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Fiction | Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Drug, Group Sex, Interracial, Mature, Pregnant

My name is Christine. I am 36 years old, married to Dave, my handsome husband. I have three children, one a baby, the other two in elementary school. Until recently nothing exciting ever happened in my life. It was the same old routine, get up, feed the kids, kiss hubby goodbye as he goes off to work, take the kids to school, come home and do the housework etc.

However one morning I had a chance meeting with one of the other mothers as I dropped the kids off at school. Her name was Kate and she seemed so full of life. During our brief conversation we hit it off so well that she invited me round to her house for coffee and a chat. At first we talked mostly about the children and things like that, but then she asked me about my social life. I had to admit that since the kids were born I hadn't had any social life. My hubby was content in front of the televisionevery night, and I had no real friends to go out with.

Kate said that she and some of the other mothers she knew, had a girls night out once a week at the local nightspot, why didn't I join them. I must admit I was tempted, but I wasn't sure what Dave would say about me going to such places without him, so I said I would let her know.

I needn't have worried as Dave was not in the least bit concerned, as long as he had some beer in the fridge and the TV was working. I phoned Kate and let her know that Dave didn't mind, and we made arrangements for the coming week.

When I arrived at the nightclub I felt a little out of place, most of the other mothers thatKate had mentioned were there, they all seemed so full of confidence, and were dressed much more flirty than I was. At thatmoment I realized just how dowdy I looked dressed in my conservative skirt and blouse.

Once inside the club it didn't take long for a number of the Moms, including Kate, to end up on the dance floor, having been hit on bythe single men. I felt myself blush when a man much younger than myself asked me to dance.

Up on the dance floor the man introduced himself as Gary who it turned out was only nineteen. He told me how beautiful I looked which made me blush again, and when a slow number was played he held me close.

This stirred up all kinds of feelings in me I had not felt for a number of years, my knickers felt decidedly damp. I told myself that I was a happily married woman and that I was just being silly.

The music came to an end, and I made my excuses and went back to our table. I noticed that a number of the girls in our party had seemingly paired up with some of the men and were openly allowing themselves to be groped and fondled. I thought their behavior was disgusting and wanted nothing to do with such goings on. Nothing untoward happened for the rest of the evening and we left around midnight.

I realized on the way home that I had been filled with a pleasant tension all night. I had been downright excited, even turned on. I decided then and there to do it again.

My nights out soon became a regular event and I had to admit that I looked more and more forward to going out. I think Dave was glad of an evening to himself, watchingthe sports shows and drinking beer, so I got no complaints about it from him.

On about my fourth night out, Kate came upto me and said we had all been invited to a party later that night. It turned out that the party was to be held at an apartment, which belonged to a guy who had been dancing with one of the other girls.

I said no, as I didn't like the sound of it, I thought that Dave wouldn't approve. The other girls jeered and said that I should loosen up and live a little. I felt embarrassedby their teasing, so against my better judgment I agreed to go.

When we got to the guy's place my worst fears were realized, there were about five of us girls and eight men, three of whom were colored. The drinks started to flow and some of the group seemed to be takingsome tablets, although I didn't know what they could be, I was very naive in such matters.

I also noticed that some of the girls had disappeared with one or two of the men. Kate again said I should lighten up as it was just a bit of fun.

One of the men thrust a large glass of wine into my hand, which I gulped back nervously. Within minutes of my drinking the wine I began to feel most peculiar. It was as if all my inhibitions had gone, like I had left my body and I was looking down at where I was sitting on the sofa.

A man sat beside me telling me how beautiful I looked, what lovely legs I had and that I had fabulous tits. Under normal circumstances I would have been outraged by such talk, even from my husband, let alone a stranger. Yet, what this man was saying to me seemed quite normal conversation. He pushed another drink into my hand which I drank down greedily. My head was now spinning, the man again told me that I had great legs, but this time he said that he wanted to see more of them.

As though I no longer had any will of my own, I slid my skirt higher so that this guy could get a better look at my legs. I stoppedjust short of my underpants and the guy asked if I was wearing pantyhose. I nodded,and he just said matter-of-fact that in future I should wear stockings and suspenders. He then asked if he could remove my pantyhose. Again if things had been normal, I would have smacked this man?s face for taking such liberties and run from the apartment as fast as I could. But things weren't normal, not by a long shot, and instead I nodded to him that he could remove them.

He told me to lift my bottom, and I did so without hesitation. As he took my pantyhose off, right there in the middle of the living room, I became aware that a number of the other guests were now crowding around the sofa to watch us. I suddenly felt very aroused and a noticeabledamp patch began spreading across the crotch of my knickers. I didn't even know this man's name, yet here I was letting him remove my clothes. What was even worse, was the fact that it was happening in full view of a room full of people.

