Harry Potter: As One War Ends Another Begins Part 12 by HpUser25

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Part 12

The Weasleys, Harry and Hermione were all stood quietly in the kitchen of the Burrow. Normally the house would be full of laughter and loud conversation, but today they all stood around waiting. Today was the funerals of Petunia and Vernon Dursley.

Hermione and Mrs Weasley had gone into muggle London the day before to buy everyone clothes for the ceremony. No one other than Hermione had attended a muggle funeral before so she had picked out black suits and dresses for everyone to wear.

After the war there had been a lot of funerals to attend, but wizard funerals were a lot different and no one really knew what to expect. Harry felt like he'd been to enough funerals recently to last him a life time. He'd attended every funeral of the victims of the battle of Hogwarts. It was something that he'd had to do. He had to remember the life's of all those who had sacrificed themselves to help him protect the world they lived in.

'Hermione dear, could you help me with this tie please?' Mr Weasley asked, attempting to pull on the complex knot that had formed around his throat.

As Hermione began to help him out George walked into the room. He looked ill, his shirt untucked and his tie hanging loosely around his neck. No one was at a doubt as to why he was looking so affected. He was clearly thinking of his lost twin brother.

'Why isn't Dudley going with us again?' He asked dully as he dropped into an empty chair at the kitchen table.

Mrs Weasley cast him a sympathetic look.

'Hermione explained yesterday about how he had to travel with his Aunt in the car, Muggles have special cars to carry the bodies to funerals. So we're letting him be with his family and we're meeting him there.'

Harry just let out a shallow laugh. Dudley could barely stand his Aunt Marge. He'd only put up with her because it paid well. He couldn't see why Dudley just couldn't just apparate there with them, but Hermione had gave him and overly long speech on how it would look suspicious if he just turned up at the church with his cousin who everyone thought to be strange and a bunch of people who they'd never seen or heard of before.

She was right of course. Harry remembered when Uncle Vernon's dad had died when he and Dudley had been a lot younger. Although Harry had been shunted of to Miss Figgs for the day he'd still seen the black cars carrying the coffin and another one with all of the Durlseys in pass the house.

'It's time we get going kids, we've got a little walk from the portkey point.' Mr Weasley said, his tie finally on straight.

They all gathered round the the old deflated football and a few seconds later they were gone.


Dudley looked out of the window at the passing tree's. He was beyond tears now. To sad to resort to something he'd always thought as a weakness in a man, crying. But since his parents had died he'd come to realise that crying wasn't weak, it was a form of all emotion draining from your body, allowing you to accept the sadness that filled you.

And today was a sad a day as any. His parents bodies lay in separate coffins, driven slowly around around the street in which he grew up, parading their deaths to the world. The neighbours who weren’t coming to the funeral, mainly the one's that his mum had thought of as nosey and his dad had moaned about constantly, were stood at the ends of their gardens, head bowed in a final show of respect to people they no doubt disliked.

He could hear his Aunt Marge crying into an handkerchief, but he didn't turn away from the window. He wished she'd stop, why after all was she allowed the release of crying when he was the one that was now left all alone in the world. He hated being locked up in this car with her, he felt vulnerable and more alone than ever. He almost couldn't wait to see the Weasleys and Harry again after the funeral, somehow he felt safe with them, like he was in a world separate from reality.

The car slowed to a halt at the local church. It almost made Dudley laugh that their lives would be remembered at this place of belief and religion. His parents had been far from religious, never attending church and refusing to answer the door when people talking of god had come knocking. But it was a traditional way to say goodbye and Aunt Marge had happily spent his dads hard earned money to uphold the reputation that he'd drilled into others that he was an overachiever in life. That he deserved the best.

Dudley finally tore his eyes away from the open fields opposite the church to look at the people who had come. He barely recognised any of them. After all he had little family left, only his Aunt and Grandmother from his dad's side. He never knew his family from his mothers side. Her sister, Harry's mum, had died a long time ago and his Mum never spoke of her. His grandparents had died before he was born an his mum again never spoke about it. He had considered asking Harry about it but he felt that he too knew very little about them.

