COACH LAURIE by CharlesWolf

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Fiction | Blackmail, Blowjob, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, Humiliation, Male, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex, Old Female, School

Shrieks of feminine laughter and excitement emanated from the girl's locker rooms as the six male pledges ran through them wearing only their jockstraps and a mask covering their faces.

Nick (wearing a classic Nixon mask) was trailing behind the other pledges and, being self-conscious about his nudity (especially with his obvious speedo tan lines – he was on the swim team), just wanted this day to be over.

No such luck.

Looking back to make sure no one was chasing him, Nick turned and was face to face (or rather face-to-breasts) with Coach Laurie.

Coach Laurie was an imposing figure, with her short, platinum-blonde hair, high cheekbones, full red lips and her trademark mirrored-sunglasses that she always wore and Nick's gaze went downward to her perfect double-D breasts (with her Coach's whistle hanging between them) that were barely contained within her tight pink high cut, one piece bodysuit leotard that exposed most of the tanned cheeks of her tight ass (that she was very proud of).

Coach Laurie's legs, were like her arms; tanned, muscular & defined – like a fitness model that maybe spent a tad too much time in the gym, but was still very curvy & feminine.

Speaking of Coach Laurie's long, supple legs, they were adorned with black leg-warmers that went down to her black high heels (which Nick would later think was an unusual choice of footwear for an assistant college football coach) and with Coach Laurie already at 6ft in height, the heels brought her to 6'3” !

Laurie looked like the kind of hypersexualized gym teacher you'd see in an 80's sex comedy or a porn movie.

...Which was exactly the look Coach Laurie was going for.

A red-nailed finger lifted up Nick's head so that he was making eye contact with Coach Laurie (but he only saw his own frightened face reflected back from her shades) and then she yanked off his Nixon mask and threw it in the garbage can. Nick's dark curly hair was in disarray and his dark eyes were wide with shock.

Like most people, Nick was intimidated by Coach Laurie, but that never stopped her from becoming one of his top masturbatory fantasies (almost as though she'd kicked the door open and forced her way into his “spank bank” and demanded that he jerk-off to her, pronto !)

And like most students at Sierra Diabla College, he had heard the rumors...

Taking off her sunglasses and smirking. Coach Laurie said,“Well Nick...I gotta say, I really like the new look.” as she stepped back and ran her eyes over Nick's body, completely naked except for the jockstrap. His face was red with embarrassment.

“Ah...” Nick said, his mind racing.

“So, you get off on peeping on the girls while they're showering ? That how you get your jollies, you perv ? “

Freaking out while finally finding words, Nick blurted, “No, no, no ! It wasn't like's a hazing thing, I didn't even want to do this !”

Coach Laurie knew Nick was telling the truth.

Coach Laurie knew Nick was telling the truth, because she had set this trap for him with the assistance of Bradley, the president of the frat house that Nick was pledging to.

Coach Laurie had a good working relationship with Bradley, ranging from a lucrative gambling operation focused on San Diablas various sports franchises (business) as well as the sexual exploitation of its male & female college students (business, but mostly pleasure). Also, Bradley's family was well-connected to the pharmaceutical industry, so he always had the best and state-of-the-art ruffies that the feds didn't even know existed.

“Tell that to those innocent girls you may have scarred for life !” Coach Laurie said in exaggerated mock-outrage that she knew was a tad over the top even as the words left her mouth.

“I will, I will !” Nick pleaded. “It was stupid and wrong, I'll apologize to all of them.” Nick said and he was sincere.

What a pussy. Coach Laurie thought as she said, “Well, there's no time like the present.” and then pointed towards the girl's locker room and said: “Let's go, sweetcheeks.”

Nick's embarrassed face went to panic mode as he said, “I can't go back there like this !”

Coach Laurie's face turned serious as her red-nailed finger pointed to the girls locker rooms and she insisted, “March.”

