reward me by moving your business to our firm where the gorgeous Anglo can help you look after your fortune, any time you want her too,” he laughed.

“If that beautiful Anglo Slut does everything I tell her to do, then you can count on it, amigo, you’ll have all of my business next week,” he promised.

Peter said goodbye, hung up, then hugged her, saying, “There you are, baby, I was right and now the game is all in your capable hands. Fuck his brains out and his business is ours.” He smacked her on the ass and, shaking his head in wonder, said. “I never cease to be amazed at what a gorgeous, slutty woman can get from a man.”

With that, he led her into her office, saying, “Shit, that got me so hot that I need to celebrate by getting one of your spectacular blow jobs.”


The next morning Mark was up early studying while she was dressing to go to work. Of course, today she was putting on her little yellow dress that tightly squeezed her magnificent body, displaying maximum cleavage and an abundance of thigh flesh, while cupping under her marvelous, jutting ass cheeks. Fully dressed she looked like a fuck going somewhere to happen.

When she came out, ready to go, Mark whistled as he looked her over and commented. “Wow, wearing that damned dress, you must have a really big day scheduled.”

She looked at him and replied, “Don’t even ask, and I probably won’t be home for dinner.” Saying no more, she kissed him on the cheek, grabbed her purse and left for “work”.

At 1PM, looking irresistibly voluptuous, Peter escorted her to a restaurant table and then seated her between the deplorable looking, drooling Felix, and himself. At the beginning of the lunch it was all she could do to keep from barfing as she felt Felix’s fat, clammy hand grab her thigh and his lips begin nuzzling her neck. Momentarily, she wondered how appalled her husband would be if he knew that his wife was soon going to be having sex with someone as gross looking and acting as this overweight Jew. She was again very glad that Mark never wanted to know anything about the office sex she was having, in abundance.

During Felix’s early pawing she had to keep telling herself that he was very rich until she finally, and thankfully, began to feel that sexual ploy begin to kick in, as her faithful aphrodisiac, as it always did.

As that clit tickling trickery began to work, she also thought about the $25,000 bonus she was here to earn today, which provided an addition stimulus to her sexual desire. Thirdly, she quickly downed two martinis that gave her the final buzz she needed to make her even more willing to be exploited by this slimy beast who was here to have her.

As Peter watched his married mistress, and her filthy rich trick, really begin warming to the occasion, he got to see her throw herself at the ugly potential client, just as though he was a movie star. This even included her unzipping his fly and running her hand down inside his shorts and playing with his cock and balls, while she ate and drank with her free hand. In fact, things reached a point to where Peter began to worry that Felix was going to fuck her right on the table.

When the boozy meal and the fondling period had achieved its super-horny objective, they took the sex crazed Felix back to the office where, with a sickening grin on his face, the loathsome Jew let her grab his tie and lead him, by it, back to her office/sex crib.

Once inside, too hot for any more foreplay, Felix had her pull her skirt up around her waist and then step out of her yellow bikini panties, while he dropped his pants and shorts down around his ankles. He had her lie down on the big couch and spread her thighs pulling her knees up to her shoulders, then crawled on top of her and had her guide his long, thin penis to the entrance to her wet, multi-stimulated vagina, then felt him shove it home and take her. She groaned, not from sexual pleasure, but because she had just been entered by the ugliest man she had ever seen in her life.

For the next few minutes she helped him bang her pussy good and deep as she felt the cock plow its way through the juice in her surprisingly wet pussy. She was grateful that the multiple stimulants had done a good job of preparing her for this disgusting ordeal.

During the fuck, she found herself not only crushed down by his blubberous frame; his open, heavy breathing mouth was right up against her ear and she had to listen to him grunt and groan while his drool ran down onto her neck and shoulder as he humped her cooperating body with a labored effort.

As she lay there under him, getting rutted, she thought to herself, “Thank God the “I’m fucking a rich Jew” aphrodisiac, and the “I need the $25,000 bonus,” stimuli, plus the two martinis, were all working their magic and combining to getting her pussy raging hot and juicy for the beefy Jew to plow.”

For the next few minutes she helped him bang her good and deep, in spite of his flab until, finally, with a loud groan of real passion, she felt his cock begin to swell and start shooting hot semen into her channel, leaving it oozing his thick, creamy cum.

Then the rich, sleazy bastard rolled off of her and onto the floor, on his back, the movement jerking his cock out of her cum soaked snatch. Then he ponderously scooted his large body a couple of feet away from the couch and then told her to get on top of him, in the 69 position.

Doing his bidding, she let her knees unfold downwards then swung her feet onto the floor, bringing her body up into a sitting position, then got off of the couch and mounted his big belly, placing her mouth right over his cum covered cock. His belly was so large that her pussy was left a foot away from his mouth.

Looking over her shoulder she watched him make a fist with each hand, each fist with three fingers sticking out stiffly. Then she felt him shove one set of grouped, pudgy fingers into her oozing pussy and getting them wet with his cum. After a few probes of her hot pussy he pulled pull the cummy, grouped fingers out and quickly shoving them up her ass, knuckle deep. Then, simultaneously, he stuck the other three finger grouping knuckle deep into her cunt, completing a fat, triple fingered, double penetration of her lower orifices.

With the fingers forced in to maximum depth, he yelled at her, “Now stick my cock in your mouth.” She followed orders and grasped the slippery, still rigid member in her hand and promptly went down on it letting him enjoy the pussy to mouth pleasure step.

