Morning Surprise_(1) by maria1

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True Story | Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Female, Male, Masturbation, Old Female, Oral Sex, Plumper, Teen Male, Written by women

I’m now in my mid 50’s, full figured (chubby) woman who is divorced and single for over 5 years. I’m trying to get fitter and lose weight and my next door neighbours allow me to use their treadmill in their garage to walk for exercise every morning between 7-9 am. They leave a hide away key in it's place outside for me to use to access their garage.

Recently, my neighbours, a couple went to the Gold Coast for a week’s holiday. They have a son (Jack) who is 19 and had moved out to live or so I thought. Unbeknownst to me, he must have moved back home while his parents were away.

Anyway, this morning I followed my usual routine and around 7:30 am, I moved the big clay flower pot to pick up the key to unlock the back entrance door of the garage.

I braced myself and froze motionless as I heard a loud snore. No one was supposed to be there. I had stepped inside and shut the door behind me as I walked into the short dividing hallway toward the garage door that was unlocked. My heart exploded and raced into overdrive and hit warp speed as I saw what was before me. About four feet away in front of me, there was a completely naked man laying on the couch, feet facing me, with his legs spread eagle wide as the open sky, fully exposing his little penis and tight little wrinkled scrotum.

As I got over my initial shock, I recognised the unconscious young man sprawled out on the couch to be my neighbour’s son Jack.

I then noticed that the big screen TV was on playing xxx movie on mute with the garage fluorescent light on and the lamp on behind the couch above him and the pantry lights on in the back of the garage where the washer and dryer and the birds cages were. The whole space was brightly lit, clearly spotlighting his naked pale white body as clear as day. He had sex toys out as well, along with the half empty bottle of tequila.

I gasped softly and said: "Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry I didn’t know you were staying here". He lay unresponsive and appeared to be fast asleep and snored louder. He couldn't hear me or know that I was there.

I surmised Jack must have been horny and got drunk unintentionally and passed out after masturbating not expecting anyone to walk in on him while all alone at his parents’ house.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I didn’t want to wake him as the whole situation was embarrassing. Despite my plain homely average looks, I always thought that Jack found me attractive even though I am old enough to be his grandma. I would catch him looking at my ample breasts through my clothes. I am aware that young males are always horny, sexually attracted to anything with a skirt and wondering what it would be like to have sex with almost any female they meet.

For some strange reason, my eyes were drawn to his youthful form and even more strangely to his soft flaccid little shrunken penis. The head of his penis was almost completely hidden and covered up, sunken up into the loose shrivelled foreskin of his short thin penis shaft like a scared turtle hiding its head in its shell. The tip of his penis was just barely sticking out and all that was visible was the little pee hole barely poking out the end of the shrivelled foreskin It was only about an inch or two long and as thick and round as a volume knob on a car stereo.

At that moment, his penis twitched and a huge glob of clear pre-cum formed at the tip of his penis and oozed out the pee hole running down the two inch shaft onto his shrivelled raison like shrunken tight small shaven little balls and scrotum.

I stood silent staring at him with my hands over my mouth for what seemed an hour but was more like 10 seconds as I said softly, testing his state of consciousness: “Hello Jack its Maria are you OK? Jack, are you awake? Can you hear me sweety?”

He appeared to be slightly disturbed and groaned as he threw his right leg up and over the back of the couch cushion spreading his legs wider and exposing himself even more as he shifted while still asleep. His left hand was behind his head and his other arm was over his forehead covering his eyes.

I froze motionless staring in shock and surprise but trying not to wake Jack so I could keep looking at his naked body. I don’t know why I was drawn to his little shrivelled appendage. Jack was probably even smaller than my ex hubby. I’d seen and experienced much bigger cocks in my life, especially being a nurse. But I had not been with a man since my divorce well over 5 years ago. My sex life was essentially non-existent apart from my frequent self-masturbation to satisfy my sex lust. I had resorted to going on the XNXX Adult Forum website and posting pictures of myself and chatting with men on-line. Now, I guess I had a real-life naked man in front of me, and any penis, no matter how small was better than none.

Out of curiosity and dare I admit it, loneliness and the fact that I’ve always had a high libido even now at my age, I found myself getting sexually aroused looking at this helpless unconscious young man even though he had no idea that I was getting horny staring at him. I felt a rush of embarrassment and shame come over me in a flash as a panic feeling of second thoughts and last second hesitation set in but it was too late now to do anything about it. What the heck.