Miserable, Nick turned and sheepishly walked back to the girls locker room, where the shrieks and laughter of excited girls had just started to die down. The sound of Coach Laurie's high-heels clicking on the tiled floor as she followed Nick.

There is something so sexy about an ass in a jockstrap Coach Laurie thought as she stared at Nick's backside, following him back into the girls locker rooms, occasionally pushing him forward as he hesitated.

“Well girls, look what I found !” Coach Laurie exclaimed as she marched Nick back into the locker room.

At this point most of the girls were clothed or were covered in towels, but a few that were still in various states of undress, suddenly dove to cover themselves with towels, locker doors or other girls as they saw near-naked Nick enter the room.

One petite Japanese girl in pigtails, completely naked except for white socks, screamed, "Not again !" in Japanese. She has big tits for an Asian chick. Nice ! Coach Laurie thought as the Japanese girl tried to cover herself as best she could with just her hands.

There were also a few students that didn't try to cover themselves at all, like tanned, blonde Jenny, who just stood there with her arms folded underneath her exposed and equally-tanned tits and a pissed-off expression on her face.

For the most part, the appearance of Nick wearing only his jockstrap was met by laughs, whistles and catcalls by the female students who started to gleefully walk towards him. Face beet-red with embarrassment, Nick spun around to run out of the room, but Coach Laurie was still behind him with her hands on her hips and a smirk on her lips. Nick wasn't going anywhere.

The girls now had a view of Nick's exposed ass (covered only by the thin straps of the jockstrap) and they became even wilder, with comments like “Love the tanlines, Nick !”, “Hot ass !” and “Nice buns, Nick !”

“Coach Laurie, I'm really sorry, I'll never do it again, please let me go and get dressed !” Nick pleaded.

Behind him were ogling his ass and continuing to comment, “Oh. My. God. His ass is actually blushing !”, “Mmmm...his butt looks so tight” and “Looks even tastier out of those speedos the swim team wears.” followed by more playful laughter.

Coach Laurie noticed one of the girls, Elizabeth, masturbating under her towel as her gaze was locked in on Nick's ass. This is going even better and hotter than I expected Coach Laurie thought as Nick started pleading/babbling to her, but she wasn't listening, her mind was on the past.

When Coach Laurie had first performed the “Pledge-hazing girls locker room” scam, she had fully expected to get caught, fired & imprisoned, but none of that had happened and, after having performed the scam on multiple generations of students, she had the scam down to a science with things only becoming easier once Bradley had gotten on board to help set things up. Still, how have I not gotten fired yet ? Coach Laurie would occasionally think and the answer to that was that she was and still is the driving force behind Sierra Diablas' outstanding success as a football college.

Meanwhile, one of the girls, a short blonde student with pretty eyes had knelt down, with Nick's ass directly in front of her face and was trying to make the other girls laugh, by pretending to kiss, bite and lick his butt. When she had her tongue extended, one of the girls pushed her causing her tongue to make contact with Nick's ass, causing him to jump forward in surprise and the girls to laugh and squeal in delight. Nick's face landed directly in Coach Laurie's cleavage (to her delight) and he was immediately apologetic, backing up...into Jenny.

Jenny, still completely naked, was standing with her hands on her hips as Nick's back made contact with her bare breasts and pert nipples.

Nick whirled around and Jenny stepped up closer. Much closer. They were face to face and her firm, tanned tits were pushed against his chest as she accused: “Peeping on us, huh ? You're such a fucking perv !” I love this chick ! Coach Laurie thought.

“I keep telling you, I wasn't peeping it was a pledge week thing !” Rick said as backed up from Jenny defensively, his hands in front of him in a take it easy! Gesture.

Coach Laurie said,“Well Nick, this is a very serious breach of the girls' right to privacy. This requires a punishment that fits the crime and---”

Jenny interrupted with: “Well, since this fucking perv saw us naked, it's only fair that we get to see him naked !”

Holy shit, my scam is actually running on auto-pilot ! Coach Laurie thought. With mock seriousness, Coach Laurie said: “I think Jenny is right and since Nick is here, I think this'd be a great opportunity for a lesson in male anatomy, don't you Nick ?”