Feeling her mouth capture his cock, he told her, “Now I want you to keep your head still so that I can hump my hips upwards and drive my cock down your throat, as far as I can get it. While I’m doing that, I want you to hump your ass against my two sets of fingers and double penetrate yourself. And, you gorgeous slut, I want to see you really hump your ass, but good, while I watch you give yourself a thorough double fucking.”

With that said, she felt his thick, flabby legs clamp against each side of her head, then watched him start driving his long, narrow cock completely out of sight down her throat as he mashed his thick, curly haired pubic mound into her face.

His fingers were strong and stayed firmly in her two orifices as he enjoyed the view of her crotch bouncing up and down spearing herself with the two sets of bunched fingers and giving herself a thorough finger fucking.

After minutes of her getting this triple fucking action, Felix was sweating like a pig and the air around her trapped, deep fucked mouth was getting rank as his wet pubic hair continued to get shoved into her face, all of this adding to the demeaning difficulty of helping him plunder of her three orifices.

As she humped her ass, she knew that she had no choice but to take it and like it, so she kept thinking about the $25,000 bonus she would be getting by doing whatever the fat pig wanted her to do.

As more time passed, to her surprise, in spite of the stench, this dirty and nasty, raw sex act was actually turning her on and getting her hotter than hell, so hot in fact that she climaxed for the fat slob.

When Felix felt her body begin to jerk above him, his own sex organ went off in her mouth, flooding it with his foul tasting, sticky white goo, and she managed to gulp it all down while her own climax receded.

Pleased by her performance, Felix shoved her off of him onto the floor then scrambled to his feet and extended her a hand then pulled her up onto her stilettos. Then he led her over to her desk and put his hand behind her head and pushed her forward at the waist forcing her upper body down onto to cold desktop. Then he kicked her feet apart, grabbed his still stiff pecker in his hand and guided its head against her anus. Then he grabbed her long hair in his other hand and jerked her head up and thrust his hips forward, burying his long dong up her ass. Then, in a cloud of, demeaning profanity, calling her every dirty name in the book, as self-stimulus, he brutally ass fucked her.

When he felt his load getting ready to explode, he used his hair hold to drag her off the desk, then had her stand right beside him and watch him spew his cum shots down onto the surface of the just abandoned desktop.

When his balls were drained he grabbed her by the neck and callously shoved her face right down into the pool of white spunk, then he ordered her to lick it all up and swallow it.

Swallowing hard, and with her nose pushed right into the splatters of white spunk, she started licking. As she got started, Felix laid his head on the desk, right beside her face and watched closely as she lapped up his seed. As she was licking the desktop clean, she realized that he was as ugly a human being as he was physically ugly.

It took some time for her get the slippery jizz all licked up. When she’d finally finished to his satisfaction, she lifted her head and licked her lips, found her panties and put them back on, smoothed her dress back into place, and freshened her lipstick while he pulled up his pants and belted them.

Instinctively knowing men as she did, she boldly went over to the super rich Jew and unzipped his fly then pulled his semi-limp prick out, grasped it firmly, then French kissed him lustily, before pressing her mouth against his ear and saying, “Listen closely, you fat slob, If you ever want to call me filthy names, or make me perform dirty sex acts for you, or want me to suck your dick, when we walk through that door into Peter’s office, you had better tell him that you will move your accounts over here in the morning. Do you understand me, you rich pervert,” she asked, giving his cock a painfully hard squeeze?

“I’ll do it as soon as we go in his office,” he promised, meekly, not wanting her to cut him off under any circumstances.

With that she led him by his pecker through the door into Peter’s office where she announced to her boss, “Here’s your new customer back, ready for you to sign him up.”

After she left the room, Peter asked his new client, “Damn, Felix, welcome on board and, from the sound of things, and the smile on your face, the two of you had a great time together.”

The temporarily Pussy whipped, Jew gasped out, “That damned broad fucks as good as she looks and will be as nasty as you want her to be. Hell, I think I’m in love with the voluptuous slut!”


On the following Monday morning his office wife/mistress’s spectacular success in bagging Felix Schoenberg as a client of the firm, Peter found himself in a quandary. Like all good Jews, money was, first and foremost, ahead of everything else in life. By extension, the same was true of the investment banking firm for which Peter was the Managing Partner of its LA office. That being the case, her success with Felix was forcing him to reevaluate his perception of his personal assistant’s unique, irresistible, man pleasing talents, and how they might be used to persuade potential clients to sign up with the firm.

Originally he had hired her solely to provide him with extra-marital sex at the office and she had performed that task better than he had ever envisioned in his wildest dreams. Beyond her years, she was a total sexpot, a woman for all seasons who absolutely loved sex, in all of its forms and derivations. Her uninhibited sexual skills had proven to be unmatched and the always hot, oversexed broad just loved to fuck and get fucked in every conceivable way possible.

Her fabulous looks and readily adaptable response to sexual demands of all kinds had already served the firm well by allowing him to expand her sexual activities at the firm, to include hostessing the wildly successful Thursday evening sex parties to which a selected client was invited, each week, to join them for a mini-orgy threesome, during which she had, with an unmatched style and an earthy demeanor, done a fantastic job of sexually gratifying the participating client’s needs, no matter what depths they might go.