Finally the driver of the car opened the door for him and his Aunt. He didn't utter a word as he made his way towards the crowd assembled outside. He just made his way towards the one women he knew, his grandmother. She had fallen out with his Dad before he was born and they had struggled to reconnect after that, so she had barely been part of his childhood. But non the less she was a lovely women and he could only wish that he'd gotten to see her more. As he come face to face with her she offered him a small smile, but he could see the tears running down her face, leaving small trails of the black make up around her eyes. She put her arm around him as they walked into the church.


Dudley just continued walking alone. The funeral had finished an hour ago and everyone had made their way back to private drive for the reception. He'd seen all the people making their way into the house and he'd knew straight away that he couldn't face it yet. So he'd turned al walked of without saying a word to anyone, retracing the footsteps of his younger self and making his way to the local park.

The park, a place where kids come to have fun and enjoy themselves. Only Dudley and his long forgotten friends had used it as a place to have their own sick fun, tormenting and hurting any kids that annoyed them. But as he sat on the only swing that he himself hadn't broken years before, he realised he wasn't that selfish kid any more. He'd grown up to be a man.

Picking himself up off the swing he started to make his way back to the house.


The Weasleys stood awkwardly in the corner. They had been trying to avoid being noticed for the last hour. A few people, some sort of relative to Dudley no doubt, had come up to speak to them about Dudley's parents but it had been rather uncomfortable seeing as they didn't actually know much about them. The only reason they had agreed to come was because Dudley had asked them too.

Harry was also trying to avoid most people. He'd spoken to Dudley for a brief moment but he knew that everyone else thought that he was a complete nutter who had been locked away at a boarding school for the last seven years. To be fair for the duration of his fifth year most of the wizarding world had thought the exact same of him, so it hardly bothered him.

He started to make his way towards the fridge to get another beer when he came face to face with the last person he wanted to speak to. Aunt Marge.

'And what are you doing here boy?' She spat at him.

'Dudley asked me to come so I'm here.'

'I highly doubt that, I suppose your here to take advantage of my brother and his wife's death to show off again no doubt.' She said, taking a large gulp from the brandy glass she had in her hand.

Harry was about to reply angrily, but Dudley had chosen that time to fetch himself another beer and had overheard the conversation.

'Aunt Marge, don't talk to Harry like that!' He said, his voice raising in anger.

'I'll talk to the little brat however I want.' she shouted back.

Their raised voices had grown the attention of everyone in the house and they were now all staring at them.

'Right this goes for everyone so listen.' Dudley shouted so everyone could hear. 'I know you've all been told by my father that Harry is a nutter, well he's not and he's here because I asked him to. I've been staying with him and the Weasleys over there since my parents died and they've looked after me, so if anyone's got a problem with them being here then you can leave now.'

Everyone stared at Dudley in silence. Eventually conversations got started again and nobody left except Aunt Marge who said that Dudley was a big a disgrace as Harry and then stormed out.

'Thanks for that mate.' Harry said.

'It's no problem, I can't stand her anyway.' Dudley replied.

'Excuse me Mr Dursley, I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Henry Roughgate.' He said holding out his hand to Dudley. 'I was your Father's boss.'

'I'll speak to you later Dudley.' Harry said, making his way back over to Ginny. Dudley gave him a quick nod to let him know he'd heard him.

'Pleased to meet you Mr Roughgate, thank you for coming. My Dad always spoke very highly of you.' Dudley said. He wasn't normally one for sucking up to people he barely knew but his dad had in fact spoken of all the times that this Henry Roughgate had helped him out.

'Of course I had to pay my respects, your father was a good man, and a fine employee and I can see you're just the same.' He said.

