A TEENAGE ESCORT - Pt. 2, The First Job by teachme

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A TEENAGE ESCORT - Pt. 2, The First Job

A story for the girl who wants to be a very high end, expensive whore. Or the guy who wants to have one.

Brendy and I leave the hotel room and are on the way back to her penthouse. My pussy was still dripping from excitement. She was totally unfazed, as a seasoned whore it was just another job.

We enjoyed a little more champagne in the limo. Soon we were at her apartment building. As she stepped out she looked back at me and said, “Rhonda, you did very well tonight, you will get very rich if you stay with this work.”

“Actually Brendy I was so excited tonight I have no doubt I’ll be your top girl,” I replied.

She flashed that big smile, “yes you will, I can see it in your eyes.”

The limo drove me to my trailer park and at the entrance I asked the driver to stop. “No way I can explain me coming home in a limo, let me out here and I’ll walk.” The driver opened my door and stepping out I felt euphoric, what a day.

Pampered, explored sex with a beautiful woman, explored more sex with a rich handsome man, got sexy clothes and $2,000 cash. What could be better I thought.

Over the weekend I anxiously awaited Brendy’s call. It came midday Saturday. “Rhonda, you have a call from a Brendy on the phone,” my Mother hollered out to me.

“Hey Brendy, what’s up?”

She was so smooth even over the phone. “Rhonda baby, you sweet young girl, I have a special request from a long time client. You are perfect and will get paid very well, between $5,000 and $7,500 for this date. But you have to perform, just being a virgin isn’t going to get that kind of money.”

“Brendy, after the other night and all the porno I’ve seen I can act as the best slut around. I’m ready, just give me the address and I promise your client will be pleased.”

I was ready, for that kind of cash I’d do any sexual perversion the client wanted. By being a virgin clients were willing to pay 8 to 10 times regular rates. Not that I had no sexual understanding but as a ‘first timer’ in the business it was worth the money to the client. The other side was I was a natural, I wanted this, and I wanted to please my clients and reap the financial rewards.

“I’m glad you are so eager to do this, let me tell you what the client is paying for. First, it’s that this is your time getting fucked. Second is there will be several people, him, his wife, and maybe another. You will need to do everything from oral to anal, sometimes in a forceful manner. Can you handle that?” Brendy asks.

My mind thinks about what she just described and I reply, “Brendy, for that kind of money I can do anything. Your clients will have the best time they ever had.”

“That’s what I thought you would say Rhonda so I booked the date. A taxi will meet you at the front of your park and bring you to my apartment first. There’s one other scenario they want, a young school girl look. You’ll come here and I’ll dress you in young girlie clothes. This is how we met, I get these clothes at the charity store where we met,” she tells me.

Immediately my pussy gets wet. I’m soon to go on my first escort assignment and with multiple people. Yet my body is trembling in excitement. Sex has become thrilling to me and the money even more.

Meeting the taxi the driver takes me to Brendy’s building. The doorman opens the cab and pays the driver then ushers me to the elevator. The smirking grin on his face tells me he knows what Brendy does and what a girl going to her place means.

Brendy answers the door and invites me in. After a long deep tongue kiss she grabs my hand pulling me to her massive closet I saw last time.

My outfit was already laid out. “Rhonda, take your clothes off sweetie,” she says. As begin to undress and Brendy moves over to help. First we unbutton my shirt, next unzipping my jeans. She unclasped my bra that was bursting with bulging tits. Sliding her hands around my breasts she moves down my tight, hard, ripped belly to my thong underwear. Wet throng underwear is more truthful.

She rubs my cunt while kissing all around my neck. Pulling my underwear down she parts my pussy lips and rolls my clit between two fingers, but only briefly. She wants me horny but wanting more.

Shortly after she rubs my clit and deep tongues my mouth she walks over to a dressing table. At this point I am totally naked. I knew from the teaching lesson to be totally shaved. My legs, pussy, and ass, which has no hair anyway, are totally smooth. This also is a turn-on to clients as it makes me look younger than I am. Though I’m only 16 clients like to fantasize a young girl.