Nick saw where this was going as his eyes became wide with panic. “No, look, I'm sorry ! I'm sor---!”

Coach Laurie interrupted:“Too late for that Nick. Drop your jockstrap.”

“In front of all the girls ?!” Nick whined.

Meanwhile, Coach Laurie noticed that Elizabeth's eyes were bulging in anticipation of Nick having to reveal his cock, her fingers underneath her towel,working her pussy.

Coach Laurie said: “Get naked. Now !”

Sheepishly, Nick lowered his jock. He was flaccid, but completely shaved, which caused the girls to start laughing & shrieking hysterically. “It's a swimmer thing !” Nick said defensively.

Jenny, also completely nude, stepped next to Nick, rested her elbow on his left shoulder, with her right tit rubbing against him, looked down at his cock and teased, “Not really packin' much there are we Nick ?” More laughter and Nick became even more red-faced and miserable.

This is just too fucking perfect ! Coach Laurie thought as she said with a straight face: “Now girls, let's

not embarrass poor Nick; as the penis get's aroused, it becomes longer and thicker...”

“...As Nick will now demonstrate for us.” Coach Laurie continued as she folded her arms under her tits and smiled an evil smile.

Nick immediately flashed an Oh no ! face as he said, “Oh no !”

“Oh yes.” Coach Laurie countered and then threw Nick a bottle of coconut oil (that she just happened to have handy) and Coach and said, “Lube up and let's go Nick.”

Nick pleaded, “C'mon, you can't expect me to---”

Coach Laurie interrupted, “Masturbate. Now.”

“I can't do that in front of all the girls !”, Nick whined.

Coach Laurie stepped up to Nick's side and said, “Nick...get those fingers wrapped around your cock and start pumping. Now !”

Tentatively, Nick oiled up his cock and started to stroke it, keenly aware that the entire cheerleader squad and girls volleyball team were watching him jerk off for their amusement. Coach Laurie said, “Faster Nick. Let's see some hustle in those fingers !”

Nick jerked off faster, but was still somewhat limp and embarrassed.

Looking down at his cock, Jenny teased, “Wow, I guess all that time on the swim team has gotten his cock soggy. Or, maybe...he's not into girls...” all the girls laughed and Nick's face became even redder.

Still concentrating on masturbating, Nick grunted, “I like girls.”

Walking around in front of him, Jenny said, “Maybe you just need inspiration” and then started to caress and squeeze her firm, tanned tits, pinching her nipples while making “ooooh” sounds as she mocked/aroused Nick.

Nick started to get hard.

Noticing this, Jenny grabbed one of her teammates from the volleyball squad and started to “pretend” make out with her. The tanned, tomboyish, but sexy girl with freckles was also naked and had a slightly muscular-squat frame with muscular thighs and a somewhat hairy pussy.

Coach Laurie thought the pretending was maybe a little too real as both girls kissed; Jenny was smiling at Nick, but the tomboy girl seemed to be focused on Jenny.

Nick was now rock-hard as his hand rapidly stroked his oiled cock, his breathing heavier.

Coach Laurie noticed that Elizabeth seemed to be trying to pace herself in her masturbating while still trying to do so, discreetly. Elizabeth's lust-filled eyes darting between Nick's jerking off and the show that Jenny & the tomboy were putting on, trying to watch everything and use it for later masturbation fantasies.

Now, everyone's eyes were on Nick's throbbing cock as he now had steady rhythm in his stroking. Although Elizabeth was the only student going to town on herself, Coach Laurie could tell that most of the girls were getting worked up over this erotic scenario that she had orchestrated (as she had done many times before).

Suddenly, the erotic scene was broken by the sound of Coach Laurie's whistle.

“OK, Nick. That's enough. Ladies, hit the showers.” Coach Laurie said suddenly, with everyone looking at her in disbelief.