But the sexual magic that she had performed while putting out to the raunchy, disgusting pig, Felix, had suddenly made it obvious to him that she had a special set of sexual aptitudes that could and should be utilized to make the firm a lot of money in the role of its Potential Clients Recruiting Manager.

Coincidently, just a few months ago, the Executive Committee had discussed hiring a beautiful, sophisticated, very sexually experienced woman who would be willing to use her looks and sexual skills, whenever required, to close deals with very rich, but hesitant to change firms, potential new clients. Try as they might, though, after many intimate interviews, they had never been able to find a woman who perfectly fit the position of “The Closer.”

But, after what his executive assistant had put herself through to land the slovenly, despicable, Felix, there was no doubt in Peter’s mind that he had discovered the perfect woman for the job. She had the brains, beauty and the voluptuous body that was required for the position, and she had demonstrated that she not only had all of the wanton sexual skills necessary to be wildly successful in The Closer position, she had proven that she was more than willing to use them, on demand, when financially inspired to do so.

From Peter’s vantage point, the only downside to promoting her to The Closer position was that, by adding this sexual activity to her already busy calendar, it would cut down on the number of times he would get to have sex with her. But, conversely, knowing what sex acts she had been required to perform for the potential clien, would make the sex he did have with her even more wonderfully decadent and exciting than ever.

In this weighing of the pros and cons of promoting her to The Closer position, of course, money won out by a landslide.

While rubbing his hands together in anticipation of what his superbly endowed mistress/slut was going to mean to the firm’s future revenues, a worrisome note of caution crept in. Although he was absolutely positive that she was perfect for the position, he reminded himself that all the sex she had performed, so far, had been as a result of him bribing her to do it, by wage increases or bonuses.

With that sobering thought in mind he decided that, before he awarded her the position, he should have her perform sex with someone, without the stimulus of a financial incentive. He needed to put her in a challenging, uncompensated, sexual situation and let her prove, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that she would provide sex, on demand, to anyone he told her to fuck.

While being very pleased with his ultra conservative decision to put her to a “freebee” test, he was also extremely confident of the outcome because he knew that his fabulously equipped mistress/office wife was a natural born whore.


Just then he heard the receptionist’s silky voice on the intercom announcing, “Mr. Herzog is here for his 2PM appointment, Mr. Epstein.”

Jumping to his feet, Peter responded, “Please send him right in.”

Almost immediately, the door opened and Izack Herzog strode into his office, where both ex-college roommates heartily shook hands before sitting down across the desk from each other.

Izack was the only son of a man who owned a large percentage of the Mercedes car dealerships on the West Coast. During college Izack, who was slickly handsome and predatory with women, had been a swinging dick who spent the majority of his time successfully chasing broads instead of studying. He was a womanizer of the first order who unconscionably used his female companions purely for his own sexual gratification, then tossed them out on their asses. His motto had always been, “As long as I get my climax, I could care less whether or not the stupid broad got anything out of getting fucked.”

Now in his early 40’s, Izack’s womanizing escapades were still purring along in high gear. He was also a very smart guy who now ran the high volume used car side of his father’s sprawling car empire, even using it as a conduit for shipping stolen cars to foreign customers in a deal he had with the West Coast Mob. He also fit his job position perfectly by dressing and acting like the oily, devious used car salesman that he was.

For all the years he had known Izack, the thing that was indelibly burned into Peter’s mind was a visit he had made to Izack’s office in one of the dealerships, during which he watched Izack answering the phone and barking out orders, all the while they talked, with his secretary under his desk giving him a noisy, drooling blow job.

Therefore, as soon as the receptionist’s voice had reminded him of their appointment, Peter knew that he wanted Izack to do the same nasty telephone sex job on his personal assistant, the demeaning use of her assets, and the accompanying randy sex acts, all combining to serve as the final ”freebee” test for her to pass.

It was also beneficial that Izack was very well known by all of the firm’s partners because he, through a special agreement with the firm, provided all of them with the cars they drove. Therefore, if the Executive Committee needed a testimonial supporting her qualifications for the job, Izack’s words would count heavily in support of his decision to promote her.

Smiling with enthusiasm, he said to Izack, “Let’s put off talking about the new car deal we were going to discuss today, and move on to something far more important that I want you to do for me.” Leaning back in his chair, he asked, “How would you like to get the best piece of ass you’ve ever had in your life, while you’re here this afternoon?”

“Shit, old buddy, you know what my answer is going to be to a question like that,” Izack laughed.

“Well then, let me give you a little background before I let you stick your cock in the woman I’m talking about,” Peter suggested.

“I have a truly gorgeous young woman functioning as my personal assistant/office mistress. She has been blessed with some of most fabulous physical attributes I have ever seen, along with an incredible beauty that makes your eyes hurt to look at. She also has a whorishly teasing style about her, as well as a unique talent for getting members of the opposite sex to do whatever she wants them to do. As a result, I am considering promoting her to a very important, high paying position in the firm, one in which she will be entertaining potential clients and doing whatever it takes to persuade then to become clients of the firm. When you see her you will fully understand why she is so uniquely qualified for the job.”

Since she’s been here, with a couple of minor exceptions, everything has been very been very much to her liking, sexually, and let me assure you that this babe loves to fuck. Now, in the position I’m thinking about promoting her to, things aren’t always going to all go so smoothly. As a result I want to give her one more test to make sure that she can handle a nasty time during which she gets handled and treated like a whore, and that is where you come in.”