Without a word being spoken the man pulled me up from the sofa and led me by the arm into a bedroom. Under a very dim light he then proceeded to remove the rest of my clothes, I made no effort to stop him although in the back of my mind I knew that I should.

When he had me naked he stood and looked on my now body. His mouth moved to suck my nipples, which sent a wave of, desire sweeping through me. My cunt, as heinsisted I call it, was running hot and wet, I orgasmed strongly as he fingered me for the first time. He pushed his body up against mine, in turn pushing me against the wall. I turned my head as he ran his hand between my trembling legs and noticed that people where still watching us from down the darkened hall through the open bedroom door.

I had just enough sense left within me to ask him to use a condom, as that was the only form of contraception that Dave and I used. The guy said he didn't have any condoms, but would be careful. I knew in the back of my mind that this was not good,but I offered no further resistance.

I almost screamed out with desire as he entered me. I felt impaled up against the wall and orgasmed again strongly. I urged him on as he half carried half dragged me tothe bed. As we fell to the mattress, him still firmly implanted in me, I wrapping my legs behind his back and his balls slapped against my ass as he began to thrust madly away. He mouthed obscenities at me as theexcitement mounted, telling me I was a dirty whore, that I had a well-used cunt. This talk spurred me on, when the man said he wanted to shoot his load up my well used cunt, to give me a baby, I felt totally reckless, shouting out loud for him to shoot it up me and get me pregnant. I felt his body stiffen as jet after jet of his spunk hit my unprotected womb and I orgasmed yet again.

I had hardly got my breath back, when the guy got off me and I felt another man take his place. I hadn't bargained for this, but at the same time was very excited by it. I made no attempt to stop the situation and Ididn't even mention condoms to this guy. The thought of the risk of pregnancy by an unknown man seemed to drive me wild with desire. It didn't take long for the second man to cum. I could hear him grunting as he came spurting another load of spunk up inside my belly.

As the second guy got off me, a much brighter light was turned on in the bedroom, I could see that most of the guests were now gathered round the bottom of the bed. I made no attempt to cover myself as the third man approached me. He was black and I knew that to have unprotected sex with this man really was foolish. As he climbed on top of me he askedif the slut would mind if he shot his load intomy belly. I replied with a lust filled voice that far from minding, I would welcome it. Anumber of the other men now moved up to me and informed me that they were all going to fuck me, to gang bang me. It was like I was watching myself through a fog, but I could no longer control my actions. I nodded my approval to the men, and so it happened...

I had for the very first time in my life a dick shoved in my mouth which I sucked on greedily. I felt fingers probing my anus which nearly made my body explode with lust, and it wasn't long before the colored guy stiffened and began pumping his load into me. The thoughts of the dangers involved with this sent me over the top, mybody convulsed uncontrollably with lust as I orgasmed again and again.

It took about two hours for all eight men to satisfy themselves, and I looked a real mess, my tits and cunt all red and swollen, spunk running down my thighs.

It suddenly occurred to me how was I going to explain my state, plus the lateness of thehour to Dave when I got home.

Kate who had been watching, said that she had phoned Dave and said I would be sleeping at her house tonight. She had told Dave that the girls had been round to her house for a few drinks after the club and that it was too late to set off for home. Apparently Dave had accepted what she had told him, I felt grateful to her.

Back at Kate's she showed me to the spare bedroom, I just crashed out, not even bothering to shower or get undressed. The next morning I felt like hell and could remember very little of the previous nights events.

When I went to take a shower I was shocked to see all the red marks on my body, plus my pussy seemed rather sore. I asked Kate what on earth had happened. She told me that one of the men had put a drug in my drink to make me relax, she then related the previous night's events.

To say I was horrified would be an understatement, how would I ever be able to face Dave again. At this point I burst into tears, Kate came over to comfort me, she said that I should be proud, that I was a very sexy woman, that most of the women couldn't do it as well as I had the first time, even she hadn't been able to get things going her first time like I had. I asked her if she really meant what she had said, or was she just trying to make me feel better. She assured me that she was telling me the truth and I gave the matter a good deal of thought on my way home.

When I arrived home Dave had got the kids off to school and then gone to work himself.This left me most of the day to compose myself and I thought the first thing I would do would be to languish in a nice hot bath.

As I lay soaking in the bath, I began to remember snippets of what had happened last night, plus the comments that Kate had made. A familiar tingling returned to the pitof my stomach and my nipples were rock hard. Almost without thinking I let one handstray between my thighs, the other to my nipples. All the feelings of last night coursed through my body yet again as I pleasured myself to a shattering orgasm. I masturbated myself no less than six times before Dave came home that evening, I felt no guilt when he came in. After all, what had happened last night was a one off I told myself, I had been drugged and it certainly would not happen again.