Elizabeth, now frustrated and pissed off, found her voice as she said, “You're not going to let him finish ? “

Nick continued to masturbate, his body on autopilot has he continued to ride the sensations.

“This is an institution of higher-learning, not a porn film (but pretty close to one Laurie thought).

I think Nick has learned his lesson.” Coach Laurie replied, sternly and then continued, “Nick, stop masturbating. Now.”

His face grimacing in concentration, Nick said, “I...I can't. Please don't make me stop.” Some of the girls in the crowd made Oh sounds that could have been of sympathy for Nick's plight or arousal or both.

Coach Laurie stood in front of Nick and said, “I'm going to count and if you're still beating your meat when I get to 5, you'll be expelled.”

Sweat rolling down his face and with great strength of will, Nick reluctantly pulled his fingers away from his cock just as Coach Laurie got to the number “4”.

“OK ladies, show's over.” Coach Laurie said and the girls filed out.

As she passed Nick, Jenny said, “Nice show stud !” and slapped his ass as she skipped by.

As Elizabeth walked by, she looked Nick in the eyes and silently mouthed, Call me as she held her hand up to her ear, with her thumb and pinky extended to look like a phone.

After all the girls had filed out of the locker room, Coach Laurie said, “Let's go.” grabbed him by his cock and started walking back to her office, pulling Nick along by his cock. As her high-heeled legs walked, Coach Laurie would occasionally and “accidentally” , rub the head of Nick's cock against her exposed ass-cheeks, causing him to gasp.

Looking over her shoulder, Coach Laurie said, “If you cum, you're expelled.” as her thumb rubbed the head of the cock she was dragging along behind her.

Once in her office, Coach Laurie turned around to pull down the shades and lock the door, giving Nick a chance to check out her tanned, tight ass cheeks that were revealed in her high-cut leotard and her sexy legs, accentuated by the high heels and leg warmers. “Enjoying the view Nick ?” Coach Laurie asked, her back still towards him.

Nick was nervous and was covering his cock with his hands as he stammered, “Wh..what..I..?”

Laurie approached him, a wicked smile on her face as she said, “It's OK Nick, I know I have a sweet ass. I also noticed you checking it, and the rest of me, earlier today.” she said as she took off her leotard and kicked it off with one high-heeled foot.

Now completely naked except for her leg-warmers, high heels and mirrored sunglasses, Coach Laurie stalked Nick as she said, “Look, you're a nice kid with a nice ass, so I'm going to give you a break.” as her hands squeezed her full tanned tits and pulled her nipples between her fingers. Her golden pussy was neatly trimmed.

Nick, still covering his crotch, said,”Uh...thanks, but I---” was all he got out before his face was pushed between the tits he had fantasized over. His cock was throbbing with renewed vigor as Nick reluctantly pulled away saying, “N--no, we shouldn't be doing this.”

Good, consensual sex is kind of a buzzkill anyway Coach Laurie thought as she pushed her golden tits into Nick's face as she said, “You came into my office young, dumb and full of cum and when you leave, you'll only be young and dumb.”

Backing away, Nick said, “I thought you were a lesbian ?”

Advancing, Coach Laurie said, “I'm only 70 % lesbian...well, 69 % anyway” as she lewdly stuck out her tongue and fluttered it rapidly in midair.

Once again, Nick pulled away as he stammered, “Th--this is wrong.”

I love when they try to say 'no' Coach Laurie thought as she took off her sunglasses (she has green eyes ! Nick thought) and said, “Nick, you really don't have a choice in the matter. Do as you're told or you're expelled and I'll even see to it that you're little streaking-stunt gets you registered...” Coach Laurie then laid back on her desk and said, “Let's see if the captain of the diving team is any good at muff-diving”

Nick looked up and corrected, “I'm not on the diving team, I'm on the swim team..”

Irritated, Coach Laurie rolled over on the desk, stuck her ass in the air and said, “Whatever. Get over her and eat my pussy and keep your hands where I can see 'em. No jerking off ; you don't get to cum until after I cum !”