“First and foremost, you have the perfect qualifications I’m looking for, you are a real asshole when it comes to using women. I have awlays been impressed with how well you use and abused women that I want you to do the same thing to my mistress. I figure that if she can deal with that kind of treatment, from a rotten prick like you, then I’ll know that I’m making the right decision by promoting her the new position.”

“I want you to make her give you a blowjob plus, I want you to fuck and creampie both her pussy and her anal passage too, while you’re doing business on the phone,” Peter added with a glint in his eye.

“Damn,” Izack grunted, “I sure as hell like the sounds of that broad fucking assignment, and I’ll do her all three ways, just like you want. My only proviso is that she actually looks as good as you say she does. Now where do you keep this sensational looking slut of yours?”

“She’s waiting right on the other side of that door and hasn’t got any idea what’s fixing to happen to her,” Peter laughed.

“Fantastic, let’s go in there and let me get a good look at her and, if she looks as good as you say she does, then you get your ass out of there and let me get started treating her like a piece of shit and see if she can handle it. When I’m through with her, I’ll report back my findings to you and tell you whether or not I think you should promote to be the firm’s Recruiting Manager/Whore.


Her office door swung open and Peter entered followed by an oily looking, very handsome man who she hadn’t seen before. The two men stopped in front of her desk and Peter said, “Baby, I want you to meet Izack Herzog.”

She stood up and shook the man’s hand and said, with a winsome smile, “Hello Mr. Herzog, it is so nice to meet you.” Izack shook her hand as he boldly checked out the merchandise which was damned near perfect.

Herzog stared, open mouthed, at the spectacular body that was stuffed into a pale green, very short dress that was about a half a dress size too small for her, and made her look incredibly hot and sensuous. Just seeing her in this outrageously prick-teasing outfit gave him an immediate hard-on, causing him to blurt out, “Holy mother of God, is this the woman you’re talking about me fucking?”

Peter slapped his guest on the back and said, “Didn’t I tell you that she was a knockout, Izack? Is that a full blown set of womanly curves, or what?”

Almost drooling, Herzog acknowledged, “Hell, that’s a total understatement, you bastard,” then, shaking he head in wonder, he went on, “Shit, man, I believe this is the finest looking broad I’ve ever seen.” Salivating, he said, “Jesus what a fantastic fuckin’ set of tits.”

Peter quickly looked over at her and said, “Izack and I were Frat House roommates in college. He just dropped by to say hello and needs to make a few telephone calls before he leaves, so I suggested that he use your office to make them in.”

He put his arm around her shoulders and said, “Izack also told me that he is horny as hell so, while he’s in here with you, I want you to do whatever it takes to un-horny him, like a BJ, anal, or whatever else it might take to satisfy him while he’s here.”

With that, Peter quickly turned and went back into his own office, leaving the two of them to work things out and then, unbeknownst to her, Izack would begin putting her to the test that could earn her a big promotion.

As she stood there, surprised by Peter’s casually callous order, Herzog immediately took charge and said, “Sit back down in your swivel chair, honey.” Watching her body move seductively, he pulling out his cell phone and walked around her desk until he was standing between her chair and the desk, then, with a confident leer he told her, “Unzip me and pull my cock out and get a good look at it.”

As she pulled down his zipper and stuck her hand in is pants, she already knew that Izack was the kind of bad boy that mothers warn you about. He was obviously one of those wham, bam, and don’t even bother to thank you mam, kind of asshole. A first rate womanizer who would lean forward to kiss you then spit in your open mouth. A cocky bastard who she knew was going to lord it over her as he got every kind of piece she had to give.

She finally wrestled his cock out of his unzipped fly and had to admit that she was genuinely impressed. This guy really had something to be cocky about. His major league dong was long, thick and very dark, and she could already feel the drool welling up in her mouth. As over-sexed as she was, she immediately found herself getting in the mood to un-horny the hell out of him, any way he wanted her too.

Hungrily licking her lips, she looked up and their eyes locked and she could see that he already knew that he had her practically begging for it, so she knew that the confident bastard wasn’t going to spare her a thing.

His freed dong was now aimed right at her mouth and, looking her straight in the eye he sneered, “Stick it in there, baby, and gorge yourself on it while I make a few phone calls.”

She took his oily cock in her hands and shoved it’s head into her mouth and started chewing on the rock hard flesh, then slowly began licking and sucking on it, its male smell already intoxicating her.

When the call went through, she heard Herzog say, “Harry, I want you to know that I have my dick stuck in the mouth of the most stunningly beautiful woman that I have ever seen. She is not only drop dead gorgeous, and is built like a brick shithouse, her mouth is unbelievable. Man, it feels like my dong is stuck in container full of warm, melted butter. The underside of my pecker is sliding across a wet hot tongue that is pure velvet. I mean this bitch has it all going on. Hell, we ought to have a Cunt like this on our payroll putting out on call.”

After only a couple of minutes of talking business with his employee, Izack suddenly yelled into the phone, “Oh, god dammit, Harry, my cock just went off in the broad’s mouth.” Groaning with the agony of pure ecstasy, Izack almost shouted into the phone, “Jesus, Harry, what a fucking climax, it damn near buckled my knees. Hell, I think I just shot off the biggest cum load of my life, and I feel like the top of my head is going to explode.”