At that moment a very pretty girl came up and joined Mr Roughgate. Dudley just stared in awe at how stunning she was. She was around 5'6 with a slim figure. Shiny, smooth brown hair was tied up with a hair band , her fringe falling effortlessly into place, a few curls of hair falling from the bun down to her shoulders. She had a cute little nose, surrounded by a few freckles. She wore a kind smile and her eyes... by god Dudley could fall in love with her big, beautiful eyes.

'Excuse me Daddy, Mummy just called and Timmy's not feeling any better so she asked if you could go home?' She said to Mr Roughgate, although she made eye contact with Dudley and smiled at him kindly.

'Ohh yes I'll go straight away. Sorry Dudley I must go, my 6 year old son fell ill this morning and my wife is very worried about him.'

'It's not problem sir, I understand.' Dudley replied.

'Here's my buisness card, My numbers on there and if you give me a call when your ready I’ve got something I want to talk to you about.' He said holding out a card which Dudley took. He then turned to his daughter. 'You'll be alright without me won't you dear?'

'Of course Daddy.' She replied giving him a hug. 'Go be with Timmy and I’ll see you later.'

After shaking Dudley's hand once again he quickly made his way outside and climbed into his very shiny Aston Martin.

'Hi I'm Dudley.' He said, holding out his hand.

She took it. 'I'm Emily, pleased to meet you. I'm sorry about my Dad, him and my Mum are ever so protective over my little brother.'

'It's ok, is he ok?' Dudley asked. He wasn't quite sure why he was asking though.

'Oh he'll be fine, he's just been feeling poorly. Do you mind if I have a glass of wine?' She said, eyeing the bottle of white wine that was unopened of the side.

'Ermm are you old enough to drink?' Dudley asked, he didn't want her going back to Mr Roughgate drunk because he'd let her drink.

'Of course silly I'm 18. I'll only have one glass because I'm driving.'

'Oh then feel free to help yourself.' He said, taking a glass of the side and pouring her some wine.

'To your parent's.' she said, holding her glass up, to which he casually tapped his half finished beer against.

'So you drive then. What car have you got?' He asked her, instantly regretting it. He was talking to a pretty girl and he was talking about a car. Man he sucked when it came to girls he thought to himself.

'I'll show you, it's outside.' she said, grabbing a hold of his hand and pulling him towards the door.

Dudley was shocked to start with as she interlocked her fingers with his. Despite the fluttery feeling in his stomach he thought nothing of it and didn't get his hopes up. After all Luna had been the same earlier in the week.

Eventually they got outside and started to walk down the street. A lot of people had driven and she'd struggled to get a space to park on his road. As they turned the corner there was a brand new, shiny black Land Rover.

'Wow, I wasn't expecting you to drive a car like this.' He said in amazement. Although he didn't know much about cars, he knew this wasn't the sort of car that 18 year old girls tended to drive around in.

'Well my Dad bought it for me as a present when I graduated from college. He said if I passed with A* then I could have whatever car I wanted. I tried telling him I'd be happy with a second hand car but he insisted that I’d earn't it.' she said laughing, opening the door for Dudley as they both got in.

They spent the next hour talking and driving about. Dudley asked her a lot of questions about her life and she asked a few in return, about college and what hobbies they had. They spent a lot of time laughing and telling jokes, neither of them felt uncomfortable in the others company. They played a game for a while where they would call out a random direction as they drove along, eventually finding themselves parked in front of a beautiful lake, the golden sunset reflecting of the surface of the water.

After sitting looking out over the lake for a few minutes in silence Emily turned to face him.

'Isn't it amazing how something so beautiful can appear when you least expect it.' She said.

He looked into her big, beautiful eyes as he replied. 'Yes I know what you mean. Just like you, unexpected beauty.'

Did he just say that out loud? He couldn't remember his brain telling his mouth to say that. Oh dear and he was going bright red. What a fool.

'You think I'm beautiful?' she replied, he expression was unchanged.

Dudley gulped, he'd said most of it now, he might aswell go through with it.

'Y-Yes.' he replied, praying that she wouldn't kick him out of the car for making her uncomfortable.

'Close your eye's Dudley.'

