Unpopular Geek's Revenge by Captain+Boner

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Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Body modification, Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Domination, Enema, Extreme, Hardcore, Horror, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Spanking, Submission, Torture, Violence, Virginity

Throughout my life i was not a very liked guy i had crushes on girls that wouldn’t even want to be seen with me but the thing is I’ve watched that much porn I’ve read books studied the art of sex and fetishes i could be the best fuck a girl could ever have if they just gave me a shot.

From primary to high school i was labelled as the weird kid nobody pays attention to except for when the jock kids would tease me and run away with my bag throw my stuff over fences fuck with me during class call me names.

There was this one girl i always wanted to fuck badly she was miss perfect the right amount of junk in all the right places long golden blondish brown hair down past her shoulders perfect waterbomb sized boobs an explosion of tiny freckles on her cheeks piercing green eyes and an hour glassed shape body she was obviously one of the most popular girls in the school she goes out gets drunk she fucks like a rabbit smokes like a chimney but then again a guy like me no hope but one day i decided to go to this girl and just say hi and asked if she would like to have lunch with me some time , just innocent questions i thought niceness would win me her heart she just gave me a dirty look and walked of , the next day at school my life just got even worse my little harmless question was all over the school and just added to my bad reputation for the rest of my school life.

Few years later

I’ve just turned 21 now I’ve got a job as an engineer but that is all that has changed I’m still that loner nobody goes near still a virgin never even been kissed yet i even hoped that work life would be different to my school life i don’t get bullied anymore that’s a plus but nobody bothers to pay attention to me and every persons attention i lose just brings me back to that girl Alison i still keep tabs on her she’s same age as me and still queen of shit got a fancy house fancy car fancy job sometimes when i sit alone to myself i think how much it angers me to have everyone that done me wrong come out so right if you know what i mean , i knew something had to be done i am done being pushed around.

I managed to get an itinerary of what Alison does during a normal day every day after work she stops by at a coffee shop before she goes home i waited towards the back of the coffee shop like another customer and waited for her to order her drink once she sat there for a while i made my move i walked past her table and pretended to drop my wallet and bend down to slip a tranquilizer in her cup and managed to get a look at her underskirt while i was there this was a slow acting drug so it will give her enough time to walk away and pass out somewhere , once she was was on her way out i followed her from a distance she got a few blocks down near an alley and just like i predicted the drug took a heavy effect right when she stepped into that alley i guess all that extra studying in maths class paid of for me , Alison stepped slowly and whoozed around in every direction next minute she fell face first into a couple of garbage cans i went to discreetly scoop her up and take her to my car making sure nobody saw me i took her to an abandoned garage in the middle of the bushlands that i prepared for her i chained her up and waited for her to awake.

Alison awoke being strung in the air having her hands tied above her head and her legs chained to a wall on either side of the room keeping her spread she didn’t know i was right in front of her in the dark , i modified a Darth Vader voice changer mask and modified it to conceal my voice and identity i turned a light on and we were now face to face i could see the fear in her eyes the same fear I’ve had when I got ganged up at school this felt great to see this feeling from the outside my dialogue begins

"Alison all your life you have been little miss popular being all beautiful and opening your legs to get you ahead of everyone else let’s see if you can fuck your way out of this"

the fear grew on Alison's face as i approached her closer removing my clothes in front of her exposing my cock in front of her face i flipped a switch that activated a pump i explained to her that there is a balloon made out of a strong material in her asshole connected to a pump that’s slowly making the balloon expand in her ass and eventually her ass will give way breaking the insides of your body but there is a way she can get out of it witch is the sentence that made my cock rise higher and harder in front of Allison’s face I told her that the balloon will stop expanding once I cum and there is only one way she can make me cum and that’s with her mouth I reminded her that her mouth was her own tool of destruction that got her out of almost everything at school so she should have no problem blowing her way out of this I also reminded if she refuses, screams, talks or bites my cock I will increase the speed of the balloon expanding with my remote and her beautiful bubble butt will break open.

Allison shakingly opened her mouth awaiting my cock to enter her warm wet mouth I guided my cock into her mouth brushing past her beautifully luscious blowjob lips entering her mouth as she closed her mouth around my cock new feelings began to overcome me as I felt the walls of Allison’s mouth sucking my cock I thought to myself “dream come true” she was really good at sucking dick I could feel my cock getting close to blow I increased the speed of the balloon inside Allison’s ass I could hear muffled groans as I heard her ass tear I could see drops of blood drip onto the floor from her ass hole she increased the pace of her sucking power till my cock finally gave way and blew a big load in her mouth I immediately withdrew my cock watching her gag on my cum and spilling it out of her mouth all over the floor I really was expecting a cheap slut like her to swallow it I was angered by the mess she made and I made sure she knew it as I gripped her shoulder firmly coming face to face with her she needed to be punished I pressed the button on my remote again for the balloon to keep expanding I stuffed Allison’s mouth to muffle her painful cries.

I walked around to watch Allison’s asshole tear open more and more blood trickled out of her asshole as her asshole ripped even more causing a very large gape the balloon was almost the size of a football till I heard a big snap and Allison’s ass bones snapped inside her ass cheeks pushing the balloon across the room Allison was screaming into her gag till she passed out from the pain.