She felt his free hand press against the back of her head, hard, forcing his cock further down her throat and shoving her face flush up against his bushy pubic mound. She looked up and saw that his eyes were closed as he deep throated her several times to make sure that he had gunned all of his jazz down her throat.

Then he opened his eyes and looked down at her face and saw that only a small amount of his spunk had leaked out of her mouth and was slowly running down her chin. She then heard him report to Harry, “Shit, man, the super slut managed to swallow damn near all of my jism and now she’s using her finger to push the spunk that’s on her chin back into her mouth, and now she’s licking it off of her finger and swallowing that too. Mother Fucker, this is one super-hot Slut.”

Leaving the head of his cock in her mouth, he panted, “Well my friend, I just called to confirm that I’ll meet you in Reno tomorrow at 10:30 in the morning, so I’m going to hang up now and let this hot minx show me what else she has in her sexual skill set.”

He terminated the call and pulled her up out of her chair and had her pull the skirt of her dress up around her waist and strip her panties of. He took them and sniffed them thoroughly then tossed them on the floor. He then grabbed her by the back of the neck and bent her upper body down onto the desktop as far as her tits would let her go.

Satisfied that he had her properly positioned for a doggy style fuck, he unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants and briefs down around his ankles, then stepped out of them. He moved over behind her and she soon felt the head of his cock enter her vagina and then the shaft began forcing itself into her cuntal channel with a series of hip thrusts that soon had had his whole cock buried deep inside of her.

As he began humping her from behind, he punched a number into his cell phone and she soon heard him say, “Hi sexy, it’s your boss calling in to see if you have any messages for me.” As he listened to the secretary’s long response he stuck the thumb of his free hand down into her anus. She squirmed and moaned in violated response, then felt him start probing her anal channel with it, while he continued banging her wet box from behind. The huge cock and insistent, probing thumb had her so turned on that she felt dizzy with heat.

As her body danced on the end of his callous DP’ing action, she heard him tell his secretary, “Baby I’m in the process of being unfaithful to you and everyone I have on the string, but, if you saw this broad I’m fucking you would understand that I had no choice but to put the meat to her. To try and make it up to you I’ll see if her boss will let the four of us get together and let you make her eat your pussy as revenge. I am absolutely positive that you two sluts would look fantastic in a girl-on-girl eat out. It would be Anglo/Latina pure porn at its dirtiest.”

Just then she heard Izack moan, “God damn it, you Anglo whore, I’m going to blow my nuts up her snatch. She almost immediately felt the first thick volley of cum shoot into her pussy, accompanied by a filthy stream of profanity that was directed at both her and the Latina phone mate. The first volley of jizz was following by a half a dozen more shots that left her oozing cum around the base of his thick shaft, while the thumbing of her backdoor continued, nonstop.

While they rested for a minute, with his cock fully inside of her, Izack said weakly into the phone, “Honey, I’ve got to hang up cause there is more that I need to do to this Cunt. I’ll make the callbacks you told me about and will see you later and will let you suck my cock and get a full taste of his Anglo’s cunt.”

With that, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and his thumb out of her ass, then quickly shoved thumb into her oozing pussy, then walked around to her head, where he used his free hand to reach down and grab a handful of her hair and pull her face up so he could stick the dripping thumb in her mouth and let her suck it clean.

When she was through sucking the thumb, he ordered her to crawl up onto the desktop and lay down on her back with her head hanging off of the end of the desktop.

When she was in place he stepped up to her upside down face and shoved his cock in her mouth. Then she heard him say, “Okay baby now I’m going to get me some real deep throat.” Then she watched him slowly begin thrusting his hips forward with each firm, demanding movement forward forcing a little more of his cock down her gradually relaxing throat.

When he’d forced all of it into her mouth and throat, his big scrotum was lying against her nose and forehead. She heard Izack groan with satisfied conquest as she heard him say, “God damn it baby this is some kind of sword swallower you’ve got on you.”

He then reached down and grabbed a DDD tit in each hand and began face fucking her, each thrust driving his meat fully down her throat. The sliding in and out was accompanied by the wet sound of his cock penetrating he mouth, and the slapping of his bag of balls against her forehead.

There was not telephone call during this action, just raw, unadulterated sex of a woman giving the ultimate deep throat until finally, with a yell of gratification, the used car dealer emptied his balls sending his cum volley’s directly down into her belly.

Izack collapsed down on top of her for a minute, with his chest heaving from the effort, then finally he got off of her thinking that he was completely spent. Then he looked down at the ripe body that was still enticingly sprawled in top of the desk and said, “Oh, you gorgeous slut, just look at you, you’d give a water buffalo a hard-on. Alright, baby, I can go one more round and ass fuck the hell out of you.”

He rolled her over on her side and dragged her body over until her hips were at the edge of the desktop with her anus fully exposed and positioned to be ravished. Then he stepped forward and sunk the head of his pecker into her anus, then grabbed her upturned hip in both hands and drove the thick shaft completely home with one strong thrust of his hips, then began plunging his big tool into her anal passage, bringing from her lips, moans of sensuous pleasure.

After a couple of minutes of plugging her ass, he got her off of the desk then grabbed her and pulled her off the desk then ran her across the room and shoved her up against the wall. Then he parted her magnificent ass cheeks and crammed his orifass wrecker back up her ass. He then grabbed both of her sts and lifted her arms above her head and pressed the palms of her hands against the wall. Then he began banging her ass hard, each thrust of his hips splatting her huge tits and perfectly rounded stomach hard against the unyielding wall.