My heart raced with nervous excitement, I felt my stomach flutter and my face go flush as I took my cell phone out of my sweat shorts pocket and slowly quietly took some pictures of him there.

I became increasingly aroused as I noticed his little penis twitch as it grew and started to move trying to get hard, coming to life and becoming erect right before my eyes.

I moaned and pinched my huge hard nipple through my thin T-shirt. I was wearing no bra and my dark areolas and huge nipples could be seen clearly. He gyrated his hips involuntarily as his penis twitched, spasm hard and jerked as it pushed his penis head out of his foreskin, exposed fully and gushing another huge clear thick glob of pre-cum out his pee hole.

I was startled and froze as Jack moaned and shifted again. His small manhood started growing slowly but steadily. I hid half way behind the door as I put my hand down my shorts and rubbed my swollen clit and pussy lips slowly and silently. Jack moaned and then his penis got hard and erect instantly and while asleep still, he touched his penis, playing with himself while asleep.

Watching this unfold in front of me, I was now really aroused, I could feel pleasurable tingling inside my wet pussy. I pulled my shorts and panties down around my ankles exposing my huge dark untrimmed bush as I slightly squatted sticking my fingers up inside my huge loose soaking wet worn out gaping pussy hole. I feverishly rubbed my now fully erect clit and kneaded my thick long turkey wattle lips.

Jack stopped touching himself but his little cock, looked between 4 to 5 inches long, stayed rock hard.

I became more comfortable as I was sure that Jack was asleep and unaware of me. I shoved my whole hand in my pussy hole, then out and in, faster and faster and deeper and harder, vigorously masturbating right there in the doorway.

By now I was in full beast mode as I breathed heavier, faster, harder and louder causing my pussy juices to flow like a river swishing and sloshing around louder and louder as my shorts fell down around my ankles and I stepped out of them with my left leg and lifted it up waist high posting my foot inside the door jam for better access spreading my gaping pussy hole wider and holding myself firmly, balancing myself in position securely to keep from falling over as I went at it.

I gasped and held my breath as my whole chubby body quivered and shook gyrating uncontrollably as I came to orgasm and suddenly pulled my fist out my pussy and grabbing the door jam with both hands, keeping my leg up as I exploded like a fire hydrant gushing huge power streams of love juice everywhere shooting out in a huge arch about four feet in front of me loudly splattering all over the concrete floor of the garage like a thunderous sounding giant waterfall crashing down upon huge rocks.

Unbeknownst to me Jack sat up at this point, as both my eyes were shut as I bit my lip tightly, head back and shot huge loads uncontrollably one after another. I heard a voice whisper: “go baby that’s right let it out don’t stop”.

I opened my eyes and looked at him in shock, wide eyed and dropped my leg down, trying to stop squirting without success as I clumsily tried to cover myself and find my shorts I was stepping on. He started jerking ferociously. I said: “oh my god I’m so sorry, oh my god” as I tried to pull up my shorts but couldn’t and fell back onto my big butt on the floor in my own pool of liquid delight.

Jack jumped up said: “it’s ok, don’t worry Maria, I’m glad you’re here and enjoying yourself with me. Let’s do it together to each other now”.

I said: “oh my god I’m so humiliated and ashamed I can’t believe this is happening”. Jack said: “no don’t be” as he grabbed my hand and helped me up and pulled my shirt off and sat me completely naked on the couch in front of him and spread my legs open and up and began to eat my huge swollen soaking pussy. I came over and over in his mouth and face as Jack sucked and licked and swallowed every drop he could.

Then I sat up and Jack sat down next to me as I knelt down between his legs and ferociously sucked and stroked his little 5 inch penis like a mad woman till he exploded into my mouth and pulled out to explode huge thick power globs and streams of cum all over my face hair and neck.

I loved it and started cumming myself, squirting all over Jack’s foot and leg. This was just the beginning of what took place that day and the rest of that week.

Rating: 92%, Read 42070 times, Posted Nov 04, 2019

True Story | Blowjob, Exhibitionism, Female, Male, Masturbation, Old Female, Oral Sex, Plumper, Teen Male, Written by women


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