Nick knelt down and started to tentatively and gingerly lick Coach Laurie's pussy – she was already wet and moist.

“Hey ! Enough with the softcore shit, get in there and work on the clit. And you get extra credit for licking my asshole. Let's go !”

Nick did as he was told and soon was hearing moans of “Fuck, yeah !” and “Yeah, yeah, yeah...right there !” as his tongue slithered through her pussy. Coach Laurie's moans turned into guttural grunts as he started to lick and invade her asshole with his tongue, his hands roughly pulling her ass-cheeks apart. After a few minutes, he slapped one of her ass cheeks. Coach Laurie looked at him, her face upside-down and grunted, “ th...that the hardest you can slap my ass, you pussy ?” while trying to keep her composure, she thought, Fuck, this guy is hitting my spots !

“OK, enough !” Coach Laurie ordered and then got off the desk and knelt before Nick.

Looking him in the eyes, Coach Laurie said,“Don't cum.” and then took Nick into her mouth.

“Ahhngk !” Nick gasped as he felt her tongue slithering over his shaft and teasing the head while her mouth applied incredible suction. Nick felt as though his cock was plummeting down a deep well of sweet pleasure and knew he was fighting a losing battle as he said, “, if...if you keep sucking me like that, I'm going t---”

Without missing a beat, Coach Laurie's mouth left Nick's cock and was immediately replaced with her hand, stroking him at a rapid pace.

Going from blowjob to handjob and the change in sensations caused Nick to gasp and Coach Laurie to say, “If you cum, you're expelled. Don't. Cum.” and then her tongue fluttered over the tip of his cock as her hand raced up and down his shaft.

Coach Laurie knew that she'd given Nick an impossible task, but she loved to toy with her victims by putting them at war with their own desires. Nick is showing some impressive endurance. Must be a swim team thing Coach Laurie thought as she once again, took Nick deep into her mouth, tormenting his cock with unrelenting suction and a tongue that lashed at his most sensitive spots.

“Oh god ! Nngkkk---! F---fuck !” Nick grunted, his eyes closed in concentration, shivering and struggling to ignore what Coach Laurie's mouth was doing to him – intense nonstop suction, her red lips going from the base of his shaft all the way to the head, kissing and licking the tip before plunging down to the base again, with the nonstop suction and the flicking of her tongue lashing and taunting him. It's too much ! I can't take this ! I'm going to blow my load and then this bitch is going to expel me ! Nick thought as Coach Laurie's tongue curled around his glans. “HnggK---! Fuck !”

OK, time to get this show on the road Coach Laurie thought and then slid her index finger into Nick's ass, knuckle-deep and brought the suction of her mouth up to 11 !

“Aanggkkk !” Nick grunted and, with all resistance gone, came in a white hot sea of ecstasy, his orgasm seeming to go on forever as his cock exploded in Coach Laurie's mouth and his asshole tightened around the index finger buried deep inside it. All the while, Coach Laurie never stopped sucking the cum out of him and finger-fucking him, bringing Nick to such bliss that he thought he might pass out from it.

Still convulsing, Nick staggered back, freeing himself from the invasions of Coach Laurie's mouth and index finger and said, “I---I really tried Coach...”

“Save your excuses !” Coach Laurie said in mock-anger and then continued, “I'll give you another chance if you can get yourself hard again. You've got two minutes,” as she noted the time on her old-fashioned wall clock placed above her door.

Turning around and arching her back, she said, “Since I heard you like my ass, I'll let you use it for inspiration, so lube that cock up and get to stroking. Now !” and then smiled a wicked smile as she started planning on how she was going to use Nick for the rest of the day.

THE END (for us, but not for Nick).

Rating: 88%, Read 15744 times, Posted Nov 14, 2016

Fiction | Blackmail, Blowjob, Domination, Exhibitionism, Female, Humiliation, Male, Masturbation, Non-consensual sex, Old Female, School


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