Brendy sits me down on a chaise. First she rolls a pair of white sheer knee socks up my legs. Next she stands me up and puts a small cotton panty barely covering my ass and coochie. Then she stands up and deep kisses me again.

My tits are bare and Brendy slides her hand down to my cunt making it soak the small cotton panties she put on me.

Brendy bends over sucking my hard nipple into her mouth. She sucks one then the other. Cupping each breast she sucks one then the other nipple. It drives me crazy, I want someone in my pussy. She knows this, she is getting me excited to do my escort whore job.

She pulls away and takes a white blouse off a hanger. Sweeping it around me she leaves the top two buttons open, buttons three, and ties the bottom together showing my bellybutton.

On the side of a chair is a red-black-white very short skirt. It looks like what most religious school girls are required to wear but much shorter. It barely covers my ass, if I bent over my firm young ass cheeks would be on view to anyone. Plus the skimpy cotton panties that don’t cover my butt or pussy.

Brendy opens a shoe box and sets it in front of me. She kneels and slips the shoes on me.

My outfit is complete. A see through white blouse tied at the underside of my big tits, showing the belly button of my flat stomach. A super short skirt barely hiding a pair of tiny cotton white panties. Sheer silk white knee socks and a pair of Mary-Jane shoes.

“Rhonda you look childlike and beautiful, the client is going to love you. We have one more thing to do and you’ll be on your way,” she says.

Brendy takes me by the hand to her vanity seat in her dressing room. She tells me, “we are almost done, I’m going to put your hair pony tails to complete the look.”

Pulling strand after strand she makes my hair into little girl braids. Tying them off to each side she wraps each in a tight pink bow. I’m finished now, head to toe.

Hair braided in pony tails tied with pink ribbons, see through white blouse wrapped in a ball just under my heaving breasts, a flat tight belly showing, plaid catholic school mini skirt barely covering my ass, sheer white stockings up to my knees, and patent leather Mary-Jane shoes one my feet. I was the perfect junior school girl dressed ready to get fucked whore.

Brendy walks me to the elevator, “Rhonda, you look fantastic. The client is going to love you, are you sure you’re ready for this?” she asks.

“Yes,” I reply, “it will be a new but a strangely thrilling new experience for me.”

“Good girl, just relax and give all you got into the client’s desires. You will find yourself going from ‘paid for whore’ to woman getting a great fuck in no time,” Brendy tells me.

I recall how that happened on our first outing. Scared and nervous soon turned to thrilling and pussy juiced fun. It was the closest I came to a real cock and I loved it. My parents’ porno I had seen for years was tame compared to the actual thing. Brendy had me face to face with a cock in her mouth, pussy, and ass. And I loved it. I knew I was a whore then and tonight was going to prove it.

And for a year’s worth of a paycheck my mother made!

As the elevator descended I felt my cunt juicing. Here I was dressed like a school girl going to an escort client that was going to fuck me hard. Not just him but his wife and maybe another guy. And I was beyond excited, my skimpy cotton panties with the lace and small bow over my butt crack absorbing the juice my cunt was producing.

The taxi was waiting and knew the address, Brendy was a good customer to the cab company so they were always ready for her call.

After a short ride we pulled up to a gated large house. The gate opened and the cab driver drove up the long driveway. “I’ll be here when you finish honey”, he said.

I stepped out of the cab on my Mary-Jane pumps and walked to the front door. Using the iron knocker I banged on the door. Soon the door opened and this older but exquisitely dressed in lingerie woman was standing in front of me.

“You must be Rhonda,” she states. “Yes, I’m here and ready to please you,” I reply as I bow my head slightly.

She looks me up and down, “you are so young, are you ready for your assignment tonight?”

“Yes m’am, I am here to service you and whoever else you want.” She commands me to turn around, “bend over slut and show me your ass.” I do as she says, turning around and flipping up my skirt showing her my barely covered ass.

Instinctively I reach behind me and pull my panties aside showing her my shaved cunt.

“Very good little girl, you’ll do.”