After a couple of minutes of this merciless, anal mayhem, he pulled her off the wall and put her on her knees, then shoved his coated cock in her mouth and had her do ass-to-mouth, which she did with greedy enthusiasm.

Then he grabbed her by the back of the neck and pushed her face down onto the floor, then jumped on her back, planted his cock up her ass and began ripping into the already well reamed-out sex passage

Again, after a couple of minutes he jumped off of her, put her on her hands and knees, and then filled her mouth with his throbbing male dong. He then grabbed her head between his hands and fucked her mouth to a climax, flooding her it with hot cum.

This time when he pulled out of her he hurriedly put his briefs and pants on and rushed out of her office and into Peter’s, leaving her on her knees licking her lips.

After he had closed the door behind him, he said to Peter, “Jesus, give the Cunt the job. She fucks better that any broad I’ve ever had, and the Slut could give my Rolex a hard on. Now I’ve got to get out of here before I get the urge to go back in there and fuck her again, and really hurt myself. I’m telling you what you already know, the god damned bitch is absolutely irresistible.”


The following Monday Peter called her into his office and told her that he was promoting her to the position of Potential New Client’s Sales Manager and was increasing her salary to $250,000 per year. He explained that she would also earn a bonus each time she persuaded a potential client to move their business to the firm

She was dumbfounded by this news and the first thing she thought was, “My God, I am going to be making more than Mark will probably make after he gets out of medical school.” Amazed by the promotion, she went over and kissed Peter and thanked him for everything. He had her sit back down then explained that her new position would require that she stay out late, and sometimes all night, and asked her if that was going to be a problem for her husband. She responded, “For the amount of money you are going to be paying me, my husband is just going to have to learn to cope with it, and I am sure that he will.” Laughing, she said, “I want to tell Mark about this wonderful news, face-to-face, as soon as I see him.“


Soon after his happy new Recruiting Manager had left his office he got a call from a high-dollar, married call girl who the firm used for special client entertainment occasions, telling him that she couldn’t service the three Germans who were in town tonight because her husband was unexpectedly returning from a trip this afternoon.

“Why the hell did you wait this late to tell me about this,” Peter yelled? “This makes finding a suitable substitute almost impossible.”

“I’m sorry but I just found out about five minutes ago,” she explained.

The Germans were three of the Berlin office’s best clients, who were renounced for being hard on the women the firm provided them with. With only three hours left until the hooker was scheduled to arrive at their Suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Peter was in a real bind. He quickly determined that he would never be able to come up with a high class whore, so that left him with his mistress as his only possible solution. He decided that he wouldn’t tell her that she was really going to be a whore tonight and, instead, would tell her that she was just going to a party then would leave her to her find out what her real mission was when she got to the hotel suite. He was confident that she would be able to handle it and would forgive him for not tell her the truth.

She had gone back to her office on a real high about her new position and her outrageously high salary. Thirty minutes later her intercom buzzed so she got up and returned to Peter’s office. He waived her into a chair and said, “The Berlin office just called. They told me that there are three Germans in town who are major clients of their office. The guys are having a party in their hotel suite at the Beverly Hills Hotel tonight and they need another girl to attend. I told the Berliners that, on such short notice, I would send you. So baby, why don’t you put your husband to the test and call him and tell him you may be out all night. Still filled with excitement she felt in the mood for a hot party and immediately said that she would be happy to attend and would take care of calling Mark.


With her tight skirt up around her waist and her panties tossed aside, she was crushed between the big bodies of the three Germans who were having their fun using her like a human pin cushion, by sticking their fingers into her anus and pussy and then shoving them in her mouth to suck on, sometimes two sets thick fingers as a time.

Then, when they had temporarily tired of that game, they popped her huge breasts out of the top of her dress, then put their hands on her shoulders and forced her down onto her knees and then stood in a tight circle around her taking turns sticking their cocks in her mouth and making her suck on them, like she had done with their fingers.

As they enthusiastically played this little game of cock merry-go-round, their leader, Horst, reminded his two, near rapists, of the rules they had to observe with married hookers provided to them by Goldman Sachs. “Now, you two barbarians, remember we have it in writing that we can’t injure them or leave marks on their bodies, like major scratches and bruises. Other than that we are pretty much free to use this slut to gratify ourselves, any way we want, while we cuckold her husband.”

Horst then looked down at her and said, “Now, honey, you heard the rules so we don’t want to hear any god damned complaints from you about how we treat you tonight. We Germans always like to follow the rules, so we expect you to do the same.”

After hearing the limited protections afforded to company provided outside whores, she couldn’t respond because she felt the first load of Kraut cum splatter against the back of her mouth, then begin pooling up around her tongue. Then she heard the source of the cum yell at her to hold all of it in her mouth until he was finished, then to show it to all of them before she swallowed it down. She did as she was told, opening her mouth wide and displaying the fruits of each man’s loins, before she drank the slippery, white jizz all down to the last drop.

When she had swallowed the third man’s shots, she pulled his cock out of her mouth and said, again, “I am not a whore.”

With a pained look on his face, Horst responded, “Sure you’re not, baby, but we ordered a whore from our investment banking firm and you showed up, so you’re our whore for the night, whether you like it or not,. So just shut-up and do what you’re told while we try and fuck your brains out without severely injuring you.”