He didn't know what was coming next. He honestly didn't, he was shaking with nerves. But the moment she leant forward and pressed her lips against his he calm. He struggled to return the kiss out of shock but he soon relaxed, leaning in towards he, brushing his hand against her cheek.

The kiss seemed to last forever and he couldn't remember stopping. They just sat there in silence, looking at one another.

'Errr I think we should probably head back.' Dudley uttered. God what a stupid thing to say. Why didn't he kiss her again? He was such a coward. She fired up the engine and they started to drive in silence back to Private Drive.


When they made it back to Private Drive they found the street empty of cars. It seemed like everyone had gone home. Dudley was hardly upset by prospect of not having to talk to people. Stern businessmen and nosey neighbours constantly telling him what good man his father was and how wonderful his mum was. Like they even knew them atall. His parents couldn't stand half the people who had been there today. He was only glad they were gone.

When he and Emily made their way towards the front door they noticed a small noted pinned to it. Straight away Dudley pulled it down and unfolded it.


Everyone went home seeing as you had disappeared, although I noticed you walking off with that hot girl. By the way, I've charmed this note so that only you will be able to read the message upon it. We were not sure whether you wanted to come back to the Burrow tonight or if you'd want to spend some more time with your lady friend to get to know her more, if you know what I mean. So if you do need us for anything then write in the gap at the bottom of this letter and we'll receive the message and come fetch you.


Dudley just smiled at the letter. He'd love nothing more to spend more time with Emily, he loved her company already. But he'd made such a fool of himself back by that lake, plus it was wasn't exactly romantic to invite her to stay in the house that his parents were recently murdered in. Thankfully he didn't have.

'Dudley' Emily spoke up for the first time since they'd started to drive back. 'If you don't fancy stopping here tonight your welcome back to mine, I mean if you want to that is.'

It took him a few seconds to realise what she'd even said, let alone form some kind of response.

'Urmm.. Yeah that'd...ermm.. I mean I'd like that.' He finally managed to spit out.

'Great, well come one then.' She said, getting back into her car. 'I've got my own flat about an hours drive from here.'

The car journey back to her house was thankfully less awkward. Conversation seemed forced but then atleast they were speaking, as she explained to him that she lived in a flat on her own because she was starting University in a few weeks.

Eventually Emily pulled the car onto a drive outside a block of about 4 or 5 flats. Dudley had barely been conscious of what time it had been all day and had only just noticed that darkness had fallen over them.

'Shall we go in then, I live on the bottom floor. The rest of the flats are all rented by other students.' Emily said.

'Yeah sure.' Dudley replied, as they got out of the car and made their way through the main entrance of the flats.

Finally Emily opened her front door and let him inside. Dudley struggled to think how a student paying out for tuition fee's could afford such a nice flat, when he remembered how rich her dad was. The main room was reasonably big, painted in a plain white with black furniture contrasting. All the electrical equipment was state the art and Dudley realised how someone could get used to living alone like this.

'Would you like a drink?' Emily said as she made her way over to a wine rack.

Seriously, Dudley thought to himself, what kind of student has a wine rack?!

'I've got some beers in the fridge if you'd like one.' Emily said smiling, noticing his glances towards the wine.

'Yeah that'd be great thanks.' he replied, taking the cold bottle that she handed to him.

Once they both had drinks they took a seat on her leather sofa and she put some background music on. It was that type of music that nobody would choose to listen to, it was just there to fill any silent gaps.

Dudley took a big swig from his bottle and looked up towards her. She was just looking at him, waiting for him to finally speak. It was time that he was brave. He was never going to get anywhere with girls if he didn't!

'Errr look, about early after we kissed... It's not like I didn't like it. I panicked because I had a beautiful girl kissing me and I dunno I just... I wanted to kiss you again but I’m a coward and now I’ve made it awkward and it;s all my fault.' He spoke really quickly, staring with determination at the floor as he rambled away.

