Daddy's Favorite by Sweetcheekz20

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Fantasy | Incest, Oral Sex

On a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, my mom was off to work and I was on break from college. I woke up late, since I was off from school, and went into the kitchen to see my dad sitting at the kitchen table, reading a newspaper. I approached the table, wearing a black, babydoll nightie and I watched as his eyes dipped over my body. He put his newspaper down, covering his obvious erection. "Why are you wearing that, Angie? You shouldn't wear things like that around your daddy." he said, staring hard at my tits. "Why not daddy?" I asked, innocently.

I sat down and allowed the nightie to slip up a little, exposing my panties. My dad tried not to make it obvious that he was eyeing my pussy that was just barely hidden under my panties. "Because baby, you're such a beautiful young woman and you wouldn't want your daddy doing something he might regret, do you?" he winked. I leaned over, letting my dad get an even better peak at my cleavage and asked, "What might that be?" He picked up the newspaper and put it on the table and proceeded to leave the kitchen. Walking upstairs, he yelled "I'll be in my room if you need me!"

I did, in fact, need him. I decided to see what he was up to, so I walked upstairs and stopped at his bedroom door. I could hear the bed creaking and him breathing "Oh Angie, suck daddy's cock...make daddy cum." I slowly opened the door, to see cum shooting out of his cock and him grunting. I opened the door more and he looked at me in shock. "Oh my gosh baby, I didn't mean for you to see long had you been standing there?" my dad asked, trying to cover himself up. "Long enough to know that you want me, daddy." I smiled, walking over to him. I pulled back the comforter, to see my dad's semi-hard cock glistening with cum. "Do you want me to help with that?" I asked, putting my hand on his cock and slowly starting to stroke it. "Ohhh, baby, we can't. You're my daughter..we could get in trouble." he said, but didn't dare move my hand from stroking his cock, which was now getting rock hard under my grasp.

I knelt down on my knees and put his cock in my mouth and slowly began to suck it, while I continued to stroke him with my hand. "Yeah baby, that's right..suck daddy's cock just like that." my dad encouraged me. As I kept going with my oral torture, I began to strip myself of my nightie and my panties. My dad's eyes grew wide as he finally got to see his baby girl completely nude for the first time since I was a kid. "I never knew my daughter was so sexy." my dad said, smirking. He leaned over and smacked my ass, causing me to moan a little, more out of pleasure rather than pain. "That's your punishment for seducing your daddy." he winked.

"Come here baby, lay down on the bed for daddy." I got up off of my knees and switched places with him. He put my knees up, so that my feet were resting on the bed and he positioned himself in between my legs. My pussy was already dripping wet with juices, due to my want and need for my sweet daddy. He moved towards my left foot and started kissing it. "Aw Angie, I've always loved your beautiful feet." He continued kissing my foot, moving up my leg with kisses, until he reached my pussy. "Are you ready for daddy to make love to that beautiful pussy of yours?" he asked, teasing my pussy lips with his finger. Being teased was driving me crazy and all I could do was moan "Yesssss daddy!"

Next thing I knew, my daddy's tongue was licking the outside of my pussy lips, torturing my clit. He stuck my clit into his mouth and began sucking hard on it, all the while stroking his cock. I knew that him giving me oral was turning him on so bad, his cock was so hard and he was stroking it quickly. "Tell daddy you love him, baby." he said, sticking his middle finger deep inside me. "Ughhhhhh I love you daddy! I want you inside me so badly." I kept humping against his middle finger, needing it to be the real thing. I wanted to feel his big, thick cock deep inside of me. "Ahh yeah I love you too baby're so beautiful!" my daddy exclaimed, still stroking his cock.

"I need to fuck you baby...daddy needs to be inside of his baby girl." he pleaded. "Yes daddy, fuck me...fuck me harder than you ever fucked mom!" I begged. He spread my legs and positioned his cock at the tip of my pussyhole. I wasn't a virgin, but I didn't have too much experience either and my daddy was bigger than any of the guys I had ever been with. "Are you ready baby?" he asked, looking for signs of fear. I took a deep breath and said "I'm ready daddy." He plunged himself inside of me, pushing all the way in. He filled me up so much, I thought I was going to burst and I loved every minute of it. "Oh my gosh Angie, you're so tight! Oh baby, I love you!" my daddy screamed.

He kept thrusting harder and harder into me, just like I had asked. I could already feel myself about to cum from how horny I was, finally having my daddy inside of me. I knew it was what we both had wanted for a long time. "Daddy, I'm about to cum...I want to cum all over your cock!" I pulled him down on top of me and kissed him on the lips. Our lips parted and our tongues massaged each other, as he continued to pound me with no end. We stopped kissing long enough for me to moan from the amazing orgasm he had given me. "That's right baby, cum on daddy's cock!" he yelled, panting so hard. I was breathing so hard after my orgasm, I felt light-headed, but I didn't want to stop.

"Where do you want your daddy to cum?" he asked. "I'm on the pill, I want you to cum in my pussy." I moaned. Hearing that, my daddy had a giant grin on his face and began pounding me even harder. "Good because I'm going to cum soon! Daddy loves you, never forget that!" he said. I could feel the veins in his cock pulsing and automatically knew he was going to cum soon. Knowing that he would cum soon, caused me to feel another orgasm coming on. "Mmmmmm Angie, I'm going to cum any minute! I can't wait to cum inside of you! " "I'm going to cum again too, daddy! I love you daddy, make me cum! I need your cum inside of my pussy!" I was going insane, wanting his cum inside of me.

He picked up speed and right then, he grunted and I felt his cum shooting inside of me. "Ohhhhh Angieeeeeee!" I couldn't handle it anymore, I exploded all over his cock. "Mmmm that's a good girl, Angie." he smiled, pulling his cock out of my pussy. I got up and kneeled down in front of him, sucking his cock into my mouth. I sucked him dry, licking both his cum and my cum off of his cock. "We taste good, don't we baby?" he asked, grabbing my hand and helping me up. "Don't tell your mom this, but you're my favorite."

Rating: 93%, Read 141833 times, Posted Nov 03, 2011

Fantasy | Incest, Oral Sex


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