I could feel a certain coldness in her voice. She was the master of the house and was going to be directing the violation of my body. Oral, vaginal, and anal, I was going to be abused and it had a strange sexy appeal to me. In the porno my parents I had I’ve seen this and now was going to experience it.

“My name is Becky, come with me girlie,” she says as she turns around walking down the hallway. Nervous but excited I’m right behind her. She leads me into a large room, this house was huge and beautiful.

On a long couch were two men with little clothing on their muscular bodies. “Rhonda this is Jim and Bill. Jim, Bill, this is our play toy for the night, Rhonda.”

“Oh Becky, she’s perfect, look at that sweet young face and hard body,” Jim says. “Well thank you sir, I am glad you are pleased,” I say as I do a tiny curtsy.

Becky grabs my hand and leads me over to a large chair directly across from the men. She walked around behind the chair and leaned over kissing me. Turning my head towards her she explored my mouth with her tongue. It was so sexy, she licked my lips on the outside and inside, swirled her tongue around mine. Following her lead I did the same to her.

She lifts her mouth away and her hands slip in my shirt to my tits. “Hey guys, her nipples are super hard,” she says. Tweaking them between her fingers it was obvious how turned on I was. My nipples pressed against my see through shirt.

“Sweetie, it’s time to put on a show for us,” Becky said. Now she had removed her hands from my breast and was stroking my face.

I ask, “What do you want to see?” Becky tells me to get up on the table in front of the couch and do a strip tease dance. Thank goodness it was a sturdy wood table because I was going to gyrate and give them a good show. Kissing Becky stoked a fire in my cunt, never knew how much I could like a woman.

Stepping up on the table in my Mary-Jane shoes Becky turned on music. It was the typical bump and grind stripper music.

I began moving my hips to the beat. My hands cupped my boobs still covered, barely, in my white shirt tied just under my large tits. Soon my hands slipped down my waist and caressed my inner thighs. Now I was bent over as I my hands slid down my knee sock calves.

Turning around so my ass was facing all three I bent over grabbing my ankles. The plaid skirt I was wearing was so short that the skimpy cotton panties I wore were showing.

At this point my pussy had juiced so much I’m sure there was a large wet spot in my panties. Slowly my hands moved up my legs and flipped my skirt up on my back. My ass being barely covered must have looked good because I heard a groan from all three of them.

That’s when I spun around and untied my shirt. A few buttons later my ample cleavage was exposed.

When I pulled my shirt off there was an audible gasp at the size and perfect shape of my 16 year old tits. Nipples hard and my rubbing all over my breasts made a very clear effect on the guys. Opening their shorts each took their cock in hand.

Over the years of watching my parent’s porn I had seen some huge dicks and these two men were running right up there. Becky had pulled her lingerie aside and was stroking her cunt.

All this time I was getting hotter and hotter. By now my little cotton panties were soaked in my cunt flow. My hands moved to lift my skirt exposing the barely there panty front. Rubbing up my inner thighs my hands quickly moved to my pussy, rubbing it on the outside.

Taking one hand up and a few fingers in my mouth it returns down to my pussy. Moving under my panties I begin to stroke my cunt. It felt sexy as my hand was diddling my cunt underneath my underwear while the two guys were jacking their hard large cocks and the lady was fingering her pussy. I felt like a goddess making all three horny as hell.

Now it was time to get going, I slipped my panties down and off my legs tossing them at the guys. Bill picked them up and sucked on the wet spot where my cunt just was. “Oh little Rhonda, I can’t wait to taste your cum hottie!”

My fingers enter my pussy getting soaked. It feels sloppy wet and very hot. Bending at the knee I open my cunt for their view, the squishing sound of a wet cunt turning all of us on.

Becky speaks up, “boys, look at that sweet young hairless pussy, we’re going to enjoy her all night.”

At that point I turn around, flip my skirt up, heaving breasts firm and under me, inserting my fingers deeper into me. Well lubed with my own cunt juice my fingers move from my cunt to my bunghole. Circling the outside ring slowly I slip them in my butt.