'Dudley stop! I understand, your parents have just died, I wasn't expecting you to be cool about it.' she said kindly.

'You understand?'

'Of course I do.'

Whilst they had been talking they'd both been subconsciously moving closer together on the sofa. They were sat as close as possible to each other and she reached out a hand for his, locking her fingers around his.

'I really like you Dudley.'

'I like you too.'

'Then kiss me again?'

He felt so uncool having to be asked to kiss her but he didn't care, she had just openly told him that she understood and that she liked him. Slowly he leaned in to kiss her. It was short and their lips barely brushed one another, but as they pulled back and leaned in for another kiss it was with more desire. They were snogging ferociously and hands were beginning to go astray. Hers were pulling at his shirt and without even thinking he lifted his own up to touch her boob through her top.

Seeming like it had took all of her will power to pull away, she stood up.

'The bedrooms through here.' she said seductively, pushing the door open and walking with a spring in her step into the next room.

In a heart beat Dudley was on his feet following her, unbuttoning his shirt as he went. They crashed together on the other side of the door, lips locked in a passionate embrace. Clothes were soon being unbuttoned and thrown all over the room, until they stood in front of each other in nothing but their underwear.

Placing her warm hands upon his chest she gently pushed him onto the bed, falling on top of him only a second later. Leaning down she began to kiss him again, but soon pulling away one more time.

'Dudley I need to tell you.. I'm a virgin.'

Well he was not expecting that! He himself was still a virgin and whilst they had been tearing each others clothes off he had been torn between telling her or not.

'Ermm, ok I am as well.' he replied, not entirely sure whether she'd believe him or not.

She just looked down at him with one of her beautiful smiles. 'Well you understand that I don't want to go to far tonight, I want to have sex when I know for certain its the right time.'

Understand? Of course he understood. She was probably feeling guilty for not allowing them to have sex but honestly he didn't care. He would happily go to sleep now, he was in such a good mood for finally having the balls to kiss a beautiful girl.

'That's fine.' was all he could reply.

He honestly wasn't sure what to do from his point. He'd watched porn before and thought he knew what this was all leading to, but it was a very different to process all of this when he was actually on the verge of doing it.

Emily could sense that he was nervous. She'd known straight away that he wasn't lying when he'd said he was a virgin so this was probably his first time aswell at doing anything. Deciding she was going to take control, she reached back and unclasped her bra, casually throwing to to the side of the bed.

Dudley's eyes nearly popped out of his head. The first real pair of boobs he'd ever seen and they looked so perfect. Just the right size and faultlessly smooth and curvy, topped with two pink little nipples. Slowly he reached out towards them, slowly groping them in his hands, until he lightly pinched her nipples. This all caused her to let out a low moan.

Eventually Dudley's mind caught with everything that he was actually and he became excited. So excited in fact that his cock had grown to full length and was currently pressed against of her arse cheeks.

Emily just laughed, reaching back and giving it a quick squeeze, which caused Dudley to jump in shock. She decided it was time they got on with things, she was too horny to wait any longer. So she leaned forward and began to kiss him again. Soon though she was kissing his neck, her hands on his strong chest. She wriggled down his body, her hands caressing him and her lips following not long after. Eventually she found herself lay in between his legs, his hard cock tenting his boxers. Pulling them off of him and chucking them on the floor with the rest of their clothes she took a look at only the second penis she'd seen in her life. Taking a deep breath she leant forward and for the first time in her life reached out her tongue and licked the head of his cock.

Once before, with a rather pushy ex boyfriend, had she agreed to give him a handjob. It had been very awkward and they broke up a few days after.

Now however it wasn't awkward at all, it felt right. She had no idea what she was doing but she used his light grunts to direct her in the correct technique.

Dudley was in heaven. She'd started off by licking his head and slowly she had begun to move her mouth down on his cock, engulfing the head and sucking lightly. It felt so different to when he'd touched himself that he'd knew straight away he wouldn't last long. She began to pick up her pace and each time her head bobbed up and down she took more of him in her mouth.