With that said, Horst had the other thuggish Krauts half drag her into the master bedroom where they tossed her, face down, on the king-sized bed.

Horst then crawled on the bed and forcefully pressed his hands down against the side of her face that was aimed at the ceiling, pinning her down while the two near rapists slapped their meaty hands hard against her perfectly rounded ass cheeks, a dozen times, with each severe blow resounding around the room as they struck her taut flesh, sending painful vibrations shooting through her pussy so hard that she almost climaxed.

Then they grabbed her and flipped her over on her back and initiated a ruthless round of savage gang banging, where each man took his turn plunging his rigid meat into her already warm and juicy pussy, plundering it while the other two watched and applauded.

Each time, when the Fucker tired, his place was taken by the next man in line who proceeded to try and bang her even harder than the last one had been able to do. Their efforts were rewarded by her giving up two shuddering, moaning climaxes before their cocks went off inside of her cuntal channel, leaving her triply fucked cunt well reamed and oozing their cum loads as she was proving to be one super-hot whore, in spite of her claims not to be one.

With her pussy well taken care of, the German’s then decided to retreat to the hotel suite’s bar and combine drinking with fucking. They got her to her feet and took her into the bar where they poured some vodka in three glasses. They each picked up a glass and toasted their good fortune in getting a whore that looks as fantastic as she does, then took a long swig of the stimulating liquid before putting their empty glasses down.

Then they grabbed her and led her over to one of the round bar tables and bent her over it, face down, then pulled her skirt up around her waist, then took another quick turn banging her exposed cunt, noisily frothing her cuntal juices back up again.

With their dongs covered with a fresh coating of stirred up juices, they switched to alternating the stabbing of their cocks, first into her oozing pussy, then into her tight anal passage. When they had both cock receptacles’ equally frothed up, they then concentrated on her back door and each of them fucked it hard and deep to a climax, filling her chute completely up with their cum. When the last one had finished filling her up, she heard one of them said, “Damn, they weren’t kidding about this fucking broad loving taking a cock up her ass, she does it superbly.”

Listening to them speak, she wondered to herself who told them about her proclivity for ass fucking, just as the last German pulled his cock out of her gaped anal passage She also wondered why her boss had sent her to the three German’s as a whore, without telling her anything about it. By all rights she should be out celebrating her wondrous new Management position, and related enormous increase in pay, with her handsome husband, instead of being here providing the entertainment for these three semi-demented bozos.

Her thoughts were interrupted by hearing one of the German’s say, “Now that we’ve satisfied her ass with our cocks, I think that she should use her tongue to return the favor by rimming our assholes and making us cum.”

She groaned at the thought of performing that demeaning sex act for these three beasts but, knowing that they weren’t going to give her a choice in the matter, she shrugged her shoulders in resignation and decided that she might as well quit fighting it and just be the whore they thought she was, and celebrate her promotion with the three Nazi’s, by going ahead and giving them the good time they were looking for.

So she looked at Horst and said, “Alright, I give up, pour me a full shot of that vodka and let’s party.”

The grinning Horst quickly filled a glass up to the brim with the high octane booz and handed it to her. She took several swallows of the burning liquid, then handed the empty glass back and, licking her lips, asked, “Alright, whose first?”

One of the ecstatic pigs got on the floor, on his hands and knees, making his anus easily available to her mouth. She got right behind him, on all fours, with her mouth hovering right above the displayed anus. She wet her lips as she put her hands on his ass cheeks, separated them, then buried her face between the thick cheeks and licked him from the bottom on his scrotum to his anus a few times, before stabbing her tongue deep into his clenching anus.

Working her tongue hard, with drool running down her chin and pooling on the floor, she drove her tongue in deeper than any of the Krauts had ever had a tongue stuck up their ass. Much, much deeper.

The Krauts loved this tongue action as they rotated taking turns in front of her mouth, until each of them had taken three full turns of the mind boggling, asshole action. Then, to make it easier for them to cum in her mouth while she tongued their asses, she had them take turns sitting on the front edge of the couch, with their knees pulled up and spread wide, putting their whole crotches on display for her. Then, taking a cock in one hand, she started licking their entire crotch area, then licking their balls, then the shaft of their cocks, before, before putting their rigid pricks into her mouth and sucking them. After a few rounds of this visually stimulating mouth work, each cock exploded in her mouth sending more loads of cum into her belly.

A half an hour she was astraddle of one of the Germans, who was lying on his back on the floor. She was in the cowgirl position, bouncing on up and down on his cock, with her tits bouncing in all directions. A second German stepped up behind of her and inserted the head of his cock in her anus, then started slowly driving it up her ass, an inch at a time until she was completely double penetrated.

When the head had entered her anus, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the long, thick tool’s anal penetration until the two cocks were, side by side, fully stuffing her. Then she felt the third German’s hand cup behind her neck and force her mouth down onto his cock, and made her suck it.

After swapping out several times during the cowgirl position action, they flipped her over so that her back was laying on the German’s chest who was still laying on the floor, under her, but now with his cock stuck up her ass, and her face and pussy were now looking up at the ceiling.

When she was securely in place, a second Kraut straddled her upturned crotch and sank his prick down into her wide open cunt, and started stabbing it in as deep as he could. As he speared her, he leered down at her sex filled face and called her filthy names as he spit into her open mouth, each spittle miss splatting against her face and neck.