While Allison was passed out I decided what more I could do to her to punish her, her ass was broken her asshole looked like a loose vagina it wasn’t enough to make up for the years of neglect and embarrassment she caused me all through school, I felt my erection start to spring back to life in my

Pants I let loose my big cock and rubbed it against her crimson stained asshole and lunged it deep inside her ruptured poop tunnel and fucked her hard causing her to wake up from her slump inducing more pain and pleasure towards Allison’s asshole I rammed my whole shaft in and out of her hard and fast I could see her blood and shit stain my cock as I thrust deeper into her asshole I saw the drops of blood splash all over my stomach and drip down into her pussy I reached around to feel her pussy it was soaked I moved in 4 fingers inside her and leaned over to her ear plunging my cock deeper into her ass

“your face says no no but your pussy says yes yes” I whispered in her ear

Allison shuddered as my fingers traced her spine back to her warped ass cheeks I removed my cock and firmly grabbed her ass digging my nails into her ass cheeks spreading her torn asshole wide and taking one final lunge lunging my entire cock up her ass I pushed her down and rammed her hard hearing her muffled screams, moans and cries I felt my cock get close to an orgasm I shot my loads deep in her ass coating the insides of her asshole pulling out looking at her asshole to me it looked like a netropolitan ice-cream melting you got the blood shit and cum pouring out of her it was the first thing that came to mind.

My next plan was to destroy her pussy I had one final device that I think should serve punishment enough for her I went around to her and stared at her tear stained face and explained to her how all my life through school up till now I use to jerk of at least 10 times a night that’s how horny I was and how desperate I was to fuck a woman but for a while I got sick of just wasting all my cum so I decided to start saving my cum every day and night I jerked of I jerked of in a 6 litre water tank my father worked at a plastics plant so I use to have plenty of them to spare so over the next 10 years I saved every drop and hidden it under the house of coarse its well beyond its used by date but I mentioned to her how much of a little cum bucket she was during school so this would not phase her I went to reveal a container filled with my outdated cum I pulled out an enema device and plunged the nozzle from the device deep into Allison’s pussy and attached the sucker on the other end to the container and powered it on next minute I could see my cum being slowly sucked out of the container along the tubes and into Allison’s pussy I made sure the cum was warm to give the little hoe some form of pleasure I saw the cum pump inside her filling her pussy i could see now after a large amount of cum her pussy was clearly packed full of cum it was spitting out the edges of her pussy lips I increased the speed pushing more cum inside her till I hear a muffled moan from Allison the cum must of broke through her cervix barrier and pouring deeper into her body witch is exactly what I wanted I pulled around another tank full of my cum and shoved another tube in her ass and started to pump her broken ass with a full load of cum at the same time I went and sat and watched the bitch get pumped from both ends full of my warm cum I watched in amazement as her belly began to inflate but why stop there I grabbed my last tank of cum and stared at my little tear stained hoe I want to plug her mouth with my cum but as soon as I withdraw her gag she’s going to scream the house down I felt like I was in that Indiana Jones situation in the start of Raiders Of The Lost Ark I held the tube next to her cheek and within half a second later I replaced the gag with another tube into her mouth.

Allison was now taking cum inside her ass and pussy as well as swallowing years’ worth of warm outdated cum I waited till all 3 tanks were emptied inside her body I withdrew all tubes and saw a beautiful slut with a massive belly, broken ass and a stuffed mouth I gave her a little poke in the stomach her stomach retracted and cum gooped out of her veteran fucked cunt and shitted out a large river of cum from her ass and threw up all the cum that was in her throat.

There laid Allison cum coming out of all three ends there was one last thing that would go perfect with this work of art I have made, I need to cum first i decided to fuck her cum filled cunt that should get my cum flowing not to mention this is my first time having sex and this was the best way to lose my virginity it didn’t take me long to cum I pulled out and aimed my cock at the opening of a super soaker water pistol I must admit there was a lot of cum shooting out of me I managed to just fill the gun to the brink, I aimed the water pistol at Allison and squirted my cum all over her body face ass and pussy, after looking at Allison covered and full of cum I reminded her this was probably what she looked like as she whored her way through her school days I told her to apologise for all the shit she gave people lesser of her through school while at the same time lashing a belt across her broken ass I kept slamming her ass telling her to say sorry louder till I heard her yell out


That was just enough to me I undid Allison’s restraints and let her fall to the floor and told her she was free to go Allison rose her head up and looked at me with such anger this is the part to myself where I shouldn’t of undid her restraints Allison chased me and crash tackled me into a corner and undid my pants and took my cock in her mouth and sucked it up and down showing the full strength of her blowjob skills surprised by this I could still feel my cock twitch I yelled I’m going to cum Allison moved her mouth of my cock just at the breach of climax and dug her teeth around the head of my cock and bit really hard sinking her teeth through my skin into the meat of my cock tearing the head of my cock apart I screamed louder than Allison screamed ever she looked up at me with a mouth full of blood spitting my torn of cock head across the room laughing like a maniac passing out in a pool of cum I eventually did the same passing out in a pool of blood …

Rating: 29%, Read 18820 times, Posted Apr 30, 2019

Fiction | Anal, BDSM, Blowjob, Body modification, Cum Swallowing, Discipline, Domination, Enema, Extreme, Hardcore, Horror, Non-consensual sex, Rape, Spanking, Submission, Torture, Violence, Virginity


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