I can see the clients as I am bent over and they are all furiously working their cocks and cunt.

Stretching my ass is what I learned from Brendy. This night I knew I’d be getting fucked in my pussy and asshole, and the size of these guys dicks were huge. I better be ready or the pain I’d feel would be immense. Ready and open for the likely brutal fucking I was going to get was essential.

It’s my first time but the money was too much to turn down. Up to $10,000, you fucking kidding me, as long as I lived through it they could do anything to me.

In fact, Becky soon commented, “Rhonda’s a virgin, that’s what makes her extra special tonight.” As I was finger fucking my ass as her and the two guys were stroking their private parts I turned around. Fingers still up my ass I moved the other hand to my pussy. I wanted to make sure my ass was relaxed and ready as well having a wet cunt.

Becky came around to the table and told me to lay down on it. At this point I’m only wearing the short plaid skirt, knee-high white stockings, and shiny Mary-Jane shoes. I lay back as she kneels in front of me.

Propping my legs up at the knees she pushes back my skirt. The two guys move to each end of the couch so they can see better. Becky exposes my cunt and begins to deep finger fuck it. She has no resistance because I’m so wet. First one finger, then a second, and as I relax a third. Looking down she is so hot looking I think I might cum.

The two guys are jacking their monster dicks as they watch us. Becky slips the fourth finger in my pussy, it relaxes to accommodate her.

I know what’s coming, I had a fist up my ass a few days ago and she was going to put her hand in my cunt. As she slid her thumb in me and up to her wrist she bent over and sucked my clit into her mouth. It was as hard as my nipples, sensitive to her loving her mouth.

First it was just her sucking my clit between her lips. In short order she lightly lapped at it with her tongue. This caused me to lift my ass off the table pressing my upper pussy into her face. Again, with Brendy I noticed how much a woman turned me on and now I had another expert cunt licker on my pussy. She sucked me into and out of her mouth like a blowjob on my hard clit.

Bucking my hips into her face she sucked my clit harder. It wasn’t long that between her sucking me and licking me I was going to cum. I’m a squirter, so when I felt the orgasm coming I shouted, “I’m going to cum and squirt my pussy in your mouth!”

This made Becky suck my clit harder, she wanted my girl cum and the guys were jacking fast on their cocks. I didn’t want them to cum yet, I wanted to feel their pulsating dicks spewing hot jism in me.

Feeling her and seeing them put me over the edge. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum all over your face!”

Becky slid her fist out of my cunt while still sucking my clit. Her fingers opened the folds of my pussy. My fingers are digging into the table. By instinct my hips rise a little more and press into her face. “Gawd Becky, here it comes…”

My voice trembles, my pussy tightens and I can feel it releasing my girl cum into her mouth. Becky sucks every drop out of my cunt, and it is a lot of cum.

Relaxing my hips return to the table surface while she continues to lap at my cunt drinking in cum. It was as intense as with Brendy. Becky, Brendy, two expert pussy eaters.

Becky pulls her mouth away and says, “let’s enjoy some big cocks Rhonda.”

My brain is foggy from the great orgasm I just had. Running through my mind was that she had stretched my virgin cunt making it ready for a fat long dick. She pulls me to my feet and turns me around facing away from the guys.

She deep kisses me then guides me by the hips over to one of the male clients.

He slid a little farther off the couch so his dick was at the cushion edge. Positioned over his engorged cock she pulls me down towards it. His purple cock head was slightly parting my pussy lips. Lowering myself gently on his cock it slid into my sloppy cunt. It felt so good, his legs spread and me sitting on his dick. Grabbing my upper thighs he pushes all the way deep inside me.

Looking over Becky was in the same position on the other guy. It was a very sexy scene, Becky trims her pussy in the ‘landing strip’ style. My guy moved a hand off my thigh and started twisting lightly my clit button. I bowed my back and leaned backwards on his chest.

They were paying a lot to fuck me and I was going to give them their money’s worth. Bucking and gyrating my hips I was now fucking him. Lifting up and slamming down on his massive cock shaft then grinding into his crotch with him buried deep in my cunt. Watching all those porn movies must have stuck in my mind because my technique was professional quality.