Then the third German knelt in front of her head and trapped her head between his hands, and then stuffed his rigid boner into her open, upside down mouth, over and over again.

Both of the on topside Germans cooperated to have the one at her head, when he pulled his cock back out of her mouth, pause, so they both could spit into her mouth before German 3 rammed his big cock back, into her mouth, giving her a taste of what whoredom was all about.

From then on she was triple fucked, relentlessly, on a rotating basis’ as the men filled the air with filthy, demeaning shouts of profanity, as they slapped her head and body to add to their raunchy, demented pleasure. The slaps became so frequent that Horst had to remind the two Prussians, again, about Goldman’s policy of not inflicting bodily injury.

Each time they got winded, they stopped for a minute and rotated positions, then stuck their dongs into their new orifice and went back to work on her banging her deeper and harder than ever.

With her orifices were under maximum assault, she concluded she probably was, technically, a whore since she was now being paid for putting out for the firm, on demand. She found herself back in her familiar position of having to decide whether or not she should tell her husband about her new positions, absence from home requirements. As she felt the three cock’s pound away at her sexual openings she again decided that she had to tell Mark because she knew that it was only a matter of days before she would have to tell him why she wasn’t at home. She also knew that he wouldn’t object because all the money she was earning was too good to pass up, under any circumstances. This time, though, she was going to make him to listen to all of the dirty details of what she was doing to put him through college.

At that moment the cock in her mouth erupted and she was abruptly forced to go back to concentrating on her job and choking down the man’s bukakke level cum load that was gushing into her mouth.

While the German’s hot spunk was filling her mouth the dong in her ass went off causing her to climax, as well, proving to her that whoring was obviously the perfect gig for her and that her youthful promiscuity had been put to good use.

At 6AM the pussy whipped Krauts finally agreed to let her go home. When she was dressed and her make-up repaired, Horst led her to the door and said, “We always tip the whores that Goldman Sach’s provides us with, so we scrapped together a thousand dollars in appreciation of what a fine job you did on us.” With that, he stuffed the bills as far into her mouth as he could get them, then quickly opened the door and kicked her out into the hall with the money sticking out of her mouth.

As the door banged behind her, she thought, “I guess I really am a whore as she pulled the money out of her mouth and stuck it in her purse.

As she strutted down the hall she proudly smiled with the knowledge that from now on she would be a Management Whore, not the call girl/street-walker kind.


When she had left the office to go and meet the Germans, Peter had slapped her on her spectacular ass and said, “Go and have a blast at the party, baby, and I’ll see you back here in the morning.”

He had watched her, beyond voluptuous, body undulate out of his office until the door had closed behind her, then had quickly punched in her husband’s cell phone number. On the forth ring, He heard Mark answer, “Hello.”

“It’s Peter, buddy, reporting in to you, just in case your wife hasn’t called you yet, that she just left for her first all-nighter, so she won’t be coming home tonight. So, since you are free for the evening, can we get together somewhere, because I have some great news to tell you about,” he enthused.

Mark responded, “Well I’m pulling the graveyard shift at the hospital tonight, but that doesn’t start until midnight, so I can meet you wherever you want.”

“Fantastic! Why don’t you meet me for a drink at our favorite hangout, Ivanhoe’s, at 7PM, Peter suggested. “I’ll be there,” Mark confirmed.

At 7PM, precisely, Peter watched Mark saunter over to his table across from the bar. His personal assistant/office wife’s husband sat in the chair across from him, then they both leaned forward and shook hands, just as the waitress arrived with Mark’s favorite martini. Both men picked up their glasses and clanged them together, lightly, as Peter said, “Here’s to the best of times, my friend. What a lucky bastard you are to have a gorgeous, successful wife putting you through medical school on her back and her knees.”

Mark responded, with sincerity, “I owe it all to you, you horny, fuckin Pimp, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Just glad that I could help you out by keeping our, beyond gorgeous, slutty wife busy doing what she likes to do best, get fucked, and the more times the merrier,” Peter laughed in return.

Then Peter put his hands together as though he was praying and said, “The best decision I ever made was calling you that Saturday when I found out that you two had gotten married, and arranged to meet you here at Ivanhoe’s the next Monday afternoon, to explain things. I had to make absolutely sure that your marrying her wasn’t going to interfere with all of the fucking I had in mind for her to do, both with me and with our clients.

When I found out, that day, that you liked the idea of her getting royally fucked for money, and that you loved her sloppy seconds, I breathed a sigh of relief and knew that we had a match made in heaven, between her and the two of us, as co-husbands. And that you agreed with me that we would never let her know that we knew each other.”

“Now let me give you some really outstanding news that your wife is planning to tell you when she sees you, face to face. I have promoted her to the position of Potential New Client Sales Manager or, as the Executive Committee will refer to her as, “The Company Whore.” In that position she’ll receive a salary of $250,000 per year, plus performance bonuses and profit sharing.”

As Mark tried to get his mind around that fantastic financial windfall, Peter reached his hand across the table and shook his co-husbands hand, as he concluded, “You are one lucky SOB. In just a few months you have gone from being a poverty stricken college student, to being one of the most well to do guy in med school. Just think, our gorgeous Cunt is in a hotel room getting her brains fucked out for the firm, while we’re here celebrating her good work. Was agreeing to let your wife get fucked a great decision, or what?”

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