However as the week progressed I was beginning to have my doubts, what happened that night seemed to have lit a fire in me that could not be extinguished. I was masturbating daily, I could not leave my tits and pussy alone. I also went into town and bought myself sexy underwear, short skirts and very revealing tops.

As dance night approached, I got more and more excited. I had arranged with Kate thatI would get changed at her house. I couldn't let Dave see the type of clothes I would be going out in. Dave spoiled things slightly by announcing that he would collect me after that night. This meant I would have to change back into my other clothes in the ladies room, before Dave arrived. Kate's husband nearly fell off his chair as I came out of their bedroom, gone was my goody two shoes image. Instead I looked a real tart.

I had dressed in a wonder bra, which left my tits on open display, covered only by a transparent blouse, stockings, suspenders, tiny transparent knickers, plus a very short skirt, finished off with 3-inch heels. Kate whispered to me that I looked all women, and that the men would just love me in thatget up, I said I hope so, and off we went.

Once inside the nightclub it didn't take long for the men to notice me, I had no shortage of offers to dance, which I readily accepted. The clothes gave me a new confidence, one that I did not have before. Gone was that dowdy old image of wife and mother. The new clothes were also making me feel incredibly sexy as well.

A black guy asked me to dance, once on the dance floor his hands were all over me. I made no effort to stop the groping, but encouraged it instead. He asked if I wanted to go outside to cool down. At this point, lust was again taking over my normal restraint.

I nodded my agreement and he took me behind the building, to a rubbish-strewn alleyway. I didn't even know this man's name, nor did I ask him. He wasted no time on niceties, but went straight for my tits. I too, wanted it this way, I wanted it to be sordid, without feeling, just plain raw sex. He pulled out his large black dick with a throbbing dark purple head and asked if I was on the pill. I lied and said yes, at which point he just lifted up my skirt, pulled my little panties to one side and plunged his cock deep inside me. He pushed me back against the alley wall, I wrapped my legs around him as he lifted me up and plunged ever deeper in me.

The whole thing was animalistic and it wasn't long before we were both near orgasm. I exploded as I felt him stiffen, as gush after gush of his sperm pumped into me.

After he had finished with me, I quickly cleaned myself up. As we went back inside, he said, "you really are a slut aren't you?" I smiled and nodded. Instead of feeling hurt by what this man had said, I knew it was true and that I had actually enjoyed feeling that way.

Once back inside the club it didn't take long for another guy to hit on me. It turned out that he had come with a group of friends and they had a van out in the parking lot. When he suggested we take a look at it, I didn't object, but I said if he wanted to fuck me why not just ask.

He looked shocked when I further suggested that he should ask his friends if they might like to join us. When we got outside to the van this guy simply spread a dirty old sheet in the back and we both climbed inside. He stripped me naked and began fucking me, while four of his friends queued up outside, watching us doing it.

It was while this was taking place that I noticed a car drive up and stop just two cars away. When the driver got out I froze, it was none other than my husband Dave, he had arrived to collect me from the dance. I very quickly got dressed, raced back inside and told Kate. I then went to theladies to change into my drab old clothes. By the time I emerged from the ladies, Dave was waiting in the entrance for me. His prim and proper wife in her drab conservative clothes waved to her husbandand gave him a quick kiss.

Over the next few weeks my newfound sexuality just seemed to take over my life. It was like a life force that I loved, yet could not control. I wanted sex constantly, not with my husband, but with complete strangers. I did not want any love or affection from it, just plain sex, the more sordid the surroundings, the more I liked it.

I was going out during the day trying to get picked up by men, flashing my panties in rough town center bars etc. I didn't say no to anyone who wanted me, age, appearance, color, didn't matter, quite simply I would have unprotected sex with anyone who wanted me. It didn't take me long to get a reputation as the town bike.

As you can imagine, the inevitable happened, I was well and truly pregnant. I managed to persuade Dave that it was his baby, that a condom must have failed. He never seemed to doubt this, although I had a worrying nine months wondering if the baby would be colored or not. Fortunately for us both, the baby was white, although who the father is I shall never know. After the baby was born, I persuaded Dave that from now on, the pill would be a safer form of contraception.

I lied though when I told Dave I was going on the pill. Even before the baby was six weeks old, I had resumed my life of wanton unprotected sex. The reality is, that when I make love to my husband I use a spermicide cream.

You see I want more children, I would like tobecome a constantly pregnant whore. I lovethe thrill of being made pregnant by a stranger, not knowing if the baby will be black, white, yellow or brown. However I don't want to have any more children by my husband.

I am not sure what the future will hold for me, nor do I care, I am only glad that my lifehas now taken the path it has.

Rating: 79%, Read 49162 times, Posted Nov 20, 2012

Fiction | Cheating, Cum Swallowing, Drug, Group Sex, Interracial, Mature, Pregnant


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