Of course it didn’t hurt that I realized I liked a large cock fucking my cunt. My pussy was juicing a lot and made him slide in me easier and easier. It was also flowing down his dick to his balls. Reaching down I began softly massaging his ball sack.

“Little girl I’m going to pump my cum up your cunt any second now,” he said. That only made me fuck him harder and faster, grinding so hard on his dick. He now was holding me by the waist and bucking back as I took him hard into my pussy.

This must have turned on the other guy fucking Becky. “Sweet honey you’re about to get the same,” he told her.

Pulling me down hard on my guy’s dick I knew he was about to cum. He started grunting as I ground my midsection on his lap. Using my pussy muscles I clenched his dick, feeling him getting super hard.

A few seconds later I could feel him spurting hot wad after wad in my cunt. It felt like a good 8-10 pops of his man cum. So much that I could feel it leaking out of my pussy.

That’s when I heard Becky’s guy grunt and knew he was busting a load into her.

My guy relaxed, breathing heavily as I was too, and bent forward putting my hands on his knees. Still clenching his barely shrinking dick I slowly moved up and down on it. “Rhonda let’s clean these cocks of our mixed juice and cum. Swap with me, you suck my man and I’ll do yours. As you pull off of him squeeze the cum out of your cunt onto his dick.”

Slowly standing up as he came out of my pussy I flexed my cunt muscles releasing the fluid from inside. I looked between my legs to see globs of thick white cum dripping on his dick.

Becky and I went around each other and kneeled in front of each guy. Taking a clue from her I licked all over his dick. Both were still pretty hard and cum slicked. It tasted a little salty but I liked the flavor. Using my tongue I pulled his cum, mixed with pussy juice, into my mouth and swallowed it.

Having licked his cock clean as Becky did the same he says, “time to suck me off girl.”

Moving my mouth up to his cock head kissing it gently made him fully hard again. Becky had already swallowed the other guy’s cock into her throat. I doubted I could do that without gagging badly. Opening my mouth I slip his dick past my lips and into my mouth. It was oddly warm but with 2-3” in it wasn’t half his length.

Pushing a little further down on him I flicked my tongue on the underside of his dick. I could feel it twitch in my mouth. Pulling back a bit now using my tongue to swirl around the head my pussy started to feel tingly again. Geez, I was truly a whore who loved pussy and cock.

My pace of sucking him from head down his shaft increased. I could hear slurping sounds beside me and that inspired me more. Wanting to be a pro cock sucker like Brendy I tried to get him all the way in my mouth. The first couple of tries I did gag and backed off. Relaxing my throat and breathing deeply through my nose his dick slid past my gag spot and into my throat.

Holy shit, I was deep throating a monster penis. My nose could feel his pubes and chin felt his balls. Engulfing his entire cock was a thrill, I knew this was the job for me. Pleasing and being pleased with great sex and getting paid for it, yes, this was for me.

Putting his hand on my forehead he pushes my head back and his dick plopped out of my mouth. I wondered if I had done something wrong. Just the opposite.

“Ladies, lay on the couch with your heads hanging over the arms,” my man instructed. Becky pulled off the other guy and laid on her back with her head bent backward over the couch arm. I mirrored her position. “Now,” he continued, “rub your pussies.”

Becky and my legs intertwined as we explored our wet pussies. Each guy moved to the ends of the couch placing their cocks in front of our upturned faces.

First he opens my mouth with his hand then puts the head of his dick in my mouth. I’m rubbing my clit and am so excited I’m ready for whatever he wanted. Holding my head in place he forces his cock all the way in my mouth through to my throat. I can hardly breathe.

He then starts pressing in deep as possible then pulls out. Repeating this for awhile he pulls his large dick out of my mouth then slams it deep into my throat. My saliva drains out all over my face. I feel his hand around my throat. The other hand grips the back of my head. He keeps up the face fucking he was giving me. I’m gasping for air but am at his mercy.

Feeling his dick getting harder and the head expanding he’s going to cum in my mouth.

