Sharing my wife for a second time by Ethan+Riley

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First off I want to thank those who showed interest in my story with feedbacks and your emails. Alot of you guys emailed me wanting to hear about the second experience and i can assure you this one is kinkier , discret , and pleasureable. So without any further adue here is the second story about how i shared my wife.

So a little back info , my wife is shy when it comes to sharing and kinky subjects. So we usally text each other during the day about sexual questions and things we would do or want to see her do. I personally like the thought of my wife being pleasured by someone else. I like seeing her get all hot and taking someone else dick. Especially if that someone else is my best friend.

So my story begins , I had in mind to share my wife again with my best friend. And i let her know of that intention but little did she know it was a double lie. First my best friend didnt know it was going to happen once again. It was a saturday and i invited him over to watch a action movie. So the plan I had set up with my wife was im going to invite my best friend over , we were all going to be watching the movie and my wife had to secretly call me from her cell phone and then ill pretend that the phone call was an emergency and had to leave but would return quickly. Then i would leave the house and them alone and she would provoke him to have sex. Then she would text me to let me know its done and i would come back normally. That was the plan......but i had a secret plan behind that one that she didn't know about =]

So a little info on our house , We live in the attic portion of the house which have 2 rooms. 1 being our bedroom , then we have stairs to go downstairs and then another room which i made into my entertainment room. So basically a room to the left and a room to the right. In our bedroom we have a closet and our closet has a passage that runs into the entertainment room. Only problem was there was a wooden wall that was blocking me from accesing both rooms. So without my wife knowing one day i returned from work and removed those 3 pieces of wood and boom! I could easy move from my bedroom to my entertainment room through the walls. And In my entertainment room i have 2 closet doors which have no door handles on them. Its basically just a hole where the door handle should be and we just put a piece of cardboard between the wall and door to keep it shut.

So my secret plan behind the plan was that when i get the "emergency" phone call i would exit my entertainment room and quickly go to my bed room , go to the closet and make my way over thru the wall to the game room again. Now my wife thought i was just going to leave the house and wait. Reason i wanted to do it this way is because i want to see how my wife gets when im not there. If she "lets loose" more knowing that im not watching. Little did she know i was behind the entertainment room closet door with a first row seat about to watch her fuck my best friend again.

So that saturday my wife and i were talking while i was at work and were talking about some kinky stuff. Now my wife is on birth control and my inner freak proposed to her if she was willing to have sex with my best friend without a condom. To my surprise she said if i was ok with it that she would be up for it. I immediately got a hard on and was blown away. Then i needed to push the line more and asked her if she would let him cum in her. At first she said no , but after talking she finally gave in and said yes! I asked her what made her change her mind and she gave me the sexiest response i ever heard. She said " its sexy knowing that im going to make another man cum in my pussy". I flipped once i read that lol . So the day went back and the story really starts now.

So after i got home from work i removed the wall and set everything up. Then my wife got home and we talked about it and then she was falling off board with the whole letting my friend cum in her. I didnt want to force it on her so i told her im going to leave some condoms in the drawer of the table we have in the entertainment room. If you want to use it they will be there. So hours passed by and my best friend came over and we all started to watch a movie. My heart was pounding and racing at the idea that my wife didnt know i would be secretly watching her. Then after about 40 mins into the movie i texted my wife telling her to make the call and she discretely made the call.

I picked up the call and pretended that my sibiling needed to be picked up from an uncles house thats 20 mins away. So i quickly hung up told me best friend and wife to keep watching the movie that i will be back quickly and explained to them the reason. So i got up left the room and quickly went to my bedroom and quietly went to my closet and made my way back to the entertainment room and was beind the closet door with a clear view of them two. My heart was racing and pounding and was extremely turned on.

From the closet i texted my wife telling her i had 'left" already and she could start whenever. She was so shy and nervous she textetd me back saying she didnt know how to start it lol. So my best friend was sitting on my gaming chair and my wife was sitting on the couch. So i told her do anything lol just get him to the couch with you and then think of something. So then she got up and turned off the lights and sat back down on the couch and after 2 mins told him , "angel come sit here". So he got up thinking nothing of it and sat on the couch and continued watching the movie. They made small talk and watched the movie . My poor wife was shy and didnt know how to start it so she ever so silly asked him if he was ticklish. And he said no, so my wife was like 'yea right" and tried tickling him. And he really wasnt lol. Then she said im ticklish a little. She was expecting him to try to tickle her but he didn't so my wife just went in for the kill.

She grabbed his neck and said "come here" . She pulled him and started kissing him. My dick instantly got super hard. They started kissing passionatley and she laid down on the couch and he was on top kissing her. My wife was wearing a gray tank top with blue tight shorts and a nice blue thong. So as they were kissing my wife started to take off his jeans and then while he was finishing taking the jeans off, my wife unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down. My wife then grabbed his head and directed it to her pussy. He grabbed the thong and pulled it aside and started licking the shit out my wife. Man , hearing my wife moaning was so sexy! Then she pulled him up and i started to ask myself if she going to reach over and get the condom or she going to let him do it . Then he said "wait , what about ethan?" Then my wife said dont worry he wont be home yet. Then he said i dont got a condom , and my wife answered with "mhm" put it in. She then told him you can cum in me , and told him that she wants to hear him say it when he does. My dick almost blew up when i heard that. I thought to myself ...look at my wife being a super freak!!! So then my wife opened her legs and he stuffed his dick in her and started pounding away. Through the closet i saw it and could tell me wifes pussy was super wet because all i heard was her moaning and the beautiful wet slapping sound. So after about 5 mins my wife turned over on doggystyle and my best friend started to just beat the living shit out of her pussy. All i saw was her biting her lip and moaning and just enjoying herself. Then he was reaching his climax and started cumming inside her he was cumming she backed her ass up so hard all of his cum could go as far as possible. I cummed when i saw that part! Then she raised up grabbed his hand and dragged it down and slipped it behind her thong and said "feel that baby , i came just for you , feel all that".

I couldnt believe what a freak i had on my hand lol. Then she got up , got dressed and gave him one last passionate kiss and he even grabbed her ass. Then she sat down on the couch again , and i quickly ran back to my bedroom , texted her told her im home and was coming up and to meet me in our bedroom. She said ok and went into the bedroom and i met her there ...threw her in bed and took off her shorts again and took off her panties and all i saw was his cum and her juice slowly dripping out her pussy and i just went crazy. I shoved my dick inside my wife and fucked her like the world was ending. Then I cummed in her with such passion ! She was on cloud 9 and i was on cloud 200 lol. Till this day she doesnt know i was secretly hiding behind the door. I could tell her but im saving that spot just in case i want to do another secret mission. Also my best friend also doesn't know that i know so its the best thing ever. Especially when we all hang out now , they think im in blank but i know exactly what happened and enjoyed every single moment of it.

Well this about sums up my second encounter with sharing my wife and honestly i love it. Unfortunately i couldnt record or take pictures because my closet was so dark and the lights were off i couldnt get any pics =[ . All i had was the blue light reflection from the tv which was perfect for me to watch but not very camera friendly. If i decide to use my secret plan again ill make sure there is better lighting so u guys can enjoy as well. Well let me know if you guys enjoyed my true story and if you have any requests or ideas. Even any type of pics you'd want...maybe i can send you some ;] I have another story if you guys are interested , just let me know and ill be glad to share it. Till next time thank you for reading and feel free to email me at [email protected]

Rating: 88%, Read 19670 times, Posted Feb 09, 2015

True Story |


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