He could feel the pressure in his balls building up and he could barely contain himself any longer.

'Emily, I'm about to cum!' he warned her, not wanting to explode in her mouth without her permission.

Quickly she pulled her mouth away from his cock, looking up into his eyes she quickly grabbed his cock and began to stroke as fast as she could. She could see from the look on his face that he would finish any second. He let out a low moan, still looking straight at her, and next thing she knew his sperm was firing out of his cock onto her waiting chin, neck and chest.

Dudley lay back looking exhausted and very pleased. Emily smiled to herself again, glad that she had done a good job. Picking up some tissue from the bedside table she cleaned herself up.

When he had cum Dudley had just fallen into a world of his own, lying there in total bliss. It wasn't until Emily lay down on top of his with her head resting on his chest, did he come back to earth. He wasn't sure if she'd done and wanted to just cuddle up to him now or if she'd expect him to return the favour. He decided that he didn't care and that he was going to try and please her anyway.

Rolling over so that he was on top of her he began to trail kisses down her body. She didn't say anything other that a little 'Oh Wow' out of shock and excitement.

Soon Dudley's mouth reached her tits. He spent a few minutes sucking on one nipple whilst groping the other boob, alternating between the two. Emily let out some soft moans whilst he did this, clearly enjoying the experience.

Soon he became impatient and began tracing his tongue down her smooth tight body until he found himself between her legs. Copying what she'd done to him earlier, he pulled at her underwear and chucked it to the side of the bed. He got his first look at her bald, pink pussy. Just the sight of it had his cock growing again, but this was about her now, he'd had his own pleasure.

Leaning forward he pressed his mouth against her tight, virgin pussy. Not entirely sure what to do he began to lick, licking the length of it a few times. Thinking back to what he'd seen in porn movies, he spread her pussy with two fingers and licked again. The difference was obvious as she let out a loud moan of pleasure. Soon he picked up a rhythm as his tongue dipped into her, her hips moving in time with his tongue as she wriggled about in pleasure. When he accidentally licked her clit, her body shuddered and she begged him for more.

'Oh my fucking god, right there Dudley, right there!'

Seeing as she obviously liked that particular spot so much he carried on with what he was doing, every so often lightly sucking.

Minutes later he'd had to wrap his arms under her legs and hold down her hips as her body jerked out of control. Her hands were wrapped in his hair, not allowing him to get away. Her legs were wrapped around his head, pulling him in closer to her pussy as he pleasured her.

'Oh Dudley! Oh Dudley! I'm going..going,,going toooo cuummmmm! Oh FUCK!!!' she grunted out loud as her body rode out the orgasm, her first ever orgasm. She was still panting when he slowly pulled his mouth away from her dripping wet pussy, unable to catch her breath because of the tingling sensation that was now running through her body.

When Dudley had finally been able to pull away he too was panting. She'd held him so close to her when she had cum that he'd struggled to breathe. He'd carried on in an attempt to please her as much as possible and it looked and sounded like he'd succeed.

When she'd finally calmed down, she'd climbed into her bed and was lying on her side. Dudley, now full of confidence, climbed into the bed next to her. As he pressed his naked body into the back of hers she lifted her side up ever so slightly, allowing him to wrap his arms around her and hold her.

'If you've still got that in the morning I’ll happily take care of it.' she whispered sleepily, grinding her arse against his cock, which he embarrassingly realised was still rock hard.

Thinking about how enjoyable waking up would be tomorrow, they both fell asleep.

To Be Continued...

Authors Note: Firstly I apologise for the delay in recent chapters, I've been very busy. I have no intention of not completing this series and I shall try to get future instalments out quicker. Secondly I realise that this chapter might not have been the most exciting, considering the lack of sex, but I felt that it was one that needed to be done. Business as usual will be resumed in the next chapters.

Rating: 89%, Read 35407 times, Posted Nov 26, 2012

Fiction | Fan fiction, Oral Sex, Romance, Teen Female, Teen Male


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