My face is coated in my spit, dripping on the floor. He takes shorter strokes staying in my throat more than before. “Oh my pretty little whore your going to swallow my cum as it shoots in your throat.”

Again this excites the other male client and he says something very similar to the woman. I can’t really hear what he said but it was obvious they were acting in concert face fucking the two of us.

One final time he puts his long cock down my throat I feel it twitch. After seeing how Brendy swallowed cum I knew what to do. Here comes another salty thick cumshot down my throat. Grabbing me by my ponytails he presses as far into my throat as possible.

Then the cum enters my throat. Holding my breath I use my throat to swallow his cock and his cum. Like I had a choice, he’s pulling my head into his crotch by my hair.

He pulses several times and as I struggle to swallow all his cum he keeps pulling my face harder into him.

Pulling out of my throat he stays in my mouth. Smaller ejaculations go on my tongue. Then he pulls completely out of my mouth. “Show me your cum covered tongue sweetie,” he says.

I open my mouth and gurgle the mixture of my spit and his cum. Still hanging my head over the arm I didn’t see Becky come around to my end. The guy moves and Becky bends over and kisses me. As she does, open mouth of course, I feel a salty thick goo coming from her mouth into mine. It took me a second or two to realize she was swapping her guy’s cum out of her mouth into mine.

“There you go girl, swallow that load too,” she says. My mouth is full of cum and I swallow all of it.

I’m thinking ok, these guys are spent and this night is coming to an end. Wrong guess.

Becky then moves forward putting her wet pussy over my face. The guys are doing whatever because now I’m between her thighs and have no idea where they’re at or what they’re doing. My thought is they were watching Becky getting ready to face grind her snatch on me.

She squats slightly putting her cunt right on my mouth. It tastes sweet, she’s had her cunt juice, her cum, and a man’s cum all mixed in her.

I reach back and spread her cunt open seeing her clit. Lightly I lick all around her pussy savoring her sexiness. My tongue gently tickles her clit which is getting firm. In no time I have her clit sucked into my mouth and duplicated the ‘clit blowjob’ she gave me.

Becky bends over me and fondling my big tits she begins to grind on my face. Soon her hands make their way to my cunt.

Her hips press onto my mouth as I suck on her now hard clit. Going back to the semi-squat position she moves a little forward. Her ass is right at my mouth. My tongue extends and licks her bunghole. As best I can my tongue darts into her ass. The faster I do this the more she moans. With my tongue in her butt she is rubbing her pussy hard.

I can feel her thighs stiffen, she’s going to cum on my face as I tongue fuck her butthole. That makes me hot and my hands are working my cunt into a frenzy now.

Though not a squirter like me she definitely has an orgasm that gives out some cum. I’m darting my tongue in her ass and she’s hard rubbing her pussy. It’s not long before I hear her moan and press her ass harder on my face.

“Rhonda baby, that feels so good and I’m going to cum again,” she says in a sultry voice.

And then it happens, she practically squeezes my head between her thighs. Shuddering a little she is in mid-orgasm. It is wonderful, guys are easy but getting a woman to have several orgasms with either girls or boys isn’t easy. They have to be really turned on, and we were.

Backing away I sit up and see the two guys watching and enjoying. Hard big cocks in hand.

Bill positions himself on the couch lying on his back. Jim comes over and takes my hand pulling me off the couch. Becky moves around to Bill, her ass slick from my tonguing action a few minutes ago. Not knowing what to do I stood there watching Becky and Bill.

Becky mounts him, he on the couch and she with her backside to him. She lays across his body, her back to his chest.

His monster cock pops up through her thighs. He rubs it on her pussy as he fondles her tits.

Raising her hips I’m in perfect view to see he’s not entering her cunt but sliding his big dick in her ass. I know soon I’ll be getting fucked in my ass. No problem I think, Brendy fist fucked me and I could take it, what’s a huge cock going to do?

He put the whole length in her, a cock buried deep in her bowels and she had no problem taking it. This woman was used to being a fuck toy, and I’d have to get used to it too if I wanted to make the big money as an escort.

A few strokes into her ass fucking Becky say, “Rhonda, come 69 with me while my butt gets fucked with this huge dick.”

Straddling her face and her cunt in my face we start sucking each others pussies. I can feel his head against one thigh as her face in my crotch. Looking at her cunt as I lick it his cock is moving up into her asshole. Her legs are spread open and she is moving her ass in concert with his fucking and my sucking.

This goes on for a few minutes then I feel hands on my ass cheeks. I’m about to get butt fucked. Jim has gotten on the couch and had his hard on aiming for my bung. This is where the big money comes in so I don’t flinch. Didn’t want to anyway, I was so hot that a big cock fucking my ass was thrilling.

He spits at my hole. Becky is sucking my pussy, I’m lapping at her cunt as she’s getting drilled in the ass 1” away from my eyes, and a massive cock is going to fuck my butt. MMMM…

I feel a pressure at my asshole. Trying to relax and open to him my hole muscles are ready. The head of his dick plops in the first ring of muscle. I don’t flinch or tighten. Of course my ass is tight enough to please any cock but I was wanting to feel his hard dick deep in my butt, really deep.

My butt lifts a little to accept him in my asshole. Becky doesn’t miss a beat licking my cunt. My eyes are fixated on her taking a cock fucking her ass and my mouth is all over her pussy.

My guy pauses a bit to let my ass relax and get ready for a hard fucking. As soon as he felt my entry muscle relax he, in one hard thrust, jammed his cock to the hilt up my butt. That took me a little by surprise and I winced. No mercy though, he had a firm grip on my waist and was going to hard fuck my ass whether I liked it or not.

I did like it, just a natural reaction to having 8”+ wide cock rammed in your butt.

Didn’t take long before these two were going to bust a final time in our asses. The guy fucking Becky would at times pull out of her ass, grab the back of my head pushing his cock in my mouth. It was hot, I was bent over getting anal fucked, she was licking my cunt, I could watch her take it up the ass, and have a stiff dick that was pumping her butthole shoved in my mouth.

Must admit there was a little pain involved with the brutal butt fucking I was getting. Yet the thrill of everything going on made it that cliché ‘hurts so good’ type of situation.

Unexpectedly Becky’s man was ready to cum, it was obvious from the pattern of faster pumping with the manly grunts. He harshly jams his dick deep inside her several times then pulls out of her ass. Firmly grabbing my head he rams his cock in my mouth, I can taste Becky’s ass.

Because of the position only half his length can enter my mouth, but that was enough. He pumps into my mouth, my ponytails flailing around before he lets go.

Wad after wad was released in my mouth and I did my best to gulp it down.

Then he pulled away and shoved his dick back up Becky’s ass. Looking at his dick I could see he was still shooting cum. Gawd, what are these guys on? They cum, stay hard and cum more. No complaint, I was in heaven getting a full escort education on my first time.

The guy that was deep fucking my ass was ready to pop. He began to spank my ass cheeks hard, it stung but was ok. With each deep thrust I could feel his balls slapping against my cunt, and he beat my butt with every stroke. I was feeling something going on in my coochie.

Another few deep stokes up my butthole, another few hard spanks on my ass, and he was ready. So was I.

Grabbing my hips he harshly thrust one last really deep cock fuck into me. Buried as deep as possible in my ass he grabs my ponytails pulling my head backwards. His cock stiffened in my butt and as he grunted I drained his cum from his dick with a clenching, milking, ass muscle action.

Amazingly I came too. I had no idea a girl could cum from a butt fucking, but I did.

Becky was still trapped under me and was caressing my inner thighs. We all kind of collapsed on top of each other on the couch. But it wasn’t over. Becky wanted more man cum and started fingering my asshole. I could feel the cum flow out of me as she sucked it up as it flowed over my pussy.

Eventually I dressed and headed out, the taxi driver was there waiting for me.

The next day I went to Brendy’s to get paid. I’m not going to tell you how much but let’s just say my first escort date paid me more than the annual poverty level in one night.

This was going to be a great job!

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